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  1. I think the forging of Lightbringer, which may be the first Valyrian sword, holds some clues. It seems a near certainty that blood sacrifice is required to forge Valyrian steel. Recall the line about Valyria's magic being rooted in "blood and fire." However, this does not really account for the near priceless value of Valyrian steel swords today. The small value placed on the average human life by Valyrians is proof enough of this. I think what's important about Nissa Nissa's sacrifice is that she was the forger's wife, i.e. someone likely very important to him. (Kind of recalls the prices demanded by those seeking the aid of the Many-Faced God...but that's off topic) Back in the days when Valyrian swords were still being forged, I think the price demanded by smiths of the intended wielders was, in addition to monetary payment, something far more costly and gruesome. I want to call it "the Iron price," but haven't found anything convincing enough to play that game... To answer the original question, there were definitely lords who were unable to come up with the money at the time, but I think some were simply unwilling to pay such a cruel additional price to have these swords forged.