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  1. The show did a rapid, crazy turn with Danny’s personality. What made it even more sickening was at the same time, they were trying to make Cersei just wanting her incest baby to live. D&D&C are awful story-tellers. They botched it and it probably is the reason they are no longer in The Star Wars gig.
  2. Still though, they are the creators and runners, they and their sidekick Colman ran this farce. I’m good with my assertions
  3. Creepy guys D$D&C are. Seemingly leering at the female cast and desiring to get their clothes off in front of the Camera.
  4. He saw the big picture, before he was love potioned by Sybella Westerling.
  5. Oh yeah, Aegon will be Cersei's problem and he will have Dorne, much of the Reach, some of the Stormlands.
  6. I think Rickon will live and continue the Stark name in the North out of Winterfell.
  7. Quaithe could be a number of people and the mask is a tease as to someone that should be recognizeable upon site. This is but another possibility.
  8. Maybe Ashara Dayne was at The Tower of Joy? Maybe more happened at the Tower of Joy than we have been led to believe? Maybe GRRM is just messing with our heads?
  9. Time will prove one of us right I suspect and GRRM has certainly been taking his time. As nice and happy it would be that Elia was alive, I do not believe so and as for young Griff, he is a tool with some related lineage.
  10. Given what we know of the golden company and their founding mission (to place a descendent of Daemon Blackfire) on the Iron Throne and accompany with that,that the never break a contract, A Blackfyre descendent would do the trick.
  11. A dragon is a dragon whether black or red. Aegon is a Blackfyre decendent. Illyrio madd the dragon comments to Tyrion.
  12. I agree, Luanda is gone but I think we all probably agree, That Septa Lenore is summer me one other than who she is currently going by.
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