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  1. Well its not Benjen. Coldhands doesn't have the soul of Bran's uncle. He is an ice-wight, a robot shaped like Benjen's body. It is all a trick. Coldhands, CotF, & Bloodraven ... fickled friends to Bran & company. It will get darker at the Black Wedding in the Nightfort ... with all the tricks. A series of chisel-cut handholds made a ladder in the granite of the tower's inner wall. Hodor hummed tunelessly as he went down hand under hand, Bran bouncing against his back in the wicker seat that Maester Luwin had fashioned for him. Luwin had gotten the idea from the baskets the women used to carry firewood on their backs; after that it had been a simple matter of cutting legholes and attaching some new straps to spread Bran's weight more evenly. It was not as good as riding Dancer, but there were places Dancer could not go, and this did not shame Bran the way it did when Hodor carried him in his arms like a baby. Hodor seemed to like it too, though with Hodor it was hard to tell. The only TRICKy part was doors. Sometimes Hodor forgot that he had Bran on his back, and that could be PAINFUL when he went through a door. For near a fortnight there had been so many comings and goings that Robb ordered both portcullises kept up and the drawbridge down between them, even in the DEAD of Night. A long column of armored lancers was crossing the moat between the walls when Bran emerged from the tower; Karstark men, following their lords into the castle. They wore black iron halfhelms and black woolen cloaks patterned with the white sunburst. Hodor trotted along beside them, smiling to himself, his boots thudding against the wood of the drawbridge. The riders gave them queer looks as they went by, and once Bran heard someone guffaw. He refused to let it trouble him. "Men will look at you," Maester Luwin had warned him the first time they had strapped the wicker basket around Hodor's chest. "They will look, and they will talk, and some will mock you." Let them mock, Bran thought. No one mocked him in his bedchamber, but he would not live his life in bed. As they passed beneath the gatehouse portcullis, Bran put two fingers into his mouth and whistled. Summer came loping across the yard. Suddenly the Karstark lancers were fighting for control, as their horses rolled their eyes and whickered in dismay. One stallion reared, screaming, his rider cursing (TVJonSnow cursing at a dragon) and hanging on desperately. The scent of the direwolves sent horses into a frenzy of fear if they were not accustomed to it, but they'd quiet soon enough once Summer was gone. "The godswood," Bran reminded Hodor. {Bran VI AGOT} I guess here is where Summer dies in the Winds of Winter too.
  2. Tell your nuncle to stay put. TWOW will be awesome, starting with the Prologue ... a very masculine and family-oriented introduction. There will be several soundtracks that would accompany it, from Eminem to Elvis to Ella Fitzgerald, even some Jersey guy named Sinatra. The Winds of Winter will be great addition to A Song of Ice & Fire. Yes I am the real GRRM and I am standing up to tell you some good news and some bad news. Good News - Everything you saw on the TV show will not happen because D&D are idiots, and they didn't listen or follow my instructions correctly. Bad News - I won't release TWOW until the Jets or the Giants win another Super Bowl (preferably the Jets, Giants already won one recently in the 2011 Season) Be blessed Not sure what you mean. Perhaps about owning a calendar? Owning a calendar is not a big deal. You can pick up an autographed 2021 calendar here: https://jeancocteaucinema.com/product/a-song-of-ice-fire-2021-calendar/ https://starkmaiden.tumblr.com/post/625107541030010880/this-will-be-up-in-two-parts-because-pictures https://starkmaiden.tumblr.com/post/625107690716381184/yes-my-weird-desire-to-own-asoiaf-content Please enjoy my autographed 2021 calendar as consolation prize if the Jets or Giants don't win this year.
