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  1. Just saw the clip of the sign language interpreter on BBC during the clip on this Brexit shenanigans. Priceless!
  2. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Apparently Mike Pence specifically asked to be seated with our PM (a woman if anyone doesn't already know) at the recent ASEAN summit dinner. She ended up sitting next to Pence's wife, because of course Pence cannot be in touching distance of any woman who is not a family member, lest the devil inside the woman tempt him into corrupt inclinations. Not sure what to make of it. Did Pence not want his wife sitting next to some dude, especially not a dude of colour? Or some woman who can't speak good English? Or did he actually want to be able to chat with her about meaningful things? It's unusual for seating requests to be made for these things. All of our media (and the PM) is making it out to be some kind of special thing. But I suspect it was something a bit weird, rather than any kind of "New Zealand is a special friend" kind of thing. After all the US is still being a dick about tariffs on our steel exports, which amount to a minuscule $30M a year. That's not going to ruin the US steel industry any time soon.
  3. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    For me, the more important point is that these people have had a democratic right returned to them that should never have been taken away. Whether they exercise that right, or any political calculus around whether there is a meaningful advantage for any party in this is not really relevant. I hope people who voted for the return of these rights didn't do so in the hopes of some kind of future electoral advantage. Though it wouldn't surprise me if some people were that mercenary in their thinking.
  4. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Huh, interesting. No doubt Trump would easily and with great finesse shut down any sex scandal nonsense by simply saying she's too old and plain-looking to get him hard. In the mean time, don't let her throw away any dresses.
  5. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Did the Democrat run under his porn name? Josh Harder, it's brilliant.
  6. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    What was the sex scandal thing at the end of the last thread? Did I miss something in the super fast pace that the US Pol thread moves these days?
  7. Also he did it on ultra hard mode. I only beat 2 Valkyries (the easy ones I imagine), and then went to Muspelheim and got my arse handed to me multiple times. So I gave it up as too much like hard work. My son beat all the Valkyries, I think on normal mode, but I don't want to denigrate his skills, so I will say that I think he might have played on hard. Also kind of old news (2 weeks old). But the MediEvil remake looks brilliant. I can't think of a game I'm anticipating more, and that includes TLOU2.
  8. There's youtubes of a guy beating every Valkyrie with level 1 gear (weapons and abilities at end game power though), taking zero damage (of course, because at level 1 every Valkyrie will one shot you). Impressive stuff, but each Valkyrie takes ages because Kratos does so little damage to them with Lvl 1 gear.
  9. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    The difference between Republicans and Democrats on political discourse is that Democrats call for civility from their own. Republicans call for civility from Democrats.
  10. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Trade wars changing dietary behavior of Americans: http://www.micausa.org/u-s-pigs-bacon-ribs-trade-wars-cut-chicken-demand/
  11. The Anti-Targ

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    I can't disagree with it because I would count it impossible for me to make a top 50, and all the shows listed I either like to some extent or have never seen. So while there are omissions of show that I think are great (per most of Wert's small list), I can;t say they are better than shows on your list I've never seen. I definitely approve Balckadder being in the top 5. I definitely disagree with GoT being #2 or even top 20, it possibly wouldn't make my top 50. First 3 seasons yes, but 4 and 5 turned me off.
  12. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Is it a coincidence that every congressional district that borders Mexico bar 1 is held by the Democrats, and the one Republican district, in Texas, was a very narrow win (0.5% / 1140ish votes) for the Republicans? And the only border district to flip was a pretty decent win for the Democrats in AZ. Seems like the districts that should be most worried about caravans of dirty South Americans crossing in droves are actually not all that worried.
  13. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Is that a reversal on a recount, or just a final count? I'm wondering what's the historical record with recounts overturning election night results? It seems a lot of people put a lot of hope into recounts, but it seems more often than not recounts confirm the election night winner. Even excluding shadey decisions like Florida 2000.
  14. The Anti-Targ

    R,I.P. Thread

    Not likely to be something he cares about any more. RIP Stan Lee, his last cameo in a Marvel movie will be a bitter-sweet moment. I hope it's a good one. Will it be Spider Man Far From Home? Wouldn't that be funny, his final appearance in a Marvel movie not being a Marvel Studios movie?
  15. The Anti-Targ

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    There are really only 2 things the challenging party can do when it comes to running against an incumbent going for a second term: nominate a charismatic and / or war hero candidate and; gain a party mandate - after the midterm elections hold more seats in the U.S. House of Representatives than after the previous midterm elections. IN this respect the senate situation doesn't matter, since only rarely does a senate election cycle represent a national referendum, of sorts, the house elections is always a measure of the national mood. The Democrats achieved the second condition. Now they need to focus on the first. Biden and Warren aren't up to snuff on the charisma / war hero condition. And Democrats should probably avoid war heroes, because he/she is likely to be swiftboated mercilessly to the point of negating that attribute. Whereas it's impossible to negate charisma.