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  1. Just checked, KD has a bit better PPG and FG% stats, but his FG% is not that much better than Kobe's to make one "an incredibly efficient scorer" and the other "scoring through volume". On the other hand, Kobe's 9 All-Defensive First team selections more than make up for those 2 points per game. Just to be clear, not trying to diminish anything Durant's achieved over his career (so far) but I still don't see which of those achievements would rank him above Kobe.
  2. I just don't see any reason to put KD above Kobe, and I'd really like to hear what I'm missing. Could you elaborate, please?
  3. The only problem I saw with the Superleague proposal was that list of participants was set in stone, and those clubs would have had to abandon domestic competitions. That was unacceptable to fans, and the only reason why it didn't take off. If that was remedied, I'm quite sure fans wouldn't mind as much. UEFA and FIFA are out of control and it's time biggest clubs told them to bugger off. The fact that smaller clubs would not be able to take part in such a league is irrelevant since they are at the moment just token participants in Champions League who can neither achieve a good result nor can they earn a substantial amount of money and the best they can hope for is that third spot that would allow them to drop into Europa league.
  4. Yeah, if you like what UEFA is doing then we better leave it at that.
  5. Superleague has been a better alternative all along. Had it only operated on the same principle as CL and clubs got into it based on performance in their domestic leagues instead of based on marketing value, I don't think many people would mind having it.
  6. Alisson and VVD 4/5? The two of them literally elevated Liverpool to a whole other level, and rather quickly too. So much for that list. EDIT: KDB is also 4/5, according to this list which only further undermines its credibility.
  7. Homicide is almost 30 years old, you know?
  8. Mourinho having to get Mbappe's approval for transfers and stuff would be comedy gold.
  9. That was a rumour as well. We have a long summer ahead, with no international tournament to amuse us so there will be so many transfer rumours and gossip I wouldn't be surprised to hear a club wants to sign me.
  10. There were rumours of Mane-Lewandowski swap between Liverpool and Bayern. Probably wishful thinking from some fans and/or journalists but could be fun.
  11. So, you are basing your opinion on watching parts of "train wreck" and opinions of 7 people?
  12. @Week Just out of curiosity, why would 14% critics score be seen as an accurate one and 92% as the one that's been artificially increased by "transphobes and bigots"? Why are critics by default seen as the ones who are right? Would it be the first time critics were wrong?
  13. We'll see at the end of the season where Hamilton and Russel end up in the table. I think Russel is a pretty good driver at the moment with plenty of potential to improve and get into title race (this season would be too soon for that, though), so don't take this is not meant as disrespectful or anything like that. I just think that people are too hard on Hamilton. After all, he's been the best in the world for ages and lost the title in the last lap of last season under rather controversial circumstances. It's perfectly understandable if he's lost some of his motivation, especially combined with drop in relative quality of his car. That's not something I see lasting throughout the season, and I do expect Hamilton to bounce back. It's unwise to underestimate one of two most decorated drivers in history. Just for the record, I'm not a Hamilton fan. I'm no one's fan yet since getting back into this at some point during last season after 15-20 years out of it.
  14. I don't see other drivers really lighting the grid up in an "okay car" either. A great car is a prerequisite for a champion, but it's by no means a guarantee. Latifi or Mick Schumacher would probably get some points here and there in a Red Bull or a Ferrari, but it would never make them title contenders. The only two drivers who are overachieving with their cars are Bottas and Magnussen, and neither of them is really up for the podium, let alone the race for champion. Also, Magnussen's initial momentum seems to have run out lately. Mercedes has a third best car this season and it's exactly where they are in the standings. Russel and Hamilton are 4th and 6th in driver standings, respectively, and I would say it's more than likely Hamilton ends the season above Russel. Hamilton has a reputation to uphold and being 6th is not really good enough for a driver who's been the world champion seven times, but results are not as bad as many try to make them out to be. I think a lot of the "Hamilton can't overtake" comes from him getting stuck behind Alonso yesterday (and in one more race this season, but I can't remember which one) which is kind of unfair because a) Alonso is a former world champion, not some random replacement driver and b) Monaco is notorious for lack of overtaking opportunities. I've had to leave with 15 minutes of racing time left and watched that bit later on and nothing at all happened that would have an impact on the race result. It was insane. The only way to win or lose a position is by your or your opponent's mechanics doing a really good or a really bad job during the pit stop or if someone crashes. I get the whole tradition, glamour etc. aspects of this race but it really wasn't that fun to watch.
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