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  1. Bear Claw

    A call to arms

    To some extent, training can make sense, but I wouldn't put too much time into for some people. I think a basic, cursory course for everyone, and then depending on skill and natural ability, extend the training training period. Time is limited at this point, so it's important to have people doing what they do best to aid the effort. For example, Hot Pie, yes, train him for awhile in basics, but then he needs to start preserving meats etc.
  2. Bear Claw

    Season 8 Predictions?

    I always like the theory that the Starks were actually the bad guys or connected with the WWs in some way.
  3. Bear Claw


    Sansa is very well connected with ties to the North, Vale, and Riverlands. Obviously, Peter sees Sansa's potential as a marital alliance. No other woman in Westeros tops her as far a marriage candidates go.
  4. Bear Claw

    Team Daenerys, Team Sansa or Team Jon?

    I think it is becoming more clear that Sansa is going to end up ruling something here. This season had the North turning to her, and the show attempted in its own inept way to show that Sansa was a good ruler. I think if Jon lives and ends up with anyone then it will be Sansa.
  5. This show really and truly confuses me. According to the show, Jon and Dany are in love, and it's obvious to all the characters in the show. Okay. It's been a minimal effort by the show at best. I think it must be one of two things. Either the show was too lazy and arrogant to put the time and effort in because they thought the audience already knows the characters and Kit and Emilia are hot. The thinking here is just put them in a room and we'll buy it. That is cheap and wrong. They always like to preach about story telling. I am not a writer, but even I know that introducing a relationship between two characters is complex and almost like introducing a new character completely. I don't know if that is what these show people did, but what a shame if it is what happened. To think that the ultimate GOT couple gets this kind of shabby treatment is despicable. Now the other alternative is that these show runners don't want us invested in this couple because this is not the ultimate GOT couple. This couple may be in store for some kind of conflict and this conflict is what is important for the audience to focus in on.
  6. Time is a part of the setting of a story, so yes this is a major problem.
  7. Bear Claw

    A Wight for Cersei? Seriously?

    That is the biggest problem I have with the show runners (bold). It seems they want to tell half of the story in interviews and the press. It doesn't work for me at all. Many of us don't watch that interview.
  8. Bear Claw

    So did dany follow jons advice

    I feel like she followed the letter but not the spirit of his advice. She did burn solidiers and not civilians, but as we saw in Arya's scene a few weeks ago, these "Lannister" soldiers are not Lannisters or just soldiers. They are everyday people. It is war and Cersei does need to be defeated, so maybe this is the lesser of the evils? Still, I can't imagine what life in Westeros will be like with almost all of the food gone. I guess there is food in the North. I wonder if the lack of food will lead to mutiny in Dany's ranks. I hope the Dothraki don't go North and cause problems like stealing the food that the Northerners have saved.
  9. Bear Claw

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    Yes! It looks like Missandei is putting in a good word for Dany, but sorry Dan and Dave, I need more than that.
  10. Bear Claw

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    It felt kind of flat for me.
  11. Bear Claw

    A résumé of disappointment

    I really imagined at the end of last season to see a small council in WF with Davos, Sansa, and LF. I imagined that LF would be the one giving them the news of the Dragon Queen coming to Westeros. I also imagined that Varys would be the one informing Dany and Tyrion about Jon. Isn't that the kind of thing LF and Varys would know about? I would think that LF would use the information about Dany and Cersei to try to steer Jon or Sansa in a direction against one another. I think the reason the show has all but dropped political intrigue is because they don't have time for it to develop. To me, I get the feeling that the show is rushing to get done. At this point, they are just concerned about meeting big plot points and showing cool visuals. The LF and Jon in the crypts most likely has no plot reason. It was probably done just to give Jon another "Ned" moment. It's really disappointing as a viewer because when I see something happen on the show I think it must be significant and I want to use it to theorize what will happen next. Unfortunately, I think I am seeing more and more scenes that have no reasoning and no future significance. There just there to look cool.
  12. Bear Claw

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave with Impunity

    I don't care for Emilia Clarke's acting when she is portraying the more cold, authoritative Dany. It's just distracting.
  13. Bear Claw

    Should they have changed who played Dickon?

    It really is strange casting. They decided to get an obviously older man to play Sam's little brother.