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  1. System working well as intended https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/ont-electoral-reform-1.6480756
  2. I don't know what you are talking about. It is not a joke. I am not sure what supposed "facts" about this mythical land of dragons and sheep shaggers are swaying you, but it is all bullshit.
  3. Very depressing. Even more depressing is that fact that over 50% of Ontario didn't care enough to vote. Turnout was apparently around 43-44% Sadly I think this government will stay in power until the Federal Liberals are ousted. Both Del Duca and Horwath resigned as Liberal and NDP leaders. Good decisions. Both were not electable, and a huge part of the apathy this election.
  4. The situation as reported is not a bunch of teachers & kids locked away in their classrooms while the shooter stalks the halls. It is reported (and this might change) that he barricaded himself in a classroom full of people. Was everyone in there already dead? Were there more people alive? Where are they? Are they in police line of fire? Those questions will clearly change the mental calculus for anyone involved in a breach scenario. At this point, it seems we don't know the answers to that. CNN reported that police entered into "negotiation" with the shooter. https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/26/us/uvalde-texas-elementary-school-shooting-thursday/index.html Maybe that is wrong. It is still early. I'm not trying to defend the police, because it sounds like they did fuck up huge. But the point is that some guns blazing breach is also likely going to be a bloodbath, and focusing on that is not going to prevent future ones.
  5. These are pretty dumb comments. Done with complete benefit of hindsight. Breach the door? At that point, it is effectively a hostage situation. Should the SWAT team have battered down the door and then rushed in firing? Come on. Can you imagine the response if that had happened? Quite honestly, the fact that the predominant opinion seems to be that the response should be that police go in guns blazing says a lot about the fucked up gun fetish culture that has caused this problem in the first place. I agree with mormont, focusing on this aspect is not productive.
  6. Silly comment. You can easily have a door that allows emergency egress from interior but no access from exterior. There are literally millions of these doors in service across North America.
  7. Canadian provinces, by and large, provide terrible mental health support, and the system has been in decline. The differences are access to weapons, and the fact that many American boys are growing up in a disgusting macho culture, utterly ruining them. The problem is fucking toxic men who have been raised in a fucked up gun fetish culture to be fucked up people. We can talk about mental illness all we want, but from everything that I have read, people with mental illness makeup only a small proportion of shooters. But "mental health" is a great dog whistle for Inhumans like Abbott, Carlson and Trump, who will continue to place blame on that.
  8. This team put in the work, and had the belief. Herdman has done an incredible job with that group.
  9. I saw that story earlier. Definitely a dumb life decision on his part. But I feel bad for the guy. He is now homeless, and his bank account is frozen. That is a really shitty situation to be in, and potentially life altering. Not only is it bad for him, but it is bad for society to when people are put into those situations. Ultimately we all pay for that. I got roasted for saying this elsewhere, but no matter how much I might disagree with him, I don't think he deserves to be living on the streets in poverty. That's wrong, and not the kind of country I want Canada to be.
  10. Yeah, them too. Greens likely support most of these same initiatives as well. So yeah, in actual fact: Liberal (32.62%), NDP (17.82%), Bloc (7.64%), Green (2.33%) = 60.51% of the population. But tyranny or something.
  11. Bergen already started. Apparently this is a "callous attempt by Trudeau to hold power", "backdoor socialism", "government by blackmail", "secret deal making over parliamentary debate" What a wanker. This is clearly parliament working exactly as intended. The default shouldn't be that we keep having failing minority governments until we finally get a majority government. Coalitions are good. If the CPC were interested in working together, perhaps they too could have made a coalition with the LPC. The way I see it, this coalition represents at least 48.6% of the population. Hard to see what is not democratic about it. And let's not forget the Bloc, 7.64% of the vote in the last election, will support most of these same initiatives.
  12. Heartbreak for Red Bull! Looks like the new formula has had the desired effect. Some good racing there.
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