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  1. Same in my local - starting to see a few places getting emptied out.
  2. I believe that I joined in Late 2001. I know that I migrated to the new board in November 2005. So many silly memories - thread rampages, drunken chats, be another boarder, world cups - good times. One of my biggest regrets is not going to the Toronto Worldcon in 2003. I was having a rough time with life - and anxiety kept me away. I rarely post nowadays, but find myself lurking a lot. Even after all of this time, the Board still tugs at me.
  3. 2010 ....... ....... ....... April 3rd, 2020 - return of denstorebog
  4. So far so good. One of my jobs is a hospital expansion, which I'm hoping is not affected. I am less certain now about the commercial office market, which was absolutely bonkers - literally every company busy for the next 5+ years on office skyscrapers. Residential is another question, as a lot of it was driven by immigration. I'm guessing that immigration doesn't happen under LOCKDOWN. I am however in quarantine at home due to travel to Seattle.
  5. This is just insane. Our company had a good five years worth of commercial/institutional/residential construction on the books - and in literally one week, I would consider a significant portion of that work in serious doubt to ever happen. My head is spinning. Hopefully today's aid announcement means that information starts to trickle down. Because no one knows what the fuck to do at all.
  6. From what I remember, the implication in the book was that there was a prolonged period of instability and famine due to the collapse of Earth. So while they may be "just fine" now, there was a period when things were really bad.
  7. Lovely. Really looked up to him. What I loved about him (and his shows) is exactly what you described - finding common ground with people all over the world. Trying to show how most of us are similar, in a world full of people that are continually trying to divide us. Wonderful message. I will miss him greatly.
  8. I have ten days won. Lament and be woeful.

  9. We have these up here in Toronto. They come up here to breed. Pretty common in urban areas like you mentioned.
  10. welcome to the board my friend!!! i am also miguel. family is from portugal. i think that this means we must fight to the death. like kirk and spock in star trek. or something similar. maybe we can just have some wine. cheers!! c
  11. Stop biting my style. Dick.

  12. I shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, but I take it that none of you complaining regarding wooden swords & helmets has ever played lacrosse. I played for a long, long time, and I assure you, it still fucking hurts, and it will still knock you down and out. But hey, maybe I'm just a cravenly wussy compared to you virile armchair warriors. If any of you wants to test your theory, we can meet at a con. I'll loan you my helmet, and proceed take a swing at you with my stick. It will end well.
  13. Vote or Die, Bichas

  14. just completed seven consecutive days of bikram yoga

  15. wants to know why robots always say 'I. Am. A. Robot.' Uh, duh. We know. You're all chrome-like and non-biological.

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