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  1. Lady Rhodes

    the purpose of Dany's arc

    That rulers, even with the most lofty of goals, can be misguided and corruptible.
  2. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    I actually 100% agree with this. I am hoping this is the conclusion we get in the books.
  3. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    What is "going mad" anyway? I would argue that being further and further ensnared in childhood trauma could be a facet of that.
  4. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    Respectfully, I disagree. Villains are not born. They are made. Cersei: 1. Had an absent, emotionless father 2. Lost her mother at a young age 3. Found solace in her brother (odd, but if you had little true comfort..) 4. Was raised to be entitled and feared 5. Was the oldest but was denied being taught to rule simply because of her gender. 6. Had a prophecy feed paranoia 7. Was, essentially, sold to Robert Baratheon in marriage (this isn't true to only her; women in the middle ages were bargaining chips for alliances through their marriage and fertility) Cersei is alone responsible for her choices, and all of your points are correct. She is not as clever as she thinks she is. But there is a reason she is who she is and makes the choices she makes. So, yes, the Cersei thing actually is a good comparison. It shows how circumstances affect people.
  5. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    That is fair. I don't want this to be true. I love the character and I truly believe she wants to do good. But I think she is heading in this path, and I think textually there is a lot to back me up. My thoughts are that she is going to do something horrendous (this or something else) and be horrified at the innocents lost in what she felt was justified. The Iron Throne is a macguffin for her anyway - what she really wants is the house with the red door. The villain doesn't think they are a villain - they feel justified. Because we have grown with Daenerys, we can understand why she thinks the way she does. But I venture if we had a story of Cersei starting from before her mother died, we would feel differently about her, too.
  6. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    I am not saying that she did not have reason to be paranoid. What I am saying is that paranoia is driving her toward madness. I Yes, agree. I told a coworker of mine that I felt if the show had included the "three treasons" in season 2 during the HotU sequence, and then had her ruminate (with Barristan, Missandei, etc) throughout the seasons, slowly becoming more suspicious and paranoid, things would have been more believable. For what it is worth, my hope is that it is a pendulum - she swings very far in one direction, is horrified, and comes to the middle.
  7. Lady Rhodes

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    I recently reread Dance. Dance, specifically her last three chapters, are her descent into madness, IMO. She is becoming more and more suspicious, paranoid, and then she starts having the hallucinations from the berries. It is, for lack of a better word, easier to mask it because it is from her point of view. She seems reasonable, justified in her anger and paranoia. We are meant to "get it". I didn't catch it the first time through, but upon rereading, Dance is her descent.
  8. Lady Rhodes

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I used to love this show and I even defended it until episode 2 of this season (which I will still say is one of the better episodes we have received in years). But since then, it has just deflated me. I am not even looking forward to next week. Daenerys going mad I can see. I really can. I have hope that she has enough of her rationale part left to look at her carnage, horrified, and leaves. I said years ago that the Iron Throne is a macguffin for her and I think that is becoming more and more true. I don't hate Jon as much as some people. He is one of the few people that believes in honesty and tries to do good. And I honestly didn't hate the Jon and Dany arc. I really didn't. I am blaming the quality on the shortened seasons, resulting in sloppy storytelling. So...show and books....Dany will go mad but realize that the Iron Throne is a hollow victory and return to Meereen or in search of the house with the red door.
  9. Lady Rhodes

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    I have a couple of thoughts on this subject. One, I think there has been a lot of rewriting. He has mentioned before that he writes something, follows the road so to speak, but doesn't like where it ends up and has to scrap it all. I think this has happened to him on a few occasions. It has already been mentioned that he admitted to regretting killing a character. I am guessing there is a character that he has plans for but is in a situation that he can't figure out how to get them out of. Or, he has finally figured it out, but it took awhile (he did say recently that writing has been going well) My second thought goes back to his blog post in 2016. He had thought that the book could be done by the end of 2015. We are four years later. For that wide of a gap, my guess there has been a major restructuring. I think back on what happened in 2015. The books and the tv show are two totally different mediums and in general, I avoid comparing. But I think the decision to bring Tyrion to Meereen prior to events in the fighting pits was the right move. I suspect GRRM felt the same. He couldn't undo it, of course. But I think it depressed him, but has since led him to a larger restructuring.
  10. Lady Rhodes

    Prediction for finale

    Something that has yet to be resolved - wasn't the actor who played Rhaegar spotted in Belfast during filming for this season? But we have yet to see him - flashback or otherwise.
  11. Lady Rhodes

    How would you fix?

    If this is the arc that was intended all along, how would you have fixed the writing to make this more plausible/believable? In Season 2, I would have included Dany hearing about the 3 treasons in Qarth. Then, as the story progressed, she would ruminate on these treasons, like she does in the books. Talking to Barristan, Jorah, Missandei, Grey Worm, Daario, Tyrion, etc. Slowly, she would ruminate more, growing more paranoid (like she does in Dance). I think it would make her mood and the tenor of her actions in Westeros more believable.
  12. Lady Rhodes

    They did it.

    This is what I mean, though. I am in agreement with you. (although I did root for Dany, so I am part of the problem, but I digress) I have a lot of problems with this show the past few seasons, and I don't think they did this arc well. That said, I do think this arc has been intended. I think we are supposed to root for her when she does these things, we (as in the collective, not all audience viewers and readers) cheer when actually...she has a very defined cruel streak. Sometimes it is justified or justifiable. Now that we are forced to confront this streak when it has been turned on the other side that we have focused on for all these seasons, we see in stark (har har) contrast how awful and brutal some of the things she does are. I think her true nature is kindhearted and benevolent. But when this streak presents itself, she goes scorched earth (no pun intended). What I think the show will do: have Jon kill her. What I think will happen in the books: she will be abjectly horrified at what she realizes she has done and flees on Drogon, never to return.
  13. Lady Rhodes

    They did it.

    I partially agree with this. I still think the execution was deeply flawed but I think that in the books and in the show, they kinda want to show that we as the audience are hypocrites. As in, we have rooted for Dany all the other times that she did some questionable things but now we aren’t so sure.
  14. Daenerys had a big problem, there is no doubt about it. But is burning people really the way to win the support of the people?
  15. Yes, I agree with this. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wish Jorah (RIP) had the chance to see her do some of these things so he could have said to her "Hey, you are kinda acting like Viserys."