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  1. The Map Guy

    How likely is a Jon/Sansa match (aka Jonsa)?

    I think George initially wrote "Jon + Arya" to parallel "Meera + Bran", but that would be giving away too much so he scrapped it. It would also be the same reason why "Jonsa" will never be written.
  2. The Map Guy

    References and Homages

    I wonder if Val, our blonde hottie from the lands of ice and snow ... is a homage to Val Kilmer, another blonde hottie who plays "Iceman" in Top Gun? Could George really do this gender swap?? This may break a few hearts with this gender confusion. "The good woman at the brazier," Mance Rayder went on, "is Dalla." The pregnant woman smiled shyly. "Treat her like you would any queen, she is carrying my child." He turned to the last two. "This beauty is her sister Val. Young Jarl beside her is her latest pet." "I am no man's pet," said Jarl, dark and fierce. "And Val's no man," white-bearded Tormund snorted. "You ought to have noticed that by now, lad." {Jon I ASOS} Ahhhh thanks George for specifically clearing that up. Val is no man. No gender confusion here! And seriously, what is up with these cocky Navy pilots talking about the sizes of their members?
  3. The Map Guy

    References and Homages

    Not sure, but if so ... does that mean Tyrion hit a home run at Shae???
  4. The Map Guy

    Rhaego? Really?

    Where is the body??? Besides, we all know why you are on Team Dead-Rhaego ... All hail Megorova! He’s not, as he’s already said several times. I think with the terrible HBO ending and with TWOW having A LOT of things different would leave the fandom in some sort of Twilight Zone. I can't really explain it. But GRRM would be better off releasing both books together. Besides ADOS is the easiest to write since he had it all planned out since AGOT (originally a trilogy). TWOW is just the connector between ADWD (5th of 7 books, with new plots) and ADOS (planned with AGOT trilogy). Thanks. But we don't know if Quaithe is helping Dany for Dany. In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary is assisted throughout her pregnancy by random people, but it was all an act. They had their own agenda, and disguised it with their over-ambitious kindness. Quaithe needs an endgame to the story, and she wants Dany's dragons. The woman in the lacquered wooden mask said in the Common Tongue of the Seven Kingdoms, "I am Quaithe of the Shadow. We come seeking dragons." {Daenerys I ACOK} Quaithe is Shera Seastar, but even with her Targaryen blood, she cannot bind Dany's baby dragons herself. Quaithe would need Dany to do it for her, but how do you control Dany without her baby dragons fighting back? TV Stuff: So how do you control Dany? Perhaps holding baby-Rhaego hostage in exchange for Dany's cooperation. But with everything that Dany has accomplished and is about to head to Westeros, how does she move forward after finding out that Rhaego is alive? Does she do a 0, ignore Rhaego & Quaithe's demands, and just go forward to Westeros? Does she do a 180 and turn back on everything she has accomplished? (stupid D&D!) Or does she do a 360, confront the Rhaego-situation, end it whatever way possible, and move forward to Westeros? This would be a great story, a conflict with the heart. Off-topic: For those confused by "180" & "360", here is Charles Dance to explain:
  5. The Map Guy

    Rhaego? Really?

    Borrowing this from https://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/80080-could-rhaego-be-alive/ Thanks. OMG Jorah is in on it!!! Jorah knows Rhaego is alive too! "Weak? I am strong, Jorah." To please him, she reclined on a pile of cushions. "Tell me how my child died." "He never lived, my princess. The women say …" He faltered, and Dany saw how the flesh hung loose on him, and the way he limped when he moved. "Tell me. Tell me what the women say." He turned his face away. His eyes were haunted. "They say the child was …" "Monstrous," Mirri Maz Duur finished for him. The knight was a powerful man, yet Dany understood in that moment that the maegi was stronger, and crueler, and infinitely more dangerous. "Twisted. I drew him forth myself. He was scaled like a lizard, blind, with the stub of a tail and small leather wings like the wings of a bat. When I touched him, the flesh sloughed off the bone, and inside he was full of graveworms and the stink of corruption. He had been dead for years." Darkness, Dany thought. The terrible darkness sweeping up behind to devour her. If she looked back she was lost. "My son was alive and strong when Ser Jorah carried me into this tent," she said. "I could feel him kicking, fighting to be born." "That may be as it may be," answered Mirri Maz Duur, "yet the creature that came forth from your womb was as I said. Death was in that tent, Khaleesi." "Only shadows," Ser Jorah husked, but Dany could hear the doubt in his voice. "I saw, maegi. I saw you, alone, dancing with the shadows. [you mean dancing with Quaithe??]" {Daenerys IX AGOT} Jorah never admitted seeing stillborn-Rhaego! He kept saying "The women say". He is feeling guilty for lying to Dany. Jorah that bastard! He let them take Rhaego! Probably for a deal. Now, this is exactly like Rosemary's Baby! Rosemary = Daenerys Guy = Jorah Movie Spoiler: HA! I'm sure they will be finished. He is probably writing TWOW and ADOS altogether.
  6. The Map Guy

