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  1. A Ghost of Someone

    Rank the seasons!

    1 - 1 Followed the Book and was Great 2 - 2 Talisa plot line was off but still good, Also, they started White Washing Tyrion 3 - 3 Saint Tyrion is now fully annoying, Sansa is being ruined, she is not submissive, she is a resister, also Margeary BOLEYN 4 - 4 They are turning Cersie into Carol Brady, no, she is an Evil Bitch and Tyrion is 180 from what he is written to be. The show runners are in love with the actors and are mucking up their show because of it. 5 - 7 Tyrion as hand keeps messing up Dany with every piece of advise he gives. She gets weaker and Cersei gets stronger. The Wight hunt North of the Wall cost a lot and probably gave the Nights King his ticked through the wall thanks to him. He keeps getting praised for it too. The writers love him! 6 - 6 Queen Carol!, I mean, Cersei is laughable. The city rioted a couple of years before and after their Pope and Vatican are blown up, they are good with it and now there are a Million people there and they support Cersie. this is dumb. Everyone knows those kids were false, 7 - 5 The logic behind the Sansa / Ramsay plot for Revenge is beyond disgusting and insightful into the minds of the showrunners., people all over are doing stupid things. Sex slaves offering free Sex to the Imp was laughable. The Saint can do not wrong!, Stannis, are you kidding me 8 - 8 No comments needed at this point.
  2. A Ghost of Someone

    What was the point of the White Walkers sign?

    The tree and shrub patern around that Great Heart Tree is it supposedly.
  3. A Ghost of Someone

    Why aren’t people intimidated by the dragons?

    The Show made them more vulnerable than the cannon. Head shots, in particular, the eyes are the way to bring them down when they are flying and are being shot at. like Rheagal was taken out rather easily, getting multiple hits while Drogon had everyone shooting at him and ..... nothing. Also, I am not sure about the NK weapons, which are stymied by Dragon Glass which, if I am not wrong, is dried Dragon Blood, should have basically bounced off Viseryion rather than, what happened. This show was full of contradictions and bad writing, the logic is just not there sad to say.
  4. A Ghost of Someone

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    Besides that, look at other characters who were completely robbed of their story, like Sansa in particular. Jaime was messed up to but not to the degree she was, I think Sansa was ripped out of hers and I bet Rickon was killed off so that they could give something to Sansa to make up for the Ramsay stuff. There will be differences. They viewers In D&D's estimate probably figured Rickon was a small child and no one cared about him but Sansa was in it from the beginning so they made that change. Sansa has a different path in the books, maybe two or three and I just do not see her going to Winterfell again. Maybe but i doubt it in the books.
  5. A Ghost of Someone

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Oh yeah, Aegon will be Cersei's problem and he will have Dorne, much of the Reach, some of the Stormlands.
  6. A Ghost of Someone

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I think Rickon will live and continue the Stark name in the North out of Winterfell.
  7. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    As far as Jeyne Poole goes, she had her own story and Theon's was inter-twined with hers. She was lower born than Sansa and Theon had compassion for her, By removing Jeyne Poole from the show, it actually, to a certain degree, white washed Littlefinger in regards to not detailing what happened to her in KL under his supervision.
  8. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Mainly because they threw away Sansa's story and made her character a complete dumbass for wanting to marry Ramsay Bolton to "avenge" her family for what his Daddy did to theirs. Now, how does that exactly work out by surrendering your name, reputation, virginity and offer your womb to carry a "BOLTON" heir?
  9. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    They all collaborated on the idea, yes, he was the one to write it in and defend it. He also wrote the cringy episode the season after where Sansa meets lF in the mole town ruins and describes the ways Ramsay "did" her, then he also wrote the episode this season where The Hound tells her that her heard she was "broken in" and "broken in rough" and her reply was, well, appreciation for it making her the woman she is today. Yeah, Cogman was and is proud of that decision.
  10. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    GRRM can praise who ever they want, same for anyone but not me.
  11. A Ghost of Someone

    Aegon VI

    We are a long way from a Democratic process in Westeros. Perhaps it will come down to, like it has in the past, A Great Council to determine who is the King or Queen but with Dragons, and armies at play, I doubt the fighting parties, whether they are currently engaged or about to be, are going to defer to such a body. As to the social Construct, that is iffy as Aerys The Mad King was King, no question and Rheagar was the heir but their murders of Richard and Brandon Stark, the Westeros-Wide view that Rheagar kidnapped Lyanna, the murder of Jon Arryn's heir and other highborns from The North pretty much destroyed the Social Contract for almost all from those Regions alone. Then, calling for Ned and Robert's heads was pretty much it. They had to be removed for they were Tyranical, unstable and no one could trust them to be fair and just. It is a thin line but it happens.
  12. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    He was the one behind Sansa marrying Ramsay and being ........ also the famous line "you need the bad P - - - y", no, not a fan.
  13. A Ghost of Someone

    Aegon VI

    From a certain point of view, yes but in the books there is still honor and duty to Righteous claims and causes no matter the perceived power not in their favor.
  14. A Ghost of Someone

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Im not a fan of Cogman but if you enjoyed it, nice.