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  1. Hello. I watched this a little while ago when I first got on to this forum and saw this thread. Wow that is a lot of stretching of the text. None of it really made any sense and I did not like that they sometimes don't use the full quote which makes it sound like they are forcing the theory because they leave stuff out. Besides, this is a story of rebirth and the like and Jon, Danaerys and Arya are all going to be in a marriage together as the new Aegon and his sisters thing (but Daenerys will be the queen) to reform Westeros after the wight walker invasion.
  2. Sea Dragon

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    I disagree. Its obvious people like Tywin and Gregor Clegane and Ramsay and others like them are villains. The same is true for the heroes. They may be more grey or whatever but they are going to be "clean" heroes in the end.
  3. Sea Dragon

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    I seriously thought I was the only one who believed this! (Don't forget that if you follow Rheagars marriage/child attempts Jon is also a lightbringer sword, who is destined to fight beside Dany with all her Azor Ahi reborn symbolism, but her dragons also make her, as their mother/rider a lightbringer. And Jons Nissa Nissa was when he sacrificed his (wife) duty for love (Arya) according to Maester Aemon. I was reading some mythology and one goddess I read was linked to trees, wolves, nature and the moon and fighting the un-dead (all men must die sounds like opposed to un-dead to me) I thought that is so Arya, then the article went and said she was commonly known as lightbringer. Then I thought of needle, and how Syrio said "boy, girl doesn't matter you are a sword." Not sure what/who her Nissa Nissa is, her identity? but she never really lost that... her pack? she did leave them behind. Or maybe she hasn't done it yet, could be a sacrifice is needed to regain her identity. Wow, this is so cool to read someone else who thinks Danaerys and Jon and Arya will be the new trio like we see so many Targaryens do. LOL maybe not so many, but some important ones. It is so obvious that Arya is infatuated with Jon and he with her and it will be romantic when they reunite. Just as everything Jon and Danaerys do will unite them because they have sooo much in common. I guess this is why I think all the Azor Ahai fan talk about him being a villain is kinda wrong in an off way.
  4. I think I understand now. It seems to me that Stannis going north had more to do with Davos putting in an effort to learn some new information (like reading) and the way he strategizes with ships (like also getting Edric out of Melisandre's grasp) that more credit goes to Davos for this.
  5. Sea Dragon

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Where did the citadel and maestros come from? Like, I know the faith of the seven is an Andal religion from Essos, but what about the maesters?
  6. Davos read the letter and convinced Stannis to go north. Not Melisandre. From what I can tell of Melisandre she is just misreading all of the flames she sees and is confused like she says and she takes credit for other things that happen.
  7. Sea Dragon

    Azor Ahai is a hero, not a villain

    I will read more of the James Cooper theory. Thanks you. I also think that Nissa Nissa was selfless and she did what she had to for the greater good. I mean, we see Danaerys do that lots of times with Drogo, Rhaego and even herself. Maybe the new Azor Ahai is not exactly the same but close enough.
  8. Sea Dragon

    Is unbroken Male descent important in Westeros?

    Martin is about to make the women the heroes of the story. Danaerys is the main hero. Cersei is just doing the best she can. Arya is struggling now but she will come out a leader. And so on. From what I understand of Martin he is a feminist so it makes the most sense that he will make it not necessary to have men be the bloodline importance anymore.
  9. Sea Dragon

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    He will be Danaerys's husband and connection to the north, along with Arya in a polygamous marriage. All three of them are swords but Danaerys is the only queen.
  10. Sea Dragon

    Daenerys is Azor Ahai.

    Wow. A lot of people agree to this and that is good. I agree that Danaerys is Azor Ahai the hero come again.
  11. Sea Dragon

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    No. I do not think Rickon is that important. Sometimes I forget about him. When he comes back to Westeros he will not have a unicorn with him.
  12. I have been reading a lot here the last few days but wasn't able to comment much. One thing that I read a few times over again is that people are saying Azor Ahai was a bad guy or villain or whatever word you want to use. I disagree. He was a hero that had to do what was necessary to save the day. His wife, Nissa Nissa, knew this and that is why she gave herself to his flames. Azor Ahai was not a bad guy or villain. I believe that Queen Danaerys Stormborn is Azor Ahai come again. She birthed the dragons and follows the rest of the story. I am going to paste here what the wiki says about Azor Ahai to make it easier. I think Danaerys and Jon and Arya will marry and they will be Azor Ahai and his savior swords together because Azor Ahai did not fight alone. Jon already gave Arya a sword and Danaerys has Drogon. Darkness lay over the world and a hero, Azor Ahai, was chosen to fight against it. To fight the darkness, Azor Ahai needed to forge a hero's sword.[3] He labored for thirty days and thirty nights until it was done. However, when he went to temper it in water, the sword broke. He was not one to give up easily, so he started over. The second time he took fifty days and fifty nights to make the sword, even better than the first. To temper it this time, he captured a lion and drove the sword into its heart, but once more the steel shattered.[3] The third time, with a heavy heart, for he knew beforehand what he must do to finish the blade, he worked for a hundred days and nights until it was finished. This time, he called for his wife, Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her living heart, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes.[3] Although he had Lightbringer, Azor Ahai did not fight alone.[5] The Jade Compendium mentions that when the hero thrust the blade through a monster, the creature burst into flame.[6] It is unknown if Azor Ahai is connected with the legend of the last hero, who lived during the Long Night and helped to defeat the Others.
  13. Sea Dragon

    Claimants for Azor Ahai

    Queen Danaerys Stormborm. She is a storm goddess.
  14. Sea Dragon

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    I think that is a show only thing about the chicken. I just had to look it up because I did not remember the Hound eating chicken. I don't watch the show but I saw a bunch of memes popup and I guess it comes from there?
  15. Sea Dragon

    Another Dance of the dragons?

    I guess. I am so confused now because I thought that FAegon was the mummer's dragon part of the prophecy?