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  1. The Anti-Targ

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    So this is a public admission by a Kavanaugh representative that something happened. Interesting. I'm pretty sure I can point out hypocrisy in a civil manner. If I want to get my way in trade talks and the other side are being dicks, the worst thing for me to do is be uncivil.
  2. The Anti-Targ

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    Must have been a bad dream I had, where some hack director with an undeserved reputation was given charge of this beloved story to predictably butcher it so badly that...then I wake up in a cold sweat.
  3. The Anti-Targ

    MCU - X

    It could either go extremely well or horribly wrong. Further to the Captain Marvel trailer, there are quite a few people who expected more from the trailer and find it underwhelming / disappointing. I wonder what people were expecting? I'm kind of sick of trailers where you feel like you've seen all the good bits from the movie. So less is better from my perspective. It was enough to give us the main plot lines from the movie and show what kind of powers she has (though not revealing whether she can fly, though one might assume that since she fell into a Blockbuster maybe she can't fly). And the production values look good. I don't actually want any more information and I will probably personally embargo any further trailers. I've seen enough, and now all I want to do is see the movie when it finally comes out.
  4. The Anti-Targ

    The Last Airbender: Live Action on Netflix!

    I feel like a live action remake can only be less good than the og, so I question the sense of doing it at all. But that may be because I still have a bad taste left after seeing the horrible movie.
  5. The Anti-Targ

    MCU - X

    I like the lightning crackle and glowing eyes at the end. Reminiscent of Thor, indicating that in terms of energy projection power Carol = Thor.
  6. The Anti-Targ

    MCU - X

    That trailer was awesome. From what I've read online Carol does have a memory loss plotline at some point. I think it can work pretty well to weave the backstory / origin into what looks like will be secret invasion front and center.
  7. I didn't notice it either. It was in a video I came across on Youtube after having finished the game. One of those "10 things" videos about what you may have missed (story / theme-wise not loot-wise) when playing God of War.
  8. The Anti-Targ

    MCU - X

    I think someone mentioned a while ago that for Netflix the characters we've seen already are the only characters we're going to ever see. I wonder if Netflix will try making up some original characters (mostly villains) if they want to try to keep things going.
  9. I quite liked the Contrapoints video on Youtube about Incels. Have you seen it? I'm more inclined to see Incel as a mental health problem distinct from things like racism and misogyny. Though clearly there's serious misogyny as part of it, it goes much deeper to self-esteem, negative self-image, depression, suicide. It's not too dissimilar to a community that develops around self-harm practices. It's a horrible sub-culture, but I think of that list of communities Incels could actually be helped though constructive engagement, unlike the others.
  10. Ah, so I see this isn't even a widely known connection in the USA. It's a bit like Pepe the Frog. I see it in some places and I have a hard time interpreting the person's intent. Are they using it to Troll? Are they using it to signal that they are part of the neo-Nazi movement or sympathetic to it? Are they using it to try to take it back and remove it from its anti-Semitic association? Are they totally unaware of the anti-Semitic connection and just think it's an amusing image? I see it and I have to think, do I judge this person to be an arsehole I should disassociate from or not? And a lot f the time I can't answer because I have no additional information to make a decision. But there is a possibility I have a connection, however indirect to an anti-Semite / neo-Nazi and that makes me feel icky.
  11. The Anti-Targ

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Given there's no one who actually looks like any of the game characters, since they aren't modeled on any actual person. It's unlikely the show will need to do anything in particular to make characters not look like game characters. I doubt even costuming would come into it, unless the show exactly replicated a character's iconic costume form the game. Thinking Dandelion perhaps. Most other characters have pretty generic clothing / armour. Yennefer being dressed in black is hardly going to be a rights issue, I would think. Neither would Triss being a red head. Perhaps the double pony tail on Triss might run afoul of the game's rights? Triss's TW3 outfit might also be a bit iconic to the game. I'm sure they'll have had lawyers all over the look and feel elements in relation to the games. I'm sure the TV producers want to evoke a lot of the game's look and feel, since they are dependent on game fans for decent viewer numbers. So I think they'll want to get as close as possible without creating any lawsuits with CDPR. Getting some racial diversity, particularly Asian and African, could actually help defend against rights violation claims, because the TV show will be able to claim these create a stark distinction with the games.
  12. It seems to me the difference is that the notion of humans as a social species (like bees, wolves, elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas) is being attacked at its foundations. Whereas your 100 years ago observer of the future is just lamenting that social norms have been destroyed, which is not the same as destroying the very concept of society.
  13. So our news websites picked up this story about a coast guard guy showing the "OK" hand sign on TV. And also some Republican operative in the Kavenaugh hearing (?) doing the same. Seems most people in my part of the world aren't aware of the co-opting of the "OK" hand signal by the White nationalists / neo-Nazis. Just wondering how much traction there is on these stories in the USA? It appears from the report I read that the Coast Guard guy has been stood down from the Hurricane Florence response.
  14. The Anti-Targ

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Yes, I've seen a few comments on the interwebs from (apparently) Polish nationals who strongly feel these stories are an important part of Polish culture and they feel very slighted at the notion that representation may be given to other ethnicities possibly at the expense of Polish representation. I get the impression Polish fans would not be completely miffed if there was racial diversity in the top 10 characters of the show, so long as there is one Polish national cast in the top 5. And I think that's fine. I think it is appropriate for the culture of the author to be represented among the leading cast.
  15. The Anti-Targ

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!