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  1. Not sure where I stand on the issue of machine-learning systems for art and literature. But I absolutely plan to use chatgpt to help write my self-appraisal at work and cover letters for job applications. I'm sceptical about the potential for machine-learning to produce truth or beauty, but I see a use for it in outsourcing pointless bullshit make-work.
  2. I have absolutely no love for either of them, but they're not wrong about the UK press, which is by far the most vicious and toxic in the western world, and that includes the "respectable" papers and broadcasters, not just the tabloids. It's a tiny incestuous social group with a narrow range of self-serving values, and their entire MO can be summed up as "if you are a public figure you play ball with us or you only have yourself to blame for the campaign we will unleash against you." Is the venom directed at Meghan Markle motivated by misogyny and racism? Absolutely, yes, but those arenot the only reasons. As much as anything, she's an outsider who apparently refused to play ball.
  3. Had a real-life in-person conversation with my girlfriend the other day about telescopes. No googling, no searching amazon, pure face-to-face physical conversation. That same evening she starts getting repeated adverts for telescopes. I don't have an alexa or any other type of home assistant thing. I swear phones are listening in on conversations. It was creepy. I agree with you on hating ads. In fact, I actively resent being advertised to, and I absolutely go out of my way to cut all ads out of my life as much as I can. I use adblock on PC browsers (except on a tiny handful of select sites), brave browser and youtubed vanced on phone, haven't watched live TV in years, haven't been to a cinema in ages but when I do make sure I turn up for when the actual movies starts, don't buy newspapers or magazines. Haven't found a way to deal with billboards yet. Best I can do is specifically avoid buying things I see being advertised.
  4. It's difficult to judge because both interpretations are equally plausible. Is Putin so petty and insecure that he would threaten to blow up an individual state leader with missiles? Yes. Is Boris Johnson the type of person who would make the whole story up on the spot because he thought it sounded good? Also yes.
  5. I think I was around 9 - 11 years old when I really got into the Redwall series. Doesn't seem to get mentioned much anymore but I definitely recommend it for kids.
  6. I didn't start dating at all until I was 28. When I did start dating I fucked up a lot, got myself hurt, hurt a few people, but have also met some very cool people, had some fun, and am currently dating someone awesome. It might work out, it might not, same as all relationships. The point is, despite having a later than average start, I'm ultimately no more of a dating fuck-up than anyone else (which is to say I'm a total dating fuck-up, same as everybody else). I doubt you will be either.
  7. Of course, if nurses (and other essential workers) are kept on low pay, and terrible hours and conditions, and aren't allowed to strike, then what many of them will do (indeed, have been doing) is quit. And because the job is badly paid and extremely stressful, they won't be replaced. Here's what I find so frustrating about the whole thing, let's say they defeat all the labour unrest. No pay rises for anyone, serious real-term cuts for everyone across the board, not to be alleviated for the forseeable future. What's their endgame? To be wealthy and powerful in a society in which even the most basic services just don't work anymore? Like, even if their wealth insulates them from the worst effects to some extent, they can't live in a totally parallel system. They're reliant on the same underpinning infrastructure as the rest of us.
  8. This is my number one issue with TLJ. There's a lot of good stuff in that movie but the whole chase set-up (and the pacing generally) is an anchor that it can't overcome. Combine that with some weird tone and dialogue choices and it's a thematically interesting movie that's ultimately a mess in execution. IMO they should have shamelessly copied from Battelstar Galactica's 33. Keep ratchetting up the tension, then releasing it when they get away in the nick of time, then ratchet it back up again. As a bonus, the paranoia over how they're being tracked would lend more weight to Holdo's decision to withold her plan. Also, Canto Bight can be a location the rebels actually stop at (or close to) so it makes more sense to quickly visit it during a brief window of respite.
  9. This might be true if she asked it once, then dropped it, but she didn't. She asked the question, got an answer, decided she didn't like the answer, tried to push, got the same answer several times, never once just accepted the answer she was given, and continued to conduct an interrogation. Like, even a sheltered up-her-arse aristocrat can be expected to have enough social grace to know when to accept the answer she was given and back off, if the line of questioning was actually innocent.
  10. I don't know which hollywood type people need to hear this, but if they need to portray a fictional character at a particular age, and the original actor for that character is the wrong age, then I'm reliably informed that there are in fact other actors who will, in exchange for money, portray fictional characters on screen. I mean, they've even already done it with Solo, and others like Mon Mothma. I don't see why they can't just recast these roles if needed.
  11. Finding myself in a really annoying position of feeling incredibly restless and really yearning for more exercise, but also bored senseless and totally uninterested in all the forms of exercise I might actually do. Like, I want to move my body more, but also the thought of spending a second of brain power thinking about sets or reps or distances or km paces or training routines makes me want to punt my head through a wall.
  12. I personally think it's just a case of somebody being good at one thing (spotting a couple of unexploited, marketable technological niches and hiring the right people to build the things to fill those niches) and assuming he'll be good at something else totally unrelated (incresing the revenue streams of an already mature social network). We can debate on how much of Tesla and SpaceX's successes are down to Musk or not, but even if we allow that Musk was instrumental in what they've achieved, they're still very different companies from Twitter. The problems they're trying to solve are fundamentally technological problems and, as many people have already pointed out, Twitter is not actually a tech company. Its product is social engagement, not software, and Musk doesn't seem to know anything about what makes people tick outside of a couple of weird internet subcultures.
  13. This isn't a jab at anyone, everyone is different and is engaged by different things, but personally I'm baffled by the idea of being bored without a job. For me work has almost always been the pointless bullshit that I have to grit my teeth and endure in order to pay the bills so I can use the rest of my time to pursue things that actually matter to me. If anything, I've been more stressed out in the past from having too many hobbies or extracurriculars. I've wanted the "dream job" in the past, and I'm currently doing a degree to hopefully maybe land me in a job I'm passionate about one day, but TBH as time goes on I'm becoming more accepting of the fact that frankly I just hate working.* So for me, if I can do something that's at least a little bit useful, isn't actively unethical, and provides enough money to pay the bills and enough free time to pursue my actual passions, I'll call that a win. * To be more accurate, I hate everything about how we organise work in the west, and the moral dimensions we impart to it. I hate answering to a boss, I hate answering to an alarm clock, I hate doing pointless shit just because, I hate box-ticking, I hate the scrambling over each other to "get ahead," I hate the way that being miserable, stressed, over-worked and proud of your own exploitation is seen as a virtue. I don't hate doing useful tasks for my fellow humans, but I do hate all the additional crap we've piled on top of that basic concept.
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