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  1. They basically took every character and erased the best things about them, and did a 180 on their arcs. And that's what they did to Jon Snow. In the books, Jon is someone who is trying so hard to be noble, and do his duty... and then he hears his beloved Arya is in trouble and he just has to save her. GRRM shows him thinking of her constantly, and then the worst happens. Arya is in big trouble. He's so worried, and he's just got to do something. Leading up to this is the drum beat of his remembrances of Arya. He remembers he told her stick 'em with the pointy end, then those are his dying thoughts. Jon Snow is motivated by love. They replaced a story about love with the glorification of Ramsay Bolton, and turned Jon into a bystander... until the end. It took quite some doing to take a many-layered and well-loved character, and turn him into a mere plot device for Tyrion at the last minute. Then he was a bystander again.
  2. That was good, showed how they dismantled the story and the characters long before the ending, which was just a rush to finish what could never be fixed. It's remarkable how destructive they were, at every turn. It's like they were drawn to this material for the darkness only, as they removed all meaning from it.
  3. "That made it a little strange because now the show was ahead of me, and the show was going in somewhat different directions. So I'm still working on the book, so you'll see my ending when that comes out." (added full interview link)
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... {Breathe...} Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... So now I am laughing at "it makes sense even though you don't want it to"! That's because NCW said it makes no sense for years. Surely he should be done with her, he'd say. His interviews were always fun, because he made no secret of the fact that it was nonsense.
  5. Might as well go with something good, while she's at it. No, Dany wasn't really dead, Drogon flew her to Daario in Essos, where the best maesters nursed her back to health in the house with the red door. That's where all the real characters went to live, after the pod people took over their bodies on the show. The show was just a really bad movie and will be laughed at on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  6. An article I hadn't seen before, mocking the empty words "the pack survives" spoken by the two sisters who almost killed each other. That's this show in a nutshell, even when they bother to say something, it doesn't mean anything. Then one sister betrayed her brother, breaking a weirwood tree promise like breaking a nail, and the other sister blew off the same brother, as he was sobbing and asking her to please come visit him. They abandoned the other brother, too. GO PACK! I'd say poor Jon, to have such faithless sisters, except he just murdered his aunt, so the pack didn't survive in that case, either. (Also, pack is not about physical proximity, but spiritual closeness. The show could have given meaning to the line even if they ended up scattered across the globe, but they did not. The show repeatedly mocked Ned, and everything he stood for.) Revisiting the “happy ending” for the Starks: Sansa and Arya stood atop a castle wall in Winterfell this season as Sansa echoed the words of their father: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” Apparently, the pack was only needed to survive until the finale, where Arya decided she was better off playing the lead in a Pirates of the Caribbean remake. Thumbs up for female empowerment, but could we stick to a family ethos for… a month? That doesn’t seem like a huge request. Bran Stark, the true-born male heir of Winterfell, became the king of Westeros after being selected by a panel that included Sansa Stark. For some reason, the people of the North, who have followed the Stark family through thick and thin for hundreds of years through triumph and tragedy alike, decided they would follow another Stark who seceded from the kingdom instead. They’re an independent group of people, but really?... Without going too far down this wormhole, I’ll say this: "Thrones" spent much of the last two seasons invalidating the core of what got them here. A few carefully-collected quotes and callbacks do not change this. https://www.phillyvoice.com/game-thrones-finale-sucked-and-heres-why-hbo-got-finale/
  7. One could just watch a good show to see a good character. Media is a business, and show business has always been about throwing money around to sway people. They aren't going to pay money for people to write about things that won't make them money. When they finally got a chance to tell the truth, since by then the whole world knew, the vast majority said the show was terrible. No one wants to rewatch this. And especially not for one character. They screwed over Arya, too. Let's look at her arc: Season 1 - scrappy! Season 2 - scrappy! Season 3 - scrappy! Season 4 - scrappy psycho! Season 5 - psycho! Season 6 - psycho! Season 7 - psycho! Season 8 - Ninja Turtle then Dora the Explorer
  8. It would have definitely added to her badassery. And it could have been shown. They could have let the acting, the reactions, tell much of the story. "These faces" was just another empty line. Making excuses for these showrunners is a silly thing to do. A talented filmmaker has many ways of telling stories. It doesn't have to be literal and spelled out. Things can be suggested. To say that this or that is not possible is to ignore the many who show things on film creatively all the time. Film is a very rich medium for telling stories, if you know what you are doing.
