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  1. So The Raven Tower is written in the second person apparently, which is really annoying. I've read about five pages so far because it's irritating me so much.
  2. Just on this they gave out about 330,000 vaccine doses yesterday and it is trending upwards. So long as there aren't any major issues getting access to enough of the various vaccines to continue increasing the number of people getting vaccinated there seems to be a good chance they're going to make it.
  3. Aaron Donald tore his rib cartilage last week apparently. That's the most uncomfortable injury I've ever had, it's worse than breaking a rib. It'll be interesting to see how he goes tonight.
  4. Kusal Mendis has got a run! To be fair he’s earned it after the hammering he took at short leg yesterday. This is a far better day for Sri Lanka so far. ETA: England aren't bowling particularly well but I think it's notable that in less than helpful conditions Broad's conceded three runs off eight overs. The Sri Lankan batsmen want no part of him. I think Broad's pretty decisively winning his battle with Anderson over which of them's going to be one old timer to play at this point. You'd probably play Anderson in overcast prime swinging conditions in England, other than that it's Broad.
  5. I watched about five minutes of the first episode. Does it carry on like this? Am I missing something because this is really tedious.
  6. I suppose it's good that the UK is towards the top of the list but, honestly, I look at 80% willing to take the vaccine and think one in five people aren't willing to take it after all we've been through over the last year. Wow, people are idiots.
  7. I can't say I did but it sounds like a solid plan to me. Working from home from Sri Lanka for a year, I can think of worse things.
  8. Really? I thought that was the worst part of the books. It goes to show how differently people can read the same books I suppose.
  9. So that went badly wrong for Sri Lanka then. A couple of my neighbours were meant to be going to Sri Lanka for the Galle test last year before it was cancelled. They were gutted when it was called off. It does look a great place to go to watch some cricket.
  10. The Obsidian Tower wasn't anything special but it was ok, readable enough. Next up, sticking to the tower theme, I'm going to read Ann Leckie's The Raven Tower. I quite liked her sci fi books so hopefully this'll be good.
  11. Daily deaths from covid today is over 1500. Apparently the people dying at the moment are largely those who were infected around three weeks ago so it could get worse from here. Jesus.
  12. Agreed. It clearly didn't bother the Indian batsmen and it wouldn't surprise me if that's something Smith had a nervous habit of doing. He has about 22 others.
  13. I've finally bit the bullet and bought myself some airpods. I've been putting it off for a while as this is clearly what Apple was trying to force us to do when they fucked us all over by getting rid of the headphone jack. It didn't seem worth buying another set of lightning connector headphones though so I gave in. Annoyingly they're quite good. Especially at the moment with all the mask wearing we're doing.
  14. If we've still got less than half the population vaccinated we certainly won't have anything approaching herd immunity. Just because vulnerable people have been vaccinated it doesn't guarantee they're safe, especially given the vaccinations are being given on a less than ideal schedule which may well turn out to reduce their efficacy. On top of that there are people with compromised immune systems who it might not matter too much if they've been vaccinated and there are still people under 50 who get serious cases even if it's less likely. Someone I work with's husband, who's in his 40s, was hospitalised recently. Things will probably improve reasonably significantly after the most vulnerable have some level of protection but if we're still running at tens of thousands of cases a day a lot of people will still die.
  15. I just finished The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri which was quite good, although a little depressing to be a reading at the moment. Next up I'm going to read The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso.
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