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  1. To be fair the States, with one notable exception, have done better than than the Feds in the vaccine and general covid management screw-up dept.
  2. I got my first dose of Pfizer on Monday. It was so quiet that Laoise got to come back as a walk in an hour later. Bet it's not as quiet today.
  3. Nearly 12 months since I started the thread, and Victoria is in lockdown mode. Some things change, some stay the same.
  4. George Christensen has decided not to seek re-election. Oh well.
  5. I always thought the LNP were a bunch of wankers. Now they've proven it.
  6. Democracy sausage day here in WA. Soon to be known as "the day the Libs were pummelled".
  7. I think it's gone beyond "supposedly". Which doesn't sit well with her teary comments in the senate - the same day that she dropped this howler. As for Porter, it seems the only chance that the investigation is rejigged will be dependent on the findings of the SA Coroner.
  8. Ours just got called off as of Midnight Saturday. Stay safe and post if you need to vent.
  9. A bloke from the Rationalist Society is also handing his back now.
  10. ABC had a FB story about the doctor that handed back her OAM after Court got this upgrade. They had to delete it because of the sheer volume of religious bigots shitposting. Sadly there is still a long way to go before our LGBTQI folks are accepted.
  11. One of the cleaner's family members has the UK version now.
  12. Happy New Year everyone! One thing I'm hoping for in the NY is a return for empathy and consideration of others. Except for racist fascists. Fuck those guys.
  13. He didn't appeal the convictions. The way the defence ran the case was the main reason for that I think. They didn't run a positive case and led no evidence at all. Hard to say if he will appeal the sentence.
  14. The sentence for the Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards will drop today. The court is located opposite where we park in the CBD. At 0715 hrs today, there were already hundreds of people lined up for the public gallery.
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