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  1. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    As the podcast pointed out, for many of its critics, the show fails on its own "merits," more than just as adaptation. Lapses of logic, continuity, characterisation frustrate the discerning viewer, whether they've read the books or not. It works as bread and circuses, so for the very casual viewer, who watches for tits and dragons, it's AWESOME.
  2. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    What do we know of the Dornish in the show? They're vengeful, despise weakness, and all they want to do is fight and fuck, fuck and fight. They're the Klingons of Westeros. Only without honor.
  3. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    This is awesome. I'm stealing it.
  4. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    I keep wondering WHY in-show Cersei would keep her pageboy bob. One of the annoying things about this presentation from the beginning has been these awful elaborate hairstyles (think Sansa's Purple Wedding Medusa look, or Cersei in Winterfell), which require long hair. All female characters save Brienne and TitSnake have longish hair. But Cersei post Walk is going to keep that 'do she got courtesy of Salon de Sparrow? They could have given the actress gradually longer wigs and actually SHOWN time progression... But the show doesn't care about that, or lil Sam would be walking and talking by now.
  5. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Reminder: This isn't a debate thread.
  6. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    With Satannis's death, Randyll became the Best Military Commander in Westeros. And like being a direwolf or a husband of Marge Boleyn, or a Stark for that matter, with that title comes sudden onset stupidity and eventually death.
  7. TepidHands

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    A thing that bugs me as a book reader first and a show-sorta-follower second is the loss of the narrative as far as the coming of Long Night 2.0. I know the show hates magic as much as it hates direwolves ( but not giant fire breathing lizards), but in Feast, Jaime notes it's snowing in the Riverlands and could be in Lannisport and King's Landing as well. This is NOT our winter. And fell things are on the move, bringing an even more dire winter than the usual by Westeros standards. And the only sign we have in show is some folks are wearing sleeves (fringed or French, we don't know...). I'm really not worried about the books being "spoiled" by the show, or spoilers "spoiling" the show, because tits and dragons, and boatsex.
  8. Indeed, and what the hell would the Lannisters want with Jon? Robert was the one with the vendetta against Targaryens. I find the Cat-hate kind of silly, really. It's a fictional character!
  9. TepidHands

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    The estrogen is important, too!
  10. Nothing will ever beat the frisson I got hearing that rumbling bass that opens up Alabama 3's "Woke Up This Morning" on "The Sopranos."
  11. I'm, I suppose, in the minority here, but I found show Bronn an annoyance. Every second of screen time for Bronn, or MissWorm romance, or Tyrion making dick jokes, or Pod-in-a-whorehouse (actually most scenes in brothels) was fan service and a distraction from telling the story in ~73 hours. Which is why we have casual fans wondering where in Westeros Trystane was when he got Tryskebobbed. Folks keep insisting the show and books are two different animals (and nobody has argued that they are not), but good storytelling in either medium requires some ability to avoid unnecessary tangents. Sure, Jerome Flynn is adorable and funny, but he's not driving the story to its conclusion. He exists in-show to be adorable and funny (in a foul-mouthed kind of way). That makes him another Boxey, Cousin Oliver, or Scrappy-Doo.
  12. TepidHands

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    Jaime and Brienne's little waves and glances at Riverrun... so junior high (in a good way; they simply don't know how to act). I hated the Bronn coarse commentary there. I know I'm talking about my personal 'ship . Instead they'll probably meet in combat, and not their foreplay kind, if they ever meet again. It doesn't seem particularly a priority for this show.
  13. TepidHands

    Tyrion + Sansa potentially Reunite

    We know that GRRM worships Cocteau (he named his theater after him, after all) and was a writer for the TV version of BatB. There are a few beauty/beast relationships (San/San and J/B) in the source material, very finely drawn and emotionally and sexually charged. I just fear the HBO crew might misunderstand. They don't exactly do subtleties well. I'd worry that they might use an actual beast, except they seem to dislike working with animals.
  14. Unfortunately, I think it's truly "Lost," and will end as disappointingly as that series, that started with such promise and ended with such incoherence. A real shame. To quote Benioff: "I think you’ve gotta start wondering: What the hell is this plot?"
  15. "Outlander" won the best fantasy series last night at the Saturn awards, and Caitroina Balfe for best actress. "Game of Thrones," OTOH, won zilch.