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  1. kuenjato

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Gonna need a source on that, dawg. 'Cause watching the MCU movies as of last year, it's really obvious they had a pretty basic plan & sense of escalating continuity in place from Iron Man on -- establish each of the Avengers, tie them in through SHIELD, then make an Avengers film. Thanos emerged as a future villain at the tail of The Avengers, but the Infinity Stones had already been referenced in Cap America and were included in Thor 2--> onward. It became more intricate as we moved through phase 2 to phase 3, but the building blocks were set up and the foundation was strong enough for more interesting stuff to emerge. As opposed to this billion dollar sequel trilogy, which is so hilariously slap-dash and tonally inconsistent that it comes as absolutely no surprise that Rian threw away the treatment and did his own thing and no one was even looking over his shoulder or demanding polished drafts. Anyway. I'll admit, I was excited about this trailer, even though I know all the spoilers thrown up on reddit and this trailer pretty much matches the basics of what's been written. What I wasn't expecting was how cold I felt to all of it. When TFA's trailer dropped, with the synth-Williams and Han Solo talking about the Jedi, I was giddy and watched it ten times in a row. When TLJ's trailer came out, I was cautiously excited. Problem was, both films had good trailers, and both films were pretty bad in their own ways (TFA being a shallow copy, TLJ trying "something" different but basically shitting the bed on a fundamental screenwriting, plotting, and philosophical implementation). And it's JJ Abrams, the epitome of popcorn hustler, great at establishing copycat visuals and pacing and pretty much awful at the meat of filmmaking. This trailer has a couple of intriguing moments. But they dropped the ball so hard on character development, world building, stakes, and narrative escalation in the last one, it really just feels like yet another go around, rather than the big, final film of the entire saga. So I'll be seeing it, but it'll be the first time where it really feels like an obligation. Just as a note, it's a really sad state of affairs for Star Wars fandom where pre-sales ticket revenue is touted as a justification for this series's existence and supposed quality. Aside from the fact that Solo crushed Black Panther's presales--to say nothing of the facile mo' money, mo' quality argument-- there's the underlying fact that true critical conversation about these new films has been totally poisoned by the clumsy ideological window-dressing of TLJ, to the point that it's Grievance Goons on one side propping up an entire Youtube clickbait subculture, and on the flip side, the "you must be one of them" arising from the hardcore Rian/TLJ fans whenever the enormous issues of that film are brought up. Disney scrambling like crazy to distance themselves from the fallout has been interesting and ultimately depressing -- as much as I didn't like TLJ, it would have been better for them to bite the bullet than dance about in a pandering flopsweat.
  2. Just finished the book. It follows the Abercrombie template, so if you like Joe's previous work, you'll like this one. I will say, though, it doesn't leave much to chew on or much of an underlying conflict to really get anticipation flowing for the next book. Outside of the cliffhanger last two chapters, mostly it comes off as another stand alone in the world of the First Law. Again, the quality and consistency overall is pretty good in and of itself -- the riot chapters were a standout, for me -- but a lot of the characters, character interactions, and overall plot dynamics are feeling a bit formulaic at this point. Please keep in mind that fiction itself, by and large, has lost some of its luster as I get older, so my impression is certainly colored by that. It was a fine read, but I feel no real desire to ever re-read it, unlike say BSC or LAoK.
  3. Is that good or just Ok for this time of the year? I know that some points of the year are really slow, and making the list isn't that hard. Other points of the year are quite competitive, based on what's coming out and people's general book buying patterns.
  4. kuenjato

    Bakker LVII

    I think that's part of the problem, in that this incident did not really manifest on the forums proper -- I was there for pretty much every Bakker thread, and though it inevitably contained various veiled hostile jabs within minor arguments, the under-the-surface stuff going on (which I know nothing other than it involved RL harassment) was undetectable. At least to those of us on the margins.
  5. kuenjato

