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  1. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Officially he has. A people's vote with remain included. What else do you want? Anything more than that is to make Remain the only option. There is no way parliament can vote to remain at this point. That's got to be the result of a referendum, or a GE where remain / Brexit is a clear campaign platform of each party. Parliament can vote to revoke Art 50 to stop the ongoing requests for extension, but it would have to still put forward a timetable for re-invoking it otherwise there will be blood in the streets. There might still be blood in the streets with another referendum, but at least it won't be 325+1 MPs who made the decision.
  2. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    It makes no sense for Labour MPS who actually would try to prevent the blocking of no-deal to vote in favour of the VONC. If you vote for the VONC you are at least delaying no-deal for several months. I dunno, maybe they foolishly want to find themselves in charge when no-deal happens, so they will vote to have no-deal delayed until there is a GE and hopefully Labour will be in power when the shit hits the fan? That sounds a bit like a wet dream for the the Conservative party. The Tory incompetence at every step of the way lead to this no-deal debacle, but the party responsible in the end for fairly to prevent no-deal would be Labour. Tories would be laughing 'til they puke if that ended up happening. That doesn't make much sense either. Corbyn only gets to be PM because 3 other parties + several Tory MPs would be willing to let him be PM to carry out the thing he explicitly said he'd do in a letter and in a public announcement. He'd be gone before the day is over if he reneged. It's some weird arsed convoluted game he'd be playing if to all observers, if Labour sat back and did nothing for the next few months there would be a no-deal Brexit. Yet the suggestion is Corbyn would lie through his teeth to get a VONC passed to make him PM, and then instead of doing what he explicitly said he would he'd just wait and let 31 Oct come along and have no-Deal Brexit happen anyway, which would be the end of his political career. People who would let no-deal Brexit happen because the Labour leader insists that a post VONC coalition have the Labour Leader as PM, because it is by far the biggest faction in the coalition and it is standard practice for all coalition arrangements, deserve to have no-deal Brexit fall down upon them. What he said, petty and political.
  3. The Anti-Targ

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    I think the loss in Perth might have done the ABs some good. If they'd swept Australian and won the Rugby Championship they might have gone into the World Cup rather complacent. Still they've played more not so good games than good games in the last few months, so one good performance doesn't suddenly make everything OK.
  4. Really a post-racial future should be of a melting pot sort of thing, people mostly looking quite similar with only a slight variation in skin tone and features. Within a given population that's been kind of isolated for many generations there should be a great deal of similarity. The thinking here is that post-racial means something like a multicultural city where everyone gets along, but where people mostly still breed within their race, with inter-racial breeding being uncommon. That's not post-racial, that's just peacefully coexistent multi-racial. However, WoT might have no racism per se, but it has nationalism. If you think one nation is inferior in some way to another, and each nation has obviously differing majorities in terms of skin colour in the ruling class, then it's not terribly distinguishable from racism. The way to have nationalism without racism is either for all nations to be the same race or for variation to be only minor, or for all nations to be very mixed race with no particular racial majority in any nation. So if ther producers want there to be no hint of racism anywhere in the show the best way to do that is to make most or all nations multi-racial. SO I guess that means I'm arguing against my initial objection to Matt being significantly paler than the rest of the Emond's Field folks.
  5. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The only way the Tory rebels are getting back into Parliament is if the party doesn't boot them out on their arse and they get re-selected as Tory candidates for their electorate. And there is no way the Tory party is going to let MPs stay in the party who were entirely responsible for bringing down the Tory govt. They could potentially try to get a 2nd life as Lib Dem candidates in those electorates, and if they do become Lib Dems then they are not going to be depending on idiot conservatives who will never forgive them for letting Corbyn be PM for a day, they will be relying on moderate conservatives who will recognise that they had to hold their nose and let Corbyn be PM for a day to kill off an even worse fate. "Corbyn, mate! You can't be PM and be in charge of making just 2 decisions in your very brief first term in office (ask the EU for an Art 50 extension, and call a GE) because our voters are so fricken pathetic that they will think you being in charge of these two actions is somehow committing high treason against everything that is good and British. So you will ruin our political careers if you insist on what would otherwise be a no-brainer decision for who would be in charge in a coalition. So you see, YOU'RE the one who's being unreasonable here." UK politicians bloody deserve to have no-deal rammed down their throats. But most of the British people don't, so I still hope there's a way to avoid it for their sake. As for the current crop of MPs just about the whole lot of them should be consigned to political oblivion.
  6. Lemme guess: "WHY AREN'T THEY ALL WHITE??? WAAA WAAA WAAAA. WHITE GENOCIDE!" etc etc. I do think they made a mistake with Matt. Rand has to be different, because he's not actually Two Rivers folk, but in terms of the rest of them "one of these things is no like the other" which is kinds odd, Two Rivers natives should all have somewhat of a similar look to each other. So I guess I don't approve of the race [un]bending of Matt?
  7. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The fact is the Labour leader is the natural and automatic choice for PM in any conventional or unconventional coalition situation that doesn't include the Tory party (as a whole). The demand for anyone other than the Labour leader to be PM is personal politics. It's only Corbyn they have a beef over and it's petty and pathetic. Do they think Corbyn is going to destroy the country in the months between a VONC and a GE? It's on everyone to rise above it and just follow standard practice rather than insist on non-traditional approaches to determining PM. If people genuinely think Corbyn wants a no-deal then they should call his bluff and agree to what he's proposed. He's proposed a clear path to preventing no-deal Brexit, and it's really only on the margins that people have gripes about it. SNP wants an independence ref, LDP wants a referendum before a GE rather than after. That's just rats and mice stuff. If you're putting Corbyn's premiership, sequencing and regional self interest issues ahead of preventing no-deal then I question everyone's commitment to preventing no-deal. You can just as easily claim the SNP wants no deal because it's the best and last chance for Scotland to gain independence for the foreseeable future, so they are putting roadblocks up to prevent a coalition all while saying they want to prevent a no-deal. I'm not saying that's what I believe to be SNPs motivation, but you can argue all sorts of nefarious motives by a whole bunch of people. Corbyn is a Brexiteer, but I don't get the sense he wants a no-deal, he might be more willing to live with a no-deal outcome more than most in Labour, but that's not the same as wanting no-deal. People don't want Corbyn to be anointed as the saviour of the realm. Get over it, don't worry about who's gonna get the credit, just get on with saving the realm.
  8. The Anti-Targ

