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  1. dmfn


    I read that whole OP as "Satan". Boy was I confused! There was a laundry list of legitimate complaints against Jon before the stabbing...winter stores, sealing the gate, wildlings, Alys Karstark's uncle, sending rangers out who return without bodies, organizing another great ranging to Handhome, and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's almost like Jon was too good to address any of the concerns for the whole book of Dance. He literally pissed off builders, stewards, and rangers. I feel like Satin was one of the only people the book didn't give just cause to, but there's always room for one more secret identity
  2. dmfn

    Best Commanders alive at the end of ADWD

    Stannis is often regarded as a great military commander at both land and sea. We hear about a lot from the past, but haven't seen much in the main story. Riding knights through a bigass camp of sleeping, undisciplined Free Folk ain't much to speak of. He was crushed at Blackwater, used sorcery with Renley. Unless the battle of ice in WoW goes exceedingly well, Stannis won't be alive to make the list. But I do think he's got a good plan.
  3. Sounds good. The death by wildfire is a nice touch to give Varys time to make a real plan. However, I wonder if Aerys was really cruel enough to burn his own grandchild alive. I know he said they smelled Dornish, but yikes! Everything else lines up nicely. I have long believed Aegon to be exactly who he claims to be. Lenore being his mother makes sense. (she would be comfortable bathing nude in the Rhoyne) Griff's loyalty can only be reasoned by (at least his belief that) Aegon being his beloved Rheagar's son. As far as the children being in different places in the Keep, I believe a nursery and a bedroom were mentioned. And, of course, sometimes a duck is just a duck.
  4. Robb + Asha Greyjoy Sansa + Jojen Reed Bran + Lyanna Mormont Arya + Robert Arryn
  5. Prophecy is metaphorical. There doesn't need to be actual dragons or actual stone. Likewise, the legend of Azhor Ahai is almost certainly 100% metaphorical. One man, one sword, thrice forged...all that is just a story based on someone or some group of people that fought in the Long Night, if not just some cosmic or meteorological events witnessed around the time the Long Night ended. I will be shocked if anyone in the series plunges a sword in a person they love's heart and pulls out a magical flaming sword used to defeat frozen monsters. I would be less surprised to find out the Others are the good, honest, rightful inhabitants of Westeros and the Children, humans and everyone else is ruining their land.
  6. dmfn

    most tragic character

    What a woeful existence these miserable people live! Indeed most of the POV characters have suffered greatly throughout the story- physically, emotionally, losing body parts, losing children, losing faith. The only distinction I can offer to who has suffered most would be choosing a victim rather than one whose decisions caused their suffering. So, maybe Jeyne Poole is the most tragic. Literally did nothing to deserve the abuse she's endured. She just happened to be from the North when shit went south. Catelyn, Theon, Tyrion, even Ned all made poor choices that resulted in tragedy.
  7. dmfn

    Jon Arryn and The Truth About Cersei and her Bastards

    Do you guys think Robert would have confronted Jaime? And what would the result of that be if it happened? Another king killed by the Kingslayer?
  8. dmfn

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I feel your pain.
  9. Respectfully, I disagree. We've only seen the Strangler used in wine. Cressen and Mel weren't drinking from the same sized glass, so I don't think the timing has anything to do with anything. Littlefinger lying doesn't point to pie. He wasn't trying to kill Tyrion so Sansa would be free to marry a Tyrrell. He has other plans for Sansa. I don't know how you can say "beyond a shadow of the doubt" about something that was deliberately written to be mysterious and ambiguous. There was a 99 page forum of people arguing about this just a few months ago. It isn't obvious to anyone what really happened or the characters in the story would know.
  10. dmfn

    Houses most likely to rally to Aegon and GC

    Afterward, it would be easiest to promote those who served most. House Tarly has put in work. It might be time they got paid for it. Other houses who risked less could surely understand how rewards are given out.
  11. dmfn

    Dragonlords & the Valyrian Freehold

    OK so it's magic. Let's not think earthquake or volcano, but some other lingering affliction. In the sea, it's boiling, so some other thing than can't explained away... But if someone knew these dangers, set limits, short patrols, dragged people back with ropes... I wouldn't say Euron made the WHOLE story up.
  12. dmfn

    Who buried the cache at the Fist?

    I think you're stepping in it. These are representative of the weapons given to the Watch by the CotF for a long time. Somebody (in the watch / realm) knows what they're good for. Who gave them and who burried them could be different questions. What if anyone else knew about the Fist? Could someone else, some other group of people be looking for a package from the Children?
  13. Back on the poison pie tip, I see. Even if Tyrion was a target for assassination, what good would it do to publicly poison him instead of killing him in his sleep or making it look like an accident? Making such a spectacle of killing Tyrion with a very expensive poison would surely implicate the Tyrells, who were still butthurt about losing Sansa. I agree that, of course, the Tyrells would have wanted to be rid of Tyrion, but not like that. And Littlefinger acknowledged his part in the regicide. There's unreliable characters, and then there's a character doing a monolog about who, what, when, where, why, how just to confuse a 14 year old girl who didn't need to know anything other than that she was finally able to escape King's Landing. I see that it's a little too "gift wrapped" the way that it's delivered to us, but we can only guess at what really happened for now. @Dreadscythe95 3. Wilas is unique and Oberyn is a total rare bird in his world. He was definitely a long time plotter and schemer. But I think he probably just didn't mean to injure Wilas, and was being cool about it. He already enjoyed a reputation as a killer, so I guess their correspondence was civil and friendly and nothing else. 7. About the small council. I'm afraid their position at court weakens your argument against the throne. They are pretty well situated at the moment. 9. Loras. For real though, wtf is he doing? All in all, I can't imagine the Tyrells and Martells working together. I think Doran is trying to have a foot in both camps, but that will be a problem later. And I think the Hightower are pulling strings from the reach with the Faith and Maesters. Neither of them have had a good relationship with dragons.