    Bakker LVII

    Wasn't he the same guy who Bakker had shown TUC -- or, at least, TGO? He talked on and on about how great it'd be, it answered all these questions, then when pressed, he eventually admitted that Bakker had only shown him the first half? Or was it all bullshit? All just sweat on the slog, I guess...
  6. This is really fascinating. Why was WotC engaging in such a Scorched Earth campaign with their most profitable brand?
  7. I often come off as an elitist around here, but trust me, it was formed early on: I read the trilogy at the tender age of 13 and thought the first book was fucking dire. Of course, my standard for good fantasy at that time was LotR, the first two Gunslinger books, and The Dragonbone Chair, so of course Dragonlance would seem pretty silly in a lot of ways. I did like the second book substantially better -- it actually has narrative tension and some truly epic scenes (Tas breaking the Dragon ball, Sturm's battle), and the third book felt pretty meh. The second trilogy felt much more mature and impressive. I probably read around 30 of the individual novels, but only remember The Legend of Huma being any good. I picked up the series for free a couple years ago and tried to read the first book. I only got to the point where they reach the ruins and the gully dwarf before tossing it aside; it was eye-rolling pretty much every page. As Wert states, though, its historical significance as a gateway drug cannot be denied.
  8. kuenjato

    Bakker LVII

    Back as early as 2013, Bakker had part or maybe all of TGO/TUC finished, but began continually complaining on his blog that Overlook was dragging its feet + he had editorial turnover. What RSB didn't talk about was how he wanted to include his updated glossary but the book was "too long" for a lower-mid-list author like himself, so he entered negotiations of some kind to split the third book into two so as to retain the glossary, and fabricated, at least to some extent, Overlook's overall reluctance to assign an editor and/or initiated an email campaign on the part of the fans -- some of which were harvested here -- to show Overlook there was interest in the series. In short, RSB was kinda sorta flat-out lying about the Overlook situation through proxies, not the best sort of thing to do, particularly when the fandom is pretty hardcore and have been theorizing for five-six years straight by this point. Some of the principle fans involved in this campaign were not, it turns out, stable individuals, and there was some drama regarding them and other posters that I know of but don't feel qualified talking about. All in all it eventually came out that a lot of this was a feeble, ill-considered way of getting TAE to be four books rather than three, which was especially galling when the split shouldn't have happened in the first place, given how the series turned out in the end and the relative paucity of the new information given in the glossary.
  9. kuenjato

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Reddit. Google Episode IX leaks reddit and you'll see the original leak, along with a follow up clarification from a different source (one that tends to have inside information, but is also very disreputable in many, many other circumstances).
  10. kuenjato

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    The whole basic plot for TFA was online 3 months before the film came out, if not before -- that was when I skimmed through them, and though some details were wrong, the structure was pretty close. Again, grain of salt, Caveat Emptor. It says a lot that I avoided all leaks for The Last Jedi, believing the hype that Johnson was talented and would take the franchise to unexpected heights. Uh, well, yeah. Now I have no problem perusing leaks, as I have no lingering affection for the Sequel Trilogy and instead observe out of academic curiosity as to how they might try and salvage this train wreck coupled with lingering nostalgia for the films of my childhood.
  11. kuenjato

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Leaks have come out in the last few days. If true, Episode IX is both a hard swing away from VIII and pretty corny crap overall -- which, of course, is par for course for this entire sequel trilogy. I dunno if it could get worse than the pretentious popcorn "auteur" we got with TLJ, but it certainly comes off convoluted & typical Abrams magic sparkle emptiness.
  12. kuenjato

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    LOL, the whole second half of WMF must be giving him the shakes at night!
  13. The first book did OK, but the reviews were def. mixed. This created a "wait and see" mentality, and when the 2nd book became "more, much more of the same," well...
  14. The first book of Erikson's Rake trilogy did not review well and was not received well by the fan-base, the second book more so. The change of style, Erikson doubling down on the type of material his general fans tend to struggle through to get to the convergence, etc. It's not a surprise it tanked. Same with Donaldson - the 2nd Covenant trilogy was released in the early 1980's. That's a huge stretch of time for a follow up. It didn't help that the third Chronicles were ... not very good. Tad William's is a bit of a stranger case, as he's been pretty consistent in releases, but his tendency to ramble and a very basic plot structure, coupled with several unengaging new characters and plot threads, certainly put a damper on the release of the 2nd Osten Ard series. Abercrombie's released four books in the last seven years, so he hasn't exactly been non-prolific. Of this particular genre, he's probably one of the more consistent authors in terms of releases and consistency in his writing. Moreover, he's pretty well liked in the community, probably for the reasons stated above along with the material itself (I'd say he's substantially improved as an author across his books, though I personally found the last volume of Shattered Sea to be a bit boring and predictable). With proper PR, this new trilogy should do fine.
  15. No, no big role. About the same as the first. He didn't grow on me, and that's one of the huge disappointments with the series. I do get the feeling he's going to strap in and so something in the third, but I'm not sure what. Mostly, he's hamstrung by having a psychopath for a court advisor.