  9. Indeed, the book scenes are often written like screenplays, there's so much there than could have been lifted straight out. They had plenty of time, and a huge budget. Time was the thing they needed, and they had it. Filming it in a movie or even a few movies, that was the thing that couldn't be done. They had every possible resource to do this. They are the ones who cut the episodes and seasons short, they could have gone on for years, HBO wanted them to, and GRRM himself said he wished they would have. Changing basic things for no reason makes no sense, he'd worked it all out for them. They should have been creative in the way they presented the story, but stuck to the story. LOTR extended version captured the essence of the story in about 11 hours. That's one normal season of GoT. GoT wasted so much time all along, then cut things short. Someone who knew what they were doing could have done a nice job of capturing the essence of this story in the years they were given, with the vast resources they were given.
  10. Regarding skinchanging, that was a huge loss to the story. They didn't like magic, they tried to cut as much as possible. The showrunners of a fantasy adaptation didn't care for fantasy. They showed skin changing with Orell, it was cheap and easy. His eyes changed (easy to show), and they showed the eagle, then people talked about it happening. Done. They could have shown it with Arya and Jon, with some key shots that didn't require special effects. Cut to "wolf" dogs among smaller trees, cut back to the characters, talk about it. They certainly could have made it play into season 8, that was a big complaint. They said how Bran was soooo special, but they didn't show it in any meaningful way. Expense is a poor excuse for a show like this, that wasted so much money on things nobody could see, that had no lasting relevance to the overall story at all.
  11. Tyrion used Jon to kill Dany, which destroyed Jon. Jon was the chump of the century. Lots of Stark fans were not happy, too. It's more like sunk costs, you might say, well, at least they didn't die, or at least they aren't being actively tortured... but that's not saying much. They were all empty and alone. Making Sansa, who they gutted, queen of the extras is pretty damn empty. They gave her a tiara to buy her silence for the hatchet job they did on her. It's not that easy to buy the silence of the viewers, though. They hated Jon, too, they used the Sandra monster to destroy his story. There are a ton of complaints about that in the episode rants threads in season 6. Then Arya joined in to rob him in season 8. The Jon and Arya relationship that they cheated to show again in a single moment in season 8 when they parted was one of the best ones in the books, and that was gutted to the detriment of the overall story. And supporting characters of the Starks, like Sandor for Sansa, and Gendry for Arya, and Val for Jon, were robbed of their relevance when the Stark stories were destroyed. There was a snowball effect. As for Jaime, he and Sansa had it the worst of it of the mains, I think. Jaime was gutted to build up Cersei. Sansa was gutted to build up Tyrion. Rather than let them make choices of their own, the show cut them off at the knees. One could go on... Basically no one was happy with how the show ended.
  12. The same could be said of Tyrion. Tyrion to Jon about Dany: "I loved her too, though not as successfully as you." Another creepy Benioff/Weiss line. So Shae, Dany... if you don't love Tyrion, you get killed. Sansa didn't love him, either, but Benioff/Weiss had already killed her for him, a time long ago.
  13. One also needs to avoid just putting a bunch of nasty stuff on the screen without a point. All they did was play dolls with the actors (and for all their contempt of girls, girls playing dolls tell better stories). Themes: Not Just for Eighth Graders. Basically they were George Costanza and the show was the Pensky file. Only worse, like if George had tossed the contents of the Pensky file out the window. All that was left after they got through with it was the folder.
  14. Asked whether he had watched the controversial final episode of the series’ eighth season, Bean asked the Times: “No, what happened?” Batting away the writers’ concerns that they will spoil it for Bean should he want to watch the show in the future, the actor replied: “I’ll have forgotten by then, go on.”... The hugely popular fantasy series came to an abrupt end in 2018, and many fans complained about its hasty final season. Millions of viewers signed a petition demanding that season eight be reshot. Game of Thrones star Charles Dance, who famously portrayed Tywin Lannister, joined the chorus, stating that he was also “disappointed” by the closing chapter. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/sean-bean-game-of-thrones-b1856268.html
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