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  1. There is something to be said about him being a third son (Benjen was an excellent example). Robar went to Renly for similar reasons that he expresses to Cat. That said, Waymar’s overall demeanor does not suggest to me someone who would choose the Wall and celibacy. Jon chose the Wall, partially because the celibacy angle and his feelings of being a bastard. Sam chose under threat of certain death. I wonder if Waymar had his arm twisted, so to speak, instead of becoming a hedge knight or something else.
  2. It has been awhile since I posted, so I am sure that this has been discussed before, but I am curious to hear the thoughts of others. GRRM and other writer's of his caliber frequently place clues in plain sight. Things that seem innocuous - such as Olenna adjusted a hair net - mean much more. In addition, he has a tendency to give hints to other plot lines while in other character's plot lines, such as when the Great Jon suggests that they can beat Tywin if they "catch him with his breeches down." Given this, I have been thinking about the Prologue to A Game of Thrones, particularly in regards to Waymar Royce, and it's possible connections to the Vale politics. Royce is a dominant name in the Vale. It is alluded or implied that he became a ranging commander because of his name. We know from Jon III and Tyrion III. It sounds like he is the son - albeit youngest son - of the Lord Royce - not a cadet branch of House Royce. We know from Sansa II: and from Alayne I: Yet, in all my looking, I cannot find a reason as to why Waymar was sent to the Wall. Children of great lords are not immune from being sent to the Wall, certainly, but they also get a great deal more leniency in the penal system than a peasant or a lesser lord. So, what did he do to get sent to the Wall? Also, please note in the Alayne quote, I bolded two distinct sections. One is that he was whispering quietly to Catelyn and the other references his voice booming. If his voice boomed off the walls, if he was a man as big as the Hound, he most likely had to actively work at keeping his voice at a whisper. So was Waymar going to the Wall a pretext for Bronze Yohn to come to Winterfell? Specifically, was it to talk to Catelyn Stark?
  3. And Marwyn. He is still MIA, unless he has also had to undergo an alias or join a sell sword company to get to Meereen
  4. The thing is Martin is allowed to have a life outside of this. I think it would be tragic if he not finish this series, and it would hurt. The knee jerk reaction is to blame him for a story out of control but his immersive story is why we are here, so I won’t fault him for that, not do I fault him for living a vibrant life. Not saying that anyone here is saying that but I do think some people dance around it. I agree with the Barristan/Quentyn point. Including Barristan cut through some of the clutter, but something else to keep in mind was the Meereenese knot was a problem of people arriving at Meereen and their timing and order. Of all the people heading to Meereen in dance, only Quentyn arrived! Victarion, Jorah, Tyrion, Marwyn are still out there! Perhaps we have a Meereenese knot part 2
  5. That suggests that he would change the plot due to the blow back. I don’t think that will happen. Any differences will be because it will be better written and they were changes that the show writers chose to make (Stonehart, etc) That said, I do think (and have said before) that the crux of the issue is something that happened in 2015 with the way the show handled things (showing a way that could have been, but wasn’t because Dance was already published) I think he regrets Tyrion not arriving before Danys flight in the fighting pits. this dovetails a bit into what you said about the BAttle of Meereen being moved from Dance to Winds. I think this is possible but Barristan’s arc in ADWD is actually really well constructed. The first time that he sees sunlight through the dark clouds is when he realises that war is the only answer. The dark clouds symbolise his self doubt, another crippling flaw of his character. I 100% agree with you. It was written so well and from such a place of authenticity. Could you imagine the agony of GRRM discovered that his plans for Barristan screwed other things up? This may have been said before but I think Barristan is destined to die at Dany’s hands. I think he is part of her turn to a darker nature.
  6. Just now reading this earlier post. Perhaps the initial plan was for him to die early but for all the reasons you named above he realized this didn’t work and he had to do a major revision
  7. I have been thinking about this. In January 2016 he wrote that he thought he could finish by end of 2015. Given that five years have passed, the only thing I can think to explain such a large discrepancy is that he scrapped a large portion of the book and started from scratch. At this point, more time has passed between that post and now than had passed between Dance and that post...
