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  1. It's true. His clause becomes active in January and it's 15 million€. For a fee in the range of 30-40m, he'll be sold this summer. I just hope the reports he gave Marotta word that he'll wait for Inter are true. If Skriniar is sold soon I expect it to be done right after that.
  2. Inter have an agreement with Bremer. But someone must be sold first (it will most likely be Skriniar to PSG) so that Bremer's fee could be subsidised from it as Torino reportedly asks for 35-40 million and Inter can't afford to pay that now without a sale. But if they can't sign him I don't think he'll wait for them the whole summer as he wants to move on from Torino so that he can get a call up for the Brazilian squad in the World Cup.
  3. They can't agree on the contract extension (2 years left of current contract). Plus, he said he doesn't want to fight for 4th place every year or something among those lines. If they don't sell him this summer he can go for a lower fee next year or leave on a Bosman in 2024 as he doesn't seem to be close to renewing with them.
  4. DiMarzio reports that if Lukaku leaves Chelsea, they'll try for Sterling.
  5. Sky reports that a deal between Chelsea and Inter for Lukaku is close to be done.
  6. Pedulla reports that Spurs will offer 90 million (I don't know the currency yet) for Lautaro Martinez.
  7. Uefa will render the Superleague a better alternative sooner or later
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