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  1. Bernie Mac

    House Darry

    Why would she need to raise a bastard up when there are two living nieces of her guardian Willem Darry, and both of those daughters are currently at Riverrun and Darry. Jeyne Darry even named her second son after Willem.
  2. Bernie Mac

    Military Strengths and More!

    Maybe, maybe not. "If the king were in need of more men, he would send for them," he said. Obviously it could very well mean what you are suggesting but alternatively it also sounds pretty close to an adult chiding a child for interfering with something he had no business in doing so. I was often told "if they wanted your help they would have asked for it".
  3. Bernie Mac

    Loyal Houses

    Even Robb does not know that for sure, he is confident of them but when Glover points out that the Cranngmen may let him down Robb just says they will be no worse off if that is the case. Robb, as always, hopes everything will fall into place.
  4. He seems to be viewed that way regardless of whether people think he was drugged or not. He's likely been managing the Rock and the Westerlands for much of the war, he seems to be continuing his position as castellan. To fill in the gaps he is a nephew of Tywin's, married to a Crakehall and has two children one of whom is married to Lord Jast. He seems, from what little we know, a stable choice. I'd disagree, his job is just to lead the West's armies and he is doing so. Obviously Jaime thinks well of him but we also know the Blackfish was wary of facing him as long ago as ACOK. "Ser Stafford Lannister, it's said." He turned to gaze out over the rivers, his red-and-blue cloak stirring in the breeze. "Another nephew?" The Lannisters of Casterly Rock were a damnably large and fertile house. "Cousin," Ser Brynden corrected. "Brother to Lord Tywin's late wife, so twice related. An old man and a bit of a dullard, but he has a son, Ser Daven, who is more formidable." Importantly he seems to be a formidable warrior who is pragmatic in his actions if not hiss boasts. He is sensible enough to take orders from either Jaime or Kevan despite his new title of Warden and his continuing seige rather than attacking Riverrun shows he is willing to take the less glamorous route to victory. More importantly he is a loyal soldier to House Lannister still going ahead with the marriage to a Frey he was never consulted about. As long as Cersei remains in kings Landing the Westerlands should be fine, her two cousins seem like sensible choices. I don't think there is anything wrong with, Robert was the greatest military leader in the realm. If Daven seems similar then that is a good thing. Robert alone may have been a bit of a knucklehead but he listened to his more pragmatic generals, an important leadership quality, one which I think Daven shares given him even trying to keep Emmon happy. How so? He voiced what he wanted to do, but he had been there some time before Jaime arrived and was calm enough to listen to cooler heads. Ignoring your own instincts and listening to others is a valuable trait. Jaime's leverage was Edmure, he threatened to catapult his pregnant wife over the castle. I'm kind of glad that some branches of House Lannister are not always so ruthless. He is a Warden, a military ruler. Ned, Mace and possibly Arryn had no need of spy networks. Why would he be rolling in his grave? House Lannister made a deal, Daven doing his duty would be something that Tywin and Kevan would be fully on board with; they were all about duty, had Tywin's own children put their family duty before their own desires they'd be in a much better place.
  5. No, where is the evidence of that? Which armies did Aegon raise that was larger than the field of fire? independent nations need larger armies to guard their borders than united realms, this is just a simple fact. lol what do you mean 'no', of course it is. come on, if you don't like the evidence then prove it is wrong, don't just ignore it because you don't like it. it is not? Do you have any evidence for this? but did feature constant conflict. better to have one larger war that last a year than multiple wars that last years with no resolution. There was 10,000 members when Aegon conquered the realm. It is now down to fewer than 1,000. The decline under the Targaryens has been drastic "They kept their pledge. When Aegon slew Black Harren and claimed his kingdom, Harren's brother was Lord Commander on the Wall, with ten thousand swords to hand. He did not march. In the days when the Seven Kingdoms were seven kingdoms, not a generation passed that three or four of them were not at war. The Watch took no part." It had 10,000 men only 300 years ago and its purpose was exactly the same. That is an accelerated drop under the Targs, peace has had a huge impact on their recruitment The increase in army sizes would be the evidence of population growth. There have been conflicts pre Targaryens far more bloody that that. The wars between the Ironborn and the Westerlands were frequent and one such war lasted 5 years and devastated the Iron Islands, the thousand year war between the Vale and the North and the frequent wars between Dorne, the Stormlands and the Reach. Only three times? Do you have a citation for that? Thrice in the space of a single century the city was taken and sacked, once by the Dornish king Samwell Dayne (the Starfire), once by Qhored the Cruel and his ironmen, and once by Gyles I Gardener (the Woe), who reportedly sold three-quarters of the city's inhabitants into slavery That is not something we actually know given the world book only comments on the three times Oldtown was sacked in a single century. Not only has there been more peace within Westeros once they were united but they can now they are no longer a target for outside invaders.
  6. Bernie Mac

