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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/may/13/tony-blair-tells-keir-starmer-to-drop-woke-politics-and-focus-on-economy-labour
  2. I loved the first one, never knew a sequel was planned. Just ordered it!
  3. I'm confused about the point around an India/Pakistan war. First, I don't think the actual country matters because the entire argument is about a principle i.e. deporting citizens of a country that starts a war. So what does it matter which country it is? Such distinctions seem to be specious at best. Also, I may be wrong but I believe @Fragile Bird mentioned kicking Russians out of Canada - even though the current war is between Russia and Ukraine, and not Russia and Canada. This is what seems frighteningly xenophobic to me, akin to Chinese/East Asian people getting attacked by assholes because of the pandemic. If this is not what you meant, then I apologise. I also think comparing simple numbers of immigrants rather than as a proportion of their native populations doesn't work, FYI. India has over a billion people, Pakistan has 225 million. Also, you said earlier you'd want to deport Russians who didn't have citizenship, so I don't get why you're now referring to migrant Indians/Pakistanis? Are you now implying you'd want to kick out people with citizenship because their country of origin started a war? Sorry, I'm confused. Last, I guess people don't follow South Asian news much, but there have been several escalations between India/PK over the last 2 decades, the most recent being 2019 when India sent fighter jets into PK airspace/territory. And there were no fights, hostilities or such shit between expat communities of these 2 countries anywhere - if you didn't know, there are huge migrant communities in many countries, including the US, Canada, UK, and right here in the UAE - where people can live if they have a residency/work visa, as there is no option for citizenship. I work with many Indians myself, in fact. Never have I witnessed any animosity due to what our governments might be doing. And this is again, really confusing. Are you saying if there were hostilities between the 2 communities, they should then be kicked out? I'm having trouble following your logic tbh. I've followed this board for many years and I read gen chat threads a lot - I have usually found myself in agreement with most 'liberal' posters here on many topics. So this entire conversation has been pretty fucking disturbing and disappointing, to say the least. I really appreciate posters like Relic, Ran and polishgenius, among others, who've brought some sanity to this discussion. And I have to say, HeartofIce, whom I generally disagree with. Just goes to show things are far more complex than one imagines, I suppose.
  4. @A wilding Are those friends of yours British? It's probably much easier for a UK citizen to get EU citizenship than it is for a Pakistani to get a UAE citizenship - in fact, UAE does not give non Emiratis citizenship at all. And it isn't exactly easy for someone at my stage in life to apply for a US, UK, Canadian etc. citizenship. I think this is part of the frustration I'm feeling today, reading through some of the points being tossed around pretty cavalierly around here. No matter how kind and liberal you fancy yourself, I don't think you can understand a fraction of what someone who doesn't have the benefit of a specific identity and background faces in her day to day life. Even reading your view on how internment wasn't 'too bad' for Italians/Germans in WW2 comes across rather dismissive and, to be frank, chilling. I'm sure your intentions are good, but you don't seem to appreciate where I am coming from. I came to the UAE after ending a shitty, abusive marriage back home, a country where divorce is still seen as taboo and divorced women are targeted. I managed to make a successful life for myself elsewhere. The mere idea of being forcibly sent back is terrifying. Sure, it's a messy world and practical solutions are never ideal, but the fact is, usually the fallout is disproportionately on people like me. Posing such solutions in a matter of fact, detached way doesn't have the effect you may imagine it does. And of course, apologies if I haven't come across as entirely coherent - English isn't my first language.
  5. Agree with @baxus. I am a Pakistani national living and working in a foreign country. I'm law-abiding, liberal and haven't ever supported any shitty actions of my government. If my government decides to do something fucked up tomorrow, does that mean I should get summarily kicked out of where I live? Lose my livelihood, my flat, friends and in short, the entire life I've built up over years? Or does someone get to decide if I'm worthy of staying, based on... my social media history? Demanding I make an unequivocal statement condemning my country of origin? Proving I am not a spy, somehow? Having the means and opportunity to apply for citizenship (a lot of countries don't make that easy or even possible FYI)? What, exactly, would be the criteria for judging me acceptable and allowing me to remain, and who gets to decide it? This conversation is verging on gross, especially from the point of view of a South Asian female expat (an already mariginalised and discriminated against identity in a shit-ton of places the world over) who's been working hard to make a life for herself in another country. It's fucking vile.
