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  1. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    On the plus side for Ireland it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as this collapse has been for England. Jesus Christ.
  2. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Yeah, well played Wales. Having been slightly critical of their overall performance last time I posted you have to say when they’ve needed to they’ve absolutely picked it up a level. Disappointing from Ireland though, I expected it to be a lot closer. This really isn’t the performance they wanted from this Six Nations on the back of a really good 2018.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of going to the gym, I find it fairly tedious, but you don’t really need to interact much with anyone else while you’re at the gym if you don’t want to.
  4. ljkeane

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    That’s awful. Hopefully all the New Zealand boarders and their friends and family are ok.
  5. ljkeane

    Football: Bernaburned

    It’s been a significantly better second half from Liverpool, Bayern never really looked like getting anything after a good end to the first half.
  6. ljkeane

    Football: Bernaburned

    I’m not entirely sure it’d be a good thing for us to go through but, what the hell, knocking Bayern out would be fun. Anyway, away goal so advantage Liverpool.
  7. ljkeane

    Football: Bernaburned

    Early disallowed goal in the Juve Atletico game. VAR strikes again!
  8. ljkeane

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    They pretty much are presented as complete bad guys. At least Talos says they started the war with no real justification and they're now hunting down and exterminating refugees and Carol (and presumably Mar Vel) seems to be accepting that without many questions. Personally I think it'd be a little more interesting if the Kree had some valid justification for their side in the conflict but it had spiralled out of control. Again, more to the point I think it'd be more interesting if Carol still saw some good in the Kree and she was reluctant to fight them. If she's going to be so overpowered at least give her some reason to not want to use her powers. I think that's basically the problem with most of the Marvel films, the bad guys aren't very interesting and on top of that they don't really challenge the heroes when it comes down to it.
  9. ljkeane

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    It's not exactly my logic but, no, I don't actually think the government should be legally obliged to rescue people who put themselves into dangerous situations abroad for less morally dubious reasons either. I think they should try to do it if they can but if it would entail putting other people in significant danger or there's not much chance of success then you have to make some rational assessments as to whether it's worth it.
  10. ljkeane

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    So far as I'm aware the government doesn't have any real legal obligation to go and rescue people who put themselves (and their children) in dangerous situations. Whether you agree with him or not I doubt he's actually liable.
  11. ljkeane

    Football: Bernaburned

    Slightly odd choice from his point of view. I thought he'd timed his exit pretty much perfectly, it seems unlikely to go as well second time round. Maybe he was planning on getting the United job?
  12. ljkeane

    Make Mine Captain Marvel! (SPOILERS)

    I thought the end, like a lot of Marvel films, was fairly boring. It's turns out the Kree are the bad guys and Carol's super duper powerful and everything's resolved by her smashing lots of stuff in a not particularly good action scene. There's no real tension. I think it'd have been more interesting if the Kree had a bit more nuance. If they had to make Carol so powerful, and maybe they need to for later films, at least make her a little more reluctant to kill hundreds (?) of Kree she's been living and working with for 6 years. Presumably the guy who said he didn't want to hurt her was her friend but she apparently didn't care.
  13. ljkeane

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    I'm off work today so I went to see Captain Marvel. It's fine. It's not particularly good but it's watchable enough, pretty much the same as most of the other Marvel films.
  14. ljkeane

    US Politics: compromising positions

    That's not really true. The British facilitated large scale Zionist immigration to Palestine largely because they thought it'd give them a biddable client population some time before the Holocaust and they didn't support partition. The US was basically just taking the chance to wash their hands of the situation.
  15. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    In fairness I think the issue is trying to give non tier 1 sides a chance to really develop. Georgia do deserve a chance to play better competition more often. Having said that, yeah, I can't see the old five nations unions risking one of them dropping out and losing those traditional fixtures so doubt it'll happen. Anyway, no real change to the state of play on this weekend's fixtures so it'll all come down to the game in Cardiff next week. Wales, other than about 30 minutes of the game against England, haven't really looked that great this year. They don't give away soft points though and seem to mostly take their chances and they keep winning. Ireland haven't been at their best either, they still weren't as clinical as they'd like either today, but they started to look a bit better with the territorial domination they had. I think it's going to be a pretty tight game.