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  1. The US will lift it's travel ban on vaccinated travellers from the EU and UK from November. I must admit I'm quite pleased from a selfish point of view given I'd booked a trip for 2022 to the US a few months ago when there was airline sale thinking it'd definitely be open by then but I've been getting increasingly concerned that wasn't going to be the case. In general though it probably does make sense given Delta has spread widely in both the US and Europe so travel bans are only really much use if there's a new variant to be concerned about.
  2. It was a pretty bad penalty, it was right in the spot that's asking for it to be saved for a right footed penalty taker. De Gea might not be great at penalties but as soon as he dived that way he'd have been disappointed not to have saved it.
  3. I don’t like this United away kit. I know they’ve actually had a lot of blue away kits over the years but ‘red’ teams playing in blue just feels wrong.
  4. My fitness playing rugby today was absolutely terrible. I've been struggling with my foot so I've been running less and less and missed quite a lot of training for various reasons over the last few weeks. I was just a complete liability after about 30 minutes. I really need to sort myself out.
  5. Another good win for the Wallabies. I thought they were in trouble when their play under the high ball went to shit after Banks went off but the Springboks defence just couldn't handle them ball in hand. One of the problems with a really aggressive rush defence like South Africa play is if you miss tackles on the inside you're really struggling so the fact that they just couldn't tackle Kerevi one on one really caused them big issues. I think playing Mostert in the back row was probably the wrong call, he's fine if they can keep the game tight but with Australia looking to up the tempo whenever they could they could have done with a more mobile back row. Just as an aside I think this really showed how the Lions got their tactics wrong for the South Africa series. It was pretty obvious from the third test when Russell came on anyway but buying into the way the Springboks want to play the game clearly isn't the way to beat them.
  6. Apparently New Zealand and England have the same security consultants so it's hard to see England not deciding to pull the plug on their tour too.
  7. I’ve got no idea how we didn’t score about 8 goals but, hey, a win’s a win. Good game. Origi had quite a good game to be fair.
  8. I just finished Citadel by Marko Kloos the third book in his Palladium Wars series. They're a little bit odd in that it doesn't really feel like they're distinct books, the narrative just sort of carries on, but overall they're okay. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them but I got them all while they were on offer on Amazon and they're reasonable enough at that price. Next up I'm going to start The Wisdom of Crowds.
  9. So Lukaku's going to be really good for Chelsea isn't he? That's annoying.
  10. They haven’t shown it again but Neville, after watching the replays, doesn’t seem to think it was a particularly bad tackle. It’s just shit luck for Elliott just as he was breaking into the team. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery.
  11. Shit. I think that’s a leg break for Elliott.
  12. Good game between Australia and South Africa. I thought the Wallabies did some good things in their games against New Zealand but they really lacked composure at the key moments. Quade Cooper isn't someone I'd generally associate with composed leadership from the flyhalf role but, fair play to him, they did look a lot better with him at 10.
  13. Winning a grand slam tournament without dropping a set at 18, not a bad effort. Raducanu’s got a job for life as a tennis pundit on UK tv if she wants it now.
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