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  1. Is this a Brit thing? My bf is Brit and he has a tendency to say the most pessimistic, dire stuff and then end with 'oh, well - it is what it is', lol. Can be endearing or annoying, depending on my mood. My words: Fuck (obviously) and 'chutiya + bhenchod': staple Urdu/Hindi swear words Also: indeed, ludicrous, and whatever - the last one is particularly embarrassing!
  2. I think it's more around society using religious excuses (often wrong or dubious interpretations) to propagate regressive patriarchal thinking and force archaic rules upon women to limit their freedom and agency, under the guise of 'Islam doesn't allow xyz'. I've experienced this nearly my entire life, as have all the women I know. It certainly doesn't mean all these people are religious, but it definitely does mean they're using a (twisted?) version of religion to impose their will on women.
  3. Yep. I'm from PK originally and the entire country seems to be plunging into a steadily regressive, extremist mindset. Sexual assault and abuse cases are increasing daily (probably the result of more reporting and the proliferation of social media) and the fact that our current PM goes around spewing shit like 'men aren't robots and you can't blame them for losing control' doesn't help. What makes this especially shitty is his hypocrisy - he's some sort of born again asshole who studied in the UK and lived it up almost his entire life, including drinking and other stuff (which I do as well to be clear - just pointing out his sudden descent into a gross form of extremist religious views, likely to win and keep votes). Sadly, social media has had the same effect there as in other countries: given voice to misogynist dickheads. And this includes women, which I find abhorrent. Basically it seems to me that both PK and India are in a frantic race to the bottom - let's not kid ourselves on that front. The stunning accounts of religious extremism, bigotry and violence coupled with ever increasing sexual assault from both countries is disheartening, to say the least.
  4. This is potentially worrying: https://www.npr.org/2021/06/23/1009582139/india-has-detected-a-more-contagious-and-vaccine-resistant-variant-delta-plus
  5. In UAE too. We're still testing around 200k daily, and have a positivity rate of below 1% - hovering around 0.80%. Even so, daily cases are still in the late 1000s or higher. The first vaccine rolled out here was Sinopharm (UAE was part of the phase 3 trials for this one), and most people got Sinopharm shots. Later, Pfizer was introduced and I was lucky enough to get it. A couple of months ago health authorities announced providing a 3rd dose for the especially vulnerable who'd got Sinopharm, and now they've announced that anyone who got Sinopharm can soon get Pfizer. Really makes me wonder about the efficacy of the former, even though there was a recent article in the Lancet (I think?) that seemed to confirm it was decent - I think late 70% maybe? Thing is, life has been pretty much back to normal here for many months now: no lockdowns, everything open etc. but there hasn't been an alarming spike, And the robust testing and low positivity rate are good indicators but still, if we compare this to Israel which has a similar small population and has used Pfizer, there's a marked difference in case #s, though I don't know how much they're testing daily. Worrying given that Sinopharm has been doled out to quite a few countries that don't have the resources to buy and store large quantities of other vaccines - it will also be part of Covax now it's had WHO approval.
  6. Yes, and perhaps also to reduce the stigma around countries being linked to variants? As with many things, we can thank Trump for this: China virus bs.
  7. Totally agree. They're piggybacking off people who have got the shot, in a sense - taking advantage of the ease in restrictions etc. while not bothering to take the steps needed to protect themselves and others. And the fact that in the US they're being offered financial incentives to do so? How fucking unfair!
  8. That's what I thought: https://theconversation.com/mounting-evidence-suggests-covid-vaccines-do-reduce-transmission-how-does-this-work-160437 At least re Pfizer, Moderna and AZ. So I have a problem of sorts I've been battling. I live in a country where the vaccine rollout has been impressive and where you can get Sinopharm, Pfizer or AZ. I got mine (PZ) in March. 90% of my mates and colleagues did too. Unfortunately, my absolute BFF in the world didn't. She's a yoga instructor and lives a very healthy life. However, she also seems to have fallen under the influence of one of her yoga colleagues. This guy's batshit: science denier, doesn't believe in modern medicine/allopathic medicine, thinks every illness can be fixed with 'herbs' - he's even spouted nonsense about how terminally ill cancer patients can recover fully with herbs - I loathe him and she knows it (given the several arguments I've had with him). She's completely opposed to the idea of getting vaccinated. She knows where I stand on this so she doesn't come up with the sort of 'rationale' he does, just vague shit like 'it's too early to know the long-term side effects' or some shit about antibody dependence enhancement, or the rare cases of fatalities (AZ) and adverse effects. I've tried my best with her: shared evidence based articles and stats, told her how many millions around the world have already got the shots, explained that actual Covid is far worse than imaginary issues with vaccines, and so on. It hasn't worked. In the meantime she goes around teaching yoga, putting not just her students but her friends at risk. I've stopped discussing the topic with her as it's pointless and infuriating. Also, the country's already setting up restrictions for those who haven't got the jab despite it being so readily available. Finally, at some point she'll have to/want to travel, so I guess she'll give in and get the shot then. It's just crap because this is a person I love, who I've known since we were 5, and who's been there for me through everything significant my entire life. So far this issue hasn't tainted our relationship, but at the back of my mind there is this anger toward her being frankly stupid and irresponsible. Sorry for the rant! Just wondering whether any of you have faced something similar and how you may have dealt with it.
  9. This is a perfect example of media bias toward Israel: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2021/05/21/amanour-ceasefire-israel-hamas-mariam-barghouti.cnn I love how the news anchor responds with complete silence (or ignores) every time the interviewee brings up actual facts like the suffering Palestinians are going through. Almost seems like CNN isn't allowed to acknowledge the basic humanity of Palestinians. Good on Mariam for pressing on with her points though. It seems that the efforts of ordinary people on the ground in terms of sharing information, images and more on social media have had a far more powerful impact than official 'reporting' by media.
  10. So I just finished this trilogy and was floored. It's the first series I've ever read by a Chinese author and the difference in style, approach, plot and more vs. Western writing is stark. I won't go on about it as @Rippounet has already said a lot of what I think. Suffice to say, I found it highly original, engrossing and thought-provoking. There were also some truly beautiful passages there, especially in book 1 and 3 (which were translated by the same person I believe). I'm torn about any adaptation of this. On the one hand, I'd love to see it. On the other, I think the work and the scale is pretty complex, which would present a challenge to the best of TV talent. In the hands of the illustrious D&D?? The pair who - imo - royally fucked up ASOIAF? It would be an absolute shitshow.
  11. Truly horrific. I admire Arundhati Roy so much - such courage. I hope she doesn't get targeted by Modi and his thugs. Hopefully her international recognition will help avoid that.
  12. Yep. George would become a 'cool' remorseless killer who would off Uncle Quentin, Dick would become a one-note dick-joke cracking fool, and Anne would be raped to make her grow up. Shudder.
  13. They would ruin the source material - again. Honestly, I cannot imagine how they'd even begin to adapt this lol.
  14. I heard these fools were going to adapt the Three Body Problem for Netflix??? I just read the books - LOL at the idea that these 2 could even attempt to adapt something that complex!
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