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  1. He literally spent more time bitching about celebrities and outsiders criticizing the process than he did giving his condolences to the dead.
  2. Basically there are six swing states with Republican legislatures, and one path to victory is having each Republican state party sue over the election results, pushing it to the date the electors are required so they can appoint Trump friendly electors and instruct them to ignore the states' popular vote. The Republican party isn't even trying to hide that they'd take a dictator on their side over losing in a fair democratic process.
  3. Taylor had cracked ribs, so before the game the team doctor gave him a pain killer injection, but in the process Taylor's lung got punctured. Last I heard he was told he was out indefinitely.
  4. Quit being a brat. The cat's got no claws.
  5. Duncan Robinson, world class shooter, terrible at every other aspect of the game of basketball. What a dilemma.
  6. More college football games cancelled. Shocking.
  7. This is fairly accurate. Cutting the cord has its repercussions.
  8. Honestly this is exactly why I never shell out for RBs in auctions. The top ones eat up way too large of a percentage of your cap, they're the most likely players to get hurt and even the good ones lose carries to their back ups. So far my teams are 7-3 across five leagues. My money league team is awesome, but all my teams here are just alright. Playing with you guys has clearly given me an advantage over my friends because they never seem to learn the value of getting two top five QBs in a slim super flex league. Wilson and Murray accounted for 80 of my 194 points, and that was with my top pick Thomas on the bench.
  9. I suspect it's something I'll get tired of if I eventually can't get more equipment, but it's a start, and it will be nice to have the supplies to have a full in home gym, especially when I go back to school and won't have the time or money to consistently have a gym membership. I figure an adjustable KB that goes from 8 to 40lbs and two adjustable DBs that go from 10-90 with a bench and a stationary and regular bike should do the trick for a few years. I just have to find a place that has the space for it that can also doable as a space to do yoga and Pilates. Hopefully I go somewhere warm so I can jog. I've never heard of that before. Looks rough.
  10. Are we talking RDJ's Tony Stark kind of arms dealer or Nic Cage's Lord of War arms dealer?
  11. So they just played a quick clip of Trump on the news that reportedly just came from a few minutes ago, and in it he firmly said he won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and if he doesn't agree with the results the ballots will have to be examined which will then lead to a continuation of his power. So that slow slide continues to snowball...
  12. Interesting. Hopefully T comes back sometime.
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