  3. Hi George if you are reading this! Happy Name-Day! I'll try to keep up, but I have been busy lately. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/07/the-martian-are-here/ TWOW Prologue Lightning-Saber Scene!!! Eat your heart out Lucas!!! https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/07/emerging-from-hyperspace/ Oh like Robert Strong the Robot, I get it https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/10/c-c-claudius-aka-i-clavdivs/ Yes TWOW Prologue will definitely be a Top 5 all time with ASOIAF, at least to me. With all my research and following all the breadcrumb trails on the TV show (the seasons you were involved in), you are cooking up something real good! https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/15/lose-one-lose-one/ I don't expect our Giants or Jets to do well this year. To be honest I haven't been following the NFL this season will all their political messages. I want to watch sports to escape politics. But it seems easier not to watch now since they both suck. I was never comfortable with Gase as head coach, esp. with Mike McCarthy available at the time for hire. And damn it to losing a phenomenal player like Jamal Adams this year. I say between the Giants and Jets combined, they will lose about twenty games this season. https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/12/more-death/ Death sucks. We also lost Chadwick "T'Challa" Boseman recently. It seems unfair. Kinda make us wish R'hllor's Last Kiss was a real thing in life. My uncle passed away suddenly the other day. My cousin (his son) is the biggest Mets fan. My uncle owned an arc-welding company that worked on shiny steel ... not too far from where the Mets play here in Queens. It has been difficult for our family lately. Some fan-fic: To flee or not to flee? That is the riddle. "Guards ___________________!" That made answering the riddle easier. _____________ emerged from his pit, his soul escaping into the gaping hole as the thunderstorm loomed above him. He was ready. From up here, he can see the full horror all around him. B___ w___ b___. ______________________? Before he can ponder any further, he unsheathed ______________ just as a bolt of lightning arced across the sky, electrifying the steel's reflection, the blade alive with blinding light for an instant. Rest in peace Uncle. We love you.
  4. Happy name day!!! I have an USA ASOIAF calendar hanging in my office. The listed holidays for September are "Labor Day", "Rosh Hashanah", "Autumn Begins", "Yom Kippur" and "George R. R. Martin's Birthday" lol The artwork for September 2020 is Nagga and the Grey King ... his sword unsheathed, the blade alive with sunlight.
  5. Quite a lot of assumptions and not enough questions & answers. GRRM elaborating would make the difference. Me: Hey George ... I'm going to get food, do you want any? GRRM: I ate a long time ago. Me: Um okay ... what does that even mean? You need to elaborate. Do you want or not? GRRM: It means I ate a long time ago. Me: Okay, well I'm just going to buy a slice of pizza for myself then. GRRM: WAIT NO! NYC PIZZA? Let me elaborate ... can you get me seven slices please. Thanks. Me: Oh nice, seven slices for Seven Kingdoms? GRRM: Um ..... sure! Sure ... but just letting you know that being the first member of the Map Guy groupie is a honor ... since everyone reading TWOW will be like "Dammit, the Map Guy was right again" chapter after chapter after chapter after chapter ... starting with the Prologue https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2020/09/04/stuff-to-watch/ And yes George ... I already know. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights is a great addition to the Prologue's soundtrack. Jersey even gets a shout-out in the background! I think I am the only theorist that uses songs to solve A Song of Ice & Fire mysteries. For the Prologue I have rock, rap, this modern 80s vibe R&B by the Weeknd. I'm not sure if George is into video games, but I have this orchestra/techno theme from a video game that fits the entire Prologue perfectly. That last part with the drum rolls should make people stop kneeling and stand up to salute! In my fan-fic mock chapter, I have this part written like this: From his knees, he pushes himself up with his sword. As he stood surrounded by the doom above, he can feel his eyes beginning to blind and his life slowly leaving him. The skies burst from loudness to echoes, flashed between light and dark, faded from white to grey, with the black slowly creeping in. ________________________ said gently as the knight thought about his _______. He then fired a roar that would put any craven into tears "AND NO! YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" ________________________ The trumpets, the drums and the thunderstorm above blended into a sweet sad song that ________________ wanted. This music is for me, and I will lose myself in it.
