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    Titles in the Royal Family

    Baela's father and grandfather were Princes, her great grandfather was King. In the current British royal family https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Sarah_Chatto is the daughter of Princess Margaret and the granddaughter of King George IV. Or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zara_Tindall is the granddaughter to the current Queen Now both women could be Princess's, but the monarch would have to bestow that title on them, rather than them being born with it. Moondancer. Baela had escaped the men who tried to seize her and had made her way to her dragon. And as Aegon II sought to land in the courtyard of the castle on Sunfyre, thinking himself triumphant, the dragon and the princess rose to meet him. During the Dance they were Princess's, I imagine Aegon II's victory and the Regents, stripped them of their titles (if its not simply a case of lazy editing).
  2. Unwin brings an army of 1,500 to the (unofficial) Grand Council of 136. There is zero indication in the books that this is his full strength. I would not call a few hundred considerable. I'd also point out that every army has mercenaries, Robb's host had them This host her son had assembled was not a standing army such as the Free Cities were accustomed to maintain, nor a force of guardsmen paid in coin. Most of them were smallfolk: crofters, fieldhands, fishermen, sheepherders, the sons of innkeeps and traders and tanners, leavened with a smattering of sellswords and freeriders hungry for plunder. This will also be true of the Hightowers. They did? https://asearchoficeandfire.com/?q=dregs Tywin's force is split into four: Kevan's 10,000 in the centre of 300 heavy horse, mixed infantry force including pikemen, archers, axemen, swordsmen, and spearmen Marbrand's 4,000 on the right, all knights and heavy lancers Tywin's 5k reserve, half mounted half on foot the 1,000 in the Van, a mixed bag, sellswords, farmhands, smallfolk, Gregor's men, and Tyrion's clansmen. Isn't this needlessly over complicating things? Every army has such men, though I think you are exaggerating the number here.
  3. They do, but it would be at the expense of their neighbouring lords. The Blackwoods and Brackens may have had lands removed on occasion with the Tully's benefiting. Not after conquest, they are mentioned pretty far down at that stage, the Pipers are before them. The same paragraph mentions the Mootons wealth and the last two uninspiring Tully lords, which seems to indicate he's talking about the current period. By the Dance they had grown to a major Riverland House. We can get a sense of this with the King's progress, Jaehaerys on an early progress of the Riverland's did not bother to visit the Frey's (or the maester did not think it important enough to mention) while Lord Manderly's planned tour only features 4/5 Riverland destinations, one of them being the Twins. The Riverlords must hate this tax more than anyone considering they suffer the most from civil war.
  4. Given that Renly is not a POV character, nor is there an equivalent of Davos for him it is impossible to come to that conclusion. The position seems pretty fluid depending on the needs of the king and kingdom, but it seems a mixture of keeping the peace and implementing the king's will and justifying his law. In Jaehaery's regency a religious lord was given the position to appease the Faith (the biggest threat to the Targs at the time), his successor was more learned and cunning which was needed as Jaehaerys changed the laws of the realm and needed to justify his changes to the faith and lords of the land, later we see more amiable choices, Rodrik Arryn & Aemon, as the position was about keeping the status quo, ensuring the lords are happy with his rule maybe swaying them into supporting his positions. Men like Randyl or Kevan are needed in the direct aftermath of war/rebellious lords as they may be needed to go and keep the peace and install the king's peace, Renly's role will have perfect for Robert who did not want to rock the boat and wanted people happy with him. It will be interesting to find out Robert's original Master of Laws.
  5. Who claimed they would? Harrenhal what? What does this reply even mean? Winterfell that has already been captured twice in the series? Winterfell that has been destroyed multiple times in the past? And again, I don't understand your point? I made no mention of the Twins being stronger (or weaker) than either Winterfell or Harrenhal, I was just pointing out what the World of Ice and Fire says about the Frey's home ."These two keeps, now called the Twins, are amongst the strongest in the realm." Nope, not at Moat Cailin, not at the Twins, not until she is at Riverrun when news reaches of Renly, she says she thought if one of them were going to rebel it would be Stannis. You made the original claim, not me. You claimed "most of his actions are actually advised by the lords and blackfish." But notably Robb is advised to let Greatjon lead the attack on Tywin to join Renly, Stannis, have peace, he rejected the majority of his lords suggestions at Riverrun to attack Harrenhal to send anyone but Theon to the Iron Islands to spare Rickard Karstark Robb frequently rejects advice. The North has more wood than any other kingdom, he has wood. There is wooded area frequently mentioned in the Riverlands, when Arya and the Hound are on their way to the Twins they are constantly in wooded area. "Is this the Blackwater Rush?" They had ridden so far in rain and darkness, through trackless woods and nameless villages, that Arya had lost all sense of where they were. Robb's problem was that he simply did not think that he'd need wood, it was not until the Twins were in sight did he realize he might need other options. Had he planned ahead he could have dealt with this. He was only 15 years of age, I have no idea how you can be so adamant that no mistakes were made in his first ever military operatio Did he not? Tywin, in the Riverlands, was able to equip 300 mountain clan soldiers "First, though, I have some promises of my own to keep," he said as he sliced off a wedge. "I shall require three thousand helms and as many hauberks, plus swords, pikes, steel spearheads, maces, battle-axes, gauntlets, gorgets, greaves, breastplates, wagons to carry all this—" he had access to barges to get to Kings Landing in time and as a teenager had his men divert an entire river to beat the Reynes. Logistics is one of Tywin's strengths, I don't expect Robb to be anywhere near, but in the opening months of the war he was clueless about them. Expecting things to just work out is a problem in war. And? Well then he is also going to have to make sacrifices. His lack of options at the Twins was down to his own game plan, not anybody else. Robb had options, he opted to be silent and not gather any information, not alert the Freys that he needed access. He had options. Walder actually did say no, it was Cat who made offers. No one made demands from Robb. No, he's not. His father was arrested and he wanted him released, him marching South had zero to do with protecting the Riverlands. At Riverrun when the Riverlords were pleading for him to march on Tywin and drive the Westerland men away he ignored them. In what way was he and his army protecting the Riverlands? "Did you kill them?" "Would I tell you if I did?" The man spat. "Likely it were wolves' work, or maybe lions, what's the difference? The wife and I found them dead. The way we see it, the place is ours now." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'd stay well clear of that kingsroad, if I were you," the man went on. "It's worse than bad, I hear. Wolves and lions both, and bands of broken men preying on anyone they can catch." