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  1. The Map Guy

    Who has been smuggling onions into Bloodraven's cave??

    Would this be a foreshadowing of Davos sneaking into the cave? So far with the direction of his story line, you can't count it out. He may end up there. Who knows. I'm not a farmer, but what is a "long time" for onions in a root cellar? I know grains can be stored for years, how about vegetables in a damp cave? And don't forget quantity too. They eat onions from their stew almost everyday. Well if the Others are involved, can't they send their wights to pick up the vegetables? If the Others can mind-control a wight to wield and kill with a dagger, they can be mind-controlled to transport crops in baskets too. Hell, they can be mind-controlled to wield a spatula and cook a stew too. Zombie food! Could be, but that would make an uninteresting and irrelevant piece to the plot. hahahaha an exchange rate for onions and babies. What about a variable daily exchange rate of onions and babies at your local farmer's market?...one day babies are more in the demand, the other day onions are more in demand! If only Bran knew after the sack of Winterfell. Would have made his journey to Bloodraven's cave a lot easier. They wouldn't have to risk starving or freezing to death. The cave is sunless. No light. They are surrounded by wights outside. Essentially this is a siege on Bloodraven's cave, yet they seem to have an endless supply of food. The food in suspect is onions, which needs sun to grow and have a shorter life-span than grain. Bran, Meera, Jojen, Hodor are greeted with warm hefty meals everyday. And where the hell is Coldhands after they reached the cave? The last we heard, a wight was attacking him. If he is smuggling onions with all the dangerous wights around, its a waste of time because they already have enough food down in the cave. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/Asshai.com_Interview_in_Barcelona/ Bran, Meera, Jojen and Hodor were definitely hungry before they arrived at Bloodraven's cave.
  2. I found another big clue! A traditional clue of foreshadowing! Not sure if you guys remember me using this quote as R+L=J&M [Part I] evidence: "After that he remembered nothing. They had found him still holding her body, silent with grief. The little crannogman, Howland Reed, had taken her hand from his." Tweaked pronouns for R+L=J&M: After that he remembered Jon Snow. Ned & Howland had found Jon still holding Meera, silent with grief. The little crannogman, Howland Reed had taken Meera's hand from Jon's. I believe this was the original intention of that paragraph. This is the sad TOJ scene where the twins' mother Lyanna died, and they found Jon holding and protecting Meera. Now check this out: Let's swap out Bran and Hodor for Jon Snow & GRRM to match TOJ. Meera began to cry and scream. Jon Snow hated being stabbed in the leg by the Other. "Don't cry," he said. He wanted to put his arms around her, hold her tight, the way his mother used to hold them back at the Tower of Joy before she died. She was right there, only a few feet from him, but so far out of reach it might have been a hundred leagues. To touch his twin sister, he would need to pull himself along the ground with his hands, dragging his legs behind him. The floor was rough and uneven, and it would be slow going, full of scrapes and bumps. ---------------. The thought made GRRM feel strange, but he was still thinking about it when Meera bolted from the fire, back out into the darkness of the tunnels. He heard her steps recede until there was nothing but the voices of the singers. THIS WAS THE LAST ACTION GRRM GAVE TO MEERA in ADWD 2011 ... she BOLTED FROM THE FIRE, BACK INTO THE DARKNESS.... I just change my original version of fan-fic so that Jon will crawl over to Meera to hold her, protect her, give her the Last Kiss to revive her zombieness. I originally have Jon walking over to her after his fight with the Other...but of course GRRM wouldn't make it that easy, I should have known that. Dark Meera "bolted" from the "fire", "but back into darkness". And all we have left are the "voices of the singers"...the Fire singer Drogon, the Ice singer Viserion, and the Lightning singer Rhaegal. In regards to the Meereenese Knot, I stated in [Part IV] that when GRRM wrote ADWD in 2011, he was not sure if he should continue writing R+L=J&M because of Luke & Leia. "The thought made GRRM feel strange, but he was still thinking about it when Meera bolted from the fire, back out into the darkness of the tunnels. " - This line is him telling himself he is still unsure at that moment. But everything so far since 2011, I think he will write R+L=J&M for TWOW. And you guys just got a first almost-worded preview of ADOS with Jon crawling to Meera....and dammit its so sad, especially the call back to AGOT Ned's flashback of Lyanna dying in his arms.
  3. So there was a tiny tiny little detail that was easily overlooked in Bran's final ADWD chapter in Bloodraven's cave: Mushrooms - Okay, they can grow in darkness, fine Blind white fish - there is a river there, so it is plausible Cheese & milk - the gang have seen the goats, probably fed by grains oats, barleycorn, barley - grains can be stored for years chunks of meat - there are animals around, but it may even be human meat dried fruit laid - giving Bloodraven the benefit of the doubt that the fruits have been dried for a while BUT ONIONS!! I am not a farmer nor a cook, but don't we need sunlight to grow onions? And the fact they ate blood stew EVERYDAY, it would be a lot of onions. I don't think onions can stay fresh that long. Also, isn't the cave surrounded by wights outside? Where did Coldhands go after Bran was dropped off? Would Coldhands journey to some farm and steal onions, fight his way against all the wights and drop off the onions with the CotF to make some stew for Bran? Either GRRM had a brain-fart about these smuggled onions, or this Bloodraven story is setting up for a big deception twist.....
  4. Barristan Selmy: "Your grace, don't drink that. It smells odd. Drink this other wine instead before you start hunting that boar."
  5. The Map Guy

