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  1. Agree. If they were told at all, it will surely be different, in the way it comes about, and what it means, to the point it's a completely different thing, as usual. Of all the things they chose NOT to do from the books, why do this? They didn't have to show a girl being burned alive, and yet they did, because they wanted to do THIS. What they chose to do and what they chose not to do is very telling. It's shocking! It's a girl burned alive! Two in one, their favorite things, brutality toward female characters and shock. In the context of their story (if you can call it a story), it meant nothing. The aftermath was a wet fart. Super Ramsay (the "badass" as they called him) triumphed as usual. And Brienne the Brute abandoned Sansa to avenge her crush, yet paid no price. Also Cogman's babies in bottles was yet another nasty thing that went nowhere. That nutty Selyse. Motherhood makes you crazy. And it made even less sense to then burn Shireen. Also what was the point of Melisandre after season 2, other than to get naked (until they shamed her for being old) and do a magic trick to bring back Jon Snow to be the same as before. She said she brought ice and fire together, but that also had no real point, other than to have one go bonkers when the other wouldn't have sex, and the other to kill her. Another wet fart. Arya Ninja Turtle saved them all from the short night.
  2. This is really interesting. We could look at the whole show that way. As many have noted, the only Shakespeare that applies is that it's a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing. What it really needed was someone standing to the side, as Shakespeare likes to have some of his characters do, and comment on the idiocy of the blathering fools. "Look, he's winding up the watch of his wit; by and by it will strike." Basically, the rants thread. Also I like what you posed, that a historian looking at the facts would look at what they actually did, because no one could be that stupid. Diabolical Tyrion. And the evil remaining Starks (they truly were quite horrible, nearly killing members of their own family, and in the case of Jon, actually doing so). Power hungry Sandra chose to marry family killers, psycho killer Arya blew off her family, too (she even used Gendry as a vibrator), Branbot just stood by and watched. And Jon, the fool, murdered his long lost family, Dany, almost as soon as he found her. The historian would have to think he was brain dead. ("It is oft noted, he habitually gaped.")
  3. Yeah, everyone noticed they super whitewashed Tyrion on the show, many articles mentioned it, even a director commented on it. He was their self-insert, and like them, dull. Everyone had to praise him, all the women had to praise him, of course, at their own expense, even the sex slave begged him. He was supposedly smart and yet... so stupid. We used to play a game, who is going to praise him next? It wasn't a long wait. But they also made the men praise him, too. Even Daario had to praise him (as if). To add to their crimes against Sansa, they made her honor him in Bowed, Bent, and Broken. And in the end, he got to murder yet another woman who rejected him (Dany). And he ends up effectively king. Telling Branbot what to do. Arranging chairs and setting up brothels, which is such a funny thing, so delightful for traumatized peasants. The thing is, they tried to make him the bestest and yet, since they 1) don't know how to do this because they can't write and 2) are morally bankrupt themselves, they failed.
  4. A huge percentage of the audience for this show ultimately rejected the show in its entirety, and don't even want to ever watch it again, or be reminded of it, and certainly are not recommending it. The infamy of GoT is the example of what not to do. It's a standard joke now, to mock this show. 100% of the world rarely agrees on one thing, but this one thing came close. So let's have fun with that.
  5. They always malign women, it's their specialty. Shaming Mel for her old lady body. What kind of person would ever write such a scene. Or Bowed, Bent, and Broken, or any of it. Hardhome, yet another copy on their part, this time Thriller. It's funny how they openly say things that show how bad they are at this. They don't even know not to say these things. No narration for their Thriller knock-off. Here's their narration: "We are clueless, so we just made the actors the characters. Girls are stupid. Awesome shot! Isn't it shocking?"
  6. Looks like Cogman (who is every bit as bad as Benioff and Weiss) is still name dropping movies they stole from, because they don't have a creative bone in their bodies. That they tried to copy a production of Shakespeare is hilarious for obvious reasons.
  7. 1. Agree. As usual they are lying. They were actually jealous of Jaime, which is pathetic. They'd say things like everyone likes him because he's good looking. Revenge of the nerds. 2. Michelle definitely wanted to come back. Only FOOLS would not listen to the author when he strongly argues to include a character because she's that important. They screwed over Jaime, Brienne, and Sandor, who are all in the Riverlands, and various characters there keep mentioning Sansa, and Mad Mouse just passed through to her. None of them did a damn thing after they cut LSH. 3. Jon's resurrection was a wet fart. It was even gross the way they went about it. I have some vague memory that she cut up his hair or something? And then his chest all cut up. He died for Olly. What kind of fools would put Olly at the center instead of Arya. It's such a boneheaded move, it's painful to think about, how much STORY was lost there.
  8. Article about Diana Rigg: “My very first scene with her, I asked her to do a very minor thing,” Mylod said. “Like, ‘Would it make sense if you close the door and walk a few paces before this moment?’ She came back with some rebuttal about why she wanted to do it another way and then said: ‘Thank you! Go away!’ I became a five-year-old boy. I could feel myself blushing and creeping back to my monitor, stripped of any kind of dignity or authority.” Another memorable Rigg moment occurred during the filming of a scene where Olenna cuts short a conversation she is having with Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes by quipping, “Oh do shut up. Let the grown women speak.” “She walked onto the set, and she went, ‘I’m ready now!'” Nymeria actress Jessica Henwick says. “A cameraman came over and went, ‘Well, okay, but we haven’t finished setting up.’ She interrupted him and said, ‘Roll the cameras!’ And she just started doing her lines. She did two takes, and then the guy came over and was like, ‘Great, now we’re going to do a close-up.’ And she just stood up and she went, ‘I’m done!” https://www.indiewire.com/2020/09/game-of-thrones-diana-rigg-shut-down-direction-stormed-off-set-1234587081/ Good for her. I bet there are more stories we'll never hear.