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Child," said the singer, "put up that sword, and we'll take you to a safe place and get some food in that belly. There are wolves in these parts, and lions, and worse things. No place for a little girl to be wandering alone." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "If there were wolves hereabouts, we'd know it," groused Lem. "Or lions. These are our woods." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A man laughed bitterly. "The lions killed Ser Wilbert a year ago. His sons are all off with the Young Wolf, getting fat in the west. You think they give a damn for the likes of us? It was the Mad Huntsman caught these wolves." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lem glowered. "Your lion friends ride into some village, take all the food and every coin they find, and call it foraging. The wolves as well, so why not us? No one robbed you, dog. You just been good and foraged." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Brienne felt obligated to pass along that warning to the farmer and his wife. The man nodded as she told him, but when she was done he spat again and said, "Dogs and wolves and lions, may the Others take them all. These outlaws won't dare come too near to Maidenpool. Not so long as Lord Tarly has the rule there." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He sent men off to Riverrun to fight but never went himself. Lions sacked his town, then wolves, then sellswords, and his lordship just sat safe behind his walls. Apart from his grandfather's castle Robb did nothing to protect the Riverlands, the smallfolk hated them as much as they hated the Lions. Sorry. I'm not sure your meaning here. He had time, he had options. At Moat Cailin he could have sent half his army ahead while the others took their time, hed then have men in the Riverlands who could do what was needed rather than be totally blindsided on the Frey's doorstop. Sorry, can you clarify the point you are trying to make? The books do not let us know what problems Mace had or any forward planning he may have done to counter such problems. Cl You mean Cat did. Credit should be given to who its due.
  6. If 80% of the Freys die by the Others than the North, the vast lands that stand between the Wall and the Twins, will be wiped out. The Twins are amongst the strongest castles in Winterfell and will be better stocked than most. Unless GRRM is planning on wiping out the entire North, most of the Riverlands, Vale and parts of the Westerlands and Crownlands then the Twins should survive. I find it hilarious that so many are offended over basic capitalism. That bridge is costly, both in terms of it being built, maintenance and defense. It is going to remain a toll bridge, the Freys or their replacements would be illogical to not make it work to their advantage. Possibly, though I can't really see why the Crown would go to such lengths, especially in your scenario where the Others have reached the Riverlands. They'd have bigger issues to deal with and would likely lack the strength to enforce such a change. Robb decided to go to war against the Crown not knowing that Renly, Stannis and the Reach would rebel. He was potentially coming up against the majority of the realm. He was hugely lucky. No, that does not seem to be his priority. Robb tends to do as he pleases and is happy to reject advice he does not like. He has a 20k army with him, all the other armies seem capable of doing so, did Robb deliberately leave all the multi skilled men at home? He chose to go via the Twins, rather than the kingsroad. He had no idea if Walder, who has multiple connections to the Westerlands, would let him through. If I turn up in the Philippines tomorrow expecting to crash at your place and you say no, my lack of better options is on me, no one else. No, its worse. Me buying my SO an over priced present does not hurt anyone. Robb's responsible for the defense of the North, not properly thinking of the options available is a far greater fuck up than buying a present late. He limited his own options by turning up at the gates of a belligerent lord who his family had issues with. Obviously. War is far, far more serious so failing to properly plan is an even bigger mistake. Who's fault would that be? lol this is really your argument? It's no better than your earlier idea that seeking information is pointless as they might not bother replying. Of course he did. He carries on riding to the Twins knowing full well that he might not be given passage. The time to consider the options was at Moat Cailin, not when he's fully committed to one. Winterfell is now the only castle/settlement in the North with ravens? He was at Moat Cailin for some time, a message could have been sent, alternatively a messenger could have also been sent ahead of his army. I get it, earlier arguments between the two of us means you will nitpick anything I say, but this argument that 15 year old Robb made no mistakes in the opening months of the war is ridiculous. So what's your point? The person I replied to claimed Robb had no other options. Are you arguing for the sake of it? "but if she will not fight, so be it. I've asked only that she open the Bloody Gate for us, and provide ships at Gulltown to take us north. " Robb has learnt from his past, just turning up and hoping for the best is not an option. Nope, you were mistaken as you, fairly, seemed to have forgot that Robb wanted passage. 16 year old Robb is more experienced than the boy who turned up at the Twins. It's personal growth for the character. Are you under the impression that he could have snuck into the Riverlands without anyone noticing? Diplomacy is an important part of warfare. The Twins are not located in the Neck. The idea that there is no woodlands in a 100 mile radius seems unlikely. Neither us know the circumstances. Perhaps Mance had to travel many miles out of his location to get that wood, or brought the wood hundreds of miles in the knowledge that it may be needed. Neither us know how much of an inconvenience that was. The reason I asked for evidence is because I knew you were just guessing, that you had zero knowledge on it being easier or harder for Mace to plan for his crossing.
  7. Of course there is going to be wood, Robb was just in the North, the biggest wooded area in Westeros. There will have been woodlands within 100 miles of the Twins, Robb simply did not want to do any other option. His most convenient option was to go through the Twins, but he had other options. eh? My post stated that there was other plausible options, which there clearly was. He does so when he was pretty much at the gates of the Twins. He put himself in that situation. At Moat Cailin his only option was not to marry a Frey to cross that bridge, there were many options. Look I have the whole of December to buy my G/F a christmas present, if I do nothing till 4:45 on Christmas Eve and then have to overpay for a present that is on me, not the person I bought the present from. I, like Robb, will have had plenty of options, choosing to leave it to the last minute and watching the other options either become less desirable or disappear is my own fault. So you agree, other options were available. That was my whole point. No correspondence is information. In ASOS Robb complains about the lack of replies from the Vale, he's able to figure out what that means in terms of her opening the Bloody Gate. Clearly Robb, now 16, has learnt from his past as he just does not turn up at the Bloody Gate. He plans ahead, actual growth in his role as a leader. 15 year old Robb, naturally, made mistakes. One of them was just turning up at the Twins expecting passage from a Lord he barely knew. lol what is the point here? Robb trying to get more information is good. Your argument that he should not even bother because they might not even reply is incredibly short sighted. Did they? Citation? The post I replied to was not edited.
  8. Bernie Mac

