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  1. Yes, Tyrell - we were talking too much about the Hightowers so my finger slipped LOL And did Unwin Peake take orders from him? Nope! He was the most powerful man in the realm. Anyway - this has been a long digression debate. Point: Otto did not need to ask his nephew for permission to do the coup, legally or not, just like Criston Cole didn't go and ask Borros Baratheon fod permission. Where did that idea even come from? Otto could have talked to him at some point, but he really didn't have to. Ormund didn't provide any logistical support for the coup. All Otto would need from him was support in the war - but at that point he didn't even think there would be war. And of course the Hightowers would support their close relatives. It would also be very weird, if Ormund was a co-conspirator, that there was no inkling of that in either book or show. Otto's brother, called Lord Hobart in the show, appeared just twice and years before - the first time when he was expecting that 2 year Aegon would be named heir, which many thought at the time, and the second one at Rhaenyra's wedding to tell Alicent he was proud of her. Otto may want to impress his brother, but the Oldtown Hightowers were absent and distant in most of season 1, with no indication that Otto is consulting with them on his plotting and that they're active participants in the plans that he had to send a letter to say "important: I will be making Aegon II king in spite of Viserys' wishes; waiting for further instructions"
  2. Except that's not how it goes in real life.. especially when the King is dead (as when Viserys died and no one had been crowned yet), absent, underage, incapacitated or uninterested in ruling. Either way, the Hand answers to the King first and not to their Lord Paramount. Imagine how Westeros would run if it was otherwise?! Any Hand of the King who's not a Lord Paramount would be taking orders from their Lord instead of the King! Or Septon Barth taking orders from the High Septon while ignoring Jaehaerys! Jon Connington taking orders from Robert Baratheon instead of Aerys and Rhaegar? Unwin Peake taking orders from Lyonel Hightower? LMAO He also wasn't taking orders from underage Aegon II and was actually ignoring the king's wishes, a lot.. and the Regency was technically the utmost authority but they were weakened so it was pretty much just Unwin Peake doing whatever he wanted.
  3. Actually, you are wrong, the Hand has a higher authority than any of the Lord Paramounts, just as the King has, since the Hand is seen as "speaking with King's voice" and yielding that authority when the King is absent or incapacitated and if there is no Regent to perform the role of the King. The Hand can sit the Iron Throne and pronounce Lord Tywin Lannister's bannerman Ser Gregor Clegane a traitor to the crown, without asking Lord Tywin for permission or caring what Lord Tywin would say, as Ned Stark did. Otto acting deferential to Hobart in the show while they are talking to each other has nothing to do with their formal authority - Otto is the one who outranks Hobart there - it is about their familiar relationship and the fact even someone as powerful as Otto is unable to stop looking at his older brother as his older brother. (But I doubt he feels the same about his nephew.) This is no different from how Tywin was ordering both Cersei and Joffrey around. Tyrion at one point even thinks to himself in ASOS that Cersei should not be obeying Tywin's orders - she outranks him as the Regent. Regent > Hand. But she can't stop seeing him as her father, the all powerful Lord Tywin. It doesn't matter who the formal highest authority is when Tywin has the real life authority and reputation he has, and plus he is a man, and her father. Similarly. as a woman, Alicent struggles to assert herself, because the Council would rather listen to Otto, who is a man, and he's expected to have authority over her as her father. And Daemon all but usurps Rhaenyra's authority in the season 1 finale at some points - doing things without any consultation with her, because he is a man, and because he is her husband, so people tend to see him as maybe the one to listen to, even though he is just a consort.
  4. No, you don't, when you're Hand of the King. You are, in fact, the second highest authority in the realm after the monarch or the regent - and the ultimate authority in the realm in the interim when there is no crowned monarch. Hand of the King > Lord Paramount And in the show, Alicent was the Regent for ill Viserys so she outranked them too (technically she outranked her father too before the coronation).
