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  1. LadyOlenna

    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    Well, you're right. It could be a gender neutral expression. I would have translated it "the hands of the valoqar" or simply "the valonqar will wrap the hands...", even if this last sentence doesn't sound very well. The point is that, in my opinion that may of course be wrong, if the valonqar were a female the prophecy would have semply used "her". I think that "his" is a hint by GRRM. But than again, that's speculation. I can't wait for Winds!
  2. LadyOlenna

    the death of Jaime and Cersei & prophecies

    The exact quote from AFFC is: "And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you." The valonqar must be male.
  3. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    Well... If she wanted Jon to rule she didn't need to do all that. Just telling the truth would suffice. But then again, who knows what crossed her mind?
  4. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    Yes, that's what I hope. And I hope it will be a spectacular death. I wonder what will be the sweet part of the bittersweet ending...
  5. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I'm pretty sure it was the same girl, but reading the thread about Varys' letters, I realised maybe she was just there to bring out the letters he wrote. It was weird, though. Varys asked her if Daenerys did eat, and then said that the girl works in the kitchens. That's why I surmised that she had the task to poison her food. Varys made it clear to Tyrion in episode 4 that he was planning to get Daenerys killed.
  6. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I tend to think it will be Arya as well. I just wish she hadn't killed the Night King, if she kills Daenerys too it will probably be a bit too much. I'd prefer if Jon kills her - even if out of context, that would be kind of a Nissa Nissa moment.
  7. LadyOlenna

    Mourning Dany

    I think there were hints of her going mad from season one, and there is a lot of foreshadowing in the books too. I honestly expected her to burn the city in this episode, but I didn't imagine she would kill thousands of innocents after they surrendered the city. It probably could have been done a bit differently (for instance, after the surrender she could have burned the Red Keep all the same). I think she was probably trying to kill Jon as well. I'm sorry if she was your favourite character, I understand that must hurt. I've never been a Dany's hater, but I gradually started to dislike her from Qarth on, I think that's where she started threatening people just for not giving her what she wanted.
  8. LadyOlenna

    Varys' Letters

    Oh, I hadn't considered it. I thought the girl was asked to poison Dany (Varys asks if she's eating - the girl works in the kitchens).
  9. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I'm not asking for the answer, just speculation. Following your reasoning this forum shouldn't exist
  10. LadyOlenna

    Who will kill Daenerys? NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    I meant she had no reason to kill the innocents. She could have killed Cersei and taken the throne, the city had surrendered. But there are various topics about that already... what I'd like to discuss is the matter of her imminent death. Is it possible she will be poisoned by the little kid? I mean, D&D could have introduced this character to show that Varys was trying to get Daenerys killed, but the fact that the kid was shown many times during the battle makes me wonder.
  11. So Dany finally embraced her madness and burned thousands of innocents alive, for no apparent reason. We see the consequences on the smallfolk mainly from Arya's and Jon's POV. Jon is clearly shocked, he realises what Daenerys really is, and probably also that she must be stopped. Arya does too. So they're both candidates to do the deed. I thought one of them would eventually kill her even prior to this episode. In the beginning of the episode, though, we see Varys speaking with a little girl about Dany. Apparently, the kid has been given some kind of dangerous mission, most likely to poison Dany's food. We are shown that girl again quite a few times during the battle. It seems like she survived the massacre, and now she has a really good reason to hate Daenerys. So, who will be the killer? As I said in the title, I want this thread to be spoiler free. I'm not interested in discussing leaks, I just want to know what do you guys think.
  12. LadyOlenna

    Please, be careful about the leaks

    Thank you so much! I wanted to open a thread like this myself. I did everything I could to avoid spoilers, but I found a lot of people on this forum mentioning leaks, without even a spoiler warning. I've been avoiding the forum this last couple of days in fear of being spoilered again, but I find it unfair that I have to restrain myself from reading and commenting because some people don't use spoiler tags. Please people!
  13. Mmmm, that would make sense but I'm not sure that's the direction D&D chose. I think show Varys really is in for the people (since the show removed the motivation he has in the books.) He started to be concerned about Daenerys in season 7, and he actually saw that Jon is a bit weak when it comes to her. When Sansa suggested to let the troops rest and recover, I was expecting Jon to agree. But instead he agreed with Dany, probably to show her that he doesn't want to be the one who takes decisions, she's his queen and he's no threat to that. I didn't like Jon there... I'm sorry to say this, but the loss of Rhaegal and Missandei was Daenerys fault. As for your last point, we can't be sure Varys wants Dany killed right now.
  14. Oh well, I didn't know that. It seemed to me that the fact Tywin married his cousin Joanna was perceived as normal. But then again... they did have a dwarf child. Thanks for your answer!
  15. I think that's it's weird that Varys considers odd a marriage between aunt and niece. Incest in Westeros (as it was in medieval Europe), is only between siblings or between parents and sons/daughters. So that shouldn't matter at all for Jon. I was sure he loved Dany, but the scene in the bedroom was a bit weird. They were kissing but then he distanced himself. Is that because he finds disgusting kissing his aunt (sadly, D&D decided that in Westeros kissing an aunt is gross), or because he doesn't love her anymore?