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    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Brutus also thought he was doing his job, which was saving the Republic, just like Bowen (stupidly) thinks he is saving the Realm. Brutus thought that Rome needed him to save her. But this was just paranoia. It was Brutus who destroyed the Republic. Brutus and Cassius got their asses handed to them by Antonius and Octavius on Philippi and now really the Republic was done for. It's just ironic how big a damage the messianic complex can do. If Caesar stayed in power, the Republic might have stood. Now Bowen thinks that he is some kind of Messiah who will save the Realm. While in fact the Realm can't be saved by an obscure character that is Bowen.
  2. The Sunland Lord

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    So can we expect an epic speech by Tormund like that of Antonius? "Friends, freefolk, countrymen, lend me ye ears". Btw I always thought that Robb had more in common with Caesar than Jon.
  3. The Sunland Lord

    Lord Tywin Frequented Brothels (Theory)

    I believe it is Tywin too, but one word makes me doubt it: "honour". Was ever Tywin burdened with honour? More like, pride.
  4. Edmure is not really Jon's relative, but I get what you mean. They received their memo, but it would be different if Jon himself spoke to Robb, for example, because Jeor, since Ned's fall from grace, didn't really know anyone in house Stark. Literally one of the ways Tyrion could've found out is that Alliser was in King's Landing for that reason. But Tyrion is biased and takes everything personal, so just because he didn't like Thorne, was being a jerk to him and kept him waiting till the hand wasn't a proof. One can see it from many different angles, but in the end it's plot convenience.
  5. This is due to plot convenience, and one of the matters poorly covered. To think that Jon Snow doesn't care to send a single raven to Robb Stark that the Others exist is unbelieveable. Even if Jon, as Ned Stark's supposed bastard, sent a raven to other important people besides his half brother, would have had some merit. At least someone could went there and see it himself. Like this, only Stannis arrived to help, but with his own ambitions also.
  6. The Sunland Lord

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    Ironborn are not from the south, they are from the Iron Islands.
  7. The Sunland Lord

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    It is said that Moat Calin defense applies for a southern invasion, and the Ironborn attacked from the coast. The barely defended North due to the army which marched south.
  8. The Sunland Lord

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Even Davos had to become a nobleman, adding "Seaworth" as a second name. Otherwise, there is no other way for Stannis to award Davos with the many privilegies and delegate responsibilities. And this was not done because Davos did something noteworthy in the war as a skilled warrior, but because of his smuggling abilities which helped the beseiged inhabitants. The Golden Cloaks-yes, we saw it through Janos Slynt's example, but he was a baby-butcher for the Lannister regime. No military nor any other qualities whatsoever. And even he had to become a "nobleman" and was granted a castle. Maybe he would've commanded an army if he stayed alive-and you can imagine what a job he would do, not better than Davos. Kingsguard is a very limited position, you serve for life and protect the king. The Praetorians became so powerful at one point-they put the Emperor's crown on an auction, when the Empire declined that low. Perhaps Bronn is the most skilled of all the upjumped criminals/mercenaries/smugglers which we meet in the series. So you see, in Westeros they often do it this way, but on a very individual level. In Rome, one had to be really proven capable to be granted an Imperium-the permission to command an army, which has to be voted by the Senate. He didn't have to be "noble", or be granted a castle.
  9. The Sunland Lord

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Westeros doesn't have any generals outside the nobility-only nobles have men under arms. There can't be any common man who can command an army, it is not even an idea. In Rome, the word "nobility" didn't mean much after the Kingdom collapsed and Tarquin was deposed. Being a patrician at some point was even more limited than being a pleb-a patrician couldn't run for the office Tribune of the people (plebs). During the obligatory ten years of serving in the army, anyone could rise high in the ranks by merit. This is exactly what led Rome to become a military junta, when the first Triumvirate was formed, and then the second. Generals usurped so much power over the Senate because of the booty gained in the conquests, it led to an inevitable change into an Empire. So there, no one would ever care about the names such as "Starks" or "Targaryens". I see that you are interested in the Macedonian dynasty in Roman era. I don't know too much for the whole dynasty overall, except for Basil II, who infamously blinded Tsar Samoil's army after defeating the latter in battle.
  10. The Sunland Lord

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    Trajan- A conqueror, favourite of the people, and his own administration. But, the Iron Throne of Westeros doesn't conquer Essos. They don't need that. They also don't care too much for the smallfolk; Trajan was giving money directly to the plebs. Perhaps, you only need to be accepted by the administration-nobility of Westeros and you're fine. Other problem with this comparisons is that the Romans very often were adopting children which they preferred to be next Emperors. Augustus, the first Emperor, has chosen Tiberius, his adoptive son to be next. In Westeros, the bloodline is very important, so even in a situation when Targaryens were overthrown, it was important that Robert has a claim on the throne through his Targaryen line. Romans didn't care too much for the bloodline, if you need an heir, just adopt one.
  11. The Sunland Lord

    Why did Ned allow Benjen to take the black?

