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  1. Honestly shocked they remembered to have Jon pet Ghost tbh That Jon-Dany-Drogon scene.....made me feel like I was watching Tommy Wiseau's the Room. I literally burst out laughing when Jon predictably stabbed her and she was limp in his arms. It looked so goofy. Which I'm pretty sure is NOT the reaction I'm suppose to have to that scene.
  2. Now for the whole Daenerys debacle.....I always thought this is how she would end....in the books. I didn't think the show was gonna do it but when the "previous" came on and it showed Dany and they had the voice over of people talking about how she isn't like her father I knew it was happening but a little part of me still thought they wouldn't......then they did it and she started burning everyone. I gotta say it was definitely Tywin's sack of King's Landing 2.0
  3. 7 years of my favorite character's development thrown out the window just so he could die with his sister from a .....falling ceiling......like wow. That alone lost me before all the other bullshittery. This show has been completely butchered....
  4. I still find it funny that people thought Jaime was going to die in this battle. Like with Arya, Jaime's story had not been close to the White Walkers til the end of last season so seeing him go down against those whose story he was thrust into last minute makes no sense before the build up between him and Cersei was concluded
  5. I guess so. Looking back it seems Jon was brought back specifically as fan service and because of R+L=J. Wouldn't be surprised if Jon just stays dead in the books after this bullshit. Seems the prince that was promised prophecy was horseshit because Arya is not a princess or of Targaryen blood unless the Robb Stark/Jon Snow kingship still counts which would technically make Arya and Sansa princesses of the North, but they don't because Jon bent the knee so none of the Starks would be considered princes or princesses. So they threw that prophecy out the window for "Omg be shocked that Arya was the one to kill the Night King!"
  6. So essentially the Lord brought Jon Snow back from the dead just to take Winterfell back from the Boltons. Which he didn't even take back on his own Baelish and Sansa took it back.
  7. I figured as much. I was afraid of being right, and right I was. Would of loved to see a rematch between him and Euron but hey can't get everything I suppose.
  8. "What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and stronger." Pretty much the only death that got to me tonight. Theon went out like a true ironborn.
  9. I was stating the Child Freys that there would be had no part in the RW, but Cersei and Jaime were talking about the Freys like every single member of the family was dead. When Arya wouldn't of killed the ones too young to possibly have had anything to do with it.
  10. 7/10 - It was okay and mostly set up. Much better than Season 5 Episode 10.5 (s6e1) from last year but not that great either. Pros: 1. The Hound and the Brotherhood Scenes - The highlight of the episode tbh. Love the actors who play Beric and Thoros and love that they are back but also dreading it because their days are most likely numbered. Besides digging in that weather being essentially impossible the rest of those scenes were very good and also that we missed him and all his cunt jokes. Bringing back the house where Sandor stole that gold from that farmer and his daughter was a great call. Continuing to show how Sandor has changed as a person, 2. Sam-Citadel Scenes - The Sam and Gilly stuff has been a borefest for a while now but Sam finally getting to the Citadel and actually doing shit was great. Jim Broadbent is fantastic and I cannot wait to see more of him. Also hey Jorah is a lab rat! lol 3. The "Ed Sheeran" Scene - Let's call it what it is lol. I did like this scene. Not the Ed Sheeran cameo that was just stupid but the rest of the scene was nice and shows the audience (and also Arya) that not all the Lannister soldiers are bad. It goes along with George's anti-war theme nicely. Like the first Robb-Talisa scene from Season 2. 4. Euron - Despite looking like he just raided Hot Topic just before arriving in Kings Landing, the Euron character has been improved on greatly. His digs at Jaime were fantastic and I cannot wait to see him fuck up Daenery's fleet. The whole argument that "They passed right by Dragonstone why didn't they occupy it instead of just letting Dany walk right in?" I think it is actually a great idea to let Dany roll in. Wait until her and her army lands on Dragonstone then ambush her and destroy her fleet leaving her army trapped on Dragonstone. Sure she still has 3 Dragons but as history has taught us (Meraxes) Dragons aren't invincible all Cersei would need then is a shit ton of Scorpions. 5. Wight Giants - Bout damn time! Now where are the damn ice spiders D&D?? 6. North Scenes - I liked most of these. I'm still hoping in the back of my mind that Sansa is gonna turn on Jon in some way because I still don't like her, or hell let her think she is outsmarting Baelish and then he gets one more win by killing her. Jon letting the Umbers and Karstarks keep their lands was a good move. 7. Baelish - Every episode he still breaths gives me hope that he'll fuck someone over again. Cons: 1. Dany Coming Home - It just didn't hit me like it should of, also NOBODY SPEAKS WTF. D&D, you need to stop relying on Actor's faces emoting to make a scene work. Quit awards baiting... 2. The Red Toast - The cold opening Arya scene was "cool" but the logistics there make no sense. There's a lot more Frey's across Westeros and a lot of them do not like Walder and wouldn't even bother coming. No way she'd be able to realistically take out ALL of House Frey leaving Cersei no choice but to send in Lannister men to keep the peace. Jon said that you do not blame or punish a son for the crimes of his father and there's probably children Freys that had nothing to do with the RW. Also did the writers completely forget about Edmure? Jaime said he was sending him to Casterly Rock but then Walder mentions Edmure is back in his dungeons. Did Jaime take him when he left? If not then why didn't Arya free him? I'm so confused... 3. Lyanna Mormont - Already over her.
  11. I liked the episode, gotta say like everyone the ending was way better, Karl was a good little villain for a while, liked him because I'm a fan of Burn Gorman so I'm sad to see him go, Karl Tanner.....not so much, probably was killed in the best way possible.....ya know because he was a "Fookin Legend" i'll give it an 8. Also weird that Daenerys JUST got word of Joffrey's death, since it happened like 3 episodes ago.....guess word travels VERY slowly
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