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  1. I'm seeing some reports saying that Jota will miss the remainder of the season due to a foot injury.
  2. Yeah, checked his appearance record. In the league he was subbed in 4 times (all in the first half of the season, the last of which was against Villa in December). He was an unused sub against Palace at the end of January and was subbed in against Chorley FC in the fa cup. He started every other game except against Sheffield United last month due to testing positive for covid.
  3. Neves gets loads of games and is their first choice DM. Wolves have nothing to play for and Nuno is probably just testing out some different combinations. He's most definitely not been riding the bench this season.
  4. Most likely it's down to fitness. He's missed more games through injury this season including a recurring hip problem that he's had since the restart last year. Almost all of his sub appearances this season have been at the start of the season when he was still getting back from the hip injury he sustained in July and then again in April/May after the hip injury sustained in Feb.
  5. Maddison picked up a hip injury in February which kept him out for a couple of months.
  6. Well done, Leicester. Tielemans scored a spectacular winner but Schmeichel was MOTM for me. It's rather funny watching Chelsea struggle to score.
  7. Juve keep their top 4 hopes alive with a 3-2 win over Inter. Roller coaster of a game and entertaining for the neutrals but also a truly disgraceful performance from the referee. C'mon, Leicester!
  8. ETA. Bruce got results but it's pretty laughable he gets manager of the month. I think it is rather clear that tactically, Bruce is clueless and plays the most turgid cowardly football. This is a bit like the Alan Pardew disaster where Newcastle look disastrous and tactically outclassed for much of a season but go through one or two purple patches carried by two or three players which saves their season. Bruce is also a massive bellend who has been antagonistic towards Newcastle fans since the beginning. He's also fucking insufferable when Newcastle win a game - the sore winner gloating that almost makes fans sad they even won.
  9. Pretty poor game from us. Liverpool should be able to get into the top 4 now. West Brom, Burnley and Palace should yield the full 9 points. Chelsea and Leicester having to play each other is the perfect scenario for Liverpool as well. It'll be close though and could come down to goal difference. I have a feeling that Leicester are going to bottle it again in the home stretch after playing so well for most of the season.
  10. I'm seeing some reports in Spain saying that Laporte will be getting Spanish citizenship this week (possibly today) and is expected to be selected for the Spanish NT for the Euros.
  11. It's difficult for the smaller (or newly promoted) clubs to compete for a top 10 position but the bottom half (or bottom six) of the league is usually quite close. I don't actually classify premier league sides to be 'have nots'. Thanks to the large broadcasting deal and the very even distribution of that money compared to other leagues, even small teams in the premier league rake in huge sums in broadcasting money. Clubs like Burnley or Brighton pull in around triple the revenue (or more) compared to similarly sized clubs in the other top leagues.
  12. United confirm that Cavani's contract has been extended for another year.
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