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  1. Recently the workout programme at my crossfit box seems more up my alley than before. It's just been a series of workouts right in that sweet zone where I find it difficult but doable and I'm loving it.
  2. Coutinho was great back then for sure, but he wasn't really interchangeable with Salah nor could Salah ever reduce Coutinho's playing time or vice versa. Other than if Klopp went with some major tactical shift for a specific opponent of course, but Klopp isn't the type of manager to adapt to his opponent that much. "Luxury signing" was a poor choice of words I must admit. Bernardo Silva and Mahrez weren't luxury signings either, if we're honest. They were players who were signed to challenge for starting lineup and the worst case scenario would that they provide higher quality rotation which is required for a team that wants to turn into a dynasty.
  3. Is it the same story with Klopp and Salah? It's not as if we had a bunch of options and Salah was a luxury signing. Remember, back then it was Firmino, Mane and then an extremely injury-prone Sturridge and Origi. One more thing is that the price for signing Salah was around 1/3 of what Sancho's price is rumoured to be.
  4. I think he's less worried about pissing off his fans than he is about releasing a sub-standard final volume of the trilogy and turning out to not be as good of an author as many have made him out to be.
  5. I would like to see Fulham back in Premier league. If Mitrovic scores the winning goal, all the better!
  6. I've had a similar comment in Sapkowski thread and it remained there so I'll still break even at worst
  7. Remember one of the basic rules of internet - don't feed the trolls.
  8. What I'm absolutely certain is that Liverpool is not going to pay that much for Sancho.
  9. For various reasons, the only time I could workout yesterday and today was mid-day so I went for a couple of runs around 30 minutes or so. Nothing major, but the tricky part was 30ºC weather. It didn't feel that bad at first but after some 20-25 minutes it started getting to me. Also, the heat made me quite more easily than I normally would've. On both those runs I stopped before I got home so I walked a bit to cool down but it wasn't planned, more like "why am I doing this in the first place?". Also, I have had some soreness in my traps for a while now and either had a cramp or pulled something on my Monday workout so now I have a stiff neck which I absolutely hate.
  10. He lost to Murray in London semifinals and lost to Del Potro in the bronze medal match. In Rio, Del Potro knocked him out in the first round.
  11. I would suggest rowing for a season but bear in mind that it would take you some time before you got into a proper boat while you go through training boats. Maybe start in the spring, and stick with it until the next season when you can really start enjoying your time in proper boats. Winter training for rowing is a pretty good way to get in shape or improve your strength and conditioning levels. While his bronze medal in Beijing was a realistic result, with both Nadal and Federer being at the level they were at at the time, let's be honest here and say that Djokovic has massively underperformed in both London and (especially) Rio Olympics, though he was injured in Rio.
  12. I figured as much. It was just funny to read. First of all, the records I posted a link to were on rowing machines, on a website from the most popular (and arguably the best) rowing machines manufacturer. Funny thing is that results in a boat are often better than results on the rowing machines. For example, I remember eights races where the winning crew achieved an around 5'20" time for 2k. There is no way anyone does that on an erg until there are serious advances in training methodology, boat and equipment technology and/or human anatomy/physiology. Just to point out, Sir Steve Redgrave also has an Olympic bronze medal which everyone seems to forget about To put it in perspective, Novak Djokovic is one of the best and most successful athletes over the last decade (and a bit more) and his Olympic medal total is one bronze.
  13. Considering that world-class rowers go under 6 minutes for 2k (world record is around 5'40") I'd dare go out on the limb and say that your 5k time on the erg was nowhere near 11 minutes. If it was, you should've gone for the Olympics, other guys would've stood no chance EDIT: Here's the link to 5k erg world records Mo Sbihi of GBR holds heavyweight record for 20-29 year olds and Rob Waddell of NZL holds the heavyweight record for 30-39 year olds and those are the only ones under 15 minutes. For those of you who are not that familiar with those names, let me just say they are considered beasts even among world-class rowers.
  14. If you manage to row 5k in sub ten minutes, I'm having you tested for PEDs but having you DNA tested for being human. And your goals are very focused on weightlifting. Just out of curiosity, why do you think squatting 150% of your bodyweight for a full set is more indicative of fitness than handstand walking for 20 or 30 or 50m? How did you come up with ignoring the all of gymnastics?
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