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  1. Jesus Christ, the umpires are going off for bad light at 4 in the afternoon after all these rain delays. Sometimes cricket really doesn’t help itself.
  2. ljkeane

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    I've got no idea what season most of the great Simpsons episodes are in so I had a look (any season that had Hank Scorpio in it was definitely a good one). Wow, I can't believe they're up to 30 seasons and it's been so long since it's been good. There are so many good Simpsons episodes and they've been making so long that there so, so many more bad ones.
  3. ljkeane

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Yeah, that was interesting. One other thing I noticed:
  4. ljkeane

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood last night. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting and it's a bit odd but it was fun and I enjoyed it quite a lot. One thing which did give me a bit of pause was Continuing the Manson theme I've also recently finished watching season 2 of Mindhunter. It's a very good series but I'm wondering what the point of having little clips of the BTK killer throughout the series is. A lot of focus on a serial killer who wasn't caught by criminal profiling in a series about the development of criminal profiling does make me wonder if the entire point is that what they're doing is in fact bullshit.
  5. I don't know, I see what you're saying but the difference with Labuschagne and Smith was Labuschagne bounced straight up and looked ok (not definitive but still better) while Smith hit the deck pretty hard and took a while to get up while looking groggy. One thing they're doing in rugby is having doctors looking at footage of when players picked up an injury to see if they're showing concussion symptoms then even if they're later able to pass the verbal tests. I don't know but I'd suggest that potentially was the case with Smith.
  6. Absolutely the right decision. Leaving aside the potential long term issues with concussion this isn't like most other injuries you're likely to get in cricket were the worst you're going to do is re break a broken bone or tear a muscle again, people can die if they get two concussions in quick succession.
  7. I think Root’s over bowling Archer here, the next test starts on Thursday. Getting the batsmen jumping around is nice but Woakes averages something like 10 at Lords and Broad has 450 test wickets, there’s nothing wrong with going to them. Er, scratch that. Just keep bowling Archer into the ground.
  8. Labuschagne has done pretty well actually. Coming in halfway through the test to replace Smith and getting hit with a bouncer early he could easily have let the pressure get to him but he’s calmed things down a bit.
  9. I think Archer’s got a particularly difficult bouncer to pick. Sky had Ravi Bopara on last night, who’s faced in him County Cricket, and he was saying his bouncer is a nightmare because there’s just no change in his action. On top of that it coming down at 95 mph obviously doesn’t give you much time to react.
  10. This is were the absence of Smith really changes the pressure on Australia. It’s a bit odd Khawaja was asking Bancroft if he should review. Surely he’s the one who’d know if he’d nicked it.
  11. Roy has looked worse than Denly, there’s no question about that, but they’re going to give him more time. There’s a lot more potential there and he’s got the credit in the bank of being a top class performer at international level for the one day side.
  12. ljkeane

    Football: A New Hope

    VAR! City drop points. I knew they were going to crack under the pressure of matching Liverpool’s winning run. This means we win the title now, right?
  13. Stokes and Buttler have steadied the ship a bit. If England get through the morning session they should be ok, especially given Smith’s arm will probably be worse tomorrow.
  14. That might be the end for Denly. A little bit of composure there and the threat of England losing would have been almost over. That England have sent the left handed Stokes out there to face Lyon ahead of Buttler isn’t a great sign of confidence in Buttler’s batting either. ETA: Shit. I think England are done here.
  15. Well shit. It might not be heading towards a draw anymore. Ffs.