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  1. Lady Barbrey

    The Hardhome fire (c.300 BC)

    Yes, it suggests a geothermal explosion underground to me, mostly because something appears to be still burning half a year later if ashes are still falling. But in a book that includes dragons, we'd be remiss not to suspect they incited the first explosion. My favorite is that a clutch of Valyrian dragon riders seeking the elusive Braavosi slaves in that vicinity happened upon a group of Others in Westeros and obliterated them. I also like the idea that proto-Valyrians came from Westeros originally, were responsible for defeating the Others during the Long Night, and even after moving their population to Essos where they became the Valyrians, they remained true to their pact and their enemy, and have always patrolled the westerosi northeastern coast on the lookout for Other activity. Just a couple of fun theories. But I don't think dragon fire alone could have made it rain ash for six months.
  2. Is Empire of Grass worth reading? I was not keen on Witchwood - would much prefer not to have seen my kitchen boy grown up, weary and bickering with Miri no matter how realistic that might be. The two young ones had potential. But when I put Witchwood down I was not sure I would pick the sequel up, and I was a huge fan of the original series. But I just never know with Williams. My favorite book of his has the unlikely name of War of the Flowers and I almost put it down during the first third. I wasn't keen on the characters in Otherland at first either, but came to see the series as a work of genius. And Dragonbone Chair has stayed in my top ten through forty years of SFF reading. That said I disliked the brother-sister fantasy one, and the angel one. So Tad is a bit hit or miss for me. Does Simon play a big role in Empire of Grass? Did anyone else dislike his reintroduction but he's growing on you? I just don't know if I want to cringe my way through another book with my formerly beloved character!
  3. Lady Barbrey

    Mieville made me feel empty

    Congratulations on your perseverance. I never made it. There are two acclaimed sci-fi/fantasy writers I've never been able to appreciate despite repeated attempts: Erikson and Mieville. I never believe in their worlds so find myself in a kind of meta-suspension while reading, a floating astronaut unable to escape the vacuum for a welcoming planet. I too have kindled The Scar sample but am hesitant to subject myself to the torture of fruitless escape attempts again. If you do read the Scar I would likely benefit from the review of someone who came close to loathing Perdido Street Station as much as I did, so please let us know your thoughts!
  4. Lady Barbrey

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    Okay, so I get the show 's ending was a huge letdown for many people (not me because I had absolutely no expectations for it after season 5) but is that a reason to throw cold water on the prequels? Also, thanks for "explaining" the obvious - I was intrigued by his personal story not some blanket First Man thing. Re the budget: I would try to find it but since I'm finding you confrontational, or maybe so pissed off about the show you can't help spreading the joy, go look it up yourself. I've only read a few articles so a Google should get results.
  5. Lady Barbrey

    Talking the Game of Thrones Endgame

    Watched the first 25 minutes, thought to comment before losing this thought. I was not at all surprised by Dany's ending in the series and think the books will have a similar ending for her. If anything, bookreaders didn't get as much of a jolt because we always knew fire and blood would out (even if we hoped it wouldn't). One major difference I see, however, is Dany landing in the South and having to take on Aegon. Aegon got there before her, his company is made up mostly of Westerosi exiles and descendents, he has been carefullytrained to be a wise ruler, he has charisma, the right name, etc. Dany - a woman - comes over with a bunch of Dothraki, Unsullied and Dragons. She will not be loved. She will not be hailed as a deliverer. Her good intentions will be sorely tested and fire and blood will win out. That scene with the Tarlys was a microcosm I think of what her actions will be not against Cersei's followers but against Aegon's.
  6. Lady Barbrey

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    There might not be dragons but that doesn't mean we don't get a lead in to how Dragon bonding was created. The budget is supposed to be a lot more per episode than GOT so I'm hoping we'll get more special effects for wargs and direwolves, shapechanging and animals (would love to see Mormonts and bears, for example) and other myth and supernatural features. Also, I was intrigued by the fact the human was so obviously unwilling to be changed into an Other. What was his story? Tons of interesting things they can do. The one thing I really hope they keep is the families. The Starks, the Lannisters, Arryns, Greyjoys, Mormonts, Fishers, etc. I also subscribe to the theory that Valyrians (before they were named Valyrians), originated as dragon-bonding people in Westeros that moved east, so even though no Targs would appear their proto-ancestors might. I am very certain we'd see Hightowers and Daynes. They can do almost anything, really, but I very much hope they hinge the story on the families already created and the lore from WoIaF and the books.
  7. Lady Barbrey

