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  1. That's one of Italy or Portugal guaranteed to fail to qualify.
  2. Conte in Europe is a different manager. Not sure there ever was a manager with that big of a discrepancy between league success and European cups failures.
  3. Atletico probably deserves to go out, I think Milan were hard-done by some ref decisions on San Siro, plus Atleti play some godawful brand of football.
  4. City need a striker and Vlahovic will be available for the right offer next summer I think.
  5. I'm starting to buy into the Vlahovic hype, I love it when strikers can beat goalkeepers and score.
  6. Yes, probably the best decision, and I think Eriksen will do the same-in any case, hopefully they are OK as that's most important.
  7. It will 100% end like this, what is uncertain is will he have some success during his contract.
  8. I recall, they had the longest search for a manager in history (or one of longest). I agree re Mourinho, I just don't see Nuno as an upgrade in brand of football.
  9. Why did Spurs hire a discount Mourinho, when at least they had the real deal?
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