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  1. We can start with the general definition, which would include pizza. And get the fuck outta here with cake being a pie. Now you're just being ridiculous. Next you're going to say there needs to be a distinction between chicken fingers and chicken tenders based on how old you are when you eat them.
  2. Seems a bit harsh. Generally speaking, a pizza meets the basic criteria of being a pie and is often referred to as one. I'll throw another one at you, is a hotdog in a bun a sandwich?
  3. Certainly true here in the States, and it's made all the more delightful considering those same people are also the types that like to horde large stockpiles of firearms. I'm actually surprised there aren't more assassination attempts given the current political climate.
  4. Loosely speaking pizza is a type of pie.
  5. There are a lot of accusations that's already happening. The numbers I've seen seem like selective accounting, but it does appear that her personal net worth has gone up by a large amount since becoming a Senator.
  6. Idk about that. I didn't see much of his rookie campaign, but his college tape is night and day with Hurts. He's a way more explosive and dynamic runner with an all around better arm. Hurts' limitations were obvious years ago when people weren't even sure if he'd make it to the NFL.
  7. I maintain the greatest thespian to ever live could not recreate GWB’s reaction to being told the US was under attack.
  8. The coaching staff is bad. I heard people say their new HC was dumb prior to that terrible introductory press conference. Maybe better coaches could get a lot out of him, but to me he just looks like a college QB. He has an impressive 40 time yet he doesn’t look all that explosive like some of the other top mobile QBs, and his arm strength just isn’t there. He has the accuracy to hit wide open guys, but his passes don’t have the zip to consistently fit the ball in tight windows.
  9. Doubtful, but it's clear that she doesn't care about getting reelected. 2024 is a long ways off, but I feel confident in saying she will not be in the Senate in 2025. It's rather staggering that she seems to not even be trying to be a Senator. It may be the lowest priority in her life right now. What a fraud.
  10. Keith has two accusations against him. One is from before he was in Congress and the other is from a few years ago. I'm assuming you're referencing the latter. In that case the alleged victim and her son both claimed they had video evidence, but refused to provide it and would not cooperate with an investigation conducted by the DFL.
  11. You're gonna lose to the Astros in six in the WS....
  12. Two 109 win teams 1-1 in the 9th in an elimination game. It was meant to be like this.
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