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  1. I honestly have no idea what this about, but no, there is no rule. You can call anyone anything on the floor. It's just kinda silly to say there's a rule.
  2. Yeah my point was I don't think Bullock nor Bennet has a shot in hell
  3. @Maithanet couldn't have said the first graph better myself. As for a ticket with Bullock at the top though, now you're just getting high in Colorado.
  4. I'm honestly shocked how quickly it's winnowed. Almost makes me suspect someone's gonna shoot up. We'll see, I think it could happen. The 2012 GOP primary was a shitshow because no one actually wanted Romney. Well, no one wants Biden in this one. I hope it quickly devolves into Warren-Harris, but part of me think that hope is foolhardy.
  5. Meh, they regressed. She was never gonna be that high forever.
  6. House to Vote to "Condemn" Trump: Fuck the resolutions, how bout you start censuring him you feckless Speaker?!? And go after him much more aggressively in terms of investigations?!? Pelosi/Hoyer/Clyburn is a huge disappointment, this is why I wanted them out to begin with. And BTW, call Trump a racist. Stop that bullshit. Yeah, I'm not too worried about it in that regard, because you're right. Her bump was late in that time period.
  7. The fundraising numbers were due July 15. Biden and Harris waited the longest to report them, but this isn't new news.
  8. Harris' fundraising is comparatively weak
  9. I overprepared for a meeting and I guess people are still talking about Trump's comments on AOC et al., so I'll give some thoughts on that: In the long run, this is not going to work. Trump is distracting from other bad news, as always. In the short run, maybe stop calling intraparty members racists and segregationists, because no one except maybe Joe Manchin is either? What does that gain anybody except Twitter likes? (Oh, guess I answered my own question.) OTOH, stop assaulting MCs that can raise insane amounts of money based on their credibility with the stupid left. The Dem leadership needs to let it go. Especially that House Dems' account, which was Hakeem Jeffries' doing. Dude, get over it and stop pouring flames. Yes, Trump is making a political gambit here, trying to encourage the infighting between the Dems. It's a weak move, and maybe Pelosi is a racist, but she has and will recognize it for what it is. Moreover, this whole damn story has no significance on much of anything. Definitely not on policy. And politically? It will run a few new cycles in the dog days of summer and that will be it. This is the epitome of just something to talk about. Since Julia Roberts doesn't get cast anymore.
  10. Yikes. Yeah dropped out out soon after that myself.
  11. It was a reference to West Wing, when Bartlet says "you can't sell science" to "Al Kiefer," their pollster that's representative of Dick Morris.
  12. You can't sell liberal democracy.
  13. Ya know the Ghandhi being racist thing gets to me. I didn't really have many idols growing up. I liked Emerson and Thoreau but it's not like they actually did much. Was Ghandhi kinda racist - not to mention a huge dick in many other ways? You bet. But he was one of the two I actually admired. Other one was Malcolm X. Wonder what critics have to say about the very significant period when he was very racist?
  14. I'm under the impression you're whining about nothing. Conceptually, what are your issues with "liberal" democracy.
  15. Well, it definitely is what got us here. But as for it being the "problem," my lord no. I'm not the greatest Churchill fan, but: