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  1. I took a course he taught a decade ago about public policy and he was still as sharp as a whip. A small group of us formed quickly and we always arrived super early to get front row seats. Being visible and prepared got us brownie points, and an old politician can still love his vanity being stroked. He rarely could hide his joy at a good joke at Reagan's expense.
  2. Since the eyes of the nation are on Minnesota, you couldn't have worked in that my old professor passed away tonight? Rest in Peace, Fritz.
  3. Curry with another heat check night. If only he had anyone to pass to.
  4. I didn't think Zimmerman would be found guilty, but that's specific to FL state law. As to there being no justice when police commit extrajudicial murders, this case is different because his own fellow local officers are testifying against him. I don't recall seeing that in any of the other high profile policing shootings of an unarmed minority. I'd brace yourself for Potter getting a slap on the wrist, especially if Chauvin is found guilty and gets a harsh sentence.
  5. I'm not. Not sure how much of the trial you've seen, but it's wall to wall coverage here in the Twin Cities. The prosecution has laid out a rather devastating case while the defense has been feeble. Any juror that could side with their arguments was always going to do so from the jump, so you just have to trust that the prosecution did a good job of weeding those types out. What I'd be more worried about is the two murder charges not sticking, but he's found guilty of manslaughter and we still see widespread protests that turn into riots.
  6. I think relegation is one of the most fascinating aspects of European football (not sure how it works in other places), but it's just not realistic for American sports. The infrastructure isn't there and never will be even if you did away with NCAA football and basketball. That's why I mentioned relegating the owners. If the owners of the three last place teams were forced to sell each season, tanking would go away and eventually you'd have something as close to true parity as you can have. But that's a pipe dream. Part of the reason I asked if the American owners were influencing this is because of the shift to a league without relegation. The business model of fixed revenue streams year over year in sports seems like a specifically American thing, and I think a huge part of the ESL is creating a more stable business model that can maximize profits in the U.S. and large Asian markets. I do also think it creates a new higher tier of competitive football, but that's a secondary motivation. This is probably one last massive cash grab as sports in general struggle with the changing media landscape. One thing I don't get though as an outsider is the cries I'm hearing that fans may quit their clubs. I'd get that if a team link Man U relocated to play in another country/league, but changing the tournaments they're in seems more like something that would just take a bit of time to adjust to. But I say that having a hard time believing leagues would throw out their biggest cash cows (and I seriously doubt FIFA would be so dumb as to try and ban all their top players from the WC, which seems legally dubious at best).
  7. I'm not sure if this comparison is entirely fair. The closed shop system is actually meant to help the crap organizations and I think parity in the NFL and NBA is significantly better than what I've seen in European soccer. The problem with our sports on this side of the pond is that we have so many second and third generation owners who don't know what they're doing. If you could relegate owners in the NFL, per se, I think the bad franchises would turn around over time. I'd think you'd just have to null the entire tournament. Otherwise wouldn't there just be a mountain of litigation?
  8. Sure they would, but this actually gives them something semi-concreate to point at and it’s not surprising at all that the right wing media jumped on it. Whether Waters is right or not in a vacuum is difficult to say, because yes the spirit of what she was saying is correct, but she also unnecessarily dumped gasoline on an already delicate situation. If Chauvin is acquitted we all know there will be bad riots and Republicans will absolutely argue that she incited violence and it will put Democrats on the defensive.
  9. Exactly. It's why, at least here in the states, the NFL is the sport most capable of handling all the cord cutting because it's such a limited commodity. And inversely, having a 162 game season plays a large role in the decline of MLB. It is indeed ironic that sports leagues in the U.S. are generally run like socialistic entities while European football is the height of cutthroat capitalism. Wonder where those wires got crossed. ..................................................................................................................................................... So obviously I get most of my sports news through U.S. media sources, and they in turn always see things through an American lens. The handful of reporting I've seen about the new SL is that this is the fault of new American owners in Europe. Is there some validity to these claims? It would be the American thing to do to come in late and say to hell with other's traditions because there's so much unrealized profits just sitting there waiting to be had.
  10. I'm not sure her presence is a good thing. It's not a great look for her to be saying that people need to take to the streets and get confrontational given we're just a few months removed from 1/6. What she's doing is obviously not in the same realm as what happened in DC on that day, but the right will spin it as such and a lot of low information citizens will probably buy it.
  11. Just watched The Big Short. Cannot recommend it enough. I'm not sure why it's marketed as a comedy given that it's not all that funny, but they do a great job of breaking down the basics of what created the financial collapse. I'm up next for Dead Don't Die.
  12. Two days of bad eating can undo weeks worth of work. Oof. At least the food was good.
  13. I really loved Murray and Driver's deadpan performances, and the physical acting adds so much to many of the performances as well. You're right to say it's very dry, but if you're in the mood for that and like the zombie genre, this one's a gem. It's available on HBO, so I might watch it tonight. Also, count me as another big fan of Heathers.
  14. I thought you said real New Yorkers didn't call it NYC. Fraud!
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