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  1. Aye. You got that right. Death! Death! Deeeeeeeeaaaaathhhhhh!
  2. Take your lame, weak-ass straw man bollocks and stick it up your Eurotunnel. Pathetic.
  3. The bill for Boris Johnson’s Brexit is coming in and it’s punishingly steep British companies are being told by the British government that the way to survive is to lay off British workers and transfer their jobs to folk across the Channel So. Much. Control.
  4. I watched episode 1 the other night. Given all the problems, I was expecting something akin to a car crash, but I thought it was pretty good. I loved the opening rock concert scene.
  5. Fellow Scots, it's time to break out the blue woad! Scotland will hold independence referendum if SNP wins in May, says Sturgeon Intae them! Intae them! Get intae them!
  6. As Glorious Leader once said, 'Fuck Business.' He's certainly delivering on that promise.
  7. Meanwhile, here's some more of that glorious, world-beating, taking back of control. Move to EU to avoid Brexit costs, firms told Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues
  8. I read a terrifying article last night about how the UK strategy of basically gaming the vaccination numbers risks creating a completely vaccine-resistant strain of Covid. Has anyone from the UK government gone on record with the science behind delaying the second shot?
  9. It's been a while since I read it as well, but I remember the house looming large throughout the story. It was almost a character in itself. And yes, for King, quite a satisfying ending.
  10. You tax the rich to pay for UBI. Or at least make them pay some tax. Simple as that.
  11. Maybe they're doing an origin story for the Marsten House, the big creepy manor that Kurt Barlow moved into.
  12. Of course they are. JFC. When I had heart surgery at Barts, probably 70-80% of the people who took care of me were from overseas. Smh.
  13. The entire process is degrading and dehumanizing. No doubt by design. They really are a bunch of soulless bastards. And when it comes to cancelling people's benefits and destroying their lives, they really like picking on people who are ill equipped to deal with it. Pretty sure denial of perfectly valid claims is SOP for the DWP. If she hasn't already done so, your Ma should appeal. Many appeals are upheld without the need for a tribunal hearing.
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