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  1. IMO you are weakening your argument if you are trying to equate me with qAnon. Far from putting me in my place it makes me less inclined to take you seriously.
  2. Depends on the visa, but people on the appropriate visas are definitely under the US jurisdiction. Now if my pregnant colleague is visiting the USA under an A2 visa (govt official visiting for govt official purposes) and she happens to go into labour prematurely and give birth while on that visit (and the baby survives) this does not make her child a US-born citizen. But if you are on a Visa that allows you to live, work and pay taxes in the USA, I would think it is reasonable to call that living in the USA and under the jurisdiction of the USA. I think everyone who isn't racist would still be happy to take the Biden campaign at its word and it had done due diligence. But since it has been raised I think someone other than Harris or the Biden campaign should do the work to show that it is a genuinely bullshit claim.
  3. Racism in all of its forms, big and small, needs to be eliminated. I should start with myself first. But outside of that, pick your battles is my main suggestion. Is it the most effective use of one's energy to be debating the question "Elizabeth Warren, racist, dumb or both?" I dunno, if she is a prominent example of a form of racism among progressives that is damaging to the progressive cause of trying to achieve racial harmony and justice, perhaps it is an important debate to be having right now. But it could be the return of birtherism the moment another person of colour gets the hint of a sniff of getting close to the oval office is the more important battle, right now. And of course the ever present systemic racism in the police and justice system as recently highlighted by George Floyd's murder cannot be allowed to be sidelined because other topics of racism come onto the agenda.
  4. Briefing today confirmed all cases so far are still epidemiologically linked to the original family. This is good news and suggests, so far, a single point source very close to the original family. Still be a week or two before we can be confident that we have a single point source, but so far so good.
  5. WHO advice on food and food packaging https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-who/people-should-not-fear-spread-of-covid-19-in-food-packaging-who-idUSKCN2592D5 It's a negligible risk in their analysis.
  6. Attended an online seminar about pandemic controls in humans and animals last night that included some discussion on COVID-19. One interesting bit of amended information is that the base R0 figure has been revised to 2-6, so the R0 is higher than initially stated. Probably the upper figure of 6 is due to there being super-spreader situations. Also one of our microbiologists who is on the COVID-19 response group said the speculation about contaminated freight being the entry point for our new cases is a "Stupid idea from a naïve non-expert." I trust his judgement. He might be wrong but he usually isn't.
  7. Food itself is an unlikely risk pathway, packaging and equipment will be the greater risk I think. But still a miniscule risk when direct human to human spread is happening. But it's a risk pathway we didn't manage because it was seen as low risk inherently, and because of shipping times the risk is reduced even more. I give this reappearance about 75% probability of being a fomite contamination at the Americold coolstore. But there may yet still be some link back to an overseas passenger arrival. If the inanimate object contamination pathway proves to be the mode of entry then it is a risk we won't be neglecting to manage from here on. We do have one, maybe two new cases in Auckland that do not have an apparent link to the Americold cluster. There is a claim by a senior govt politician that this is due to a quarantine breach.
  8. I didn't know this, but I am neither shocked nor surprised, just depressingly disappointed.
  9. Oh, you mean indigenous issues weren't solved by assigning proportionally negligible tracts of American land as self-governing reservations and letting casinos be built on them? How strange that these measures didn't fix every bad thing that happened after Columbus showed up.
  10. With other people at Americold (the irony of the name of the company) testing positive the entry point being imported goods is looking pretty strong. It's possible the Dad brought the disease to work, not the other way around, but the presence of virus on surfaces is a known transmission risk, just not a very high risk. The fact that we've had thousands of imports from countries with high rates of COVID-19 and this is the first time anyone is recorded to have been possibly infected demonstrates that this route of infection is low risk. And the mitigation is very simple, wash your hands. Virus being present on surfaces are not going to suddenly aerosol up your nose, so hand hygiene is the only measure you need to take.
  11. Post-viral syndrome / cough syndrome possibly. If so it's not so much a COVID thing but an immune system glitch that happened to be triggered by COVID. This sort of thing can happen after a common cold or some other garden variety virus infection. Read a literature review looking at transmission by contamination on goods of Sars-Cov-2 transmission, some key points on the FAQ-type part of the review: Our election is due in September and there's been chatter about a delay with this new wave (not a wave yet, but it'll looking like becoming one). The thing is, because the govt it very popular right now it's actually the opposition calling for a delay. The cynic would say that's because the opposition thinks if the govt manages to display competence at dealing with this new situation the opposition parties will be decimated at the election if it happens in September. But if it gets pushed to November there is more chance for opposition parties to start sniping at the govt again and claw back votes. It is far too early to be calling for a delay. If this new cluster can be crushed quickly and Auckland can come off lockdown in 2 weeks there is no need to delay the election. If the lock down bleeds into September then delaying the election makes sense.
  12. When you have Pete Evans inst-bullying you that probably means you're doing something right. These people can say whatever the hell they like and never suffer consequences, because they never have to back up their bullshit with actual achievement or results. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=12356031 It would be entertaining if it wasn't about a deadly global pandemic.
  13. US daily cases are down from its peak. This is good news, but still double the daily cases before things started to go tits up. And even at the lowest rate 20,000-ish cases per day is still not great and is a big enough daily number to allow for flare-ups without people taking the right protective measures. I do think that at 20K/day nationally most places could look at opening schools on the basis of any students unable to access online education can go to school, and those doing online education can go to school 1 day a week for some (appropriately distanced) contact time.
  14. As long as you never write "could of" "should of" or "would of" we should be good.
  15. A Robert Reich poll of his Youtube audience gives 37% genuine, enthusiastic support for Harris as the VP pick, which is not great for the Reich audience, which must surely skew left, but not far left. Better news for Biden/Harris is that 50% don't particularly like her as VP but they are going to vote Biden Harris anyway. So the vast majority of his audience says they are going to turn out for Biden/Harris, but they can't really count for that subset of voters to really actively encourage people around them to vote.
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