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  1. The Sunland Lord

    YouTube GOT channel looking for fans!

    Is Blacklist Universe your account? I visited it, seems nice. I will check out your videos as soon as I can. Cheers.
  2. The Sunland Lord

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    I don't think he will be murdered by his family. Ironically those who are avenging Robb might kill him. A collateral damage.
  3. The Sunland Lord

    Cersei meeting Dany

    Catfight, catfight!
  4. Not a huge problem, as it's not one now since northmen-Stannis alliance is already in function.
  5. The Sunland Lord

    What Would Robert Have Done Had He Acknowledged The Truth?

    He wouldn't have kept it in the stomach. There would be a war.
  6. The Sunland Lord

    Why did Roose Bolton fear Wyman Manderly?

    Only fear keeps a man alive in that world. He says it himself. As for the emotionless part, that's how he is viewed, or he wants to be viewed. It can't be entirely true. No man is a machine.
  7. The Sunland Lord

    Poker Face

    Cersei the ultimate winner. Screws her brother under Robert's and whole world's nose.
  8. The Sunland Lord

    The election of the Lord Commander

    I agree.
  9. The Sunland Lord

    Aurane Waters in WoW

    I get that he didn't have much choice, just stating the facts that count in that society, no matter how limited this society is. I'd happily betray Cersei if I could get away with it.
  10. The Sunland Lord

    Aurane Waters in WoW

    He is a wildcard. Heritage doesn't mean anything. He'll join anyone he shares interest with. The man is twice a turncloak. I think he'd prefer not to side with anyone anymore, if it depends on him.
  11. The Sunland Lord

    How was Tywin’s going to handle the “Joff Problem”

    At this point the Hound was long gone.
  12. The Sunland Lord

    How was Tywin’s going to handle the “Joff Problem”

    Nothing, Joff would've impale him if he tried. The comment about Tywin hiding under the Rock was spot on. Bold and gold. Joff wasn't afraid of Tywin.
  13. The Sunland Lord

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Bella to Gendry, oblivious to (probably) being his half-sister: "I'm named Bella. For the battle. I bet I could ring your bell, too. You want to?"
  14. The Sunland Lord

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    I was joking. Curb your enthusiasm is Larry David's show. ETA: Besides, Joff isn't enthusiasm indeed.
  15. The Sunland Lord

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    He is not an enthusiasm.