  9. Yeah, Benioff and Weiss had seriously twisted views of everything, and none worse than how they viewed women. And the books used romance to show their feelings. They also had seriously bad reading comprehension. Books like these don't come right out with things. People often say the opposite of what they mean. The story is in the details. And it all flew straight over their heads. We all wasted time on the show, you are not alone. It was fun to criticize it, though. To hold them to things they said, when you knew they would fail to deliver. The show will forever be known for "how not to do it."
  10. He has his own way of writing, these are not books for the faint of heart. It always amazes me that people read these books, which are gritty and gruff, then criticize GRRM for making the romances gritty and gruff, too. As for Jaime and Cersei, that was a cautionary tale, not a romance. She basically destroyed him from childhood on, and he slowly realized this. The blood on the altar of dead Joffrey was symbolic, it was the end of their relationship. Nothing was the same after that. GRRM put a lot of time and effort into showing this, things like Jaime saying no when she grabbed him in the White Sword Tower, and turning a new page in the White Book. A breeze that was once like Cersei's fingers became like a woman's fingers. And then he's asked, what do you admire in a woman, and he answers innocence... And shortly thereafter, in walks Brienne back into his life. (And of course, the stupid show got it all wrong. Of course.)
  11. Yep, Sansa is shipping herself with Sandor. Her thoughts about him (and she thinks about him often) sound like a romance she's writing for herself: He came to me in the darkness, he gave me a cruel kiss (Dany thinks about Daario's cruel kisses, too), then he left me! (And he regrets that he left her, too.) There are a lot of writing similarities in the way he writes Dany's and Sansa's sexual awakening. The same patterns, the way they feel, afraid but excited. The beastly men turn these women on, and what this says about the women is the story he's telling. He suggested their picture as Beauty and the Beast for the calendar (it's like the Cocteau movie poster), and has it on the wall of his office. He also put up a picture of them on his site: https://georgerrmartin.com/grrm_fromfans/san-san-str/ GRRM likes this sort of thing. He has his own style of writing, and likes romance on the wild side. Like you said, the show destroyed all the romances, there was just misery and then nothingness.
  12. The upside down world of this show... where everything human beings always believed is good, is really bad, and everything that's bad, is really good! It's good to be like Littlefinger. It's bad to be like Ned Stark. Honor is stupid and gets you killed. Psychos are awesome! Who knew? Benioff and Weiss, that's who. Yay, Benioff and Weiss, you are geniuses.
  13. Benioff/Weiss said Sandra withheld the information from Jon deliberately. I've quoted it on these threads before, and can look for it, but I think it was a video and I just can't watch those anymore. They said she wanted to keep some power to herself, so she didn't tell him about the Vale knights, and that she had learned to do this from Littlefinger (they kept saying that like it's a good thing). And I agree, it was cheap shock. All they care about is THE SHOT. That doesn't get them credit for a good scene in my book. That's cheating. And it's not storytelling, it's just a very expensive skit.
  14. Yet another example of how much they strayed from the books. This is linked to from that article, the Hibberd book excerpts (and no doubt he heard a lot of bad things he won't include): When we first shot the scene where the Starks find the direwolves — this was the version you never saw — the wonder of what a direwolf was wasn’t coming across. It didn’t seem important enough to the characters. And it never did. They were nothing but fluffy pets from day one to the very end. One of them went feral, but it was just a neglected pet. GRRM shows once again how much they got Dany's story wrong: There are a couple of stories. As a wedding gift, Khal Drogo gives Daenerys a silver horse and she rides away. For a moment you think she’s fleeing. Then she turns the horse around and leaps the horse over a big campfire. Drogo is very impressed, and it starts the relationship on a good note... So they had to scrap that sequence, which was unfortunate, as it was a bonding moment between Dany and Khal Drogo. Then came the filming of the wedding night. In the Emilia Clarke version, it’s rape. It’s not rape in my book, and it’s not rape in the scene as we filmed it with Tamzin Merchant. It’s a seduction. Dany and Drogo don’t have the same language. Dany is a little scared but also a little excited, and Drogo is being more considerate. The only words he knows are “yes” or “no.” Originally it was a fairly faithful version. One, they easily could have gotten around the horse jumping over the pit issue with an equivalent moment of bonding. Two, what a HUGE departure from the books, they replaced a story about two people influencing each other positively with yet another woman's body being assaulted. GRRM: "She was a little scared but also a little excited." She. He's talking about who Dany is as a person here. His story is a story about DANY. Fear and excitement. That's how he shows sexual awakening, he does this with Sansa and the Hound (which they also messed up), too. Benioff and Weiss don't give a rat's ass how the woman is feeling, that she's actually admiring certain things about a man, and what this says about her as a person. They erase women from their own stories. The other thing that stands out in that article is that Benioff/Weiss messed up so badly, yet were given lots more money. Good ole boys who fail upward.
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