    What did Eddard want to do with Rhaegar's children?

    Lord Renly shrugged. "The matter seems simple enough to me. We ought to have had Viserys and his sister killed years ago, but His Grace my brother made the mistake of listening to Jon Arryn." it is possible that Arryn's decision would be different if they were an actual threat, but in Essos they pretty much were not
  7. of course they do, but peace means they are dramatically smaller. Just to be clear, I stated there would be larger armies needed, at no point did I suggest that the military would be completely abandoned. again, I was pretty clear on a 'standing army'. these are not standing armies you are highlighting. surely the size of that army is evidence of a population growth. the fact that three hundred years after the field of fire the Reach alone can raise a larger army than the combined Reach and Westerlands army suggests quite strongly that the population has infact risen sure they did. peace has not been continuous, you won't find a single civilization over 300 years that has had continuous peace, but there has been sustained peace. a handful of times in three centuries instead of the constant and regular warfare that existed before it. most lords would take that deal. the nights watch was never about people, especially in the south, enlisting. it was about a place to send prisoners or mouths you could not feed. A united kingdom has meant a smaller nights watch, that is no coincidence. There is no more reason that the people living 400 years ago in the South of Westeros had reason to enlist in the watch any more than they do in the current climate. the long night was thousands of years ago, the Others have long been forgotten yet the Watch was 10,000 strong just 300 years ago and quickly declined under a united Westeros.
  8. Bernie Mac

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Not a deflection. how on earth do you come to the conclusion that was a deflection? A deflection would be me ignoring your point or sidestepping it completely rather than examining what you actually said. Jojen was born and raised in a swamp, pointing out that he is not a great judge of character on farmland is a pertinent point, is it not? you really think that is the only time? how have you been a member of this forum for so long and came to a conclusion over something like this. the lords of the realm regularly send food and the watch regularly ask for more, the Watch is a service funded by the rest of the realm, it is not self sufficient "It was a long summer. The harvests were bountiful, the lords generous. We had enough laid by to see us through three years of winter. Four, with a bit of scrimping. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If it please my lord, what would you have of King Renly?" "The same things I'd have of all of them, lad. Men, horses, swords, armor, grain, cheese, wine, wool, nails . . . the Night's Watch is not proud, we take what is offered." we also know they are reliant on buying in food "Dareon, I am told that you sang at many a high lord's table and shared their meat and mead. We are sending you to Eastwatch. It may be your palate will be some help to Cotter Pyke when merchant galleys come trading. We are paying too dear for salt beef and pickled fish, and the quality of the olive oil we're getting has been frightful. sure, once in 300 years " In winters past, food could be brought up the kingsroad from the south, but with the war … it is still autumn, I know, but I would advise we go on winter rations nonetheless, if it please my lord." it is also not good land. it is not. how is pointing out that the teenage jojen was born and raised in a swamp a shitty thing to do? how precious are you being to try and paint this as something sinister? honestly, I have heard some dumb SJW arguments in my time but to see someone get offended on behalf of a fictional character because someone pointed out they were born and raised in a swamp and may not be a great authority on what is and is not good farmland may be the dumbest ever. well done! ah, so rather than reply to them you have chosen to reply to me. that is good of you.
  9. Likely due to the fact that the Martells ancestors were the Rhoynish and the Targs were Valyrian and their shared history was incredibly complicated and bloody. It is not really a view, it is common sense "The Greatjon took too many. Half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Not well." Alys sighed. "My father took so many of our men south with him that only the women and young boys were left to bring the harvest in. Them, and the men too old or crippled to go off to war. Crops withered in the fields or were pounded into the mud by autumn rains. And now the snows are come. This winter will be hard. Few of the old people will survive it, and many children will perish as well." So larger standing armies will mean fewer farmers, fewer farmers will mean less food which will slow down on the population increasing, it will mean more money is needed to feed, train and equip the standing army rather than to build better roads and infrastructure any kingdom needs to advance. Realms constantly at war do not prosper. Agreed. Which puts further strain on the realm as other areas of the society would suffer to feed the standing army, peace means fewer soldiers, more farmers, more merchants, more taxes and allows civilizations to prosper and advance.
  10. It is not just tradition, peace and a united kingdom means more trade between realms, it means peace and prosperity. There are plenty of incentives to being part of a united kingdom, independent realms would all need standing armies to protect their borders, navies to protect their coasts. A far greater amount of their population would be made to become soldiers while in peace they become farmers, builders. merchants, artisans etc and help improve the realm. The Nights Watch is a clear example of how bad it was before the Targs, the constant mini wars meant that the criminals of the land were around 10k rather than the 1k during the Westeros era. War has diminished. He's not, but he is also impulsive and cavalier who does not worry about the consequences of his actions. Him thinking it does not mean it is a good idea.
  11. Bernie Mac

