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  1. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    So why are the dead such a threat?

    what annoys me the most is they have stated Wights - Only fire can kill them White Walkers - only Dragonglass & Valyrian Steel can kill them yet they were killing dozens of WIGHTS with Dragonglass & Valyrian Steel. The only person who should of been killing any wights in that scene should of been Beric. The inconsistencies are starting to mount & they are getting annoying.
  2. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Do you think the show is better or worse for not including Young Griff?

    Worse. It ruined Varys character & early season decisions for me (Viserys being his ACTUAL choice to take over the Seven Kingdoms? Are you fucking serious??) & he could of been a great obstacle for Dany & a great twist. All the casuals will be completely thrown off Jon's scent as a secret Targ if they would of introduced Rhaegar's "son" earlier on.
  3. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    Claims in general are subjective. People can have a "claim" for whatever reason, whether anyone supports these claims is up to people to decide. "Power resides where people believe it resides" IT: Robert - Claim was through his grandmother Rhaelle Targaryen when he won RRs. Joffrey - Claim was he IS the rightful heir and trueborn son of Robert, even if he wasn't, like I said subjective and some may/did believe it. Stannis - Claim was he was the rightful heir to the Iron Throne since all of Robert's trueborns were actually bastards of Jaime and Cersei. He would be next in line. Renly - Claim was possible because he was IN the line of succession but he was also loved by many and having the men and support to take it over Stannis. Viserys - Claim was his father sat on the Iron Throne, so he has "a claim", whether anyone would of ever seriously supported this claim, we'll never know since he's dead. Daenerys - Same as Viserys but she actually has the support to try and press this claim. Kingdom of the North: Robb - Is a Stark and descendant of the last King in the North, Torrhen Stark. Even if the Starks swore fealty to the Targaryens in perpetuity the last Targaryen King burnt the Lord of the North and his oldest son alive so that renders that oath moot in many eyes. The Northern lords were finally sick of the southern's shit and said "fuck off we're ruling ourselves again."
  4. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    I believe all the show lore up until The Ninepenny Kings is the same. (Because they messed with the Targaryen tree a bit in the show taking out King Jaehaerys) There were FIVE Blackfyre Rebellions from 196 to 260 alone(Verdicts out on Faegon at the moment but that could be considered a 6th in disguise). People like to say that the Targaryens united all the Kingdoms and all was peaceful, but the arugument that just as much blood has been spilled since they conquered Westeros than if they had just left it alone is very valid and can be criticized. Adding dragons to the mix made every conflict much worse. Especially if both sides had them. Daenerys' claim that under Targaryen rule Westeros was peaceful is plain wrong or if the writers think this is a correct statement then this is writer error and ignorance.
  5. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Jon Stark or Snow?

    Jon is a King. He could call himself Jon Snifferpuffles for all he cares. I'm assuming he is now considered Jon Stark by his allies, but to Cersei Jon is still a bastard who has stolen the North from her so she'd still call him Jon Snow or just Bastard lol. "Someday, you'll sit on the throne and the truth will be what you make it" - Cersei to Joffrey, Season 1
  6. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I was stating the Child Freys that there would be had no part in the RW, but Cersei and Jaime were talking about the Freys like every single member of the family was dead. When Arya wouldn't of killed the ones too young to possibly have had anything to do with it.
  7. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    How would you rate episode 701?

