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  1. So grrm thinks the endings are practically the same and the show was 97% faithful to his books? Good grief this series was a waste of time. Feel sorry for anyone who was following since 1996. I hope the prequels don't do very well so hbo and grrm lose out after this shitshow.
  2. 4.5 all for Eurotarian stuff had me laughing especially the give your uncle Euron a kiss thing it was so overthe top it was something over last week.
  3. lol so everyone knows Cersei blew everybody up but people are still stupidly loyal to her including jaime?? guess they forgot this scene yet when it waas the starks it was all "fuck the starks they did nothing the boltons are better"
  4. EURON EURON EURON!! why is all the dialogue so stilted and flat and 90% of it exposition of what people already know?
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