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  1. The truth of events, or at least the perspective of the characters themselves in their pov will absolutely count for sh*t once tongues start wagging. Like it's repeatedly been pointed out in various tones and with a multitude of intents? Dany was screwed once she got them dragons. Everyone wants her gone. Even the Red Priests and their following would have the individual gone and trade it for their symbol and icon. And whatever she does from that point onwards is only going to be twisted in the telling, despite however good, bad, or stupid it might be. Damn her intentions or ambitions. By the time she sets foot on Westeros, she could be handing out lollies and preaching world peace (let alone in a conquest campaign armed with dragons and dothraki), she'll be seen as the absolute worst of all that westerosi can throw at her. Squandering potential allies before she even meets them out of stupidity, inexperience or plain out because she is a Targaryen with Dragons TM? Arianne Martell was always going to be bffs with the 'pretty new girl' who cost her a shot at the throne. Or Dorne. More than once. Right. Meanwhile, Tyrion 'Don't Look at Me I'm Just Here for the Game' Lannister will joyously cast his shadow spinning the runour mill.
  2. Holy! I feel old. Also? 'He chose... poorly.' after Donovan was all 'eternal life'? Awesomest line.
  3. Just add poop and farts to the tits and cocks. That wig art, tho... Hey! That'd be awesome!
  4. Wellp, once you base stuff on the popularly named 'mummers version'? Don't you mean the Short Night? Muahahah. I'm melting!!
  5. @Lollygag Thank you. Lets all give a slow!clap to show!Catelyn Stark and her 'how to raise your husband's nephew who you believe to be his bastard' 101, used to great effect to newter iniciative and ambition and create a submissive, unable to commit moron. I really disliked what they did to Jon, if you couldn't tell by now.
  6. Being an a-hole is banking one-oh-one. Imagine that credit interview: 'so, what are your available assets in case of default?' 'I have a good story'. Yeah...
  7. Oh! Horror level thought here! Imagine the last bit of Bran's identity and individuality locked behind a WallTM designed to facilitate and guarantee his transition into the collective. He resists, out of his emotional pack based notion of self, so even as he seees the actions of the 3ED as necessary for the future to become? He watches, with enough remaining empathy, but completely without agency, as the entity he now embodies uses his family, his people and his world like disposable chess pieces. Masterful.
  8. Maybe it's yet another way to hammer in the cost of war? The lack of interaction with the elders causes a vacuum where oral traditions are not passed on, knowledge and crafts forgotten.
  9. I think we're meant to look at it as a 'fixed universe' thing? It was always going to happen. 'The ink is dry." Everyone who tried to mess with prophecy only made sure it actually happened due to their interference in trying to stop it. Remember the witch who killed Daenerys' baby in her womb to stop the 'Stallion who mounts the world' and the tragedies to follow? She made it possible for Daenerys to have dragons. And if the 3ER acts like in the council scene? He'll take care of higher matters, the council addresses the state.
  10. Even in the show he said he wasn't Bran anymore, so even if/when he leaves? He won't be Ned Stark's son who liked to climb, who dreamed of being a knight. Kill the boy and make way for the man. The boy dreamed, the man serves.
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