  6. Or it means that the Children of the Forest don't care anymore what happens to the ranger since he has died already ... The ranger? They'll kill him! No, they killed him long ago. Take your pick: what is dead may never die CotF don't care anymore I don't know ... I wished they elaborated on that. Our dumb hostages don't know how to ask smart questions. I am sticking to 3. what does that even mean??? Anyways, I am a firm believer that if we receive new facts on a topic, people are allowed to change their opinions. Don't let stubbornness blind you. Conformity is overrated. You can change your opinions ... just like you can change your screen-names
  7. I do understand that his scarf conceals the lower half of his face, but Bran, or at the very least, Hodor would be intimately familiar with Benjen as a Stark family member. They should be able to distinguish who he is even if wearing a scarf. I can tell who close friends and family are even with a helmet on. We pickup on other facial and body clues to identify people we know. The Stark eyes are famously dark grey, so I don't think black would be enough of a concealment. I had a long explanation to your comment, and then I realized I could simplify it by saying this: If Bran was trying to figure out Coldhand's identity, no way would he have guessed Benjen, since his uncle would have revealed himself already. There is a hidden agenda here. Also, I know it has been years & years since the books, and we already accepted Coldhands as a wight ... but for Bran in ADWD, he never met a wight before. An initial task of robot-Coldhands is to not give away the fact that he is a wight ... since it may scare Bran away. AND WHERE DID COLDHANDS GO AFTER HE DROPPED OFF BRAN AT THE CAVE? "When I am needing one." She waved her torch toward the black crack in the back wall of the cave. "Our way is down. You must come with me now." Bran shivered again. "The ranger …" "He cannot come." "They'll kill him." "No. They killed him long ago. Come now. It is warmer down deep, and no one will hurt you there. He is waiting for you." "The three-eyed crow?" asked Meera. {Bran II ADWD} What does that even mean??? It is not an actual answer. Did anyone ever stop and asked themselves that??? Oh wait, GRRM changed the topic quickly to fool the readers from even asking that question. I agree. Coldhands is not Benjen. Coldhands is robotic-wight controlled by Bloodraven, using Benjen's corpse body. And I know the meaning behind the name "Benjen", and it will be the key to Coldhands' deception. Stupid editor. If only he/she knew "words are wind" connects with "the winds of winter". Words are Wind + The Winds of Winter = The Words of Winter ... a nod to the TWOW Prologue and Epilogue events
  8. Coldhands is Benjen's corpse body that is controlled by Bloodraven, even vocally. His "intelligence" is just Bloodraven speaking. His eyes were scooped out and replaced with raven eyes. The ranger killed a pig. Coldhands stood beside the door, a raven on his arm, both staring at the fire. Reflections from the flames glittered off four black eyes. He does not eat, Bran remembered, and he fears the flames. {Bran I ADWD} TWOW Sample Spoilers A football is called a pigskin. When a football flies, it is a "flying pig." Also noticed that Ser Clayton Suggs only wants to scoop one eye instead of both? That is a Bloodraven connection. Clayton and Suggs are former NFL Baltimore Raven players. The name Baltimore "Ravens" were influenced by a work of Edgar Allan Poe, who is from Baltimore. Another of Edgar Allan Poe's work will influence something in TWOW that I call the "Black Wedding" ... which heavily involves Bloodraven as the main evil rat villain. The Others are not generic bad guys like in the TV show ... they were summoned because of a conflict of the heart, a conflict of a human's desire for vengeance ... Bloodraven's vengeance. Wow, I completely missed that one. lol Actually I am ... I am red-green color blind. And don't worry, I'm not offended. This is just a minor disability, other people have it worst. Yes. At this point, Craster has been killed and Coldhands went to the Keep to kill the NW mutineers by himself. He surely could of brought Bran with him there ... or at least brought back ALL the food from the storage rooms. But he didn't. That is a common one that everyone knows ... Wun Wun. A least common one is "Iron Emmett" When we think of iron, we can think of iron-smith. Iron Emmett ~ Emmitt Smith, a NFL Dallas Cowboy legend/beast. Iron Emmett was a long, lanky young ranger whose endurance, strength, and swordsmanship were the pride of Eastwatch (NFL NFC East Division). Jon always came away from their sessions stiff and sore, and woke the next day covered with