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  1. Domestic / US Shipping has been especially challenging for us over the last year. I use both rail and truck, with the latter having already been experiencing a major driver shortage across the continent. Rail has been working good from Toronto to Vancouver. Strangely enough, I have had no issues with international. Some of my key vendors are in Spain (Basque and Leon), and I regularly import at least a container per week from either. Some product I have comes in from Germany, but not as much. Other than the strike at Port of Montreal, the issues have been minimal. I can get containers on time from Europe, but I can't find reliable drivers to go 4.5 hours from Toronto to Ottawa.
  2. Ontario passed a motion a few months back to eliminate the time change, pending agreement with New York and Quebec.
  3. We have the start of an outbreak at our shop. About 20 people in isolation now, which has crippled our manufacturing. A whole bunch of other employees basically walked out. Our entire shipping&receiving is gone and we had trucks arriving with no one, total disaster. Apparently they are deploying rapid test kits from the government on Monday. On site I had a positive worker return today after his isolation period, which caused a near mutiny because they had all previously made some sort of blood pact that they would get tested prior to returning. This might not even be the worst Friday I've had in the last year.
  4. I was about to come in here and recommend Edifer but you beat me to it. I don't have the same speakers, but they are similar - R1700s. Great speakers. Much better value than Sonos. I have them wired for sound, but the bluetooth is a nice convenience if you want to cast something from a phone or tablet. Perfect for Disney princess dance parties. If you don't like the remote you could always get a universal remote like a Logitech Harmony
  5. Seriously. When I got to the end of Battlestar Galactica Disc 1, I threw rocks at it the "Digital Video Disc Player" (so damned pretentious) and then fired up Prime. Fuck that noise.
  6. Indeed. If it wasn't gainfully employed in construction management, I would most certainly find that the next best place for that particular set of skills would be as a Crime Lord.
  7. You guys are clearly forgetting the most important reason - back scratching.
  8. Oh, and FOLKS, let me just leave this here for you Yup. Our system is on the "BRINK OF COLLAPSE" (his quotation) and yet the restrictions being implemented still barely change the status quo. Fucking tools.
  9. In other news, Ontario has entered Lockdown 2.0, where all non-essential trips are banned under threat of fine, but all non-essential businesses are still allowed to operate. All non-essential construction will be stopped, but nearly all construction has been effectively defined as essential. More propaganda from the useless tit in Queen's Park and his cadre of seals. We have transcended time and space and entered the bizarro universe of DEAR LEADER FORD.
  10. The number of jobs where I can combine a torch, chainsaw and hammer are rare indeed, but when the stars align to make that possible - oh boy is that a fun day.
  11. I make sure that I am often seen on my property with my propane torch, chainsaw and/or framing hammer.
  12. Fuck. This means cosplay chewie really was running the show. My faith in humanity has been destroyed again. For a brief moment, I had hope that at least there were some brains behind this operation.
  13. I don't know. With how dumb we have all realized society is over the last four years, I'm not sure that I trust people to distribute highly flammable petrol.
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