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  1. I think you’ve misread me. The white walker’s armor was reflective. Royce was dressed all in black like all men of the Watch.
  2. There is a precedent for GRRM writing about creatures using mirrors to slip into other dimensions. The story he wrote is titled The Skin Trade. It also featured werewolves (skin changers) who, if I remember correctly, used the moonlight to transform. Mirrors were more like conduits to reflect the moonlight. Sweetsunway has been writing extensively (on and off this forum) about ice magic and mirrors. Here's a link to her theory regarding the white walkers: LINK When Will saw the first white walker he thought of it as a "shadow" before going on with a full description as being "tall" and "gaunt" and "hard" with "flesh pale as milk". The armor reflected the forest. (not Royce) Will could see the reflections of the snow, of shadows from the trees, as well as the deep grey-green color of the trees. Will (and Royce) next saw the rest of the white walkers walk out from amongst the trees. If we're to understand that Royce is facing a mirror, then the numbers don't match up. Shouldn't there only be a total of three white walkers to mirror Royce, Will, and Gared? We've debated many times over the total number of white walkers. Depending upon how it's interpreted there were as few as 6 and as many as 8. I happen to believe the number corresponds with the wildling group Will found earlier and that they had died in order to produce the white walkers then their bodies shuffled away as wights. You suggest a "great-rock" as being the mirror. The scene is described as being over a ridge and beside a stream. The wildlings built a lean-to against "the rock" which could be interpreted a single big rock or it could be the rock of the next ridge. But there is an important detail here. The rock and lean-to are covered with snow. It'd be pretty hard for that rock to be a reflective mirror if it was covered up with snow. Will noted that they left their weapons behind on the ground. If they were meditating, why leave the weapons when they stopped? Will stated that he saw men and women, but no children. Children of the Forest are small in stature so if there were any Children laying on the ground then Will would have thought he saw children.
  3. We should copy over the current discussion and lock the older threads. I just realized that I wasn't commenting on the current thread.
  4. Perhaps metaphorically speaking, but I don't think that was quite GRRM's intention exactly in the prologue. I think we're supposed to draw a connection between the group of wildlings that Will thought were dead and then missing by the time he returned with Gared and Royce, with the white walkers that come out of the trees, because they appear right next to the same spot where the wildlings had been laying. Will notes the weapons that were left laying on the ground so the wildlings didn't leave alive. Shadows are drawn from humans. We understand this, because Stannis became weaker each time Melisandre drew from his life-force. An interesting question about shadows comes to mind. Are shadows inherently evil? This is what I think your idea is really proposing. Are the shadows a manifestation of the evil that dwells inside us? Is evil kept in check by our sense of what's right and what's wrong, by love of family, by our ideas of justice, or by honor? Once that evil shadow is extracted and is sentient, it has no restraints upon it. The ones drawn from Stannis performed evil deeds. One even killed his brother Renly which I think the living Stannis would have found difficult to do. He loved his brother and he voiced his regret when he talked about the peach:
  5. Did you see the Winds cover art that was released by the artist a few days ago? He also has his art for Dream on there as well. https://www.instagram.com/ertacaltinoz/
  6. We're somewhat in agreement on this, however I think they can be created from living people just as Melisandre drew life force from Stannis to create her shadow babies. It's just that ice preserves so the shadows don't dissipate. When Tormund told Jon what had happened to his son, Torwynd, I suspect that his actual cause of death was having his life force drawn one too many times. His body became a wight afterward.
  7. It was a very weird exchange. Doesn't sound like GRRM at all. Who is King Harold in this series? Are you sure it isn't from Vikings? LOL
  8. I hate it, of course, because I'm not a fan of the theory but the blue roses on the bottom sure do seem like an indication that the artist intended us to believe this is a rendering of Lyanna. And how many males are described as having silver hair? Is it possible Howland had grey/silver/white hair? Meera has been described as having brown hair, but I don't believe Jojen's hair color is mentioned. Howland was very close to the old gods and should have been marked somehow, so I'm hoping against hope that the male in the picture is him. He looks too big though, doesn't he? The cover art doesn't typically get a caption to confirm what's going on so I'm sure GRRM is laughing at us.
