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  1. A Ghost of Someone

    Why didn't Jon Snow legitimize himself? [Season 7 Spoilers?]

    Jon is probably going to be going through another name change this season, so, given the small mindedness of the show runners, they probably think we would be confused if he went through one last year and then this upcoming year, I dunno….
  2. A Ghost of Someone

    Who will wield Heartsbane in season 8?

    Sam of course
  3. A Ghost of Someone

    Best Season Ending

    Season one stuck to the books, it was the best by far.
  4. A Ghost of Someone

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    Why would she be happy with Dany? What have the Targs done for the Starks really? That Wyght Hunt was one of the biggest Dumbass Circus Bullshit anyone ever conjured on any show. That was for Cersei and who gives a damn, Roast the Red Keep with her in it and be done with it. Now, the Question I have is will BranBot2018 and Sam tell Arya and Sansa that Jon is not their half-brother but is a Targaryen by Lyanna and Rheagar before Jon, Dany and the rest arrive in Winterfell. And Jon just gave away the North after all that Robb and they have gone though. It just stinks the high heaven from Sansa's point of view and who knows what Arya thinks. I personally be pissed off if Sansa and Arya curtsy to the Arrogant-Inbred Bitch. It is bad enough that I am sure that Sansa will be written to honor that sanctimoniously disgusting Little Mr Small Shoes Tyrion in some way. As if her ridiculously honoring him before her raping time began was enough.
  5. I agree that beauty is up to the eye of the beholder but Cersei as she was described in the book is someone that would cause someone to walk into a Castle Wall as they are too busy looking at her. Lena is not that type of person to me. The little girl they had the flashback scene with a couple of years ago was not it either.
  6. And add that Tyrion, did those things because he wanted to make sure he got Casterly Rock and when he was assured that he would never get that, he went through and forcibly married Sansa Stark when she clearly did not want to but felt that she had no choice. The Imp has made some selfish decisions but some people have to look for them through all of the bullshit the show tries to glorify him with.
  7. Sam and Gilly are the ones left alive that are. Shireen was but they roasted her.
  8. The Imp, he was as he was written to by by GRRM in Season One. Then, in Season 2, The process of Sainthood took shape and now, he is the most sickeningly sanctimonious, obnoxious know it all. He is insufferable. Cersei has changed the least, she is still as she was a scheming, lying, power hungry, manipulative bitch whom no one should trust but for some reason, everybody seems to and to their own demise for doing so.
  9. A Ghost of Someone

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I would think an entitled young king / prince would probably not want a "used" woman like Margeary. Now, whether or not she has ever had sex before (we really do not know) but we have been told that her Maidenhead is not there anymore and she was married to Renly for longer than one night sooo.... maybe it was a horseback ride or not, she is tainted and possibly viewed as a curse, jinx etc. Just saying, given Aegon's description and persona, I do think he, Aegon will be seduced by Arianne Martell, that is what she does best but for a Queen, Margeary is a joke at this point.
  10. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    addendum to disclaimer: I do not look up or down upon anyone who fantasizes about dwarf loving etc.
  11. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Disclaimer: I do not have any prejudice against Dwarfs or Little People in General.
  12. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I hate the Imp with a fucking passion. Very true.
  13. Did she not find out after Jaime took Highgarden?
  14. A Ghost of Someone

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    No but they obviously hate Sansa. They do not understand femininity
  15. A Ghost of Someone

    Battle of ice two posible scenarios

    I would bet on this one.