bruises, which was just the way he wanted it (typical football player's day after a game). He would never get any better going up against the likes of Satin and Horse, or even Grenn. {Jon XII ASOS} So ... Iron Emmett = Emmitt Smith Melisandre is named after Melanie B & C from the Spice Girls. Just kidding. I don't really know. Robert Strong is a robotic strong Terminator, that obeys every command. I don't have exact proof, so it is just a theory with little evidence ... except my natural instinct of how the story should flow: After Bloodraven's NW desertion, he summons the White Walkers with the Horn of Joramun. The two parties then attack a cave full of CotF. Each CotF is killed an resurrected as Ice wights ... but their eyes don't turn blue because it is completely different species. A zombie CotF is commanded to use their magic to turn Bloodraven into a tree-wight ... maintaining immortality at the moment. Remember the random HBO GoT Season 5 (after GRRM left) Hardhome scene with the zombie children attacking that woman? I think that "zombie children" were a checklist that GRRM gave to D&D. But GRRM was really talking about zombie CotF. When Leaf talks in the Common Tongue, it is just Bloodraven mind-controlling her zombie corpse. There is a small little theme/clue that GRRM hid that I am sure that you guys missed. When Theon meets Tycho, a Braavosi, he notices his accent despite speaking really well. But Leaf doesn't have an accent when speaking the Common Tongue. It is because Bloodraven, a Westerosi, is speaking through her.
  9. Wow o Wow. My post got banned. It took me over a hour to write as I tried to address everyone, while backing up it with data and real stories. I even hid TWOW Prologue Easter Eggs in it in case a certain someone was reading it. Sorry to anyone who had missed my reply before it got banned, but I won't be back-tracing everything all over again. Thanks for your time to the people who disagreed with me, but kept it civil. No thank-you's to the people who kept it uncivil. For anyone curious to why it was banned ... let me rephrase the controversial remark in a non-controversial way: WHO IS READY FOR THE DEBATES??? WHO IS READY FOR THE JAPE-OFF??? My champion against yours! Anyways gtg. I'll probably return back to this sub-forum during the debates.
  10. Yes ... and this is going to sound disgusting, but he scooped out his blue-wight eyes and replaced it with raven eyes. There is a silly NFL football Easter EGG in TWOW Theon I about it with "Clayton Suggs" I took this to mean the wight-arm stopped moving. I don't know if bones actually contain memory, ASOIAF is a different universe than Assassin's Creed (a video game where one's brain memory is stored in DNA). Off-Topic: Doesn't D&D era HBO GoT suck??? A TV character can swing a sword at a wight, and it goes down completely. But in the books, the wights would just keep fighting after being struck. Sure. Since I'm not going to write the Dark Sister Rebellion theory anymore, I'll just give bits and bits. Here is a canon TLOIAF map that I scanned (I couldn't find this on the internet, so I had to do it myself) https://imgur.com/a/X0C4o3g If you look at Bran's canon journey (tan color), after the Nightfort Coldhands escorted Bran to the three-eyed crow and took a really really long route. Coldhands' escort even made a huge effort to avoid Craster's Keep, but he goes to Craster's Keep by himself anyways! Now you got to ask why is Coldhands doing this? To fabricate a false narrative to manipulate Bran to feel unsafe, cold and hungry ... but once he gets to the cave, he is showered with an "anti-wight force field", "warmth", and "food". He manipulated Bran into Stockholm Syndrome before he even arrived to the cave. Bran doesn't even know it yet, but he is a complying-hostage. Nice. This is really interesting. This may sound dark and over-zealous, but what if Mel killed herself, sacrificed herself, to seek Azor Ahai? ... and her prayers were answered with a resurrection? Or maybe a literal re-staged event of Azor Ahai killing Nissa Nissa? Honestly, I am still confused with the science behind greenseers. I know a party is lying so I can't tell which parts are true and which are false. But from my understanding, greenseers should be limited to the species of the CotF. I have no clue (except silly theories) on how Bloodraven became a tree-wight. Haha, that is just another way of GRRM saying D&D's way is fan-fiction and not canon. Choosing to leave LSH out changes the whole direction of the story. I forgot about another wight! Ser Robert Strong! I wonder how he should be classified ... maybe even a new classification It would be pretty funny if Robert Strong was a fire-wight and Qyburn was a fire priest all along.
