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  1. Oooh, is that the one with the stolen melody? *checks Google* Yup, that's one of several songs he plagiarised.
  2. Think Ron Weasley cosplaying Dashboard Confessional, but with extra-creepy lyrics, and you'll be somewhere in the ballpark.
  3. Yeah, agree with all of this. Though, u-turns are funny. Especially when they come after a host of Tory cretins have been sent out before the media to defend their shitty policies.
  4. Another U-turn likely from UK government on care costs bill What a bunch of useless, u-turning twats.
  5. Isn't Delta currently mutating itself into extinction? At least, that's what I've been reading recently.
  6. Sheeran is an affront to music. Absolutely baffled by his success. People are stupid.
  7. Come on, surely I deserve a bit more credit. Though, reading the text of my post back, it might appear that I didn't realise it was a joke. On the other hand, surely the nature of the tweet I posted - I mean, it is sooooooo obvious she is taking the piss - justified my decision to go full deadpan.
  8. As they would never say on Sesame Street, 'No shit, Sherlock.'
  9. Would love to put this story to bed, but the poor little emasculated snowflake cretin has actually sent his wife out to defend him in the media. Unbelievable.
  10. It has already escaped Southern Africa. And anyone who thinks stopping flights from that region will protect us hasn't been paying attention.
  11. If only that was enough. Mandated masks in public places would be sensible. But instead of asking people to do what is the barest minimum to protect themselves and others, our government will cower from the libertarian Economy At All Costs wing of their party, until they are forced to impose much more brutal restrictions, some time around Christmas.
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