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  1. Yep, it's "leftist hipsterism" to point out I don't give a shit what Immanuel Kant has to say when it comes to dealing with systemic and institutional racism.
  2. I just hope Wanda is able to defeat all nefarious forces and free Westview from herself next week all the while wearing a hoodie and sweatpants. THAT'S a hero I can identify with.
  3. They were fighting the wizards. Duh. I'm gonna need more information before deciding on the latter. I'm a huge fan of Hahn's but it would be fair to say superhero antagonist is uncharted territory for her, so we'll see.
  4. Only if they had Santa as something like this to preserve "realism:" Although I suppose that would be the Zach Snyder version. Heh, I almost responded by wondering how exactly you'd like witches to "fight" - and suggesting perhaps something like Gandalf/Saruman in Fellowship.
  5. I guess I just don't get the big difference between this and, say, Captain Marvel using her magic beam to take on Thanos with the infinity gauntlet until he uses the power stone to punch her, or Thor's SUPER magical hammer being able to go through Thanos' magic beam to stab him.
  6. I really think Manchin and Sinema will vote against a reconciliation bill with the minimum wage hike included, yes. Why? Because they've said so - clearly, publicly, and recently. Sinema was crystal clear about her opposition to including it in a reconciliation bill, and Manchin even told the people protesting his position that he continued to oppose a $15 hike. I hardly think the Senate parliamentarian agreeing with them and giving them cover will change that. Now, if you're asking if the Dem leadership will risk tanking the bill by ignoring/circumventing the parliamentarian and insisting on its inclusion anyway - no, I definitely do not. Because they're not idiots.
  7. I'm not really sure I get the nature of this complaint. Witches have been mentioned before in the MCU - in Ragnarok Loki says "I'm not a witch" and Thor quips "then why do you dress like one?"; then in Endgame Frigga reminds Thor that she was raised by witches. As for assuming we know how witches work, I feel like this entire criticism could be leveled at Thor/Asgard and the mythology there - from his hammer to Loki as a trickster to the Valkyries to Fenrir. It would seem from the way Agatha is dressed at the end of the episode that witches do "work" how we would assume. I don't really have a problem with that. I mean, I guess they could do a whole origin film trying to explain things like Dr. Strange, but in my book - and in Tony Stark's - those guys are still just silly wizards.
  8. You and I, sir, have vastly different opinions on how stupid those two movies were.
  9. Agreed on both counts. Immediately before Thanos' horsemen attack, Vision is basically doing the robot version of proposing to Wanda. That conversation doesn't make sense if they already bought a house together. I guess maybe Vision bought the house and just hadn't told Wanda yet, but that'd be putting the cart before the horse even if robots could buy property. And yeah, if Hayward was trying to get the actual Vision online all this time, seems pretty stupid to claim Wanda stole his body. Anyway, man, y'all really didn't like that opening scene. I didn't think it was great or anything, but the worst thing ever in the MCU? Did y'all see Iron Man 3 or Thor 2? Hell even Ant Man 2 was pretty damn stupid.
  10. What the hell are you talking about? The fact is the Dems don't have 50 votes to pass the bill with the minimum wage hike. Admitting that fact isn't just using procedural hurdles "as an excuse." If Harris overruled the parliamentarian, or Schumer fired and replaced her, not only would that only serve to harden Manchin and Sinema's stance, you might lose more votes that are in favor of the wage hike but not under those circumstances. So you'd be forcing a vote you know you're gonna lose for what? Spite? As an attack against your own members? Yeah, it's generally not good politics if the predominate motive is juvenile revenge. Also, no, it's not "factually wrong" to say adding the minimum wage to reconciliation violates the intent of the Byrd rule. This has always been pretty clear to many since Biden announced the proposal - including, eventually, Biden himself. The minimum wage has never been an aspect of the budget process - which is what reconciliation was created for - and its inclusion is quite obviously "extraneous" in that its budgetary impact is decidedly incidental - no matter how the CBO scores the measure.
  11. Too bad James Francis Ryan turned out to just be Matt Damon. He didn't Earn This!
  12. Didn't they explain away the actress that plays Daphne's actual pregnancy as weight gain because she was depressed or some shit..*checks google* - yep. The best part of that show was John Mahoney and the dog. I suppose you can replace the dog, but not Mahoney.
  13. More importantly - how?!? If SWORD or dagger or pointy end or whatever the fuck can't detect a deepfake so far removed from what actually happened either that's a really shitty spy agency or Hayward is a lot more powerful than we know so far. The alternative is Hayward's video record is what happened and Agatha is manipulating Wanda's memories, which is interesting to entertain.
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