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  1. The Shadow Fold. To destroy it, we need a miracle. Shadow and Bone coming April 23, only on Netflix.
  2. This season has been a revolving door with injuries.One guy comes in, another goes out, another comes in, one more goes out.Rinse and repeat. At least Jota started team training! Any bets on who gets injured next? My money is either Gini or Bobby.
  3. The Irregulars | Official Teaser | Netflix The Mosquito Coast — Official Teaser | Apple TV+ Sky Rojo | Official Teaser | Netflix Invincible – Official Trailer | Prime Video The Terror | BBC
  4. But seriously, how are we supposed to go on run of wins with three main CB’s injured and both midfielders who filled in for them also now injured. What a cursed year!
  5. Isn't it time Pickford had a couple of howlers?? I don't remember him making any recently, so he's due a couple.Thanks.
  6. Well, now we have no choice but to play actual defenders in their proper position, pity it took Hendo getting injured to do that.
  7. HBO and Sky Altantic have released the first-look trailer for Mare of Easttown, starring Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce. The Nevers: Official Teaser | HBO Beartown: Official Trailer | HBO DOTA: Dragon's Blood | Date Announcement | Netflix The Lost Pirate Kingdom | Official Trailer | Netflix
  8. Fabinho has a minor muscle injury.One comes in , one goes out! Oh and Thiago was missing from yesterday's training photos.
  9. Line Of Duty unveils teaser clip to announce extended sixth series
  10. BREAKING: It’s unlikely Liverpool will end up playing their Champions League second leg tie against RB Leipzig at home. German rules state Leipzig would have to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival back, they can’t. (@TimesSport) @LFCTransferRoom Barcelona will seek to avoid using Coutinho for the rest of the campaign in order to avoid paying €5M as part of an appearance clause in his contract when he was bought from #LFC. The Spanish giants are in deep financial trouble with millions in debt. [@OnzeTv3- Javi Miguel] Ismailia Sarr’s agent says #LFC could not put €40m together to sign Ismailia Sarr in January: “Everything was done, the salary and the length of the contract. I even asked Mané to find him an apartment. In the end, Liverpool could not put €40 million on the table. [PanAfrican] https://t.co/Yuzw4LbSGQ Jürgen Klopp wants Raphinha at Liverpool. The German boss sees the Brazilian winger as a perfect backup and potential replacement for Mané & Salah. Leeds know it will be very difficult to keep him if Liverpool decide to try and take him. [@SPORT] NEW: Mönchengladbach midfielder Denis Zakaria has refused to sign a contract extension and is likely to leave at the end of the season. Liverpool are especially keen with his contract expiring in 2022. The German side already brought his replacement in Kouadio Koné. [@SPORTBILD]
  11. ugh...don't remind me.i want to be able to sleep soon.
  12. Milner def. has some dirt on Klopp.How in fucking hell did he stay on for the full game.Someone explain it to me.
  13. and yet Klopp didnt take off Milner during the break.
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