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  1. Don't get me wrong it doesn't bother me that I think it started out as a Star Wars book. I think it's a good story and the world building he's come up with is very interesting. ETA: And obviously the centarchs can do non Jedi like stuff with their hakens. He's clearly developed it beyond the initial premise.
  2. I don't think it's explicitly described as being exactly like a lightsaber in every way but the centarchs' hakens are a sword handle from which an energy blade (the type of energy seems to vary) emerges and can cut through pretty much everything. He's changed it a bit but it's a lightsaber.
  3. Well he's a no longer particularly mobile 10 whose midfield was getting absolutely rinsed, it's not that much of a surprise he's not going to feature too much. On top of that I expect Bayern's defensive game plan was basically 'don't let them get the ball to Messi in space'.
  4. Jesus. And Bayern have fluffed a bunch of decent chances tonight too.
  5. In fairness De Jong at Ajax looked like a pretty much no brainer replacement for Busquets. They just seem to have managed his integration into the side terribly. There's still time for that transfer to work out I suppose. Suarez is still quite good at football. ETA: Alphonso Davies isn't bad at football either.
  6. How have Barcelona become this bad outside of Messi with all the money they've spent? Their transfer policy since they signed Suarez has been an absolute disaster.
  7. Bayern might fancy themselves to score a few goals against City too.
  8. I'm a Wexler fan too and I just finished Ashes of the Sun. I enjoyed it and I'd agree with most of the things said about it here but I will say there's no way that was just 'inspired' by Star Wars, it was blatantly originally a Star Wars book that he's rewritten. Maya's definitely a Jedi. I like the way he's rewritten it and the world building is pretty cool but he's pretty much admitting it with all the talk of the amount of rewriting in the acknowledgments at the end of the book.
  9. A comedy run out! Pakistan bringing out all the hits.
  10. So PSG and RB Leipzig are two of the semifinalists and City will more than likely join them. That's less than ideal. To be fair being a propaganda tool for Red Bull isn't quite as bad as being a propaganda tool for despotic Middle Eastern regimes so I feel a little harsh bracketing them together but, you know, I'd still rather it didn't actually pay off for Red Bull either.
  11. How have we lost play to rain? It’s cracking the flags everywhere else in the UK. That’s what you get for taking the cricket away from sunny Manchester I suppose. I’m glad to see England have at least got a sort of all rounder into the side in Curran rather than just going with five bowlers. Having said that I’m a little surprised they didn’t go with one of the pacier options of Archer or Wood in the side.
  12. Yeah, I think to a degree that's deliberate. Muir's set pretty much everything so far in out of the way places which don't lend themselves much to interaction with wider society. I think there's some hints we're going to see more in the next book though.
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