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  1. Trump seems to be vaguely aware that some people think he has cognitive issues - and he is not happy about it. But - is Trump stupid enough to go to the debate and show the world those critics are correct? Donald Trump Complains About Being Called 'Cognitively Impaired' (msn.com)
  2. Snapshot of a crime spree in Russia by returning soldiers. Rising crime wave in Russia as returning soldiers shock communities (msn.com)
  3. Trump is his own worst enemy, unable to control his self-destructive issues. Add in possible dementia broadcast to the world - and even some Republicans may come away from the debate with doubts. Not the hard-core Trump fans, but the ones who go on about taxes and whatnot.
  4. So... does this mean the conflict is spreading? And if it is spreading, does Russia have the capability to suppress these terrorists, continue screwing around with the Baltic States, and proceed with the Ukrainian invasion?
  5. I have been giving some thought to the equipment losses reported by Oryx. They offer four categories of losses - Destroyed, Damaged, Abandoned, and Captured. The thing is the equipment in the last two categories is still operational, and the 'Captured' equipment is likely in service on the other side. Say the crew bails on a T-62 tank, which gets captured by the other side. Oryx would count that as a loss. However, that T-62 gets put back in service, only to be destroyed. It got counted as 'lost' twice by Oryx. This might also account for some of the issues with Oryx's data. Therefore, the only categories that matter most of the time with Oryx would be the 'Destroyed' and 'Damaged' categories. That said, Oryx still appears to be a valuable resource.
  6. I do not think it is likely, but... RFK seems popular among the conservative voters here in Alaska who would normally vote for Trump - they get the anti-vaccine and conspiracy nonsense without Trump drama. Alaska, though, has ranked-choice voting. If enough of those screwballs go for RFK instead of Trump, then just maybe... Yes, it is unlikely. But it is also how Alaska ended up sending a D to the House. If that happens, DMC might hear the howling in Florida. Note: This is NOT Alaska going purple - it is the crazies getting in each other's way.
  7. Vodka undoubtedly played a role. The ABC fire extinguisher was probably stolen and sold. Kleptocracy, remember.
  8. Remember, hydration breaks are deemed unneeded during extreme heat in Florida and Texas. Might be interesting to see if there is a running tally of the resulting deaths...
  9. That got me curious as the article claimed Oryx's info was current. So, I went and did a Google search - Oryx did mostly shut down in October of 1023 - except for counting the losses during the Ukraine War. Oryx (website) - Wikipedia 19 June 2023, Oryx announced that the blog would end on 1 October 2023. In the statement posted on Twitter, Oryx explained that the blog had been created a decade earlier "out of boredom", and that the project – which had been conducted "in our free time" and without any pay – had turned into an "all-consuming project" that had not resulted in any jobs and which "just doesn't make me happy anymore".[22] In a follow-up statement, Oryx clarified that the list covering losses in Russia's invasion of Ukraine would continue to be updated until the end of the war by long-time contributor Jakub Janovsky and the open-source intelligence group WarSpotting.[23][24] Link to War Spotting which seems to have taken over Oryx's functions. Not sure if it is all that reliable, though it does include losses to June of this year. Losses ∙ Russia ∙ WarSpotting — documented material losses in Russo-Ukrainian war
  10. The Dutch group Oryx claims through verifiable photographic evidence that Ukraine has lost almost 6000 pieces of military equipment since the start of the war. The losses are divided into 'destroyed, 'damaged,' 'abandoned,' and 'captured' subsets. The actual losses are almost certainly far higher. However, their other report claims that Russia lost 16,000+ units of military equipment. This includes 846 tanks, about a third of which are abandoned or captured; 384 armored fighting vehicles, again with about a third being abandoned or captured; 946 infantry fighting vehicles with about 20% captured or abandoned; 480 APCs; 468 infantry mobility vehicles; 208 towed artillery [pieces plus 357 self-propelled artillery units; 72 multiple rocket launchers; 90 aircraft, 46 helicopters, and several hundred drones. Ukraine has also lost a lot of military equipment since Putin launched his invasion (msn.com)
  11. Did you see where it has only 1.5 stars? Out of 14 reviews?
  12. I suppose the Ds can dream - and maybe ramp up the campaigning and spread the word about Agenda 47 and Project 2025. Possible but not likely - unless Trump ramps up the Fascism another couple of notches. Donald Trump at Risk of Losing Florida, Recent Polls Suggest (msn.com) Former President Donald Trump's lead over President Joe Biden in Florida is narrow and the Republican could be at risk of losing the Sunshine State, according to recent polls. Trump won Florida in both 2016 and 2020 as what was once a key battleground state has become more solidly Republican in recent election cycles but two major polls this month have shown Biden just four points behind the former president in a straight race.
  13. At this point, I am wondering if Trump will still retain outsized influence over the Republican Party after he loses the election. The hard-core MAGA nuts, yes, but the others...
  14. I have seen MAGA comments elsewhere claiming that Joe Biden has already pardoned or will pardon. Joe Biden's public statement to the contrary is dismissed out of hand.
  15. I suspect a sizable percentage of those other aircraft are not and will not be flightworthy for a long, long time because of the sanctions and manufacturing issues. Hence, my suspicion that Ukraine might attain local air superiority (Ukraine and adjacent areas) before winter hits.
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