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  1. @Soylent Brown Man, you haven't been this critical of Liverpool in the years they were actually bad. Lighten up a bit. With all that's happened this season, the team is second in the league and only because of GD and has secured top spot in a not that easy group in the Champions League. How high have your standards become? No one is denying that some of the performance has been below the standard the team has gotten us accustomed to, but results are still here. And of course that Neco Williams can't play at the level Trent is playing. If he could, one of them would probably be moved to midfield to make room for both in the starting lineup (or sold for an insane amount of money). Even Fabinho, who's done wonderfully as CB, is not at the level of VVD. There is sure to be a drop in quality of teams performance. I mean, for a couple of seasons now we've been saying that Alisson or VVD getting injured would ruin Liverpool's chances for the title but that has been the case for most of the season so far and they are still very much a contender both in PL and CL. I'd say that the team has been achieving results above expectations, when all things are considered.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I prefer having 8 hours of sleep. It's just that I can function normally when I don't get as many, at least in the short term. Either way, having a toddler in the house kind of makes 8+ hours of sleep a distant memory at best
  3. On the days I have my crossfit training I need to get up at 6:15AM in order to get to training at 7:15AM (I have a bit of a morning routine that takes up to half an hour) and I've noticed that it's been very difficult for me to get up at that time if I'm not asleep by midnight. I mean, it makes perfect sense but even going to bed ad 11:55PM instead of 0:05AM makes a difference between getting up in time in the morning and not. Still, managed to get up this morning and get to training. Felt great afterwards. I guess I'll be going to bed a bit earlier from now on.
  4. First of all, congratulations on your result. Also, I second what @OnionAhaiReborn said - it's really impressive to me you did it on a treadmill since I could never run on a treadmill for longer than around 10k and that was in my rowing club in a corner with windows all around me, looking at trees all the time. Regarding drinks during the run, I would avoid Coke In better organized races you'd have refreshments every 2.5km or so, and you'd have water at every one and some energy/isotonic/whatever drinks at every other one. You take a bottle of water and/or a small cup of that other drink and carry on running. As far as a race is concerned, that's always infinitely more fun than training. You have all those runners around you, the crowds cheering all of you on and my favourite is that you get to see the city you're running in from a pretty unique angle that most of the people never see it from. As long as it works, and one keeps improving the other who cares which came first? Again, great to hear you are enjoying it.
  5. Today I couldn't go to my usual morning workout so I went to one after work. We did some warmups and some back squats and push press but the "main" part was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 triplet of burpees, wall balls and ab-mat sit-ups. I knew it would take some time so I paced myself rather well. I did all burpees and sit-ups sets unbroken but had to break wall ball sets of 21-18-15-12. Don't know what it is but I'm just not that good on wall balls. A set of 21 would not be that difficult for me to do but it would just kill all my other sets. @Theda Baratheon Great to hear you're improving! Keep it up! Make sure you are paying attention to what your body is telling you so if you feel like chilling out for a few days just do it. Never underestimate the effect of rest days. As far as mental health, I'm no expert on the subject but I know that I always feel a lot better when I'm training. Your body produces some different hormones (more likely the same hormones but with different amounts/ratios) during physical activity and for a period after you're done with it and you just feel better. As far as sleeping, eating and moving better, it's quite simple really - training regularly makes you more tired and hungry and then you enjoy food and sleeping more
  6. I've almost completely stopped watching national teams so I might be wrong when I say that Denmark probably didn't have any really important matches in this window and that was a major factor for them when deciding to, as you put it, give up on any expectation of overseas players traveling for those matches.
  7. My training is not going bad at all - I still manage 3 crossfit sessions a week. On the other hand, I've really struggled to keep up with those extra training sessions that I was basically improvising - running, jump rope, yoga... This whole covid thing is starting to weigh down on me. It's not that we have a lockdown or anything like that that would prevent me from working out, but there's this constant threat of lockdown above my head that just won't go away. Also, numbers of newly infected people are through the roof compared to the ones in the spring so going anywhere is not really smart. To top it all off, I haven't had a proper vacation since visiting my sister around New Year's and I'm starting to feel it. My motivation for working out (and not only working out) is at its lowest point for years.
  8. I have been watching the games and you do have a point that Liverpool's not been up to the standard they set in the previous two seasons. Still, even in the last season there were quite a few games where mentality and drive of the team scraped through to the desired result. That is what Livepool's been lacking over the last decades - that winning mentality, that not-giving-up attitude. There was always quality in the team but the mentality was not right to start winning trophies on the regular basis. Not saying that the team shouldn't work on getting out of this slump they're in regarding performance. I hate seeing us struggle to break West Ham without their star striker at Anfield and miss the last season when our lads had that intimidation factor working for them but there are some positives in this situation, too.
  9. Well, Liverpool defense has been leaking goals left and right this season. This season Liverpool have managed 3 clean sheets in 10 games and 1 more in 3 matches during pre-season. That is definitely not at the level of previous two seasons and is something that needs to improve if Liverpool are to defend the title.
  10. Why would we take one league game out when talking about defensive record in the league? Sure, it was an anomaly and all that but it still speaks volumes about Liverpool's defensive performance this season. Regarding VAR, I think it's a great tool and would be a huge asset to the league if used properly. Unfortunately, it's being used in an extremely stupid way. How is it normal to check whether something happened inside or outside the box and not whether or not it was a foul? It's as if the league is trying to turn everyone against VAR so they can go back to not using it. How is it so difficult to have a system where a ref in the VAR room could suggest to the ref on the pitch that something needs to be checked in case something was missed and then ref on the pitch reviews it on the screen and decides whether some actions should be taken or not?
  11. Yesterday we had a 6 rounds of 12 KB swings, 10 burpees, 8 (jumping) pull-ups and 40 double-unders for time. I did it in just 15-20 seconds under time cap and was the last of my group. On the other hand, I was the only one who did all the double-unders, so I have that going for me I did double unders during lockdown last spring but have rarely done them since and was pretty glad to see I can still do them, even though it took me longer than it would've 6 months ago.
  12. I have a University degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. It's not something I dreamed of doing and is something I stumbled into. Nearing the end of high school I had no idea what I'd like to study and I started eliminating what I wouldn't like to study and ultimately reduced the list to architecture, civil engineering and electrical engineering. Funny thing is that all three of those colleges in Belgrade University are in the same building and I like to joke that I picked electrical engineering because it was on the ground floor. Then I thought I'd study Communications and/or Electronics, but later on got ranked for Computer Sciences and just went with it. After graduation, I got the first job I applied for and it was in mobile app development and I stuck with that until today. I quite like what I'm doing but it's in no way my true calling or whatever. It's interesting and/or fun most of the time, I'm not bad at it and it pays rather well, so I'm not considering changing it any time soon.
  13. Now, those are the words I'd never thought I'd hear/read.
  14. Due to some paperwork complications registering my car I had to skip yesterday's training and I can't make up for it today. It's really surprising how annoying this small thing is to me. It breaks my routine and makes me feel something's off. I'll try to sneak in a run at some point during the day. Let's see how it goes.
  15. I've tried watching NFL quite a few times and just couldn't get into it. All the breaks are just throwing me off. Also, I can't like the sport where (theoretically at least) a Hall of Fame level athlete can finish his career without ever touching the ball during play. I get that they all have very specific duties on the field and they are world-class athletes but still...
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