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  1. If you're going to advocate for socialism in your government then you must do the same with your yayo.
  2. Damnit man, what are you thinking? The presidency requires you to be quick with your fingers and even quicker between the ears. The button must bring cocaine!
  3. As the saying goes, Atlanta is a beautiful cosmopolitan city, but once you're five minutes outside of it you're quickly reminded you're in Georgia. What part does she represent? I don't know too much about the state outside of Atlanta's sports and music scene.
  4. The hits keep coming for this next level piece of human garbage: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/22/us/parkland-shooting-marjorie-taylor-greene/index.html
  5. Artist rendition. Hey man, there's a lot of good ones on YouTube.
  6. @Jaxom 1974, Two yoga videos this morning, motherfucker!
  7. In a step towards unity, the Brooklyn Nets will strive to be as chaotic as the New York Knicks. #progress
  8. It could work, especially with your run scheme. What I would be telling myself is I'm sacrificing three years of high end picks for ten years of Watson and hope that his health isn't a concern and that the roster is good enough now to sustain that and in a few years you can begin to reload.
  9. Lol. Top three picks in three consecutive drafts.
  10. I think you'd have to offer up at least two firsts with Tua and Howard. Tua is an unknown and trading for great CBs is always a crapshoot. Who knows what the Jets will do. They should probably trade back a few spots and either grab the LT whose name I can't remember, Smith or one of the remaining QBs because no one knows who to take after Lawrence. Might as well get some assists along the way. Still can't believe the reports that they might roll out Darnold again given how shitty he's looked.
  11. Well that's not great either, and if you offer Jace's package, how do you fill out not only those two spots, but an entire roster?
  12. We're getting hit worse than a 9/11 every day, but the House did investigate Hillary Clinton seven or eight times because four people died in Benghazi. Perspective.
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