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  1. Loved Spartacus (see my user name ) Agree about trashy to a degree e.g. the OTT nudity and cartoonish violence. However, I think after a shaky start it actually became a fucking good show that touched upon themes like slavery, rape and revenge in surprisingly nuanced and mature ways. I also appreciated the equal nudity (vs. shows like GOT that were obsessed with female nudity to a hilarious degree especially in the first few seasons), and the fact that it was an exceedingly well-plotted, tight show that hurtled to a satisfying climax IMO. Also, the amazing prequel that was developed retroactively (post Andy Whitfield's illness) was great fun. Some brilliant performances and campy, yet memorable dialogue (John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah, Andy Whitfield and more) just added to the experience. @Tywin et al., I watched all of LOST and enjoyed it throughout. Didn't mind the ending but be forewarned: it was divisive (to put it mildly!). Season 1 remains one of the best I've ever watched. Not sure if you'd want to invest time to watch 6 of them, though.
  2. Really hope you turn a corner and start feeling better soon, with a full recovery ASAP.
  3. I got my dose 1 of Pfizer today. Was impressed by how well organised things were here in Dubai. There were a lot of people but the process was seamless and completely punctual. So far, no side effects, a hardly-noticeable pain on the jab site but that's it. Perhaps more effects to follow in a few hours? I've read and heard about people feeling some effects a few hours after, and well into the next couple of days or even longer.
  4. Didn't he also have some horrible family tragedy in his past? Something about a sister (?) being murdered and also some other relative being killed? (Full disclosure: I might have watched a few episodes of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Netflix recently, where one of the women was his - now ex - wife! :P)
  5. @RhaenysBee hope you feel better soon! I got an appointment for Pfizer this Tuesday (it's through our office and I had put my name down a while ago). People I know who've had it shared similar reports as on here about side effects - headaches seem quite common. Will report back!
  6. Again, I feel like you're either reading too much into stuff, or making assumptions off your own ideas. For instance: just because Alicent's first poisonous remark to Laenor was at Lucerys' birth, doesn't mean the rumours hadn't been floating around before that, encouraged by the Greens. This is the sort of deduction you frequently make in your posts btw - the absence of information = possibility of an event occurring. Similarly, the mere fact that the accusation/slander stung to the degree it did (being Strong's get) implies there was plausibility to it. If, as Ran has pointed out, Harwin had been blond/blue-eyed like Lucamore, it would've been entirely too easy to laugh such rumours off. Harwin's appearance hasn't been spelled out (much like a lot of other stuff), but it's fairly logical to assume that the fact that all 3 kids looked similar, that they were rumoured to be Harwin's kids, and that this rumour led to Aemond getting his eye stabbed and subsequent events, points to there being some degree of plausibility to it. I mean you can't have it both ways: making assumptions off the absence of information + taking stated facts and spinning them off into areas that are simply not in the text (baldly stated or hinted at).
  7. Your point would be more valid if there had been 1 child who didn't look 'Valyrian'/like Strong with the brown hair and pug nose. But 3 sons?? The talk would've started after Jace, so again, I don't quite agree.
  8. Completely agree. Risking her sons' future and inheritance/throne for a simple sperm donor seems highly unlikely. Hell, this was one of the crucial issues in the entire crisis.
  9. At the same time, incest became institutionalised (and even polygamy with Aegon 1 and Maekar) in a way that homosexuality never did. One has to wonder what the Faith's position would be - and the reaction of the common people - if 2 men in power openly declared their love for each other (e.g. Renly and Loras; perhaps by Renly marrying Margaery to father kids but otherwise making it explicit that Loras was the one he loved).
  10. I just feel like there's too much conjecture around a simple phrase - more than fond. Which is fine since it is all speculation I guess. As for Laena's reaction to being spurned, I don't think you can take one character's reaction to something similar (Sansa) and impose it on another entirely different character and draw conclusions around their supposed sexuality/interest in men. Seems pretty flimsy. But again, speculation is fun!
  11. How many secondary characters do we think will be included? For instance, Addam and Alyn Velaryon should definitely be included + Nettles, Ulf and Hugh. What about the Caltrops lot - I would love to see Jon Roxton kill Hugh the Hammer while using that epic line... I guess it depends on where season 1 end: Rhaenyra's death or Aegon 2's poisoning? If the former, then season 2 could focus on Aegon 2 initially and then on Aegon 3's regency. Or they may drag out all of Aegon 2 for season 2, and then do Aegon 3 for the following season. I wish they'd started off with Jaehaerys and Alysanne! I love that entire section in the book. But I guess there wasn't enough blood and battle there!
  12. I would have liked to see more of an anthology type series here, with standalone episodes (or perhaps a couple each) on the conquest, Maegor/Aenys, Jahaereys leading up to the DoD and then perhaps ending at Aegon the Unworthy's death/Blackfyre rebellion 1. And a varied cast throughout. Oh well --- looking forward to this too!
  13. This is what I was a bit skeptical/confused about: the fact that the WHO was only allowed to visit an entire year after the initial outbreak, during which period there would have been plenty of time to get rid of evidence. Also, the visits were delayed/stalled due to 'bureaucratic' issues - I seem to recall WHO reps already en-route to China, only to be told they would be denied entry. This was sorted out, but one has to wonder about the situation on the ground. For instance, they visited the wet market thought to be the site for the start of the pandemic but what would they have hoped to uncover there after such a long time? Surely it would be quite difficult to get any sort of evidence? To be clear, I don't believe it was a lab created/escaped virus. I'm referring more to the overall approach from China regarding sharing info openly and taking action to minimise the chances of this happening again. Have wet markets been shut down across the country or are they still around, for example?
  14. Too little, too late: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/feb/08/facebook-bans-vaccine-misinformation Twitter is also removing vaccine conspiracy threads now.
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