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  1. According to Laura Kuenssberg, the idea fell out of Boris Johnson's bunghole when he was on the shitter the other morning.
  2. I'd be interested to see some reliable stats on number of tests conducted. 'Cos I'm worried all we're seeing here is speculation mixed in with wishful thinking. I tried that link that Dave shared, but it's all gobbledygook to my ill-educated ass. I mean, I hope I'm wrong, but something doesn't feel right about this supposed drop in cases.
  3. Fewer cases. Fewer tests. People deleting app. School holidays. All plausible reasons for the drop. Let's hope it's the former.
  4. Would happily pop an eighth in the post, if it wasn't wildly inappropriate and a risk to your career.
  5. Johnson's crime plan is just as ridiculous as you'd expect. I wonder if we'll see Matty Hancock in a hi vis chain gang with all the other thieves and robbers.
  6. Come round mine. Smoke some home grown. I won't grass you up. Also, my stuff is miles better than anything I've ever got on the black market. Just dried and cured a pure sativa that is, quite possibly, the finest weed I have ever smoked.
  7. Try having your face licked by a dog who's just snacked on some delicious cat poo.
  8. To the tune of Take Me Home, Country Roads... Oh Maggie Moo, what we gonna do? Maggie Moo keeps eating poo It's disgusting, slightly off-putting Oh Maggie Moo, stop eating poo
  9. Oh, look. Yet another despicable cunt making his bid for Worst Health Secretary of All Time realises he might have gone a bit too far.
  10. Absolute fucking state of this headcase. Calling for the hanging of doctors and nurses, while Johnson and his mates get fat on the blood of the nation. JFC. What kind of country have we created?
  11. Most people know they are for the greater good. And most people would rather do the right thing, than cling to the selfish, libertarian bullshit being propagated right now.
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