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    Such exciting news as this is the period that most interests me, mainly as a result of your and Linda's WoIaF as well as Old Nan's Tales. I read somewhere Ran that Jane took two sentences from WoIaF as her 'in' to the prequel. If you know what they are, no need to divulge, but if you don't I'd love to hear your best guess! The title Bloodmoon is pretty evocative. Reminds me of LmL's posts as well as the second moon full of dragons that shattered myth.
  8. Lady Barbrey

    Crasters babies

    They are not wights, or at least they are some kind of superior wight cause they can make wights themselves. They are the White Walkers. I don't think we should totally discount them from the show. The original Night King story in the books is about a regeneration of Others after their defeat, in the same way Dan y birthing dragons is a regeneration story after dragons are seemingly extinct. To rebirth a new origin Other, you likely just need someone with the right potent bloodline, an ice witch, some sacrifices and obsidian. Not saying it's gonna happen, but we still need a pay off on the baby switch.
  9. Lady Barbrey

    Who is going to get poisoned by the mushrooms?

    Years ago now, and you might remember this Lord Varys, but it was actually before I joined or even knew about this forum, a number of literary critics did convincing comparisons of Tyrion to Roman emperor Claudius. I enjoyed those essays and George himself appreciated them, iirc, so it was with some amusement when Dance came out that I read of Tyrion's suspicions about Illyrio's dish of mushrooms, almost a non-sequitor, no ostensible reason for it. But Claudius was murdered with a dish of mushrooms, and I think that was an obvious one from George to that group of essayists. With that in mind, and from various other allusions, narrative and thematic, I've always thought Tyrion would win the Game of Thrones by attrition if nothing else, by the end. Or maybe on purpose. He's changed. We've got a long way to go, but maybe that second group of mushrooms is meant to destroy anyone standing between him and the throne in the end. Just a hypothesis!
  10. Lady Barbrey

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    I like this explanation a lot because when I first read about the letter I immediately thought it had something to do with Rhoynar magic. But I found that return to Dragonstone very curious and just love the idea he was consulting his library. My imaginings were so much more sinister but this makes sense!
  11. Things might have been delayed but I think there would still have been a North and South divide and war. Regardless of Ned being Hand or not, Robert still planned to marry Joff to Sansa, and it would only be a matter of time before Joff showed his true psychopathic colours. Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Bran, Arya, Jon - can you imagine them sitting still while one of their own pack was being abused? And in the meantime Varys is manipulating the timing for a rebellion/war. So I think the war wouldn't have happened so soon but not long after, within a few years.
  12. Lady Barbrey

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    No worries, I won't be rude. I actually think that could be dramatic and tragic at the end, Jon lonely on his elk, the world destroyed, he's the only one left except the Children and Others and everywhere snow, snow and nothing else, making attempts to change the ending by going back in time. Is that why you think he's time travelling, by the way, to change the outcome? I also think there is something happening with the time-space fabric in places where great magics have been done, such as the Bridge of Dreams, but for now that's the only clue we have in the books to any kind of time magic. So I can see it, but I don't believe time travel will play too large a factor in the book. It will be something very difficult to do, if it can be done at all, and it definitely won't allow for a "reset" of some kind, although I have played with idea that all these POVs are in the weir network and Bran has to isolate one event, just one, that could mean a better outcome, and interfere with that person's past to do it. The world's survival rests on a 10 year old to make a choice kind of thing. Still, I don't think it will come down to this either, it's just a bit too simplistic. I think Coldhand's throat has been cut, that's why the voice, and his face is likely decomposed. That's why he hides it so as not to scare the children, not because they might recognize him. But hey, who knows?
  13. Lady Barbrey

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    I wanted to give the most dangerous man in the kingdom a purpose to keep him busy
  14. Lady Barbrey

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    In a one-page letter sent by Varys to Illyrio, we discover Darkstar steals Dawn then assassinates all sand snakes (except Sarella), Arianne, Doran and anyone else with a claim to Dorne, makes himself Prince, proposes to Cersei, travels to KL, murders Cersei, waits for Aegon, murders Aegon and JonCon, then settles back on the Iron Throne as the reader's personal editor and axe-man, ready to execute anyone who dares to bore, overly aggravate, or be basically useless