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  1. That's the shittest phrase in all of sport. The other way to look at silver is that you are the second best person in the world out of over 7bn people at the thing, which is extremely impressive and only a tiny bit less impressive than being the best in the world. Excellence in sports should be acknowledged much more than Gold or bust. That's such a narrow view. Personally I think anyone who goes to the Olympics and achieves a PB should be more acknowledged than they are at the moment. I do like how at this Olympics the results screen always shows a PB when it's an even where PB is a thing. If you do a PB at the Olympics it means you have really extended yourself and shown up for the big event. That in itself is an achievement when so many people get to the Olympics and underperform because the big occasion knocks them off their edge. Also, if I believed in Hell I would want a special place reserved for all the Simone Biles haters. All those armchair gymnasts who haven't got a clue and who's greatest achievement in sport is to sit and criticise the athletes who actually get out there and do it. A specially spiked seat for Piers Morgan.
  2. I take issue with that somewhat. The implication is that artists contribute nothing and don't deserve recognition. I agree that there is an imbalance and that these careers are grossly overpaid, but they are not without value to humanity. The good thing about social media and Youtube is that a lot more scientists are becoming somewhat famous, and earning additional money over an above their day jobs, but it's still nothing close to sports and entertainment. Better still, though would be that they earn much better incomes from their day jobs. Teacher though, the actual classroom teachers, horribly undervalued and underpaid.
  3. She is a big movie star in her own right (though the MCU is partly the reason for that), and she's an OG Avenger in the MCU. I dunno if she's suffered from a gender pay gap with her male co-stars, and this was meant to be her real payday. So even though she is mega rich and privileged if she's been short changed it's just another nail in the coffin of her relationship with Disney.
  4. Pretty much this. I tend to err on the side of the person who is not a corporation. But in the case of rich as entertainers my lack of sympathy is more evenly split. It's a contractual matter so lawyers at 10 paces will sort this out. A nice gesture on the part of Johanssen would be to give any money she squeezes out of Disney to all the cast and crew who are not up for bonuses: doing it for the principle of the thing, not to make herself even more rich. How likely is that? I'm guessing she is no planning to appear an another Disney production any time soon. You don't bite the hand that feeds you, most of the time.
  5. There has very much been a typical 7-day rhythm with case number reporting in pretty much every country with daily case numbers being low on weekends and peaking some time mid-week. The 7-day period 20 July to 27 July was unusual in that there was an uninterrupted reduction in daily cases. So the last two days in a row reversing that trend and being consecutive increases on the previous day is somewhat more noteworthy than previous one or two day increases because of that prior 7 day pattern. But 2 days of data is not enough to know whether it is a sign that case numbers are on a longer time rise, or if there will be a levelling off, or if this is just a return to the normal 7-day cycle with a general downward direction. It is also worth nothing that since the daily peak for the current wave on 17 July this is the first time there has been 2 consecutive days of increased case numbers. One day is an incident, 2 days is a coincidence, 3 days is starting to look like a pattern. So keep an eye out for tomorrow / today's number. But, 3 consecutive days of increase has been seen on the down-slope side of previous waves, so even if there is 3 days of daily increase does not mean a reversal or levelling. 4 days of consecutive increase, though, have only been seen on the up-slope or levelling off. So one or two days hence we will have a pretty good idea if there has been a change in pattern or not.
  6. Unmasking fully vaccinated people was absolutely fine while the OG virus, and probably the Alpha variant, were the dominant strains. Infection and transmission rates among the vaccinated would be very low, so the vaxxed population would be a negligible contributor to ongoing infection. Delta changed all that because now the vaxxed population has become a non-trivial contributor to spreading the Delta variant, which is now pretty much the dominant strain in the USA I believe. So now it is appropriate for the CDC to change its public health recommendation back to mask-wearing, because the country is no longer dealing with the same virus that was the basis of the previous recommendation. Who woulda thought public health measures need to be responsive to changing patterns of disease? That's just socialist, deep state, crazy talk!
  7. The govt announced a vaccination timeline with phases that officially brought in younger age groups (they've just started officially vaccinating the over 60's) with a plan to make the vaccine to all age groups (for which the vaccine is approved, over 18s only 5 think for now). And they have a graph on the ministry of health website showing vaccinations are tracking slightly ahead of the planned timeline. But, it is not a very ambitious target, because we have the capacity to vaccinate about 50K per day, but I think the max single day achievement has been 30K so far. So it's easy to meet targets that are well below your maximum capacity. Lots of people under the official age rollout are getting vaccinated. My friend took her mother to be vaccinated several weeks ago, and the staff just said, "well since you're here do you want to get vaccinated too?" My wife got contacted to come in for a vaccination because she is asthmatic and has high blood pressure, So I tagged along as a "support" person, and they said no probs, you can get a shot too. But there are parts of the country where vaccination rates are lagging, and most of those parts are where there is a high proportion of Maori, and there does not seem to be an acceptable explanation for that (i.e. vaccine hesitancy does not appear to be higher among Maori than the rest of the population). So some regional health authorities are getting stick for doing a bad job. I think the main point of contention media and politics wise is more about opening up to travel. More people (and some medical academics) are wanting to start allowing double jabbed people to travel more freely (e.g. get a test before coming in to the country, self isolate privately for 3 or 5 days and get another test). But the problem with that is enforcement of self-isolation and the fact that up to 20% of double jabbed people who come into contact with Delta COVID will get infected and can transmit. So I think for the vaccination rate we have at present it is too dangerous to dispense with 14 day quarantine even for double jabbed people at this point in time. My personal level of comfort in opening up to double jabbed arrivals would be when we hit 80% of the population double jabbed. My level of comfort in opening up to the un-vaxxed would be never. Or at least not until COVID is functionally eradicated. If you can't go to some countries unless you've had the yellow fever jab, then I don't see any reason why entry to a country can't be conditioned on a COVID jab. If you don't like it, you are free to travel to a country that will take you. It would also be a good cover for keeping people who want to promote all manner of fringe ideas out, who probably significantly cross over to the anti-vaxx.
