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  1. It's worse than that. It appears to be a planet with under fifty people.
  2. Yeah, that was a brilliant performance. Shame about the injuries.
  3. "Treachery and dishonesty. What kind of qualities are those in a leader?"
  4. Not just Corbyn. This is happening all over the country.
  5. Scotland playing the Spanish off the park. Lovely stuff.
  6. I don't mind that people indulge in the practice of hatewatching. I don't understand it, but in the grand scheme of things, who gives a shit. But please can we have fewer occasions of these people butting into exchanges between fans of the show to tell them they are wrong. Seriously, those people can go and take a shit.
  7. Watching S2 of Shadow & Bone. Really enjoying it. Though I see the writers, not content with a mere triangle, have successfully maneuvered Alina into a love pentagon, with Stormhound's brother now sniffing about. Yikes.
  8. Yet another example of why this man is not to be trusted with anything. He is as much a liar as all the fucking rest of 'em. I hope his scrotum falls off.
  9. Saw a piece earlier criticizing western leaders reluctance to use the F-word, when plenty of Jews in Israel are doing precisely that. Israelis are calling their leaders fascists. Why can’t British politicians?
  10. From the Guardian... Noa Landau, the deputy editor of the Israeli daily, Haaretz, says the reported deal between Netanyahu and his far-right minister is a very dangerous development. “Worse & worse: Ben Gvir now says he reached a deal with Netanyahu to delay the judicial overhaul in return to the establishment of a new police force under his direct command,” she writes on Twitter. “Ben Gvir’s private armed forces. Just what we needed…”⁦
  11. The Athletic have a piece about Mason Greenwood. Jesus. Quite apart from all the rape, he sounds like an absolute liability. A proper little shit, who should be drop-kicked into the fucking sea.
  12. How about this? You want to be an MP? Fine. Then quit all your other jobs once elected, and don't take another until the voters kick you out again. That's it. Simple.
  13. If you put these two clowns in a book, their actions would be dismissed as too far fetched.
  14. Same here. I remember using the D word in what I thought was a non-racist fashion. Nobody suggested I was actually racist, but after the schooling I received on this messageboard, I will never do that again.
  15. So apparently all the gullible, Brexit-voting numpties actually chose to be poorer. They were 'given a choice' and they decided that Britain should once again become the sick man of Europe. These fucking people.
  16. ****BULLSHIT CLAXON***** Erm, just gonna chuck this out there. Does anyone actually believe this happened? Methinks Lozza is just doing his usual performative bollocks.
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