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  1. I think this distinction comes across very well to the viewer (or, well, at least me) -- and perfectly informs the prior discussion about whether or not or for how long Jimmy really intended to strangle Carol Burnett.
  2. Hohkay there buddy. I'm not denying that Samuels got so close because Omar's association with "defund police" is generally unpopular - even with Democrats. Neither, clearly, is Samuels and his campaign. But for some reason you seem to be.
  3. At heart? When it comes to popular culture the last twenty years (and mind you, twenty years ago I was 17)? Abso-fucking-lutely. OTOH, obviously the predominance of comic book movies and HBO introducing me to asoiaf are things I like. And streaming totally agrees with my addictive personality. I binged/rewatched shows before it existed.
  4. In other news, it's still kinda early, but the returns so far strongly suggest Rebecca Kleefisch is going to lose the GOP primary for Wisconsin governor to the Trump-endorsed Tim Michels. This is good news for Evers' re-election hopes - Michels is clearly the weaker candidate. And this isn't a "pro-democracy vs. anti-democracy" situation. They're both equally horrible.
  5. Again, I provided a quote from Samuels himself in my first post on the subject where he explicitly said he was running on "public safety," which in this day and age is blatant code for pro-police in a Democratic primary. And indeed, national outlets like AP literally describe him as the pro-police challenger. ABC.
  6. Anyway, looks like Omar is gonna hold on - barely. She's up by about 3,200 votes, or 3.4%, with 96% of the expected vote reporting.
  7. LOL at "certainly better policy." What I'm talking about is centering your campaign around being the "public safety" candidate and attacking your oppenent/incumbent on those grounds. As discussed for years now I think the the "defund police" moniker is horrible politics - but generally I agree with the practical efforts behind it and certainly the sentiment. Accordingly, I'd easily trust Omar to vote closer to my preferences in Congress on the issue over a guy trying to take her job by being "pro-police."
  8. Well sure, reality television, cooking shows, faux history, TikTok, people watching other people play video games, Kanye West, the list goes on. There's a lot about pop culture over the last twenty years I don't understand, and that's ok.
  9. I enjoyed the Jesse cameo if only because I was like "that's EXACTLY how those two would run in to each other!" Maybe it's just cuz I'm a smoker too. I also liked the Emilio cameo which kind of explains how/why Jesse suggested Saul to Walt. Pretty good "worldbuilding," such as it is, IMO. Once again, I can't help but harken back to the Justified finale where Boyd is doing his preacher schtick again and Raylan is like "you know you're repeating yourself, right?"
  10. I haven't watched a single second of the Fast & Furious franchise and I'm still sick of it.
  11. They're being brought up because that's what he's explicitly making the campaign about. Which, whatever, if he wants to be a congressman and exploit Omar's association with the 'defund' shit in order to do so, all's fair and all that. Just saying I personally wouldn't like that strategy in a Dem primary and certainly wouldn't vote for him.
  12. I was gonna say, Biden's approval hasn't really reflected it, but actually 538's aggregate has gone up about two points since three weeks ago...to 39.7!
  13. Well, no. He doesn't have special uses for his urine.
  14. I didn't think the CGI in the Winter Soldier finale was too egregious. Granted, the three super-helicarriers that were gonna take over the world was a very stupid plot device, but the actual final battle between Rodgers and Bucky didn't need/use too much CGI. Also, their destruction (which was where we got most of the CGI) did serve as part of the rationale for the Sokovia Accords.
  15. I mean, yeah, they've both done a lot of shitty movies. But name a longterm and/or prolific comedic actor who hasn't.
  16. You didn't say I had to touch it in order to sell it!
  17. This is an odd statement - I've always understood them to be two of the most respected comedic actors literally my entire lifetime. If anything I've always thought Short was overrated. Anyway, I recently watched the first 2-3 episodes of the second season with my parents (wasn't worried about picking up on the plot). It was...ok. Very funny at times but not something worth watching dozens of episodes. The guest stars were quite impressive.
  18. I would not count on any of those four supporting it, at all (Romney and Burr have both made statements indicating they "don't think it's necessary"). I haven't seen Baldwin saying she effectively already has 10 GOP Senators supporting it, figure that'd be bigger news.
  19. Yeah they should definitely hold that vote, but the other three actually have a chance of passing (albeit I'm probably being too hopeful on the tech antitrust bill).
  20. Sure, but actively trying to defeat the measure, as well as leading a lawsuit against the city to maintain police staffing levels, is significantly different than just "a politician taking understandable positions." The "pro-police" feature appears to be the fundamental aspect to his candidacy, a la Adams in New York.
  21. Looks like Senate Dems may tie rolling back war powers to the NDAA - a sensible tactic to actually get it passed: This, the election reform bill, and the tech antitrust bill are good things for the Senate Dems to focus on in the fall/winter before the Dems lose the House in January.
  22. I don't really care either way, but reading about the race this morning his "pro-police" cred seems far more recent and extensive than just that statement: Moreover - and this I'm not a huge fan of - this appears to be what he's running on:
  23. I'm aware. But Trump would challenge that in court and....
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