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  1. The article is a polemic against liberalism from a neorealist cynically using the Ukraine crisis to try to score cheap points. Walt laughably mischaracterizes liberalism's basic precepts, as well as conflates liberalism with democratic peace theory. Not to mention his main thrust is that liberalism failed by pushing to expand NATO eastward, ignoring that the notion the alternative would actually succeed in pacifying/deterring Putin from his aggressive actions is even more dubious and a worse strategy.
  2. Yeah, that seemed to be what they were going for with him "burning up" and pouring water on himself. It still seems pretty stupid to me that the bacta tank was necessary not from escaping the sarlacc (and then being left for dead in a desert for gods know how long), but rather because he willingly went back into the dead sarlacc five years later to look for his armor.
  3. That was the impression I got - and I certainly hope so. And yeah, the bacta tank apparently was only for skin/cosmetic purposes, as noted by the "scars on the inside" banter. Which makes one wonder why Boba asked to be rushed to the tank after being attacked in the first episode.
  4. Pretty much. Either that or after the Tuskens are killed he wondered around for a loooong time. But I really don't feel like having an argument about a five year gap here. "Next time, don't touch my buttons" is easily my favorite line of the series thus far.
  5. Yeah that's true. I never liked Cosby anyway, but if I did I'd have a hard time watching something as individualized as his standup.
  6. Yep. Anyway, trying to work out how the Celestials fit with what we learned about Kang and multiverses in the Loki series is my biggest problem with Eternals. Hard to see how they really fit in the MCU.
  7. To be fair, to the extent the pipeline influences German actions is not just due to "business interests" - it's very much political interests. Which of course entail business interests, but still. Not to mention the fact Germany maintaining the pipeline as leverage is in all our interests - it's why the Biden administration opposed Cruz's attempt to impose sanctions.
  8. Yeah it's never bothered me either, I'm totally fine compartmentalizing it and I'm not gonna feel bad about watching The Pianist.
  9. Good question. But as you said, the easiest explanation is the celestials exist "outside" the universe. This, I think, is well supported by the Eternals' opening crawl: "In the beginning... before the six singularities and the dawn of creation, came the Celestials."
  10. Yeah I don't think there's much comparison to the worst parts of what Whedon is accused of - and even now admitted - and the notorious things Kubrick did. Which, to be clear, were still wrong and a director should not be allowed to do. Here's a good interview from just last year where Shelley Duvall discusses her experience. As for McDowell, his only real gripe seems to be the iconic torture was, indeed, actually torture:
  11. Ah, gotcha, thanks. Yeah, that does sound like a good way to explain why Titan is still there. Yeah I forgot to respond to the resource part but this seems like the obvious - and perfectly plausible - explanation. Thanos trying to explain his actual reasoning would just make him sound even more insane. And, when you think about it, Thanos' motivations are a "resource" thing - from a certain point of view.
  12. To be clear I'm not suggesting they should provide that explanation for Thanos (especially considering there's no point to now), just that it's interesting to think about how much it fits. As for him telling Stark, Rodgers and Thor that he'll destroy everything and rebuild the universe during Endgame, well, I'd say his reasoning for doing that - that others would always resist his efforts otherwise - still holds.
  13. Got around to actually watching Eternals last night instead of just reading you guys talking about it. It was...ok, don't have much to add. Definitely felt like Zhao could have made a much more interesting movie if she didn't have to conform to MCU conventions/integrate it into the MCU. Oh, and calling the virus/whatever Thena gets "mad weary" - spelled mahd wy'ry? Sounds like some silly shit out of Harry Potter. Yeah this was striking for me too - and another example of the MCU's recent habit of starting to go down some interesting and (for them) less trodden paths only to abandon it at the end. Anyway, thinking about this Thanos as eternal/deviant/both discussion, what stood out to me is how seamlessly Thanos' actions could be explained by him being another renegade eternal. He finds out what Arishem's real plan for Titan is a la Sersi and Ajak, then his response to try to stop the emergence is to half the population - a very intuitive solution. Due to his failure, he tries to do this on other planets, but due to lack of information on precisely which planets actually have celestial eggs (or whatever you wanna call it), he pursues the opportunity to half the population for all planets. Of course, Titan still being around in Infinity War throws a big wrench into that explanation - definitely got the impression earth would be completely obliterated if Tiamut..emerged. But other than that I'm having a hard time coming up with any other inconsistencies. Ajak even explicitly states Thanos delayed the emergence.
  14. Yeah it sounds like the Germans wanted to avoid unnecessarily pissing off the Russians and the UK was perfectly fine flying over Denmark. No big deal.
  15. Huh, interesting. The More You Know! They aren't. The Dem leadership aren't making such an exerted and public push for voting rights/filibuster change because they actually think they'll flip Manchin and Sinema. They are doing it because they are under enormous pressure from a very large part of their base to try everything they can to pass the bill.
  16. When it comes to relationships and weddings, I do NOT advise doing what the mormons said.
  17. So you're saying it's still ok to hate Nick Saban? Phew.
  18. Thought this was interesting - a handful of West Virginia-associated sports figures wrote a letter to Manchin urging him to support voting rights. They include Jerry West, Nick Saban, and Paul Tagliabue.
  19. Well, yes, otherwise it gets pretty confusing. Although I suppose that's appropriate given the context.
  20. I get confused - is it JFK they think is still alive or JFK Jr.? Or both?
  21. Yeah pretty sure he says "son of Eros" in Infinity War. That's a good point - and considering Red Skull also refers to Gamora as "daughter of Thanos" in Infinity War, certainly appears it doesn't have to be blood ties. That's what I remember reading on wikipedia years ago. Regardless I think that'd be the most expedient explanation for the MCU, if they ever bother addressing it.
  22. LOL, the Niners are clearly a better team than the Cowboys - a team that, counting Sunday, was 6-6 against non-divisional opponents. Sure, they killed themselves with penalties and Garoppolo predictably let them back in the game, but the Niners thoroughly controlled the game in the trenches on both sides of the ball. That's your better team. Anyway, I'd be tempted to go chalk on all four games this week. The Niners are clearly capable of beating the Packers (and the cold weather may even help them), but, again, I don't think I'd feel comfortable with a 3 score lead and a quarter left. Plus Rodgers has got to be SUPER motivated to beat the Niners. Chiefs-Bills is indeed the AFC championship for me, excited to watch that one, but I'll go with the home team.
  23. Clearly, he's angling to helm one of the next Sopranos projects.
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