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  1. AncalagonTheBlack

    Counterpart Starz Series (SPOILERS)

    Season 2 Trailer Season 2 returns Sunday, December 9 on STARZ.
  2. AncalagonTheBlack

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    ‘Watchmen’ Shares First-Look Image: Who Is That Masked Man?
  3. AncalagonTheBlack


    It's official,their new show,Dracula,will be a BBC/Netflix joint. https://variety.com/2018/tv/global/dracula-series-from-the-sherlock-team-to-launch-on-bbc-netflix-1202980152/#article-comments
  4. AncalagonTheBlack

    ‘The Name of The Rose’ TV Adaptation

    The series is in post-production.List of broadcasters so far: BBC (UK) Sundance TV (U.S. and Canada) Sky Deutschland (Germanany) OCS (France) SBS (Australia) Sky (New Zealand) VRT (Belgium) RTP (Portugal) YLE (Finland) NRK (Norway) DR (Denmark) RAI (Italy) Ceska TV (Czech Republic) ITI (Poland) https://variety.com/2018/tv/global/mipcom-john-turturro-the-name-of-the-rose-uk-bbc-germany-sky-france-ocs-1202980107/
  5. AncalagonTheBlack

    Shows like Discovery of Witches?

    haha my god but this show has some of the most awful dialogue that i've ever heard.The love story between the two leads is like some CW tween drama. I'm assuming a good actor like Matthew Goode was hard up for cash when he signed on for this! Are the books as terrible? I dare anyone to watch one whole episode!
  6. AncalagonTheBlack

    True Detective Season 3

    True Detective III US premiere date: Sunday 13th January on HBO in the US. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/true-detective-season-3-premiere-date-hbo-1202977186/
  7. AncalagonTheBlack

    The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season I & II]

    Also,exclusive screening of S3 Ep1 at MCM ComicCon London on 27th Oct,hopefully we get a trailer as well. Cornwell well be special guest in S3.
  8. AncalagonTheBlack

    The Last Kingdom II - NO MERCY [SPOlLERS Season I & II]

    Netflix has released the first official image from season 3.Season 3 will have 10 episodes, two more than in seasons 1 and 2.Taking on the role of the Danish warrior Bloodhair in season three will be Ola Rapace.Along with Rapace, Timothy Innes will be joining as Edward, Tygo Gernandt as Jackdaw and Thea Sofie Loch Naess as Skade.
  9. AncalagonTheBlack

    BBC Line of Duty Series 3

    Line Of Duty season 5 casting revealed by BBC
  10. AncalagonTheBlack

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    The Little Drummer Girl | BBC's John Le Carré adaptation PATRIOT Season 2 Official Trailer (HD) Michael Dorman Amazon Series DIRTY JOHN Official Trailer (HD) Eric Bana, Connie Britton Series
  11. AncalagonTheBlack

    October Reading 2018 - The chill in the air, the whisper on the wind.

    I read both and liked Cold Iron much more.Ember blade, unfortunately i did not find it to be good but i persevered and managed to finish it,much too long with lot of filler.Nothing like his previous books,which i really liked a lot.
  12. AncalagonTheBlack

    Football: Remain in Europe

    A creative player in Jan is a must,i'm just not sure that Klopp will go for it.
  13. AncalagonTheBlack

    Football: Remain in Europe

    Well,i'll take the point,all things considered.
  14. AncalagonTheBlack

    Good Omens, Mort and The City Watch

    GOOD OMENS Official Trailer
  15. AncalagonTheBlack

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer #2 Deadly Class Official Trailer