  11. Welcome! Coldhand is Benjen's corpse, reanimated by Ice. He is a robot, controlled by Bloodraven. His blue wights eyes were scooped out and he covers his face to not reveal he is Benjen to Bran, since Bran will ask a million questions. Where did this happen? I thought Ice Wights aren't suppose to remember things. Bloodraven is motivated by vengeance too, after Egg sent him to Wall after helping him obtain the throne ... with murder Bloodraven lied to Bran about almost everything. I imagine we will have a dialogue in TWOW about all this between them I don't know about earth wights, they may be in the same league as tree wights. Don't know about the color for drown wights, could be clear like water. And if there was a specific color, it may reveal too much into the story, so I imagine GRRM may skip their eye colors. I imagine a storm wight's eyes to be bright white ... like X-men's Storm.
  12. Just when I thought I was out, you guys pull me back in. Just this one time ... @Guy Kilmore Throw some statistics at me to prove your point. Let's see it. What statistics are you looking for? Rebutting the claim of that woman on how black people are modernly oppressed because of something that happened 150 years ago is a false narrative? My statistic is every immigrant that has arrived to America since and thrived. If you want to limit it the same skin color, I know a naturalized Bahamian neurologist and a naturalized Ghanaian airliner captain. Ask them how slavery affected their way of life in America today. Or are you looking for the statistics of BLM riots destroying black business? Here is one in Minnesota. https://abcnews.go.com/US/black-owned-restaurant-responded-burned-protests/story?id=71049195 An Ethiopian restaurant???? You BLM rioters can't read a map?? According to the article, the owners were neutral about it ... but all the waiters and cooks are out of jobs. Great job BLM rioters. If you want me to list more black businesses being burn down by BLM, I can ... but as I do, I will remind you the employees are jobless. It was sarcastic joke. If you didn't get the joke of inviting someone that advocates Stealing into your home for dinner, I suggest you don't actually invite her. @Martell Spy I'm back! And no, I always voted Democrat. I'm a urban New Yorker. When I reached voting age in college, I voted against Bush. I voted for Obama twice. I didn't vote in 2016 because I thought Trump would start WWIII, but Hilary was not someone I support either. After 3 years of Trump, I couldn't be more wrong about WWIII, it felt safer as nation from foreign attacks. In regards to the racial divide, well that was already happening during the Obama-era. I'm in the center now leaning right. I am Pro-Choice, I have no problems with homosexuals, but the concept of transsexuals confuses me. I believe God created science, but Man created the Bible (I believe the Bible has no direct link to God, but its the same God). I support the police and troops, and I hate hypocritical movements with BLM and Cancel Culture. I can go on about being center but I won't. I can list several reasons why I will vote Trump, but I wont. All I'm telling you Democrats is ... JOE BIDEN??? REALLY??? C'mon man! You guys can't find a better candidate?? You guys want those Obama votes huh? I might have voted back to Democrat if you got Michael Bloomberg as a candidate. I liked him a lot as NYC mayor (he was a Red Sox fan, which was hard to stomach ... but he did a decent job and I'll give him a pass). He seems like a well spoken guy, and an economist that can match Trump. But I want to educate you guys on something about Trump that you guys already know, but in a different light. Trump is an asshole. We all know he is an asshole. His voters know he is an asshole. BUT he wears it like armor ... and it can never be used to hurt him. So good luck trying to attack his character. Trump is like a Tywin Lannister. You may hate him and his alpha-maleness ... but you are asking me to replace him with Joe Biden, who is like a Walder Frey. C'mon man! Walder Frey is a rat. Joe Biden ... Nice guy? Really? Not racist? I can provide a few links. You know I can and they are nasty. Respects women? I can provide a few links. You know I can and they are nasty. If you guys want to vote for rat that has a track record of sitting around doing nothing ... go ahead ... free country. I rather have an asshole lead the country than a rat hiding in the basement. @Week That is nice Week, supporting an organization whose violent actions will get Trump re-elected. Do you hear the democrat mayors and CNN telling you guys to stop rioting because it will increase Trump support? ... because its true. @A Horse Named Stranger Eric Garner is a better poster boy than George Floyd, but Eric was Obama-era. Its a shame what happened to Eric, but at the same