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  1. To be fair, we have been been poor away from home in the last 6 matches, if the stats are accurate, i've read that we have scored zero, nada,zip away last 6 games. which is concerning.
  2. What bothers me more than the score is that now Allison will have to keep quite a few clean sheets in the remaining games to win the Golden Glove.
  3. Poor Ox comes on as a sub and scores an OG.
  4. Nice joke, but since it's you, you've probably typed that with a straight face.
  5. So with the title in the pocket, looks like our players are on holiday.
  6. Is this the end of Mourinho at Tottenham?
  7. 'Ozark' to End With Expanded Season 4 on Netflix https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/ozark-end-expanded-season-4-netflix-1301068 Beartown |HBO Nordic | Teaser
  8. Looks like it's gonna be a fight till the end for the 3rd and 4th CL spots now.
  9. Children of Bogdan, nice reference there to the band
  10. So Arsenal might just manage not to bottle this
  11. DEADWIND S2 - 1st July, Netflix Ju-On: Origins | Official Trailer | Netflix - July 3rd Stateless (Season 1) Netflix Release Date: July 8th
  12. Hopefully there is a reward for finding him
  13. The Capture | Official Trailer | Peacock Psych 2: Lassie Come Home | Official Trailer | Peacock Brave New World | Official Trailer | Peacock Sky confirms Gangs Of London renewed for a second series Barbara Nadel’s Çetin İkmen novels coming to television
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