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  1. If Young Griff is just some random kid, then what's the point of the whole conspiracy? We know that Connington was with the boy for close to 12 years; and someone, probably illyrio, had him for about 5 years before that. This whole project, to raise and train him to be a good king, is extremely difficult, expensive, and risky. What would be the point of all that, just to put some random kid on the Iron Throne? That's one reason why I remain in the "Truegon" camp. I went into some detail about it in a post of my own:
  2. Oops, sorry, you're right. How did I miss that??? But I just reread that chapter, and I don't see anything in there that disagrees with what I wrote in my last comment.
  3. It seems clear that Connington loved Rhaegar. If so, then whether or not he loves Young Griff personally, his motivation to put the boy on the Iron Throne is driven by love ... if he does indeed believe that Young Griff is really Rhaegar's son. I discussed this question in some detail in a post of my own a while back. I found that it's possible that Young Griff is an impostor, and that Connington knows it. If so, then perhaps he has no love for the boy, and sees him nearly as a tool to avenge Rhaegar. But it's also possible that, over the years of raising him, Connington came to love him. So after all that rumination and beard-scratching, I don't have a Yes or No answer. Connington only has one POV chapter; and his personality is not one that can be described as affectionate, emotional, or outgoing. So it's difficult to judge how he feels about the boy. Love, of course, is a tricky subject, a difficult word to define. My own thinking about that is that the warm fuzzy feeling that we call "love" is distinct and separate from the actions that we take towards a person. Regardless of what he may feel inside, it's clear that Connington has made great sacrifices to give the boy a good upbringing and a successful future, more than what most parents do for their children. By that measure, I would say that yes, Connington loves Young Griff.
  4. I haven't studied the text to look for clues about this; but the obvious answer is, they didn't both depart at the same time. Tyrion must have started South well before Catlin started North.
  5. I believe there is a quote from the George saying that so many levels would make the story unnecessarily complicated. He created just enough levels to support the plot. And I suppose there must have been a time in European history when the system was simpler, and additional levels were created over time, as populations increased and the social/political picture got more complicated.
  6. I'm not any sort of expert on this, but it occurs to me that, here in the real world, sled dogs are unique to the indigenous people that live in the coldest parts of the Arctic. And this is the only place where people use carnivores as beasts of burden, not for hunting or protection. From what I've seen on TV documentaries, sled dogs seem to be rather difficult to lead, train, and maintain. So it makes sense that people would use more docile, easily trainable animals in any place where the ecosystem could provide food for them. Laplanders, for example, herd reindeer, which provide food and other products such as leather, as well as transportation.
  7. When and where, please? Can you give us a link?
  8. Heinlein is the only author I like better than GRRM. I sometimes say that he didn't really write science fiction; he wrote human stories about love and hate, war and peace, loyalty and treachery, freedom and discipline ... He just liked to set them in future worlds full of spaceships and intelligent computers. Highly recommended!! For fantasy lovers, a good book to start with is Glory Road; it's right in the gray area between both genres.
  9. He did support Rhaegar; that was my point. Persuading Aerys to go to the tournament was intended to help raise support for Rhaegar. And it probably worked, but other circumstances intervened; fate took a different course.
  10. I have some doubts about this. Varys told us (more than once, I think) his duty was to the realm. He was sad about killing Kevan, but he did it for the greater good. I think the reason Varys persuaded Aerys to go to the tournament was because he wanted all the lords to see how demented their king was.
  11. Are you a Heinlein fan? He explored that topic in some of his books. Beyond This Horizon comes to mind, but I think there were a few others as well.
  12. Jaqen is one of the most mysterious characters in the whole story. He has been discussed in a number of posts, most recently, I think, one of my own: My best guess is that he is acting as a spy, not an assassin; he came to Westeros to gather intelligence. He got himself imprisoned in King's Landing so that he would be sent to the Wall, where he could learn about the Others and the Long Night. He couldn't just walk up there and volunteer; that would have aroused suspicions about his true motive. After his journey North was interrupted and he ended up at Harrenhal, he went back to Braavos. He was reassigned to go to the Citadel, to steal their copy of The Death of Dragons, and to gather more information about dragons, and about magic in general.
  13. Well, I don't feel like doing another full analysis right now. But a quick check of current prices shows that copper costs about 1/6 as much as an equivalent weight of silver. So if a copper coin weighs 1/4 as much as a silver, its monetary value would be 1/24th as much. That seems feasible.
  14. I thought so too, at first. But I did the math, and it's actually a reasonable number. 20 to 1 is the exchange rate for silver to gold, which is different from the ratios of monetary values or weights of the actual coins. If you scroll back about 6 posts, you can read how I analyzed it.
  15. Do you have any specific ideas about which of these similar names will reveal a hidden connection between families that has some effect on the story?? Are there any places in the story so far where this has already happened?
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