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  1. So anybody else assuming that in the book Faegon, after taking King's Landing will somehow get one of Daenerys' Dragons and the city will be torched when he and Daenerys (and possibly Jon beign somewhere in the mix too) make heir dragons "dance" over KL?
  2. Yeah....no, I don't think at that point she had any more motivation than "waaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Kill! Die!"
  3. Well as already been pointed out, most people on the show are "killers". You pretty much have to be a killer to be in power in a Medieval Society. Even Ned Stark killed people. The difference is that until now Daenerys stopped before she actively killed innocents (with the possible exception of that capital punishment against the Masters in Meereen, kinda hard to find out whether everyone she executed was part of the "let's nail children to the wayside" plot. Particularly because we don't know how the executed Masters were selected) and she even went out of her way and accepted harm towards herself and setbacks in her goals to avoid actively harming innocents. She wanted to break the wheel....yes, but what people so like to forget to quote is that she wanted to break the wheel because it was endlessly spinning, crushing those on the ground. Then last episode she actively and deliberately murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents (went to great lengths and harmed her goals to murder them) and made herself worse than literally every other person that has appeared on the show. You don't really have to do that to Daenerys' character to show that her going to Westeros to "take back her throne" is not a moral decision. That has been pointed out and outright stated on screen since Season 1. Nobody except her cared that the Baratheons were in power instead of the Targaryens and Robert's reign was a peaceful and prosperous one. But I'm still of the opinion that her going to Westeros to become Queen on the IT is neither how her story will end in the books nor is it supposed to be.
  4. That poll is insufficent I want to give it a negative grade "1" is too good for it.
  5. At least two do: Hot Pie, the Amazing Offscreen Prince of Dorne And Lord NinjaBronn and Lady Rosebush of High Garden.
  6. Yeah I know we didn't see her training, just wanted to point out that oversight. And well, I don't think the bulk of 12 year olds, boy or girl, are the "fighting kind" either and it didn't sound like they'd get a choice....
  7. So with Jon decreeing that everybody above the age of 12 will be trained in fighting....does that mean Sansa is being trained to fight as well? Or does she get a pass due to being Jon's sister (well, cousin, but officially sister)?
  8. Well there's actually a whole archipelago of Islands and even Ireland has its forests. It stands to reason the Iron Born got their wood from somewhere for the three centuries they have been banned from raiding now... Also I can see the Ironborn being fanatic/stupid enough to disassemble their own homes in order to build at least some sort of ships.
  9.   Not Carnac but I can try anyway.   Mel's hair was a lighting issue, the scenes at the wall have this washed out, dark, grey-ish filter laid over them to indicate that it is cold. This makes Melisandre's red hair seem black or purple, in some shots its still does look red though, particularly in the last episode, after the snow starts to melt.   The roots of blonde hair can look darker because they have not been bleached by the sun, and the implication was that Lancel had his long hair cut off fairly recently.
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