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  1. Maybe in European Union, but definitely not all Europe. Balkans are smokers' heaven. A friend of mine became a father two days ago and yesterday a bunch of us went out to celebrate. The moment I stepped outside I was once again shocked by tobacco stench coming from my clothes.
  2. I don't remember him being caught doping earlier, but I am getting older so my memory is not proof of anything
  3. Even a one year ban would end his career in top-level football. Would be a shame if he hadn't already done the same even before failing doping tests.
  4. When we take our daughter to her gymnastics class, my wife and I sit in a nearby cafe to wait until she's finished. In Serbia smoking is still allowed in cafes, bars, restaurants etc. so we're kind of ready for the smoke and all. There are eight tables in the cafe, and only two people were smoking, one of whom smoked one or two cigarettes in an hour we were there. While we were inside I didn't really feel the smoke and the stench but when we went outside it really struck me. Man, do I hate it.
  5. I really wanted to get into this argument but then I realised I'd be debating whether Gerrard had more footballing flair than Gary Neville, the football equivalent of paint drying.
  6. I've seen bits and pieces here and there but I never really watched Cheers. Frasier, on the other hand, I quite like. I saw they made the updated version, with Frasier moving back to Boston, to become closer to his son so I started watching it which led to original Frasier rewatch. At the moment, I'm at the end of season 2.
  7. It's not really rocket science, man. For one, people prefer flair over grind but he was extremely annoying as well.
  8. Of course I was exaggerating when I said we wouldn't concede many more than 157 points, the point was that it's a disgrace that a team in which everyone is paid millions of dollars per year are not giving a shit when it comes to defending. A bloody disgraceful effort from both teams. P.S. I just checked, and the most points USA teams scored in the Olympics was 156, in 2012 against Nigeria. Of course, games in the Olympics are 8 minutes shorter, but I'd say that it evens out with the fact that USA team (Kobe, LeBron, Anthony, Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Paul etc.) was much better than Indiana Pacers of today, and that Nigeria team was much weaker than Atlanta Hawks of today.
  9. You need to remember saying this in a couple of years, when he's doubled what you expected him to achieve. Man, he's yet to grow, and if that doesn't happen, they'll make up for it by juicing him up to his eyeballs. I just saw the score between Atlanta and Indiana. How on Earth can you call yourself a professional player and allow 150+ points in a game without overtime? I mean, if someone picked us from this board and made a team that would play against an NBA team, I doubt they would be able to score much more than that. Just to point out, I'm not saying we'd win. We'd probably score single digits, if any. And I'm not saying that we'd concede fewer than 157 points but I doubt they'd reach 200 against us.
  10. This kind of bullshit rhetoric can only appear in this kind of format, a one man (I don't remember seeing any women doing this) show with the "host" saying whatever he wants and no one is challenging him. If there was a normal person next to this guy, they'd say: "Oh, you know when people were most productive? When slave overseers would whip the skin off their backs for not meeting their quota. Should we bring that back, too?". Btw, I don't think I've ever had productivity as one of measurements when thinking about where I want to live.
  11. It would be hilarious to see what Roy Keane would have to say about Serbia vs Bulgaria match, and Serbia's qualifiers in general.
  12. Yesterday I watched Serbia vs Bulgaria. Serbia needed a draw to make sure they go to the Euros next year, and we played at home against Bulgaria that's very far from their level during Stoichkov era, being last in the group, managing 4 points total without a win. Serbia took the lead and looked very much a better team in the first half, only for Bulgaria to turn it around and take 2-1 lead, after dismal performance from Serbia in the second half. Serbia managed to get a draw in the end and qualify for the Euros, and even if they didn't, Montenegro losing would mean Serbia would advance anyway. Now, I get that this would be the first time Serbia plays in the Euros, having last played in 2000 as Yugoslavia, but the euphoria from players and staff was literally embarrassing. They behaved as if they'd won the Euros, not barely qualified from the easiest group we've had in ages (Hungary, Montenegro, Lithuania and Bulgaria). I mean, Hungary beat us twice and rather easily at that. Not trying to diminish their achievement, both wins were well deserved and great job from Hungary's side, but they are not really the cream of the crop in European football. Obviously, neither is Serbia but we're not even at Hungary's level. It will be "fun" when we get drawn into group with some of European powerhouses and get smashed like we did against Netherlands in 2000 (6-1, with Patrick Kluivert scoring 5).
  13. Yesterday evening my old group got together to continue our campaign that we last played in January 2021, if roll20 is to be trusted. Funny thing was, as we were trying to remember what we were doing so long ago, one of my friends was looking through his notes and found a list of things to do when his wife gives birth and a list of potential names for their son. The kid was born in March 2021. Talk about a blast from the past. Speaking of blasts, we've had a classic "yeah, but that's not a diameter, that's a radius" mistake that resulted in the whole party (except the caster, of course) eating a fireball. Good thing we're all level 7 or 8, so no casualties but still.
  14. Well, if we're getting technical about it, you still haven't answered that question, have you? I mean, I'm quite sure that at Cisco there are people working in management, accounting, marketing, engineering as well as janitors, security people etc. And you haven't answered about your day-to-day responsibilities at all. I mean, it's not as if you're obligated to, but given you've said that you sleep for 10 hours per day, I'd say it's quite unlikely that you have kids or a dog, for example... You can see how those would make sleeping for 10 hours highly unlikely, can't you? Also, if you were anywhere near as eager to actually read what people here are saying as you are to preach from your high horse, you'd know that I've already said that I've never smoked anything, be it cigarettes, weed, vaping or whatever. You see, I'm quite sure your short term memory is perfectly fine, it's just that you're not here to discuss but to preach. P.S. No capital "P" in "pot"
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