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  1. Always appreciated it, and it directly speaks to me with what I did. One day I'll take the time to tell that story.
  2. DMC

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    Yeah they've had a really easy schedule thus far. If everyone was healthy I assume the plan was to build up a big lead to this point. Shit happens.
  3. DMC

    Thank You George

    I'm going to try to be objective/non-judgmental with this. I think there needs to be an appreciation thread for what GRRM did at this juncture. Personally, I would have no idea about this place unless he made the decision to option the property to HBO. And I couldn't be more thankful that he did, warts and all. I am so grateful I got to see his vast spectacle be (somewhat) depicted on screen with unprecedented production value for a television show. Cheers!
  4. Nah, he'd never say that publicly.
  5. DMC

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    The Kraken is indeed devouring. Torres too. I have a new rule - both times he hit a homer I went from the living room to my bedroom (first to get some Tums and second to get high). So now, whenever we get to see the Yanks on ESPN+, I have to go to my room when Torres is at bat.
  6. Oh, sorry didn't realize this was a response to me. Um, k, you're probably right there. So? I already explained why I think it's important to recognize the increasing diversity in the Dem electorate. If you'd like to have an adult conversation about that, great. But this? No. No, it's not. I am fairly highly trained in statistics and I don't know what you mean by "voting percentages" as opposed to "overall numbers." They're all percentages, unless you wanna talk about the actual count, which no one does. Again, the point she was making was that the Dem primary electorate is becoming more diverse. Can you refute that? Does the data refute that?
  7. Meh, you know how many policy shops have cooked up what she's selling? It's not like she's mining gold, all this shit is available to any candidate.
  8. Yes that was certainly the highlight of the episode, and a pretty stark (sorry) reminder of what the show did well in the long long ago.
  9. Yep, regarding the bolded they were exactly right. I don't think there is - or at least I can't conceive of - a satisfying answer to that question, so just leave it as a mystery. LOL.
  10. Aye, I think with GoT the expectations game changes everyone's perspective. With LOST, it seemed the internet expected, even demanded, answers to some questions that are probably best left unanswered anyway (most importantly, what exactly is the island). With GoT, the immediately preceding episodes were so universally hated and disappointing that it was hard for the finale to fall any further. And indeed, they did what they've been doing for the past four seasons - fan service, big moments with swelling music, and little to no logic. So, in that way the finale was "fine," and will likely continue to be viewed as such, and the focus of fans' disappointment will likely rest on the final season as a whole, not the last episode.
  11. Very good point. She definitely would have after she got out of her funk, that's definitely my head-canon from now on. Victor had sibling-ish relationships with both her and Ethan. I love that scene where Ethan's teaching him to shoot and is like "uh-oh, we got in trouble with dad." LOL. "What are you doing here?" "Oh, just decided not to inject a serum that would fundamentally change a woman I've already resurrected. How bout you?" "We were interrogating Dr. Seward's insane assistant for information on where all the vampires are so we can go into the heart of darkness. You must come with us!"
  12. This. The Sopranos pissed everybody off on first viewing. I, like most, thought my cable went out. But upon repeat viewing - and especially if you believe Tony was shot by Members Only Jacket - it's actually incredibly genius. And while Chase refuses to confirm that, he essentially has. There's thousands words analyses on that final scene, and it's actually worth the read. Plus, the rest of the episode was good to great, Phil's assassination was particularly memorable. So, I think it's appropriate that the greatest show ever probably deserves the title of greatest finale ever. About Dexter, I've said this before, but I literally thought when he's carrying Deb's body out in that storm, I was like "this has to be some weird dream sequence." Nope, just THAT stupid. I agree with others on this thread that LOST was a middling finale. Surprised to see that be the consensus - it's often framed as a "polarizing" finale, and when I talk with friends about it they usually loathe it for one reason or another. For me it was "meh." Always thought this was a fair criticism. The finale almost felt like fan service in how wholly he redeemed himself. I don't think it should have been that way. His fall should have had more consequences - or at least consequences that he could not repair. I suppose they still did, in a way, but I think Gilligan's perfectionism made him wrap it up a little too tight.
  13. Right, exactly. Vanessa had to convince Ethan, which is a huge distinction, whereas.. Yeah it's almost frustrating that we never see the two interact. The checking up scene she has in the season premiere with Lyle, shoulda at least been something like that. Although I suppose Lyle is a much more comforting character and two of those scenes would be redundant. Yes, I remember looking into it when it was mentioned here - pretty sure by you - years ago. Don't recall specifics but as you said I felt the quality was lacking.
  14. DMC

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Thanks, pretty sure I'm thinking of that unidentied host. Which I guess makes sense. If memory serves, didn't we see Dolores-Tessa abscond with a bunch of robot brains?
  15. With both the press and your cat, all you need is one good laser pointer. The cat's usually much more responsive though.