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  1. dmfn

    Best Commanders alive at the end of ADWD

    Stannis is often regarded as a great military commander at both land and sea. We hear about a lot from the past, but haven't seen much in the main story. Riding knights through a bigass camp of sleeping, undisciplined Free Folk ain't much to speak of. He was crushed at Blackwater, used sorcery with Renley. Unless the battle of ice in WoW goes exceedingly well, Stannis won't be alive to make the list. But I do think he's got a good plan.
  2. Sounds good. The death by wildfire is a nice touch to give Varys time to make a real plan. However, I wonder if Aerys was really cruel enough to burn his own grandchild alive. I know he said they smelled Dornish, but yikes! Everything else lines up nicely. I have long believed Aegon to be exactly who he claims to be. Lenore being his mother makes sense. (she would be comfortable bathing nude in the Rhoyne) Griff's loyalty can only be reasoned by (at least his belief that) Aegon being his beloved Rheagar's son. As far as the children being in different places in the Keep, I believe a nursery and a bedroom were mentioned. And, of course, sometimes a duck is just a duck.
  3. Robb + Asha Greyjoy Sansa + Jojen Reed Bran + Lyanna Mormont Arya + Robert Arryn
  4. dmfn

    most tragic character

    What a woeful existence these miserable people live! Indeed most of the POV characters have suffered greatly throughout the story- physically, emotionally, losing body parts, losing children, losing faith. The only distinction I can offer to who has suffered most would be choosing a victim rather than one whose decisions caused their suffering. So, maybe Jeyne Poole is the most tragic. Literally did nothing to deserve the abuse she's endured. She just happened to be from the North when shit went south. Catelyn, Theon, Tyrion, even Ned all made poor choices that resulted in tragedy.
  5. dmfn

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    I feel your pain.
  6. dmfn

    Dragonlords & the Valyrian Freehold

    OK so it's magic. Let's not think earthquake or volcano, but some other lingering affliction. In the sea, it's boiling, so some other thing than can't explained away... But if someone knew these dangers, set limits, short patrols, dragged people back with ropes... I wouldn't say Euron made the WHOLE story up.
  7. dmfn

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    It's hard to imagine a real dragon, but the language doesn't imply that Summer is seeing something he doesn't understand to the best of his ability. It's always given me pause to think about it. My main hesitation in believing it really is a dragon is that Bran didn't wake up and start in talking about it. I mean, you'd be talking about the dragon you just saw outside Winterfell all the way to the Wall, right?
  8. dmfn

    What to ask GRRM?

    GRRM has said a few times that he wishes his readers would put away their rulers and stopwatches and read the story, so I wouldn't walk in there and ask a question about times, military strength, weights/measures or ages in the appendix. I wonder if he intended Dunk and Egg, the World book, the Lands book, or any outside materials as being instrumental in understanding or unraveling the mystery of ASOIAF as a series, or are the clues in the original series enough to go on alone?
  9. dmfn

    Elia Martell: Yes, another Septa Lemore speculation

    @Alexis-something-Rose I don't just think you're right, I sincerely hope you are. GRRM introduced 3 POVs in Dorne seemingly late in the story with Hotah, Oakheart, and Arrianne. Not to mention Quentyn, another Dornish POV in Essos. And the whole time I was kinda like "so what?" Then he turns Tyrion's chapters in Dance into a long, boring journey that really took a leap of faith in fAegon to believe really paid off. Secret marriage schemes, failed revolts, dead POV characters, and weird Shrouded Lord dreams left me with a lot more questions than answers, and quite honestly feeling blah by the end. If you're right about Elia...that is literally a different story. I would be extremely disappointed if I spent so much time reading about everything that happened in Dorne if it yields zero results, which is what it would be otherwise. Quentyn failed. Arrianne is (I think) set up to fail. Even if fAegon is Aegon, he still has to contend with Dany and dragons, which puts Dorne right where they don't want to be. I'm now imagining three legit Targ claimants to the Iron Throne in Jon, Dany and Aegon. Coincidentally, there are three dragons. So, kudos to you!
  10. dmfn

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    Thank you very much!
  11. dmfn

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    What is the site for grabbing quotes? My silly self assumed you dedicated people were doing it manually.
  12. dmfn

    R+L=J&M twins theory

    I gotta admit : the map thing is pretty odd, if nothing else. But like others, that Jaime / Cersei Targ thing is throwing a real monkey wrench in there for me. Maybe it's pointing at House Blackwood? My map image is loading all pixelated and wonky every time I try... My favorite part was how you mentioned that you wouldn't mention Star Wars
  13. Touche' sir Tyrion fell for the same ruse, so I don't feel too stupid... But if there was deliberate misdirection, it served the purpose of nearly dismantling the "Southron ambition" scheme pretty well, temporarily blocking powerful alliances from tying marriage bonds. It could have been thought to be enough to thwart any further plans if not for Robert's rebellion turning out how it did (which I think Rob and company got pretty lucky, all things considered.) I'm running out of evidence for any more arguments, but the whole situation still feels wrong to me.
  14. dmfn

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    There are a lot of theories that a comet caused the first Long Night. No Long Night, no Azor Ahaii. Whatever the case, I think it took the Others a while to figure out what happened. This time we know the whole world sees it. That means the Others saw it too. This time they're prepared in advance for the Long Night.