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  1. ljkeane

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    Decent start with the bat by the Windies in Barbados. Two quick wickets from Stokes has put it back in the balance though, especially given how fragile their batting lineup has tended to be.
  2. ljkeane

    Football: the winter break

    It sounds like Cardiff's new record signing Emiliano Sala may have been lost in a plane crash. Hopefully everyone's found ok but it's not looking good.
  3. Now I've finished the rest of the series, yeah, I'd definitely agree. I think beyond that though what happened to his nephew was pretty horrific and I'm not convinced at all he was involved.
  4. ljkeane

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    I just caught up with yesterdays games. Like everyone's said the Saints were absolutely screwed by the officials and I bet Dee Ford's not having a great day today.
  5. ljkeane

    Football: the winter break

    Yeah, that challenge on Sterling was a stonewall penalty. Watching City games against sides in the bottom half hoping they’ll drop points isn’t a whole lot of fun. ETA: And there’s the goal. Game over already I suspect.
  6. I'm about 3 years behind but I've just started watching Making a Murderer. I'm about halfway through and so far I think it's possible Avery did kill Teresa Halbach but, bloody hell, it's horrendous some of the stuff law enforcement and the prosecution have done.
  7. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    So Edinburgh will have a home quarterfinal and, in the process, have ensured that Glasgow will be in the knockouts of the Champions Cup too. I think that's the best performance for Scottish teams in Europe I can remember, not a bad way to lead into the Six Nations. Speaking of the Six Nations this is the England squad for the start of the tournament. Overall it looks pretty strong although Ireland away is a very tough start. With that in mind Underhill's a loss, his defence would be pretty useful in Dublin, but Curry, Wilson and even Earl aren't bad options at openside.
  8. It's pretty odd. For something that's supposedly set in the modern day UK it has a very 1980s American feel to it (apparently deliberately but it's still a bit weird) amongst other things but I still quite liked it.
  9. Here you go. The ending changed my opinion of You. It didn't really go were I was expecting it to.
  10. ljkeane

    Football: the winter break

    Harry Wilson continues to look pretty useful. Hopefully he gets a chance back at Liverpool next season.
  11. ljkeane

    Football: the winter break

    Derby take the lead against Southampton. Hassenhuttl obviously didn’t watch Bielsa’s ‘how to beat Derby’ tutorial. Wait, goal overruled by VAR. Boo.
  12. ljkeane

    Football: the winter break

    In fairness he came out and admitted it (and took full responsibility for it) straight away.
  13. If they didn't have to get elected in their new countries I'm sure they'd do fine. The solution to the problem in the UK's pretty clear, the issue is a lot of MPs are also well aware they'd lose their jobs if they voted to just stay in the EU. A significant part of the problem, at least with the current government shutdown, in the US is that Republican senators are all to aware of how much of their base are pro Trump so they aren't willing to rock the boat despite McConnell surely knowing how stupid it is.
  14. I've voted Labour in every election I've been able to vote in. I won't be voting Labour next time due to how badly Corbyn handled this whole situation.
  15. Well I'd note that future Parliaments can't be bound by the decisions of the current Parliament so, whether there's an exit mechanism or not, it's not really 'legally binding' as such anyway.