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  1. Tyrion, Jorah, Jon Snow, all big dumdums who fell for her not because she was a charismatic strong-willed leader who was constantly trying to balance her not inconsiderable power into doing the right thing, but because they wanted to get into them panties. Tyrion: I know you love her. I love her, too. Not as successfully as you. BARF!!!!!!!!
  2. It was very good. I love this part, they turned the Starks into the Lannisters. Their new sigil!
  3. True. And they made Shae jealous of Sandra. She begged Tyrion not to marry her. He said he had enough gold for a ship in his hands. She said let's go away. He could have saved both women. Instead, he said "No, I'm a Lannister." And as Lindsay Ellis mentioned, they made Sandra hate Dany because she's pretty. I guess we are to presume that's why she hated Cersei, too. After Sandra nearly killed Arya the season before, they were scrambling for the next catfight.
  4. Oh yeah, there are so many more! Ros was just another body to exploit (like the Craster's Keep women). Littlefinger was never held accountable for all the many horrors he inflicted upon women this way. Exploited women as scenery. They made Catelyn say she was "the worst woman who ever lived" for being mean to Jon Snow. Also she was upstaged at the red wedding because they wanted Talisa's fetus stabbed. Shae was the kidnapped prostitute who they made bizarrely actually fall in lurve with the dwarf who kidnapped her and didn't pay her. St. Tyrion never paid the slightest price for murdering her, hell, that's all he could do, she was such a ninja and all. (Also they added attempted rape as foreplay for Gilly... they even added it for their beloved Cersei. And of course, Dany's wedding night, they totally missed why the author made that consensual in the books.)
  5. Indeed. They are so ridiculous. They are so nasty. Their trademark "rape empowerment" arcs are the worst. And female sexuality is punished. Sandra is passed from one man she doesn't want to another, and in the end, they make her thank them, and never let her choose someone she desires (a big part of her story with Sandor in the books). And of course, they screwed over Arya, too. Being part of a pack is where Arya lives in the books. So they made her use Gendry (one of her pack) as a boy toy, then toss him aside to be no one forever. Dany gets punished for choosing someone she desires (which they didn't really show), then when he doesn't do her, she goes bonkers, and then when he tricks her into thinking he will, he kills her. Osha did her obligatory strip for a man on camera stint (another trademark of theirs), then they used it against her, having her die on Ramsay Bolton, wordlessly. They didn't even let her speak. And much more. They are the worst. Oh how could I forget Brienne, who honors the man who used her and tossed her aside, they make her write his page in the white book instead of starting her own.
  6. She reacted just fine, and by their own reasoning, more than fine. They like to change such reasoning to suit their scribbled cocktail napkin "scripts" as we know. They made their Sandra monster choose to marry a Bolton, and then feed him to the dogs (her trademark Benioff/Weiss/Cogman "rape empowerment" arc). Dany was forced to marry Drogo, by Viserys, who horribly threatened and assaulted her from birth, and she doesn't kill Viserys, Drogo does. They were as proud as a two year old of his poop of Sandra's smirk when killing Ramsay. They couldn't stop talking about it for their misogyny trophy slash Emmy. But somehow Dany's relief that her brother is not going to sell her to 40,000 rapists and cut out her fetus (threats he made on the show, too) after she warned him to stop... BAD! Viserys: "I would let his whole tribe f*ck you, all 40,000 men and their horses too, if that’s what it took." Woefully inconsistent. And nasty. It's so hard to even remember their nastiness toward women. And they got a huge new deal and will get more awards. Whatever. 
  7. I watched the Lindsay Ellis videos again, and they are very good, one thing that stood out was Benioff saying in the outside the episode, well, look at Dany's reaction to the death of Viserys, like that was a bad thing. A rare scene where they didn't destroy the symbolism, only because they didn't see it. They truly left nothing, they actually went on a search and destroy mission, to crap on every good thing they might have missed. (Anyway, there are a ton of such moments, it was just funny that they went there, and actually thought anyone would buy it. The last outside the episode must have been a real doozy. No wonder someone pulled it.)
  8. Another thing, if he was this vague and cryptic with Benioff and Weiss, as bad as they are at just basic things like maturely understanding and presenting humankind in a responsible way... He'd really have had to spell things out just for them to grasp the basics of the story, so they just didn't even bother, apart from a couple of AWESOME! things they misunderstood and destroyed.
  9. He's always said some variation of this about the books: "So I took myself out of all that and let fans have their theories, some of which are right and some of which are wrong. They’ll find out which when I finish." I think he's talking in terms of the books here, since he's said this over and over again. So maybe that he's still saying it means the show is different, too.
  10. "If you’re so distanced by it that a character dies and you don’t care, then to an extent the author has failed.” That's what happened with the show. Let's see, did we get any variation on his usual canned responses? At least there was no Scarlett this time. Instead of getting him to be clear, the interviewers spin, and then the fans do. Garden Party he's used before. The thing is, it's fine to play the songs the audience wants to hear at a concert for the audience. If the singer wants only to please himself, sing in the shower. A book series is not a personal journal for the author's eyes only, it's supposed to be entertaining to the readers who buy the books. And pleasing yourself AND the readers seems like a worthy goal. Anyway, there's one thing new, a new way of saying the books are different: "they’re not the same thing, although they are very closely related to each other" - still vague, but "not the same thing" sounds good, anyway.
  11. Agreed. Nothing is perfect, but that was damn good. It was a faithful adaptation of a well-loved fantasy. The proof is in the pudding (aka the work itself), and the Game of Thrones pudding fell flat as a pancake.
  12. Tolkien got there first. (BTW this is meant to go with my post above.)
  13. Bottom line is Game of Thrones is NOT one of the best shows on television. What he said didn't ring true, because he didn't tell the whole story. He speaks of acclaim, nominations, and awards, without mentioning the rest of the story: There was an enormous amount of criticism, from both viewers and reviewers. There were many shows far more deserving of nominations. There was a voting change that makes the Emmys "a glorified people's choice awards." He speaks of lighting a torch for others to follow, without mentioning others came first. There was notably LOTR, a very faithful and successful adaptation of JRR Tolkien. And that one has an ending, and the ending was well-received. BTW here are the ballots, there were many more worthy nominees: https://www.emmys.com/ballots/2019
  14. Note, he's using the words "our" and "we" with respect to the show. He's also referring to prequels plural, even though HBO said only one. What does his praise for the show mean for the books? Nothing, I don't think. He is just making a case to win more empty awards here. "Game of Thrones changed television!" The takeaway is even if you throw lots of money at garbage, eventually people will start smelling it.