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  1. I'm really enjoying it. Yes, I've been singing the wandering song ever since Friday morning. The score is great, as are the costumes, sets, and scenery/effects. Enjoying visiting middle earth again. I've really warmed up to the characters. The first episode, I was a bit lost, but ever since then, it's been great in this respect. The actors are all hitting it out of the park, adding lots of dimension. I guess my favorite part has been Nori and the Stranger, as well as Durin and Elrond. Galadriel was a bit annoying at first, but I like they way she and Halbrand play off each other. Elendil and Miriel are good, too. Anyway, I'm kind of content to let everything play out, I like that there's some mystery to it all (even though we know where it's heading). I don't mind the compression of time, I think it works to draw you in. I was a little hmmmm over the mithril, maybe there's more to it. I had my own concept of mithril going in, so it seems to not mesh (pun intended). But I'll withhold my objection, to see where they go with it.
  2. The books were filled with people who were or would have been tempted. Tom, a wizard, elves, a few hobbits... those are exceptions to the wide world that would have been tempted. There was a group put together for their special qualities that included resistance (aside from Boromir, but he had his purpose, too, to highlight the difference between him and his brother). I think it was important that Aragorn and Faramir were not tempted, as in the books, since they were the hope of the future. It went with their arcs, which I thought were perfectly shown in the books. Overall, I liked the movies, but this I didn't like. Oh, I also forgot to mention another thing, that Aragorn was inserted into Eowyn's killing of the witch king. I think Jackson overplayed the Aragorn is special thing. Yes, he was special but... he was also a man. I like the way Tolkien spread that virtue out a bit more.
  3. I think that's why it was important that they both not be tempted by the ring, like in the books. They were the hope of the future of men (humans! but to use the LOTR venacular of men). The Faramir and Ewoyn stories were resolved to "make a garden" together in the books, the metaphor for a family, the new line of humans. As were Aragorn and Arwen (the "tree grew and blossomed"). (That's also why it was important that Jackson show the Faramir and Ewoyn scenes, like in the houses of healing where they come to this realization and joining of stories. He could have given us a couple less minutes of orcs to show that in the theatrical version.)
  4. Still wondering who the Stranger is (really cool idea, to make people wonder about this). Not Sauron, no pointy ears. Not Saruman, he was pretty clueless about hobbits. Could be the blue wizards, which would be interesting, but... I guess I want it to be Gandalf. Pro Gandalf, hobbits were his thing, as was fire. RoP got me wanting to see LOTR again, and I got to the part where Gandalf whispers to the flying insect to escape Saruman. He doesn't do that in the books, the eagle comes to him "unlooked-for" so maybe they were copying Gandalf, to give people a clue, since they are matching visuals of the films.
  5. Regarding the Jackson change of Faramir being tempted by the ring, hated it, it felt like GoT making Jaime say he didn't care about the people of Kings Landing. It was a character defining moment for both, that they blew off. However... overall thought the adaptation was good, including Faramir, although not that you had to watch some key Faramir and Eowyn scenes in the extended version (which I watch anyway but not everyone does, so...)
  6. Really enjoying Rings of Power so far. The second episode was better than the first. By the time the second one ended, I was wishing it hadn't ended yet. Elanor Brandyfoot is maybe my favorite so far, and the mystery of the Stranger. I liked the Elrond and Durin friendship, too. Galadriel and Halbrand was intriguing. Beautiful cinematography and music. It was fun to see visualizations of places I'd only read about before. They did a nice job of continuity with the movies. For a con, I wish they'd just let the dwarves have their own noses (not fake ones), but I felt that way about the Hobbit movies, too. But the acting shines through. If anyone wants an elves refresher, this article was nice: https://www.looper.com/240238/the-backstory-of-the-lord-of-the-rings-elves-explained/
  7. Also 11.22.63 is on hulu now, enjoyed that one, too. Stephen King sure knows how to spin a yarn.
  8. Thinking about Dunk and Egg a bit more, leads me to thinking about how I feel about Targaryens in general... They were among some of my favorite characters, but which ones? I liked Egg, Prince Baelor, Rhaegar, Maester Aemon, and of course Dany most of all ... and what do they have in common. For me, they are all the ones extended themselves beyond the Targ milieu. They had meaningful connections and evolved by becoming part of the larger world. I like Targs out of Targ settings, basically. I like the way they show their spirit and how they brought things out in others. (And of course, I like dragons, because I like the spirit animal bond, and the way the story was told through this.)
  9. I love it too. Maybe it wouldn't be a blockbuster but audiences would love it. Dunk is such a lovable character, and Egg comes close. It's a buddy story, those are always popular. Two buddies on a journey together who encounter many interesting characters along the way, so there's always something new happening. Lots of enjoyable medieval traditions like tournaments and fairs with puppet shows and feasting. There's risque humor with double entendre (John the Fiddler). A villain and an unforgettable hero (Prince Baelor). And even some sweet and bittersweet romance. I think it's some of GRRM's best writing and would translate very well to the screen.
  10. Oh, it sure does read critical, I found myself laughing, he slammed them so hard. He calls it cosplay, says it's superficial, calls out the excesses (including the grooming of a young girl by her uncle). I guess the title fooled whoever classified it, it reminded them of Babe. That'll do, Babe was a sentiment of understated affection when said in that movie, but it'll do is an underwhelming assessment for a show.
  11. Some of the reviews, like this one, made me want to pass, and wait and see how it goes (there are certain things I wish I'd never read, so I really don't want to see them): https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/08/review-house-of-the-dragon-isnt-game-of-thrones-but-itll-do In terms of what would this reader be interested in, I'd have liked to see Dunk and Egg, because it's got a lot of atmosphere and humor. I think that would be very appealing.
  12. Hmmm, so the dragon's color doesn't really mean anything other than to tell them apart. Interesting.
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