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  1. Nice interview with the showrunner: https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/better-call-saul-peter-gould-lalo-kim-future-final-episodes-walter-white-1235278060/
  2. I have recently been working my way through every blu-ray commentary for every episode for all five seasons (now finished!), and the showrunners (Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould) root for Jimmy. Something Peter Gould said about Chuck when talking about the Jimmy and Chuck relationship that stuck in my mind is this: "Chuck doesn't have the milk of human kindness."
  3. Saying we are "keyed" to like Jimmy makes it sound like we are doing it without contemplation, or are somehow wrong to like a person in spite of his flaws because somehow we just can't help ourselves. The thing is, we all have flaws, and we all want to be loved for who we are. Jimmy loved Chuck in spite of his flaws. Jimmy wanted Chuck's love, and Chuck withheld it, and that's supposed to have no effect on him? Just poor Chuck, to be so disappointed? I don't think it's as simple as that. They showed Chuck was always jealous of Jimmy, so if Jimmy was as "good" as Chuck, that would take away his one way to feel superior to him. Jimmy is doing the same thing with Kim that he did with Chuck, he's trying to please her, to win her love. They've also said that. Not at all saying Jimmy shouldn't get over his issues, and make amends, but it's reasonable to be pulling for him to do so, as it's a show about Jimmy. I did the same for Jesse, who did worse things than Jimmy. Walt messed with Jesse's head, too. But ultimately it was up to Jesse, and is up to Jimmy, to turn himself around (or not).
  4. Chuck was nasty to Jimmy from the start, and even in flashbacks you could see that he put him down. If we could see it, Jimmy could feel it, even if he didn't admit it. Jimmy loved Chuck, and Chuck responded to that love in very unloving ways. The showrunners said originally Howard was going to be the bad guy but they changed it to Chuck. They often talked about the way Chuck affected Jimmy. That's the way the story was written, it's no accident that most viewers can't stand Chuck. Chuck was jealous that Jimmy made Rebecca laugh, just like he was jealous that he made their mother laugh. He wouldn't even tell Jimmy that his mother's last word was Jimmy. Others saw the good in Jimmy and liked him for who he was, despite his flaws, but not his own brother. Most viewers didn't mirror Chuck's attitude toward Jimmy, they were repelled by it.
  5. Peter Gould said Jimmy loves pleasing people, and he tried to please Chuck and then Kim. I think they showed that he was dragging his feet on Kim's plan to get Howard, and was doing it to please her. And I think she got carried away. How will they respond to Howard's death: That’s the story of the rest of the series: What do they take away from this horrible incident that happened right in their living room? That really propels everything that happens next—and I could not be prouder of what happens next. I think it's very human and real, but I think, to me anyway, it's very unpredictable. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/05/better-call-saul-season-6-midseason-finale-peter-gould
  6. Agree. Chuck was a terrible brother. Jimmy tried so hard to please him, but he never could, and it affected him on a very deep level. There's definitely a cause and effect thing going on there. Not saying Jimmy shouldn't get over it, but it's not all that easy to do.
  7. Agree. I listen to those insider podcasts, and Vince Gilligan has talked about this a lot over the years, about the impact that Chuck had on Jimmy. Here's the link to those: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/better-call-saul-insider-podcast/id966297954
  8. OK but cars break down and get riddled with bullets while an attorney is picking up millions in drug money for murder bail for a cartel kingpin? Lalo instantly leaped to it being something to do with the Cartel, which is quite realistic.
  9. Well, Jimmy was afraid after Kim told that story to Lalo... Jimmy knew it was flimsy and Lalo would figure it out. And he did. Jimmy was scared to death after Lalo left, they went to the hotel and he wanted to stay under cover until he found out he was dead. It was a flimsy story, she did her lawyer act on him, but it didn't hold up at all. Lalo is not stupid, and then he found out someone with a lot of power was out to get him, and it's very reasonable that he would link that to Jimmy's flimsy story about his car. Also about the characters being smart, they actually make a lot of mistakes, that is their undoing, as we are seeing (and saw with Walt, too).
  10. It's not plausible anymore, though. He knows it's got to be Gus or Bolsa behind the attack on him and then put that together with the bullets in the car and how long it took Jimmy and how scared he was, and he's not buying it anymore.
  11. Lalo found Jimmy's car, riddled with bullets. He knows he lied to him. When he says let's talk, he wants the real story. And they don't want to give it to him, they are in the middle of a cartel war. So they have a very good reason to be afraid.
  12. That is better! The independence thing from the show I would leave out, as the North wouldn't be so stupid as to shut themselves off from the rest of a kingdom (including the breadbasket in the Reach) ruled by a relative. I would skip the lovers part, it amounts to nothing, and focus on Jon and Dany as family, that they'd find out the truth about Rhaegar and Lyanna, and learn a lesson from it, with peaceful resolution for both families. If they must kill off Dany, then they could have had her go out trying to do something good at the battle against the Others, instead of going bonkers over a man. That would show respect to both Dany and the audience.
  13. Yeah, that's what I think (in bold) - she figures she can handle Lalo, but Jimmy knows better. Even if Mike's guy was still watching, which she can't be sure of, that's no certainty against someone like Lalo, she wanted to go back to their normal routine before she heard Lalo was dead, but Jimmy was afraid and wanted to stay in the hotel. Another thing is that Lalo went down to Mexico to avoid the man hunt for him for killing Fred, and now he is back and he just killed someone else, too. Howard could have perhaps ID-ed him, but Lalo could have waited to come into the condo after he left. So a series of mistakes in this episode, among Kim, Jimmy, Lalo, and Mike (and it turns out Kim was not really the one to tell Lalo was alive). And the Howard thing, Jimmy didn't really want to do it, but he went along with Kim, trying to please her.
  14. Huell makes it out of the safe house in a deleted scene for El Camino! https://www.facebook.com/BreakingBad/videos/el-camino-a-breaking-bad-movie-huell-leaves-the-safe-house/557367618347768/
  15. I'm wondering why Kim wasn't terrified. She knew Lalo was alive. Jimmy lied to him and Lalo had to realize it at some point. So a crazy murdering Salamanca is on the loose... why wouldn't she keep a low profile. Jimmy wanted to play it safe when he thought he was alive, so I guess she didn't want to play it safe so she kept it from him. But that means... she thinks she can handle him? Jimmy knows better.
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