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  1. I saw that. Perhaps from here Biden could attempt a local/piecemeal approach - tell this or that corporation or local government that one of the strings attached to the federal gravy train of tax breaks and subsidies is a increased minimum wage. My contract (Obama era? who knows?) stipulates I have to pay any employees I have $15 an hour plus either provide health insurance or give them an additional $4 an hour to compensate. I went with the later option - fair enough considering what a monumental hassle this job can be.
  2. what I see most often is: Democratic Party = Socialist = Communists of the old line USSR variety. They do that, I tell them Conservatives = Nazi's and back it up with links towards what they believe and how Nazi's behaved.
  3. Biden should still be able to do a minimum wage hike for federal employees, contractors...and maybe vendors if worded carefully enough. Make it a requirement that any company doing business with the federal government pay a full $15 minimum wage. That would be the federal government looking after its own.
  4. Regarding a minimum wage hike and other difficult pieces of legislation: DACA was done pretty much through executive orders. Trump spent a fair chunk of his term trying to kill it one way or another and failed. If my hazy memory serves, it even sort of weathered a supreme court challenge. If my understanding is correct (probably not) this was so because DACA had been in effect for so long and affected so many people that it was 'established' (okay, poor word choice). So...say Biden ups the minimum wage via executive order in any circumstance/type of employment he can get away with - and keeps it there for the duration of his term. Even should republicans win the white house in 2024, killing that increase would tick off millions of voters, many of them republican. (might have to get very clever with the wording of the relevant executive order)
  5. denial of reality about the Capital Riot continues. The disturbing thing is it's not just a few people, its a significant percentage of the population. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/how-republicans-are-warping-reality-around-the-capitol-attack/ar-BB1cPnqP?ocid=ob-fb-enus-580&fbclid=IwAR2LkEF9UoaKaveiNFvs056OrFsXKiKUyDmZpfrlb69Y2G4iR_5EqbivoWA
  6. another thing I have been seeing from the Trump crowd is vehement insistence that Trump absolutely *did not* order or suggest his followers attack congress. at times they seem to go selectively deaf when the appropriate video clip is inserted into the threads. But they are really, really hung up on the Capital Riot being a left wing op. And they think Q Anon lady will be successful in impeaching Biden, being under the impression that multiple democrats will cross the aisle.
  7. Trump trolls on my Facebook continue to double down on two points: 1 - the Capital Riot was a 'left wing' operation 2 - Biden will never be president I have been wondering about the sheer scale of the psychological crash these people will experience after Biden's inauguration. Are there enough shrinks and 12 step programs in the whole country to treat this many people?
  8. yet they almost certainly sneak onto Reddit anyhow...I know they've managed to wiggle back onto Facebook
  9. this does more or less line up with what the far right trolls on my Facebook are saying. They remain adamant that Antifa, not Trump fans were the prime movers behind the Capital Riot. And they regard at least some republicans as traitors.
  10. I'd argue that unlike Trump, Musk's efforts are generally dedicated to positive ends - alternative energy, electric cars, space travel, support of science, acknowledgment of global warming. Badly flawed but at least attempting to 'build a better world.'
  11. I think my irony meter just exploded
  12. It's not a comfortable subject. That said, my whole reason for bringing it up is there are a *lot* of far right folks who believe that 'Biden will never become POTUS,' and as of a few days ago even the crazy legal means of preventing Biden from taking office are exhausted. Given their nature... ...this mess has the potential to get worse. Much worse.
  13. got a good view of the prospective presidential motorcade route...from anywhere in the complex?
  14. that will just make it all the more appealing to said right wing fruit loops looking to assassinate Biden.
  15. Okay, the crazies on my Facebook and the comments sections of various articles elsewhere have been saying for a while now there is - 'no way. period, that Biden will be the next president of the US.' These people have been saying this for *months.* Pretty much an absolute article of faith. As of January 6th, though, the last even quasi legal option to stop Biden from becoming POTUS came and went. Yes, it was an insane, doomed effort. So, at this point, given the lack of legal options, sheer delusional insanity of the far right, and their fetish with violence, their next option would be.... ...scouting out DMC's building for a snipers nest or something similar.
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