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  1. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Really good win for Ireland in Dublin. I didn’t think they’d be able to squeeze New Zealand in defence the way they did, to keep them try less was a cracking effort. From the New Zealand perspective there’s a few concerns going into the World Cup. They’re still the best side but they don’t look different class the way they have for a while, it’s been noticeable against the Springboks, England and now Ireland that they haven’t been able to turn it up a gear and just blow sides away. It makes it more fun to watch as a neutral though. Good game at Murrayfield too. There were some great tries.
  2. Mathews gone straight after tea. That’s relieved a little pressure for England.
  3. Good innings from Root to put England in a decent position. I don’t think batting’s as tough as I thought it was going to be with the extravagant spin there was early though. It’s fairly slow spin so the batsman seem to be able to navigate it if they bat well. ETA: Hmm, that wasn’t great timing.
  4. It was probably Root or Bayliss' idea but I'd expect Jennings was offered a nightwatchman rather than being told he was taking one, it's usually the batsman's call. To be clear I don't actually care.
  5. ljkeane

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    I assume everyone’s watching Rooney’s England testimonial? Remember that one tournament when he was half decent? It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye.
  6. It’s not really but traditionally openers don’t take a night watchman, shows lack of character. I always thought Jennings had a bit of a shifty look to him.
  7. Parliament can do whatever it wants, and I’m sure the EU would bite their hands off if offered the prospect of another referendum, but since we’re stuck with May and Corbyn there’s no leadership to get anything done.
  8. Wait, I just looked at the scorecard, did Jennings send out a nightwatchman? That's not really in the spirit of things.
  9. On the plus side for England, despite not having got a big score yet, Burns looks fairly decent. Sam Curran also isn't a bad player. With Curran's late flurry of sixes that's probably about a par score for England but Sri Lanka's batting lineup's pretty subpar and Leach looked almost unplayable so you'd probably say advantage England.
  10. I just finished The Fall of Dragons, bloody hell there's a lot going on in that book and I'm not entirely sure I followed everything but it was still very enjoyable. I'm not sure what I'll read next probably either Lies Sleeping or War of the Wolf.
  11. ljkeane

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    I just watched the Seahawks Rams game and saw Lockett giving the ball to Floyd Mayweather after he scored. Couldn't he find a kid or at least someone in a Seahawks shirt rather than giving it to a multimillionaire domestic abuser?
  12. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    The offside line isn't the front foot of the New Zealand players stepping over the ball, it's the back of the England player who made the tackle. I've seen a few stills were about half Lawes' foot is offside but the ball's out by that point. Basically I think Lawes crosses the offside line between frames so he's either fractionally offside or fractionally onside. It's the kind of thing I'd have no problem with sticking with the call if the ref, who was in the perfect position to see it, had said he was offside but I don't think they should be going back and overturning; if he'd been miles offside and that's why he got the charge down fine but it made no real difference, just get on with the game rather than going over everything ad infinitum. I liked Ben O'Keefe in the Wales-Australia game just making the call when Kerevi ran into Halfpenny. It's good to see a ref having the confidence in his decisions. Having said all that, again, I'm not really up in arms about the disallowed try in the England game. If England's lineout hadn't gone to pieces in the second half they would almost certainly have won the game, they didn't really deserve to win.
  13. ljkeane

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    I don’t think there’s much prospect of a United comeback this time. For all that Pogba’s been inconsistent for them it’s hard to see them knocking City off their stride without him. ETA: I might have spoken too soon.
  14. ljkeane

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    The Chelsea Everton game has been pretty good so far. I think Everton might be a half decent side.