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  1. He was just as monstrous as what they portrayed her because he kept defending her actions. On one hand, he would make faces like he was disgusted , but when he opened his mouth, it was to defend her. I guess they were trying to show how difficult his decision was, but it really wasn't a difficult decision.
  2. The show didn't mention this prophecy, and that makes me think they avoided it because it was a dead give away.
  3. At the end of season 6, I recall watching the Inside the Episode, and the show runners were implying that a childless Cersei was dangerous: Terrifying Cersei From what they were saying, it does seem like Cersei was going to do some very horrible/crazy things.
  4. I totally agree with you. They did have some unusual sibling scenes. The mimicked close up of Jon/Sansa holding hands with Jon/Dany the following season was especially telling to me. The conflict among those three just didn't make sense as they presented it on the show. Many people were wondering why Sansa didn't like Dany. It makes much better sense in terms of a romantic rivalry. However, the show did a lot of things that didn't make sense, and so who knows?
  5. Well, she is still married to Tyrion. I wonder how that will be addressed? However, I do think that Sansa will have to marry someone for political reasons because she has so many familial allies- North, Riverlands, Vale. I think if someone wants to truly control Westeros, they will have to bring Sansa into their family through marriage. Obviously, this is what LF realizes about Sansa.
  6. Yes, but some of that set up is showing some major cracks in her Vale foundation. I mean look at Randa and the Mad Mouse. Randa's actions are indicating that she might know who Sansa is, and Randa seems to have an eye on Harry the Heir herself. I think she wants to get rid of Sansa. Then there is the Mad Mouse who would like to take Sansa to KL for a reward. Her place in the Vale is not that secure, and the author definitely has set up some ways that she leaves the Vale. Where she would go? I have not clue, but it wouldn't surprise me that she leaves soon due to malicious actions of other characters.
  7. This is exactly how I feel We've been down that road with Mel before. There is no purpose to keep playing the same old tune.
  8. Mel will be exactly right because she is at the Wall now. She says her power has grown at the Wall. Maybe it's because of the 3EC, but look at the visions she has had while there: Jon Snow=the Red Lord's champion, daggers in the dark, keep your wolf close by, and his sister on a dying horse. She's on a winning streak here. Why would our author play the Renly card on us again? I think the reader is suppose to see Alys and say, "Oh, that Mel made a Renly mistake again. She's so wrong." Why beat that dead horse? I think the author will surprise us and show Mel is right.
  9. I believe that this prophecy has to be right because she is at the Wall and her magic has been increased. This is also the first? or at least among the first prophecies she shares with Jon Snow. She also warned him about the daggers, and she was spot on about that. Unfortunately, Jon didn't listen. Anyway, I think these prophecies that she is having at the Wall regarding Jon Snow are just literally going to be true. Maybe she's being fed visions by the 3EC, and it's all some kind of set up for some reason, but she's right on the money.
  10. I am going to take her prophecy more literally. She said it was his sister, so it's Arya or Sansa for sure. How could one of them travel all the way from where they are now to the Wall? I have no clue, but Mel has to be right.
  11. It is weird with her though. She even thinks she kissed the Hound.
  12. Yes, that's it exactly. She's in love with everyone it seems. She's very fickle.
  13. Maybe her comment is foreshadowing Val killing or having a hand in a future killing of Shireen, and then Jon having to act in judgment over Val? Seems like this comment is there for more than just a cultural difference as it involves major characters and a possible murder. I think more is to come out of it.
  14. The thing about Jon and Val that sticks out in my mind is Jon's reaction to Val's suggestion that Shireen be killed. Jon says he sees a side of her that he hasn't seen before. Seems like that quelled any feelings he might have had for her, but maybe I am wrong.
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