    Rhaego? Really?

    It depends how the story is told ... if alive-Rhaego is suppose to challenge Dany's authority in a "gotcha" moment, its not really impressive story-telling. But ...... if alive-2-year-old-Rhaego appears in the story, where Daenerys has to promptly choose between her dragons and her son ... that would be good story telling. A great conflict with the heart type story ... sort of like Edmure Tully choosing between Riverrun and his baby son. I bump Rhaego to being alive at 100% now. I found the foreshadowing of this in the ASOIAF books, as well as satisfying Top Secret Theory's Rosemary's Baby requirement. I'll add the details to the Dark Sister Rebellion theory ... when I write it. But a preview of some fan-fiction: Right before Dany sails to Westeros, Quaithe appears & reveals that 3-year old Rhaego is alive and is held hostage by her. Dany must voluntarily be a captive of Quaithe or else she will execute Rhaego. Dany also must agree to control Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion to Quaithe's commands. Dany agrees to meet Quaithe alone. In person, she sees Rhaego at knife-point and becomes extremely conflicted with this, as well as giving up her dragons. Daenerys passes out due to the shock of everything. Late that night, she tossed and turned, dreaming of what she needs. She needs Khal Drogo, who appears in her dream upon a fiery steed. A dreamy Khal Drogo reminds Daenerys what happened the last time she trusted a maegi. And she made it this far without Rhaego. Even then, Rhaego may have been brainwashed by Quaithe already, losing him again anyways, Drogo tells Dany that if she looks back, she is lost. Dany knows what to do now, she WILL NOT lose her dragons. Dany wakes up and everything is on fire. Viserion came out of nowhere and torched up everyone, including Rhaego and Quaithe. Dany accepts the situation, as she was going to give up Rhaego anyways in this hard decision. She then presses on her Westerosi invasion by going West, after make this pit-stop East with Quaithe. Evidence? I have none! Just kidding! Approved TV HotU changes versus ACOK HotU: And if anyone is asking why Viserion is the one that torches everyone (including Quaithe) ... it is because Daenerys is holding out for a hero!! Also: "Remember. To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back [don't listen to Quaithe or you'll be lost Dany!] and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow." "Quaithe?" Dany sprung from the bed and threw open the door. Pale yellow lantern light flooded the cabin, and Irri and Jhiqui sat up sleepily. "Khaleesi?" murmured Jhiqui, rubbing her eyes. Viserion woke and opened his jaws, and a puff of flame brightened even the darkest corners. There was no sign of a woman in a red lacquer mask. "Khaleesi, are you unwell?" asked Jhiqui. "A dream." Dany shook her head. "I dreamed a dream, no more. Go back to sleep. All of us, go back to sleep." Yet try as she might, sleep would not come again. {Daenerys III ASOS}
  7. The Map Guy

    Have posters actually read the books?

    What if the "what if" threads were about future plots, instead of changing the past? Like "What if Ramsay never wrote the Pink Letter and someone else did, and these are his/her reasons ... " or Like "What if Rhaego is alive? No one confirmed where the body was placed! MMD said "He had been dead for years" Dany was not pregnant for years!" These are technically "what if"s
  8. The Map Guy

    Rhaego? Really?

