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  1. Naby lad for goal of the season! and Thiago is injured again....sigh
  2. Pep begging the City fans to come and fill the Emptyhad is pretty funny.Big money ,small club.
  3. what i meant was that overall when VVD plays and is in the backline, TAA generally is very good.I'm not sure it;s the same with Gomez in the side.
  4. Cause apart from Salah, our other forwards need 10 chances to score a goal. I found Trent playing very casually at times today.VVD really makes him look good defensively and going forward, he's always there to cover his ass.
  5. uh uh....this is a summoning spell for Soylent!
  6. My god but Mane has been shit.Another easy chance missed. I hope he gets benched next game.
  7. Mane absolute shit at finishing today. Idiot.
  8. So i guess it's Keita or bust for Klopp now!
  9. Fucking hell, he was just about to come off anyway.What rotten timing.
  10. Fuck. Elliot looks like a very bad injury.
  11. We should be 3 goals up at least.Shocking miss by Mane.
  12. Just finished watching part 1 of season 5. Bloody hell that was a rollercoaster ride of emotions .It's a good thing they broke up the last season into 2 parts, i couldn't take much more of this haha. That ending though, i teared up honestly.Goodbye
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