  8. Yes, I recall him, but did not know about this fantom chapter. Thank you for this! Has there been any mention about what this was suppose to achieve/accomplish/introduce? Let me elaborate. Something is going on at the Hightower. Lord Leyton and the Mad Maid have been up there for ten years and there is a passing reference to being able to see the Wall from the top of the Tower. I believe that the Hightower is magically connected (perhaps like a battery?) to the Wall. I think Euron and Sam will cross paths and Euron will end up with the horn. Blowing the horn, in conjunction with damaging/destroying the Hightower, I believe, will cause it to fall. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t regret choices that he made and given the lapse since the last book, I like regrets are highly likely. But I concede that I have no factual evidence for my theory that it is Tyrion and Dany, just a gut feeling. I thought a few years ago and recently saw it referenced here about Hardhome and the Lyseni slavers. If they come into Slavers Bay, that would introduce Dany to the threat. the biggest hindrance to what you are speaking of, however, is the second Dance that is going to happen between Dany and Dorne. I think it will be a fantastic character arc when complete but I think it is the biggest time sink in regards to getting Dany and the other plot lines to converge
  9. However, the Mance I knew was no craven and no kneeler. He would not be intimidated by death, which leaves the survival of his son as his only motivation. But how can he trust Mel with his son’s life? Is he stupid enough to believe in Mel’s words and promises? This might be yet another clue for Stannis being actually involved in the glamor switch. If Stannis swore to protect Mance’s son for his obedience and services, Mance might have been inclined to agree. But then again, this meant Mance was foreswearing his lifelong mission of bringing his people to safety and preserving their freedom. Moreover, if Mance was going to kneel to Stannis like this, why did he not do that publicly and remove the necessity for glamor? Yet another discrepancy that needs to be addressed. Naturally, discrepancies like this draw lots of tinfoil as a corpse draws crows. Most readers instinctively realize that there must be additional material for all this to make sense. As a result, I think the TWoW twist GRRM came up with might be related to Mance in an attempt to provide him a more natural and organic motivation. Hopefully we will see if this is the case and how much he will succeed in justifying the survival of Mance. Finally, I want to talk about where this Mance problem comes from. I think before the 5 year gap was scrapped, Mance was destined to a far different route that was in line with his prior characterization. When that plan was scrapped, Mance became aimless. Below is my general sketch of the original plans for Mance: fArya is introduced in ASoS and she is destined to Dreadfort. Mance is secretly spared by Stannis/Mel just the same. Mance is given the mission to raid Dreadfort and kidnap fArya from there. Asha is also involved in this mission. Mance kidnaps fArya and Theon from Dreadfort. But he does not return to Stannis. He betrays him and kills Asha. Mance flees to Hardhome to rally his people once again. This time, fArya is Mance’s greatest leverage for the safety of his son and the terms he would require from Stannis/Northmen. fArya as Mance’s hostage fits well with the original 1993 outline idea of Catelyn and her children falling into the hands of Mance Rayder. Then Hardhome is attacked and Mance somehow flees to Braavos with fArya and the other survivors. The Lyseni slaver ship that took women and children from Hardhome and ended up in Braavos might be a remnant of this plan. In Braavos, instead of Dareon (who would have stayed at the Wall with Sam throughout the 5 year gap), Arya kills Mance and gets blinded for it. You should notice the similarity with Arya killing an oathbreaker crow who happens to be a very good singer and getting blinded for it. I think Dareon inherited this role from Mance. fArya dedicates herself to the House of Black & White in return for revenge and Arya switches places with her. This way, you should notice the similarity with the origin story of the Waif. I think Justin Massey will eventually take fArya to Braavos and the merger of fArya and Arya will still take place. I think Justin Massey inherited this role from Mance and Arya will kill him too. There is very clear setup for Justin Massey betraying Stannis for fAegon or Dany and trying to claim fArya for himself. That should be the moment where Arya kills him. I really like your thinking overall. However, I know I read somewhere that another huge issue was Dorne - he couldn’t justify a five year gap in response from Dorne after killing Oberyn.
  10. I think that it should have concluded with the Battle of Oldtown - however, I think thematically it will work better in Winds. I think Euron is going to be the new Night’s King and is going to knock down the Wall with the Horn - thus the Wall falling may happen early on in winds. but the issue I think is a lot of rewriting. I tend to think that a) he got discouraged over a choice he made (aside from his admitted realization he killed somebody that he needed, I think he regrets Tyrion and Dany not having met in Dance) and b) I think he wrote himself into a corner (or two) elsewhere that caused major structural and plot revisions to correct. Do I think he hit those manuscript pages? Absolutely. But how many chapters have we lost? I bet an equal amount
  11. I mentioned a while back in an unrelated thread that the Hightower’s feature prominently in the older annals of Westeros but have been silent as of late. Makes me think we are in for a treat
  12. I just heard it this week, it appeared in a Reddit feed. Essentially, the Hightower is acting as a battery to keep the magic warding at the Wall working and it was built far away from the Wall for that reason. I don’t know much else but it also involved the Faceless Men being acolytes to the God of Death, which is actually the Great Other. The Faceless Man/Pate is trying to bring down the Wall or shut down the battery. Now I don’t know how much of this I believe. it does make Oldtown plot seem more relevant but it seems morE plausible that the FM are after a Valyrian artifact (some of said a book about dragons, I think a glass candle) if anyone knows more please elaborate as my details are admittedly scant Here is the link: Since this theory is not my own, I don't want to badly summarize. Better for you all to read yourselves.
  13. Has anyone heard or read about the theory that the Hightower is a battery for the Wall?
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