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  1. Been meaning to ask this, how did three centers make first team?
  2. I expected the first game to be tight, but drawing major conclusions off a game that was controlled by the Wolves late until a BS call changed a tied game deep into the 4th is silly. And there were a lot of bad calls late in the game. One goes differently and the Wolves are shooting FTs for the win.
  3. Clearly you do because overpaying an average QB is a bad idea. If you felt otherwise, you'd have taken the bet you bloody coward. The cake is a lie.
  4. You can compete, but how often can you win? The number isn't very high in the modern era. You basically need an elite QB, a QB with great value on their deal and/or a great defense. Betting on an average QB while paying him like he's elite is not the greatest idea. Market value is whatever someone is willing to pay. I could double your rent and if someone is willing to pay it I guess it's market value for that person. Doesn't mean it's smart. And don't you run from the title bet. If you're not accepting it's an admission that it's not smart to pay Goff what they did.
  5. What are you talking about? The Broncos needed one of the greatest defenses ever and citing a back up QB and the worst QB to ever win a SB are not great arguments. That's not how you actually build a sustainable team. Tripping and falling into a SB doesn't actually mean you did a good job team building wise. Title bet: The Detroit Lions will not make it back to the NFC Championship again with Goff as their QB.
  6. Nah. There's always a couple of elite dudes, a few more that are really good (or young and coming up), a handful that suck and then like half the guys are interchangeable between who you rank 12 and 22. Paying a dude in the latter group like he's elite because you had a feel good season almost always turns out to be a terrible idea. And that's who Goff is yet they paid him like he's the dude which you can win because of even though he clearly isn't that. Drafting a rookie is a better idea. And oh wait, they drafted Hooker because they thought they might have to replace Goff. Shocking.
  7. Stafford is a one off who never did anything outside of one season, Foles was the back up and Manning was literally the worst QB to win an Owl. What are we doing here? These are not who you pay, just like Goff. Also remember the Rams had to pay an additional first rounder just to get rid of Goff. It did work for a year, but whoof, that team is going to suffer for a while. Even if just an average good team was in the division they'd have problems, but I suspect the niners will have their boots on their necks for several seasons to come.
  8. There's a scary amount of truth to this.
  9. How many times has it happened recently? What mediocre QBs making that kind of money have won recently? The corpse of Manning?
  10. She's worthless. If I interviewed her there would be just one question asked, over and over: "Can a man grab a woman by the pussy because he thinks he can?"
  11. No, and it might actually piss likely Dems to be more active. Now they have something to fight for.
  12. I've got to believe that's for Spocky given what he likes.
  13. They also managed to miss the playoffs while making their short and long term future worse. But okay, if that's the goal then you do you.
  14. No it wont. Put your panties back in the dryer.
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