    King Tommen

    Tommen is going to be eaten
  6. The Map Guy

    Small Questions v. 10105

    All we know is he disappeared while ranging and he ended up with the CotF. If he went to them intentionally, that would be deserting anyways. My theory involves him ranging alone and deserting, OR he was with a group of NW, and sneaked out. What do we know about him so far from his history? He has a high IQ, he is vengeful, and he has the capacity to lie and bait. His high IQ would not let him openly tell his NW brothers that he is intentionally deserting. Sounds like a party, i hope 40k skeletons has some Bodies to bring to the party! ......eh bad joke, joke only works with one skeleton Thanks, love you too! Here is a food for thought. While Bran, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor is in that sunless cave of Bloodravens, where do they get their hefty meals from? More importantly, where do all the onions come from without sunlight? My theory is that Craster is Bloodraven's son, and their plan was to bait Bran and the gang to them. Craster's Keep is where you can find onions. BOOM BOOM BOOM!
  7. The Map Guy

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks for helping me map it out. Slim chance but not impossible that Mance is 47ish now. My pet theory is that Craster is Bloodraven's son when Bloodraven first joined the NW in 233AC. Craster, probably born between 234AC to 236AC, is roughly that age in ACOK and had a NW father that would not father him at the Wall when he was a baby. Mance being born in 252 AC and being raised by the NW made Bloodraven desert his post (his solo "ranging") that year because the NW was hypocritical. Bloodraven meets up with his son Craster, and awaken the Others in 252 or 253 AC...roughly the time Craster is older enough to breed his incestuous Targaryen bastard family beyond the wall. Bloodraven's son and granddaughter are Craster & Gilly. Gilly's baby has King's Blood, which is what Melisandre wanted anyways.
  8. The Map Guy

    Small Questions v. 10105

    I know, i got my math wrong. I re-edited for 252 AC. Mance being 47ish now, is that reasonable? Also I was trying to imply that Craster is Bloodraven's son. Mance has a separate origin from Bloodraven.
  9. The Map Guy

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks! Sorry I got my math wrong, it doesn't matter if its 12 years. Mance needs to be born around 252 AC for my pet theory. I was trying to time Bloodraven's disappearance from NW ranging to Mance's birth. I was trying to solve a timeline where Craster could be the son of Bloodraven born around ~234 AC or a few years after. Because of his NW vows, Bloodraven could not father him. But then in ~252 AC, newborn Mance is taken by the NW and it pissed off Bloodraven to desert the NW in this so called "ranging." If this is true, it makes the baby swap of Craster's baby by Gilly and Mance's baby much more interesting. The swap parallels the outcomes of ~234AC & ~252AC. After the swap, Craster's baby will be potentially sacrificed, while Mance's baby safely flees South. The baby at the Wall may have King's Blood through Bloodraven for a potential sacrifice to revive of our favorite 'know nothing' character after his assassination in ADWD. Also, Bloodraven almost snuck his bastard grandson into Westeros if it wasn't for the swap. ....but just a theory
  10. Ooooooo ... just found this Viserion = bat = he will be reborn Rhaegal = bull = bullshit like Gerold Hightower the White Bull
  11. The Map Guy

