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  1. Hmmm, there were so many posts I don't recall exactly which one, but I'm guessing the one about the things fascists don't care about? The way you defeat fascism is to treat ordinary people with justice so that there is no fertile ground for it to grow in, you don't defeat it by throwing a bunch of thugs in jail for X number of years and imagining that will solve anything. Fascism arises because the masses are victims of an unjust system and the fascists show them who is to blame (which is always not remotely close to who is really to blame). People seem to think justice is punishing the angry mob, but it isn't because it hasn't dealt with the cause of the anger. Albeit not letting people get away with criminal behavior is important, it doesn't fix anything. Similarly getting rid of Trump, even impeaching and removing him tomorrow, does not deal with the reason Trump got to be president in the first place. If you don't fix social and economic injustice, you might make fascism go away for a while, but it will only come back. My prediction, Biden-Harris won't fix much or anything, and we'll be back in 4 or 8 years with a trump figure, only this time they might actually be a bit smart, and thus even worse. In 2008 I said Obama would not achieve the hope and change he talked about so much, he didn't partly because he couldn't as the system is resistant, but also partly because his politics was wrong in too many ways. Biden-Harris will be more of the same, or perhaps less of it. The collapse of this political order is coming, and this isn't limited to the USA. The world's political machinery is incapable of delivering the justice people so desperately seek. Until it is torn down and built anew on the unshakeable foundation of social and economic justice for all (the world) we are only going to see the last 4 years and the last 48hrs repeat, only with different players, and in a lot more countries, and perhaps with greater frequency. Yet hope remains, while the company is true. The quest for a just society does not stand upon the edge of a knife, and no matter how much we stray it will not fail to the ruin of us all. But sadly there is a lot of straying going on, which is leading and will lead to the ruin of many. I was reading an article about galactic civilisations, odd segue, but stay with me, The article was speculating that there were probably civilisations existing in the galaxy millions and billions of years ago, and the reason we don't see any is because, they speculate, all advanced civilisations eventually self-annihilate. Clearly the thinkers thinking these things believe that's where we're going, and probably in a geologically short time. This is hopelessly and horribly fatalistic, and I am not buying it. As bad as things will get, it's going to get better.
  2. Clearly they didn't follow the CoD:MW2 playbook: "No Russian"
  3. I suspect it's because there is now an adult in the White House, and whatever happens on the streets there is now stability at the top. Sadly, the last 3 days have reported the highest 3 day aggregate deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the USA. The second highest 3-day aggregate is 29-31 Dec.
  4. Or, someone had kompromat and they just can't have that getting out.
  5. "Oh, people thought that speech meant peaceful transition to power of a Biden presidency. Sorry you misunderstood, I meant peaceful transition of power to the new vice president under me as president for lyfe. Let me introduce you to vice-president Hawley. A great man, a true patriot, and loyal. Most importantly loyal."
  6. Oh, I thought you were talking about this guy. He is definitely not happy about the events of the last week or so, not to mention yesterday.
  7. Ha! An American law lecturer teaching here defended the "protests". But wait, there's more. Well, we know where her sympathies lie, then. Also, I guess she does not understand the concept of stochastic terrorism.
  8. I guess he's just devalued the standing of having Supreme Court Clerk on your resume.
  9. I guess Hawley doesn't know what the First Amendment says or means, which is not surprising since it seems most Americans don't. He'd be less wrong if he just said freedom of speech, but he'd still be wrong.
  10. So the trying to find a bathroom thing is true after all, only they were not quite smart or quick enough to find one.
  11. I'm hoping that was catching up on deaths yet to be reported over the new year weekend, and not an actual new one day record. I fear it's the latter.
  12. I'm guessing Baron(sp?) hasn't committed any state or federal offense. Trump no doubt still cares about him because he hasn't been a disappointment yet. I wonder if he will grow up angry at America for what it did to his father, or angry at his father for what he did to America.
  13. What? Countless lives? There are literally websites that are counting them. Today it's 373,795, tomorrow it will be about 3,000 more.
  14. I don't presume to tell you how you should feel, but I'm not glad person A died. I think the world is somewhat better off now that he's dead, but I would have preferred it if he had lived to see the error of his ways and denounce his former self and previous actions, unlikely as that would be. I pretty much always prefer for people to live to regret their bad life choices, because then they have a chance to do right by those they have wronged.
  15. I can probably answer Carlson's rhetorical question. If my daughter was that deep into false conspiracies' and fascist ideas, I almost certainly would be well estranged from her. I'd be sad about that, but I would not want to have her around. And when I heard she'd been shot and died during an attempt to subvert the legitimate course of democracy I would grieve, but more for all the wrong turns she took to get her there, and "what could I have done differently" self blaming that pretty much all parents go though, than for her actual death. Then I would pray for the healing of her soul every day for the rest of my life. I don't know if that's the kind of answer Carlson would be looking for, but that's how I play the scenario out in my head.
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