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  1. Ghost is white and does not look like his siblings. He also goes off on his own and his eyes were open before the others. Jon claims him, because he found him after all the other wolves were claimed by his legitimate siblings, but I could see how the eyes being open first should be Bran unless Jon's eyes were open and he just didn't realize it?
  2. I prefer this Scooby snack recipe: 1/2 oz Coconut Rum 1/2 oz Melon Liqueur 1/4 oz Pineapple Juice 1/4 oz Heavy Cream
  3. I had posted my thoughts about what the symbolism of the feather may have meant back in Heresy 216: The feather was black and white, if I recall, and those colors could suggest a blending of ice and fire, however I don't see Robert as being someone that would have had that kind of insight, even if he believed Rhaegar abducted Lyanna. I also seem to recall some discussion on the possibility that it was from a guinea hen. The guinea hen was used in medieval times to symbolize a person with steadfast beliefs and a defender of their faith. If the show is trying to incorporate some of these faith elements - their motivations, and/or conspiracies with the Faith Militant etc, etc, then I could see the show attempting to identify the seven aspects of the Faith with Robert as ther Smith. Then the feather placement would be evidence to suggest that Robert believed he was a defender of his faith. As for Mance...my opinions on him and the wildlings have not changed. I think the idea to recreate the white walkers and wights were his idea to manufacture a threat in order to get the Watch to believe that the wildlings were separate from the Others and allow them south of the Wall in order to save their lives. I've discarded my much earlier opinion that Mance was Jon's father. Ned is currently my favored father. I'm still wavering back and forth as to whether or not Mance is indeed in a cage, but I'm leaning towards him not being in the cage, because he's my favorite for being the true writer of the Pink Letter. I am not familiar with the polo shirt.
  4. I’m trying to post a funny Gary Larson cartoon but failing miserably. It’s a picture of two cows in a living room. The husband cow is sitting in a recliner and the wife cow is gazing out the window. She says, “Wendell...I am not content.”
  5. Chill lady! You could return everyone’s attention with a thoughtful insight!
  6. I planted garlic last fall and the shoots are 3-4 inches tall. My peony is coming up as well as my lilies. Spring has sprung!
  7. You may be correct, but it makes me wonder why Dorne wasn't interested in teaming up with Stannis? Doran didn't send anyone to Stannis to make inquiries. Stannis must be strong enough for the Iron Bank to consider backing him when they could have just as easily offered their support to JonCon and Young Griff. If we take Young Griff''s identity off the table and just make him another aspiring conqueror, then Stannis looks to be the better choice to make an alliance with.
  8. Well. For me this is a very compelling argument against Quentyn being Aegon, and given the nature of Doran's slowness in acting - the over ripe blood oranges symbolize that Doran waits too long to act - why would he make an alliance with Young Griff now, especially if he knows he's an imposter? Does Young Griff's force look strong enough to overthrow a weakened Cersei/Tommen? I know he wants vengeance and justice for Elia, but since he's been so cautious in the past, are these last ditch efforts an attempt to do "something" before he gets too incapacitated to do anything?
  9. Why is this "soap opera-ish"? They are all good points and you even made a nice parallel with Jon. My personal opinion is that Jon is Ned's natural son, so I do like the possible inverted parallel of Quentyn being Doran's secret nephew. The funny thing is Ser Arys didn't realize Arianne had a brother Quentyn. He thought Trystane was her only brother: Quentyn is roughly the correct age to be Aegon. He mentions being 18 years old in 300 AC which places his birth at the end of 281 or beginning of 282 - which would tie in perfectly with a pregnant Elia at the Harrenhal tourney.
  10. Lady Mellario was very attached to her son, Quentyn: Arianne asserts that Quentyn looks like Doran: Doran planned for Quentyn to take over for him in Dorne: Doran also said that Quentyn has a hard road to take and that he is to bring back the Martell's "heart's desire". Why would Doran need Daenerys to take the Iron Throne if he already had Elia's son Aegon?
  11. Just because GRRM shared end games for each character doesn't necessarily mean that D&D went with the same endings. What if they did the complete opposite or something completely different just because it suited their storytelling? I thought the show seemed like it was pulling ideas from online forum theories and played to the fans. I'm hoping to be surprised and delighted when the new material is finally published.
  12. I agree with you both, but maybe with a slightly different end result in mind. I'm sure you are all familiar with my belief that Daenerys will never go to Westeros. GRRM is busy formulating the end of his story. There just isn't enough time to have her go to Asshai and hatch dragons and then also go to Westeros. This is just one of many reasons why I don't think she's going to help defeat the Others. I think her role is as the origin or Mother of dragons and that she is a dragonlord, except that she frees slaves rather than use her dragons to enslave others.
  13. Manipulators have an agenda. Bloodraven (or 3EC if you prefer) came to Bran in dreams in order to lure him to his cave. If Quaithe or someone else were using glass candles (whispering stars) to manipulate Daenerys, what is their agenda? Where would they like to lure her to - OR lead her away from? If someone owns dragons and its too dangerous to kill the dragons, then luring the beast away and direct its focus on a different target might be the goal.
  14. Quite possibly Bran, but it could also be someone else via a glass candle. I suspect that since we're dealing in dualities (black and white, fire and ice, etc) that Bloodraven has an opposing counterpart - probably Euron - that uses glass candles rather than weirwoods, but I'm open to other candidates.
  15. I agree with what you've said, but I was specifically referring to waking dragons from stone (eggs).
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