    Benjen is created as a Stark who has to be in the Watch, for some reason. There's no where else he can be. It certainly is a sign that the Starks honour the Night's watch, so Benjen went to the wall. He is there also to be a brief guide to Jon. For the rest, we will hopefully find out. Other reasons are the same with why Brandon did not survive: Ned has to be alone and fail, and the Stark children (Jon including) to grow as charactets without their father. If Benjen was, for example, in Winterfell during the war, things might went different. There is another Stark the kids can address to, and he'd be home. That sounds easy, and for them it shouldn't be easy. If on the other hand, he was Ned's right hand, like Kevan, who was simply an addition to Tywin, then he would've shared the same fate as Kevan as a collateral victim, since Ned and Tywin were both betrayed and killed in King's Landing.
  12. The Sunland Lord

    ASOIAF vs A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Have no idea. Probably not as simple as that, but who really knows.
  13. The Sunland Lord

    ASOIAF vs A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Wasn't confirmed that Brienne is his descendant? That might be the significance.
  14. The Sunland Lord

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    He was not a great warrior, I think the right word for him is a 'valiant' warrior. This is how people viewed him. To begin with, tournaments prove nothing in the sense of war, it's the knights' pissing contest, and worse, we know that they were events meant as a front for plots, schemes, corruption, and even for rebellions, in the true southern Westerosi manner, where nothing is like it appears. Because GRRM adopted the 'died valiantly fighting till the end' thing from antiquity and Middle Age, one can be misled that Rhaegar was a great warrior, but I don't think it was the author's intention. Rhaegar was a bookish and romantic guy, learned to fight decently at some point, died fighting on the field, and this was used by both his friends and enemies alike to show respect for his final act when he bravely faced Robert Baratheon.
  15. The Sunland Lord

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    Robert could've even annul his marriage if he wanted to, or 'set Cersei aside'. It's only plot convenience that he didn't. The man was practically the whole time engaged in a drunken and sexual debauch with various women, so Renly saw a chance to use this and increase his influence in court by bringing Margaery in. It would've meant a civil war with Tywin, of course, but Renly wasn't very smart to see this as dangerous, or was ready to risk the consequences.
  16. The Sunland Lord

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    It's not intended for anyone to root for them. If it caused you contempt them, then it's OK, because, it causes people to react differently. The author doesn't act like you should think this way or that way. It's contradictive to claim so because in your case it's easier to say that he acts like you shouldn't be impressed, simply because you're not. It caused that effect exactly, didn't it? Daenerys did nothing to earn respect in Westeros. She is in Essos and nobody in Westeros is compelled by her simply because she is absent from the continent. Jon is but a brother of the Night's watch, dead, or in a coma, probably to wake up again. It is not revealed if he is an heir to anything, be it made by Robb or Rhaegar.
  17. The Sunland Lord

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    If you skippped some chapters, you can't even tell you read the books at all. Starks are one of the most important houses in Westeros, and not by some lame coincidence. They were important in history, and will probably be in the future. This generation of Starks is historically pivotal, because of their role in the events in next two books-Bran and Jon will certainly become more important for the threat from beyond the Wall, and I think Sansa will be more politically involved. I can't see where Arya is going, and we can claim with some certainty that Rickon is on Skagos. No one can really persuade you to get to like them, or to counsel you to keep reading because they will be or will not be important in the future. Maybe you should do what you think is the best. Judging by the end of the abomination we can't speak of-you probably will be disappointed at the end. Not because Martin will write it badly, I think he will write it really well, but most favorably for the house Stark.
  18. The Sunland Lord

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    Plutarch's "Parallel Lives". I am almost done, and I recommend it to anyone. It's a long ride, 1700+pages, but, you don't have to read from the beginning, since every life has its own chapter, containing 50 characters from antiquity, and comparison between some of them.
  19. The Sunland Lord

    Cold-hearted Robb

    Plot convenience, because it wasn't possible anyway, Arya being gone.
  20. The Sunland Lord

    New Zealand

    The abomination ending is a reason for him now being enthusiastic. I kind of gave up hope but this looks hopeful.
  21. Yes for everything you wrote, especially point two. Nah, this was just a nonsense show, there really isn't need to analyze why Sansa and Bran didn't try harder to put him on the throne instead of merely sending him to the Wall again. Did they want to grab power? Probably no and yes at the same time, there aren't really any answers, so suit yourself and interpret it however you please.
  22. The Sunland Lord

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    I was very happy to see him and Sweetrobin. I was wondering where they were. At first, when he started his harangue, I was listening seriously and thought that he would, as a man who has the right to vote, support someone else. But I laughed so hard when I realized he is making a claim for himself. Still one of my favourite minor characters. Very glad he survived.
  23. The Sunland Lord

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    I disagree. Octavian was a harsh man, and not likeable, but in no way he would've burned thousands of people needlessly. If he is close to anyone in GoT, it certainly is more Jon than Dany. Dany resembled more Cleopatra in her last years- pressing claims in the Roman Republic/7 kingdoms which she didn't have any business to press. Augustus was Caesar's heir, not Cleopatra's son, just like Jon was heir to the Iron Throne, not Dany. Maybe this is a better comparison. Alexander destroyed Thebes to the ground and put the inhabitants to the sword and enslaved the rest. But he did this early in his career, so the Greeks were afraid of him and eventually joined him conquering Asia and Africa, after some verbal resistance here and there. She did it in the end-after years of trying to conquer with less civilian victims.
  24. Who the hell is Grey Worm to have a say in matters of ruling of the Seven Kingdoms, and the audacity to decide for Jon freaking Snow's fate? This is something that really pissed me off.
  25. The Sunland Lord

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Nothing at all.