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  1. It should also be noted that it appears J.D. Vance doesn't think George Washington and James Madison should have had the right to vote. Both had stepchildren but apparently those don't count. Perhaps Vance may be responding to a recent study that found 27% of respondents were "childfree," meaning they do not have kids and don't want them (as opposed to the "childless" who don't have kids but want them). That survey found the childfree are just as happy/satisfied as those with children, which must of rankled the judgmental and devout like Vance. The survey also found - While it's much worse for women, as a member of the childfree I am hardly surprised by this.
  2. Saw this the other day, definitely one of the more fascinating brainfarts I've seen in awhile. It seems to be based on the premise that a number of high profile Dems - Harris, Buttigieg, Booker, AOC - are childless. My first thought was, well, Buttigieg and AOC are definitely young enough where they still may have children. Booker is too, and hell if he's still with Rosario Dawson may not be a bad idea to lock that down. As for Harris, do her two stepchildren not count? In the article I saw on it, Vance was quick to clarify that he was not referring to people that can't have children. Not sure how we're enforcing that -- and does that mean adoption doesn't count either? And what about the poor incels? Surely we can blame women for choosing not to have children, but should we exacerbate the plight of the involuntarily celibate by denying them voting rights? And what about priests or nuns? So many questions...
  3. I'm genuinely amazed that more people are not outraged by the selfish individuals that are not willing to get the vaccine for no apparent reason but to be a contrarian.
  4. I laughed, but then I kinda felt bad.
  5. Isn't Rich Hill about 163 years old?
  6. Only in the incredibly unlikely event there's another draft anytime soon.
  7. Hippy. I proudly registered for the selective service at 18 and proceeded to contribute absolutely nothing to society for the next seven years.
  8. Sounds like Shyamalan was watching Lost and was like "how can I make this weirder."
  9. Senate Panel votes to make women register for draft: Free ride's over ladies!
  10. I mean, is there a good way to segue into talking about your dick?
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