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  1. Saw on twitter: "Donald tried to get on Melania's Twitter but she told him the password was Barron's middle name plus his birthday."
  2. So an addendum to the easter egg on Avararala's contact list: all of the names are characters that were recast: Dr Who, Gregor Clegane, Darrin Stevens (Bewitched), Becky Conner (Roseanne), Vivian Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), and Arjun.
  3. If you pay me a reasonable fee I can tell you tomorrow's winning lotto numbers.
  4. But I'm in Australia, tomorrow is now for us. :O
  5. Paused on Avasarala's message pad when she was trying to reach Arjun - she has a certain Clegane, G and a Dr Who on speedial!
  6. Ah Starfleet HQ uses the same red alert as Voyager! That was one of the better eps this season though it never once occurred to me that Adira was adopted. I assumed Stamet's was referring to someone he and Culber left behind in 2259. It's weird that Earth never gets a mention again (or becomes a priority of Starfleet to reunite with homebase using DISC) or that someone remembered to retrieve that poor guy in a derelict station waiting ages for a Federation pick-me-up.
  7. Oh, so the rock breaking up around the Sun wasn't intentional? I assumed it was to break them up into small enough 'rocks' so the Sentinel Satellites couldn't pick them up. The part with the Venus station was a little confusing. It was mentioned that Marco Inaros used to be a slingshot pilot, he just needed the Martian stealth tech to make his plan successful. Apparently Cas Anvar, who plays Alex, is not returning for season 6 on account of sexual harassment and assault claims made against him.
  8. Just confirmed Giuliani tested positive for covid-19. They might also want to test him for hair dye toxicity and sanity.
  9. I dunno about the storm trooper's capacity to do anything right but they can hit beskar armour pretty well.
  10. The spider kinda reminded me of that Xen creature Gonarch in Half-Life, even the little ones look like baby headcrabs. Ick. Even the eggs looked like they came from a Alien set.
  11. It's been such a long journey for Joe to get to this point since he joined the Senate some 48 years ago. And fantastic for women that another ceiling has been shattered with Harris as VP. I can only imagine the hell awaiting the Biden team in transitioning to January with the pandemic and tweetrage/enabling violence from Trump. Hope they brought lots of disinfectant. I will not miss the angry covfefe tweets, the constant disregard of everything, the bullying of the press corps, the politicization of the military, the manchild who thought he was smarter than everyone "the Generals", you know the rest of his misdemeanors. There will be an avalanche of tell-all books that would not otherwise have been possible without risking their livelihoods with Trump's hounds in power. Obama must be over the moon that part of his legacy lives on. It's just a shame John McCain didn't live long enough to see the result.
  12. And it's done. Time to pop that champagne from 2016!
  13. I fully expect them to drag him out like Julian Assange, frothing at the mouth, a portrait of Andrew Johnson in one hand and a hamburger in the other. Or maybe that'll be Stephen Miller, the first of many to form a human shield around their beloved orange leader.
  14. Trump denied Nobel Peace Prize for the third time. Gave it to some failing has-been group called the UN World Food Programme.
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