time ... when the police (especially a police sting) announce that you are arrested, you don't resist. Almost all the people who have died under the police are resisting arrest. If only people listened to Chris Rock. Oh nice, you are a comedian too? I use to be a stand up comedian, but I don't do that anymore. I usually like to sit down and tell my jokes. JK, I was never a stand up comedian. Also I understand you are European. I just want to inform you we can't use the "N" words to refer to black people here in America ... including "negros". I don't want you to get your ass whooped here. And that last sentence was totally not necessary since it sounds like personal attack. But its okay, I can take it. I didn't vote for Trump yet. And again, I agree that Police Officer Chauvin murdered Floyd, but it was personal and not racist. If you watched all 52 minutes of the video, nothing indicates racism. If the police used the "N" words, then we have a bingo. Even if they used "You people" ... maybe you can label that racist. BUT none of that occurred. If that occurred, give me that timestamp. The other officers treated the 2 black passengers of Floyd's car neutrally. No racism, just cooperation. There is also whole new level I didn't want to bring up because it will confuse you guys even more. There is a possible Jaime Lannister/Aerys murder parallel to Chauvin/Floyd murder that will never be confessed in court. Please Mr/Mrs European, educate yourself. CNN likes to hide data. 80% of murdered black people are committed by black people. In 2019, only 9 unarmed black men were killed by police. BLM is destroying cities over a single digit number while completely ignoring black on black crime. This is the fire in the kitchen and racist police are the leak. I found the link. I ask everyone to watch 4 minutes of this man from my timestamp. He has a very very funny joke about Trump that both Dem or Rep can laugh about. He then makes the comment about the fire and the leak. Give this man 4 minutes. He is currently in the hospital with kidney issues. I wish this man well. Nope, I am pretty serious on my stand. If you want me to turn up my troll-level, I can. I can start talking about Biden now, but it may offend some of you guys, it is a touchy subject. @Varysblackfyre321 Rookie cops working with a superior Officer who has a vendetta against Floyd. The other cops asked if they should stop and Chauvin said No. At one point, the other cops just backed off of Floyd anyways while Chauvin kept his knee on Floyd. Watch the video if you are not afraid of graphic content. And don't forget about the drugs in his system. Anyways that will be up to the jury to decide. So how do with fix racism? Its not by burning Ethiopian restaurants. Racism may never be fixed. But there is one thing that may be close ... it is stop committing crimes against each other: Black on Black, Black on White, Cop on Black, White on Black, and all the other races too Tell that to the criminals that hurt law abiding citizens, denying their freedom to a safe life. Criminals hurt the population more than the police. Since Floyd was unarmed, I agree. Convict Chauvin for murdering his co-worker. @The Great Unwashed I'm not Caucasian Anyways, see you guys. I'm going back to the ASOIAF forum. If you need anything from me, just holla.
  13. [P]oor Beric Dondarrion, who was set up as the foreshadowing of all this, every time he's a little less Beric," Martin told Time. "His memories are fading, he's got all these scars, he's becoming more and more physically hideous, because he's not a living human being anymore. His heart isn't beating, his blood isn't flowing in his veins, he's a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice, now we're getting back to the whole fire and ice thing." - GRRM, TV Guide I think the term "fire wight" was coined when GRRM made this statement. Lots! Where do I begin? Ice Wights are like an ice cube. They cannot move on its own, but someone can pick up the ice cube and move it around. It can be mind controlled. Essentially an Ice Wight is like a programmable robot. Fire Wights are like a flame. It is has a mind of its own, the flame flickers the way it wants and no one can control its direct shape. Essentially an Fire Wight has free will, nothing pre-programmed. Drown Wights (i think) is a mix of both Fire and Ice Wights. Like water, the shape of it is hard to manipulate, but the flow of water can be controlled. A Drown Wight like Patchface may have free will, but may also be pre-programmed with a goal. Storm Wights are like a lightning bolt. The traces of a lightning bolt is uncontrollable and very powerful. A Storm Wight is god-like ... free-will and unstoppable. Tree Wights are like a tree. They are just stuck there. Its the worst wight of all. Poor Bloodraven. And c'mon Bran, you don't want that!
