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  1. Yeah, like I said on Friday, Clinton's comments are mostly just confusing and dumb. All they do is grant Gabbard more attention at a time when she barely has enough money to continue running for president. But I also think it's important to make clear that throwing this language around of Russian "assets" or "grooming" is incredibly irresponsible and should be condemned. I didn't like it when many on the right implied or outright labeled everybody up to and including John Murtha as a traitor and coward, and I don't like it now.
  2. The problem is the use of the loaded term "asset," as well as suggesting the Russians are "grooming" Gabbard for a 3rd party run (which is completely unfounded and fairly batshit for someone of Clinton's stature to suggest). The language suggests intent on behalf of Gabbard and Stein when there's absolutely no evidence of such. It is very dangerous to start casting aspersions that are tantamount to treason on individuals simply based on their foreign policy beliefs, however misguided those beliefs are. Anyone that lived through Dubya's Iraq War should understand this. A better term for Gabbard and Stein (and Trump for that matter) may be "useful idiots," but even that has Red Scare connotations I'm not crazy about.
  3. Yeah my impression leaving the theater for the first time was Veidt must have had some type of super-speed. The others, though, just seemed like they were awesome at fighting like Batman or any other regular-powered action star.
  4. DMC

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Obviously he's only referring to Chewy and R2, as all the other assholes from the OT weren't his friends - they just treated him like a servant.
  5. In honor of our embattled acting chief of staff (and OMB director), please carry on...
  6. For everyone who has said the GOP can't/never reins Trump in - WaPo:
  7. ...And then really want a hit of weed.
  8. I understand I have to wiki that. Never read the comics, did see the Snyder movie. It's apparently what happened at the end of the comic with Ozy, whereas the movie had him just drop a nuke. I agree with the movie's decision. Yep, this is why I'm headed to the wiki. Also, why/how did the giant squid kill all those people in the first place? Really strange.
  9. Indeed, these are the reasons - was being rhetorical/tongue-in-cheek. But I don't think Trump likes Mick personally. In fact I'd say the opposite - Mick is more just one of the very few halfway (quarterway?) competent people left who's willing to work for him.
  10. Very intriguing premiere, and King is as good as advertised. While it became obvious pretty early, didn't know we'd only get Don Johnson for one episode, kinda sucks. Coulda done without naked Jeremy Irons, that will haunt my dreams. Also, have to ask since they're hitting the viewer over the head with the black v. white thing - uh, what happened to all the hispanics? As a social scientist, loved how "the pod" was essentially an IAT.
  11. So how does Mick Mulvaney still have a job? A screwup like Thursday's is enough for a CoS to resign in shame. Now he's done it twice within 72 hours? Is this like a suicide-by-cop thing?
  12. I actually really enjoyed the game, but maybe I'm weird. It was fun watching them all splash around - and while the outcome was in question when it almost definitely wouldn't be with good weather, whatever they were already 5-0. Bosa closing out the game with a sack then swan diving was awesome.
  13. No, that was definitely not the point. The point is Hillary is especially, almost uniquely hated and that definitely has something to do with her gender. You're the one who's reducing it to this binary argument. Fair enough, can't argue with that. My issue is with you juxtaposing the two wings of the party in overly combative terms, as if the schism is between the pinnacle of elite establishment - as well as corruption - and revolutionaries. It's really not. Yeah there definitely was. And with her family and depicting them as hicks. But, they made it really, really easy.
  14. DMC

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    I don't deny he's one of the best closers in the league, but I think they can construct a pen just as effective for cheaper and commit the proceeds elsewhere (i.e. a starter). Britton was just as good as Chap this year, and obviously has experience in the role. Looks like he's all the way back, plus as a sinker baller he should age better whereas any more drop-off in velocity from Chapman becomes worrisome.
  15. LOL! No offense Simon, but holding Bernie Sanders up as the beacon of class struggle and fight against the elite establishment empirically does not mesh with reality. At all. In some bizarro world where he becomes president, he will compromise with the elite establishment in a way that is indiscernible to virtually any other Democratic politician. How do I know that? Because he's been doing it for 30 years. The difference between Sanders and Hillary Clinton has a whole hell of a lot more to do with the latter's comparative success than it does any impregnable principles on the former's part. ETA: Oh, and on the HRC gender thing: Yeah, no one said they were. Women politicians can be disadvantaged by voters' perceptions and preconceived notions without those voters being any type of pejorative such as "sexist" or "misogynist." It's the same reason we refer to respondents' racial bias as "racial resentment" rather than racism - because a lot of people that rank high on the resentment scale are plainly not racist in any overt or even subconscious level. It's incredibly vapid and obtuse to pose this as a dichotomy between "voters are fighting against elite corruption" and "voters are misogynist."