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  1. Big vaxathon here today, seems like about 2.5% of the national population turned out to get either their first or second jab. I hope that's not just people who just brought forward their vaccination and that next week the number of people getting the jab drops away to next to nothing.
  2. I guess it's his right to put himself in danger? Though that is very narrow thinking, since if he exposes himself to the virus, chances are he gets sick enough to require hospitalisation and probably ICU, so he risks taking up a limited health resource simply for the pleasure of going to a club / concert. Then again, everyone who goes out and gets blind drunk is doing the same and most countries seem to shrug and accept that's just a thing that happens.
  3. I guess it depends what counts as muppetry. I imagine that once the govt decides NZ is vaccinated enough (or has had long enough that everyone wanting to be vaccinated is vaccinated), it will simply remove any travel restrictions at least for the doubly vaxxed, and forgo any further pretext of trying to confine the virus. Thus some doubly vaxxed people will unwittingly transport the virus to the South Island. Unless the Interislander and Blue-bridge both have no vax no sail policies then even the unvaxed will be able to freely get across the water, even if Jet* and AirNZ implement a vaxed only policy for internal flights. My guess is it will be there, at least in pockets, in time for Christmas.
  4. If you can catch the people smugglers who are profiting off people's misery and desperation, then sure throw the book at them. But drowning said desperate people and washing their blood off your hands isn't really doing much harm to those people smugglers. UK apparently shortlisting a few sites for a future nuclear fusion plant. Getting a bit ahead of themselves I think given
  5. Congratulations to Ivermectin, apparently, for having won a Nobel Peace price, according to ignorant anti-vaxxers and unhinged politicians.
  6. Where AU goes NZ is sure to follow, so I suspect 5-11 conditional approval here too soon. Pfizer is still only conditionally approved for all age demographics, but most of the outstanding conditions aren't really relating to concerns over safety or efficacy. But I perhaps it won't come until next year. This is pretty good to see from a recent poll here I'm glad the highest ranking reason wasn't "because I might not be allowed into a pub / restaurant / concert". Though fear of a more lethal variant doesn't show much logical thinking, as if Delta isn't lethal enough. Intention is good and all, but it needs to be translated into action. Also at least 70% support for vaccine mandates for hospitality workers, supermarket workers and for people to be allowed to fly. So the govt has plenty of political capital to be able to mandate vaccination in certain sectors beyond the current border workers, teachers and healthcare. The govt was taken to court by a Customs officer who didn't want to get vaccinated and was moved off the frontline. The govt won the case which gave it good precedent to put mandates in place where the govt is the employer or where is significantly / solely funding wages and salaries. I think there will need to be new legislation to allow mandates to be imposed in the private sector (hospitality, supermarkets and airlines).
  7. I wonder if this has always been part of the industry, or if it's because there's less work in Auckland at the moment because of the prolonged lockdown. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-delta-outbreak-auckland-sex-workers-caught-at-blenheim-motel-without-travel-exemptions/B4H4YHOOMIKGYOK3VGJBFDUVMY/ In recent weeks we've had sex workers from Auckland travelling to Northland, Wellington and now into the South Island. Once again refusal to cooperate with tracking movement. Hopefully Blenheim dodges a bullet and these individuals test negative. It is also clear that the so-called border around Auckland is no kind of barrier to anyone determined to get through. No wonder the government is rapidly retreating from any pretence of control and is actively preparing the country for significant spread. The Health Minister has just come out and said our hospital system is well prepared for an increase in cases (bullshit, not at the current level of vaccination if there is significant spread it isn't). The COVID response minister has seemingly ruled out Auckland ever going back into a "circuit-breaker" level 4 lockdown. The South Island is being told that they can't expect to be free of it for long. It all feels like the govt has a date in mind to permanently remove lockdowns as a response option to the disease and they are just trying to max out vaccinations before that date. Not sure whether that secret date is this year or early next.