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    Syrio, at an undetermined number of years ago, was chosen to be the First Sword of the city of Braavos. He is no longer considered the best in Braavos and its possible his successor, Qarro Volentin, is either given he may have been surpassed in the years he has been in the role (his lord is described as old). Braavos is much smaller than Westeros, there is a bigger pool of talent so its no sure thing that the best in Braavos is the best in Westeros.
  9. Of course he could have, he was at Moat Cailin for some time waiting for others to join up, his problem is that he did not plan, instead of contacting Walder to see if he would open his gates he assumed that Walder, either out of honour or fear, would allow his army through. It is an understandable mistake for a 15 year old with zero experience to make, but that does not stop it being a mistake. Sure, but that does not stop it being an option. Robb had options, he chose to ignore them. No, it offers him valuable information and more options. He also should of contacted the Vale rather than just assume they'd join up with him. Robb was hugely lucky that Stannis and Renly/the Reach were rebelling as well, something he had zero knowledge of, as he was potentially leading the North into a bloodbath. Sending ravens could have alerted him to their standing and given him even more options. Had he known Walder's position barges could have been built, other options could have been considered rather than waste time going to Walder's doorstop, Had Cat gone home to Winterfell Robb's army never would have got through. First of all we don't know he has done nothing to avenge 'Robb'. But there is no reason that he should, he is not going to try and hurt his own father for Robb. Kinslaying is just as bad, if not worse, than beaking guest rights. lol that is absurd. She's clearly not, she's a teenage girl with little, if any, control of what is done. To suggest she and Lothar share the same guilt over the event is ridiculous. Not sure you understand the word decency.
  10. Kind of a poor example given Sweden was reliant on Germany controlled borders for trade, that Germany was their biggest buyer of ore and that Germany could easily have invaded and forced their way through. Just like all kinds of bad traits were attached to Jewish and black people centuries ago, they too were the 'scapegoat' of their times.
  11. Bernie Mac