    7/10 - It was okay and mostly set up. Much better than Season 5 Episode 10.5 (s6e1) from last year but not that great either. Pros: 1. The Hound and the Brotherhood Scenes - The highlight of the episode tbh. Love the actors who play Beric and Thoros and love that they are back but also dreading it because their days are most likely numbered. Besides digging in that weather being essentially impossible the rest of those scenes were very good and also that we missed him and all his cunt jokes. Bringing back the house where Sandor stole that gold from that farmer and his daughter was a great call. Continuing to show how Sandor has changed as a person, 2. Sam-Citadel Scenes - The Sam and Gilly stuff has been a borefest for a while now but Sam finally getting to the Citadel and actually doing shit was great. Jim Broadbent is fantastic and I cannot wait to see more of him. Also hey Jorah is a lab rat! lol 3. The "Ed Sheeran" Scene - Let's call it what it is lol. I did like this scene. Not the Ed Sheeran cameo that was just stupid but the rest of the scene was nice and shows the audience (and also Arya) that not all the Lannister soldiers are bad. It goes along with George's anti-war theme nicely. Like the first Robb-Talisa scene from Season 2. 4. Euron - Despite looking like he just raided Hot Topic just before arriving in Kings Landing, the Euron character has been improved on greatly. His digs at Jaime were fantastic and I cannot wait to see him fuck up Daenery's fleet. The whole argument that "They passed right by Dragonstone why didn't they occupy it instead of just letting Dany walk right in?" I think it is actually a great idea to let Dany roll in. Wait until her and her army lands on Dragonstone then ambush her and destroy her fleet leaving her army trapped on Dragonstone. Sure she still has 3 Dragons but as history has taught us (Meraxes) Dragons aren't invincible all Cersei would need then is a shit ton of Scorpions. 5. Wight Giants - Bout damn time! Now where are the damn ice spiders D&D?? 6. North Scenes - I liked most of these. I'm still hoping in the back of my mind that Sansa is gonna turn on Jon in some way because I still don't like her, or hell let her think she is outsmarting Baelish and then he gets one more win by killing her. Jon letting the Umbers and Karstarks keep their lands was a good move. 7. Baelish - Every episode he still breaths gives me hope that he'll fuck someone over again. Cons: 1. Dany Coming Home - It just didn't hit me like it should of, also NOBODY SPEAKS WTF. D&D, you need to stop relying on Actor's faces emoting to make a scene work. Quit awards baiting... 2. The Red Toast - The cold opening Arya scene was "cool" but the logistics there make no sense. There's a lot more Frey's across Westeros and a lot of them do not like Walder and wouldn't even bother coming. No way she'd be able to realistically take out ALL of House Frey leaving Cersei no choice but to send in Lannister men to keep the peace. Jon said that you do not blame or punish a son for the crimes of his father and there's probably children Freys that had nothing to do with the RW. Also did the writers completely forget about Edmure? Jaime said he was sending him to Casterly Rock but then Walder mentions Edmure is back in his dungeons. Did Jaime take him when he left? If not then why didn't Arya free him? I'm so confused... 3. Lyanna Mormont - Already over her.
  8. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I think we can give up on LSH being introduced in the show. With 2 seasons left and around 13 episodes left I doubt they are gonna be bringing back anymore dead characters.
  9. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    I think Tyrion simply wanted to be loved. Jaime was the only one who ever actually cared about Tyrion, and Tyrion is constantly trying to get that same love and affection from others. Also have to add Tyrion not forcing himself on Sansa but "thinking about it" so that still makes him a terrible person is a ridiculous statement and terrible logic. If "thinking about" having sex with a women who doesn't want to have sex with you is a crime and automatically labels you a "rapist" anyways then every man in the known world is a terrible person. Tyrion entertained the thought (As all men do, sex is on a lot of our minds all the time) but knew it was not right so he still didn't do it, end of story. A Line from Bronn in the TV Show actually sums up Tyrion's conflict in this situation perfectly."You wanna fuck the Stark girl, you just don't want to admit it" Tyrion is torn between trying to appeal to his father, (despite severally despising his father Tyrion still yearns for his approval and gratitude as he has never gotten it. Which is why Tywin and Kevan successfully persuade Tyrion to wed Sansa.) and doing what he thinks is right.
  10. yeaaaahh If they would of done that in the show I probably would of laughed my ass off lol
  11. Bronn immediately comes to mind I don't think anybody is gonna debate on this point. I also did think that aging the characters up made sense and was necessary. Having a 14-15 year old Dany being essentially raped by a 30+ Khal Drogo would of turned a lot people off immediately so it made sense to age the characters up. Expecting an adaption to be completely 100% faithful is just wishful thinking this is never gonna be the case with any source material. Books and Film may both be forms of entertainment but they are two separate beasts.
  12. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb - Margaery Tyrell, Myrcella Baratheon (if Ned never finds out about her true parentage that is) or someone like Jeyne Bracken? Sansa - Willas Tyrell, Renly Baratheon or Joffrey Baratheon (same as with Myrcella). I doubt Ned would marry off his oldest and most beautiful daughter to some lower house. Arya - This one is hard for me to choose, either a Frey or a loyal northern house like the Manderlys or Umbers. Maybe Theon Greyjoy to join the Greyjoys and Starks together to quell any future Ironborn rebellions? Bran - Meera Reed or Shireen Baratheon Jon - I know you said not to include him but marrying bastards off to join houses isn't far fetched but if the show is correct and Jon is who we all believe him to be I don't know if marrying the Targ heir to the IT off to some random house is the best idea, especially if the secret was to come out somehow. I'd probably still send him to the Nights watch like Ned did. All I know is to prepare for the coming winter i'd try to join with House Tyrell in any way possible.
  13. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Rank the 6 seasons

