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  1. That same drink made a photographer drop his camera into the ice bucket because he was uncontrollably keeling over.
  2. @Kalbear you cannot demand the repentance of others until the dancing badger returns.
  3. Someone (probably needle) successfully performed "summon elder".
  4. All hail Chewy the Flooflord.
  5. Clive may win. The fucker. Seriously, all his companies have done here in WA is get involved in litigation.
  6. We do fire drills twice a year and have a protocol for dealing with a bomb threat. The one time there was a bomb threat to a bank branch on the ground floor of our office building, police came into our tenancy and overrode all the training we had. I have never heard of a workplace needing to do an active shooter drill in Australia.
  7. 400+ new cases in Victoria today. NSW back to over 10 per day for the last few days as well. I read one report that 1 in 2 Victorians who were awaiting test results were still going shopping or to visit others. Dumb.
  8. [MOD] This thread will be closely monitored for references to the show and discussion that is simply there to hate on characters. Please keep it within the rules. [/MOD]
  9. Carrying on the theme of the last few posts, a story that tends to deflate hopes about a vaccine, or at least forces speculation of how a Covid vaccine might look. The Drop Off of Antibodies
  10. I've spoken to a couple of medical friends in the last week or so who have said we have had basically no community transmission here in WA. They reckon every case has been traced to a traveller of some sort. Personally, I'm hoping that stays the same. But it seems our isolation has been good for something at long last.
  11. I read a fb post asking if anyone could remember a single positive thing Cormann had done for Australia. Philip Adams replied with "Resigned".
  12. At one stage I was bare. With a hat on. Didn't you used to be Hear Me Roar!?
  13. About 4 million have now downloaded the app. But I was reading this morning that it doesn't work properly yet. Can't find the link now, though.
  14. I joined EZ Board in about 2002 I think. Started out as axemanstubby and dropped the axeman bit when we came here.
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