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  1. No, the doctor says he's very sorry and they can try opening the womb to remove the infant, but that the mother wouldn't survive. There's no indication an embryotomy is an option, the only choice is apparently letting both die or attempting to save the infant.
  2. @Ran Were this olden times and GRRM still easily accessible by DM'ing on Livejournal, I would ask him this, but since that era is long past us, I'll pose this to you: are the Maesters and the other physicians aware of embryotomy? In both the case of Aemma and now Laena the only option for an obstructed birth has been Caesarean, but in the actual Middle Ages any university trained physician (though perhaps they would leave its actual performance to barber-surgeons?) would've been familiar with al-Zahrawi, who describes the other option (and gives illustrations of the necessary tools). This, was, of course, the gruesome destruction of the fetus and its removal in chunks. I'm aware that in the actual *Fire and Blood* neither Aemma nor Laena are described as dying of a Caesarean or that there was a suggestion of one. Especially in Laena's case, she delivers the baby and *then* dies. The fact that the show went with a Caesarean twice (well the suggestion of one in the latter case) strikes me as unrealistic. Especially as Laena as show in the show would've been a good case for embryotomy - Daemon certainly seemed like he would've chosen to kill the child to attempt to save her life.
  3. Interesting, the article seems a few weeks old too? I suppose it went unnoticed since I don't think Bakker-bro has the largest internet profile? Not to speculate overmuch, but this sounds like his wife left him?
  4. The Warp and the Outside being very similar, I assume they're drawing from some older Fantasy source, but nothing comes to my own mind, especially as regarding the atemporality. When the atemporality started popping up in the newer 40k novels, I actually pinged one of the authors on Twitter and he said he hadn't read Bakker (was it ADB? I honestly don't remember who it was. Maybe it was Guy Haley since atemporality being a feature of the Warp was mostly strongly expressed in the Plague War book than any previous 40k book I've read). Atemporality also shows up in the Dr. Strange movie with the Dark Dimension having no 'time', though it's a bit weakly done. I assume this is an aspect of the earlier Dr. Strange comics, so maybe Bakker and 40k drew from comics, but I assume it's an even older trope.
  5. 40k lore was no-where near as robust when Bakker started writing. E.g. The atemporality of the Warp is something that's come up in recent novels with demons knowing that they won't die because they're still alive at the Final Battle or whatnot, but I don't recall it from pre-Horus Heresy novels.
  6. I think that most-pirated list is heavily skewed by the fact that no one wants to get Disney+ due to its general lack of content.
  7. I think the "next Game of Thrones" in terms of absurd worldwide popularity - most pirated show, etc - is going to be House of the Dragon. I don't think the ill-will generated by the last few seasons has overwritten the affection people have for the series overall. Moreover, the most ardent detractors of the show's final seasons - like Reddit's /r/freefolk - are exactly the sorta nerds that will tune into it the first day anyway. So if the show is actually *good*, I think it's a slam-dunk. And how will it not be good, with, you know, dragon-duels galore? Unless we spend the entire season just setting up the Dance of the Dragons. I guess they could take it slow and end the season with when that one prince flies to Storms' End and
  8. Wait, they took Drizzt from Salvatore? I haven't read any Forgotten Realm tie-ins in years (I believe Wizards stopped publishing all them various books generally?)
  9. eegads, i saw this as well today but as someone on reddit pointed out, this likely doesn't mean anything with regards to his work on DoS in general - he had an 'alpha' manuscript ready almost immediately after the last book, which he sent out to his beta (alpha?) readers - and the reddit commenter notes that it's likely within that alpha manuscript were at least a few bits he was satisfied with keeping. that is to say, anything he releases could easily be among the few 'finished' parts he had ready a decade ago also why is the forum blue now?
  10. I just finished the book as well. It was aight. The foreshadowing was a little too strong if anything? I giggled when early in the book, a chapter ends with Leo putting his hand into his coat Napoleon-style. Glokta being the Weaver also became apparent early on (I know the theory was bandied about before in previous discussions) when Inspector whatshisface seemed a bit overly intent on shutting down and destroying the banks rather than dealing with the whole workers' revolution thing. How did Hildi end up at the Library?
  11. Pretty good movie up to the point where it just stops. It has definitely brought attention to the series and I feel bad for all the kids that are going to read the KJA/Brian Herbert books.
  12. shame, i never find these when they're going on
  13. Began reading the new book, noticed it's in the same fictional world as Sarantine and Lions. I wonder if his Chinese books actually take place in the same world. We wouldn't know, would we, given the setting and isolation? It wouldn't surprise me if they do. Since he's slowly going forward in time, I suppose we'll know in the next few books, since it seems this one is right at the start of the Age of Discovery. Should be interesting. I'm willing to make a small bet we're going to get an alternate history of either the Aztec or Inca conquests. Edit: Book done, it was aight, but nothing astounding. Why does my Kindle copy have Questions for Discussion at the end?
  14. Given that Aeron's vision has Euron on the Iron Throne with the dwarves below, the dwarves might represent the lords of Westeros under a Euron monarchy. He's not exactly one who seems given to hands-on administration. Westeros under Euron would be France during the Hundred Years' War - failed state with constant internecine warfare.
  15. Hi -- just saw this.  Writing privately because the book I'm going to recommend -- historical analysis, easy to read, for the literate general reader not academics, is one of which I'm co-author.  It was published Oct. 1, 2015.  It went back to print by the middle of November.  There are 41 reviews of it on amazon, most of them 5 stars -- and, no, we have no idea who wrote those reviews, i.e., not friends.

    It's a different history of the United States that places slavery, the domestic slave trading and breeding (no, we don't mean by that what you may think -- definitely not what Tarrantino did in Django etc. -- historically did not happen because economically not feasible) right in the center of the development of the U.S. expansion, territorial and economic.

    We've been up and down the country since October, supporting the book at book stores, universities and a variety of African American communities, including black churches, and so on.  The WSJ reviewed it -- so there is validation for the 5 + years we spent making The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-breeding Industry.

    Hope this isn't offensive or intrusive.  I didn't want to put it in the subject thread you started because it would have been me, doing it, and that seems a little tacky!



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