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  1. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    As someone on reddit says, we're like Stannis, starving, waiting... I so hope this is true. I can hardly bear to think on it!
  2. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    LOL. I feel sorry for us, and amused by us at once. Any snippet, however vague and unfounded would do me right now!
  3. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Lol, yes. Sadly.
  4. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Worth fapping over :D? https://winteriscoming.net/2016/09/04/amazon-france-getting-fans-hopes-winds-winter-placeholder-page/
  5. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Of course! I knew I'd missed someone! In that case I'd swap Jon for Mel except we'd need a pre resurrection PoV which means we need at least 1 Mel chapter. Hmm. Could work if we ignore the prologue (dead in same chapter) pov as a one off and not part of the 13. But that isn't how we've done it for past books so I don't know... Should we take 13 as set in stone or an approximate anyway?
  6. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Yes. A suicide mission. So how many POVs confirmed now out of the 13? I think this means: Asha Sansa Arya Arianne Jon C Tyrion Dany Cersei Aeron Barristan Theon Prologue/Jenye Leaving Brienne, Jaime, Sam, Melisandre: we need someone at the Wall so I think M is a go, where Aeron can give us eyes on OT, along with either B or J.
  7. Crixus

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    This is fab stuff! Thanks, @BryndenBFish! This almost satiates my burning need for TWOW!
  8. Crixus

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Didn't anyone watch the hilariously cheesy Gods of Egypt? NCW is the lead (Horus). It has great effects, a shit plot, mediocre acting and loads of mangled Egyptian mythology (I absolutely love all kinds of mythology, no matter how OTT). Great pastime if you're hungover.
  9. I know, right? I ranted about this earlier. It's like, I am watching because I want to, and I don't owe anyone any explanation. At all. LOL. I love the faux curiosity/concern trolling/labelling some people display around here.
  10. Crixus

    Board Issues 4

    Hi Same issue as Mance: can't quote or post through Mozilla or Chrome. Managed to do it now via Explorer. Help!
  11. Well... a lot I really liked, some meh stuff, and some outright wtfery. IOW, hello GOT! Really liked: Kid Cers and the prophesy. Wish we'd got the 'your death is in this room' for Melara, but oh, well. As some have said, we may see that scene again. Cersei: LH is killing it IMO, and her scene with Jaime was good; it had history and emotional weight, something I felt was missing between them last season. Dany: much better, overall. Her scene with Daario reminded me of the Dany I liked back in S1. See? Emilia can pull off more than 'queen', if directed so. Felt bad about the Stalwart Shield business and unlike some of you lot, I found Missandei's curiosity plausible and relevant: she is aware Torqo Noro has some feels for her and she is fond of him; it felt natural for her to wonder. Stannis: finally. Finally, we see the reason why Davos is so loyal to him... I squealed during the 'Bolton/spike=OTP' moment, I admit. Also, I liked that Stannis thinks of the wildlings; he's a seasoned general, it makes sense he'd suss that out. I also think DIllane is playing Stannis differently this season: less bitter/teeth-grinding, more calm purpose and that wry sort of glint in the eye that Stannis should have. So, yay. Naming Rhaegal/Viserion + entire scene was great. Meh: Brienne passing Sansa felt too soapy, like those sledgehammer IRONY ALERT scenes soaps do (you know, X rhapsodies about Y's faithfulness at the exact moment Y is rutting with Z in a corner somewhere). Anyway, let's see what happens there. Varys/Tyrion: great chemistry, but the scene felt off (as you lot have stated, due to Varys' motives). LF/Sansa: SR fighting was cool, the rest not so much. I just can't shake the very strong Farya feeling now. And that is terrifying. Loras Dorne: yawn. Still, I get the reasons (indiscretion=arrest). WTF: Mance. Like, I get Hinds may have wanted out, but come on! Make sense, D&D. And Hinds was brilliant in his scenes too. Also, Mel Jon sexytimes=NO. Please. Please stop Mel being so SEXAY! She doesn't need to do all that shit, she's a beautiful, scary otherworldly woman, not a cougar. Uff! Overall, I find myself optimistic and excited after the doubts I'd been having pre season. The story seems tighter, simpler and with more interaction, which is appropriate at this stage. The downside is an absence of that layered complexity we experience in-book but considering the medium, I'll take it.