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  1. Aside from Robertson's gift, Liverpool have Arsenal pretty well hemmed in. Arsenal are struggling to get out of their own half.
  2. For all the criticism of City's defence, it's worth noting that they have a better defence than every team in the league bar Liverpool. It really is a strange one with City that is hard to pinpoint. They don't concede a lot but when they do it is proving to be very costly. Their points tally last season bears this out. You'd expect a team that scored 102 goals and conceded 35 to have accrued a fair bit more than 81 points.
  3. Yeah, West Ham are not in danger of a relegation scrap. They've got a solid team. They thumped lower league opposition in the cup but were pretty dreary against Newcastle and Arsenal in the league.
  4. I think a big problem is that their pressing intensity has dropped off since last season. They do manage to pick the intensity up from time to time but it's not the consistent swarming of the opposition as they managed in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. Laporte also makes a big difference - he's by far their best defender especially in 1v1s which is a crucial attribute when the team is playing such a high line. They just spent big money on Ruben Diaz but I'm not sure how that one will work out - still think they should have caved and payed extra for Koulibaly.
  5. Suarez had a great debut for Atleti - came on for Costa and got 2 goals and an assist in 20 minutes. Vardy hattrick! He likes playing against City. Leicester are making another strong start to a season while City's defence is as shaky as last season. For all their attacking depth, they sure do look all at sea defensively as soon as one player (Laporte) is missing.
  6. The Steve Bruce special - Newcastle have picked up 4 points from 3 games with 3 shots on target in total (two of those came against West Ham on the opening day).
  7. Yup, this handball rule is putting defenders in an impossible situation. It's now a viable strategy for attackers to get in the box and deliberately try to play the ball onto the hands of defenders. Proximity should not just be ignored.
  8. Paul Joyce has reported in The Times that Alisson and Thiago are doubts for the game against Arsenal due to being unable to train fully with the squad - doesn't mention the exact reason why they were unable to train. Henderson and Matip are out as well while Gomez is back.
  9. I'm not fighting any past battles. You're the one parroting a load of bullshit. You say 'disinterested' and 'gone on strike' and I say that he's clearly short on fitness due to missing most of preseason training. He's looked off the pace fitness wise in both games rather than a player on strike or disinterested. There's no shortage of United players who have been horrendous these past two game. A not fit Pogba hasn't been any worse than a number of players so, yeah, I do take issue with your accusations of going on strike, uninterested, coasting. There you go again. But, sure, I'm the one harking back to past crusades.
  10. He's obviously not rubbish but the manager is clueless to play a player who is not properly match fit. Parroting a moronic falsehood is not being kind either.
  11. Yes, Solskjaer is incompetent at squad management. I think last season proved that when he played an injured Pogba against Rochdale and Arsenal and Rashford when he had a double stress fracture. Thiago Silva just got a rude awakening. Sleepwalking through 90% of the games for PSG in Ligue 1 is very different from being under the cosh at a poorly organised defence at Chelsea.
  12. No need to play the 'gone on strike' card just yet. Weird how this accusation always seems to get leveled at Pogba even though he's never done any such thing in his entire career. Just about every United player was utter rubbish today. Pogba is also not the most diligent at chasing down opponents at the best of times but is usually much better in possession. I think it's more a case of Pogba not being match fit - he had tested positive for Covid-19 and missed most of the shortened preseason as a result.
  13. A silver lining to a pathetic performance was seeing that cunt Maupay leaving the pitch in tears.
  14. That's exactly the point, isn't it? Brighton were exploiting the situation and Solskjaer did fuck all to rectify a glaring problem. Change the formation, bring on a player who will track back, instruct Greenwood to help out his fullback. Anything except look like a deer in the headlights and pray. I'll also add that both Wan Bissaka and Pogba do not look match fit at all. eta. Wan Bissaka was also tucking in too often and leaving the far post exposed on numerous occasions. March's equaliser came as a direct result of this where AWB drifted into the CB position when we had 3 CBs on the pitch and it was left to Bruno to mark the far post which should not be happening.
  15. Wan Bissaka had a pretty poor game today. I lost count of the number of times Brighton had an unmarked player on the far post on his side. March's equaliser was inevitable - Bruno should not have been in a position of covering the far post when we had 3 CBs on the pitch. This game also showcased just how terrible Solskjaer's in-game management is. He was a deer in the headlights and had no clue whatsoever on how to stem the tide. We relied on pure luck and got very very lucky.
  16. That was an utterly embarrassingly pathetic performance. I have no fucking idea how we won that game. Brighton made us look like relegation fodder.
  17. Absolutely diabolical half from us. Brighton have played us off the park and we are lucky to be level. Brighton should be 3 goals up and cruising. Our players still look like they're on fucking holiday. Pathetic effort.
  18. Wolves have signed Semedo from Barca for €30m + €10m in addons.
  19. The thing with Williams is that he's rarely ever played at RB. Even in the youth setup, he played at either LB or LW on occasion. Ethan Laird was (and still is) considered to be the bigger talent and so was played in his preferred RB position - he had a couple of serious injuries that kept him out for about a year otherwise he might very well have gotten a run in the first team ahead of Williams. Re: Matt Judge. The guy is well known to be rubbish at transfer negotiations. There were reports that Leicester's negotiator became so frustrated with him that she contacted Woodward who had to become involved in the transfer because Judge was fucking it up so badly and pissing off his counterparts at Leicester. But once again, it's Woodward who must shoulder the responsibility as he is the one choosing to keep someone around who is so obviously bad at a very important part of their job.
  20. Alfredo Martinez reporting that Suarez will join Atletico Madrid. Personal terms have been agreed and Barca will give him a payoff of 50% of his wages for the remaining year on his contract in order to push through the move.
  21. Yeah, Solskjaer is good at man management but as a coach as well as tactically he is bang average. The squad does need strengthening but a better manager could squeeze out more points from the current squad. Solskjaer was fine as an interim and should never have been appointed permanently. Sentiment informed that decision and is par for the course as far as Woodward and his cronies gross negligence in running the football side of things goes.
  22. He's not injured as far as I know and was taking part in training sessions. Might not be fully fit though since he hadn't played much after the restart. Doubt it happens anyway. Solskjaer clearly rates Lindelof as our 2nd best CB.
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