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  1. I've heard it said that you don't know the meaning of fear until you become a parent. Caring for a dog can be stressful enough so I can't begin to imagine the terrors of being responsible for a tiny human.
  2. Because we have been programmed to be ashamed of nudity.
  3. You're just making shit up now. SMFH. On the day Diana died, BBC1 was wall-to-wall hysteria. BBC2 had normal programming. A lot of the stuff due to be broadcast on BBC1 was moved to BBC2. And British TV was basically back to normal within two days. These are facts. Not alternative facts, but actual facts.
  4. Once again, when was the last time the BBC had all their channels broadcasting the same thing due to a major news event? The irony of your last sentence is fucking ridiculous.
  5. Maybe in the sixties, when there was only one channel.
  6. Serious question: when was the last time the BBC did what they did last weekend? I shan't hold my breath waiting for your response.
  7. BBC’s Prince Philip coverage breaks UK TV complaints record Who'd have thought that having this shoved down people's throats would prompt such a negative reaction, eh?
  8. Professional racist and snowflake, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is seeking asylum in the US. The irony here is off the fucking charts. #FakeRefugeesSendThemBack
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