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  1. Must have been your polling booth, Pax. The charity running the snags at our last vote sold out before 10am at ours.
  2. Comments to remember and re-use: "(Dutton is) the champion of the boofhead wing"
  3. Hey Perth BwBers. We are looking at a little get-together in January (on Australia Day due to the availability of our guest of honour, Neal). noobs that want to meet some like-minded nerdy folks are welcome to attend. Please let me know if you are keen.
  4. My take on it is that they still don't give the electorate enough credit for thinking about stuff. And that should worry the fuck out of the Federal backbenchers.
  5. Stubby

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Woot! BwB meets do it again.
  6. It was the announcement that they couldn't get their amendments through about the protections for LGBTI kids at religious schools in the time period that Scomo initially promised.
  7. Noting all the policy on the run from this mob, I like to remind myself that it was Cormann who said "wibble wobble, jelly on a plate".
  8. Come hell or high water we will be there.
  9. Meanwhile, in Brisbane, the conscience vote on legalising abortion that is not a conscience vote. The LNP leader publicly said they would get a conscience vote. Then the branches told all LNP members that if they vote in favour of it they will be disendorsed. Fuxake.
  10. The temporary PM trying to make his mark and score some Jesus points.
  11. It is just shtick, IMO. It's a persona that he puts out there to deceive.
  12. The LNP hates how the media puts them to proof, mate. They know their positions are based on ideology and not evidence, so they blame the media.
  13. Because they see it as capitulating to the people smugglers. Never mind that the people stuck on Nauru are slowly deteriorating medically. But this is the level of heartlessness that I have come to associate with modern conservatives.
  14. Jeor, what is it about Shorten that you don't like? Why is it that you find him unattractive?
  15. No they are actually worried that she will win.