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  1. Haven't seen these rumours. Probably coming from unreliable hacks. What I have read is that Leipzig do not want to sell Haidara during this window and his release clause only becomes active at the end of the season. Also, from what I've seen of Haidara, he looks to be much better when played as an 8 so it might be better to wait until the end of the season when Pogba leaves to make a move for him or Kessie. DM is the position United really need right now instead of trying to shoehorn another #8 into the DM role.
  2. Rooney is actually doing a very good job at Derby under dire circumstances. Even with the 21 point deduction they aren't quite dead and buried yet. There's a bit of a gap between them and safety but they are playing far better football and are in much better form than the teams around them. It's a longshot but not inconceivable that they could make up the ~8-10 point gap and get themselves out of the relegation zone.
  3. Spineless team full of players trying to hide on the pitch. Can't even pass the ball properly. Relegation fodder teams show better composure on the ball than these overpaid clowns.
  4. Or they could just go The Last Kingdom route and mostly ignore characters aging. It's not such a big deal. This is a setting with effective anti-aging drugs and advanced medicine too.
  5. A good win for SA. If you'd asked me for a prediction beforehand I'd have said that India would win 3-0 - their seam attack is comparable to SA's while their batting lineup is vastly superior. The first Test played out almost exactly how I expected the whole series to go. SA's bowlers were excellent while our batters looked comfortable in the 4th innings of the last two Tests (our first innings were consistently poor throughout the series though).
  6. Timothy Olyphant To Return As Raylan Givens In ‘Justified: City Primeval’.
  7. Xhaka fucks Arsenal yet again. What a liability.
  8. Can't really blame anyone for thinking that something fishy was going on. Once can be put down to a fuck up but this ref blew the final whistle before the 90 minute mark twice (first time at 85 minutes and then again at 89 minutes). It's also not the first time that this ref has been at the centre of a shit show - he was suspended a few years ago on allegations of corruption after his farcical display in a CAF champions league game (was later cleared of the corruption charges by Fifa). So while it may not be corruption, this ref has a history of gross incompetence at the very least and has no business officiating at this level.
  9. Reports that Villa have reached an agreement with Everton for Digne (around €27m). He's expected to have his medical today.
  10. Wood has a low release clause though (around £20m according to reports). That's not very likely to help Burnley improve their depth to any significant degree.
  11. The problem for Newcastle is clubs are reluctant to sell and also Newcastle are in pretty poor shape right now and that adds to the difficulty in attracting players. According to reports, what made Wood a priority is that he apparently has a release clause so that takes negotiating with Burnley out of the equation - I doubt Burnley would sell otherwise. eta. Newcastle have Botman as their top CB target but Lille have thus far refused to negotiate and remain adamant that Botman will not leave during this window.
  12. Gerrard has done well so far but also United have been so shit that we make every team look better than they actually are. We made Norwich, Newcastle, Watford and Burnley look good.
  13. Seeing reports that Newcastle have identified Chris Wood as their top CF target. Apparently he has a release clause in the £20m range.
  14. Garner had a good game. Lokonga had a poor game. Overall Arsenal played the way United have been playing i.e. they couldn't pass for shit and it was just one giveaway after another. ETA. Roma/Juve game was fucking fantastic. Roma bossed the first half and were unlucky to go into halftime at 1-1. They then bossed the start of the second half and went 3-1 up. Juve looked dead and buried at that point but pulled off a great comeback with 3 goals in the space of 7 minutes. De Ligt then got sent off and Pellegrini missed a late penalty for Roma.
  15. Aguero and Barca reached a mutual agreement to terminate his contract. However, according to reports, as part of the termination agreement Barca will pay out his contract for this season. This is why they still needed to offload more wages before they can register Torres.
  16. Demir started okay but hasn't really kicked on and it's been reported that he's not in Xavi's plans. He's only on loan and one of Barca's execs, Mateu Alemany, has already confirmed that Demir's agent has been informed to find him another club. Dembele's situation is more complicated - he's on massive wages, is injury prone as fuck, his attitude stinks and he's unprofessional so it's probably going to be tough offloading him this month.
  17. Did Newcastle even want Coutinho? I don't recall there being any reliable links. Besides, Coutinho has been completely and utterly gash for two years now and his best position is where Saint-Maximin plays and ASM is the better player right now and by a good margin. Just looking at the reporting of reliable journos, it seems Newcastle have prioritised the defence this window. With Trippier completed they are in the market for one or two CBs and a LB. A CF wasn't a priority but with Wilson getting injured, reports say they will look to bring in a CF as well. There was also a report in The Times that they may consider bringing in Aaron Ramsey too.
  18. No. Reports are that getting a portion of Coutinho's wages off the books helps a lot but is still not enough to register Torres. Barca need to offload another player and reports say that won't be a problem as they are close to sorting out another outgoing - most likely it'll be one or more of Demir, Luuk de Jong or Umtiti (possibly Dest too although that seems less likely).
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