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  1. Roma confirm that an agreement has been reached for the sale of the club to Dan Friedkin in a deal worth €591m. The sale is expected to be finalised by the end of this month. With the ownership situation sorted, Roma might make another attempt to sign Smalling on a permanent basis. Reports said United were looking for around €20m. Not a bad fee for a player who was hand's down Roma's best defender this past season. There have been reports that Roma were negotiating with Vertonghen as well though. Solskjaer has also intimated in an interview a couple of days ago that he'd be happy for Smalling to remain at United. ETA.
  2. Guardiola has confirmed that Eric Garcia has rejected a contract extension at City (his contract ends next June). Reports are that Barca are interested. Sam Lee reported in The Athletic that Koulibaly is the top target with Sevilla's Diego Carlos an alternative. Also mentioned that Stones and Otamendi are not in Guardiola's plans.
  3. EPL clubs have voted against the adoption of 5 substitutes for next season.
  4. The report that no contact has been made comes from a German newspaper (Süddeutsche Zeitung). The newspaper reports that Watzke told them that there has been no contact at all even through intermediaries. Dortmund officials issuing denials is not new though. Zorc was denying any contact with Barca for the Dembele transfer (contrary to every reliable report at the time) and a few days later Dembele was a Barca player. It doesn't look like a deal is close at all unfortunately. All the reliable journos for United (Stone, Peach, Ducker, Ornstein) came out last night with a report that the two clubs are far apart in valuation. I hope that we have alternatives lined up. Sancho is quality but if Dortmund aren't willing to compromise and United don't have the usual budget available due to losses as a result of the pandemic then we need to move on quickly. Other areas of the squad need strengthening too so we cannot afford to get bogged down on this one transfer.
  5. Marotta has confirmed that Inter have completed the signing of Sánchez. Says that an official statement will be released tomorrow. I don't recall there being any firm reports. Roma are in limbo at the moment as it looks like there is going to be a change of ownership. Smalling's transfer is on hold as well.
  6. Starting to look like the speculation that Sanllehi and Edu are dismantling the club's scouting structure in order to implement agent-led recruitment might actually be true. Apparently Kia Joorabchian is going to have a lot of influence on Arsenal's recruitment which is why you guys have been so strongly linked with moves for Willian and Coutinho.
  7. Last I heard was that £200 odd million still has to be returned to UK broadcasters but there was an agreement reached to defer payment of up to £170m until the 2021/2022 season. Sky reportedly agreed to pay the broadcast rights fees for the 2021/2022 season on schedule and then claim the deferred payment at a later date. The Athletic reported a while back that around £107m owed to non UK broadcasters had to be repaid by the end of July.
  8. John Percy reporting that Villa are looking to sign Brentford's striker Ollie Watkins. Player available for £18m after last night's defeat activated a buyout clause in his contract. ETA. Arsenal propose 55 redundancies and have started the 30-day consultation process.
  9. The playoff final is usually cagey and dull given what's at stake. Unfortunate for Brentford but Fulham have been the better side. Brentford will now have the worst ever record in playoff campaigns - nine campaigns, six finals and zero promotions. ETA. Brentford manage a consolation. Fulham's more experienced squad coped with the occasion better than the Brentford player's did. Scott Parker has done at excellent job at Fulham especially considering the state of the side when he took over.
  10. Really poor from Brentford's keeper. Poor positioning and then he was slow to react as well.
  11. Fulham were the better side in that first half and will be disappointed not to have taken a lead into half time.
  12. Angel Gomes has joined Lille on a 5 year contract. He'll spend the upcoming season on loan at Boavista. ETA. It really does look like Solskjaer doesn't rate Dalot at all. He's probably on his way out.
  13. Who the fuck knows? Conte is combative and always looking to pick a fight with his board - he did it at Juve, Chelsea and now Inter. It was only at Chelsea where you could say that he had a genuine grievance with the board.
  14. Conte is a nutter. After beating Atalanta, he goes on a meltdown rant attacking Inter's board for not protecting him from media scrutiny and criticism. Also said that he had to jump through hoops to get in his transfer targets. Reports are that there will be crunch talks with Inter's management after the EL and there's a possibility that Conte could walk. Allegri is said to be the top choice to replace him should that happen. La Repubblica had also published an article claiming that Conte was in contact with Juve asking about whether Sarri would be sacked. Conte has vehemently denied these allegations and said that he plans to sue the author of the article. Conte is being a real drama queen. Facing media scrutiny and criticism is part and parcel of the job and he's not faced even a fraction of the criticism that Sarri has had to put up with. Only Conte will have a total meltdown and attack his own board just after completing the best season Inter have had in 9 years. This guy is more volatile than Mourinho.
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