  8. Declaring the pandemic over at this point is premature. It might indeed be over now for some countries, but it is too early to say that even for them. More water needs to pass under the bridge before it can be stated with scientific certainty. Buyt be hopeful that the end is in sight for some countries. Foir other countries they are still well in the grip of lots of cases, lots of severe illness and too much death. So it is it pretty dismissive of a lot of the world to say it's only a test pandemic. Also for countries that are still working on reaching immunity by vaccination with a largely naive population (NZ, Aussie etc) the pandemic is far from over. If it gets in here in a big way there is a lot of death and suffering that will follow. So we will be keeping things under tight control at the border for some time yet. People won't be coming here for holidays or Lord of the Rings tours, even if vaccinated, until at least mid 2022 I think. And after then, if you are anti-vax non-resident you won't get in.
  9. Testing has dropped by 44% since freedom day, according to one set of figures I've seen. Trump wasn't wrong when he said if you test less you won't find as much. He was just wrong that it's a good idea to test less.
  10. raining on the parade a bit, but this time last year daily case numbers were in the hundreds. There is a long way to go yet, and a U-shaped curve is not out of the question, like the end of last year.
  11. Always reassuring to know the media has the public's best interests at heart.
  12. I guess this is an international event: 'Earth Overshoot Day' is the day in the year humanity begins to exceed its annual consumption of the earth’s replenishable resources. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/a-scary-and-overlooked-milestone So not a fossil fuel or mineral extraction thing, but rather the productive capacity of nature (including "managed" nature like farming and managed forests). When you look at the graph there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the resource use per person has not gone up by all that much. But because of population growth the available resource per person has basically halved since about 1960. The break even point ~1970 had a global population of about 3.7Bn, if we Thanosed the problem we would be basically back to break even, but that's probably not on the cards, at least not as a deliberate decision. Interestingly in 1971 MIT released a study predicting that by 2040 we would see a global collapse of civilisation. If that's as bad as it sounds, it could be we will Thanos ourselves anyway.
  13. If Boris's chief apologist's only defence is that people wanted to be deceived by Boris's lying then either this guy needs to be fired or there is no better defence available for Boris's lying; such as trying to claim he was telling the truth with a straight face. Notice he tries to excuse the Irish sea border by saying there are no check from NI to Britain, though technically there needs to be (and will be in the future as the protocol currently stands) because it is a customs border that needs to be controlled and at present a total back door to any and all goods from the EU.
  14. It's not either or like that though is it? It's not fully formed mature adults vs children in adult's bodies. The scam is very sophisticated, and unless you have well developed critical thinking and access to sources of actual truth that you trust then you are vulnerable. When you have actual registered medical doctors, who should be a trusted profession, putting out falsehoods and misinformation, along with a well developed mistrust of public institutions and government, when your own president was undermining the credibility of his own top health official, it's not so simplistic. And I would suggest most of us here don't buy into the absoluteness of individual responsibility, because only perfect knowledge and capability can be held to such a standard in all circumstances. So, sure shine a light on the illogic and hypocrisy of personal responsibility in all things. But don't hold them to this standard unless you believe in it yourself. We can't go around saying social media companies (and mainstream media), and celebrities and "influencers" need to be held to account for their lies and conspiracies or the lies and conspiracies that go unchecked on their platforms, and then just say all those 20%-30% of USA people who are not intended to get vaccinated are root cause of the problem. They are the symptom, not the cause. Personal responsibility is the excuse these people give for not taking responsibility for the influence they are having. On a related note: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/covid-19-coronavirus-us-americas-vaccine-dilemma-dealing-with-anti-vaxxers/2WAXXMCDC6UYXXPYOJTMECH6H4/ The reason, I think, this governor is wanting to blame the unvaccinated, is because if she did the normal thing, which is to blame the liberal media, only this time it's the right-wing media she would create an enemy she can't fight. So she blames the people instead. And "pro-vaccine Congressman...". That pretty much says it all, the fact a politician these days needs a qualifier as to their stance on vaccination. It's hopeless.
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