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Sorry to disappoint, but you are not the first person to bring that Tumblr topic up. At no point in that article is there evidence that women die younger than men or they die sooner in Westeros than they die in the middle ages. It is also flawed due to the fact that it ignores the many dead men, GRRM is not doing this out of sexism; the list from that site in red Ned has two dead siblings, Brandon and Lyanna. Why is one evidence of sexism and the other not. Elia, like her husband and her uncle, is dead. Should be noted that House Martell has more female living characters now than male, only Oberyn and Quentyn have died in the actual story. Like Arthur Dayne, she also is dead. Like her brother/husband , she is dead. Should be noted that one of the two main characters of the series is her daughter who long outlived her brother in the series. Yup, Tywin's wife, two brothers and parents are dead. He is pushing 60. Died with her husband, how horribly sexist (sorry for the snark, but I think its called for) Is she dead? She is a peasant, there is zero reason why she should have appeared in the first five books on a series loosely based on the War of the Roses Just like her husband. Can you tell me anything about their father?
  12. Bernie Mac

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    How on earth have you came to this conclusion? Where is the evidence for this, which medieval dynasties are you using for your reference? And is this debate considering Fire and Blood is a history book and covering multiple generations. They all die, regardless of gender.
  13. Bernie Mac

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    All the children bar two died regardless of gender, trying to turn this into some kind of SJW debate while ignoring all the boys pointless and uninteresting deaths shows you are looking to be angry. The daughters of Jaehaerys are far more fleshed out than the sons. Same is true for the daughters of Aenys and in the regency Daemon's daughters outshine the king and his brother while the likes of Sabitha, Alys, Sam Hightower, Jeyne and Johanna Westerling are as interesting as their male counterparts. How is it redundant? Medicine was not advanced, childbirth was incredibly dangerous, especially at Alyssa's age. It was hugely unfair and sexist for women, the author does not shirk away from that. It does a disservice if ignores it. I'm not sure your point here. Evidence for this? Sorry, can you quote the line and add the context.
  14. Bernie Mac

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    Why is it lazy? Women were in danger in the period and aftermath of childbirth. Out of all the Targaryen women and consorts what percentage should die via a cause of natural childbirth? Should GRRM ignore the period he's set the series in? You are nitpicking, she has multiple uncles and Daemon was her favourite.
  15. Bernie Mac

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    The Dornish killing a Targ is pretty noteworthy in the current series, had it been two it would have been mentioned. Aemma at the time of birth had four siblings, at least two of them being brothers. Rodrik may well have had even more children after Daella's death.