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  1. James Arryn

    NBA playoffs 2018: Will the Celtics be Raptored?

    Yeah, that was gutcheck time for sure with that run in the 3rd, with the crowd going wild and Curry finding his rhythm. Kind of make or break. So, we know this isn’t going to be easy for either team, and now they know it too. *cues 2 straight blow-outs.
  2. So, the NFL is considering a 15 yard penalty for kneeling. Not kidding.
  3. So, in case there were any lingering shred of ‘football reasons’ apologists about Kaepernick being black-balled, Mike Florio from PFT is reporting that internal franchise documents (about free agency) reveal that not only do NFL teams see him as being an NFL caliber QB, but that multiple teams view him as an above-average starting quarterback with still more room to develop, and continue to grade him that way now. It seems the only real challenge for his legal team now is to prove that organizations overtly cooperated in keeping him unemployed.
  4. James Arryn

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    Green pushes AND trips Harden, announcers: “What a move!” In fairness they adjusted on the replay, but kinda symbolic of the evening.
  5. James Arryn

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    Joke fluttering around my head, something about walls and White Watchers.
  6. James Arryn

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    You’re not paying attention. It’s not entire countries. It’s the ‘elites’ of some countries taking care of ‘elites’ in America. Because what’s good for American elites is good for all elites. So, really it’s an elite-on-elite love fest. Lots of eliting going on, man. Lol, you should have been around pre-election when some posters actually argued that supporting Trump...the born rich Ivy League tv celeb corporate brand name guy...was a stand against elites. Can you imagine? If it weren’t so sad it would be comical.
  7. Not an Arabic name, so I guess this 2nd Ammendment Tax gets filed under ‘mental health’. edit: btw, I only post on 3 sites, and all 3 have gone to ‘generalized US gun violence’ threads rather than individual US shooting threads. This is where we are.
  8. James Arryn

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    I know it looks like that, but it’s really more about the PnR. Lately that’s been the hinge that everything else builds off of, but they have a few ways to go within their norm. GS played the PnR better, ar least in 1, and so that resulted in guys, especially the lead guards, waiting for a clear that wasn’t coming, then needing to go solo. It’s really just a small adjustment. I personally hope they don’t give up on the PnR; it really works for them most of the time.
  9. James Arryn

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    So, apparently the Torture Master General has the votes. United States of America, forgiving itself for anything since 18something and something.
  10. I’ve been over a lot of the world. Canoed to Hudson’s Bay, played SL ball in Florida, hitchhiked across Germany, ran from riot police in Istanbul, marched in protest against the treatment of refugees in Vienna, watched the night lit up like fireworks by bombs falling over the Eastern Med, slept beside a dirt road in Cambodia, walked across England on my own, got windbound on a tiny island in the South Pacific, worked as an escort in Toronto, couchsurfed more places than I can remember, spent a few nights in jail, saw skinhheads throw bottles into huddled refugee families in Budapest, spent years working in bars and cattle call modelling, i’ve been mugged, doped, and ‘detained’ by immigration officers, and a million other adventures and I can honestly say it has never once occurred to me that I ‘needed’ a gun. What i’m saying is, I think the thought leads the need, not the other way around.
  11. Brainwave: let’s rephrase the victims of gun violence as the ‘2nd Ammendment tax’.
  12. James Arryn

    US Politics: Follow the Money!

    לעולם לא עוד
  13. James Arryn

    Westworld Season 1 Re-watch: It All Makes Sense Now. Maybe,

    Thanks. Weirdest part, i’ve Literally never looked in this thread before.
  14. James Arryn

    Westworld Season 1 Re-watch: It All Makes Sense Now. Maybe,

    If they win it’ll go down as calm, but the Rockets are playing so casual and low-energy tonight, it’s frustrating to watch.
  15. James Arryn

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Jays young closer Roberto Osuna arrested for assault, reportedly domestic.