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  1. Many things would change and the story would be finished by now because everything would just be on fast forward to now. Queen Danaerys.
  2. Thats a spear because she is part of the socially underdeveloped wildlings.
  3. Yah, see I agree with this. Aerys was driven "mad", whatever that means, by being taken as a hostage just as Dany was . They did nothing wrong that wash not caused by someone else.
  4. I disagree. Dany is a victim of Stockhome Syndrome and she is not aware of the damage that it is doing to her mental health at that time. I don't want to get in trouble here by using the word, but Khal Drogo was a monster to Dany and abused her. She did her best to survive like Sansa is doing. Both are young and naive girls in the beginning.
  5. Sea Dragon

    ASOIAF or Memory Sorrow and Thorn?

    The weirwoods are evil. It is known.
  6. OMG that is so beautiful. This is the book story, thank the lord, and not the show story.
  7. How did his other books end? Does anyone know?
  8. I have never ranted before because I never really watched the show. I have seen the recent t episode and I am shocked the show would do Dany bad. This isn't the books where she is practicing at being a good leader. It is so obvious the she and Jon are both going to restore the Targaryen dynasty and rule wisely. This show is made up nonsense and it makes me very angry to see them make Danaerys burn everything. That's not who she is. She might get angry with someone in the next book but she is not going to burn anything like this. She will end up being the wise queen.
  9. This is going to affect Martin BIG TIME. When he writes winds of winter and the last books he will be darn sure to make it clear that this story is about Danearys being the conquerer and savior. She is the missing piece in fantasy being that she is a strong female. Martin has a modern audience to write for now and the show messed up BIG TIME. I am so angry with what I saw last episode. There is no way that happens in the books with Queen Danaerys. She and Jon will restore the Targaryen dynasty together. It is quit obvious that the author meant it this way. So yeah, this reaction of mine is like most every ones and we are very angry over the shows portrayal of women and Martin will bring out his fire and blood to make it the way it fits a modern audience and the way he wants. Her redemption arc (as if she needed one) starts now.
  10. Sea Dragon

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Martin writes winds of winter and makes it very clear that Danaerys is the hero of the story because it is obvious that in the book she is. He will come down with fire and blood to make sure this mad queen Danaerys doesn't happen in his books. This is a modern audience he has to appeal to now. Brienne crying was fine because that is normal in her situation. She was knighted and survived a deadly battle and slept with the man she has loved for ages and he left her because he said he was evil inside. That was terrible. What wasn't right is how Gendry did not cry when Arya refused him and to marry him. Same situation as Brienne (mostly) but he didn't cry and I think he would have because he is a rare nice character in the story and he also has loved Arya for a long time.
  11. Sea Dragon

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Well, I would say it is now possible that you are the one that misinterpreted those scenes. It should be very obvious that the show is making Danaerys the bad one for a long time. This is not the books which is why I hardly ever watched the show because they are wrong.
  12. Sea Dragon

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    The word "mad" is just a generic term that readers use because that is what is used in the books. There are different levels of mad just like there are different levels of villains in the way Martin says he writes. Some are light gray and some are very dark black. Argueing details over a commonly used word is part of the problem.
  13. Sea Dragon

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Also I noticed her hair in the recent episode was closer braided to how it looked in Meereen. That clip still shows it off. Isn't her hair braids on the show supposed to mean something. Sorry, I'm not sure where I heard that but it was something about how the characters are dressed.
  14. Sea Dragon

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Can someone explain how the show isn't showing Danaerys as turning in to her father here? And I mean the way the show is doing it. Like I already said the show has been giving us the supposed mad queen look for a few seasons now. Ok, I kept looking in youtube for other scenes and totally forgot about this part where Danaerys not only burns nobles for the fun of it, she does so without proper trials and says they could be innocent or not, but then she gets turned-on by the burnings and that is when she touches Hizdar and decides to marry him. That was the next scene that I already posted. This is just lousy writing. She is THE queen.
  15. Sea Dragon

    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Why does everyone keep saying IF they go this route? The show has been going this route for many seasons. Hey, I am a book reader and I totally favor Danerys and barely watch the show. I only have seen the show when I am at a friends house and there is a binge going on. I go to school and don't have cable. But from what I have seen the show has been making Danaerys the antagonist for a long time, like back when she was still conquering Meereen. The show had her make Drogon burn and eat nobles who were submitting to her and then she forced Hizdar to marry her while he was on his knees. That is really messed up. I am sure that in the books her power and confidence will still grow. She won't be a mad queen. She will be THE queen because it is so obvious that she is the authors favorite and he would never write a story that would make the modern society angry with him. I just want to say that this scene really made me angry as a Danaerys fan.