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  1. If anyone thought I was joking, I really wasn't. NASA Offers $1 Million for Innovative Systems to Feed Tomorrow’s Astronauts This has got me really excited. SCROG is arguably the most effective means of maximising light footprint in limited grow space, while DWC hydroponics is unquestionably the most productive method of growing, in terms of growth rate and yield. And thanks to my invention, SCROG and DWC are no longer incompatible. Oh yeah, baby. Show me the money! ETA: Actually, screw the money. They can have the tech for free. My invention on Mars. How absolutely fucking mental would that be?
  2. Lol. No 10 staff have swipe card data logged in probe of ‘partygate’ Cheerio, Bozo, cheerio.
  3. He has his testimony. As far as I am aware, that still counts as evidence in this country. ETA: Thought you were talking about Wakeford. Because he's the one that needs to be talking to the police.
  4. To be clear, I was referring to the genuine, deserved criticism he receive for some of his most heinous writing crimes. You know, articles in the press, that kind of thing. All this other stuff you are referring to? I have no direct knowledge of any of it, and if I did, it it doesn't sound like anything I would condone. Now, calm the fuck down, why don't you.
  5. Yeah, you can just stop putting words in my mouth.
  6. Yeah, and that was why I said most of that shit. Specifically, his hack-like qualities as a writer.
  7. Well, I just think that everybody - writers, viewers, and network execs - would be better served if said writers, before pitching their fandabadozy idea for a new TV show, waited until they had at least a faint idea of how the plot might resolve itself.
  8. Yeah, and how many long-running TV shows have ended up with a satisfying, well thought-out ending? Of course, there's The Wire, The Shield, Six Feet Under, and every other show that had a great ending. But these are the exceptions. Most shows that initially start well end up dribbling along for a few seasons, getting progressively worse, before getting cancelled. And if writers weren't putting themselves under ever-burgeoning pressure to pull plot out of their arses three or four seasons into a proposed seven series show, there would be a lot less shite on our screens.
  9. Yeah, and most of the shit flung at Lindelof over Lost was entirely justified. Same with Moore for BSG, although putting aside my writerly problems with how that show ended up, by the time the end actually came, I was hugely invested in the characters, especially Adama & Roslin. So much life. I cried like a baby while Adama sat on that mountain describing the sunrise to his recently deceased wife. So if I was a TV exec, and a writer came to me with an amazing show idea, brilliant premise, interesting characters etc, my first question would be, 'Sounds great. How does it end?' And if their answer contained anything remotely like the Final Five or that Jimmy Hendrix nonsense, they would be told to cut down on the gak and get the actual fucking fuck out of here with that ridiculous bullshit.
  10. Tory cretins, take a look at what you could have won:
  11. I have no idea who any of those people are. These guys could be Nordic superheroes for all I know, so, no, I will not be falling for your nonsense.
  12. Yeah, that's my instinct too. Can any of of our European friends tell us what the price of bread, butter and pasta has been doing for the past year or so.
  13. I wonder if the rocketing cost of basic foodstuff been seen elsewhere in Europe, or is it just here? i.e. Is this shit really caused by Brexit, or is it actually due to Covid and general supply chain issues?
  14. Ah, the sunlit Brexit uplands. We are blessed, truly blessed by the great, benevolent Saint Nigel of Farage.
  15. Can't really blame him for that. Would be a really good signing for them if they can pull it off.
  16. I've had two of those nutters. Polly and Mooch. Absolute headbangers, the pair of 'em.
  17. Unfortunately for Bozo: Favours for favours, absolutely fine. Favours for public money, absolutely illegal and charges will be brought.
  18. Maybe Rishi could use this as a tactic to lure Johnson out of Downing Street. Stranded dog saved from rising tide after rescuers attach sausage to drone
  19. Okay, this is a bit more serious than your common or garden political horse-trading, and could turn out to be the most dangerous fuckup yet to face Johnson and his goons. Yesterday, Number 10 they said they would not be investigating the claims of blackmail and intimidation as there was no evidence. Well, that has just changed: Christian Wakeford says he was threatened with loss of funding for constituency if he rebelled as Tory MP. Oh dear. Shit just got real for Bozo.
  20. We'll see, we'll see. Though if you want to bet I'm afraid you're going to have to add a few million to your stake to even things out a bit.
  22. My sister lives in Switzerland, so up yours! We're gonna muller you in the medal table.
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