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  1. The only thing I really have to say about this is: "Well....that was 80 minutes of...stuff..." Like it wasn't even entertaining.
  2. If it were to go down that route the only acceptable version would be Dany waking up in Meereen, back in Season 4, so that all the horribleness of season 5-8 never happened.
  3. Orphalesion

    Tywin's Sack of KL vs Dany's burning of KL

    I gotta say that I think it's pretty pointless to compare and contrast the war atrocities of the various characters. So, assuming Tywin's action were "worse" under some arbitrary set of rules, would that be any consolation to the people Dany roasted?
  4. In the books yes. I probably wasn't clear in how I wrote my message. I am disappointed that they removed her Vale plot where she would have had tthe possibility to hone, practice and/or acquire those skills. In the show it came out of nowhere. That plot would have also been the opportunity for her to realize she has sisterly feelings for Jon, like she does in the book, and for her to consciously decide that she wants to hold up her Stark name and heritage. I'm disappointed we didn't get all that character growth. Instead it was Little Bird->Dark Sansa for 10 seconds ->Rape ->Super Sansa, Queen of the Norf.
  5. Orphalesion

    Thank you Dothraki

    Oh but Daenerys had them all super-dooper promise on their favourite hair bells that they wouldn't rape and pillage when she made them all her Bloodriders in Vaes Dothrak. I'm sure that will work out.
  6. I'm super pissed. And I've been pissed ever since they started butchering her character all the way back in Season 5 and had her raped instead of giving her her proper storyline. And I'm finding it super laughable how she suddenly became pro-efficient in armour making and in food logistics for no apparent reason and how she suddenly became a staunch Northern Patriot to the point that she wants to declare independence form "those nasty dirty Southeners" Her xenophobia is really even more laughable. Why does what Cersei did to her make her hate the South but what Ramsay did to her doesn't make her hate the North?
  7. Orphalesion

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Yeah....no, I don't think at that point she had any more motivation than "waaaaaaaaaaaaargh! Kill! Die!"
  8. Orphalesion

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Well as already been pointed out, most people on the show are "killers". You pretty much have to be a killer to be in power in a Medieval Society. Even Ned Stark killed people. The difference is that until now Daenerys stopped before she actively killed innocents (with the possible exception of that capital punishment against the Masters in Meereen, kinda hard to find out whether everyone she executed was part of the "let's nail children to the wayside" plot. Particularly because we don't know how the executed Masters were selected) and she even went out of her way and accepted harm towards herself and setbacks in her goals to avoid actively harming innocents. She wanted to break the wheel....yes, but what people so like to forget to quote is that she wanted to break the wheel because it was endlessly spinning, crushing those on the ground. Then last episode she actively and deliberately murdered hundreds of thousands of innocents (went to great lengths and harmed her goals to murder them) and made herself worse than literally every other person that has appeared on the show. You don't really have to do that to Daenerys' character to show that her going to Westeros to "take back her throne" is not a moral decision. That has been pointed out and outright stated on screen since Season 1. Nobody except her cared that the Baratheons were in power instead of the Targaryens and Robert's reign was a peaceful and prosperous one. But I'm still of the opinion that her going to Westeros to become Queen on the IT is neither how her story will end in the books nor is it supposed to be.
  9. Orphalesion

    How would you fix?

    With the least possible alteration to what we got? Have Daenerys fly straight to the Red Keep and burn it to the ground with Cersei in it. Then Dany realizes that she has just slaughtered hundreds (thousands?) of innocent people that were seeking shelter there, destroyed the building her ancestors have created and will now always be hated by the people of KL/Westeros. Still can lead to the ending the Showrunners seem to want, but is, Imho, a little bit less stupid and OOC as far as Daenerys is concerned. Plus it has the added bonus that the Hound and Arya inadvertently saved that woman and her child they pushed aside to get into the Keep.
  10. Orphalesion

    Theory: Varys slow poisoned Daenerys

    Might as well at this point, maybe Bernadette (Cersei's handmaiden apparently in seasons 1-7, aprrently) can help her if she made it out of KL in time.
  11. Orphalesion

    Welcome to war

    ^This. Plus....I'm pretty sure if Roosevelt and Churchill had had access to a huge ass Dragon that would have been capable of flying up to Hitler and the Japanese war generals and just eating them, I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been a Dresden or a Hrioshima. Just like there was no real need to even bring an army to KL in Season 7, Dany could have just flown up to Cersei and have Drogon eat her. The whole thing made no sense.
  12. I mean she still got a lot of money out of it, but......yeah, I doubt she signed on to play Fantasy Hitler.
  13. Orphalesion

    Northmen slaughtering civilians

    As much as the rest of the episode was a bit gratuitous in some ways. The Northmen killing or raping civilians was something I didn't have a problem with. The moment you have an army you will get at least a portion of soldiers who are in it for the rape and plunder or who just like inflicting pain. That has been true for every army, everywhere to every time. And even with decent, everyday people the high stress and constant mortal danger of war, or even a single battle, can "flip a switch" inside their head, causing them to admit atrocities they would have never been able to. Humanity wasn't made for war as it has invented it. Nothing in nature comes even close to it. Just imagine being a Northern farmer in KL, Greyworm has just goaded the Lannisters into counter-attacking, there's screaming and flailing people everywhere and the crazy whitehaired chick is riding on her huge-ass Dragon, constantly roasting streets full of random people. Would you be able to distinguish who's foe or innocent? In Blackwater it's made clear that not even Stannis, who's as strict as anybody can be about proper conduct could have prevented his army from ravaging the city, what chance did Jon and Davos have, especially since their forces included Dothraki and a crazy mass-murderer on a dragon? And remember, part of why Daenerys wanted the Unsullied was because they are so disciplined and their behaviour is so modified that they would not cause unnecessary suffering among civilians.
  14. Nice quoting my message out of context, you should consider a career in advertising.