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  1. Trump’s going to Reed for the next few days at least.
  2. My father was diagnosed with cancer today, esophagus. Went into hospital vomiting blood last week, biopsy came back positive. They think it’s urgent, surgery probably in the next week or two, followed by chemo, etc. Gonna scan for other possible cancers first. No visitors are allowed. Because of COVID, I am worried he will never get to meet his first grandchildren. I know people can live with this stuff for decades, but right now it feels like this might deteriorate quickly...probably just emotions. Am pretty down.
  3. The big obstacle Brees faces is the fact that he seemed fervent and sincere in his initial comment, AND he chose to go there; the question was about kneeling in protest of police brutality and he chose to make it about the troops, and failed to even mention the police. As I said, he’s just toeing the established company line of bullshit deflection, but his teammates will have seen him choosing to do that, to deflect, and they will have seen how adamant he was. Not sure he ever gets those teammates back on his side. The standard rule of play in pro sports re: credibility is that apologies for comments are spin control and the person’s true thoughts are reflected in whatever they’re apologizing for saying.
  4. I think there was a time early on when many were actually on the fence about supporting him when he did something egregious , but it seemed like in every instance when they started to create a bit of room to flex the public support (amongst their constituents) heavily backed Trump, and they had to tuck tail and get on board and at some point they either decided he had some special voodoo understanding of the base or they increasingly didn’t want to be the first one to get shot by rushing the shooter. By now I think it’s boiled in, but I’ll bet there are still tons of GOP hacks who sleep at night telling themselves how much they don’t really agree with him but have to play the hand they were dealt.
  5. Football is VERY authoritarian/know your place/hammer down the nail that sticks out to a degree other sports can’t come close to matching.
  6. ‘Should have listened to’ is nice. Not ‘organized to make an example of the player we still won’t mention by name and end his career’ would have been nicer. Actually using the word ‘police’ would also have been swell. Here’s a good piece responding:
  7. You guys are probably tired of my Kaepernick support, but even I will say that Brees here was just following the line previously laid down by the NFL and supported by a pretty overwhelming % of owners, GMs, coaches and arguably fans. Yes, the clock had changed and he’d missed it, but to be fair that’s a pretty big audible to call on your own recog. edit: morally and so forth it’s not one iota worse now then when Kaepernick was blackballled. Nothing about what is happening, should be happening etc. has changed one jot. Brees statement was just as wrong when tons of people were making it...all that’s changed are the optics have flipped. But the bodies now are no more dead than the bodies 4-5 years ago, the cops are no more guilty, the people trying to argue kneeling is an attack on the troops are no more full of shit.
  8. Okay, what happens to this maxim in the event that states were deliberately undercounting? It seems a tad tautological to me.
  9. No, it’s not just that. I forgot so completely that when all that security equipment designed to detect any fairweather fans who come with 50 yards of the twins was delivered I thought it was some mistake and sent it all back. I let my guard down. And that’s how she wins.
  10. The bantering actually went downhill from the ‘I’d beat you in a RL fight’ stuff? Guys.
  11. Getting back on topic, how many voters would Trump have to keep detained for ‘looting’ and/or ‘terrorism’ to secure the election? Is it wrong that it occurs to me that this may well have occurred to him, letting the dogs lose on a constituency probably 90-95% guaranteed to vote Biden?
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