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  1. We're going to get Rabiot and no-one else. We're probably going to give him stupid wages too. It's just another set of clowns running United. This transfer window has been a disaster. Nothing has changed.
  2. All these aggregators have misquoted or mistranslated what Romero actually said. He said that Barca are hoping to get a deal done for Silva for €50-60 million (that seems wildly optimistic on Barca's part) but there is currently no agreement with City. There are some reports claiming that Atleti have offered Morata.
  3. Reports that United have opted against signing Arnautovic.
  4. That is a terrible source. They just tacked on @gerardromero to give themselves legitimacy when Romero has not actually said anything about Barca and City agreeing a fee for Silva.
  5. United aren't going to pay his deferred wages because that's not the only thing stopping him from joining United. As I (and others) suspected from the start, De Jong doesn't really want to join United but was stringing the club along as a safety net hoping that a better option presents itself. Chelsea are now interested, can offer CL football and per Ornstein, the club are also willing to pay his deferred wages should they decide to make a formal offer but they are currently still working on a deal to sign Fofana and reportedly it may take a fee in excess of £80m to convince Leicester to sell.
  6. Sorry for the triple post. Here's a nice thread by Swiss Ramble explaining why Newcastle are not spending as much as was anticipated under their new ownership. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1556525412339138560.html
  7. Looks like Arnautovic really is our big plan for a CF. Reports are we will improve our offer to Bologna. The racist and the rapist up top. Agresti reporting that United are in talks with Juve for Rabiot. Yet another sign of desperation. Decent player, rotten attitude.
  8. Barcelona are such a scummy club. Majority of their fans are busy kissing Laporta's arse though. It's like a cult. https://theathletic.com/3484447/2022/08/08/barcelona-de-jong-contract-legal-action/ Paywalled but here's the gist: ETA. more Laporta fuckery.
  9. In more depressing (or amusing) news, United's grand plan for a forward is 33 year old Arnautovic. Can the season end already? Nothing has changed at this fucking club. As much as I'd like to be proven wrong, all signs point to us just replacing one set of clowns with another. We are still chasing De Jong who doesn't want to come here while starting two donkeys in midfield who aren't good enough to start for more than half the teams in the league.
  10. This was eminently foreseeable. You can't play the style of football that Ten Hag would like to implement with two donkeys in midfield. No other club in the top 10 in the PL would start McTominay and Fred.
  11. The Athletic did a poll and majority of Chelsea fans appear to be pessimistic about the season. Much more pessimistic than United fans for instance which was surprising to me considering Chelsea have a vastly better squad and much better prospects of actually winning something while United's squad is weaker than last season and we are all forlornly hoping that Ten Hag can get a tune out of dogshit players.
  12. So that's why I said Chelsea will be competing with Spurs and Arsenal for 3rd and 4th place. They are clear favourites to finish 3rd and very unlikely to finish below 4th unless they have an implosion.
  13. Doesn't matter if Chelsea are missing a CB and CF; their squad is the 3rd best in the league and vastly superior compared to United, West Ham etc.
  14. Nah, it's pretty easy. Liverpool and City will finish top 2 easily. Chelsea, Spurs, and Arsenal will compete for the remaining two CL spots. United will be competing with West Ham and others for the europa league and conference league places. United's squad is worse than last season. None of Matic, Pogba, Cavani or Greenwood have been replaced. Ronaldo desperately wants out and will probably do his best to sabotage Ten Hag if he doesn't get a move. Slim chance of us replacing him if he does move. This transfer window has been a disaster for United.
  15. Remember when Gerrard was being touted as a successor to Klopp? The debate between Gerrard and Lampard has gone from 'who's the better player' to 'who's the worse manager'.
  16. There is also nothing in Athletic Bilbao's club constitution that says they are only allowed to sign players of Basque descent or players born in the Basque region. It's an unwritten policy and how strictly it's enforced very much depends on the club president and board at the time. Real Sociedad used to have the same unwritten policy up until the late 80s iirc.
  17. Chelsea overpaid but Cucurella is a good player who is also versatile and can operate as a LB in a back 4 or a LWB/LCB in a back 5. They will bring in some money and get wages off the books by offloading Emerson and Alonso. Colwill heading to Brighton on loan rather than a permanent deal is good for Chelsea too – he's highly rated at Cobham and can get some PL experience under his belt at a solid team with a good manager.
  18. Reports that Ricardo Pereira has ruptured his achilles and could be out for at least 6 months. Not been a good window for Leicester. They should be okay in the fullback department though with Castagne, Justin and Thomas.
  19. In a surprise to no-one, Martial is injured. Ronaldo is inevitable.
  20. Jesus and Sterling were surplus – they've got enough forwards. Foden/Grealish for the left, Mahrez for the right (Both Foden and B.Silva can play on the right too) and Haaland/Alvarez up front. They are trying to sign a specialist LB so Zinchenko was offloaded too.
  21. Silva has mostly played as a #8 during his time at City aside from his first season at the club. Once Mahrez joined, Silva primarily played as a CM but he's class on either flank too. That versatility will be hard to replace. If he does leave, that weakens City a fair bit.
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