    Loyal Houses

    half his army turned on him. if his whole 7k was loyal the smaller Frey army would not have won so easily. they are? by all means quote the text confirming this
  12. Bernie Mac

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    Jojen claims that this? that is was this land and this land alone that fed the Queen's entourage? Seems an obscure thing for the singers and the storytellers of the realm to focus on, but if that is what you think who am I to convince you otherwise. Seems odd that the realm still sends so much food north. There are orchids in the Yukon, but that does not mean I would necessarily say that it was good farmland but then that is because I am English and it is all relative. What would be classed as good farmland to someone in the neck is going to be vastly different to someone on the red fork. All I am pointing out is that a teenager born and raised in a swamp may well not be the most reliable judge of what is 'good' farmland. No idea how that is so controversial, but that seems to be where we are. well no shit, has anyone claimed that it was?
  13. he gave them a flooded underground castle they are likely never going to have the money to full restore. it is pretty much a white elephant. The Reynes were the second richest House in Westeros, the second most powerful House in the Westerlands, they would have many lands and vassals of their own, lands and vassals that have not been leaderless for the last 40 years. The majority of the Reynes holdings and wealth will have already been distributed out to Lannister loyalists 40 years ago while the castle itself remained ruler-less. That was not down to them not being liked. One of Tywin's commanders in Robert's Rebellion was Ser Elys Westerling. Howwever they were a house who had sullied their bloodline and had sold of much of their lands, they were a poor marriage alliance even in peace times (beyond idiotic in war) It was not a question of like it was a question of suitability. The Westerlings were no longer suitable marriage options for the better Westerland Houses He didn't just kill the Reynes, he gave them multiple opportunities to surrender and they refused. Tywin is not just dispensing of noble Houses he personally does not like. No, not entirely. The Westerlands was a mess when Tywin's father was in charge, constant chaos, no defense from the Ironborn, constant fighting as some nobles took what they wanted or overtaxed the peasants, Tywin corrected all that. Look at Tywin's 20 year reign as Hand when the realm was peaceful and prosperous and zero sign of him ruling with fear. It was Tywin Lannister who settled the crown's dispute with the Braavosi (though without "making the Titan kneel," to the king's displeasure), by repaying the monies lent to Jaehaerys II with gold from Casterly Rock, thereby taking the debts upon himself. Tywin won the approbation of many great lords by repealing what remained of the laws Aegon V had enacted to curb their powers. Tywin reduced tariffs and taxes on shipping going in and out of the cities of King's Landing, Lannisport, and Oldtown, winning the support of many wealthy merchants. Tywin built new roads and repaired old ones, held many splendid tournaments about the realm to the delight of knights and commons both, cultivated trade with the Free Cities, and sternly punished bakers found guilty of adding sawdust to their bread and butchers selling horsemeat as beef. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It fell to Tywin to restore House Lannister to its proper place. Just as it fell to him to rule this realm, when he was no more than twenty. He bore that heavy burden for twenty years, and all it earned him was a mad king's envy. Instead of the honor he deserved, he was made to suffer slights beyond count, yet he gave the Seven Kingdoms peace, plenty, and justice. In wartime and to his enemies Tywin uses fear but in peace time there is zero evidence that he uses such tactics, he, like many rulers, realize that his people prospering is good for its rulers. So no, Tywin did not rule over the Westerlands with fear, well no more than the average westerosi Overlord. but a combination of factors. Perhaps, perhaps not. The Lannisters are intermarried to most of the powerful Houses in the West and the people who have been tasked with ruling the Westerlands seem capable Your service was required here. Cersei had named her cousin Damion Lannister her castellan for the Rock, and another cousin, Ser Daven Lannister, the Warden of the West. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He is an old done man. Daven and Damion will serve us better." "They'll suffice." Jaime had no quarrel with his cousins. Tytos problem was that he had no backbone, he was an oddity as a ruler, an example of what Sam may have turned out to be if he became lord of Horn Hill. A lord who was scared of conflict that he would give into any demand making him look weak.
  14. Bernie Mac

