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  1. This was such a wonderful surprise! I am looking forward to this show, so I hope it all goes through. I do hope that GRRM will be actively involved, but I will take Kit's involvement to mean that the story will be good in the meantime.
  2. It could be a part of a new pact to get the WW's to go back North.
  3. Yes, he went downhill since going to Dragonstone, but this season is even worse.
  4. Very disappointed in Jon. What is wrong with him?
  5. Maybe Bran has to contend with fire now? Jojen had a vision seasons ago with his hand on fire, saying he would know the end when it came. I don't think this was that ending, not yet anyway.
  6. Yes, and does this mean winter is over and the seasons will align?
  7. I think Euron will be the only reason for me to watch this season. He is pretty awesome.
  8. Yes, I loved Euron's dramatic entrance tonight. That was good.
  9. Exactly. Doesn't Jon have a small council? It looks like he is making decisions without any advisers.
  10. It seemed to me that they were saying Dany was going to marry Jon. What do you think?
  11. That is how I feel. It looks so predictable now (maybe I am wrong). I am going to the criticism thread.
  12. I was hoping that Jon was going to confront LF.
  13. Now that he is coming back, I wonder if Tyrion is going to still consider his marriage to Sansa legal?
  14. That is what I thought. Poor Bran and Meera.
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