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  1. Whoa, that was a leap in time from last episode but fun nonetheless.
  2. Watched Without Remorse on Amazon Prime, some of the fight scenes were okay but the story felt like it was going somewhere and then it finished abruptly. Such a waste.
  3. Bit of rain here as well down the South Coast - at least we're not getting a sea of snakes and spiders invading homes in search of dry ground as some reports suggest :O Some bizarre antics from the PM's press conference yesterday. He later apologised on facebook for trying to deflect Sky News journalist Andrew Clennell's question about cleaning up his own 'house' by seemingly knowing about a complaint of harassment at NewsCorp that he had been informed about the night before (which turned out not to be true but it is curious that he had something to fall back on when pressed about the conduct of some of his staff ) wonder what dirt he has on ABC or SMH if they dared to ask the same question?)
  4. I got 5 mins into it and realised I never finished Batman v Superman so I went back and watched that for 3 hours and still working my way through this overly long mess of a film. Never saw the 2017 version so I'm going in blind as to what fans were upset about and what new things Snyder included/amended. I think I prefer the Barry Allen from the CW show to the one portrayed in this film and Affleck is still taking me a while to get used as Bruce Wayne. I can sit through hours of LOTR yet I find I need to watch these type of superhero shows in small doses.
  5. What about the people Vision saw that weren't actively part of the storyline, the ones held in some kind of stasis at the edge of the town? I think a day or two has passed since that scene so it is possible Wanda pulled everyone into the centre of town prior to the Agatha v. Scarlet fight I suppose. Ah yeah that's three times, good point. Yeah the beekeeper guy went through the barrier and was kicked out by Wanda. After that we never hear of him again.
  6. Surely there's something of the billboard Agatha was standing behind selling cleaner with the tagline "all natural formula using the power of mother earth" When Dottie and other Westview residents spoke to Wanda were they under Agatha's control or did they have a moment of free will? (Wanda did ask this question and Agatha replied "she's your meat puppet. I just cut her strings." but she could also have been lying). It seemed odd to me that everyone around her were bombarding her with questions instead of running away. We did see Agatha mind control others like Herb when he was cutting the fence (and Ralph of course). Agatha says that the Scarlet Witch is destined to destroy the world? Does she mean Earth? I guess in a way she did destroy the Westview world, her own creation made manifest out of her grief and memories. Why weren't the SWORD guys affected when they entered Westview to apprehend Wanda? We didn't see anyone running past those trucks to get away so the hex bubble thing is still controlling everyone inside. Will the rest of the Westview residents exhibit powers? If that's not the case, why is Monica so special? Or does it only affect those who pass through and out of Westview? And what of the Beekeeper guy?
  7. Started watching the new Superman and Lois series, which I suspect my interest in it will start to wane after couple seasons before moving on (I did stick with Flash up until mid-5th season, only a season with the other CW shows). Although it shares with the Arrowverse I 'm not sure if there's any connection with Supergirl or not. Also watched the first episode of Debris. Getting very strong Fringe vibes from this scifi series. Not too sure about the casting but the story is promising.
  8. This is one really trippy show and is doing a lot more to give life to these two characters than their movie presence ever did imo. Enjoying it so far even if the first episode was dragging it's feet way too long. You'd have to be pretty invested in these characters to get through all that old style narrative and humour. So this is my limited understanding behind the meaning of each of the six commercials we've seen, perhaps a not very subtle hint at each of the Infinity Stones, each told through the lived experiences of Wanda and her powers: 1. The first commercial we get the black and white toaster with the beeping red light...it's the same Stark Industries missile that killed her parents in Sokovia. Also wasn't Vision sometimes referred to as a toaster in the comics? 2 alludes to Strucker and Hydra's experiment on Wanda. Could be something more with the 'he'll make time for you' tagline? 3 - Wanda being 'soaked' in the power of the Mind Stone and tapping into previously locked away powers. 4 - references the Lagos accident that Wanda still blames herself for, the event in Civil War where she rescued Captain America and countless civilians on the ground. (that dripping at the end of the table is kinda disconcerting). 5 - Wanda starving, emotionally and someone else feeding from her grief and power. Commercial 6 stumped me since I have no idea what Nexus was; after a cursory reading it could refer to the Nexus of All Realities, which "forms a pathway with access to all sorts of different realities and is a place where all realities intersect" and/or infers Wanda is a Nexus Being with the ability to channel energies other universes. The ad warns "you should not take Nexus until your doctor clears you to move on with your life," which I guess suggests a tie in with Doctor Strange 2? Throughout there's some stuff there about reinforced gender roles (as presented through media) and the breaking down of Wanda's control of this particular sitcom reality. I take it Monica Rambeau's powers are spectral vision and energy absorption? She obviously has some resistance to the Westview mind control wave thing but would she have any chance against Agatha's mind control? On that note if Agatha's been around since the time of the Salem witches she'd be equivalent to Strange or Marvel yeah? (it would be ironic to find out that despite all her powers Thanos still managed to blip her away). And who the heck appointed Hayward anyway? Surely not Fury?
  9. Ah I'm so glad it wasn't just me that was confused by the fight at first. I think the battle would have been easier to understand if they listed the names of the ships on the battle screens (we see one from Tynan's perspective and another from the Roci) instead both sides show them as G01-G05. Watching this show on a laptop doesn't make it easy to notice the little details like Roci's screen showing a thin red tracer line right after the Tynan sent a torpedo at the Dewalt hence Bull's reaction regarding the Belters shooting at each other. Just occurred to me to look at the Xray feature Amazon has. They don't usually list a lot of stuff for most of their shows but in The Expanse they have behind-the-scenes material and still shots for every episode. The bar scene had decals of notable astronauts (they also have one for Maria Sibylla Merian, a German naturalist for some reason?) on the walls, kinda like how Naomi was wearing clothes with 'MCRN Tachi' and parts of the Roci still have parts labelled after the former name. Only thing that is missing from the X-ray feature is ship details or the identity of Belter factions since they are pretty central to the story. For me at least, season 4 introduced a lot of Belter names and factions that only book readers would recognise that would later become central to Marco's plans for the Sol system. @karaddin Those links don't seem to be working (at least on my end). I remember seeing an image for the Morrigan class on reddit a few months which I've uploaded here (this model still has the MCRN colours on it). Found a size comparison of most ships of Expanse for reference though the Serrio Mal is not there. Props to Monica for handling the sudden descent from tailing a ship, surviving the shootout with Zmeya and then going into a potentially suicidal battle well. She was one of the better side character developments this season imo.
  10. I'm sure it'll be something nefarious like "Sucker, I ate the presidential M&Ms. All of them. Also, lock your bedroom door at night, Stephen Miller likes to roam the hallways. Have fun with the House until I get back."
  11. Saw on twitter: "Donald tried to get on Melania's Twitter but she told him the password was Barron's middle name plus his birthday."
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