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  1. To be clear, this committee has a Tory majority and a Labour chair who has recused himself from leading it.
  2. If they don't spot a giant space brain, I will be demanding a refund.
  3. Don't know about your place of work, but every firm I ever worked for would view getting caught having sex in the office as a sacking offence.
  4. *Spockydog notices #Carriegate trending again in the UK this morning. Checks to see why.* Oh my word. (though we may finally have an explanation for the baffling ministerial appointments of Gavin Williamson.)
  5. Yeah, let's see. You cannot claim to be a voluntarily united kingdom while denying any one of those kingdom's desire for autonomy. Pretty sure Sturgeon knows what she is dolng here.
  6. It's a terrible fucking look. And he's got his shadow cabinet jockeying to see who can out-Tory each other on the matter. Lammy yesterday was a fucking disgrace. Yeah, sure, the anti-worker stuff will be attracting disillusioned Tories, but at what cost? He is alienating vast swathes of his party. This is definitely not what he ran on.
  7. Played at a couple back in my rock god days. So much fun! There are festivals, and then there are festivals. Reading, for instance, is a piss-sodden hell hole. Whereas Glasto is just fucking magical. Of course, much depends on the quality of your recreationals, but I've had some of the most amazing experiences of my life at music festivals.
  8. This, after British Airways took a £2BN Covid bailout, before imposing a 10% pay cut on its workers. Absolutely fucking shameful.
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