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  1. ljkeane

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    I think City will probably revert to the mean a bit, almost everything went right for them in the league last season, but, like most people, even with teams adjusting to them and them having a bit less luck I think they're probably getting 90 plus points. Without doing anything dramatic Liverpool should be able to make a solid improvement in our points total by sustaining the defensive improvement from the second half of last season and having a bit more squad depth. To catch City we'll probably need to really click though. It could probably go either way for the other top 6 sides. On the plus side for United if they get Pogba performing at the level he can for the whole season alongside Matic and Fred they could be significantly better. On the downside they really heavily overperformed relative to their expected goals scored and conceded last year, to the tune of about 18 points, if De Gea has a bad year it could get grim. Spurs just look like they're going have a really tough start to the year with their players' workload at the World Cup plus Son missing for the Asian Games. They could probably do with making some good signings. Chelsea and Arsenal are interesting with both new managers probably looking to change their style of play. Arsenal have made some solid looking signings but they've got the most ground to make up. Chelsea have a lot to do with probably changing to 4-3-3 and maybe losing Hazard and Courtios but they beat City to Jorginho and Sarri looks like he's going to be fun anyway. ETA: It's the hope that kills you. Sturridge always looks class when he's fit, then he snaps his hamstring bending over to tie his shoelaces.
  2. I think they'll probably both be fine. They've been playing in England for the one days and conditions aren't currently particularly 'English', there should be plenty in it for the spinners. How England adapt to Kuldeep is going to be key for me, he dismantled England's one day batting lineup, currently a significantly stronger unit than their test counterparts, in the first ODI. On the positive side once England got used to him and there was a bit less mystery to his spin they adapted fairly well and Joe Root was notably a significant part of that.
  3. ljkeane

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    In fairness Salford City FC is owned by a billionaire (and the Neville brothers, Giggs, Scholes and Nicky Butt.) ETA: Looks like Danny Ward's going to Leicester so you'd think Kasper Schmeichel might be going somewhere else.
  4. ljkeane

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    I still think that's crazy money for a 'keeper but, hey, fingers crossed he's amazing. I'm not sure Chelsea are going to be paying that kind of money now Abramovich seems more reluctant to fund transfers personally. They'd probably have to sell Hazard to go that high I think, which of course they still might do.
  5. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Sam Warburton's retired from rugby. It's a bit of a shock a year out from the World Cup but professional players put their bodies through so much punishment in the modern game you can't ever be too surprised. Still, not a bad career captaining Wales to a couple of Six Nations wins and the Lions to a win in Australia and a draw in New Zealand.
  6. ljkeane

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    Yeah, I'm not entirely convinced that there's value in spending that kind of money on a 'keeper. Let's say Alisson is world class, which isn't guaranteed after one good season for Roma, if our defence remains as good as it was in the second half of last season you're probably only talking about a couple of goals less conceded across the season by getting him. £60 plus million seems like a lot of money to pay for that. Hopefully we aren't spending that money on a goalkeeper instead of getting Fekir or an alternative attacking player.
  7. ljkeane

    Podcasts and Organizing them

    There’s a new Hardcore History episode out.
  8. ljkeane

    Football: Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

    Do you need better than Klavan for 4th/5th choice defender? I wouldn’t have thought so, not for any significant sum of money anyway. I’m dubious.
  9. France have been slightly underwhelming given the resources available to them but they probably were the most talented team at this World Cup so you can't argue with them winning too much.
  10. Heh, and Lloris plays himself out of contention for 'keeper of the tournament. Game back on?
  11. Oh well, Croatia have been good, and France were fortunate with the two goals in the first half, but the quality in the French side has shone through when it's come down to it.
  12. I thought Croatia would dominate possession but get picked off with France’s pace on the break but, credit to them, Croatia have just been comfortably the better team.
  13. He drops his hand onto the ball. Nailed on penalty for me.
  14. Perisic goes from hero to villain in a short space of time.
  15. Er, that’s a penalty.