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  1. Well, horrible butchering of the word reconciliation aside, no, he won't. This was his effort to put in the CR - that will only last til December btw - and he failed.
  2. Heh. Fair point, but I couldn't even legally vote at the time.
  3. Nah, if the power goes out I'll be reading from my actual books. It'd be a waste of batteries to read from a device. My Fire and Blood book is a hardcover, which means the print is actually considerably larger than my copies of The Silm or Unfinished Tales - which is what I'll go to next by moving from Martin to Tolkien.
  4. Well, don't see what's wrong with them - as well as me, obviously - getting high. It was like 9 PM IIRC. What exactly do you propose we should have done at that point?
  5. Most people remember where they were during 9/11, but I also remember exactly where I was when news broke about the Iraq invasion. I was watching my friends play in a bar I had no legal business being in. The manager/owner interrupted their set to announce what happened, and the reaction was vehement. ...For about 5 minutes, then everybody got high. Anyway, I don't wanna get all righteous about it, but it's absurd having another privileged western dude tell me how shitty the American people are because Dubya invaded Iraq. There are plenty of people in this world that can't or shouldn't get over it, but most people reading this aren't them. It was a travesty, a war crime, we all know that. EVERYBODY agrees with that at this point. And certainly nobody in this thread has any interest arguing it. And that's been the case for, like, a decade. And that's after everybody argued about Iraq on the internet for the previous decade. So, please, give me a fucking break. If you want to shit on America, get some goddamned new material.
  6. Good to know! Don't think I'll be able to read that in the next 24-48 hours if the power goes out though.
  7. These stark difference have nothing to do with attributing responsibility towards the entire American people for the atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., is my point. As I explicitly said to at the top of this page, if that's the type of argument -- or simply the difference in education, which is an incredibly obvious point, then let me know. But that's demonstrably not the point of these threads and I unsurprisingly got no response on that. For the umpteenth time, it's the shitting on the American people that I have a problem with. Which, when you talk about all those cultural deficiencies, they're the victims of. Again, such generalization is in/out group thinking that is not only corrosive to productive thought, but is the root of hatred. Which is why it's so gross.
  8. Me too! At this point I'm staying up as long as possible just so if the power goes out, I'll just go to bed and hopefully sleep through it. And then, if need be, I guess I'll read Fire and Blood in the dark. Or maybe @Ran's huge ass World Book.
  9. Yeah I'm much more worried about this. Really hope the recovery goes as best as possible.
  10. I don't think we have more input into our government than other countries, I think we have the same input as other industrialized democracies -- or, if you want to put it, the western world. In which case, there is complicity in such egregious tyranny for all of us. And anyone arguing otherwise is kidding themselves. But that's not even my point. My point is the peoples of any state SHOULD NOT be blamed for their government's actions. It's ridiculous. Blame it on the regime. Blame it on those that voted for them, if you really want. But broad generalizations are toxic shit that is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing. And when you start to tell me that "the American people" - which is the language James Arryn used repeatedly - are responsible for all of that, you can go fuck yourself six ways to Sunday. The American people aren't any worse than the Canadian people, or the Mexican people, or the European people, etc. That is something I will never abide, and it's some rank shit that he brings into these discussions.
  11. Yes. I've been looking into this and learned a lot over the last 48 hours for obvious reasons. This is why I was sure to get a place inland. That's something that seemed obvious. However, the fact I found a place that is not in a low-lying flood zone was dumb luck. Those are the places that were evacuated yesterday..er, starting Monday. And they're, like, right below me. Within hundreds of yards. I clearly should have looked into it before coming here, but I did not know how big of a deal that was if/when storm surge hit. Luckily, it's almost certain at this point there isn't going to be any significant storm surge hit here. It IS still gonna hit down in Sarasota and Port Charlotte. Like, eminently. I hate saying this because I don't want to make light of the storm that will/already has hurt a lot of people, but it's kind of fascinating seeing how the local media has dealt with the shifting expectations over the last 24/36 hours. At this point they all admit - from fema to weather.com to local outlets - this is now just a tropical storm warning for my area. In other words, it's just gonna rain a lot but it sounds like the winds aren't gonna get any worse than they are right now. Which..I've experienced literally everywhere I've lived and pales in comparison to every time I loathed to go into the Pitt building I taught/worked in that's entrance had a wind tunnel for at least half the year. The basis of the freakout when it comes to Tampa, that I think/know the media is getting from academics, is how unprepared they are if they DO get directly hit by a real storm. They/we dodged that bullet, again, but obviously with climate change eventually it's going to happen. Soon. Even though it hasn't in a century. Anyway, I still think I'll probably lose power for awhile and I don't want to jinx it - especially cuz my tv/roku is cutting in and out as I write this - but this is just looking like a really prolonged shitty day or two of your average Tampa weather right now.
  12. It's Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman jacking each other off in another self-indulgent Deadpool film. Does that really count? He was also in First Class just to say Fuck Off.
  13. Dunno how much longer I'll have power, so I'm gettin all my silly references in now: And on a lighter note - and more importantly because all you damn heathens should listen to more Dead:
  14. You're right that since it's much closer to a panel (albeit not exactly of course), it would be valued more among analysts than random sampling - or at least valued more among us bullshitting social scientists looking at the data. But still, from what I've seen the sample for each episode is about or under one hundred, no? Considering the minimal difference in means, that's not gonna get you a statistically significant result. At least, well...there's statistical power calculators out there you could probably check and get a decent confidence interval, but..let's just say I and many others have higher standards. Anyway, I was at least 97.5% teasing.
  15. This is interesting - and I appreciate the rundown. But..no offense..given the sample size and subsequent statistical power, these very marginal differences really don't mean anything.
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