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  1. They are not mutually exclusive positions. Someone can hate the Freys while agreeing that the Freys were wronged. Not sure how that could confuse you.
  2. More powerful and influential than they are now, but don't seem to be prominent in Westeros. There are at least 5 Riverland Houses they would have been behind.
  3. What does this comment even mean? Do only saints not deserve assassination from the Starks?
  4. But that does not mean there are not sellswords in Westeros. The quote I gave you was a time of relative peace and yet a Westerland Lord outsourced his tax collecting to an Essos sellsword company. The Brave Companions may well have already been in the West, given their recruitment also seems to be mostly from Westeros GRRM: No, I think the Brave Companions go back further than the goat, although they are not as old as some of the other sellsword companies. Nor as young as others. It is not especially a Qohorik company either. The Mummers are basically scum from all over the west, and a few from the east and south. The Brave Companions, a relatively small company of 100-200 men, it nothing. That is not going to swing any war. If Tywin saw a war coming and this is what he brought over he'd be an idiot. Company? You mean soldier? Question; Second; what did Robb do with the Tyroshi sellsword who dipped his banners at Riverrun? Answer: I don't know what Robb did with him... but =I= forgot all about him, I blush to admit. We have no evidence that there was an Tyroshs sellsword army, we just know that a Tyroshi led Jaime's freeriders. "He retreated in good order when he saw that the other camps were lost, with two thousand spears and as many bowmen, but the Tyroshi sellsword who led his freeriders struck his banners and went over to the foe." "Curse the man." His uncle Kevan sounded more angry than surprised. "I warned Jaime not to trust that one. A man who fights for coin is loyal only to his purse." Freeriders are pretty common throughout Westeros. And when news broke out about the arrest of Tyrion they were flocking to Tywin Littlefinger lifted an eyebrow. "In future, try not to let any horses fall on it. I would urge you to heal quickly. The realm grows restive. Varys has heard ominous whispers from the west. Freeriders and sellswords have been flocking to Casterly Rock, and not for the thin pleasure of Lord Tywin's conversation." "Is there word of the king?" Ned demanded. "Just how long does Robert intend to hunt?" Men saw the chance to make some coin. He did forget about him. He may have been one man, of little importance. There is no reason why he should remember him. GRRM points out that there is a Tyroshi sellsword still running around the Riverlands, but could not say were he was from. Another person GRRM 'forgot about' was Mallor the Dornishman. I vow, the Lannisters lost ten men for every one of ours that fell. We've taken close to a hundred knights captive, and a dozen lords bannermen. Lord Westerling, Lord Banefort, Ser Garth Greenfield, Lord Estren, Ser Tytos Brax, Mallor the Dornishman … and three Lannisters besides Jaime, Lord Tywin's own nephews, two of his sister's sons and one of his dead brother's …" We never hear about Mallor again, and that guy sounded far more interesting than the Tyroshi.
  5. Are people forgetting that the Dothraki and the sellsword soldiers she has are also rapists? Punishing all rapists is going to hurt her own support. Why would she enforce retroactive on her new subjects and not on her older ones?
  6. How do you know he called them from Essos? Sellswords can be in Westeros without the need of war, we can see an example of this in the History of the Westerlands Lord Stackspear doubled the taxes on his smallfolk, though Lord Tytos forbade it, then hired a company of Volantene sellswords to enforce his onerous exactions. And it is not like this is the type of unit that is going to change the outcome of a war. Tywin himself think they are only good for dog's work. "The Qohorik?" Ser Daven spat. "That's for him and all his Brave Companions. I told your father I would forage for him, but he refused me. Some tasks are fit for lions, he said, but foraging is best left for goats and dogs." If Tywin was predicting a war, why only a few hundred sellswords? Why leave Cersei exposed in Kings Landing, why not send competent support? Instead she relies on a teenage Lancel. And yet we see from Tyrion's POV that Tywin did not expect the North to join the war. He's blindsided by it. to Tyrion's amusement. How do you know they were not already in Westeros? The Brave Companions clearly recruit from the West. The idea that they can only be in Westeros to fight a war is not really that logical. On top of that the Tyroshi is just a sellsword, in command of the other sellswords. We do not know if there are other companies with Tywin other than the Brave Companions.
  7. No, the High Sparrow was pissed that he was executed on a holy place. He also ignored Robert's final orders, falsifying the Kings will and testament. Also bribed the Gold Cloaks to arrest the Royal family. He had a good cause for his treason, but he still committed treason.
  8. Many? How many? Yes. Sucks for the smallfolk. The rich who can afford to pay will be fine. Do you think there is no food in the entire continent? No castles though. And yes, some of the Westerlands was raided. Where do you think the livestock that was stolen from the Riverlands was brought to? Riverrun. And they will. The nobility and their vassals will be fed first. Same goes the Riverrun. Those with the coin to buy food will be able to buy it. Oldtown is being raided by the Ironborn. The Reach is quite vast. Unless you are under the impression that the Reachmen store their granaries on their shores, then I'm not sure your point. I don't imagine those realms would have been used to feed other realms regardless of their circumstance. No he is not. He is bocking Arryn's from exporting food this early and advising his allies to do the same, the likes of the Royces are selling early. Littlefinger is, at least according to his words, planning on selling later when the stores will be worth much more. Again, those with the coin to pay for it will be able to buy food. Can I ask, your point seems to be about Westeros in general rather than Riverrun. Riverrun and other noble Houses are going to be in a better position than the majority of the other people of Westeros this winter. They will have supplies already stored and the coin to buy new food. If they do starve, then they will not be alone.
  9. Yes. With zero new supplies coming in and out of Riverrun the supplies in Riverrun were enough to feed the garrison of Riverrun for a couple of years. That siege has been listed. The majority of soldiers from the Westerlands and Riverlands are going to be gone. And trade will be able to come and go from Riverrun in the aftermath. No. That would only be the case if it was under siege. You do understand he is talking about a siege, right? The siege is no more. Lord Emmon's new garrison is two hundred. He has the same stores that the Blackfish just had. He has access to the Rivers and he is able to buy food. Riverrun and its garrison are going to be fine for food. They have the coin to buy new food.
  10. Or executed. Joffrey committed crimes that the ruler of the Riverlands and members of House Tyrell, the rulers of the Reach, did not like. They had him executed for crimes he had done and what they feared he would do. Who is she? You listed a great many people who were in the know of the details to execute Joffrey. I pointed out that we don't know if all those people knew. If you think there is evidence supporting your case then please use it. This is pretty simple. Why this exchange between the two of us is taking multiple posts is beyond me. ?
  11. We don't know that. We have no idea what kind of retaliation Tywin would have on the Freys. Jaime would still have a hand, Stafford, Willem, Cleos and Tion likely still alive and the Westerlands not invaded. There are genuine reasons why Tywin and the Westerlands would be pissed with the Freys, more so than the other lords of the Riverlands. How many months do you think they stayed neutral for? Maybe, maybe not. It did net them more land and power. But the Red Wedding was motivated more for vengeance than it was for gain.
  12. And now they have Riverrun and the access to those supplies. Also now they have Riverrun those armies are no longer needed there. They will move on. Yes. But that is moot, Riverrun has now been taken. Those supply lines no longer needed.
  13. He actually did not feed Robb's army. Refused to. Just the 50-100 or so people in Edmure's wedding party were fed. They also get to pick up the supplies of Riverrun and Seagard, if they needed them.
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