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  1. Regarding the abysmal script, I just can’t get over Arya saying: I know a killer when I see one. Err... Dany just torched thousands of people, and this is meant to be some sort of astute profound revelation on Arya’s part? This is laughable - it’s like an 8 year old stringing ‘cool’ dialogue together that is completely nonsensical. Doesn’t hold up to the briefest of scrutiny.
  2. Crixus

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Emilia Clarke was great this season and I have to say, she’s amazing at emoting in made up languages which is quite the skill indeed. Some brilliant actors in the show: NCW, Alfie Allen, IAin Glen, Dinklage, Maisie, Gleason... it’s a long list!
  3. They needed more writers, rather than trusting something of this magnitude to D&D + 1 extra. @Masha, where is the evidence that Jaime's arc was always meant to be a circle? Is it just your opinion? When we last see him in the books he burns Cersei's letter and leaves with Brienne - do you mean in the show? I would like an explanation as to why the Jaime Lannister who killed his king to save innocents from being burnt years before he started on the path to any kind of redemption, said in this episode that he didn't 'care much about innocents'. Absolute crap, devoid of any sense, shitting on the actual story depicted in books and show.
  4. I just explained my view of her 'arc' and how there is zero sense in her killing thousands of innocents compared to everything she's done in the past. That's my opinion, based on reasoning I've shared. You're free to do the same with examples instead of resorting to statements as you have done above. Perhaps explaining why she decided to kill thousands of innocents instead of targeting Cersei, her enemy, and the Red Keep? The latter would have been organic to her arc; the former, not so much in my view. In fact, the former is abrupt and ill-reasoned and without justification - in a word, brainless. As for 'get a grip'? LOL. Thanks for your 'advice'. I'll carry on how I like, though.
  5. It isn't about tropes at all. Ned's death and the RW were beautifully foreshadowed: on first read/watch you're stunned, but then you see the inevitability of it. And there is nothing wrong with tropes at all - ASOIAF has many of them, in fact. People who think the series is all about 'subversion' strike me as very casual fans who only watch or recall 'shocking!1' moments, tbh This is basically crap writing. They're really proving how limited their talent is without GRRM's books to guide them. But not surprising, as earlier credits for them include Troy and Wolverine - both utterly crap. As many others have said, it's perfectly reasonable for Dany to do this, PROVIDED the build up is there. Here, it was completely rushed and brainless (along with most other things in S7 and 8 and to a lesser extent, 5 and 6). If viewers need to fill in crucial gaps on their own, it's poor writing. If viewers need to watch 'inside the episode' to hear gems like 'she made it personal', it's poor writing. They are phoning it in and it's a shame. Hell, the massive drop in the quality of dialogue speaks for their 'writing ability'. I couldn't get over the fact that the scene focused on one of the most significant elements of the book - Jon revealing his identity to Sansa and Arya - was cut away. LOL! That's what third rate soaps do on the daily. It's like if, in S1, the show would have cut away from Ned and Cersei in the garden right after he said 'I know the truth Jon Arryn died for.' Basically they cannot write real, good dialogue so they chose not to show the Stark sisters' response to Jon's revelation. Again, poor writing.
  6. Crixus

    About Jorah....

    Actually you can because whenever she's done this in the past, there's been some reasonable justification for it: she burnt slave masters and general assholes, or people who betrayed her, or people who refused her terms of surrender: they were executed, whether hanged, beheaded or burnt is irrelevant. People are also trotting out her reaction to Viserys' death as some sort of proof which is hilarious: he bullied, beat and tormented her, sold her, and then threatened her and her unborn child. Her reaction at his death was, again, reasonable given the context. She always tried protecting the innocent, and this was made abundantly clear throughout the show: breaker of chains. For her to murder thousands of innocents the way she did makes zero sense, is utterly out of character and a pathetic left turn. Her entire raison d etre was claiming the Iron Throne and she's shown that claiming power goes hand in hand with earning the love of the downtrodden/common people. Hell, she said 'mercy is our strength' in the same episode. Lol. It would've been far more plausible had she burnt the Red Keep in a brief fit of rage, and then stopped. But it's so clear that the producers were given her 'end game' by Martin and lacked the talent and patience to build up to it the way they should have done. It's no wonder that after her initial reaction to hearing the bells (which Clarke did very well), they did not show her face again for the entire episode because it was so completely out of character that she wouldn't have been able to portray it: should she have cackled in glee? Screamed in fury for an hour? I cannot see any way she would have been able to sell this ludicrous face heel turn.
  7. Crixus

