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  1. That was so spot on I can't even. Thank you. They simply grabbed a whole steak dinner, post digestion, and served up a shit sandwich as if it were the original product. I sometimes step back, simply haunt the book parts of the forum following threads that call out as I impatiently wait for Winds. Then, the whole indigestion comes back up and makes me nauseous as to how long I personally tried to make myself believe it simply couldn't be that bad. Well, it was.
  2. This is just me admitting I'm repeat watching Midnight Texas and hurriedly changing channels when the GoT intro started up.
  3. Thanks for putting that here for everyone to see. Holy... that's sketchy as all.. Back to my post on how on earth something ugly didn't happen on set... well, yeah.
  4. And all along, show viewers and the HBO machine waved it away as 'realism' or an expectation of brutality and sexism as part of the 'medieval setting' when as the episodes rolled by it became more and more evident that the setting had zero influence on the actual content. It was only window dressing hiding a cinderblock and garbage view.
  5. I'd previously wondered how nothing sketchy had happened on set. If they were callous enough to endanger a baby's health for penis shots and worked the crew mercilessly for, how long was it?, to give us 'The Short Night' TM, if nothing went horribly wrong it really must be over the professionalism and skill of the other people involved.
  6. Oh the horror. The D's tried cinicism, to be edgy, but kept falling into bad animated series' emotional and story resolution. That 'Council of surviving characters' skit was so bad. I'm getting pretty convinced GRRM might have seen the inexperience and thought they could evolve into something different from the same old industry drones. Like I said before? Prueba no superada. Instead of a new perspective into TV we got a glimpse, through the author's own involvement in earlier seasons, and then it fell further and further into the weird Kardashians in Middle Earth, hold the fantasy, increase the bad taste that were the last two seasons.
  7. Wow. The level of 'eff your story' is just.. mindblowing. But... we actually knew that already? Wtf was that with Cersei's non presence after the apoteotic stupidity of blowing up the Sept like that? Or Bran's disappearing act? Barristan getting shanked like that? Or even way before when people around here and in other fan discussions kept scratching their heads? Sansa did what? Where did that Volantene babe sprout from? Catelyn Tully is dead as a door nail and finito? Like @SeanF said it? At least they have the honesty, or it is simply carelessness?, to come out and say it to everyone's faces.
  8. Ah. Just had shivers of revulsion, picturing the Lybria-like ideal world of D&D. Take your daily dose of emotion numbing drugs, so you don't need to care and simply obey the status quo? Yuck. Also, even if Daenerys does turn into the 'you're just like your father' cartoon simply because, again quote 'bombing for peace, etc'? I would take the lesson that warring for reform is bad and run with it, not that warring for reform is bad so don't reform, just comply. That's not being against war. That's defending the system.
  9. I know it's been repeated to death here and in other parts of the forum. But the way GRRM's pet peeve of the 'what happens after the heroics are done', specifically his soundbyte on the tax policy that wasn't, was brushed aside and substituted with that disgusting little convo about brothels being the future? That's their answer? The Crown is going to simply whore out the impoverished and fatten their coffers off the backs of the unfortunate, or by putting the unfortunate to work on their backs? Talk about nihilism and 'the more things change' mentality. I mean, I could see the author ending the stories as such. Hope is for children and realism means happy endings are just unfinished stories. After all, the medieval like setting doesn't quite lend itself to social utopia. Just deal with the overarching threats to humanity as a whole and then reposition the same good old boys club at the top. New deck, same cards, same rules. Change the players, same game. However, the little council meeting scene was so... empty. It feels like all our discussions, no matter the vitriol pouring out from having been slapped in the face with all of 'that'? Even here we end up tailoring our criticism into should've, could've, when the sad reality is simply that there was nothing more. Just surface flash and zero substance. Whores are funny. Tada. And a good investment. Don't forget about that.
  10. The truth of events, or at least the perspective of the characters themselves in their pov will absolutely count for sh*t once tongues start wagging. Like it's repeatedly been pointed out in various tones and with a multitude of intents? Dany was screwed once she got them dragons. Everyone wants her gone. Even the Red Priests and their following would have the individual gone and trade it for their symbol and icon. And whatever she does from that point onwards is only going to be twisted in the telling, despite however good, bad, or stupid it might be. Damn her intentions or ambitions. By the time she sets foot on Westeros, she could be handing out lollies and preaching world peace (let alone in a conquest campaign armed with dragons and dothraki), she'll be seen as the absolute worst of all that westerosi can throw at her. Squandering potential allies before she even meets them out of stupidity, inexperience or plain out because she is a Targaryen with Dragons TM? Arianne Martell was always going to be bffs with the 'pretty new girl' who cost her a shot at the throne. Or Dorne. More than once. Right. Meanwhile, Tyrion 'Don't Look at Me I'm Just Here for the Game' Lannister will joyously cast his shadow spinning the runour mill.
  11. Tyrion's a villain. He has to be. The 'bad person best ruler' is at hand. So to spea. There is no 'single bad guy' everyone bands together to fight. There is no single Oz behind the curtain. This story isn't D&D's uplifting morale of 'rape empowers you and you must thank your abusers for the strong character you've become'. Insert vomit break here. Trauma ia trauma because it damages, warps even the kindest into deformed versions of who was before. There is no upside to abuse. Tyrion, who was a mostly harmless whoremonger (if there is such a thing) is headed straight to become a real piece of work. If indeed we get to see the greater good factually favoring the undeserving and objectively unkind, immoral and violent Lannister? If he even proves to be a competent administrator and counsel? The most Lannister of Tywin's progeny, the one he hated so. Well why the hell not?! We'll love to hate him, cheer as he underhandedly scrapes by, spreading chaos and misery in his wake. Instead of sanctifying a moron who got everything wrong and blabbed a bunch of facts and lies interspaced enough to have the generic ken doll kill dragon barbie. Ugh.
  12. So... the whole 'very disputed and close bidding war until Netflix did their thing' was BS? Lovely. Also, I guess that derrails the unholy trinity of prophecised destruction: HBO, Disney and Netflix? The Mouse House already sampled fan backlash due to Star Wars. And even the one movie they are reduced to sounds more like a contract obligation for Disney than a 'we absolutely wants these guys?'. Whoever said the 'now they're contained to Netflix, yay!', wins a cookie.
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