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  1. 3 straight days of ICU numbers dropping in Ontario ... hopefully we are past the worst of it.
  2. So then the police can ticket them and disperse under the public gathering ban. We don't need a curfew for that, and the police don't need additional powers to do that.
  3. You know as well as I do that if this government implemented a curfew, there is no way they will close those businesses. Because of light switches or something. Anyway, I don't see what a curfew accomplishes that the public gathering bans does not. The curfew just seems like it is ripe for abuse and harassment of minorities.
  4. I am someone that has followed a lot of restrictions and taken tons of precautions, but until they close down businesses that are driving infections, and provide the support necessary to let people stay home, I will never endorse nor follow a curfew. Fuck that. We are not slaves. This latest announcement is more of the same. Punish people but still expect them to go out there and make money for our overlords. Lets bans public gatherings, close park amenities and threatens regular citizens with tickets, instead of dealing with the actual sources of infections. Did anyone ever hear of the soccer field outbreak? Or the one at Trinity Bellwoods? No, of course not - because the outbreaks are all happening at countless workplaces across the Province.
  5. All my old people got their first shots, thank goodness. My wife is scheduled for next Friday too. This Stay at Home order conveniently ends on May 20th, right before Victoria Day weekend. Curfew will never happen. Police are already saying today they will not stop people randomly to enforce the emergency orders. Yesterday's announcement proves once again that the OPC does not care about the health and safety of anyone that is not rich. We should put Dr. Brown in charge, because despite being "above his pay grade", he spoke the truth. Curfews and random stops will disproportionately affect lower income people who are forced to go into work, and are not being prioritized for vaccines, and even those eligible in their areas have less vaccine access. Despite Ford's gravely worded announcement about how Health Care heroes are on the brink of total exhaustion and collapse - this latest announcement is a whole lot of nothing. They closed playgrounds and parks, and a tiny amount of construction. Big deal. Again, money talks and OPC does not give a fuck about any of us. Ontario Proud.
  6. Don't believe any of the propaganda from yesterday's announcement. I finally got a copy of the new guidelines for construction, and probably 95%+ of construction will continue business as usual. Basically anything that starts (i.e. apply for permit) after April 17th will not be allowed to start. But even that is not 100% true, there are still many exceptions. So basically, money talks. Ontario Proud folks.
  7. It is bad. My aunt is an ICU nurse at UHN, and my uncle is a paramedic for Toronto EMS. They have been working non stop. I hope this is the peak, but it is not looking good.
  8. I came here to slag off Ford, but Gurdeep is a joy. P.S. Fuck Doug Ford. The governments response to this pandemic has been atrocious.
  9. Domestic / US Shipping has been especially challenging for us over the last year. I use both rail and truck, with the latter having already been experiencing a major driver shortage across the continent. Rail has been working good from Toronto to Vancouver. Strangely enough, I have had no issues with international. Some of my key vendors are in Spain (Basque and Leon), and I regularly import at least a container per week from either. Some product I have comes in from Germany, but not as much. Other than the strike at Port of Montreal, the issues have been minimal. I can get containers on time from Europe, but I can't find reliable drivers to go 4.5 hours from Toronto to Ottawa.
  10. We have the start of an outbreak at our shop. About 20 people in isolation now, which has crippled our manufacturing. A whole bunch of other employees basically walked out. Our entire shipping&receiving is gone and we had trucks arriving with no one, total disaster. Apparently they are deploying rapid test kits from the government on Monday. On site I had a positive worker return today after his isolation period, which caused a near mutiny because they had all previously made some sort of blood pact that they would get tested prior to returning. This might not even be the worst Friday I've had in the last year.
  11. I was about to come in here and recommend Edifer but you beat me to it. I don't have the same speakers, but they are similar - R1700s. Great speakers. Much better value than Sonos. I have them wired for sound, but the bluetooth is a nice convenience if you want to cast something from a phone or tablet. Perfect for Disney princess dance parties. If you don't like the remote you could always get a universal remote like a Logitech Harmony
  12. Seriously. When I got to the end of Battlestar Galactica Disc 1, I threw rocks at it the "Digital Video Disc Player" (so damned pretentious) and then fired up Prime. Fuck that noise.
  13. Indeed. If it wasn't gainfully employed in construction management, I would most certainly find that the next best place for that particular set of skills would be as a Crime Lord.
  14. You guys are clearly forgetting the most important reason - back scratching.
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