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  1. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: Austerity has ended - More cuts to come.

    “Europe protects us from our politicians” ”Best deal Brexit = Repeal Brexit” ”Where are the magical unicorns you promised us?” ”I never liked Scotland anyway”
  2. Erik of Hazelfield

    Career Dead-Ended

    Being a child of the, uh, whatever it was called when you graduated in 2009, I have a somewhat different experience than you. I’ve switched jobs 3 times due to layoffs and closures (and once on my own accord), but every single time I’ve managed to land a new job before I even had to quit the old one. And while it was certainly no fun, I also learned not to fear switching jobs. This is my advice: - Look for a new job. Don’t accept to work somewhere you don’t feel appreciated unless you’ve got like two years to retirement. How many more years are you going to spend feeling miserable? Is your time here on Earth long enough to spend on a lousy job? - Do wait with resigning until you’ve signed on for the new job. Just quitting is never a good idea unless you feel your current workplace is so bad it’s a danger to your mental or physical health. - Don’t limit yourself to looking only in your current niche. Don’t know what you’re doing but maybe there are similar (or even quite different) areas where your skills could be wanted? Try to think outside the box. Maybe you can even start your own company? - Don’t be afraid, and don’t buy into the false security of having worked a long time for the same company. The corporate overlords (your words, not mine) don’t have your back. They won’t hesitate to chuck your entire business segment if they think it would improve the profits. Only you will look out for yourself, and the only real safety there is lies in doing a good job and staying attractive on the job market. - Do what feels right to you. Don’t accept a job that doesn’t feel good even though it’s highly paid or whatever. Good luck!
  3. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Theda and Liffguard: thanks (and hugs!). I’ll try to keep up the dating. If I start setting goals like “I want to lose 15 pounds before dating again” it probably won’t happen ever. I really don’t want to end up in the eternal comfort zone that singleness is, and it feels so easy to do just that.
  4. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Two days ago I chatted with two different girls on Tinder. One seems super cute and a very careful person, asking me a lot of questions and having a very detailed description on her profile what she wants from a date (we have a lot of common interests). The other girl seems more relaxed, comes from Poland but speaks six or seven languages and likes adventures and sailing, which is a big plus because it’s my passion too. I think both would be interesting to meet on a date, and I should probably try to set that up. My problem is that I’m having sort of a bad mood period right now. I don’t know why, but I’m struggling with finding the energy to go to the gym, I’m not getting much done at work, I’m tired and unfocused all the time and I just generally feel unworthy of dating. Like, why should someone else like me when I don’t even like myself? Anyone else who has any experience with this? Is it better to stay off dating until you’ve regained your confidence or is that just a bad idea that leads to more loneliness?
  5. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    Thanks for the many and enlightening replies! Johnson’s decision not to run does make some more sense knowing about the Gove backstabbing story.
  6. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    I’m not from the UK but am following the Brexit spectacle with some fascination. I read a Guardian article on the Tory conference and it seems like BoJo was criticising May and the EU equally on the Brexit negotiations. Now for my question: Can someone please remind me what his official reason was for not running for PM directly after the Brexit side won the election and Cameron stepped down? I mean, we all realise it’s because he’d promised impossible unicorns and knew he couldn’t pull it off, so preferred to stay on the sidelines telling people how badly they run things and if only he was in charge he’d do it much better. Which is exactly what he’s doing now. But I just can’t see how he can get away with it. Why isn’t everyone’s answer “shut up Boris, you chose not to take this job so stop complaining about how we run it “? Surely his unwillingness to take responsibility for the situation he campaigned so hard for should rob him of any shred of credibility?
  7. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Tinder does make things easier. It’s got its pros and cons, but it sure beats the crap out of going to a bar, getting drunk and hoping to find someone that is right for you. What I particularly like is that it removes the voice in your head saying you’re an idiot for trying to hit on a girl like her, that she’s out of your league and so on. Doesn’t matter! Unless she likes you back, she won’t even know you liked her. This is the true genius of Tinder in my opinion.
  8. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: This Country is Going to the Moggs

    But what if there’s a second referendum and Brexit wins again? Not impossible, is it?
  9. Erik of Hazelfield

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    So I received the new scale I ordered. Set it up nicely (it’s got Bluetooth and an app and everything). Then I stepped up on it. 91.4 kg! Whaaaat? That’s a personal maximum by like a 3 kg margin. I’m actually in a kind of shock right now. One year ago I weighed 84. I mean, I knew I’ve gained some weight but I would never have guessed it was this bad. (The gym that I go to has this dumb policy of not providing scales in any of their gyms and I haven’t got around to buying one until now.) Dieting it is then. Counting calories, calculating the right amount, sticking to it, checking my weight once a week. I simply refuse to be in such a bad shape. I want my good-looking, well-performing body back. Most importantly, I want to stop this trend. Sure, no one but me may think I’m fat right now, but another year of this and there will be no denying it. I’d rather not go there.
  10. Erik of Hazelfield

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    From what I’ve read creatine is indeed the real deal. It doesn’t do much for long-distance running, but gives the muscles an extra store of energy during anaerobic exercise. This is mainly interesting for athletes who do short sprints, like football players, track and field athletes or swimmers, but can also be used to increase the effect of gym training if done right. This review study for example found an average 8% increase in maximum strength compared to the placebo control group: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/14636102/ Of course, like all such added nutrition it’s just a complement to a good exercise schedule and a good diet with lots of protein etc. If you don’t get the basics right, no amount of creatine will do you any good.
  11. Erik of Hazelfield

    Exercise and Fitness: Keep On Keepin' On

    Ordered a scale last week so I can keep track of my weight. I’m sort of dreading to step up on it after a summer with lots of beer and very little exercise. But it was definitely worth it after the shitty winter I had. The plan is to... wait for it... lose weight and gain muscles! (Bet you never heard that one before.) And also regain some stamina, right now I feel horrible during the first few runs I’ve done. I’m thinking I want to try an energy restriction diet for the first time, including weighing my food, counting calories and calculating how much to eat. I don’t know yet how much I want to lose but probably no more than 3-4 kg. It shouldn’t take that long in theory but we’ll see how I do.
  12. I think services like Spotify are cool as long as you recognise them for what they are: temporary subscriptions. Once I terminate my Spotify account I will have absolutely nothing left from it. Same with Netflix. But on the other hand I don’t care so much. For me the trade-off is worth it. I appreciate the fact that I can have all the music in my phone with just a quick search, or a whole bunch of movies to choose from every night. Itunes seems to me like an inferior idea. You actually have to buy the songs and they can still wipe your entire collection remotely. Books are the shit though. I’ll never give up those.
  13. Erik of Hazelfield

    My new daughter

    How lovely! Congratulations!
  14. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Sorry to hear that. Always sucks to get that message from anyone. Allow yourself to be sad for a while, eat some ice cream, watch some dumb TV, hang out with some good friends. Do whatever you feel like, take care of yourself. And then move on. That last part is important. I have no good advice on how to still be friends with someone you’re in love with, other than that if you cannot let go of your feelings, it can be better to break off the friendship than to keep it and continue feeling miserable. Maybe a few months away from each other will do the trick, maybe not.
  15. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I firmly support the idea that while one date might not be enough to fall in love with someone, it can definitely be enough to know you’re never going to hit it off. I had one such date this summer. It ended with the tender words: Me: Send me a message if you want to meet again! Her: Ditto! (Actually I had more such dates. I never met horse-crazy bikini fitness girl again, nor the 190 cm Finnish girl from the accidental gay restaurant date. I’m probably doing this wrong.)