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  1. Now it's time to discuss how they'll handle the Golden Company in the show. IF we'll even see them. I could totally see Theon, trying to save Yara, intercepting & killing Euron before he can retrieve the Company. IF they do actually appear they'll most likely be a generic sellsword company and their most notable feature will be "they have elephants" OMG WOW SO COOL . Most likely none of their Targaryen & Blackfyre history will be mentioned, sadly. No Young Griff or JonCon. Bittersteel's golden skull won't be shown. After seeing that terribly delivered and written fate of LF which people are calling "GoT coming back into it's own." *ugh* I have little to no faith in this show or these writers to do anything of note with the Golden Company. I'll be SHOCKED if we even get the backstory of the company in a line of dialogue or something, because the casuals have no clue who the Blackfyres were or who Aegor Bittersteel was so what's the point of even mentioning that information? Especially if The GC is just being introduced to give Cersei a fighting chance when she should of been slaughtered by Daenerys at the beginning of this season. So what do you guys think is gonna happen with this plotline?
  2. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    what annoys me the most is they have stated Wights - Only fire can kill them White Walkers - only Dragonglass & Valyrian Steel can kill them yet they were killing dozens of WIGHTS with Dragonglass & Valyrian Steel. The only person who should of been killing any wights in that scene should of been Beric. The inconsistencies are starting to mount & they are getting annoying.
  3. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Can we officially call Rhaegar a jerk now?

    Where is everybody getting this idea that Jon's name is Aegon? I thought that was definitely off the table since Rhaegar's first son was named Aegon and that would make no sense at all.
  4. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    Worse. It ruined Varys character & early season decisions for me (Viserys being his ACTUAL choice to take over the Seven Kingdoms? Are you fucking serious??) & he could of been a great obstacle for Dany & a great twist. All the casuals will be completely thrown off Jon's scent as a secret Targ if they would of introduced Rhaegar's "son" earlier on.
  5. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Targaryen teases continue...

    1. Yes he has always said he's not a Stark, but the dragon flying over head as soon as he said it was a bit on the head. 2. There is no reason she had to state "I am the last Targaryen" everybody in that room already knows this and doesn't need reminded. 3. Does the audience need reminded? It's been 7 years, if the audience doesn't remember their names by now they never will so no need to even mention the names because the brain dead casuals won't remember five minutes later anyways. 4. No way you can't say this one isn't teasing. He was clearly talking about killing because he's shit at being a ruler and he knows it so he ain't talking about that. Sansa saying "You're good at this" was essentially buttering him up after the stupid comparison she made between him and Joffrey. It was natural so this one I don't mind that much it was a nice parallel. I'm not really complaining that much about the teases or parallels. I just kind of wanted to make a thread pointing them out tbh.
  6. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Should Lannisters give Daenerys the Ironthrone

    A Lannister married and Baratheon in his family but that was a great great great great uncle of his and not a direct ancestor of his since that Baratheon-Lannister marriage went nowhere so Jaime has no royal blood at all.
  7. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Should Lannisters give Daenerys the Ironthrone

    Gendry saying his mother had blonde hair was just to show that Black Hair > Blonde Hair. Another hint at Joffrey and the rest not being Robert's.
  8. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Should Lannisters give Daenerys the Ironthrone

    Jaime Lannister has no claim to the IT and has no ancestor who has ever sat on the IT so he has literally zero claim. His "children" only have a claim on the "assumption" that they are not his kids and are in fact Roberts, which they aren't. There should of been a grand council called to vote on who would become the new King. The next in line would probably have a Baratheon ancestor. Like how Robert had a Targaryen grandmother which gave him more legitimacy to take over.
  9. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    Claims in general are subjective. People can have a "claim" for whatever reason, whether anyone supports these claims is up to people to decide. "Power resides where people believe it resides" IT: Robert - Claim was through his grandmother Rhaelle Targaryen when he won RRs. Joffrey - Claim was he IS the rightful heir and trueborn son of Robert, even if he wasn't, like I said subjective and some may/did believe it. Stannis - Claim was he was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne since all of Robert's trueborns were actually bastards of Jaime and Cersei. He would be next in line. Renly - Claim was possible because he was IN the line of succession but he was also loved by many and having the men and support to take it over Stannis. Viserys - Claim was his father sat on the Iron Throne, so he has "a claim", whether anyone would of ever seriously supported this claim, we'll never know since he's dead. Daenerys - Same as Viserys but she actually has the support to try and press this claim. Kingdom of the North: Robb - Is a Stark and descendant of the last King in the North, Torrhen Stark. Even if the Starks swore fealty to the Targaryens in perpetuity the last Targaryen King burnt the Lord of the North and his oldest son alive so that renders that oath moot in many eyes. The Northern lords were finally sick of the southern's shit and said "fuck off we're ruling ourselves again."
  10. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    I believe all the show lore up until The Ninepenny Kings is the same. (Because they messed with the Targaryen tree a bit in the show taking out King Jaehaerys) There were FIVE Blackfyre Rebellions from 196 to 260 alone(Verdicts out on Faegon at the moment but that could be considered a 6th in disguise). People like to say that the Targaryens united all the Kingdoms and all was peaceful, but the arugument that just as much blood has been spilled since they conquered Westeros than if they had just left it alone is very valid and can be criticized. Adding dragons to the mix made every conflict much worse. Especially if both sides had them. Daenerys' claim that under Targaryen rule Westeros was peaceful is plain wrong or if the writers think this is a correct statement then this is writer error and ignorance.
  11. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Iron Bank of Braavos (IBB)

    The IBB should be very conflicted when it comes to Dany because yes on one hand she is Valyrian and has dragons which Bravossi do not like because their city was founded by those who escaped the captivity of the Valyrians, but at the same time Dany is also freeing all the slaves in Slaver's Bay. Cannot believe that the IBB had investments in the slave trade. That makes zero sense in my eyes and they just butchered the lore to give the IBB more reason to back Cersei. Unless Tycho was just humoring her when it came to that comment. Despite this gripe I love that Mark Gatiss is back big fan of his from Sherlock.
  12. D&D are having a field day with the Jon Targaryen teases. IMO they are beating us over the head with them a bit but whatever... 1. Jon says "I'm not a Stark" which leads to one of Daenerys' dragons swooping over the head. (Couldn't really tell but I'm assuming it would be Rhaegel, named after Jon's father) 2. Daenerys says "I am the last Targaryen" to Jon, secretly another Targaryen. 3. Daenerys tells Jon that she named two of her dragons after her brothers, one being Rhaegar Jon's father. 4. Jon says he doesn't like doing what he's good at, killing, straight parallel to Rhaegar who Barristan said never liked killing. Anymore I missed?
  13. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Spoiler: Dany's Small Council

    Not introducing Young Griff really butchered Vary's character & his early season decision making. And it's extremely disappointing because Conleth is so good as Varys. Add to the fact that the Young Griff subplot is one of the most interesting to me from the books....
  14. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    What do you think the 5 spinoffs should be?

    I don't wanna see RR because it'd be pointless. All you'd be watching it for is the battles because everything else that is notable from that is already being revealed in the main series. They literally haven't mention the Blackfyre's ONCE in the series which is a damn shame because the stuff surrounding the Blackfyre is the shit i'm most interested in (plus Faegon). So obviously the Blackfyre Rebellions would be my #1 choice.
  15. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    EPISODE 2 Predictions

    Maybe not all the Reach Lords sided with the Tyrells? Hoping to get rewarded by Cersei if she wins? I thought I heard rumors that