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  1. TepidHands

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I guess I wasn't clear... My reply to the poster was meant to address his apparent anger about criticism of the show and telling critics: If you don't like it, stop watching. People should be able to watch something and point out its flaws as well as its successes. There are threads for both praise and criticism, but this is an episode discussion forum, so we're going to get both here. Telling the critics to quit watching or quit talking about it is trying to silence one side of the discussion.
  2. TepidHands

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I would suggest that if you can't stomach criticism of the show, stay out of the forums. This is the spoiler episode thread, and there will be good and bad points pointed out.
  3. Citizens of the realm ... shagging every stableboy ... a sword swallower through and through ... I am not a politician ...
  4. TepidHands

    Board Issues 4

    @Ran, look at the current Rant and Rave thread. There are newer posts than the last one that's showing.
  5. I saw Ciaran Hinds in "Closer" on Broadway back in 1999. He was awesome. If you want to see the High Sparrow when he was young, handsome and malevolent, look up "Something Wicked This Way Comes." Or for a great dystopian comedy with Mr. Pryce, see "Brazil." He also was in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.as Keira Knightley's dad.
  6. I gave it a 5. I don't like the Oberyn being turned from this scary-sexy-super-intelligent guy of the books into an oversexed sleazeball who sounds like Inigo Montoya-meets-Puss 'n' Boots from "Shrek." I don't like the Thenns as single-minded parent-eating monsters. I don't like Paedofinger and his rasp. I don't like rapey Jaime.
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