    I do agree they didn't get it across in the best way that Rhaegar was the dad, they could of easily had Lyanna say it out loud. I think this is a result of D&D just assuming EVERYBODY that watches the show must know the formula (which surprisingly there are a lot who don't and still don't if they didn't look it up after the finale lol). Unless they are saving the Rhaegar bit for Season 7. They have to show him now at this point. They gotta finally cast him and show him in flashbacks with Lyanna to get across to some that he is half Targaryen because a lot just think Ned had sex with his sister, which is not good lol. If we go the entire show without seeing Rhaegar once that'd be kind of ridiculous.
  14. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Rank the 6 seasons

    Yeah many of us have S5 at the bottom of our list for a reason, and it is a amalgamation of all the comments before me. Season 6 was a slight improvement, but that is mostly just a combination of cinematography and a few storylines surprisingly not being ass (plus the Hodor reveal was pretty good) I had a huge problem with Arya's storyline in particular, the Waif becoming the Terminator, Arya being an idiot, and Jagen being cool with her killing the Waif and just leaving. And I don't even get me started on "THE KING IN THE NORTH", the scene was alright but just the logic of all the Northern lords rallying behind a bastard over the trueborn baffled me. It was weird because when I first watched it and Lyanna is giving her little speech, I thought they were about to crown Sansa Queen, because I had the same opinion as LF. LF (and me) were certain Sansa was being named Queen, then they just threw logic out the window in favor of KING IN THE NORTH 2.0 R+L=J Reveal Thoughts. This is just a fun little comment but I wanna shout out and roll my eyes real hard at the people who at first thought "Oh so....Lyanna had Jon with Ned?" I was facepalming so hard at all the people too stupid to get what was going on in the Tower of Joy reveal scene. Casuals who watch this show seriously don't pay attention to anything (Arthur Dayne and Gerold Hightower had the Targaryen symbol on their chests for god sakes). They've name dropped Lyanna and Rhaegar together so much throughout the series, even more so in the last few seasons to get people prepared for this moment and half of them still didn't get it. also another shoutout to all the ones who thought the Mad King was the dad, really special kind of stupid there. A buddy of mine came to talk to me about the finale afterwards and he was like "Dude did you see the scene where they revealed that Ned had Jon with his sister?!" and I wanted to slap him so hard.
  15. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Rank the 6 seasons

    Season 1 Favorite Episode: I don't actually have a particular favorite episode from Season 1, I felt like each episode was well done and the introduction to this world was done very well. Although non-book readers might be confused by some of the things going on. Season 3 Favorite Episode: The Rains of Castamere (sorrynotsorry the Red Wedding was masterfully done) Season 4 Favorite Episode: The Laws of Gods and Men (some had a problem with Tyrion's speech but I thought it was chilling, easily one of my favorite performances in the series) Season 2 Favorite Episode: No particular episode but every scene between Arya and Tywin was some of my favorite stuff of this season. (Tywin is still one of my favorite characters even 2 seasons after his death, his absence is felt to this very day, especially by the remaining members of House Lannister) Season 6 Favorite Episode: Battle of the Bastards Season 5 Favorite Episode: Hardhome