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    I haven't commented on here for years (though I lurk daily!). But this... the guy who killed Aerys to save innocents from burning, thus earning his infamous title, actually said he didn't 'care much about innocents' in this episode. I won't even bother listing everything else that was shit about his arc/end (he should've killed Cersei, the crap with Brienne who deserves far better) - just this most fundamental aspect of who Jaime is, what motivates him, was ruined with a casual line in literally the 2nd last episode of the series. This is how well the producers know and respect this story and its characters. Laughable.
  8. Crixus

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Didn't anyone watch the hilariously cheesy Gods of Egypt? NCW is the lead (Horus). It has great effects, a shit plot, mediocre acting and loads of mangled Egyptian mythology (I absolutely love all kinds of mythology, no matter how OTT). Great pastime if you're hungover.
  9. I know, right? I ranted about this earlier. It's like, I am watching because I want to, and I don't owe anyone any explanation. At all. LOL. I love the faux curiosity/concern trolling/labelling some people display around here.
  10. Crixus

    Board Issues 4

    Hi Same issue as Mance: can't quote or post through Mozilla or Chrome. Managed to do it now via Explorer. Help!
  11. Well... a lot I really liked, some meh stuff, and some outright wtfery. IOW, hello GOT! Really liked: Kid Cers and the prophesy. Wish we'd got the 'your death is in this room' for Melara, but oh, well. As some have said, we may see that scene again. Cersei: LH is killing it IMO, and her scene with Jaime was good; it had history and emotional weight, something I felt was missing between them last season. Dany: much better, overall. Her scene with Daario reminded me of the Dany I liked back in S1. See? Emilia can pull off more than 'queen', if directed so. Felt bad about the Stalwart Shield business and unlike some of you lot, I found Missandei's curiosity plausible and relevant: she is aware Torqo Noro has some feels for her and she is fond of him; it felt natural for her to wonder. Stannis: finally. Finally, we see the reason why Davos is so loyal to him... I squealed during the 'Bolton/spike=OTP' moment, I admit. Also, I liked that Stannis thinks of the wildlings; he's a seasoned general, it makes sense he'd suss that out. I also think DIllane is playing Stannis differently this season: less bitter/teeth-grinding, more calm purpose and that wry sort of glint in the eye that Stannis should have. So, yay. Naming Rhaegal/Viserion + entire scene was great. Meh: Brienne passing Sansa felt too soapy, like those sledgehammer IRONY ALERT scenes soaps do (you know, X rhapsodies about Y's faithfulness at the exact moment Y is rutting with Z in a corner somewhere). Anyway, let's see what happens there. Varys/Tyrion: great chemistry, but the scene felt off (as you lot have stated, due to Varys' motives). LF/Sansa: SR fighting was cool, the rest not so much. I just can't shake the very strong Farya feeling now. And that is terrifying. Loras Dorne: yawn. Still, I get the reasons (indiscretion=arrest). WTF: Mance. Like, I get Hinds may have wanted out, but come on! Make sense, D&D. And Hinds was brilliant in his scenes too. Also, Mel Jon sexytimes=NO. Please. Please stop Mel being so SEXAY! She doesn't need to do all that shit, she's a beautiful, scary otherworldly woman, not a cougar. Uff! Overall, I find myself optimistic and excited after the doubts I'd been having pre season. The story seems tighter, simpler and with more interaction, which is appropriate at this stage. The downside is an absence of that layered complexity we experience in-book but considering the medium, I'll take it.