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  1. lysmonger

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    I feel a lot of the other asoiaf characters would be best portrayed in a historical hbo show of the conquest of the new world.
  2. lysmonger

    Renly's Plan and what he knew.

    Baratheon brothers are extremely presumptuous and stubborn to a fault. Renly for all his social awareness, never noticed Stannis doesn't lie, and never forgets past wrongs. Renly, supposedly an astute administrator, never noticed Varys and Littlefinger's subtle peculiarities around the Royal family. Perhaps all the ribald court gossip about 'who got cuckolded' died when Robert came to power. Certainly everyone who were amused, gossiped when King Aerys had an affair are far away from court. It's interesting Renly hadn't made changes to plans regarding Joffrey. He certainly knew about the dead kittens. Robert became more interested with his elder bastard children, Mya Stone.
  3. lysmonger

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    whats important to note nearly every house near Kingslanding are up for grabs. Darry, Stokeworth, and Rosby.
  4. lysmonger

    Just how many people knew about the incest?

    the incident with the Cat mutilated dead kittens, and Cersei threatening to murder his eldest bastard daughter would do that.
  5. lysmonger

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

  6. lysmonger

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    So starting WW2 Kvothe parallels is nay or yay
  7. lysmonger

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Wait irl parallel: if Kvothe kinda is an autist incel, wouldn't he be spewing far right conspiracy theories about ww2. Theres a lot of passages of Kvothe downplaying the actions of the Amyr and questioning the veracity of the church's accounts of the Amyr's crimes. Kvothe is always needling the public's emotional beliefs about the Amyr, always claiming "they're not as bad as what they seem." Kvothe is always vaguely searching for them on these odd quests across the world. Kvothe would've visited Bariloche, Argentina searching for "old men in the mountains" from WW2. Facts
  8. lysmonger

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    I always felt Rothfuss's feel for lgbt womens characters wouldve been interesting in 2009. But now is completely overdone and overused.
  9. lysmonger

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I think Varys in TV show trying to find another candidate for the throne right before he was killed was a nod to the Blackfyre line.
  10. lysmonger

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I think George has all but stated that doesnt happen. Stannis doesnt kill his daughter in the books.
  11. lysmonger

    Varys and Illyrio under the Red Keep

    I always got Varys's gelding to be a reference to blood libel and all the tribulations one has being from a forskaken line. What I dont get about Varys is his extreme religious adherence to the possibly many lines of aegon the unworthy living life as extreme libertine bravados in the golden company. Reminds me of the movie The Departed. Matt Damon's very organized character has an unusual ordered life as an FbI agent whos real loyalties reside with the mob. Its hard to understand why a 35 year old college educated guy would have such adherance to 60 year old libertine criminal.
  12. lysmonger

    Sex and stuff - How different is Dorne?

    With regards to Jon, Eddard never seemed to be the brightest man. He never asked King Robert, nor did he think of another place for Jon to be.
  13. seems like perhaps carrying around the egg ends up killing the embryo instead leaving it in the dragon pit
  14. lysmonger

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Given we don't even know it was a chimera or if someone specificially put the chimera into her.
  15. Borros must've been extravagantly drunk that night Aemond and Luke came to bid his announcement.