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  1. This will be my last comment on it as well unless you want to revive the old thread on it. I've said over and over again there are other terms with generally the exact same meaning you can use and I would probably agree more often than not. But calling Jews fascists has a certain history, the implication, while I'm not accusing you of this, is to minimize the Holocaust and equate the victims of it to the Nazis themselves. It's very offensive. Yes, because it is different when another Jew makes the same comment. Think about it like this, from an American perspective, a black person calling another black person here an Uncle Tom lands differently than a white person who says the same thing, even if the white person is using the term accurately, more or less. I've asked you several times now to just let this one go. Please respect that. I have no love for the Israeli government and think they've acted horribly for decades. Call it an apartheid state all you want. I've said so for most of my adult life. Call them authoritarians, shit, even call them war criminals. Just know that when you call a Jew a fascist you are unintentionally playing on an old trope that is very much meant to be deeply hurtful. That does not excuse the actions of the Israeli government, but please understand how it's felt.
  2. Like I said, call it an apartheid state. Hitler believed in a number of conflicting ideologies. Mussolini was more consistent, but Jews don't hear the word fascism and think about him. It's synonymous with Nazi Germany and when a Jew is accused of being a fascist, they more likely than not will interrupt that you're calling them a Nazi, which is as bad as being called a kike.
  3. No. I'm saying there are interchangeable terms that mean generally the same thing, more or less, and calling Jews fascists is a great way to end the conversation which should not be the goal.
  4. Like I've said before, both sides can point to genocides historically. It's a messy subject with no good answers unless everyone agrees to peace and I've explained how I think that can most realistically happen. It requires sacrifices for a number of parties and as of now they do not want to make them. For starters, how do you make peace with a group driven by a minority faction that essentially says every Jew should leave, be punished or die? Not exactly a great starting point. He's a right wing thug and an authoritarian who supports an apartheid state. You don't need to call him a fascist. The point is implying Jews are the real Nazis. That's why it's such a slight that stings badly. You'll get nowhere going down that road. Comparing Israel today to South Africa of yesteryear, you can say, "Show me the lie" and have a winning hand. It might not be a big difference to you, but even the most liberal Jews in Israel cannot accept the Nazi comparisons and it should be obvious why that is.
  5. I would advise not comparing Jews to fascists. It's really the ultimate insult and an old narrative based around denying the Holocaust. Apartheid is fair game though. As a Jew it's hard not to deny the obvious comparisons. Fuck Netanyahu. I cannot believe he's back in power. What a disgrace.
  6. Carr is at least a top half of the league QB, I think. Huntley started 4 games ffs. Also, Brady is retiring again. Go get your family back.
  7. It's wrong and unnatural and I don't like it!
  8. A QB who threw two TDs made the Pro Bowl? End that shit already.
  9. Footage of the Devil on the Broncos' shoulder:
  10. Some Like It Hot is often cited as the best comedy ever made. Guess that's gone too.
  11. Just that there's a bunch of centers in the top tier. Personally I'd go Giannis>Luka>Tatum/KD/Curry, but to each their own. Jokic is impossible to slot and while I think Embiid is better, there's no argument for him over the former. Funny, because I'm not that high on KAT and told you the Magic should draft PB over Chet, the much more obvious injury concern. Look, I think PB is going to be good, but there are zero guarantees he ever makes an All-NBA team. That's why I wouldn't swap the two if money isn't the issue, and I wouldn't be too concerned about KAT's injuries, which again are not serious long term concerns. You're too fixated on that. Stop letting Niners QBs' injuries break your spirit. But KAT gets dinged because they added more scoring and rebounding? Seriously, stop bring up guys who one for one do not compare statistically without also considering how that may impact KAT, a player I again do not love, just believe he's being wildly disrespected because he did not turn out to be the generational player many thought he could be.
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