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  1. A bit of rugby league for a change. Penrith absolutely steamrolled Parramatta yesterday to win their second straight NRL title. It really wasn't very competitive and unless something significant changes in next year it's hard to see them not being big favourites to win three straight. The Rugby League World Cup starts in a few weeks and I'm quite looking forward to it. Australia and New Zealand have named their squads and it's probably the weakest Kangaroos squad for a long time (although still pretty good). New Zealand and Tonga look good. On the downside the England squad is definitely a lot weaker than the last couple of World Cups, losing Walmsley, Newman, Lomax and Hodgson to injuries are pretty big blows with already thin looking depth. Hooker in particular looks a real problem. Adding to England's problems going back to Penrith about half of that Panthers side are in the Samoa squad.
  2. I started watching The Old Man, pretty good so far. It's basically RED without the jokes but Jeff Bridges and judicious amounts of John Lithgow are always good to watch and I like the atmosphere.
  3. On the positive side those tax cuts were just bad policy so it’s good they’ve flip flopped. On the down side it’s now absolutely clear cut the country is being run by incompetent morons and the next fuck up is clearly just round the corner, hard to see that inspiring much confidence in the markets.
  4. I don't know, the pre Guardiola Abu Dhabi money City sides were competently run but they weren't close to this level. I could see Newcastle getting to Mancini/Pellegrini at City levels in three years but I think City would have had to dropped off for that to actually be challenging them.
  5. I think City are probably winning the Champions League this year (they’re definitely winning the league).
  6. Hmm, Vinoo Mankad was the first to do it in international cricket so unlike some of the more questionable terms in the cricket lexicon I don't think it's particularly unreasonable it's ended up being named after him. It sounds better and is more to the point than 'running out the non striker while backing up'. Having said that I am aware that his family didn't like the term and the resulting reduction of an impressive international career to one controversial moment. My general opinion on this one is that if you don't want to use 'mankading' as the term for running out the non striker backing up out of respect for his family's wishes or his career then fair enough but I don't think it's offensive either. Obviously it's not something that bothers me too much considering I've used the term a few times over the last couple of pages of the thread. To be fair to Vinoo Mankad we've been talking about this as a wicket taking tactic and that definitely wasn't the case with his high profile incident, he'd absolutely warned Bill Brown before he did it. I looked it up before writing this and I didn't realise it'd actually already happened in a warm up game before the test match so you really can't say Brown hadn't been warned.
  7. I finished Nona the Ninth, as is apparently to be expected with Tamsyn Muir books I had no idea what was going on for a significant portion of the book but it was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the last book. Next I'm going to read Naomi Novik's The Golden Enclaves.
  8. I looked at the cricinfo article when you mentioned it. I haven’t bothered going through the entire twitter thread but he’s using a bullshit standard, nobody stands there and watches the bowler release the ball. They time it off the bowler’s delivery stride. I guarantee pretty much every batter in the match will have display the ‘basic lack of awareness’ he’s on his high horse about there. I think you’re drastically underestimating how much of a difference it’ll make if you have to account for the bowler potentially dummying to bowl. Batters still aren’t going to be watching the bowler release the ball because they have to watch the action at the other end. What that means is all their weight will have to be on their back leg all the time. Having your weight going in the wrong direction makes a big difference to how quickly you can react.
  9. She had her bat grounded as the bowler was into what should have been her delivery stride. That’s not leaving the crease early. So, yeah, I’d disagree with whatever definition they’re using to make that analysis. Well, yeah, that’s the point. You’re both basically advocating taking the quick single out of the game to enable a pretty shithouse way of getting someone out. It doesn’t appeal to me at all.
  10. In fairness it’s your own fault for watching a glorified international friendly. You don’t deserve good punditry if you choose to do that to yourself.
  11. Alexander-Arnold’s not in great form at the moment so it’s not a particular surprise Southgate’s not picking him given he’s obviously not a big fan. The issue for me is that Southgate really should have been building the side around him for a few years now but that ship has sailed.
  12. It’s not not that players are backing up too far though. That’s rarely an issue in cricket, unlike trying to get a lead from first base in baseball, the issue is that they’re paying attention down the other end because that’s where the action’s happened they need to chip in on reviews. The difference between being a potential mankad victim or not is whether they’re resting on their bat at the non strikers end or not. If we’re going to have it as a regular wicket taking ploy we’re just encouraging batters to be rooted at the non strikers end. That’s not a not positive to the game for me.
  13. I just finished. I think I enjoyed this one more than the second book. Nona's great, and all the cow stuff in the John chapters made me laugh. I currently have no thoughts on going down the rabbit hole of allusions in the book, maybe later.
  14. Yeah, I strongly disagree on that one. Baserunners stealing bases and the fielding team trying to defend that is one of the best things about baseball. There's also skill involved on the part of the pitcher, they can overthrow their baseman and allow the runner to advance, it also can and does distract some pitchers from their main job of pitching. There's no risk involved at all for a bowler to dummy to bowl, pull out in their bowling stride and whip the bails off. Lets be honest the ICC can say what they want but nobody actually watches the bowler release the ball. I was paying attention yesterday because it was a hot topic and there were multiple occasions the bowlers could have done it if they were so inclined. I'm pretty bad at cricket but I reckon I could get someone out in international cricket if I just deliberately set out to try and mankad someone.
  15. Absolute chaos in Karachi. Pakistan just can't help themselves from getting involved in dramatic finishes.
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