  9. There has been a small resurgence in discussion of Casterly Rock. I don't think Casterly Rock is the only castle built inside the rock, because the Reynes (of Castamere) also lived underground and that is how Tywin was able to seal the exits and divert a stream into their home to drown them. Who better to understand a fortress's weakness than someone that lives in the same type of dwelling.
  10. Hopefully you've got a mutated variety that is less severe! Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  11. If memory serves, I believe I read one time that GRRM rereads the Lord of the Rings trilogy every year. Its bound to have infiltrated into his consciousness and inspired many ideas in ASOIAF.
  12. While it’s not explained how or when Ashara left Kings Landing, many readers think she was the fisherman’s daughter that Lord Borel (spelling?) of Sisterton saw with Ned and claimed was pregnant. If she had fled Kings Landing during the Rebellion and was the fisherman’s daughter, then she crossed the Bite with Ned and was also with him when he stopped at White Harbor so the Manderlys could have named their Wylla after her and maybe knew very well who she really was. The Daynes and Martels may not care about a lack of maidenhead or paramours, but the rest of Westeros does. Reducing matches to just two houses only makes the pool of suitable matches even smaller. Ashara’s father is dead. Young Edric is the current Lord of Starfall. I don’t think GRRM has provided a name or date of death for Ashara’s father, but I think it’s possible he died in the Rebellion.
  13. We don't get a JonCon POV chapter until ADWD chapter 24 The Lost Lord and then a second, chapter 61 The Griffin Reborn. Not really enough to provide ample evidence as to whether or not he viewed Septa Lemore as being above him or as an equal or what. He's very careful to conceal Young Griff's identity, making him dye his hair, and having him tell people that he's his son. Identity concealment is important to his mission and It would be a bad habit to get into if JonCon was seen deferring or taking orders from Lady Lemore. Once Aerys was dead, Rhaella was no longer a queen. She crowned Viserys once she heard Aerys was dead. I guess she could be Queen Consort, but once Robert Baratheon took the throne by conquest, Viserys claim wasn't legitimate either. Who knows how long JonCon's group has been together? For Lady Lemore to be Rhaella she had to fake her death and leave her own children in the hands of Ser Willem Derry. Daenerys has memories that aren't easy to explain. She remembers Ser Willem as a bear of a man and she remembers a red door and lemon trees. All very mysterious and constantly discussed. Then there's Viserys comments about how they survived in the streets and his sarcastic "sweet sister" comments. He was angry about something and obsessed over his claim to the throne. Maybe there was an extra layer to that? Maybe he knew his mother was still alive and that Rhaegar's son Aegon was too and that she chose to split them up and go with her grandchild rather than her children?
  14. Arya is a parallel of Lyanna right down to becoming "no one". Lyanna is dead and Arya is pretending to be dead. What makes me feel even more convinced of Ashara being Wylla are the inverted parallels with "the baby swap" as well as the parallels between Ashara's presumed suicide and Littlefinger pushing Lysa out the Moondoor. The assumed baby swap of Rhaegar's (false Bael) and Elia's child parallels the swap of Mance's (Bael's) son. At the same time it demonstrates that, not only is Rhaegar not Jon's father, neither is Lyanna his mother: Current - Lord Commander Jon Snow Past - Former Lord Commander Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers Current - North of the Wall Past - South in Kings Landing Current - Mance Raydar (Bael) - King Beyond the Wall Past - Rhaegar Targaryen (false Bael) - the presumptive heir Current - Craster was Gilly's father and husband, and Monster's true father Past - Rickard Stark was Lyanna's father, but not Jon's father Current - Monster's mother was Gilly (Craster's daughter) Past - Jon's mother was "Wylla" (not Rickard's daughter) Current - (Bael) Mance’s son Monster Past - (false Bael) Rhaegar’s son Aegon Current - Gilly’s son was not a bastard, yet a child of incest Past - Wylla’s (Ashara) son was not a child of incest, yet he is a bastard Current - Samwell Tarly claims paternity of Bael's Monster, but he's not the father Past - Ned Stark claims paternity of Jon, and he is the true father. False Bael is not Jon's father. Current - Sam takes Bael's child (who was swapped for Gilly's son) to his father's home - safe away from the Wall and Melisandre's desire to sacrifice a king's son. Past - Ned takes