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  1. To clarify what I’m saying it doesn’t have to be a deliberate attempt to foul to be penalised but it has to be a deliberate act leading to whatever happens. ETA: Except if the ball hits your arm and leads to a goal now. So if you know somebody is lying on the ground and you come flying in to win the ball it’s your responsibility not to stand on them, so that could be careless or reckless. If you deliberately stand on them it’s arguably violent conduct. On the other hand if they fall over as you’re stepping back or something and it’s a complete accident it’s just play on.
  2. The rule is it’s not a red card if it’s a deliberate attempt to play the ball. Doesn’t mean it’s an ‘accidental challenge’, it can still be careless or reckless.
  3. Well 'attempt' clearly can't be accidental so that implies deliberate action. The three categories of foul which inludes tripping are defined before that though and they are careless, reckless and using excessive force. Careless is defined as 'lack of attention or consideration when making a challenge' or acting 'without precaution'. Both 'making a challenge' and 'acting' are by their nature deliberate. ETA: Going back to your original example I think it's very unlikely a defender would be close enough to wipe out a player about to take a shot in without being in the process of making a challenge but players are falling over each other all the time at set pieces. Fouls for tripping in the box are hardly ever given because it's accidental (or at least the ref has the excuse of viewing it as accidental).
  4. That's a deliberate attempt to control the ball which they are then determined to either be reckless or using excessive force in the process of.
  5. Depends whether the ref thinks he's deliberately made a challenge or not. If he thinks he's genuinely just fallen over it should be play on. ETA: Feel free to point to where in the rules it says otherwise if you think that's the case.
  6. It pretty much does have to be deliberate. The player might not mean the consequence of a challenge so they can be yellow or red carded for being reckless but it has to be a deliberate challenge. Accidentally standing on someone isn't a foul.
  7. I finished The Relentless Moon by Mary Robinette Kowal. I'd say I liked it overall but I have the same issues with it that I had with the previous book in the series. Basically the women astronauts in the early space programme stuff is good but
  8. Yeah, I disagree on that one actually. The Fulham player does stand on Henderson but I thought it was incidental contact rather than a deliberate foul. I don't think it's perfect in rugby, they do tend to overuse it a bit, but I like that the process they're going through is clearly laid out for the viewer so you can understand why they're coming to the decision they do. I don't know why they hide it away in football, it just makes it more irritating when they come to a bizarre decision and I can't think of another sport which does that.
  9. Heh, stonewall penalty ignored by the VAR. What is the point in having it again?
  10. A little odd but with Martial injured and Ronaldo, you know, Ronaldo there’s not a lot of great options up front. Playing with a false nine doesn’t feel that outside the box anymore. Anyway, Brighton in front. They’ve been getting on top but the question with Brighton is always whether they can actually convert that into goals.
  11. Very close to a red there for McTominey, I don’t think VAR would have been overruling it if the ref had given one.
  12. Looks like Godfrey has broken his ankle or something here. A bit of a grim start to the season for him.
  13. Everton going all in on the Gordon wins a penalty strategy then.
  14. Firmino isn't quite the player he was in the past but he had 0.82 goals and assists per 90 last year, better than Mane and Jota, and his pressing is still very good. No he didn't have a good game today (neither did most of the starting team) but picking him while they're easing Nunez into the set up is hardly an outrageous decision. You've always had a massive chip on your shoulder about Firmino but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest the world class football manager who's been closely watching all of Liverpool's preparation probably has a better grasp of the situation than you do. It doesn't mean he can't ever be wrong but, again, rein it in a bit ffs.
  15. Yeah, that was rubbish. We were lucky to get the draw. Having said that ffs Soylent rein it in. Klopp’s arguably the best manager we’ve ever had and he’s probably the best manager we’re going to have the rest of any of our lifetimes. Perhaps don’t spend your entire time watching the team ranting about him.
  16. Primarily I mean it's not competitive as a labour market. In fact it's extremely uncompetitive with the salary cap, rookie standard contracts, the draft and the various restrictions on movement. All of which which is designed to keep costs down for the owners. On top of that it's not competitive in other ways which allows the owners to get away with the inefficiency that comes with the shitty labour market. There's no relegation so there's no real negative consequences for being shit, in fact with the way the draft is structured that are actually perverse incentives which reward it.
  17. Arsenal have definitely faded a bit after the red hot first 20 minutes or so. ETA: Palace look pretty sharp as well actually. Viera’s done a really good job for them.
  18. The NFL isn’t competitive though. Basically the entire point of the way it’s set up is to allow the owners to be really, really shit and still make money.
  19. Arsenal do look good, which I’d normally be okay with as they’re more likeable than Chelsea or United but since they’re persisting with playing Partey that’s gone out the window a bit. Are Arsenal the baddies now?
  20. Heh, should have been three. Interesting effort on the rebound from Muller.
  21. I have heard of him but I didn’t watch enough of Brighton last year to have a firm opinion on how good he is. Still, bit of a strange signing for Chelsea considering they’ve already got a £50 million left back in Chilwell and City, who probably do need a left back, thought £50 million was too steep for Cucurella.
  22. My kindle's died. 11 years isn't a bad run to be fair and the battery was getting to an unusable if I tried to take it anywhere state but I liked the buttons on the side for changing the page. Bah.
  23. Well that was quality. Just a great tournament all round. There wasn’t much between the sides in the final but England have been fantastic throughout. Wiegman’s done an excellent job.
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