  5. What does that letter have to do with the coup? That was about how Otto thought Darmon mustn't be the heir/king, so Otto preferred Rhaenyra to be the heir - two decades earlier. No, House Hightower didn't participate in the coup. Ormund didn't send his forces from Oldtown to besiege King's Landing so Aegon could be crowned or whatever. They supported their fanily members - naturally - after the war broke out (which was not Otto's or Alicent's or anyone's initial plan, they hoped it could go over without a war) So did the Lannisters and many other houses. The coup was carried out in KL with forces that Otto had authority over as the Hand of the King. He didn't need to ask his nephew for permission and certainly didn't need or ask for his logistical support in the coup.
  6. He may not even be playing a Hightower. Who knows what role he is playing. The fact he was on the set at the same time as the actress playing one of Rhaenyra's handmaidens makes it less likely. Maybe he's playing Ulf? Jamie Kenna, who's also said to have joined the cast, seems like he might be playing Hugh Hammer.
  7. Well then blame GRRM for making him a rapist. The show just showed the POB of one of his victims, which the books, by the nature of their format, don't csre about
  8. House Hightower wasn't preparing a coup. There's zero evidence in book or show that Lord Ormund Hightower or his father were involved. The Council prepared and took part in the coup, minus Beesbury: Otto Hightower, Queen Alicenr Hightower, Criston Cole, Tyland Lannister, Jasper Wylde, Grand Maester Orwyle.
  9. Marry Baelor Breakspear (of course!) Bang Rhaegar - he is supposed to be super hot, that's the one non-controversial thing about him. Maybe he sings me a song too Kill Aemon - by process of elimination. Sorry Aemon, but you barely have any characterization, I know more about the personalities of each one of your siblings who lived longer than a year. Next: unsuccessful and unlucky pretenders to the throne Aegon the Uncrowned Daemon Blackfyre Daemon II Blackfyre/John the Fiddler
  10. I think George is just consulting and giving notes, same as in season 1. I know they said he was consulted for 1x10, for instance (I'm guessing it's Daemon's dragon song - GRRM is probably helping with lore, including parts he hasn't written, like the prophecy). He is not actually writing the teleplays. I noticed that comment, but it could mean Ryan co-wrote them all, rather than wrote it all by himself in a room. There's a writers' room, I'm sure. Even Dark, where Jatnje Friese was unsurisingly credited as a/the writer of every episode, had some other people credited as co-writers on some episodes.
  11. She said, however, they would love if GRRM writes more novellas in the meantime so they get material for more seasons than 3. My personal preference would be that they only focus on the Dance and then something like a really long or double episode finale to show the aftermath in the first couple of years (basically "The Hooded Hand" chapter, which feels like an epilogue to the Dance in some ways, plus a couple more things from later chapters like seeing Nettles in the Mountains of the Moon and the Aegon/Viserys reunion, without going fully into new storylines of power struggle during Aegon III... but Ryan Condal has said before, IIRC, that he'd like the show to be about the Targaryen dynasty and not just the Dance? So he may have other ideas. Maybe they even keep going on with Aegon III, Daeron I, Baeor I, Viserys II and Aegon IV and the Blackfyre rebellions.. if the audience is still there at that point for more stories like this, even without dragons. Some people think they will go back to the Conquest, but that would be really awkward to do in the same show, jumping back and forth in time. They could just make another spinoff at that point. I like the idea someone had on Twitter that they could do it a miniseries showing Aegon's, Maegor's and some of Jaehaerys I's reign but as a story about Rhaena Targaryen and from her perspective.
  12. What if an actor improvises a line? How would anyone know from comparing the scripts to the finished product if it was because of showrunner/executive producers doing the writing job, or because of actors improvising?
  13. And another one, Jamie Kenna, who is following and being followed only by Team Black actors, which gives an idea who he's filming with. Going by that, his size (193 cm/6'4") and accent, I'd say he may be Hugh Hammer. Unless he's Ulf, and Hugh is played by someone even bigger.
  14. Of course not. It's All About You, you the one and only Spokesperson for Women Everywhere. Please enlighten me more with your wisdom so I can stop being unworthy!
  15. Now the Twitter accounts are saying Aaron Hodgetts, 20 year old non-binary actor, has also been seen on the set. They look young for 20 and could be playing Daeron.
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