his own child to his father's home while false Bael's (Rhaegar) son was swapped for the Pisswater Prince and taken away to safety. Here are the parallels between Ashara's suicide and Lysa's murder: I think Ned brought Ashara to Winterfell with the intention of marrying her after Robert's Rebellion. Jon was born at Winterfell "in the crypts", because his mother is believed to be dead. After Ned was forced into a marriage alliance with the Tullys, Ned returns home to help Ashara return home, but convinces her to leave Jon. This is paralleled later when LC Jon Snow convinces Gilly to leave Monster. In order to understand why Ashara would want to become Wylla, you have to recall what happened to Lady Lollys Stokeworth. Lollys was raped by multiple men - any one of them could be the father of her child Ashara was said to have "danced" with many men - we know she got pregnant, because Barristan Selmy said she was. Lollys prospects for marriage were bleak. When it comes to marriage alliances between houses, an intact maidenhead is the required price. Lollys has an older sister named Falyse, which looks like it should be pronounced as "false-ey" or false sister. Ashara and Lyanna were like sisters so I think Lollys is Ashara and Falyse is Lyanna. Falyse also goes missing and nobody knows where she is except Cersei. Pregnant Lollys's best prospect for marriage is Bronn, a sellsword that became a knight after the Battle of the Blackwater - a noble achievement, but also one that is viewed with distaste. Bronn doesn't come from some noble house so he is viewed as a "jumped up" knight. What were Ashara's marital options after giving birth? She comes from the ancient, important, noble house of Dayne. I think she came up with the Wylla idea as a way to escape a marriage beneath her station and have the added benefit of remaining in her family home. If you think about it, it protects Ned too. His relationship with Ashara could have been seen as fraternizing with the enemy since House Dayne was on the side of the Crown during the Rebellion. Here are the inverted parallels I see between Lysa's murder and Ashara's presumed suicide: Petyr = Alayne's father Father = of Ashara Sansa = Alayne Ashara = Wylla “live” Lysa = Sansa’s aunt, forced out the Moon Door “already dead” Unknown body = Ashara’s aunt/uncle, pushed off the tower Moon Door (a narrow weirwood door that stands between two slender pillars) Palestone Tower Lysa intended to kill Sansa/Alayne Ashara/Wylla pretended to kill herself I think Alayne is viewed with much disdain since Petyr is also viewed with contempt. We're familiar with up-jumped knights, but Petyr is an up-jumped Lord. When the marriage was proposed to Harry the Heir, he pretty much thought Alayne was beneath his station which I think is a nod towards what Ashara thought about her marriage prospects after giving birth. She didn't want to marry beneath her station. She found it as distasteful as Harry did of his match with Alayne. Lady Lenore is more likely Rhaella Targaryen. There isn't a description of what Rhaella looked like, but you have to remember that her grandmother was Bella Blackwood, aka Black Betha due to her black hair and eyes. Who better to care for baby Aegon than his own grandmother? After successive miscarriages, Aegon became suspicious of Rhaella and she spent much of her time with septas. It would be easy for her to assume the identity of a septa since she spent so much time with them. Circling back to how the Daynes would feel about Ned...who exactly was left at Starfall after the Rebellion? I suspect that it was only Ashara and the household guards and servants.
  15. I believe that Wylla is Ashara Dayne living in her father's home at Starfall under an assumed identity much like Alayne is actually Sansa, pretending to be Littlefinger's daughter living in his household. The Dayne family tree is sparse. Edric Dayne is supposedly the son of an unnamed brother of Ashara and named after Ned Stark. Why is he not worthy of the sword Dawn? If his age wasn't inconveniently a year younger than Sansa's I'd be tempted to believe he's Ned's son. Edric told Arya that when he was born his mother wasn't able to produce enough milk to nurse him so Wylla became his milk-mother. The thing is, women don't produce milk indefinitely. Jon Snow was born in 283 and the wiki estimates that Edric was born 4 years later in 287, so how did Wylla continue to lactate? Unless Edric is older and closer to Jon in age. Alternately, Wylla would need to give birth to another child between Jon and Edric to keep the milk supply going or be a continual wetnurse. If my suspicions that Jon Snow is Ashara and Ned's son, then he could claim the sword Dawn.
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