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  1. The Sunland Lord

    Down with the Free Folk

    I'll agree that Varamyr was really on another level of bad. Him and Craster.
  2. The Sunland Lord

    Down with the Free Folk

    It's reasonable to make a compromise. Maybe this generation will not become fully integrated, but their children might. To say wildlings don't deserve a chance to be civilized is like saying all tribes of old didn't deserve it in the real world. But they actually managed and look, not barbaric anymore.
  3. The Sunland Lord

    Ser Barristan Selmy- truly a "True Knight"?

    That's Kingsguard for you. Only following the rules.
  4. The Sunland Lord

    A list of historical parallels

    I think there is no proof that Livia poisoned Octavian. He was old and ever sickly.
  5. The Sunland Lord

    George Martin and idea of kingship

    No it's not a problem for Robert, it's a problem for Stannis. His intentions might be viewed in a way that he just wanted to usurp legacy.
  6. The Sunland Lord

    George Martin and idea of kingship

    The alternative is that he executes Cersei and her children, and he thought they were his own for years. Given that either didn't happen it's fanfic too right? Robert could've named another heir IF he believed Stannis. That's a lesser problem for the latter. A bigger problem would be Robert's interpretation for his intentions of telling him about the incest if he didn't believe him. It could be that Stannis was doing it as an attempt to become the heir himself.
  7. The Sunland Lord

    George Martin and idea of kingship

    You're mixing things. Robert's possible sidelining Cersei for Margaery would come as a result of Robert's lust for other women, not because he would've executed Cersei for treason and adultery. Renly counted on that. This "brave soul" would be implicating the king is a cuckold, his "children" are abominations born of incest and are sired by one of his Kingsguard, and his wife makes a fool of him for years under his nose. It's not always what a king would hear, but what he didn't want to hear. I'm not saying that Stannis did the right thing, just what can be the ratio behind it.
  8. The Sunland Lord

    George Martin and idea of kingship

    If Stannis told his suspicions to Robert, then again, he would've "spoken treason" and maybe his head would be rotting on a spike instead those of the whole Lannister faction in King's Landing. If him being silent was treason, then him being loud about it would also be treason, as seen by almost everyone at court. So I don't think he is some weirdo who just wanted the throne, he wanted to save himself. If Robert viewed his claims as untrue, then it would seem like Stannis only lied his way to become, himself, the true heir, and strip Robert's "children" of their rights. It's a double edged sword, and being aware of his authority in King's Landing, which was next to none, probably judged no one would believe him. On the good person/bad ruler and bad person, but good ruler, I think it's relative, but also a dangerous idea to flirt with. It's like saying "hey being a jerk only to people around you is bad, but it would be nice if you are good to millions of others right"? Like people around you don't matter and your rule doesn't apply to them. This is from the start wrong and nonsense, that if you beat your wife, but the people are supplied with bread you are a fine ruler so who cares if you are some psycho inside your own walls.
  9. The Sunland Lord

    Why Was Robb Such An Awful Diplomat?

    At several points. When Stannis Baratheon doesn't even consider him as a possible ally, even though Maester Cressen and Ser Davos suggest that "half a Kingdom is still better than none". Renly Baratheon would suffer only empty title of the King in the North. He still demanded tribute. I'm not sure how would this have ended; would have Robb accepted such conditions and set his pride aside? Robb needed allies, as powerful as the Tyrells. or the Baratheon brothers. He had his considerable army to offer them, which was welcomed by all, but not under any circumstances. No one would seriously allow his kingship, and he really didn't show any intent to put the crown down and be demoted to lordship again.
  10. The Sunland Lord

    Why Was Robb Such An Awful Diplomat?

    He thought he can trust his people (Theon, Catelyn, Roose Bolton, Edmure) but he was wrong. He really wronged the Freys, but even without it, his own people and relatives were eating his cause up bit by bit. Further, Renly was a good choice for an ally. It's not his fault that Renly died. His great fault lies in the fact that he accepted the crown. That was a huge obstacle. Otherwise an alliance with Stannis Baratheon would've been possible.
  11. The Sunland Lord

    Literature Of Old: Plutarch, Appian, Herodotus

    Sounds nasty.
  12. The Sunland Lord

    Literature Of Old: Plutarch, Appian, Herodotus

    Yes I know, it's just that, Socrates is the main theme and pretty much feels like he's a co-author while reading the Republic. Sorry if I misled you.
  13. The Sunland Lord

    What type of music would the characters listen to?

    "3 AM" from Eminem, definitely Ramsay. That Silence of the Lambs borrowed quote "It puts the lotion in the basket, it puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again" sounds like Ramsay to me every time. "She will Precious she will get the hose". The Mountain-Trash metal.
  14. The Sunland Lord

    Literature Of Old: Plutarch, Appian, Herodotus

    The consumption of so much Socrates sounds indeed like suffering. Like your reviews. Great read. Keep it up please. Still reading Republic, although have other stuff to finish also.
  15. The Sunland Lord

    Robb lost his purpose and that's why he lost the War.

    Probably yes. No kingdom is worth his family. That's what he should've understood. Having Jaime as a hostage was an opportunity to end the war. Surely Tywin would've withdrawn forces from Riverlands, exchanged Sansa for Jaime and an agreement would've been made. There is one huge stinker here - Arya is gone and no one really knows where she is. How will Tywin tell Robb in his letters-"Little Lord, we don't have your other sister. No one knows where she is. Really we don't." This is something no sane person would believe in. They somehow lost their valuable hostage.