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  1. They reversed the penalty decision about a half hour ago. In the letter it mentions that Aston Martin presented evidence of numerous instances where penalties were served and the jack made contact with the car. The Ocon instance is different. In that case, there was a mechanic clearly working on the car during the penalty time.
  2. Switching to permanent DST is just the kind of thing you American bastards would do to ruin the elimination of daylight savings time.
  3. Good episode, and Ramsey was great in it. I think this plot would have benefited from more of a slow burn, as the heel turn for David was rather quick. It was still good, just a bit rushed. I think 3 episodes for this plot may have worked a bit better.
  4. I gave up - the snow is frozen solid. PSA: wear your arctic boots on my property or GTFO.
  5. Tough one. I believe the first concert that I saw on my own (no parents) was in early 1999. That year I saw the Rolling Stones on the No Security tour in Toronto. The fall prior I had seen Aerosmith with my uncle at an arena in Hamilton.
  6. From what I've read, the relationship dates back to early 2020. Lets wait and see which PC stooge decides to run for office - if that happens then my money is on the Party leaked this story to turf Tory and get a crony in place with strong mayor power.
  7. What in that articles indicates that this is another 'meltdown' as opposed to regular cancellations due to bad weather?
  8. Most overrated Mayor in Canada, that's for sure.
  9. "The Crown" is different than person of "The Monarch" themselves. The Crown Estates belong to the Monarch during the their reign, but they are not their personal property. It cannot be sold by the monarch, they do not manage the estates, nor do the revenues belong to the person of the monarch. The revenues belong to 'The Crown Estate', which is it's own organization that runs itself, and is ultimately accountable to Parliament. The Duchies are different again. Windsor Castle, Buckingham, and Kensington are all owned by the monarch in right of the Crown, and are not part of the Crown Estate. But they are also not the personal property of the monarch, and the government is responsible for all their maintenance.
  10. We are talking about how the UK works in 2023, just after the death of Elizabeth II, not Elizabeth I. I can assure you, it functions much differently.
  11. No, it doesn't surprise me l, because I just told you that. As I said, The House of Lords is fucked up and the hereditary peerage should be abolished but pretending that these 90 hereditary peers have real power and are ruling over the peasants is pretty far from reality. The majority makeup of the House is made up of former politicians and party donors, who are being nominated by the Government. Obviously this is sketchy because you get the usual corruption where people are rewarded for past loyalty, donations, etc. What is funny is that there are a lot of Americans in this thread railing about the supposed powers of the Monarch, when the reality is that they don't have real executive power at all. The theoretical idea of the Monarch vetoing Parliament and replacing His Majesty's Government is so unbelievably farfetched, and really shows that people don't understand the Westminster system at all. The Commons retains all power, and any supposed power grab by the Monarch would be simply not be allowed by Parliament. It doesn't matter if the Monarch has this theoretical power because we are talking about a country with a "constitution" that is a collection of both written laws and unwritten conventions. The fact is that the Monarch overiding Parliament would violate parliamentary sovereignty and be found invalid. Unless the Parliament was in on it too, I guess.
  12. Well, yes. Would it surprise you to know that the vast majority of the House of Lords is appointed by Parliament? I believe there are now about 90 hereditary peers (out of almost 800 total) Would it also surprise you to know that the power of the House of Lords is basically nothing other amendments (which the Commons must agree to) and stall tactics? It has no veto power.
  13. The House of Lords is fuckup and needs reforms, but it sounds like you don't actually know how it works.
  14. No kidding. Democratically elected or not, the political class of Brazil makes it extremely hard to side with them. It is hard for me to compare this to the January 6th storming of the US Capitol, because the corruption of Brazilian politicians makes ours look like the Girl Guides.
  15. Thanks for that, very productive. It should be intuitive but when you present statistics to the general population - it is certainly NOT always intuitive. For example, the numbers you posted note nothing of the fact that it is for trips in the 300-500 mile range. The next thing to remember is that in most countries, 5-20% of the population fill-up approx 50-70% of all flights, and these people travel solo the majority of the time. So in most cases, driving is not more efficient at all.
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