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  1. Classic Jose performance. Brings back old memories.
  2. Yeah. I saw it again, it was handball indeed.
  3. A second man who knew his place. He knew that it's not the end of the world to be second, and accepted that role. Not too smart, not stupid (at all), and competent. However, without his brother he wasn't protected. So they killed him.
  4. Classic Italy: Napoli forbidden to travel away by local authorities due to Covid cases in their squad (after the game vs Genoa, when afterwards 22 Genoa players/staff members were diagnosed). Juventus wants three points by forfeiting the match vs Napoli tomorrow, or, threaten they'll field their team when the game is scheduled. How surprising of them.
  5. That side has Carlo Ancelotti as a coach, one of the best available. Huge factor. Another thing is, he gets to play football regularly. And it looks like Everton are building something good over there lately.
  6. Conte is a nutter. He has Hakimi in the squad and fields Ashley Young on the rwb position. Inter has a very talented squad, but Conte must take his medication next time.
  7. I always post in the thread that is about to get closed am I not. Not much to add, Jose terrible and outplayed by Ancelotti today. That was some woeful football by Tottenham. His squad is enough talented to at least fight for a CL spot, maybe even get it, if not then 5-6 place, surely. But with displays like today's, he'll finish midtable at best. He must be banking on Europa League success, and maybe some domestic cup, as long as those options are in the air he'll be fine as Spurs manager. And his lucrative contract adds up to it.
  8. Woeful performance by Tottenham today. Ancelotti really outplayed Mourinho. Could've ended more than 0-1.
  9. Finally starting to understand Conte's rants. He probably knew Inter management are fucking phonies and they would miss on Tonali (agreed personal terms - pulled out of purchasing him last minute), they were putting Messi on their pre - match posters as if they are going to sign him (I mean of course they weren't going to but why saying you'll do something you won't), and now are letting Godin go to Cagliari for free - a player that was experienced and appreciated by Conte.
  10. Antonio Conte got ripped off for 30 million. https://www.football-italia.net/157555/report-conte-defrauded-30m-euro
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