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  1. New sample images: https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/RH/images/illustrations/original/9781984859259__1_bb97e.jpg https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/RH/images/illustrations/original/9781984859259__2_23c44.jpg https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/RH/images/illustrations/original/9781984859259__3_c3e82.jpg https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/RH/images/illustrations/original/9781984859259__4_bdc0f.jpg https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/RH/images/illustrations/original/9781984859259__5_6fd9f.jpg
  2. The Guardian: ‘I think I was good, though I could have been better’: Terry Pratchett and the writing of his life
  3. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/news/the-sandman-season-2-netflix-renewal-status-and-what-to-expect-09-2022/ The Sandman Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status Has The Sandman been renewed or canceled at Netflix? Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed (last updated: September 15th, 2022) Our Renewal Prediction: 50/50 The Sandman has not yet been renewed for a second season and after a month’s wait, we’ve revised our prediction to the show now having a 50/50 chance of getting renewed.
  4. N.K. Jemisin update from Edelweiss: Leigh Bardugo update:
  5. More from Edelweiss Kevin Hearne update: OVER 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD across all Kevin Hearne titles Victoria Aveyard update: Victoria’s debut series, Red Queen, has sold over 4 million copies since its release Rick Riordan update: There are currently more than 100 million Rick Riordan books in print in the US, and his books have been published in 41 countries.
  6. From the Edelweiss catalog Peter V. Brett update: Peter V. Brett is the internationally bestselling author of the Demon Cycle series, which has sold more than three and a half million copies in twenty-seven languages worldwide. James S.A. Corey update: The Expanse series has sold over 4.5 million copies in the English language. Brent Weeks update: Brent Weeks is one of the bestselling fantasy authors of all time, selling over 5 million copies in North America since his first book in 2008. Adrian Tchaikovsky's US numbers: Children of Time has sold 126k copies while Children of Ruin has sold over 97k in all formats. Pierce Brown update: OVER 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD IN THE RED RISING SERIES
  7. Greg Keyes has written the first epic/high fantasy novel since The Born Queen (2008). https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/708192/the-basilisk-throne-by-greg-keyes/ The Basilisk Throne will be published by Titan Books in April 2023.
  8. From the Edelweiss catalog: BLOCKBUSTER BACKLIST SALES: Over the last 5 years -- since the last Mistborn novel was released in January 2016 -- the Mistborn audience has grown by 100%, growing from 3 million copies sold in North America to 6 million. EPIC FANTASY JUGGERNAUT: Brandon Sanderson continues to be one of the biggest -- if not the biggest -- fantasy franchise author in publishing, hitting #1 on the New York Times bestseller list 3x in a row, building frontlist and backlist volume with each new book, and cultivating the largest and most engaged audience in the business while publishing multiple new novels in the last decade (unlike certain comp authors who will remain unnamed!). Steven Erikson's US numbers, also from the Edelweiss catalog: BESTSELLING AUTHOR: New York Times bestselling author Steven Erikson has sold over 2 million books, including over 1 million books in mass market.
  9. GRRM doesn't mention this in the podcast or his latest blog post. Thanks for inside information.
  10. A sequel to Amazing Maurice, written by Pratchett and Frank Cottrell Boyce, will be published in September 2023: https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/PPUK/images/jacket_covers/original/9780241618554_d44e5.jpg https://i.ibb.co/gwLVMZ9/maurice.jpg
  11. https://edel-images.azureedge.net/ea/MM/images/illustrations/original/9781250860521_il_1_afdd1.jpg "Print sales of The Wheel of Time series have significantly outsold The Witcher in comparable periods, both seasons 1 and 2 (per NPD)."
  12. New media tie-in editions of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien: The Fellowship of the Rings The Two Towers The Return of the King
  13. Blurb: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman return to the unforgettable world of the New York Times bestselling Dragonlance series as a new heroine—desperate to restore her beloved father to life—sets off on a quest to change time. Destina Rosethorn—as her name implies—believes herself to be a favored child of destiny. But when her father dies in the War of the Lance, she watches her carefully constructed world come crashing down. She loses not only her beloved father but also the legacy he has left her: the family lands and castle. To save her father, she hatches a bold plan—to go back in time and prevent his death. First, she has to secure the Device of Time Journeying, last known to be in the possession of the spirited kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot. But to change time, she’ll need another magical artifact—the most powerful and dangerous artifact ever created. Destina’s quest takes her from the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin to the town of Solace and beyond, setting in motion a chain of disastrous events that threaten to divert the course of the River of Time, alter the past, and forever change the future. "Key Selling Points" from the Edelweiss catalog: https://www.edelweiss.plus/#sku=9781984819321 ICONIC AND HISTORIC BRAND: Dragonlance was first created in 1984, when the gaming company that made Dungeons & Dragons began publishing a series of novels that were inspired by a D&D campaign. Since its inception, this brand and the original visionaries behind it—Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman—have sold millions of copies worldwide and brought generations of new readers to the genre. A PROVEN FRANCHISE WITH A LOYAL FAN BASE: Dungeons & Dragons has been the number one tabletop role-playing game worldwide since its creation in the 1970s. In 2020 alone, the franchise grew by 26%—their 8th consecutive year of growth. UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO APPEAL TO READERS: These new Dragonlance novels will appeal to not only those readers who grew up loving Dragonlance but also a whole new generation of readers and D&D gamers who did not. A NEW TWIST ON BELOVED CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS: These novels return to the fan-favorite characters that appeared in the two trilogies that formed the core of the Dragonlance phenomenon, Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends, allowing dedicated fans to revisit everything that made the books so special to them. ALL NEW ENDPAPER MAPS: We will be creating all-new maps of the Dragonlance world, which will appear for the first time in this series. Also: "She [Weis] and Hickman are working on future novels in this series."
  14. "Key Selling Points" from the Edelweiss catalog: SHARES SOURCE MATERIAL WITH HBO'S NEW SERIES, HOUSE OF THE DRAGON: GRRM's Fire & Blood novel is the basis for one of the world's most highly anticipated media events. SURGING SALES NUMBERS: The show has driven over 23M print copies of A Song of Ice and Fire series and over 4.7M ebook sales. WINNING TEAM FROM THE WORLD OF ICE & FIRE: George's co-authors are expert founders of Westeros.org (217K on FB, 52K on Twitter, 16K on YouTube). FULLY ILLUSTRATED: A paper-over-board, full-color guide with gorgeous original artwork and maps commissioned exclusively for this edition. GRRM-BRANDED PACKAGING: The cover design for The Rise of the Dragon reflects the packaging for GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire series, providing a clear visual link for readers of the novels. FOLLOWS HBO'S MOST-WATCHED SERIES: Each season of Game of Thrones broke viewership records set by the one before. READABLE BY THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ FIRE & BLOOD: The Rise of the Dragon offers an accessible, simplified version of the history covered in Fire & Blood. https://www.edelweiss.plus/#sku=9781984859259
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