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  1. Right. She was able to resurrect an army and a really big dog, but I didn't view her as "death" so to speak. It's different for me. Again, that's just me.
  2. Ah. K, sorry. Death as an idea is yeah whatever in my book. They could've done more with that, sure.
  3. Yeah. That's the mid-credit scene. It's something like "to challenge them is to court death," although the first part is hard to hear. So, yeah, it is set up! I still think it's stupid.
  4. Meh. "If you call failure experience." "I call experience experience." Seems pretty clear Death was not involved there.
  5. This is starting to sound suspiciously like you all are trying to ruin my day after my Day of Jubilee..
  6. Death as a character is a big no for me. I know there are those type of entities/concepts within the Marvel Universe that do exist. And I suspect/assume this is what Eternals is getting close to. Not a fan.
  7. I think it's silly to think Joe Rogan has any strong political opinions one way or another. Maybe it's just me, but seems very apparent he has no actual values at all. Not really judging btw, most don't.
  8. Nope, never said that. It's impressive how dishonest you are about me being dishonest.
  9. To you, I'm sure it is. But, fortunately, we all don't have to share your perspective. And from the perspective of someone, ya know, living in reality, it's shockingly naive to think Superman overwhelmingly being depicted as white for the past - what?, 80 years? - isn't political. Again, it's not the fact that the "someone famous" hired talks about racial politics that is your problem. It's that he talks about racial politics in a way you don't like. If someone is being dishonest here, it's you.
  10. I did acknowledge that, rather immediately: Just because you're unable to grasp my point doesn't mean I'm being dishonest. I'm not saying Coates' depiction of black Superman won't be political. I'm saying Superman is political. No matter what color or ethnicity. Your problem isn't that black Superman will be political, it's that you assume the character will be depicted in a way that's politically disagreeable to you.
  11. Oh, if wishing made it so. Please identify what you think I've been dishonest about.
  12. Sandel's critique of Rawls and the veil of ignorance is very much rooted in common communitarian points of contention - most essentially that no person ever could be completely extricated from their cultural/communal identities (which is true but decidedly besides Rawls' point). He was also part of the refrain/concern of "liberalism" perpetuating a more atomistic society - which I think should be more squarely placed on other philosophies, or at least political philosophies. Anyway, don't have a terribly detailed or nuanced take on him. Was mainly being a smartass and complaining about him being boring. But most of what I read of him was his criticism of Rawls and, again, in that way he's very much a communitarian. Ok. Maybe don't start a whole topic criticizing a term if you're unsure of its meaning.
  13. Next thing you know black people will be the ones producing it too! I can't decide if your lack of self-awareness is more amusing or sad. You're right - it doesn't take Sherlock to figure out what someone complaining about a movie being too "political" because it features a black character written and directed by black people is actually complaining about. Imagine if a white guy wrote a movie about a white character and a white guy directed it? Well all those movies must be way too political, right?
  14. I feel like this got..liked a lot, but not emphasized nearly enough. The title of this thread is preposterously inaccurate, "wokeness" was initially an attempt to give a voice to the voiceless. Primarily from black and LGTBQIA+ communities. Just because it was bastardized and weaponized by the usual fuckwads doesn't change that - and it certainly doesn't make it a "child" of "neoliberal capitalism." I mean that just smacks of horseshit said by someone who didn't know jack shit about any of the terms involved and is competing for a special level of stupid. Wokeness meant accountability for systemic racism, etc, that's all. It's every bit as "communitarian" as Michael Sandel - who apparently is also getting mentioned in this thread. So it appears some of you also were forced to read Michael Sandel. I am very sorry to all.
  15. Yes I'm being honest. Your basis for dismissing even the premise of a black Superman is because it's going to be written by a black guy that voices political opinions you disagree with. That's asked and answered. If you have any other basis, or want to argue why that is, go ahead.
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