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  1. Erik of Hazelfield

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    I'm not so sure shorter range EVs will be worthless a few years from now. They excel at one thing: to commute super cheaply. I think there'll be a demand for that in the future as well. Long range EVs are still expensive so I don't expect they'll flood the resale market anytime soon (or at least not the lower end of it). Teslas hold their value very well due to high demand and low supply.
  2. Erik of Hazelfield

    Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    "But it's sooo nice to have more daylight in the evenings!" Yeah, but why don't you just get up earlier and go to sleep earlier then? What's stopping you? Oh you don't fancy your alarm going off at 5 a.m.? THAT'S WHAT DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS! You get up one hour earlier. That's literally what happens. You don't gain one hour, you don't lose one hour, you just do everything one hour earlier. But since you can't actually tell people that, instead you mess around with time. Way to go. Daylight saving time: still sucks in 2019. Rant over.
  3. Erik of Hazelfield

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    I didn't mean to derail the thread into an environmental impact discussion, but I want to add one more thing. It wouldn't matter much if a fossil fueled car under some circumstances was better, right now, regarding CO2 emissions. We need to change our society to a more sustainable model, not just because of climate change but also because we can't continue burning through the world's resources the way we're doing now. We'll run out of oil and eventually we'll run out of natural gas and coal too. Electric cars provide a path to sustainability - fossil fuel powered cars don't. Any problems that exist with electric cars - and I do acknowledge they exist; high prices, poor working conditions in cobalt mines, resource intensive battery production, long charging times and so on - they're all solvable. The problems of the combustion engine, on the other hand, are inherently unsolvable. A sustainable future simply cannot be based on fossil fuels. If the electric cars are not good enough, the solution is better electric cars.
  4. Erik of Hazelfield

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Congratulations! You'll probably find, like most Tesla owners do, that range is pretty much a non-issue if you can charge at home. Since the car is always well charged, the only time you really need the range is for longer trips, and even then it's perfectly fine with the fast charging networks that are out there nowadays. Many EV owners take their cars on trips through Europe, an eco-friendly and cheap way of traveling.
  5. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK politics - The Yellowhammer Made The Robin Weep

    Why does Corbyn want so badly to be caretaker PM anyway? Couldn't he solve this mess tomorrow by agreeing to someone else?
  6. Yes, we've been through the difficulties of a second referendum before. My personal favourite is first a three-option vote (May deal, no deal or remain) with the two most popular options from the first vote going to a second and final final referendum. But the brexiters would cry foul, saying this procedure would be rigging it for remain, because a) the leave votes in the first referendum would be split, leading to remain being almost certainly in the final vote, and b) it wouldn't include any of the other more or less realistic deal options that are on the table. But this is all hypothetical. The main problem with any kind of new referendum is that parliament wouldn't be able to agree on doing it, let alone agree on how the question would be framed.
  7. Erik of Hazelfield

    Bull**it Jobs

    So far I see but one actual example of bullshit jobs: stock broker. Are there any more? I'm not entirely convinced that there are so many bullshit jobs. You have the feeling that there are lots of them, but very few people would admit to having one. Technically I suppose it could be said that I have one myself. I count costs, handle quality issues, manage projects... But all I ever accomplish is moving bits of data around, call meetings and send emails. Yet people depend on me. Does that make it a non-bullshit job?
  8. You guys haven't read your Rosling. Already today, the world average nativity is about 2 children per woman. Since there are more children than adults, population levels will rise in the coming 50 years - but then it will stop at around 11 billion people. This wonderful video shows the principle (if you can stand the Swenglish). https://www.gapminder.org/answers/the-rapid-growth-of-the-world-population-when-will-it-slow-down/ If we do want to accelerate the slow-down, we would do well to promote women's rights and better education in the world's poorest countries. No need for unpopular draconian rules about how many children you're allowed to have.
  9. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Ok, that post didn't come across as I intended it. "Trust me, I'm an engineer!" Yes, and that's pretty dumb in itself, isn't it? The EU is by no means blameless in this mess. Forcing May to trigger Article 50 before even starting the negotiations was, in hindsight, a mistake. It made it more difficult for everyone.
  10. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Everything about Brexit is a horrible mess - the media, the lies, the referendum, the snap election, the nonexistent plan, the negotiations, the deadlocked parliament, the opposition and Boris Johnson's haircut. I wonder, however, if the legislative work around Article 50 isn't the very worst of it all. It gave the government a carte blanche to interpret Brexit, which it did horribly. It had no failsafe mechanism to make sure the UK didn't leave without a deal. It did not require any additional referendum on the final deal. It was triggered far too early, without anyone having an idea what the withdrawal agreement, let alone the future relationship with the EU, should look like. Was it really that inconceivable that the government would, within 2 years, fail to negotiate a deal that would get parliamentary approval? Was it really a smart move to let the default result be a no-deal Brexit? I'm an engineer, and we often analyse potential risks using failure mode and effects analysis. This is basically a fancy way of asking the question "what could possibly go wrong?". I feel that, before plunging ahead with what is possibly the most important change of the UK's status in the world since the last world war, it would have been prudent to ask that question.
  11. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The problem BoJo has though, with passing off a version of May's deal as his own, is that the part he doesn't like is the backstop - and that's precisely the part that the EU will never agree to change. Some other stuff could theoretically get cosmetic changes to help it pass, but not the backstop. If the backstop is removed then the EU will open a free flow of goods into the customs union, which would render the whole system useless. It'd be like having a boat that's watertight everywhere except for one hole. It's enough to sink the whole boat. Having spent so much time publicly deriding the backstop, I think it would be hard for Johnson to pass any kind of deal that still has it.
  12. Erik of Hazelfield

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Like many others I've let myself slip completely during vacations and regained about 3 of the 7 kg I lost this spring, but today I restart my journey to a fit body. I want to lose a total of 5 kg while maintaining my muscle mass, and I should be able to do it in about 10 weeks if I stick to 500 kcal deficit per day, hit the gym a lot and eat enough proteins. This time I'm doing one thing different: I'm weighing myself every day rather than once a week. The idea is that I will get reminded and encouraged more often and won't be as likely to cheat during the early part of the week.
  13. Erik of Hazelfield

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I'm totally the sort of person who reads a message, thinks I should respond to it but I'm busy right now, and then forgets completely about it for days. Everyone hates me for doing that.
  14. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Is there any kind of (remotely plausible) GE result that could bring Brexit to a close?
  15. Erik of Hazelfield

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    So as I understand it, Boris wants to get rid of the backstop but he has no idea what to replace it with, and he demands that the EU opens the deal for renegotiation or else the UK will crash out without a deal? In other words he's making demands while holding a gun against his own foot. While this position is itself worthy of ridicule, you have to wonder what his actual plan is. He's probably not dumb enough to believe that the EU will make any concessions on the issue of the backstop... So what does he plan? Another extension? Crash out and blame the EU?