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  1. Alright , i missed the match, cause of the early time. Could someone briefly tell me how they scored ? I see a penalty as well. Defensive lapses? I saw someone slating TTA for one of the goals.
  2. Anyone else noticed that Trent has put on some muscle? He always looked a bit skinny to me, but he looks buff now.
  3. Yeah, that's worrying.I don't see all the hype about Elliot.No pace or physicality.Rodri just twatted his aside and took the ball like a lollipop from a kid.
  4. Horrible goalkeeping by Adrian. But it all started by losing the ball i n midfield.Think it was Diaz.
  5. Highly likely with Adrian in goal. He makes the whole back line nervous. Bobby off for Nunez in the second half would be lovely.
  6. You didn't mention anything about Bobby starting as a striker. The end is nigh!
  7. Wow. Ox needed to be sold last season. He will go down as another talent who never fulfilled his potential mostly due to injuries. Now due to this injury, we can't even sell him, so he will be another season in rehab/bench. Klopp not ruthless enough.
  8. This story is confusing. It seems he refused her marriage proposal cause she was asking him to change religion, after he refused, she made the allegation. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pulse.ng/sports/football/reactions-as-thomas-partey-accused-of-rape-by-girlfriend-sara-bella/vv50c5z.amp This development is a twist in the relationship as Partey was reportedly willing to change his name to Yakubu if they got married
  9. Jones, Gomez, Keita have been very average in pre-season so far. Carvalho and Elliot were disappointing tonight. Konate needs to learn not to step out everytime in defence. Diaz needs to score goals now, rest of his game is excellent. I'm also disappointed with Klopp that he didn't play Nunez with Diaz and Salah.
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