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  1. kuenjato

    Assassin's Apprentice Opinions?

    I may be misremembering, as I read the trilogy in 1999. So the lingering fumes of impressions were a) not much assassinating going on (or, at least, Fitz never "grows into the role"), b) rather shallow worldbuilding as a whole--politically and geographically--though decent in the micro setting, and c) a glutton's feast of emotional manipulation on the part of the author to milk drama and inspire sniffles from those that like to cry at the end of books (as I see frequently in topics like these), but the emotional manipulation was so boldface bald on the author's part that, by the third book, the trick had worn to the nub and simply left me cold. These are dimestore romance novels with some fantasy trappings slathered on. I'd still recommend them over 80% of the fantasy market, though.
  2. kuenjato

    Assassin's Apprentice Opinions?

    First two books are pretty good, though the title of the series is rather misleading, as there is very little "assassinating" going on. Lots of emotional porn, if that's your thing. The third book cranks this to 11 and is a major travelquest/woe-is-me slog, to the point that I checked out on reading future books. It has massive appeal to a select audience, which isn't me. Fairly well written for the genre.
  3. kuenjato

    Bakker LVI: the Rectum of Creation

    All of this. It's why people were theorizing as of 2009 that the army must serve some ulterior motive, to be sacrificed somehow for Kellhus to achieve his goals. As fodder to erect the No-God or as some sort of skeleton soul-key to access the God of Gods and rewrite the code of existence or... or something. But no. It mostly feels like it was a chance for RSB to go all Edgelord with the cannibalism rape. Which in itself was extremely predictable--but again, it was thought there'd be some point to it. Harvesting that amount of sin, or something. But no. But no.
  4. thanks guys, this was all very helpful. My concern was 1) comparative analysis ( which mean Witcher should go last, as it has the best story) and 2) rusty gaming skill -- the last button masher/fight simulator I played was the original Devil May Cry. From the feedback, it sounds like God of War and Horizon Zero are good ways to relearn gameplaying, and eventually transfer those skills to Nier (which I wanted to play first because it's so frantic and intense, but... probably not a good idea.)
  5. kuenjato

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    This is a problem across the board. Lots of people talk about how tragic the Chain of Dogs was, but for me it was just authorial schmaltz, constantly telling rather than showing how EPIC and how DOOMED all of this was as shorthand for actually developing character for Coltaine or the moustache-twirling, cowardly Nobles. Whiskeyjack was another example, Erikson's shallow characterization not jiving with how much love everyone on page has for this cipher. Part of me wants to re-read Malazan, but then I remember stuff like that above, and how arrogant Erikson regards his series & how some of this stuff apparently gets worse after book 4, and I just. cannot. commit the time.
  6. What does ROTE actually stand for? Reign of the Emo?
  7. Wondering if yall could help me out... I snagged one of the PS4 trims with spiderman for $199 on Black Friday. This is my first gaming console since the PS2 and I haven't played any games from 2006 (Final Fantasy XII). Some basic research generated the "best of" the kind of games I like and/or seem like must-buys, so I blew another $100 for five games. I haven't even cracked the machine out of the box yet, because I'm in the final stages of buying a house and will be purchasing a 55 or 65 inch TV once that's finished -- about two weeks away. Problem is, I need advice on what to play first, because every game looks sweet, many have 100 hours + content, and I won't be playing more than an hour a day on average (with work, kids, and other creative projects and other media consumption, like books). I'm not sure where to start, and it's kinda driving me crazy, because I want to start them all. The games: God of War ($17 at Gamestop!) Nier Automata The Witcher 3 Grand Theft Auto V Horizon Zero Dawn
  8. kuenjato

    Fire and Blood: Just arrived!

    Oh yes, I did read that and felt it was well put together... but from the feel of the appendix & the online timeline drawn from it, along with your material, it felt as if a 600+ page volume like Fire and Blood could be do-able. But yeah, unlikely.
  9. kuenjato

    Fire and Blood: Just arrived!

    This is just up my alley as a history buff & someone working, periodically, on my own textbook of a fantastical setting... but that excerpt is rather dire. I'd really like this sort of project by Bakker, probably would have preferred it to TUC.
  10. kuenjato

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Midnight Tides is where I bowed out on this series. I was disappointed with the fourth book, and the complete switch of locale/characters coupled with the very purple prose of the beginning made me just put it aside... and as all the issues I had with the series (forced humor, inconsistent writing, cartoonish world building that is occasionally ridiculously overblown) seem to get magnified in the later books, according to reviews, I never returned. I've thought about picking up the series now that it's complete, but it seems more effort than it's worth.
  11. kuenjato

    Bakker LV - Nau's Ark

    Just gonna bang my head against the wall... *Many* potential endings have been discussed before. The second series, flawed as it was by the end, had many potential interesting paths. But Bakker went the grimdark wet fart route, and even then it was bullshit. What would have been truly subversive? To kill *ALL* of the characters at the end, rather than have Akka and Esme and Mir. escape for future installments. Instead, TAE ended as just the typical cut-off for a complications volume of a serial, not too different from Empire Strikes Back or innumerable other "heroes get stomped down but survive to fight another day." That's just rote storytelling. I would have preferred they all get wiped out, except for the kid, who wasn't in harm's immediate path.
  12. kuenjato

    And now Barnes & Noble faces the Headman's axe

    Dunno if Amazon would want to deal with the fixed costs, but they could open B&N clones across the country. It would solidify their stranglehold on the big six.
  13. kuenjato

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Dorky schlub fantasizes about za wemins, grows up and makes himself loudly a feminist, while regressive concepts lurk within his creative work and erupt openly on the blog (what is that Hobbit post but the teeth gnashing lament of the White Knight's pixie mystique soiled? Draw thy sword and slash thy offending image from sight! that damsel was mine, I tells you!). Kvothe's awful "i'm Denney's special me" speech is White Knight epitomized, and one of Rothfuss's more uncomfortable and intimate writings. Came from the heart, yo. This, I suspect, is part of the delay for book 3. Reveal to the adoring fans that Kvothe is scum stalker egomaniac for critical appeal, or appease those who vigorously buy his crap swag and give him likes and protect him from the meanies of the world... hard choice, to be sure.
  14. kuenjato

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    He's a classic White Knight. It's not that uncommon among nerds, particularly those who grew up in the 80's and 90's. Most of us outgrew it as real life experiences tore away the fantasy. Some never have.
  15. kuenjato

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    I'm still curious about Z.'s info on book 3. I think we can safely assume that a draft of it is complete -- Peter Brett once tweeted that he had a beta copy & was reading it, a long time ago, maybe 6-7 years? -- but the floating idea that it basically sucks would be in line with the extreme delay and Rothfuss's refusal to discuss it. And I just gotta say LOL at the decorum-buttons pushed earlier about criticizing the author. This is a forum where Tairy Yeardkind has 50+ threads bashing his douchery and R. Scott Bakker discussions routinely devolve to dissecting his foot-in-mouth disease. If Rothfuss a) wasn't so popular and thus influential in the gnre, b) if his books were a lot better than his obnoxious fanboi / girls proclaimed, c) he didn't make grandiose statements about the series and seem completely unable or unwilling to back these statements up with evidence other than an utter, utter dogshit slice-of-life novella with a whinging "don't judge me imma unicorn, u can be unicorn too" prologue & epilogue to boot, d) if he wasn't making bank milking the swag of the series to the nth degree while failing to deliver, e) write misogynistic blog posts and hate on series he ripped off wholesale (HP... even then, the decorum button need not be pushed. Polite discussion about overrated authors is not the reason many of us visit westeros.