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  1. There has always been a player there. Think back to just after we signed him, and he put the full-fat, monster version of Chelsea's Diego Costa in his back pocket for ninety minutes. Hopefully, working with one of the best young coaches in the world will help him bring some consistency to his game. Because we're going to need it.
  2. Whatever happens, it will be a brave political leader who signs off on another trillion dollar bankers bailout.
  3. Nobody knows if there is going to be a big, fuck off recession. Because nobody understands the economy. Literally nobody. Sure, a whole bunch of well paid economists will tell everyone they know what's going to happen, but the truth is nobody has a fucking clue.
  4. Ain't nobody coming to talk about this. Observe: Two decades later, it feels as if the US is trying to forget the Iraq war ever happened Wut?
  5. Didn't I hear some senior police officer bleating recently about his inability to get rid of problem officers?
  6. Really pleased for those striking workers who have secured improvements to their pay and conditions. No thanks to Starmer, who, frankly, should be ashamed of the way he has handled these disputes.
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