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  1. Isolate Zlatan, stop Theo, watch out for their shots on hands in the box and rushing into defenders to get a penalty.
  2. Milan are gash vs every good team in 2021. And not only good teams. Defeats vs: Juve 1-3 home Atalanta 0-3 home Inter 2-1 in cup Spezia 2-0 away Inter 0-3 home (home only on paper but still). Barely eliminated Red Star without a win.
  3. Yeah I think Mou is really done for. His football is not only unwatchable but also ineffective. Even if he wants to change his approach I don't think he can do it. Whenever they have the ball, Tottenham look like they don't know what to do with it. It doesn't look only like bad individual performances, it just reeks of toxic ethos.
  4. I'm pretty sure Mourinho will bring the low block back against City. I remember when Pep's Barcelona beat Real 5-0 in 2010 in Jose's first season there.
  5. Liverpool's defense is gash, City doing what they want.
  6. More dumb, and it lasted about 5-6 seconds. Dier sliding towards Werner and then, while lying down, trying to kick the ball, fouling Werner in the process. And in the end, he still kicked the ball as if it was all regular, but naturally the ref didn't buy it.
  7. Another aspect of Mourinho's team is that they don't even defend well. Dier's "all clear" movement for the first goal was some amateur stuff. In the end it doesn't matter-if the opponent plays 90 minutes inside your box guess who's gonna score at one point.
  8. One simply knows that Levy would sack Jose after the final whistle, but Spurs are pregnant with his hefty severance package. This garbage of football for 15 m £.
  9. Lukaku and Eriksen packed the ugly cunt and sent him home. He told Lukaku to "go and and do his vodoo shit" and something about his mother. Scumbag. He got sent off because he tackled Kolarov behind his back and it was a second yellow.
  10. Since he is fired, I can see Lampard not rushing back to managing and getting his 6 million till summer 2022.
  11. United showed some maturity over the last games. They played a very tactically disciplined game at Anfield in the PL game, which gives them hopes to aim higher this season. I thought Liverpool had the best structure to win the league (before injuries) and they will challenge, but as time goes by it shows Man City are the main candidates. Also curious to see will United manage to stay consistent result-wise. Who knows how many twists we'll witness to this insane season. Only the end will tell. I'm glad that in Spain Atletico are probably winning it. 7 points and a game in hand will be hard to overcome for this Real Madrid side. It's only Simeone's title to lose at this rate.
  12. Isn't he called Big Sam? In any case you included both in your board name.
  13. Is it because of the salary cap now implemented in China? I expect many of the players on fat contracts there to leave too.
  14. He was once guest (Lampard) on Sky (I think) with the pundits. He was telling a story about his time at West Ham and said they once told him "Sit down and be quiet, fat boy!" Or something like that. Probably that's where it's from. For what it's worth.
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