  14. I think 2 of 3 officers assisting Chauvin were rookies. One was only on his third patrol. At the 25:00 minute mark, one of the officers suggested to switch positions on Floyd, but Chauvin, the ranking officer of the scene, said No. Isn't it the responsibility of the police to investigate the phone calls, regardless of race? For every Starbuck 911 incident called in, there are many many more legitimate cases of crime, regardless of race. I don't deny racism in America or in the police force. But as a law-abiding citizen, racist police are the bottom of my list of concerns. And I don't want Minnesota's problems or Wisconsin's problems or Missouri's problems ripple their effects here in New York. I don't want the beef between two Minnesota co-workers ruining people's lives here in New York. If you guys like sharing problems between states, please take more of our NYC first-wave COVID. Please accept some of the San Fran homeless people into your neighborhoods. As a family man, I care about safety ... but BLM wants to defund the police. As a working man, I care about job safety ... but BLM are destroying businesses. As an American with 1st Amendment rights ... Cancel Culture wants to fire people from their jobs if they have different opinions. I agree, that kid should have been shot on site. This is a fresh one, I would love to hear the full story before I make a judgment. But from what I see in the only video available so far is a teenager trying to defend himself as he was being chased down. He was running towards the police. He tripped, and one guy kicked him in the head, another tried to whack him with a skateboard (seriously ... don't bring a skateboard to this type of fight). The last guy did bring a gun to a gunfight, but was slow to the draw and was shot in the arm. One second slower, this teenager with the AR-15 would have been shot dead. But I refuse to make a judgment until I find out what happened prior to him fleeing ... but it is important to state that he only shot at his assaulters and no innocent bystanders. If you guys want to rush to judgment, go ahead. I learned my lessons from Jussie Smollett, Nick Sandmann and now George Floyd. I know the kid is 17 and he shouldn't have been there ... but then again you can make the same case for all BLM rioters. Totally fine to just murder people for "not acting normal". The fact that you even think this acceptable or is a justification for anything speaks volumes. It is obvious George Floyd was on drugs. The officer took precaution to remove him from the car. The officer explained it at the 9:44 mark. There was no attempt to hurt/murder Floyd, until Chauvin arrived to the scene later. In regards to the bold, have anyone here ever had a friend or family member killed by a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol? So if Chauvin is found guilty of murder of Floyd because they had a fallout at their other job (Floyd with-held Chauvin's paycheck is the story I heard from their other co-workers) ... AND jury finds that there was NO RACISM involved ... would this still be a BLM victory? How about David Dorn? My intention is letting BLM supporters know that they are using a false martyr in George Floyd, as a champion of racist police brutality, as an excuse to divide COVID America at its lowest point. I have voted Democrat my entire life, and people like me around NYC and America are voting Trump because we don't want BLM's false narrative shoved down our throats as an excuse to destroy our jobs and safety. Racist cops are not the priority-concern of law abiding citizens. Criminals are. I found a great quote online, I forgot where and I am paraphrasing for this black MAGA supporter: There is a leak in the bathroom and a fire in the kitchen. Don't yell and scream at me to fix the leak while completely ignoring the fire. Don't worry, I won't be coming back to this part of the forum now. You guys can enjoy your party here. I 100% disagree with this woman. Ironically enough in modern times, it is BLM burning down the black-owned businesses. It would be even more ironic if it was a white BLM rioter that throws the Molotov. But if you agree on her justification of rioting and stealing, please feel free to invite her to your home for dinner.
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