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  1. I always have to wonder how we are still going to lose when one corporate beats another in a legal stoush that appears to come out on the side of the people. But on the face of it, yes, this is good news on fair use. Now we just need to get the music industry brought to heel on it's abuse of copyright vs fair use.
  2. And on the flip-side, a rainbow community organisation here has just put up an inclusiveness billboard that shows a thruple, gay parents and a woman wearing a hijab. You change people's behaviour by convincing them it's the right thing to do not by passing legislation forcing them to change. You make people welcome by accepting their differences not by demanding their assimilation. You reduce animosity by creating a sense of belonging, whoever you are, not by making laws that have the effect of saying "your kind are not welcome here". Some things can't be allowed under a banner of freedom and tolerance, other things should be left to communities to chart their own course without legislative coercion. Female genital mutilation clearly falls on the can't be allowed side of the line. As much as I want to see them eliminated from the Muslim community, I still haven't seen a decent argument for why hijabs, burkas and burkinis should fall on the same side of that line to demand that there be legislative coercion prohibiting them in any context.
  3. I dunno if this is extremist secularism or it's Christian oppression of Islam dressed up as secularism. I guess the regulation prevents minors from conspicuously wearing crucifixes, stars of David etc, though those can still be worn under the clothes, so it's only real target is things that cannot be hidden from view, which is almost exclusively clothing. Seems like this ban would not pass muster in a constitutional court when examined through the lens of freedom of speech.
  4. Not necessarily. In the multiverse there may be a limited number, several thousand or 10s of thousands, operating in parallel not a branching fashion. So billions of new universes are not created in every moment. New universes created with every decision a person makes would render the notion of displacing infinity stones in a timeline entirely trivial, and if the Ancient One has any reasonable grasp of the multiverse and time she would know that and thus not make a fuss of preventing just another timeline. A Time Variance Authority would also not need to exist, because again, why would anything matter on that sort of macro scale in the face of essentially infinite or at least utterly uncountable universes? Only the microcosm has any meaning to any individual or collective of individuals.
  5. And that's what the Ancient One explained to Banner. The reason you can't change your past (as Banner rightly points out to his ignorant friends) is because if you go back and try to do that all you do is end up creating a separate timeline, which is the bit Banner didn't understand with his explanation. The only question is whether creating a new timeline only happens when an infinity stone is knocked off course, or if there is an even significant enough to knock the timeline off course.
  6. Hulk vs bullets, arrows and artillery shells is a bit of a wash. The only question is how much you want to piss him off.
  7. Guns are way less cool for super-heroing; it is known.
  8. So, Apophis asteroid won't hit us for at least 100 years. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/world/439328/apophis-asteroid-will-not-hit-earth-for-100-years-nasa-says Are we supposed to talk that as good news? I feel like a 100 year safe from impact assurance is not particularly reassuring. If I ever have grand children, chances are they will still be alive by the time that guarantee runs out. Hopefully in the next 50 years or so we might get a longer guarantee period of no impact, or we will have figured out how to push asteroids onto a safer course. If it's worth mining it might be good to push it into orbit.
  9. I thought his power was his unerring aim. The bow and arrows are just augments to that. This gives him an innate super-power, whereas Sam has a tech power, and Cap, Spidey, Wanda and Hulk are artificially enhanced. Clint is more like Thor than any of the human avengers, in this regard. It's just that the only thing special about Clint is his eyesight, whereas the only thing (possibly) mundane about Thor is his eyesight.
  10. It's not really a plot hole, because as Bruce Banner explains it in Endgame, you can't change the present by changing the past. And that is pretty much the "scientific" consensus about time travel. If some disturbance happens in the past which would appear to alter the course of the present, stuff gets rejigged to ensure there is no time paradox. And as Tilda Swinton says, you just make an alternative timeline, which completes the explanation Banner gave about how time travel works. In the Endgame history the 2012 team never turns up and Loki doesn't escape with the stone, they just go to 1970. I would like to see a limited series where Chris Evans returns as Cap and has adventures in returning the stones to their original timeline. Probably do 2 stones per episode. I really want Cap to have a conversation with Red Skull.
  11. That is true. Some people theorise that rinderpest was one of the 10 plagues in Egypt mentioned in the Old Testament, so it was a pretty big deal to rid ourselves of a virus that's been periodically devastating cattle (buffalo etc) populations for 5000 years or so.
  12. I decided I like the Flag Smashers' motto so I added it to my signature. But I don't approve of their MO (at least not the violence bit), so I am not associating with their name or logo.
  13. I think you have the formula for world peace.
  14. This pandemic only killed old and unhealthy people in substantial numbers. If you want the world to truly come together over a disease then it has to either kill puppies or children (preferably both).
  15. This is like an Ellen show: you get a super soldier, you get a super soldier, everyone gets a super soldier!! I guess this means the thing that made Cap special wasn't his super strength (which after all is way less strength than the strongest Avengers anyway), but the strength of his character. I guess the question for me about new Cap is whether his sidekick will also go all in on becoming one of the US government's leading instruments of oppression, or will he see the light. I guess they had to give him a black friend lest he become a symbol of the real life racist nationalists. He'll just be a symbol of real life not-racist nationalists. The flag crushers made me think of that one Start Trek TNG (I think?) episode where there were a bunch of anti-warp terrorists doing terroristy things in the name of preserving the fabric of space-time from the excessive use of warp. Everyone thought they were nutcases opposed to progress, but it turned out that actually excessive use of warp was damaging the fabric of space-time. So the Federation put speed limits on all warp capable ships. The Warp terrorists still had to face justice, but they did achieve their the aim, mostly. A somewhat disturbing moral being that violent, extreme action can get you what you want (maybe the only way to get what you want), especially when what you are fighting for is objectively legit at the core.
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