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  1. It's either the Glazers remain owners or the club is sold to Qatar. The price that the Glazers are apparently looking for to sell outright is a huge overvaluation - a premium of 50-70% (some reports claim even more than that) on top of the club's Enterprise Value. Hoping that Jim Ratcliffe or some other consortium of billionaires are going to be happy to overpay by a couple of billion dollars is just a pipe dream. Realistically, only a state backed bid is going to even think about going that high especially when you also take into account the Glazer debt and the investment needed in infrastructure due to Glazer neglect and the club having to service their debt and pay their dividends.
  2. Palace have appointed Roy Hodgson until the end of the season.
  3. I wouldn't rule out Real Madrid unless Bellingham is dead set on returning to England. If Real's interest is true then it'd be difficult to turn down the biggest and most prestigious club in European football.
  4. That's a lotta words just to say "Lads, it's Tottenham".
  5. Conte's contract is up at the end of the season so he's got nothing to lose by going nuclear. Spurs should have sacked him already since they have to pay out his contract through to the end of June either way. Now they run the risk of Conte downing tools and alienating the players which would put their push for top 4 in jeopardy. Deflecting all the blame onto the players and owners as though he's not in large part responsible too is pretty ridiculous. It's not like Levy and Paratici didn't bring in players for him. I can see why all the other big clubs that had managerial vacancies at the time were wary about Conte and didn't end up pulling the trigger.
  6. I'm glad Spurs dropped points because that benefits us, but that Southampton penalty at the end there was a complete joke. Yet another one to be added to the ever-growing pile of inexplicable VAR decisions. And another decision I'm going to add to the 'it's malicious and not just mere incompetence' pile.
  7. And here is where I keep trying to point out the inconsistency of your criticism. The criticism you level at Rashford applies to Isak as well. You also keep saying that I'm judging him based on a handful of games, as though Isak did not play more than 100 games in Spain (surely that's a big enough sample size). And his record in Spain is what prompted Newcastle to pay €70m for him. Isak, like Rashford, has also been an inconsistent player. There is no meaningful difference between his and Rashford's goal-to-game ratio (they both average around a goal every three games). Rashford offers more in terms of creative play - Isak provided a total of 8 assists in 132 games in Spain. Yet you appear to believe that €70m for Isak was a good piece of business, but Rashford is not worth even €50m.
  8. That's the order in which the draw was made. City vs. Bayern and Real vs. Chelsea means that City and Real will be at home in the first leg. Where you got it wrong is the other two fixtures. Both Inter and Milan were drawn at home in the first leg, however due to local regulations they are not allowed to both play home games within 24 hours of each other. So, as domestic champions, Milan's draw takes precedence. Therefore, Milan will be at home to Napoli and Inter away to Benfica in the first leg.
  9. Nope. Pretending that Isak never played in Spain or something. There's no difference between them as far as goal scoring goes with Rashford being a much better creator. Like I said before, if €70m for Isak is considered good business then Rashford is worth at least as much.
  10. Nobody. You were chatting shite about Rashford pretending that Isak is a vastly superior player and that paying €70m for him was a bargain.
  11. Yet another Spanish side for us. More worried about EL specialists, Sevilla, than Barca.
  12. Garnacho leaving the stadium on crutches with his foot in a boot. Yet another one of our players (after Van de Beek and Eriksen) potentially out with a serious injury because of a scissor tackle that was not even punished with a yellow card.
  13. Yeah, it's one of those where one might feel a little aggrieved given the numerous reckless challenges referees have let pass this season but one cannot also complain too much about a red being given. This is just how Casemiro plays and he will have to adjust his game. In Spain, Real Madrid are protected by the referees so he never got a straight red card for this type of challenge which he made many times. He's probably cost us the game.
  14. The on field referee is already making an initial decision on whether a goal stands or whether or not a penalty is awarded etc. What they need to do is stop nitpicking and actually adhere to 'clear and obvious'. There's no need to be taking several minutes to review an incident. Semi-automated offside technology is vastly more accurate and only takes a few seconds to get a decision. That should be used from next season.
  15. Yes. You've got professional referees with years and years of experience looking at replays from multiple angles and yet the inexplicable decisions continue to pile up at an alarming rate. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to believe that these are just honest mistakes or mere incompetence. The Premier League is the worst of the top leagues too. VAR ain't perfect in the other top leagues but works a whole lot better than it does in the PL. The use of VAR in the World Cup and Champion's League is magnitudes better than the PL as well.
  16. The VARs in England don't care about 'clear and obvious'. Instead, they are looking for any excuse to rule out a goal. I suspect they are doing this on purpose to piss off the fans. Anecdotally, I'm seeing more and more people on various social media platforms expressing the sentiment that VAR should be done away with and we should go back to the way things were done before which is exactly what the dinosaurs want.
  17. Just saw a pretty damning stat. Apparently Conte hasn't won a knockout game in the CL in 10 years. Last win in the knockouts was against Celtic in March 2013. He's managed Juventus, Chelsea, Inter and Spurs during this decade.
  18. Yeah, our depth isn't great. We've got the numbers but not the quality. Outside of our best XI, there aren't many players who are good enough or fit the way Ten Hag wants to play especially in midfield and our CF position is basically a black hole. That lack of quality depth combined with a congested fixture list is why I never thought United could seriously challenge for the title. Top 4 is the best we can hope for and we might need a bit of a cushion there too because I still think this squad is going to run out of steam and end up crawling over the line. Playing a match on average every 3 days since mid December while lacking quality in depth is eventually going to take its toll.
  19. He deserves to be rested more. The fact that EtH, Rangnick before that and Solskjaer before that never rotated him shows 1) just how important he is to the team and 2) there's nobody in the squad who has shown that they can play that position anywhere near as well as him. He's our chief creator and has created the most chances from open play in the Premier league this season. Maybe if Sancho and Antony weren't so poor, they could have taken some of the creative burden off of him.
  20. Absolutely fantastic that EtH is not dumb enough to make a knee-jerk decision based off one game. Bruno has been excellent since he joined, is a leader in the dressing room and is one of the few players at United whose commitment cannot be brought into question. Besides that, Bruno was never club captain (that's still Maguire); he's the vice captain and will remain so. There is no (and never has been) any dissent sown by Bruno in the dressing room - he's been United's most reliable player ever since he joined.
  21. Great news. Good to see that EtH isn't being swayed by a bunch of assclowns on twitter and so-called 'pundits' who failed as managers.
  22. World's most expensive left back. >600 million spent in two transfer windows. A true underdog story!
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