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  1. Timber is a CB. Eta. The two of them never played together in Ajax's first team and I don't think they played together in the youth teams either since De Jong is 5 years older. I'd be more sceptical about De Jong. He's a good player but according to all reports he really doesn't want to leave Barca but might need to be sold as Barca are in need of liquidity. I don't want us to end up with a player on fat wages who doesn't want to be here - we already have a massive problem when it comes to players attitude and commitment.
  2. I'd expect Roma to win. For all of Mourinho's faults, he knows how to win a final.
  3. Reports that Burnley are in talks with Vincent Kompany to take over as manager.
  4. The truth. It's already done. Villa officially confirmed the signing yesterday. Reports are that they are going to attempt to sign Bissouma as well.
  5. Milan wrap up the Scudetto. Very comfortable game for Milan. Pioli has done a fantastic job.
  6. That was nail-biting. Great finish to the season at the top and bottom. We owe Brighton big time for gifting us a EL place. Our season ends in thorough embarrassment with yet another piss poor showing from a spineless team with a clueless fraud as manager. We didn't deserve to finish 6th. Worst United side in my lifetime in terms of attitude and commitment. Good riddance to Burnley.
  7. Solskjaer>Rangnick Only Man United could sack Solskjaer and somehow hire an even worse manager. Rangnick is the biggest fraud in football.
  8. PSG have confirmed that Mbappe has extended to 2025. But wait....the saga is not over. LaLiga has announced that they intend to file a complaint against PSG with UEFA, French administrative and tax authorities as well as the relevant bodies of the EU. In their statement they say that they find it to be scandalous that PSG, which last season lost more than €220m after having accumulated losses of €700m in recent seasons (even declaring income from sponsorships of a very dubious amount) and with a wage bill of €650m for this season, can still be allowed to reach an agreement of this financial magnitude. Goes on to criticise the behaviour of Nasser Al-Khelaifi and says that he does not respect nor want to respect the economic rules and represents as great a threat to European football as the Super League.
  9. Lyon have once again shown that they are the gold standard when it comes to women's football in Europe.
  10. Turning out to be pretty one sided with Lyon running away with it. 3-0 up already.
  11. Yep. There's also reports that PSG are in negotiations with Zidane. Leonardo could be out the door as well with reports claiming that Luis Campos is the favourite replace him as sporting director.
  12. There's a number of rumours but coming from poor sources. Yes, one of them was that Mbappe would have a big say in the sporting project. Other reports are claiming a signing bonus ranging from €100-300m in addition to a salary of €50-100m net per year.
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