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  1. Lord of Oop North

    Formula One 2018

    Season started out with such promise, but turned into a snoozefest. Hamilton has this one in the bag now
  2. Lord of Oop North

    Formula One 2018

    Right now they are Racing Point Force India. The other nine teams signed an agreement that allowed them to retain their prize money from past seasons.
  3. Lord of Oop North

    Persepolis Rising (Book 7 of the Expanse) - SPOILERS

    From what I remember, the implication in the book was that there was a prolonged period of instability and famine due to the collapse of Earth. So while they may be "just fine" now, there was a period when things were really bad.
  4. Lord of Oop North

    The Final & 3rd Place - FRA v. CRO / BEL v. ENG

    Only umbrella for Putin!
  5. Lord of Oop North

    Formula One 2018

    Sounds great! I hope to make it to a Grand Prix in Europe some day, and Silverstone is certainly at the top of that list. Been to Montreal for F1 and plenty of IndyCar races - but a race at Silverstone or Monza would be so much fun . Last week I said that Austria was my favorite race of the season but this one was even better. That final third with the battle between the top teams was fantastic! That move by Vettel on Bottas was stone cold.
  6. Lord of Oop North

    Formula One 2018

    That was the best and most entertaining race of the season, by far. Major props to Hamilton's strategist for owning up to his huge mistake over the radio. No idea what they were thinking, and they have done this before. Sometimes Mercedes overthinks it by worrying more about what Ferrari is doing that what is best for them.
  7. Lord of Oop North

    Formula One 2018

    Really curious to hear some news on this front. Rumour over here right now Is that McLaren may partner with Andretti Autosport and start a team in IndyCar.
  8. Lord of Oop North

    R,I.P. Thread

    Lovely. Really looked up to him. What I loved about him (and his shows) is exactly what you described - finding common ground with people all over the world. Trying to show how most of us are similar, in a world full of people that are continually trying to divide us. Wonderful message. I will miss him greatly.
  9. Saw the video of the incident a few minutes ago, and I cannot believe that the guy wasn't shot. He is pointing an object (not a gun) at the cop and that officer convinced him to put it down. With words. Amazing. https://globalnews.ca/news/4162543/video-police-standoff-toronto-van-attack/
  10. Lord of Oop North

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    If getting zombie blood through a open cut, sore or wound is the same as being bitten, no one on the show would still be alive. The crew has been beat to shit for years, and constantly engages zombies in close-quarters blood drenched warfare - with blood and gore flying all over themselves and everywhere. It would have been unavoidable.
  11. Lord of Oop North

    The Walking Dead: Because Season Ate Nine (Comic Spoiler Thread)

    Yes, in the context of the show's logic. This makes zero sense.
  12. This is just embarrassing. But sadly, I have nightmares that he could actually become Premier. I'm pretty tired of the Liberal Party of Ontario, but not if it means electing the PC party - who've long abandoned the progressive part and instead still believe in bizarro reaganomics, tax-cutting and keeping your cake BS.
  13. I have ten days won. Lament and be woeful.

  14. Lord of Oop North

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    We have these up here in Toronto. They come up here to breed. Pretty common in urban areas like you mentioned.
  15. "More Democracy"   Please excuse me while I barf.