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  1. One of the cleaner's family members has the UK version now.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! One thing I'm hoping for in the NY is a return for empathy and consideration of others. Except for racist fascists. Fuck those guys.
  3. He didn't appeal the convictions. The way the defence ran the case was the main reason for that I think. They didn't run a positive case and led no evidence at all. Hard to say if he will appeal the sentence.
  4. The sentence for the Claremont serial killer Bradley Edwards will drop today. The court is located opposite where we park in the CBD. At 0715 hrs today, there were already hundreds of people lined up for the public gallery.
  5. That's because the LNP showed it's true colours during Covid. All they did everywhere was whine about protecting profits.
  6. Don't worry about jackalopes mate. We know they were just made up to try and outdo dropbears, blue-ringed occys, Irikanjis and bunyips.
  7. [MOD] I think 4 threads of this topic is enough, so this is cancel topic time. Also, remember to keep away from the personal, please. [/MOD]
  8. I suspect Kerry Stokes has had enough of Palmer's shit - if the last few days' worth of front pages on the West Australian are anything to go by.
  9. That same drink made a photographer drop his camera into the ice bucket because he was uncontrollably keeling over.
  10. @Kalbear you cannot demand the repentance of others until the dancing badger returns.
  11. Someone (probably needle) successfully performed "summon elder".
  12. All hail Chewy the Flooflord.
  13. Clive may win. The fucker. Seriously, all his companies have done here in WA is get involved in litigation.
  14. We do fire drills twice a year and have a protocol for dealing with a bomb threat. The one time there was a bomb threat to a bank branch on the ground floor of our office building, police came into our tenancy and overrode all the training we had. I have never heard of a workplace needing to do an active shooter drill in Australia.
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