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Does anyone know the rough age of Mance? Would it be reasonable to say Mance is roughly ~12 years younger than Craster?
  12. VS = valyrian steel, my bad lol
  13. Also no one wants to talk about the climax of my fan fic? We all read it wrong. Everyone is trying to look for the three heads of the dragon as people, but the math was never right. Baby + "one more" DOES NOT EQUAL Three GRRM that sneaky bastard...we all assumed the three heads were people, but he was really referring to the elements. "Song of Ice" + "Song of Fire" + "one more" song EQUALS Three The three heads of the dragon are the Ice Singer (Viserion) + Fire Singer (Drogon) + secret Lightning Singer (Rhaegal) OR you can interpret it like this: Dark Meera Stark-Targaryen is Ice (Stark), Fire (Targaryen), and Lightning (Last Kiss from Dondarrion)
  14. There are a few Stan Lee influences in ASOIAF. Why do you think I made Bran bald in my fan-fic? ...not initially for Dunk & Egg. In regards to Top Secret Theory, I was afraid that a group of protesters would be outside of GRRM's house boycotting his work because he has put a celebrity's face on one or a few female characters, including Lyanna Stark. This celebrity is not someone you want to mess with. While I was researching for Top Secret Theory, I thought she disappeared from the scene, but that same week she showed up on TV on two separate appearances. She was an active activist. Doesn't matter now, Top Secret Theory is banned and I was never given a reason why. It has made me paranoid to actively talk about it or cite my sources, thinking I would get banned from this forum if I did. If I had the freedom to cite my sources for the Dark Meera Saga, my Epilogue would be twice as long. I would have given my theory of where the name "Daenerys" came from and "Storm's End". If Top Secret Theory was banned for its sexual content, I would like to note that on a TV interview with Stephen Colbert, GRRM has admitted to hiding "erotica" in FaB. Ba er l ion ... bear lion. The explanation you gave is so complex, no offense. But this was in AGOT, some of the wordplay there are simpler than you think. Well imagine if this thread just have these 3 predictions of the finale battle, and NO explanations: Daenerys & Fire Drogon, with Blackfyre A Goddess Meera with a Lightning Rhaegal, with Dark Sister Jaime riding a Bran-warg zombie Ice Dragon, with Long Claw Everyone would be like: "Wtf??? How the hell did you come up with the BS Map Guy??? And never-mind that Jaime & Bran teamed up, or that Bran is warging into a zombie dragon, or that there is an ice dragon & lighting dragon, or that Meera is a Goddess.....we only care about why the hell Jaime has Jon Snow's Long Claw??? What the hell happened between them??" After all the questions, criticisms & name calling, I would have given a 45 minute answer....so I might as well just go straight to the fan-fic when starting this thread to save time I kinda pictured Bran as that little kid that follows Arnold around in the Last Action Hero. I also pictured Bran as a younger version of Professor X, and Hodor as his floating wheelchair. The answer you are looking is the same answer for R+L=J. Whatever reason that Ned has with Jon, it would be the same with Howland & Meera. Remember, Ned allowed Jon to join the Night's Watch, pretty much letting him die there. After Ned's death, perhaps Howland sent Meera to Winterfell to reunite with Jon for whatever reasons, but Jon was already gone by then. Most of the Theoryguard haven't logged in this year. But the one that did, got my fan fic the same day as you guys. We have debated some things privately in the past, like more sources of GRRM's inspirations. Yes, its only VI parts. I have a lot more to add to Part V if it didn't get banned. Thanks. While writing this fan-fic, I was hoping to be the first one to coin the phrase "HIGHHH WAYYYY TO THE DRAGON ZONE!!!". But dammit, a Netflix anime beat me to it by only 3 weeks.....3 freaking weeks. I guess this is how GRRM felt when he watched Revenge of the Sith in May 2005.
  15. Oh I forgot to mention ... Rhaegal is a bronze & green dragon.