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  1. Bloodraven's Spider

    Describe a character with 1 (or 3) word

    Bobby B- horny tyrion- witty cercei- narcissist jaime- misunderstood Varys- genius LF- schemer Tywin- wise joff- cruel the moutain- savage the hound- intense thoros- drunk brienne- honorable dany- stupid Jon- intelligent sansa- lost arya- vengeful bran- commited Theon/reek- legendary stannis- dutiful sam- nerdy catlyn- stupid ned- bold euron- insane
  2. Bloodraven's Spider


    How do you think the wall comes down?
  3. Bloodraven's Spider


    Incredible excerpt. Can’t wait FaB. Any new George is good George. The fact silverwing wouldn’t cross the wall is very interesting. It would truly change the direction of ASOIAF if Dany and her dragons can’t cross the wall. Can’t wait for the full story and winds (one can dream right?)
  4. Ned was faced with that dilemma. He swapped baby Aegon (young Griff) for Jon when he went to starfall.
  5. Bloodraven's Spider

    Maegor's Holdfast - The Real tower of joy

    Interesting perspective. As a reader we must take the fever dream with a grain of salt thanks to Martin saying not to take them literal. I do think the tower of joy is a separate completely separate place then Maegor’s Holdfast but who knows what’s truly built underneath it or the red keep for that matter. Varys stays winning
  6. I can see Ashara as quiathe but in regards to the next sword of the morning. The only “known Dayne” is edric and there’s no shot he’s the next sword of the morning way to young not even a knight yet so we can mark him off. I doubt It’s a Dayne from high hermitage aka darkstar... Jon being Ashara’s son makes him part Dayne and he has all the qualities that the sword of the morning must possess. Also his chapters consistently reference the term Dawn. That being for his future battle for the Dawn and or for wielding Dawn. And your point about Arya is valid. But she has the same blood as Lyanna so it’s not shocking she’s very much like her aunt. Jon on the other is a legit copy of Ned from looks/personality/actions.
  7. Bloodraven's Spider

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    Osha makes a comment saying that Mance never tasted winter or something along those lines. If he is who he says he is he would have tasted 2/3 winters most like. I'm on the train that he is Arthur Dayne/Thormund is Gerold hightower and Qhorin is Oswell Whent
  8. Bloodraven's Spider

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    out of those 2 I would assume it be Arya. 1 she actually knows how to use a sword and 2 ArYA/VisenYA. Has Dany ever held a sword? I dont think either of them will wield Dark Sister if anyone does, its probably someone already at the wall, Jon, Val (cough cough)
  9. Bloodraven's Spider

    Jon's dream in ADwD

    This dream has always puzzled me. Like why not say Valyrian Steel? Maybe because its not, I like the idea of Sam smuggling Euron's armor to Jon but I dont see Sam getting his hands on that armor. It very well could be Undead Jon in the Armor of Wights. But I foresee him coming back in a way like Beric mixed with Stoneheart. A vengeful spirit but who remembers he has a greater purpose. Who know's what Bran will bring back with from Bloodraven's cave? Maybe it's Darksister and some crazy armor Bloodraven had worked upon by the Children. Only time will tell. But Jon will not wield Lightbringer if anything he is most like to continue wielding Longclaw a slight chance at Darksister but I can see him getting a hold of Dawn as he is the next sword of the morning
  10. Bloodraven's Spider

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    R+L=A Aegon legit just not related to Elia whatsoever.
  11. Bloodraven's Spider

    Dating i can't ignore and the implied picture it paints.

    The Maesters/Andals are complete liars. They consistently contradict themselves. I don’t have the money text with me now but I’ll post some later.
  12. Bloodraven's Spider

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    Yes the chances are better. He is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna
  13. Bloodraven's Spider

    Glass Candles

    I can definitely see the Hightower's having one. Do we know how many they're in total? I think 4 but i could be mistaken. 1) Citadel 2) House of Urrathon Nightwalker 3) Quaithe 4) The Hightower's
  14. Bloodraven's Spider

    Glass Candles

    Damn. Went right over my head. Clearly the 3EC is a women putting my bet on Lollys.
  15. Bloodraven's Spider

    Glass Candles

    Where did it say the 3EC was a women? You make some very interesting points