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  1. It feels like a real down year for the Champions League this season. Barcelona and Napoli have really regressed after winning the league in Spain and Italy last season, Liverpool and Leverkusen are in the Europa League, United and Newcastle were weak 3rd and 4th Premier League sides. Even Real are in a bit of a transition this season.
  2. I think Arsenal will still be pretty confident of going through with the home leg to come but that’s certainly made things interesting.
  3. If Jota has gone above Diaz in the pecking order, and I think it’s fair to say he has, that’s 7 of our first choice 11 out and Konate and Robertson only make the bench. Jesus.
  4. It didn’t damage his reputation that much, although the can’t win in Europe without Messi thing was weighing on him for some time, but he’d clearly failed to achieve what they were aiming for. Also Guardiola started his time at Bayern up against Klopp’s Dortmund so there was still a domestic rival to overcome. Alonso going to Bayern would undermine Leverkusen straight off the bat.
  5. The problem with the Bayern job is that success is winning the Champions League, domestic titles are the bare minimum these days, and they don’t look close to that at the moment. The Liverpool job he’d almost certainly be given more leeway to build a side and we probably have a better squad at the moment but the downside is there’s more competition and he has to follow Klopp. It probably just comes down to what Alonso wants to do, there’s probably not a clearly wrong answer.
  6. Since the last time I posted in this thread I've read: Son of Anger by Donovan Cook. It was a bit of a mixed bag. There were some decent elements to it but the writing was fairly clunky. It was one of his earlier books so I was on the fence about trying another one to see if the writing improves but I see Isk has a less than positive review of another of his books so I'll probably leave it. Kevin Wignall's Those Who Disappeared. After not liking the previous book of his I read because the protagonist was a bit too dislikeable I enjoyed this one. The main character skews the other way towards being a bit less amoral than Wignall's usual fare and the story was a bit more low key but I liked it. Kindred by Octavia Butler. This was unsurprisingly a bit of a depressing read but it was very good. The plot was fairly predictable once the premise had been established but it's very well written and pretty moving.
  7. Netanyahu could ignore the US, Israel doesn’t need US support to continue military action in Gaza, but I think it’s fair to wonder exactly how hard Biden is trying if the response to being told to fuck off is ‘well we’re not happy but we’re still going to give you $14 billion in military aid’.
  8. That’s about as nailed on a red card as you’re likely to see. Horrendous challenge. Actually a decent intervention from VAR for once too.
  9. Well, I’ll take that. City dropping points after Christmas is always a bonus.
  10. Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again?
  11. Chelsea are weird. Basically give up away to Wolves. City away, they give them one of the tougher games they’ve had in months. ETA: If City had a decent striker they might be a good side.
  12. It’s entirely possible to go to India, play pretty well and end up getting well beaten but England have really shot themselves in the foot in this test. If they’d taken their chances in the first innings they could easily have bowled India out for sub 300 and going from 224-2 to 319 all out is less than ideal.
  13. He’s in hospital apparently so, yeah, pretty shit week for him. He seemed genuinely hurt by the fans getting on his case last week. It is a shame his time at Palace is going to end on this note.
  14. Joe Root putting Rohit Sharma down on 27 feels like it might be the key moment on what’s apparently shaping up to be a flat pitch. England had India on the ropes and they’ve let them off the hook.
  15. If you make contact with the keeper it’s pretty much always going to interfering with play to be fair. A bit of a shame ‘cause Leipzig could definitely have won if they’d taken their chances. At least one of the ties could have threatened to be interesting.
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