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  1. Just saw - and immediately lost track of - a blurb claiming that 'Putin's Men' won a major tank battle.
  2. A quiet bureaucratic twist on Biden's student loan forgiveness package that (seems to) render most of a million borrowers not eligible for the forgiveness package. Affects some categories of privately (?) held loans, speculation is the banks owning those loans would have grounds to sue. The Biden administration just changed the rules for student loan forgiveness : NPR At the center of the change are borrowers who took out federal student loans many years ago, both Perkins loans and Federal Family Education Loans. FFEL loans, issued and managed by private banks but guaranteed by the federal government, were once the mainstay of the federal student loan program until the FFEL program ended in 2010.
  3. Saw a brief blurb today claiming Putin has fled to a wilderness vacation property to hide from anti-war protests sweeping Russian cities. Probably nothing to it, but if true, it might mean he is a tad nervous...
  4. something vaguely similar here, except its partly people. This area is basically a sort of marshy plateau covered with trees a hundred feet or so above sea level. Sixty some years ago, it was opened up for homesteading. So, a bunch of people spread out over the landscape, built houses, and put in wells. No great problem, the homesteads were 160 acres each. Then the original homesteaders got old and began subdividing these places. So, the number of houses increased dramatically - and so did the water wells. So many new wells were drilled it dropped the water table in places by something like twenty feet, drying up much of the marsh. Folks accelerated this process by killing beavers, whose dams turned some of that marsh into lakes. So, some lakes went away, and more marsh turned dry. Now...the thing is, that damp dirt was kind of sort of holding the top part of the plateau together, and that plateau is basically sand, gravel, and clay leftover from the last ice age. The bluff - where the plateau dropped into Cook Inlet - already had an erosion issue; this activity intensified it. 'Beaver Story' that directly affected my folk's homestead: The back side of the homestead includes a small lake, part of a string of four - call them A, B, C, D (only A has a proper name). A stream connects D with C, a second creek connects C with B, and so on, with a final stream between A and Cook Inlet. For a long, long time, only 'A' had anybody living on it, but as the area got more built-up other people moved beside the other lakes, especially 'D.' Right as that was happening, a drunken moron killed the beavers that had built a dam at the mouth of Lake 'A.' Without the beavers to maintain it, the dam failed - and one fine spring day 90% of Lake 'A' - most of a square mile of water twenty feet deep - went into the inlet. Ticked off the people who used to have lakeside homes. Eventually, enough logs and debris floated over to the outlet to partly recreate the dam - but it took twenty years for Lake 'A' to properly refill. Call that the first beaver story. The second beaver story involves Lake 'D,' whose shore got built up again about the time lake 'A' recovered. Anyhow, one of these new settlers finished his adobe right before winter. That winter was kind of light on snow, and he got tired of looking at the butt-ugly pile of logs and brush on his end of Lake D. As it turned out, there was a backhoe left over from the lot clearing still on his property, so he fired it up and knocked down that eyesore - which was, you guessed it - a beaver dam...and the major reason Lake D existed in the first place. Even though it was winter with ice two feet thick, most of Lake D went downstream into Lake C pretty much all at once, tearing an impressive gouge in the landscape. That in turn prompted the downstream lakes to overflow, my brother who lives beside Lake B (the one on the family homestead) woke up to see five feet of water on top of the ice. Most of that water went downstream into Lake A (more or less replenishing it and washing out a couple of roads), but enough remained to increase B's size by about 30%. (I don't believe Lake D ever really came back)
  5. Lost track of the article, but it seems Team Trump refused to tell the newly appointed Special Master just which documents Trump 'declassified.'
