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  1. LadyOlenna

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. 36 2. Female 3. Jaime 4. Joffrey
  2. LadyOlenna

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    Yes! It won't probably be revealed, though. I believe not even Lysa knew/was sure that Robin is Petyr's.
  3. LadyOlenna

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    I disagree. Just one sentence from time to time would make a difference. Sansa is written in a way that makes her not really likeable. I didn't find a single instance in the books where she admits her mistakes. I don't like Catelyn as well, but at least she has some moments where she realises she was wrong. Also, the fact that she keeps forgetting Arya is very sad: we know that the Stark sisters are very different and didn't have an idyllic relationship, but while Arya thinks about Sansa and misses her, Sansa seems to have forgotten to have a sister. That said, I don't hate any character and I enjoy reading Cat's and Sansa's chapters. The fact that the fandom is split in relation to certain characters is a testament to George's ability to create complex and two-dimensional characters.
  4. LadyOlenna

    Why do you all hate Sansa Stark?

    The first time I read the series I did hate Sansa - as far as one can hate a fictional character. Now that I'm rereading the books I admit that I was too hard on her: every character, even my favourites, make mistakes. But what I still don't like about her is that she never shows any regret for what she's done. She betrays her family more than once, and yes, she's young and silly and at least once she doesn't do harm on purpose... But she never thinks back about her mistakes.
  5. LadyOlenna

    The House of the Undying

    @Lollygag I agree that there could be more than one meaning! As regards the rule about quoting, I read it here:
  6. LadyOlenna

    The House of the Undying

    @Lollygag Thank you for the quotes. I admit that you have a point, I hadn't thought about Othor and all the mentions of the word "sweet". I had always associated only "blue eyes" with death, but maybe you're right. Just to be clear, the only reason why I didn't quote your full posts is because it is against the rules of this forum, I wasn't trying to change the meaning of your words. That said, I think our discussion was based on a misunderstanding, as I hadn't understood the alternative you were proposing. Now I do, and I think you could be right, even if I don't rule completely out that the "blue flower" could refer to Jon. I guess we'll see when Winds comes out. ☺
  7. Lol Well, I'm not saying George's an expert, but if the lead poisoning theory is correct, he surely has studied a bit what lead was used for
  8. Maybe I have a solution for that. I make handmade cosmetics, so I know for sure that while you need a white pigment to make foundation (even powder foundation), the white is usually not needed -or used in very small quantities- for face powder (I mean the kind of powder we still use after foundation, that basically makes the skin more matt or gives a little colour). I believe that Varys uses this second kind of powder, which could be entirely made of starch.
  9. LadyOlenna

    Why LF and Tyrells didn't include Varys to poisoning Joffrey?

    I think it's because there was no need to involve him. They were able to pull it off without Varys' help, and the less people know the better. As @John Suburbs said, they must have schemed away from the Red Keep, so most likely Varys didn't know.
  10. There are so many secret identities! I think all of them have been mentioned in this thread by now, so I'll only add the ones that intrigue me the most and that I can't wait to see them revealed. 1) Quaithe - Shiera Seastar 2) The three-eyed crow - I don't think it's Bloodraven. It could be Shiera Seastar, but it's just a thought. 3) The hooded man of Winterfell - probably Theon Greyjoy. If that's true, it could be revealed in one of his POV chapters. 4) Old Nan - Rohanne Webber (?) or maybe not, but I believe that whoever she is she was a lover of Ser Duncan the Tall. 5) The ghost of High Heart - is she the daughter of Leaf? Half woman and half COTF? 6) Septa Lemore - I haven't made up my mind about who she could be. 7) Coldhands - I have no idea, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 8) Craster - is he a Stark? Does he sacrifice his sons to the Others because his is a particular bloodline?
  11. LadyOlenna

    ASOIAF Book Awards

    Wow, it is difficult to choose only one character for each category... I'll try: Overall Best POV Character: Jamie Lannister (but I also love Tyrion, Jon and Bran) Most Annoying POV Character: Sansa Stark Most Nauseating POV Character: Theon Greyjoy Most Important POV Character: Bran Stark Most Oblivious to Their Own Stupidity POV Character: Catelyn Stark Easiest to Read POV Character: Tyrion Lannister Most Engaging POV Character: Jaime Lannister Funniest POV Character: Tyrion Lannister / Samwell Tarly Most Boring POV Character: Aeron Greyjoy
  12. LadyOlenna

    The House of the Undying

    Blue flowers are mentioned a few times throughout the novels, always associated with certain characters: in primis, Lyanna Stark. We know from Ned's memories that she loved blue winter roses. A crown of the same flowers is given to Lyanna by Rhaegar when he proclaims her queen of love and beauty at the Tourney at Harrenhal. Finally, blue roses are central to the story of Bael the Bard, who "kidnapped" a Stark maiden leaving only a blue rose in her bed. The parallels between Rhaegar/Lyanna and Bael/Stark maiden are obvious. I don't think I'm reaching out saying that the blue flower growing in a wall of ice is Jon, since the flower is strictly associated with his mother and the Wall is the location where he is at. But that is not the only vision in the HOTU that relates to Jon. Dany sees Rhaegar twice. Once, with his newborn son, where he talks about the Prince that was promised, whose is the song of ice and fire (ice=Stark + fire= Targaryen), and then she sees him dying, uttering a woman's name (Lyanna). (Please read the spoiler... no spoiler in it, I just made a mess)
  13. LadyOlenna

    The House of the Undying

    Hmmmm, I never said that, I'm not sure what you mean here. I have absolutely no doubt that the blue flower growing in a wall of ice is Jon. As regards the interpretation of "bride of fire" I'm still a bit confused. That sentence follows three visions. While the first refers to Drogo and the last to Jon, the one in the middle is confusing. It would make more sense if the one in the middle were Hizdahr, but it doesn't look plausible. Again, that's not what I said. The visions are very specific and full of significance. What I meant is that I see no indication that she's obliged to marry to attain what she wants.
  14. LadyOlenna

    The House of the Undying

    I don't really see it as sexist. In the HOTU Dany receives one prophecy (three mounts, three fires, three treason), all the rest are visions of what happened, what is yet to come, and what could have happened if things went differently (es.: Rhaego). I don't see the visions related to her marriages as something that is telling her she has to marry, but purely as a prediction of the future. We know that Daenerys, unlike Cersei, doesn't let prophecies guide her life. She was sold to Drogo (well before the prophecy), but then it was her who chose to marry Hizdahr, and I'm pretty sure she'll marry Jon for love. I agree. Three treason will you know, the prophecy says. It could well be that she'll commit one treason or more.
  15. I, too, am pretty much convinced that Sweetrobin is Littlefinger's son. He looks like Petyr, and on the day of their wedding Lysa says: "I want you now, this very night. And I must warn you, after all these years of silence and whisperings, I mean to scream when you love me. I am going to scream so loud they'll hear me in the Eyrie!" This implies that there was something going on in King's Landing between Lysa and LF. I don't know if Jon Arryn was sterile or not, but two marriages without issue are a big hint that he was. That said, I'm not sure if LF , and even Lysa herself, know about Robert's parentage. It could well be that she had sex with both Petyr and her husband in the same week, or even day. Even if that didn't happen Robert could have been born premature, and that could trick even Lysa into thinking he was Jon's son. Regarding the fact that Robert is sickly, I agree with an idea I read (most probably here in the forum) some time ago: Lysa is one of the few characters who wear make up. In medieval times, lead was used as a white pigment, so probably Lysa was indirectly poisoning her son through her milk.