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  1. Out of 100 cases in the UK there were 99 after the first dose and one after the second dose. The report notes that for the one case after the second dose that 'this individual had medical conditions that could have caused the events'. So, yeah, if you were fine after the first dose you're probably even more likely to be okay after the second dose.
  2. I have to say I did think this was really a negotiating tactic to get something they wanted out of UEFA on Champions League reforms. They all signed non binding contracts to join a new super league? Right okay. The way it's all collapsed in a heap though it seems they really did mean it. Which is a little embarrassing for all concerned.
  3. I don't think it'd even be necessarily be a positive outcome anyway. It's not hard to imagine a situation were FIFA or UEFA did something were the major clubs threatening to take their ball and go home would be a good thing (like, say, a Qatar World Cup). This was obviously a bad idea but UEFA being propped up by legislation doesn't strike me as a good solution.
  4. I was mostly being pretty boring sat in a pub to watch a football game but the number of people completely off their faces at like lunchtime on a Wednesday was fairly impressive.
  5. I happened to be near Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on the 20th of April one year. That was, er, interesting.
  6. I think pointing out the relative risks of covid and taking a particular vaccine is important but I do think putting into perspective how small the risks associated with being vaccinated are in comparison with everyday things is also important. People hear a risk of 1/100,000 and it doesn't mean a lot to most of them and when they're told 22 people have died in the UK that sounds really bad in isolation. In comparison though something like 2000 people a year die in the UK from taking NSAIDs (ibuprofen etc).
  7. I think that's the kind of insidious Norman architecture the Anglo Saxon caucus is trying to defend you from. To be fair I can see where they're coming from. I'm all for a multicultural society but someone needs to take a stand and say the cultural imperialism of the Normans needs to stop.
  8. Speaking of County Cricket maybe England should have given Matt Parkinson a chance in India looking at this.
  9. They're giving them to Covax. It's not really ideal messaging to say 'we don't think this is safe enough to give to any of our population' then hand it over to covax countries though. ETA: Huh, maybe I'm wrong about that. I was sure I'd read that they were donating them to the covax scheme but I can't seem to find the story anywhere now.
  10. Not a bad performance but we needed to take one of the chances in the first half to put some pressure on Madrid. They were pretty comfortable parking the bus second half and, to be fair to them, defended pretty well in the absence of Ramos and Varane.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it wasn't the family photo album.
  12. I didn't mind it but I did think there were some issues with the book and it was a clear step down from Gideon the Ninth for me so I'm a little surprised it's on a best novel of the year list. I'm not particularly invested in the Hugo Awards as anything other than a way for me to find good books to read that I otherwise might have missed so I don't really care what the makeup of the nominations list is so long as it is a decent effort to find the best few novels of the year are. That doesn't strike me as a great set of nominations though. Beyond Harrow the Ninth I think there's diminishing returns from the Lady Astronaut series and Piranesi was okay but nothing special. I might be guilty of prejudging The City We Became because I haven't read it yet but I am a bit dubious about it's premise. You could absolutely substitute other novels written by women in that I'd be fine with though.
  13. It hasn't been approved yet for some reason so not for a while I'd assume.
  14. J&J are 'proactively delaying' their vaccine rollout in Europe so it doesn't look like European regulators are going to get the option of continuing to use it.
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