  6. It is almost like the GOP is trying to tick off large segments of voters. First up, we have this judge in Delaware who ruled all mail in voting to be unconstitutional (at least in his state). Wonder how that will go on appeal? Delaware judge rules vote-by-mail law unconstitutional, cannot be used in November (msn.com) In June, Delaware’s legislature passed SB 320, providing registered voters the ability to request a mail-in ballot ahead of an election without the need for an excuse. Democratic Gov. John Carney signed it into law on July 22. Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook’s ruling came Wednesday, prohibiting mail-in voting in future general elections. Next, we have a republican congress critter saying that Obamacare repeal will most definitely be on the R agenda should they win - despite dismal results last time. House Republican says GOP will 'absolutely have to take a look at' Obamacare repeal if it wins midterms (msn.com) "I will tell you this. Right now with inflation – which doesn't include food and fuel and other things that it should – is at about eight-and-a-half percent. It's probably closer to fifteen percent. It's historically high, at least forty years. But what's leading the Consumer Price Index right now is the cost of healthcare. The Affordable Health Care Act [sic] made healthcare unaffordable. Between that, energy costs, and food costs, many poor families and working-class families are really starting to struggle and as soon as energy becomes a real issue with wintertime coming, they're gonna have a hard time making ends meet," Perry replied. Not bothering with a link here, but the (effective) total abortion ban in Tennessee looks to be causing serious blowback. The R's keep this up, the D's might have a realistic shot at retaining both the House and the Senate. (Cue cries of 'Voter Fraud' and legislatures arbitrarily overturning elections)
  7. I have been getting emails from him (and Rubio) for months. Johnson in particular is sounding increasingly desperate.
  8. I have been getting emails from him (and Rubio) for months. Johnson in particular is sounding increasingly desperate.
  9. I am continually getting email spam fund requests from conservative politicians and groups. I deem this excerpt as 'likely hype' but maybe somebody out there really is concerned... ----- This is one of those “drop everything” moments. Nancy Pelosi and all her top deputies say they’ll not only hold their House Majority -- they’ll EXPAND their ranks! This is an election emergency. Pelosi’s reviewed the FEC reports (they’re crushing us in fundraising)... She’s seen the latest polls (Democrats just took the lead)... And top Democrats are mobilizing their base in swing states (Barack Obama, Joe Biden AND Hillary Clinton are hitting the campaign trail). If Pelosi’s prediction comes true and they pick up seats: -- WE WILL FAIL to take back the House -- WE WILL FAIL to fire Nancy Pelosi -- WE WILL FAIL to save America We can still stop them, Fellow Conservative. We have to. The future of America depends on it.
  10. With regards to averting the railway strike, it seems to me Biden kind of kicked the can down the road instead of truly solving the issue. This has the potential to come back in a few months.
  11. At this point, I am wondering when the FBI will raid Trumps other properties... Justice Department can move forward with investigation on document Trump still has: former US Attorney (msn.com)
  12. At this point, given NATO/US supplies and the Russians abandoning piles of stuff, I am starting wonder if Ukraine might not end up with more in the way of tanks and artillery pieces than they had a year ago...
  13. A 'Left' conspiracy theory or supposition making the rounds on Facebook and maybe elsewhere: Trump took at least some of the classified documents upon exiting the white house because he believed they held 'proof' of the 'Deep State Conspiracy' that cost him the election. This conspiracy theory or supposition does seem to be in accord with Trumps public comments since leaving office. If this is the case - if the documents that Trump believed supported his claim of deep state election fraud were in those empty folders - then I don't see him ever voluntarily turning them over to the government. Instead, he'll keep right on trying to hide them.
  14. Calling for a 'triple dip' La-Nina. The level of conservative climate change denial in the comments is impressive. As predicted at least some conservatives are claiming that liberals are manipulating the weather to impose a socialist/communist agenda. What is a 'triple dip' La Niña? Meteorologists predict one is coming (msn.com) A "triple-dip" La Niña is a multiyear cooling of the surface temperature of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, which can cause droughts, fierce winds and heavy rainfall. According to WMO, the current La Niña is projected to span three consecutive northern hemisphere winters. It began in September 2020. If it continues for the next six months, it will be the first "triple-dip" La Niña event of the 21st century, WMO says. "It is exceptional to have three consecutive years with a la Niña event. Its cooling influence is temporarily slowing the rise in global temperatures – but it will not halt or reverse the long-term warming trend," Petteri Taalas, the secretary-general of WMO, said in a recent report. La Niñas are usually preceded by El Niño, a weather pattern that warms the surface of the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean; however, an El Niño event did not occur before the current La Niña, according to Michelle L'Heureux, a climate scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
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