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  1. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    addendum to disclaimer: I do not look up or down upon anyone who fantasizes about dwarf loving etc.
  2. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Disclaimer: I do not have any prejudice against Dwarfs or Little People in General.
  3. A Ghost of Someone

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    I hate the Imp with a fucking passion. Very true.
  4. Did she not find out after Jaime took Highgarden?
  5. A Ghost of Someone

    Do D&D hate feminity?

    No but they obviously hate Sansa. They do not understand femininity
  6. A Ghost of Someone

    Battle of ice two posible scenarios

    I would bet on this one.
  7. A Ghost of Someone

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

  8. A Ghost of Someone

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    That too. All actors and actresses do seem to have a "price" after all.
  9. A Ghost of Someone

    Sansa should have killed Littlefinger herself.

    The show is a bastardized version of the books. On the show, apparently the North has little honor and is full of cowards.
  10. that and being in the Night's Watch is like an honorable death row/ life without ever getting out existence. Removed from society. Cannot inherit or take a family or anything else.
  11. A Ghost of Someone

    Theory: Barbrey Dustin is a very tough fighter

    Land is always valuable and everyone is looking for more or to marry their children into it. Donella Hornwood liked Ser Rodrick and there were no heirs left after her husband and son died. She was looking, hinting at taking a husband to Bran and Lewin. Ramsay kidnapped her, married her against her will, raped her and locked her in a room till she died. The Manderly's occupied the land to prevent the Boltons from taking it but when Lord Wyman's son and heir was captured, he had to allow the Boltons to take it as part of the negotiations. Lady Barbrey can do pretty much what she wants and no one seems to be bothered by it. There may be an heir, decendent of her husband's famiily that gets it after she dies but no one is forcing marriage on her at this time. She is prickly.
  12. A Ghost of Someone

    Spare one of these villains from execution and explain why

    Qyburn, he may be of some use to me.
  13. I think Cersei would have bared Rheagar's heirs. I do not think she would have cuckholded him with Jaime. Unlike Robert, Rheagar was not a drunken fool.
  14. A Ghost of Someone

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    The show is a warped rip off of the books for a price that GRRM found too good to pass up. Nothing is Nothing. Things on the show do not make sense because the show runners do not care. They just want to have dazzling CGI and to get certain characters to bang or rub up against each other.
  15. Why not? If Varys is pushing for Aegon, like I think he is and I also believe he is a Blackfyre, Varys must know that, so, why would Varys want a son of Rheagar, illegit or otherwise to be in play as a potential rival?