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  1. FA Cup replays to be scrapped from the first round onwards starting next season. The Premier League will also be removing the mid-season break from the calendar. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/68844583
  2. Spurs have a very difficult run in so it is pretty unlikely that they can overhaul Villa. It would be great if Villa can hold on and finish 4th. I'm happy that England is now extremely unlikely to get a 5th CL spot - it would've been utter bullshit for Spurs to get CL football for finishing 5th, bombing out early of both domestic cups while contributing sweet fuck all to the coefficient.
  3. It was always the danger for Arsenal that the Bayern players would stir themselves enough to actually put in the effort in a big QF tie and that proved to be the case. Bayern have had a rough season by their standards and there are gaps in the squad but that squad is still full of top class players. Nice to see Man City 115 getting dumped out as well. Unfortunately it's starting to look like both Arsenal and Liverpool are fading so the cheaters are probably going to win another farmer's league title.
  4. Barca in trouble now. Great strike from Vitinha to level it up on aggregate.
  5. Inter will be kicking themselves for bottling it against this Atleti side. Should've won that tie with room to spare.
  6. Think Frimpong will definitely be sold. IIRC, he has a low(ish) release clause too (around €40m).
  7. Another boost for Leverkusen. Their CEO has confirmed that Wirtz will be staying at the club next season.
  8. Bremen have announced that Keita will be suspended until the end of the season. Also seen some reports saying that the club will be looking into terminating his contract.
  9. He wouldn't have been a starter this season had Timber not gotten injured. Eta. I am surprised that Tomiyasu hasn't been starting more in that position. Has he dropped off or what?
  10. We should try a bit of positivity. Let's all praise Leverkusen.
  11. In style. Had Dortmund not been such gigantic bottle jobs last season, Tuchel would be leaving Bayern without a domestic trophy.
  12. I'm watching Leverkusen/Bremen. Leverkusen's gonna win the title today. eta. Sealed with a classic Xhaka banger.
  13. If Arsenal win today they move onto 74 points, City on 73 and Liverpool on 71. Three points separating the top 3 with 6 games left to play is hardly game over for Liverpool. City should be favourites though given their favourable run-in with Arsenal having the toughest run-in of the contenders.
  14. The best description I've seen of Ten Hag's tactics this season said that he wants the team to press high but with a low block. Basically, he's sending the front 3 + Bruno and usually one midfielder to push up to press but the rest hold a deeper line. This has resulted in big gaps in the midfield and whoever plays as the #6 (Casemiro mostly but McTominay, Amrabat and Mainoo have all filled that position at times) getting torched. The whole point of a high press is to compress the pitch to win back possession in the opponent's half so you have to fully commit to it and not just be half in like Ten Hag has been doing - that just makes the press easy to play through because of the big gaps in midfield while also exposing your midfield and defence. If Ten Hag is not confident that his defenders can play a high line then he should be pulling the lines back. It's pretty amateurish to be setting up the team with such a big gap between the lines.
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