    I agree, Rhaego is certainly not going to be a hero or conqueror of some sort. UNLESS ... Rhaego is used as a hostage against Daenerys to get her to do what the witches want. And the witches want her dragons! Perhaps the witches would raise Rhaego up as a future dragonbinder. (I say "witches" to discount any Dothraki involvement in this scheme) Also, aside from being similar to the Rosemary's Baby plot, it would also be similar to the Kill Bill plot too ... which I think GRRM is unafraid to borrow a little from Tarantino for Daenerys' plot. I bump the odds 50% to now 60% that Rhaego is alive! (but will die by ADOS)
  9. The Map Guy

    Good songs to listen to whilst reading!

    Stupid D&D ... after TWOW reveals Stannis actually wins the Battle of Winterfell, D&D can take their unnecessary BotB plot & the Emmy they won from it, and shove it up in their asses! It will be forgotten in history of TV and literature. I like how TV Tyrion watches TV Stannis charging the castle at the front lines and says "He is a serious man, Stannis Baratheon" Remember, this episode was written by GRRM himself, and I think this line foreshadows a battle tactic in the Battle of Winterfell in TWOW. Roose will fall for a ruse he created himself and guards the quiet gate, thinking the main attack is there ... while a loud diversionary force pretends to attacks Ramsay's gate. But Stannis is serious about attacking a gate he meant to attack. Stannis breaches Ramsay's gate, after Ramsay accidentally opens it for them, thinking they were friends and not foes.
  10. The Map Guy

    Rhaego? Really?

    Ok I'm putting in some stock on Rhaego being alive ... like a 50% chance ... but not the way Megorova has it. If anyone would to kidnap Rhaego, it would Quaithe and whatever other witches she is teamed up with. Top Secret Theory suggests that GRRM needs a Rosemary's Baby plot and twist in ASOIAF. I'll tried placing it with other characters, but thanks to Megorova, perhaps the Rosemary's Baby twist works better with Daenerys and Rhaego. Rosemary's Baby - Rosemary: Where's my baby?!?!?! GoT during GRRM approved plot changes - Daenerys: Where are my dragons?!?!?!? GRRM approve plot changes in HBO has to mean something, even a secret meaning. Plot Spoiler for Rosemary's Baby for anyone who don't want to watch the movie later (its on Netflix): But I only give Rhaego being alive 50% odds, because it would require a large logistical scheme (like the one Megorova pointed out). I believe too many wild assumptions = less plausibility. UNLESS everyone was in on it Movie Spoiler: And if Rhaego is alive, he won't be riding Rhaegal. Rhaegal is saved for someone even more demonic. Two year old Rhaego might even die before Daenerys reaches Westeros.
  11. The Map Guy

    Good songs to listen to whilst reading!

    Actually, one of the things I do after I re-read a chapter of ASOIAF is that I would re-watch the matching scene in HBO GoT (Season 1 - 4 only). If there were any discrepancies, I would ask myself why? Was it the HBO budget? A unnecessary plot line? Is George trying to hide something? Or is George giving us a hint of foreshadowing for TWOW or ADOS? For example:
  12. The Map Guy

    How do you expect Euron to die? (If he does)

    Some fan-fic:
  13. The Map Guy

    Nods to the NFL in ASOIAF

    The Life of the Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants. {Tyrion VIII ADWD 2011} Is a reference to the 2008 Super Bowl XLII, where the New York Giants defeated Bill Bilicheat & the New England Patriots, who were undefeated prior to the championship game. ASOIAF ice giants = New York Giants ASOIAF fire dragons = New York Jets I don't care what George says, dragons are NOT nukes. Dragons are more similar to fighter jets. Unless there is a dragon that can magically make a nuke.
  14. The Map Guy

    Good songs to listen to whilst reading!

    I read with my eyes while Roy Dotrice speaks to my ears. I get double doses of ASOIAF at once.
  15. The Map Guy

    Lady Stoneheart's Purpose in ASOIAF

    I believe Jon will be resurrected at the Wall in TWOW. And he dies later again on his march South in ADOS. This is where Lady Stoneheart meets him and revives him again ... passing on Beric Dondarrion's life-force, and the plot-purpose of the Red Wedding to Jon.