  6. Yep. 'Freedom via mass bombing' seems to be something loads of people in the West can get behind. Just realised the twitter link I shared above was from Iran Press TV - guess that means I should get blocked/kicked off the board because Iran is EVIL!?! Never mind I have nothing to do with Iran (except possible centuries-old ancestral links)
  7. I know a couple of posters have shared links about the despicable treatment some non-white 3rd country nationals are receiving in Ukraine and neighbouring countries as they try to flee, but for some reason (?) it's hardly been commented on here yet. Of course the discussion is fluid and fast, so perhaps that is why. But this (hopefully fringe) treatment by some border officials coupled with the sort of outright racist narrative I've seen on MSM channels by various reporters is frankly fucking disgusting. It ranges from as 'subtle' as 'Ukraine is a civilised country, unlike countries like Iraq/Afghanistan/ME' to as vile as 'seeing people with blonde hair and blue eyes suffer is too much'. And the latter was said by a Ukrainian official on the BBC. I think @Spockydog said this earlier and I couldn't agree more: for too many people from 'civilised' countries (it's so fucking civilised to invade and bomb and kill other countries at will, and collude with corrupt regimes by selling them arms so they can kill citizens) the ongoing, decades old mass murder of non-white people in foreign lands (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar) seems utterly uninteresting or not worthy of a second's thought. Almost as if it were par for the course and the natural order, so what's the problem, right?
  8. Thank you so much for saying this. As someone from a South Asian country that has massive issues of its own, I still feel the whole Western narrative of being benevolent fathers to the rest of the world is incredibly paternalistic and hypocritical, not to mention frustrating. I'm not accusing anyone on this board of such a view, but Western PR strategy seems to rely disproportionately on this, such as all the helpful invasions we've seen over the last few decades being 'for the good of the natives', which end up with specific Western people and organisations profiting enormously from these wars. I don't find it much different from the colonial shit of previous centuries. China has a shit-ton of issues (the appalling treatment of Uyghurs being the worst in a long list, particularly glaring when you see how my birth country's normally bordering-on-fanatical Muslim leaders haven't said a word about it due to obvious reasons) but I think in some non-Western corners of the world, it's seen as the lesser evil because at least it doesn't invade countries or forcefully impose its own philosophy and ideals on them, nor does it approach foreign policy with other nations from the POV of 'we're optimus maximus, we know best and you need to toe the line or we'll make you.' Nations are driven by power and self-interest, so when some countries dress up their intentions as being for the benefit of the world it can be extremely irritating, especially juxtaposed with their real actions over the last century. Caveat: I'm not attacking any specific country or culture - just adding this so people don't take my comment personally!
  9. Yeah, my first watch was also real-time and I was hooked! Joined Fuselage (site) and everything. Highlights include communicating (once) with Terry O Quinn, lol.
  10. I think Return of the King was quite dense and packed with info/events, perhaps had less of the flowy narrative style his other books do? It did take me a while to get through it! Oh, I forgot to mention my favourite book of his, The Anarchy, which covers the rise of the East India Company. It is utterly fascinating and evokes a lot of emotions while reading, just from the perspective of someone from the subcontinent. I think his handling of the subject is very fair and sensitive; you can see both sides.
  11. Sounds interesting, will defo check out. Thanks!
  12. They really are! I've got 'White Mughals' on my list next, which is about colonial British officers adopting Mughal/Indian culture, habits, dress, language and even marrying Indian women - also by Darlymple. Hope everything is safe your end over the weekend!
  13. Dear White People on Netflix. I loved the first 3 seasons but not feeling this one, it's got a weird musical angle to it that I just can't seem to get into despite several attempts. Succession season 3 - brilliant, and tempted to do a rewatch! LOTR extended triolgy - nth rewatch lol. Never gets old. @Isis you mentioned LOST being your comfort rewatch; mine too! How many times have you watched it? I think about 4 for me! Spartacus (Starz) - another show I absolutely love and have binged several times. John Hannah and Lucy Lawless are just incredible in it (and loads of other cast members + epic OTT fights and battles, great music, surprisingly nuanced portrayal of slavery and all-round kick arse ending)
  14. Mediocre by Ijeoma Oluo - fascinating read Mirror and Light by Hilary Mantel - conclusion to the Wolf Hall trilogy and immensely satisfying Circe by Madeline Miller - I've read a lot of Greek mythology riffs but this was a standout, lyrical and complex and totally addictive The Return of the King and The Last Mughal by William Darlymple - I'm from Pakistan so these were close to home, great narrative balanced with historical fact, and easy to read and remember The Masters of Rome series by Colleen McCullough - this is a re-read and I'm enjoying it very much. Can anyone recommend similar books/series set in the time of Augustus and beyond? I'm interested in learning more about the period: Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, and the Flavian dynasty (it could be a series too, or different books). The Three Body Problem trilogy by Cixin Liu - I was obsessed with this for many reasons and dismayed to hear David Benioff and DB Weiss are apparently adapting it! These are the ones that stand out, I read a bunch of other shit
  15. What about drinking livestock piss?
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