    Loyal Houses

    A few things wrong with this, the big one being is that Robb has never met Howland, has no Crannogmen in his army and seems a little implausible that Ned would tell his children that should any of them foolishly take the majority of their army south and a rival army takes control of the north not to worry, there are secret paths into the north. Robb is more hoping that these paths exist than actually knowing about them, this seems clear from Glover's reaction to the plan "I like this plan," said the Greatjon. "I like it well." Galbart Glover rubbed his mouth. "There are risks. If the crannogmen should fail you . . . " "We will be no worse than before. But they will not fail. My father knew the worth of Howland Reed." It is worth noting that this would not be the only time Robb was sure about something that he could not possibly know. Robb looked more amused than afraid. "I have an army to protect me, Mother, I don't need to trust in bread and salt. Secondly Robb's plan still involved attacking Moat Cailin, the majority of his army would still attack it via the south Three hosts will leave the Twins, but only two will reach Moat Cailin. Mine own battle will melt away into the Neck, to reemerge on the Fever. If we move swiftly once my uncle's wed, we can all be in position by year's end. We will fall upon the Moat from three sides on the first day of the new century Robb was counting on the Greatjon's attack to distract the ironborn scouts Greatjon, you shall lead the van against Moat Cailin. Your attack must be so fierce that the ironborn have no leisure to wonder if anyone is creeping down on them from the north." Moat Cailin is still hugely important even if these secret paths exist considering the Starks are aware of them they will know to guard against them. The more I think about it the less this makes sense, House Stark is aware of secret entrances into their main defense of the north and they have not done anything to defend themselves from it?
  15. Bernie Mac

    Loyal Houses

    I assume that the Manderlys, having been kicked out of one realm for overreaching, are not likely to make the same mistake again. Whichever Stark king gave them White Harbor seems to have been a pretty clever guy, as outsiders they themselves are never going to be able to rule the north while they are not going to get a better deal from any Stark rival. This means that they are always going to be on the Stark side in a civil war or other conflict, even if they try to profit from it as much as possible (such as Wyman's meeting with Bran and Rodrik suggested) it could also go back to their fathers, who were best friends. On one hand the Crannogmen have little reason to rebel, they are not interfered with, seem to pay little in the way of taxes and also don't seem to have to contribute much military support outside of their region. On the other, they were once their own kingdom it is only natural from time to time some prominent crannogmen nobles are going to be pissed at being second class citizens to a kingdom who does not really respect them. In a thousand years they have probably heard their fair share of speeches like the Greatjon gave in agot, who knows if they have ever acted out on it. Given that the Lord of the Necks own children have been raised to catch their own frog supper I don't think they are really in much of a threat to challenge the winterfell. Pretty certain Moat Cailin is the key role in that. The fact that so many southern invasions have made it, and failed, at MC suggests the Crannogmen are not a super effective defense.