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  1. Translation: Buy more crypto like you're Brannigan fighting off the killbots.
  2. Well, you got one thing right. But that said, I'd hope their experiences would fill you with empathy, not suspicion. People will always take advantage of social programs. That's not a good justification for them not to exist or to be narrow in scope. Like I said before, so many problems can be solved if you just implement a billionaire's tax at 50%, hard stop, with no loopholes. And the crazy shit is how shortsighted these fucks are, because at the end of the day the money will largely flow back to them anyways, just over a longer period of time.
  3. Why Boston always be cheatin'? Also, didn't realize they pulled him after attending pregame shootaround. Wonder what would happen if everyone was forced to get tested...
  4. I love sports pettiness. Stand up and take a bow:
  5. You from the US? Because actually yes, there are a lot of advocates for it whether they view it as a necessary tool to prevent loss of life or because they're fine with it being a necessary cost of having loose gun laws.
  6. Why does it matter? As has been mentioned numerous times including just above, it's not a requirement to stop in the first available country and there are several obvious reasons why someone might not want to if they feel like they have better options. But beyond all that, the first thought anyone should have when dealing with a person in this situation is to be a decent person and try to help, not send a traumatized person back to an unsafe place and think that's good policy.
  7. The Dow is taking a beating today and is now only a few hundred points above where it was when Biden took office, down nearly 15% from it's all time high in January. Yikes.
  8. https://www.vice.com/en/article/akvxj8/michigan-judge-halted-abortion-ban?utm_medium=social+&utm_source=VICE_Twitter
  9. Idk if he's reached lvl 20 Jewish Space Lasers yet.
  10. Yeah, Miami has been talking like it's a done deal for a few years now and the leaked details are pretty rich. Financially it's a really smart move if they're giving him a third of the team.
  11. Normally I'd agree, but I don't think there's any consensus on who has the most upside. We know who the top three are, yet there isn't much consistency on how they're ranked with the except that Chet is almost never listed as third (and when he is it's from people who don't seem like they'd want to draft him). You know I'm far from sold on him, but it's not like the other two were wowing in their performances either.
  12. I wouldn't be out on Banchero. Not sure he's got the highest ceiling, but he's probably the most ready to play and I don't think he'll be a bust. That said, I have no confidence in this draft. Nice to see the Heat finally decided to show up. 23 all now after a horrific start.
  13. Still not as funny as Pujols having a career ERA of 36.
  14. Basketball Gods spared your liver, at least for a few hours. Still leaning towards Chet?
  15. Early results suggest Cawthorn will have plenty of free time soon to visit other Nazi historical sites in between his regularly scheduled coke fueled orgies.
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