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  1. One young bloke has been jaunting through Perth while infected. 40+ exposure sites in a few days. Result = nightclubs closed for the next few days, everyone to mask up indoors in public places, and some festivals cancelled. Prick.
  2. State Daddy (otherwise known as Premier McGowan) had to close his electorate office due to credible threats of violence by antivaxxers over here. People have been charged for their threats.
  3. McGowan replied publicly to Hunt saying "stop making things up". So yeah, it was a beat up. And it is pretty clear that WA folks are quite happy and that there is a ton of stuff to show that the protesters are just the usual RW & libertarian crowd.
  4. Scomo and Dum Perignon (nod to Paxter) are simply more concerned with $$ than humans. It's that simple.
  5. Perrotet needs a nickname. I propose: 1. Prayertit 2. If Scott Morrison = ScoMo then Domenic Perrotet = DoPe.
  6. We have 2 memberships for DC for sale. PM if interested.
  7. [MOD] Folks, Once again, this thread is for rants only. It is not for debate about the merits or otherwise about others posters' rants. Thanks. [/MOD]
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  9. [MOD] If you have seen such posts please use the report function to identify them. [/MOD]
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    In short, no. The site stays in performance mode while the show is on, due to the incredibly high traffic volume. Once the show has finished for the season things get back to normal fairly quickly.
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