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  1. I don't know if anyone caught this, but in Half a King there is a bit where one of the characters talks about the constellations. She names one of the constellations as "Stranger Come Knocking", The [admittedly a little crackpot] signifigance of this to A Little Hatred is: /silly speculation
  2. Further to my previous post, this is how a former One Neuron senator fares in Court: https://ecourts.justice.wa.gov.au/eCourtsPortal/Decisions/DownloadDecision/da328919-4b16-4665-b5e7-cdb723667925?unredactedVersion=False Face, meet palm.
  3. Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    This was actually just a sledge due to our respective (lack of) height.
  4. Stubby

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    If we're being honest Pebs, our best electric car option is probably a golf cart.
  5. It could just be that. But I even speculated that it might be deliberate misdirection - as in is this "the lamb" that ate the lion?
  6. I just figured = as has been mentioned already - that he is getting old and sees a bit of himself in Broad.
  7. LOL. Perfect comment. I only remembered it because I did a full re-read before ALH.
  8. Broad was listening to some old bloke ramble, and another (bigger) bloke growled at the old bloke to shut up. Broad noticed that the older, bigger, growling guy had "a star shaped scar on his cheek and a notched ear". That guy (Logen IMO) backed off when he saw Broad's ladderman tattoos. I saw Orso as much the same. That actor would be OK.
  9. Did anyone else catch Broad running into Logen in the line waiting for work at the brewery?
  10. Meh. Hitch used stronger language than that. EG (paraphrased): What's more likely? That some bloke was his own virtual dad or a 16 year old minx lied about having sex?
  11. I seem to have missed this one. What's he been up to this time?
  12. Stubby

    Bull**it Jobs

    [MOD] Thread title edited. Profanity is fine within threads, but when used in thread titles it can trigger filters and block entire forums. Thanks [/MOD]
  13. Andrew Bolt? If so, that is not a "dissenting" voice, it is a dissembling voice.