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  1. I know how you feel (Pakistani here, though not a practising Muslim by any means). I live in Dubai and have loads of Indian colleagues; my 2 sisters are in London and have many Indian friends and colleagues too. So far we've never experienced any tension personally, thankfully. But the situation is sad and worrying. I happened onto an Indian sub on reddit recently (India Speaks?) and was utterly horrified at the content of hugely upvoted topics on there that almost uniformly seem to be influenced by RSS/Hindutva bs. I hope that isn't a barometer of what's actually going on in India right now, but I suspect it might be to an extent.
  2. Pakistan is also demanding they get it 'back', lol. Ah, the continued fallout of a fundamentally flawed concept (partition). I'm from Pakistan fyi, and nowadays there seem to be more and more people finally questioning the whole damned thing.
  3. Yes, exactly. Wonder if that detail escaped him, or whether it was one of the reasons for the comparison. The eternal dilemma: ignorant or evil? (Didn't he study Classics at Oxford?)
  4. You've described most of the countries on the planet, sadly. ETA: apparently Boris compared himself to Cincinnatus in his farewell speech?? Indicating he thinks he did a stellar job, left willingly and at some point will be invited/begged to come back? You cannot make this shit up.
  5. For me it was: 1. The amount of time that had passed between Corlys and Daemon forming an alliance and what we watched in episode 3: years of a stalemate when one side has 2 dragons seems utterly contrived. Yes, the Crabfeeder and co. retreated into the caves but there must have been other ways to defeat them? Block all entrances and starve them out, for instance, as I doubt they had indefinite supplies? And a myriad of other options, I'd reckon 2. I did like using the 'surrender/truce' gambit to illustrate Daemon's recklessness and idiot courage, though. As others have said, it's very much of a piece with his last stand; it's who he is. In the same vein I think the entire scene was more about that and the fact that he'd rather die than accept help from Viserys, than to make sure we saw him kill the Crabfeeder (who looked really ill and weak anyway). And they probably wanted to have the dramatic re-emergence of Daemon from the cave with the lovely sight of a man's torso and entrails on display 3. I really liked what we saw of Laenor and especially his excitement whilst on Seasmoke, but I think it wasn't clear at all for non-readers. I've seen so many reviews that seem confused, as well as viewers asking how/why Laenor could ride a dragon, and whether he was riding Caraxes. This should've been much clearer.
  6. Wasn't it Laenor who suggested the idea of sending someone as bait, with Vaemond asking who would possibly be willing to take such a risk? Laenor then said Daemon would, which was countered with a sneer by Vaemond, and Laenor calling his uncle 'Master of Complaints' (which I loved).
  7. Hey karaddin! Been a while, hope you're all good Interesting re Rhaenyra having a crush on Alicent, I didn't get that vibe but you could be right. Totally agree about the betrayal by Viserys, especially since the previous dinner scene gave him plenty of opportunity to tell her. Absolutely relatable, and in keeping with his tendency not to rock the boat and keep everything chilled out. Alicent also looked very guilty in the scene, she obviously knew how Rhaenyra, who has no idea her friend's been hanging with her dad, would take this. It's clear how genuinely close they are and how much they care for one another, especially in the scene where they talk about their dead mums. So far, I'm really enjoying this!
  8. Agreed. And we know she won't have a heart of gold as least as per Maester Gyldayn, so expect a lot more backlash regarding the White Worm. 'Burying your gays' - are you referring to Laenor V? I expect we will see some of this.
  9. I enjoyed both episodes a lot. Could also be because I'm currently re-reading F&B. I actually didn't mind the lack of humour at all; this is likely because while I loved the humour in the early seasons of GoT, I absolutely loathed the 'cock-balls-cock/i drink and know things' bullshit in the later ones. Ugh. So I'm perfectly happy with the absence of a clearly obvious 'witty' character atm. I'm Asian, but I have to say, some of the criticism in the media - I believe @The Bard of Banefort shared a couple of links - stretches credulity and is exasperating. Are we saying Asian actors can only play powerful paragons of virtue? Why not wait and see how Mysaria develops a bit? Also, I personally did not get any romantic vibes between Alicent and Rhaenyra - they seemed like close friends and confidantes. It's almost as if 2 friends can't have a moment of affection without people labelling it as romance or queer-baiting. I wouldn't be surprised if some viewers think Rhaenyra is jealous of Viserys/Alicent because she's in love with Alicent.... sigh. Question: do we have any indication where S1 will end? It's cool if not. Just wondering. Another question: re-reading F&B, it struck me just how bleak that shit is. So many kids end up dying horribly. Are they going to show all that? I believe they've cast Jace, Luce and Joff along with Aemond and Aegon II, which makes me think yes. But imagining them showing the fate of Jaehaerys and Maelor... jeez. Wonder how the audience, especially non-readers, will react? I don't think I have the stomach for it myself.
  10. Same. He exudes dignity and authority, and he's pretty damned hot lol.
  11. Emilia Clarke said in a recent interview that she does not wish to do so. Doubt any petition would be effective in that case. She's obviously moved on: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/emilia-clarke-reveals-if-she-will-return-games-thrones-spin-show-about-kit-haringtons-jon-sno-1150599 In her own words: 'no, I think I'm done'.
  12. I found it entirely disgusting how the audience laughed, as if it was a cute harmless gaffe/senior moment. Let's ignore the thousands upon thousands tortured, killed, displaced, sure, let's chuckle because dude is getting on. Also, wonder what that says about countries electing octogenarians in leadership roles? Isn't Biden older than 75 (and Trump)?
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/may/13/tony-blair-tells-keir-starmer-to-drop-woke-politics-and-focus-on-economy-labour
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