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  1. That was a pretty underwhelming ending for me. Who was helping Dolores with the proximity alerts and negotiating transactions with would-be assassins? What was the point of Caleb holding onto that usb? Why would you link up Dolores directly to Rehoboam in case she had a virus installed in her? Surely the great and almighty AI could account for that scenario. Honestly I thought Serac would be a lot smarter than this, given how careful he was with his virtual appearances. What happened to the one-armed Dolores at the Solomon site, did she survive like Maeve did? Does Incite only hire stormtroopers as part of its security? Why did Dolores let William live for so long? She could have had him killed months ago, replaced him with a Delores-copy host and had full control of Delos and its facilities. There would have been no need for a Sizemore-Delores host. Then again we wouldn't have had that neat therapy session with young-adult-old(+James Delos) personalities. So I guess Bernard did have something hidden inside him as I screenshotted earlier, just not Ford's consciousness. Dammit I wanted to see Anthony Hopkins again. If Bernard was so important to Dolores why allow him to go wandering around the world in which the key could have been damaged or lost to Serac? What if Bernard had got caught in a storm and lost at sea on his way back to the Park? He could have been shot by Park security. Old William could have killed him. Ugh. While I can understand Maeve had to cooperate with Serac without risking him destroying the Valley Beyond, I still don't know why Maeve is so concerned about her daughter. Their relationship is just a fabrication created by Sizemore, yeah? I might have to watch season 2 again but I thought the daughter didn't know Maeve anymore and was with a new host mother in the Valley Beyond?
  2. Yeah, the way Dolores-Hale was behaving struck me as odd. I would say that when you put a host's 'brain' inside a body not of their own, you get complications, they start having identity crises etc. The current technology Delos Inc. has might allow for hosts to copy themselves but not without unintended consequences just not in the degradation we saw happen with human-to-machine bodies like James Delos. We don't know (yet) if the original Delores had issues when she was in Charlotte-Hale escaping Westworld at end of S2 until she printed her original body back by S3 opening. Conells-Dolores didn't show behavioural changes either but then maybe it takes time for those divergences to manifest since Charlotte-Delores existed longer. So far, Bernard is the only host that hasn't had issues since Delores diverged his personality to be different from Arnold Weber as he's had the same body throughout the show. This was probably my favourite episode of the whole show thus far. Loved the group therapy and Delos quipping "William, please don't interrupt. It's not all about you, you know." :P Interesting fact: Charlotte's husband, Jake, is played by Michael Ealy, who also played a police officer android in Almost Human, attempting to be more human.
  3. So I took a screenshot from episode 3 during the scene when Dolores-Charlotte host was activated on the mainland. I found it curious Bernard would have a section in his code that was locked. I'm inclined to think Ford is still around, piggybacking in Bernard's head without him knowing and created a false memory of his deletion, just waiting for the right moment. But if that is the case, what would be his motive? Replace Rehoboam as the author of humanity? Make the rest of the world the new park? That'd be my crackpot theory. That and everyone are various forms of hosts. :O We still have one more host pearl yet to be revealed (was it inside the motorbikes?). Musashi is an interesting choice since Dolores never had any interaction with him in season 2, which might suggest Maeve is not in the same world as Dolores+/Caleb/Bernard/Stubbs/William (though her powers being a big giveaway). I think she's still in a simulation by Rehoboam/Serac, designed to figure out what choices she'll make to save or fight Dolores. I would not be surprised if this season has been multiple simulations running at the same time and we have yet to see the outside world. We also don't know where Dolores uploaded the guest data yet as well. I was wrong on Serac's brother being Ford (both are similar age) but I've seen the idea floating around that it might be Caleb? (unlikely but still possible)
  4. Time to bring out that bingo card. Try to imagine all those people with the heads of some animal (except for Fauci). It'll pass the time. Trump has the bloated goldfish look down well.
  5. They are our masters, forever stealing our chairs, wrecking furniture and demanding takeaway at odd hours. They have this self-isolation business down to a tee.
  6. Some conspiracy nut tried to ram a train into the USNS Mercy in LA (I actually thought this was a April Fools). Bloody train terrorists! https://www.justice.gov/usao-cdca/pr/train-operator-port-los-angeles-charged-derailing-locomotive-near-us-navy-s-hospital
  7. Dude has more muscle in one arm than I have my entire body. :O
  8. There was a good article on Four Corners on monday about our response to the virus. Worth checking out, although it probably won't come as much as a surprise if you've been following the covid thread.
  9. His next challenge: ice surfaces. Must be nice to see snow up close (only ever get to see it from a distance here in Canberra)
  10. Urgh, two years is such a long time between seasons. I forgot so much. The mixing of present and past timelines, often in the same episode, throw me off. Do you think the Maeve, Bernard and Dolores arcs are occurring at the same time or should we question every scene? Some thoughts/rambles on E1 and 2: It's bugging me that Dolores is walking around the real-world as herself though, and none of the rich people she's interacted with have noticed her. I mean she's one of the most recognizable hosts of the Westworld park. I half-expect someone to come up to her and say "Hey, great Dolores cosplay! You even have matching eyes!" Or someone/something is letting her walk around undetected. Also, the security on that storage room in the abandoned part of Mesa sucks big time. This is like the third time someone's broken into it! Even those outdated hosts would have value on the black market. Industrial espionage is easy in this world. Edit: another thought whilst watching E3: Maybe hosts lose their sanity if they inhabit a guest's body for too long as is happening with 'Charlotte' with the scarring? Is that Clementine inside Charlotte Hale's body? I notice the Delos site received an updated with tidbits of the various robots they manufacture. The new soldiers of Delores' army perhaps? Or a backup. Found a timeline of events if anyone wants to make sense of what happened in S1 and 2 - Westworld timeline
  11. Ah I see, thanks, I was trying to get it to embed in the post like youtube vids etc but I guess that doesn't work with image hosting sites?
  12. https://ibb.co/WHk0rLG (Sorry, not sure how to upload images here, been a while since I've used forums.)
  13. 25 sailors test positive on USS Theodore Roosevelt That escalated quickly, was only 3 reported with 'mild symptoms' two days ago. Apparently picked it up when they were in port in Da Nang, Vietnam early March. :| Some good news. Looks like Tom Hanks and Rita survived their isolation and are back in LA. Also, puppies!
  14. I'm not familiar with this franchise but I thought Ciri was supposed to have a scar under her left eye? Or is this adaptation set before that happened?
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