  8. That's basically gain of function research, which by its very nature is right on the edge when it comes to ethics. But it also produces very useful information about what the important bits of a virus are for determining what will make a virus more or less dangerous. Labs doing gain of function research need to be operating at the most extreme levels of biosecurity because the consequences of release, esp of an airborne virus, can be catastrophic. Also, not sure we need this in the news, since publishing this is just going to give people ideas, especially now that we have a sweeping mandate in the health and education sectors and we will have people desperately looking for ways to keep their job but stay vaccine-free. Not everything people know should be disclosed to the public. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/126655888/covid19-police-warned-people-may-be-getting-vaccinated-on-behalf-of-others Up until now no one has had to produce photo ID to get vaccinated. But I feel like perhaps for those where vaccination is mandatory a mechanism is needed to positively ID the person getting the shot. @Luzifer's right hand It is certainly wrong to imagine anti-vaxx is confined only to the right-wing. There are plenty of lefties hereabouts who are anti-vaxx for...reasons. But perhaps the most outspoken and those with potential to commit violence in defence of their anti-vaxx cause may well exclusively occupy the right end of the spectrum.
  9. Pretty cool. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/technology/2021/10/android-earthquake-early-warning-system-alerted-kiwis-ahead-of-5-3-magnitude-shake.html I got the alert on my work and personal phones. I guess because it uses the phone's accelerometer it probably won't detect anything if the phone is already in motion, like walking, driving etc. I was in the office and my phones always sit on my desk, so they were stationary at the time. I felt the Earthquake but it was so light I initially thought my colleague sitting opposite was jiggling our desks.
  10. 50% good news on my teacher friends. One of them is getting her vaccinations. The other I am not sure about, I hope she will but she appears to be more deeply influenced by anti-vaxxers around her, so she might choose the martyr's path for a bad cause and quit being a teacher. On what vaccines will be approved here, I kind of assume that our government is going to be kind of racist / ideologist and only approve vaccines that have been developed and approved in the "west" (i.e. Western Europe, USA, Australia). So if the Chinese, Russian, Indian and Cuban vaccines don't get approved outside of their traditional spheres of alliances then I don't see them ever getting approved here, no matter how robust their evidence for efficacy and safety. I have to say I do not like this direction of travel. But I am as close to 100% certain as it's possible to be without direct knowledge that the government knew this would be the pattern and therefore it was a deliberate decision to lose (loosen?) control of the outbreak, to some extent, and therefore that means the government gave up on a zero cases elimination much earlier than they have admitted. Without searching the previous thread, I said a few weeks back that I thought there was a chance the govt has decided to let the outbreak bubble away instead of really try to stamp it out (that was kind of my thinking when the govt went from alert level 4 to alert level 3 too early to ensure elimination in my opinion). I think this data shows that at the time I was wildly speculating without any hard evidence (i.e. I am not calling this an I told you so, I was right all along moment) that this is actually what the government was thinking. Also some of our leading independent epidemiologists are telling all New Zealanders that they should expect to encounter COVID-19 before Christmas. By that I assume they mean that it will be present somewhere in their local community / city, not that everyone will actually have been exposed to infection.
  11. Ahh so it is belief in a fallacy, that anyone is ever in total control of their own destiny.
  12. I believe Novavx will be approved for use here next year.
  13. According to BBC article What difference will jabbing young teens make? - BBC News For young males the risk of myocarditis is greater than the reduction of ICU admission and hospitalisation with a second jab of Pfizer / Moderna. So for young males it would appear that a second P/M jab may increase hospitalisation. The first jab reduces overall risk of hospitalisation and ICU admission, so on balance they should still get a single shot, but if there is going to be a second shot perhaps switching to a different non-mRNA vaccine might be better.
  14. It is definitely true that the diary industry is a very big producer of ethanol. There is a lot of surplus sugar (lactose) produced since the fat and protein fractions of milk are far more valuable and useful than the sugar fraction. A very good use for the surplus is conversion to ethanol. It is amusing to think about the idea of surplus English white wine.
  15. That makes Canberra a rather young population I think. Our calculation seems to be that if 95% of the 12+ population of NZ is jabbed that would equate to 85% of the total population and be very protective with only about 50 deaths per year, according to some modellers. I don't think it's possible for us to achieve that across the country (Wellington already being at 91% could get to that kind of rate, but it will be an outlier), so really to get to 85% total jabbed we need to bring in the 5-11 age group. And hopefully the vaccine will be assessed as safe for that age group soonish.
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