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  1. Barba Bracken Next: Marie Avgeropoulos
  2. Raych is the true martyr, really. He is kinda like Judas in The Last Temptation of Christ. Who do we think was really behind the bombing of the Starbridge? My pet theory is that it was Hari Seldon, too.
  3. These guys are doing really detailed reviews and analyses of each episode. If you have the time to listen to 2-hour long podcasts, give it a try:
  4. The same thing happened in John Badham's 1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella as Dracula, Laurence Olivier as Van Helsing, and Kate Nelligan as "Lucy" (Mina), so I guess it was just a thing they did for some reason in 1979.
  5. I don't really know her, but I'll try - Margaery Tyrell Next: Alexander Ludwig
  6. I don't know if I can think of any episodes that I would call bad, but I remember a lot of episodes and moments I thought were great. I have to disagree about College - it was the first The Sopranos episode that I thought was really great and put the show on another level for me. And then the end of season 1 was really strong with Isabella, Nobody Knows Anything, and the finale. I remember season 2 also having incredibly strong final episodes, Knight in White Satin Armor and Funhouse. Season 3 is the one I remember as the strongest and many great episodes throughout. Pine Barrens was super fun, but for me the standours are probably the Melfi-centric Employee of the Month, Amour Fou with Gloria's storyline, University (which kind of got its sequel in season 4 Whoever Did This, also great), and season 4 also had some fantastic moments, especially the finale Whitecaps I think I found season 5 less strong overall, but Long Term Parking was great, and I love the scene in the season 5 premiere
  7. I'm listening to the entire discography of Pixies while working and trying to meet the deadline.
  8. Lee Pace's Cleon the 13th in episode 3 was presumably supposed to be about 30. Cassian Bilton is playing a 17-year old Cleon the 14th. Technically, there are at least 5 people playing Cleons, if you count the baby. And of course they were going to use different actors for child Cleon and teenage Cleon, there is no makeup in the world that can make a 10 year old look 17 or vice versa... and Lee Pace can pass as a 30 year old but sure as hell not as a teenager. (Plus, we're obviously next gonna see this new bratty who-needs-tradition Dawn aka 14 interact with the new nicer Day aka 13, so Cassian Bilton will probably be appearing again.)
  9. I remember having a ton of problems with that movie to the point I wrote a whole rant about it on my Livejournal blog (remember when Livejournal was still a thing?). Mostly it was about the fact that the movie was very confusing and confused in how it was trying to portray Bond, M and MI6. There was one scene in Parliament where an MP was telling M: your organization is obsolete and pointless, you're the ones creating problems, you've created this villain and now you're trying to make us see you as saviors for saving us from the mess you've made? And I was thinking, she's absolutely right! But the movie clearly still wanted to make me side with M and MI6 and see them and Bond as heroes at the end of the day, even though they don't do anything heroic throughout the movie. It felt like the franchise got lost somewhere between "look at us being gritty and dark and acknowledging how morally grey and messed up our protagonists are" and "but we still want you root for them" - and it made me wonder, but why should I?
  10. I'm getting really confused now. You said Brother Day destroyed the mural. We only saw a teenage Cleon the 14th/Brother Dawn (played by Cassian Bilton, who debuted in episode 3 and in that scene, in fact) order the destruction of the mural, 17 years into the future from the previous scenes (so, he should be the baby that was born just before the death scene of Brother Dusk/Brother Darkness).
  11. *raises hand* I have no background with the books - well, just a few vague things I've heard but haven't read them. I think I'm doing just fine understanding what the show is about (even though the mathetical talk in episode 1 wasn't my strength(, and it's quite interesting so far. I didn't care about the insta-relationship (insta from our POV, anyway) between Gael and Raych, but other than that, they've been doing decently making the characters interesting. I have no idea where they're going with the time jumps, but there is obviously more about Hari Seldon's character and his plans that hasn't been revealed yet (including his death (?)), and I find the weirdness of the Imperial family kind of fascinating. Looking forward to more seeing more different clone versions. I'm guessing there are going to be more jumps back and forward in time and I doubt we've seen the last of Jared Harris, whether it is in flashbacks or some other forms.
  12. You mean Brother Dawn (the new one, born in the latest episode and seen as a teenager 17 years later, future Cleon the 14th).
  13. I've never seen anything to suggest that Keeley loves Jamie or would prefer to be with him, only the opposite. And the show gave the same weight to Roy admitting he didn't say he was in a relationship to that teacher who seemed to like him. So either you think Roy would also choose to break up with Keeley to be with a woman he just met...or this is just a normal bump in the road in the form of people who are in loving a relationship still liking the fact others find them attractive and also struggling a bit with trust issues.
  14. Why would they break up? Why would Keeley get back with Jamie?
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