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    So, Angry Birds 2 will be the best reviewed video game movie of all time? 72% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment. I liked the first movie for what it was. And this seems like it might be a genuine improvement.
  9. The Anti-Targ

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    Hmmm Alan Jones having a go at our PM over climate change. As much as he's an odious cretin, and it seems a climate change denier to boot, the stats he presented aren't wrong. NZ's carbon emissions have gone up proportionally more since 1990, so AU is doing better in terms of change in per capita emissions, and assessing a country per capita is reasonable in terms of thinking about what a country needs to achieve. The only problem is on a per capita basis Australia has the 2nd highest per capita emissions out of all "western" nations (Canada is the highest), and it's emissions are more than double that of New Zealand on a per capita basis. And there are a few countries with 1990 emissions significantly higher than Australia per capita that are now lower than Australia (eg. the USA), which means they are a lot lower than their 1990 emissions. So it's fair to criticise NZ, that we need to work a lot harder to bring emissions down. But Australia needs to work a helluva lot harder. And neither NZ or Australia can claim to be the best performer in this regard.
  10. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    There are really only 2 ways of choosing a caretaker PM in a new coalition (it won't be a GONU if the Tories as a whole don't join, which they won't): leader of the party making up the largest % of the coalition; popular vote among all MPs making up the coalition. One assumes only the rebel conservative MPs (who will probably be booted from the party as soon as they sign on to a new coalition) will join and not the whole conservative party, so Labour will be the biggest party in the coalition. In [nearly?] every coalition arrangement ever the leader of the largest party in the coalition becomes PM. To do otherwise is riding roughshod over political convention for the sake of appeasement. But if the agreement was to elect from among all the MPs, each party would nominate a candidate, and one assumes Corbyn would be the Labour nominee as would the leader of all the other parties, and someone nominated from the rebel Tories. If Corbyn didn;t win that vote there would be bloody hell to pay in the Labour party, because about ~75 Labour MPs would have to vote for someone else and all the minor members of the coalition would have to vote for that same person. There is no good way for someone other than Corbyn to be caretaker PM that doesn't involve some kind of coup or destructive betrayal, unless Corbyn himself takes himself out of the running but if he does that he might as well resign as leader of Labour and never have a shot at being PM again. The deputy PM however should be one of the rebel Cons, if there really is 20 of them, even though SNP is likely to be the 2nd largest party in the coalition, it probably wouldn't be good for a party with separatist views to have the #2 position in the govt.
  11. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    If he doesn't then they just hold another VONC and Corbyn's time as PM is over very quickly. The remain / soft Brexit Cons have the balance of power.
  12. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    1. Is only significant if those 21 Tory MPs are willing to do something about stopping a no-deal Brexit other than asking BoJo nicely to do something. Are they willing to risk their political careers? That's more than enough votes for a VONC to succeed. And would they be willing to let JC be PM of a GONU, even if it was on the condition he implement no policy other than that required to prevent a no-deal, and he resigns as PM on 1 Nov? When you stack up the various ways to avoid no-deal Brexit this seems like about the only potentially achievable option. I was going to say 2 isn't really significant, because it's predictable BoJo. But then accusing your own party members of collaborating with the EU (against the UKs "best" interests according to BoJo) is bordering on an accusation of treasonous conspiracy. That is significant.
  13. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    And here are the 7 ways to avoid no deal listed from most likely to least likely. But the way the video goes, it's more like a list from unlikely to unthinkable. Can't someone just find a clause somewhere that says you can't leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, and when a leave deadline is reached without a WA you don't simply leave the EU, the leave just becomes pending and it happens on the day that a WA is put in place?
  14. The Anti-Targ

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Is this avoidance of tax avoidance requirements really the main reason Brexiteers are so determined to leave with no deal on 31 Oct?
  15. The Anti-Targ

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    A joke I know, but toddlers are as different as adults when it comes to aggression. Some are horrible little shits, and some are darlings. I'll let people decide for themselves on which end of that spectrum aggression sits. We're all born selfish, but that's not the same as aggression. We are subject to the influences of our hormones and testosterone does increase aggression. But we're not slaves to our hormones. Saying that we are inextricably violent suggests that our rational faculty that we can use to consciously make decisions about how we want to behave is somehow not part of our inherent self, and we must allow our lizard brain to determine our actions.