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  1. Spockydog

    2018: Your Year In Review

    The Apocalypse?
  2. Spockydog

    Top 3 books of 2018

    The three that stood out for me were, in no particular order: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins The Fisherman by John Langan The Elementals by Michael McDowell
  3. Spockydog

    Black Mirror - Spoilers after the first post

    I love Brooker, but this was utter cack. A really boring show about a really boring bloke being told to do really boring things by people watching Netflix. Fuck off.
  4. 'Something Insane Is Happening in the Sky.' Pulsating Blue Light Flashes Over New York City After Transformer Explosion According to NY's mayor, this was caused by a surge at a substation. Some outlets saying there was a small explosion, but I cannot fathom how an explosion would cause such a phenomenon. Why the pulsating blue light?
  5. Well, this was shot from a plane stuck on the runway shortly after the incident began. For nearly 24 hours, this was the only available footage.
  6. I'm not saying it was aliens, but... Army called in to help with Gatwick airport drones problem Seriously though, there's something extremely odd about all of this. Despite it being all over the news, all day, not a single piece of drone footage has been broadcast, nor any pictures published. Police have reported over fifty sightings near Gatwick today of an object which is 'larger than a domestic drone.' I'm by no means an expert on these things, but I'm reliably informed by Google that drones usually have a battery life of ten minutes flying time, twenty for the high-end models. But according to the reports the drones first arrived at 9pm last night, and stayed for a couple of hours. The airport was reopened at 3am, but closed when the drones returned again shortly afterwards. The drones were sighted again at midday today and the airport's been closed since then. No attempt has been made to engage the drones, despite there being many countermeasures that could be deployed. Instead, COBRA's been assembled and the army's been mobilised. Meanwhile, thousands of people are stranded whilst millions of pounds of economic damage is inflicted. If these are the same drones being cycled in and out of operation, what I don't understand is why they cannot be tracked both visually, and by radar. Surely the cops should just get a couple of choppers in the air and follow those fuckers. Instead, no attempt has been made to engage the drones, and the excuses, to me at least, seem pretty lame.
  7. Spockydog

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Holy shit. That Sunderland documentary on Netflix is absolutely brilliant. Well worth a watch if you want to see how not to run a football club, or a football documentary that isn't just some airbrushed, highly-censored bollocks. You have to feel for Sunderland's fans. The season following their first relegation was an absolute clusterfuck.
  8. Spockydog

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Some great looking ties there. All of a sudden, I am liking UEFA's money-grabbing decision to stagger the kick-off times.
  9. Spockydog

    TRAVELERS season 3; now really a Netflix original

    Was surprised and delighted to see this pop up today - one of the benefits of Netflix's general lack of promotion. This is a cracking show. A fascinating concept, underpinned by great writers and actors.
  10. Spockydog

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    The Last Kingdom books are written from Uhtred's perspective. IIRC, that doesn't change until much later in the series, when we get some POV chapters from his son.
  11. As you said, it's entirely believable.
  12. Spockydog

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Comparing Howe to Moyes is a nonsense. They have completely different profiles. And unlike Moyes' dour, turgid approach, Howe's brand of football would likely go down very well at Old Trafford.
  13. Spockydog

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    The entire concept of the Ballon d'Or is absurd. It should be mocked at every opportunity. I don't know anyone IRL who gives a single fuck about it.