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  1. CL paths are predetermined when the quarter finals are drawn.
  2. We miss chances cause we lack a clinical finisher. Lautaro is having his best season ever but in the Champions League he's still the World cup Lautaro. We had to rely on Arnautovic to score one goal vs Atletico, and he himself missed a sitter before that. The problem is that now Thuram is injured for the next few weeks and Inter are relying on ancient Arnautovic and Sanchez as back ups in the attack. Luckily we are +9 and + 11 with a game in hand in front of Juventus & Milan so I don't think we can bottle the league at least, anything more in the CL will be a bonus.
  3. Casadei, Inter sold this kid to Chelsea for about 20m €. Also, are Chelsea entering a mid-table era for the foreseeable future? Ever since Boehly bought the club they're on the way to irrelevance.
  4. Lautaro is having a season of his career so far, there will be plenty of tempting offers for him in the summer if he continues like this.
  5. So it would be poetic justice if he loses his craved silverware to the German counterpart of Tottenham!
  6. Is this the year where Kane goes to Bayern to win trophies and they skip to win any after 11 years?
  7. Personally, I couldn't even finish third and fourth seasons. I'll try the fifth though.
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