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  1. I hear ya. As I said upthread, I've lost lifetime friends over this. I don't think it's possible for anyone here to imagine how traumatic an ordeal this was. And not just for me, but my entire family. It's very difficult to just let it go. I wonder how many men here, having walked in my shoes, could just let it go.
  2. Let's see if this guy is pursued by the Gammon Press as vigourously as Angela Raynor.
  3. Maybe a Ring camera? These things are ubiquitous. My mum told me today that a police officer knocked on her door a few months back asking about potential footage on her doorbell cam. Anyways, I've submitted a FOI request. We shall see.
  4. I haven't been able to stop thinking about this. Surely if the police had uncovered Ring or CCTV footage that supported my version of events they would have told me so, and my accuser would currently be on her way to clinky. Or is that not how these things work?
  5. 5 places is ridiculous anway. This does nothing but devalue the competition.
  6. I imagine quite a few Brexit voters are going to have to change their retirement plans. Boo fucking hoo.
  7. Honestly, they were great. You probably know them. The arresting officer came into my room and pointed at the tent, "What's in there?" "Medicine," I said. I told the him I had started growing weed for Chops during Covid. I think he actually had a chat with a colleague about maybe turning a blind eye. But his mate advised against it. Anyway, it was he who told me that the law had been changed, and that Chops should now be able to get a prescription. As I said, they treated me with the utmost dignity and respect when I was accused of the most horrible crime. I'm very grateful for it.
  8. This is interesting. I'm going to file that FOI and find out why the case was dropped. And if it is something like you describe, something that exonerates me, I am going to walk into Wood Green Police Station and file a complaint of my own. One of my true friends, when I told him what had happened to me, asked if I had a dashcam in the car. A few years back, one of his brother's footballer friends had something similar happen to him. A woman claimed he had raped her in his car. But when the police arrested him, he was able to produce dash cam audio that proved she was an enthusiastically willing participant in the sex. She got done for wasting police time. This is why I now have a dashcam in my car.
  9. My accuser was wearing an ankle length dress. Presumably she gave it to the police. I do not know if she claimed I used a condom, but seeing as the interviewing officer asked if their forensic team would find any of my semen in my car, I'm guessing she told them I didn't. Of course, my car didn't have any semen on the seats. Neither did her dress, or I wouldn't be a free man today. So this woman was able to completely fuck up my life with absolutely no evidence. None whatsoever. I asked the interviewing officer what their threshhold of credulity was when deciding to wreck a man's life. I mean, my lawyer told me the entire case was a joke. He jokingly asked if I had unscrewed my legs before clambering over the handbrake and gearstick to rape her. The lawyer said there wasn't a chance in hell that I'd be charged. So why was I even arrested? And now that the police are taking no further action, I have no way of exonerating myself. And this woman just gets to carry on with her life.
  10. *vomits* No, this was never, ever part of mine, or my friend's, culture. *vomits again*
  11. @ThinkerX Enough with your tired old tropes. Seriously. I use about two ounces a month. I think I might start pulling up facts and figures of people fucking up at work and killing their co-workers, because of either: a) hangovers from the previous night's drinking, or b) straight-up boozing while on the job. Tired of this shit.
  12. This is soooooo wrong. Just re-read your post. Are you claiming that every single man has the capacity to be a rapist?
  13. I don't care what those people think. And as for anyone who doubts a woman would make up such stories, go and have a look at the case of Eleanor Williams. This fucking nutter attacked herself with a hammer to help substantiate her lies and men went to prison. This case was of great comfort to me as I sat in CPS limbo, wondering why on earth a crazy woman had told a pack of lies about me.
  14. Considering the physical impracticalities, even impossibilities, of her allegations, anyone who's ever tried to have missionary sex in the front seat of a Suzuki Vitara would have dismissed this woman's complaint in an instant. Apparently, she has had previous 'incidents' with men, the exact nature of which I am unaware of. One of the shitty things about not being charged is we don't get to know exactly what she said, to see if there were any inconsistencies between what she told the police, and what she told my friends. She went to the police 12 days after the party. The detective who interviewed me, as he was walking me out of the station, said he was sorry we had met under such circumstances. He told me not to worry, that would likely be the end it. He said, in his opinion, the worst was over for me. He told me to go home and "try not to catastrophize". Because of these comments, along with the exact same sentiment being expressed the the arresting officer, my mum wants to file a FOI with the Met to get all their case notes and internal communications on the case. The investigating DS, when issuing my caution, said this is my right. My mum also wants to hire a private investigator to crawl up this woman's colon, in the hope of discovering why the fuck she would try to absolutely wreck the lives of three strangers. The opinion amongst my sister's friends who know her is that she's a proper weirdo. Some days I agree about the PI, some days I just want to put it all behind me and forget it. I'd definitely love to see the Met's case file though. Anyway, I'm going to share the document I wrote after my ex-friend, the party host, called me to tell me what was going on. My family told me it was important to get my version of events down on paper, with as much detail, to keep it fresh in my mind in case the police came for me. In spoilers, because brief sexually explicit detail.
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