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  1. I think George wanted to creat essence that 'lord' in westeros was more of hereditary popular leader of his brood rather than the complicated administrative job some lordships were and were given directly by king. Ruins the feel/magic of a thousands upon thousands of years of history if you bring in characters/jobs which showed more evolution in a kingdom growing or such or progress is made.
  2. Didn't know there was 2 gaston de foix one from Spain a hundred so odd years later too
  3. The second one was heavily pushed and doctored by his editors. Not saying they wrote it. There is just a significant amount of pushing help along with some authority, an editor, provides that gets Rothfuss to write, and I don't see anyone doing this for him. His editor hasn't spoken to him about said book for over 5 years.
  4. https://coffeeandjunk.com/lindy-effect/ This article could describe Rothfuss as too inexperienced as an Author/ writer to have a robust system of writing work effort to last long in the industry. Perhaps if Rothfuss didn't burn too much in the public light it would've been easier for him to finish his novel.
  5. Ive met multiple people on colonist.io and on discord servers who have character names from his books, and they all agree he is never going to finish the third book.
  6. BOO YOU!!! I pointed out rothfuss/Whedon do silly things online.
  7. Lol everyone needs to google the lindy effect now in regards to rothfuss
  8. Yes, but lol we are going to have to give him a few trauma/protest/ boycott days from writing don't you think. It's the humane thing to do.
  9. Great now, there is massive raids burning going on in wisconsin. I give him a few months to protest now
  10. No, this is something Trump changed. For one, Trump and most of his supporters hates many of the GOP's traditional agenda. The big thing why trump has eschewed the traditional bullet point platform is that it doesn't work persuasion wise. Mitt Romney published a 500 point something policy discussion no one read but plenty of Democrats picked apart and used against him. Trump's idea is to broadcast ideas that ware winning and will be extremely tough for the democrats to oppose. The wall and immigration cut down being the big two of the 2016 campaign.
  11. -Ive always thought Westeros in certain areas where severly depopulated lack developement. While there are obscenely over the top Castles for Tier 1 lords. There are hardly any other castles for vastle lords or any descriptions of holdfasts and keeps beyond that they exist. -GRRM probably wasn't well enough versed on the growth of dialects within early middle ages in britian to make a fantasy or a similar version of it. Whats difference between Cornish, old ancient english, Scottish, Pictish, Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh, Norse, Norse French, Norse Pidgin, and french? - I think there were many changes or transitions in most of the houses in Westeros. But when they did happen they always took the names of the former house unless it really was not politically a good idea to do so. Much is similar to the AngloSaxons lords of old who were elected as lords purely because they were historical living families in said area.
  12. Perhaps like William the Conquerors family, the early targaryen dynasty be secretly hardcore pagan . Then the wars with the faith may be more dramatic. Perhaps there should be crusades, private wars with Pentos to reconquer Andalos
  13. This is kind of why I sometimes wish GRRM would just release publish 20 or so chapters as part of a book. We pay ten or twenty dollars more, but so what. It would be more gratifying than waiting and him making extremely difficult choices as to cut material or not. Down the road the released novelettes could be combined to be one novel.
  14. Lol, how do you think Fentanyl/heroin got so insanely popular and methamphetamine replaced cocaine in Mexico? A lot of positive things came about out of that website, such as the proliferation of Mexican Pharmacies for U.S. patients. Very, very fascinating story most writers should read up on. Simple 20 something magically becomes prominent Drug Kingpin and then a maliciously corrupt FBI tracks him down.
  15. Same problem with founder of Bitcoin. The bitcoin developer who started it all, was an 30 something NEET developer who was 2008 Ron Paul fan/far right libertarian type who lived somewhere in the American southwest/ West Coast. Ironically he portrayed himself as Japanese living in Japan, but very easily it was determined just from his blog activity 12am -3am and response time, he was living somewhere in the American Southwest and probably a NEET. FBI, did a massive massive machine learning /complex matrix from his blog posts to correlate with known academic papers. Allegedly they did end up finding him and confronted him. I don't think they arrested him, but give or take how much he still owns or has simply lost/forgot of his bitcoin wallet, he could essentially destroy U.S. economy by dumping his bitcoin. Perhaps they discussed with him a rational "fair" IRS tax. They think he still owns perhaps 30 percent of the market.
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