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  1. Disney believes it too, ref The Lion King, it's the circle of life. So China has the Mandate of Heaven and the USA has Manifest Destiny. Let's hope we don't get to see if one tries to prove it's right and the other wrong.
  2. John Oliver piece on the water rights of the Colorado river was very interesting. He said (subject to fact checking of course) that the water allocations from the river have exceeded its volume right from the start. So there has been magical thinking on Colorado river water allocations since before anyone even knew that the climate experiences changes from any cause, let alone human caused climate change.
  3. Won't someone please free these poor young women from the shackles of Islamofascism?
  4. A large area of land comprising most of the eastern side of the Eurasian continent inhabited by a large number of mostly ethnically east Asian people will continue to exist into an indefinite future. I think that is not in any serious doubt. And as with almost every economic collapse in history some kind of socio-economic order has arisen afterwards. I think that is also a pretty non-controversial statement. The question is how much suffering, by how many people (mostly people who are not responsible for the cause of the collapse), and for how long as a result of a war over Taiwan, which may ultimately be overtaken by an even greater world engulfing climate-based economic collapse. Fun times ahead. In the mean time, COVID and Monkeypox.
  5. Interestingly, unless I was misinformed by friends which is possible, I know of someone who came back to NZ (where they live) having tested positive in The Netherlands. If I am correct it would mean that there is an acceptance there will be COVID +ve people on flights (hence everyone must wear a mask), and at least for some countries people will not be stuck overseas to ride out their infection but will be allowed home to home isolate on their return. And on a related note, the Pacific island country of Nauru (Pop ~1,500) opened its border to non-citizen international arrivals for the first time since the pandemic began earlier this year. Despite a requirement for every traveller to be vaxxed and (supervised) RAT tested within 24hrs prior to departure, the very first flight had a couple of COVID +ve people on it, and for the first time since the pandemic began Nauru has had community spread.
  6. I seem to recall a relatively recent economic hiccup that involved cheap and easy access to mortgages. Something to do with a dodgy couple by the name of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac selling sub-prime... meat? That sounds kinda weird, must be something else.
  7. And the world economy will go to shit along with it. China is a huge trading partner with, basically, the world. It would be impossible to build or re-tool factories to replace Chinese manufacturing in short order, and we all collectively sell a shit load of products to China (75% of our infant formula exports for just one example), and then there is the services and financial sector too. When was the last time in history that we had the collapse of the economy of a nation or empire comprising 17% of the world's population? It's maybe happened a few times I guess, but this would be a first during a time when the entire globe is economically interconnected. If China invades Taiwan, the US really has to think about how much self harm it would inflict upon itself by going to war with China and causing its political and economic collapse. Their planning really needs to be focussed on how to take down the Chinese govt but keeping the economy from collapsing.
  8. Are insurance companies still insuring these properties? I am pretty sure some coastal properties here have already become uninsurable. I didn't believe global warming back when it was only greeny groups talking about it. But as soon as the credible scientific community started saying it was a thing I was on board. If the world was like me there would have been a lot of global collective action happening by the late-90s, and I was certainly not on the leading edge of people being concerned about global warming. I can maybe understand the world needing another 10 years of consistent data supporting the conclusion, so firm collective action not starting until the late naughties is perhaps. Getting started any time after that is just contemptibly negligent. But here we are in the 20s and were still really only just emerging from the talking about it phase.
  9. Trump certainly made loud noises about binning the One China policy, but it is another thing entirely for a US president of any colour to actually get into a shooting war with China. The one thing that might make the US more likely to get directly involved, unlike Ukraine, is China might be less insane than Putin and would not start lobbing nukes. Putin might have thought once the US is involved he would have nothing to lose by using nukes. China mostly has nothing to gain by using nukes unless its mainland territorial integrity is threatened. Also, China can't win a straight up hardware fight, but it can win a protracted body count fight, so China has more incentive to keep it conventional and grind it out with the USA, just like Viet Nam did. One thing going in the US and Taiwan's favour is there is now a big, affluent middle class (unlike Viet Nam in the 50s and 60s), and if their style gets cramped from a long war then that's a big chunk of the population that could rebel back on the mainland causing China to have to divide its attention... so maybe on second thought China isn't well placed to drag on a grind-fest. It's all sounding rather messy and complicated and a bit tricky as to who has the best chance of securing Taiwan. The advantage is usually with the defender who is surrounded by water. But they are a long way from any meaningful assistance.
  10. As a bit of an aside, I was watching a James O'Brien clip on Youtube and he quoted a verse from 'All Creatures Great and Small' (the hymn, not the TV show). This is a verse I never knew existed, but WT actual F!?! But also, have we come all that far since 1848? It does seem like some people still believe this "natural" order. It does seem to be missing from more modern renditions of the song, conveniently forgetting the class system is based on this fallacy of divine ordination of one's place in society.
  11. I'm sort of 37.5% in agreement with him. US and NATO are geopolitically an evil force in the world, that sometimes accidentally ends up on the right side of history. But the SU was an even greater force for evil, which maybe only accidentally landed on the right side of history once with the Viet Nam war.
  12. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/472112/climate-change-govt-to-outline-plan-for-managed-retreat-in-some-areas Managed retreat now official govt policy in the climate change adaptation toolbox here. *Reminds me, I should update my location in my profile.
  13. Dunno where Nathan Ruser sits in terms of foreign policy awareness, but this is utterly predictable as a response to Pelosi's visit. The US is waving it's dick in China's face, given the childish petulance of both parties a response of some sort was absolutely necessary for China to keep face and maintain its one China assertion. The geopolitical version of Newton's third law. The US decided to escalate when Pelosi decided to visit. The issue for me isn't China's reaction (I thought they might fly some heavy bombers just inside Tawain airspace as a "training exercise"), but what is the US's goal in goading China with this visit. If the calculus is that Pelosi visiting will cause China to bluster but also get the message that Taiwan is off limits, and more importantly heed that message, then if it works that's good. The military exercise is China's predictable bluster reaction not an escalation. What comes after in terms of further China action, or US further goading will tell us whether there really is an escalation.
  14. One interesting surname turned given name I've recently come across is Smitha, as a girl's name. I clocked it mostly because it's a surname in my family tree, which I imagine is the case for quite a few people. Possibly not among the more recently popular surnames-turned-given-name. The person attached to the name was not born this century.
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