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  1. Before the Doom, Valyrian steel swords were probably easier to get. Maybe some Mormont ancestor paid the gold price ... although Bolt's theory makes for a more interesting story. :^)
  2. Aebram

    Mammoths, unicorns and other prehistoric creatures

    Nice compilation! I think that some of the animals in the story are just fantasy versions of present-day animals, not prehistoric. The "hairy mouse-pig" must have been inspired by the capybara, a rodent that grows as large as 150 lbs. It looks like a furry pig, although genetically it's closer to a rabbit or woodchuck.
  3. Oops, sorry for mis-remembering the chronology. Thanks for the corrections.
  4. Aebram

    Strength of Iron Islands navy

    Well, hmmm, fisherman are not fighters, and fishing boats are not warships. But that's a good point. Surely in an island culture with a tradition of raiding and reaving, there would be a lot of men capable of being deployed. And let's remember, this is a "historical fantasy;" a lot of story elements are taken from real life, but exaggerated . Westeros is based on England, but it's 3000 miles long. The Wall is based on Hadrian's Wall, but George made it much longer and higher. So if the Iron Islanders can field more sailors than a real-life Viking nation, that's not necessarily a mistake. That being said, I do enjoy all these insights into actual history here on planet Earth, posted by people with much more knowledge of the subject than me ... Does anyone here besides me feel slightly guilty, because they know more about the history and geography of Westeros and Essos than they do about real-life Europe?
  5. Fair question. I'm not an expert on actual history like some others here, but I'll take a shot. When the First Men settled the North, they had Kings, not Lords, who fought with each other for power. The Starks originally settled on the coast, in the old Wolf's Den castle, in what is now White Harbor. So at that time, they did have access to resources brought in by ship. Once the Starks became the Kings in the North, they had enough resources to construct a new seat at Winterfell. The hot springs there gave it an additional source of food, and also of warmth. Firewood is probably as important as food in a long Northern winter. Yes, there are plenty of trees, but fresh-cut wood doesn't burn well. In a cold climate, the logs need to sit around for a few years to "season." IIRC, after Winterfell became the seat, the Wolf's Den was home to lesser branches of House Stark, and some of them did in fact rebel against their King. But at that time, White Harbor must have been much smaller than it is now. I suppose that in an all-out war today, White Harbor could beat Winterfell, because access to shipping would be more effective than hot springs. But House Manderly has ruled there for 600 years, and they don't seem like the rebellious type.
  6. A big city needs a lot of support from the surrounding countryside. City dwellers depend on the country for food, as well as other resources like wool, leather, wood, stone, etc. This means that the local farmers must be productive enough to grow surplus food that they can sell. In the North, because of the colder climate, it's probably much harder to do that. So it makes sense that the only large city would be on the coast, where it has access to food and other resources brought in by ships.
  7. Winterfell has those natural hot springs. They would have attracted people to the area even before there was a castle there.
  8. Interesting that this post got over a hundred views, but no replies till now? Nice job on the map; that obviously took some work. But there are so many points in the story where it's possible to play this kind of what-if game ... Can you fill in some details to add some depth? Maybe a timeline, or some discussion of troop strengths, and the strategy and tactics of the various Lords. How did Stannis even win the battle? Was there no wildfire, no "Renly's ghost?"
  9. Aebram

    Tyrek Lannister theories?

    I think it must be significant that he is married -- not just betrothed, but actually wed -- to the infant "lady" Hayford. Maybe he was killed by some rival for the lordship of that House, or by other Hayfords who didn't like the marriage. Also, we know that other squires made fun of him and his baby bride. Maybe he ran away out of embarrassment, or because he was in love with someone else? Mere speculations, I know, without any real evidence to support them. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can take one of these hunches and run with it. We need an answer to this riddle! In my re-reads, whenever I encounter a new character with blond hair, I ask myself, "could that be him?" :v)
  10. Aebram

    Mistakes in the Books

    I read ASOIAF in e-books. I was surprised by the large number of errors. I suppose that part of the problem is that the books are so long and complex . Even a good editor could have trouble keeping track of it all, like in the spot where the name Daeron is misspelled as Dareon. Paper books have to be reprinted, but ebooks can be updated anytime. Is there an email address or other way we can send reports of mistakes?
  11. Aebram

    ASOIAF vs A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Getting back to the original question, do we know why Brienne had a shield made with Dunk's design on it? Was his old Shield hanging on a wall somewhere at Castle Tarth? I think there was something in TWOIAF or F&B that hinted at an answer, but don't recall the details.
  12. Aebram

    Gigantic AsoIaF Family Tree

    The Dropbox link is better, but still doesn't work on my tablet; it won't zoom out enough for me to be able to read the text. I'll try it later on my PC.
  13. Aebram

    Gigantic AsoIaF Family Tree

    Sorry, it's not working for me using Chrome on a 10 inch Android tablet. It seems like I'm only getting a thumbnail. I can zoom it some, but then the text is too fuzzy to read. In case it matters, I don't have an imgur account. Looking forward to seeing your work once we get this sorted out!
  14. I just hope the story lines will take us to a bunch more of the places that have just been names on a map until now. ADWD showed us a lot more of Essos, as well as the Citadel. But there are so many more places still un-narrated...