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  1. The show did a rapid, crazy turn with Danny’s personality. What made it even more sickening was at the same time, they were trying to make Cersei just wanting her incest baby to live. D&D&C are awful story-tellers. They botched it and it probably is the reason they are no longer in The Star Wars gig.
  2. Still though, they are the creators and runners, they and their sidekick Colman ran this farce. I’m good with my assertions
  3. Creepy guys D$D&C are. Seemingly leering at the female cast and desiring to get their clothes off in front of the Camera.
  4. A Ghost of Someone

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    If you have read the books, it pretty much answers your questions. If you have, it may have been a while, it happens. I plan a reread when I know for sure WINDS is coming for sure
  5. A Ghost of Someone

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Tyrion endangered her life by exposing a very High born woman who is married to the Hand of the King. Prime Hostage material. She was lightly protected and keeping a low profile. Tyrion was smarter than that and reflected such in the POV when he did it. None of this would have happened if Cersei and Jaime had not done the incest dance with success x 3. Tyrion even knew about it as he reveals in Book 2. There were other Nasty contributors like LF, Varys etc, yes but This was Lannister family started. Yes, they are the bad guys, even in a grey world such as this one. Walder Frey was always and is always in it for himself and his family. I actually do admire that he wants a life for all of his children. He wants them all married and with a future. I see that in him. He wants no one left out but "The Late Walder Frey" dishonored himself at the Trident for showing up with is men when the battle was done. He was not exactly a rebellious lord to his liege, House Tully but is was unfaithful all the time. The Freys were not thought well of long before The Red Wedding. Robb broke his Oath to marry a daughter or grand daughter of house Frey but like I said, it is there. There was some love potioning that went on. Maggy the Frog's Grandaughter is Sybella Westerling, Jeyne's mother and she was conspiring with Tywin. George rehabilitated Robb's honor by this information. Oaths are a serious thing but there were negotiations conducted by Robb and the Freys on how to make amends. Now, we know the Freys planned the wedding but there was an agreement and Robb fulfilled his agreement and so did his bannermen that offered marriages or were there to do so. Robb did not want a Bastard son as he saw what Jon Snow went through. He realized he took a virgin's blood and he was also drugged with the potion. It is your right to disagree with the love potion part but go back and yes, it is all but implied, just like Renly never had a sex moment pov with Ser Loras but it is known what he was and what they were together. Robb was madly in love with Jeyne, not a zombie or a robot. She was his Queen and they were trying to start a family. By this time, the incest info was all around Westeros. Tywin is known for exterminating rival families and he tried to make peace when Tyrion was Hand. Tyrion knew his family was the true traitors but he was always in it for his share of the pie. The Lannisters were false through and through. No sense in negotiating with people like that. Yeah, agreed. The results of the Battle of the Blackwater solidified The lannisters and the Bastards on The Iron Throne and Robb was cut off from the North and his power base. He was sort of trapped and he needed to roost The Iron Born out of the North. He had to cross The Twins to get back home. Robb was the last of the Starks save Sansa and she was a captured bride. Roose Bolton took his opportunity and made his move. It is times like that when the dishonorable with make their moves. It was a matter of time before a combined Tyrell-Lannister army met him and he was doomed if they did.
  6. A Ghost of Someone

    Fair Compensation for House Frey

    Ok Cat was in the inn, incognito and trying to rest/eat before heading home to Bran/Robb. The Smart-Ass Lannister Imp has to open his mouth and endangered her life. This war was all on the Lannister’s and Walder Frey was an Oath Breaker to defending his liege lord. Queen Cersei and her brother sowed the seeds to this bitter harvest when they did The Almost Unconchiable and imbred those bastards and tried to pass them off as King Roberts’ There is also strong indication that Robb and Jeyne May have been love potioned when he was wounded and bed ridden at The Crag. the Frey’s we’re never going to reconcile with Robb because Stannis lost The battle of The Blackwater and the tyrells and Lannister we’re now aligned and The Ironborn held Winterfell and a third of the North.
  7. A Ghost of Someone

    If Renly lives, how does the war play out?

    Then Tywin Lannister and his incest offspring have a really big problem. Stannis might make common cause with Robb but I rather see him brooding on Dragonstone. I think Renly and the Tyrells might also make common cause with Robb, and team up to take down Tywin's army but we still have the Theon and the iron born factor. I think Renly would have won the Iron Throne for a time so that is why GRRM took him out and probably why He had the Red Wedding take out Robb as the momentum was on their sides. Stannis was doomed to fail I thit
  8. A Ghost of Someone

    Cold-hearted Robb

    He saw the big picture, before he was love potioned by Sybella Westerling.
  9. I do wonder how she felt about her father, brother and other heirs of the North that she knew being killed/murdered if she knew at all. It is possible that Rheagar kept her in the dark so as to not upset her Pregnancy. We just need more info if we can get any at all regarding this. She is on of the following: a victim, idiot or a villain.
  10. A Ghost of Someone

    Why aren’t people intimidated by the dragons?

    The books and show are very different. The Books are cannon, the show is very bad fanfiction.
  11. A Ghost of Someone

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    IF Brandon knew and so many prominent lordlings/heirs were with Bradon then it is common sense that his father, Lord Richard also knew that is daughter was off with Rheagar somewhere unknown. With or without her consent. At this point, his oldest son and heir was being held in KL with his life in the balance so that demanded his imed attention.
  12. A Ghost of Someone

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Brandon, his squire and many heirs of the North and the Heir of the Vale went with Brandon to KL. They were imprisoned. Richard was summoned to answer for Brandon, he went and was told that he would fight in a trial by combat. They were all executed, save Brandon's squire who would die later at the Tower of Joy. Brandon and crew knew that Rheagar took Lyanna, yes, Richard likely knew shortly after yes but approve or prior consulted or consented to it, no, obviously not.