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  1. Annara Snow

    Would you rather?

    Lowborn. At least I'll have some chance of choosing who I marry and/or have sex with. Sure, there is a high chance of rape if there's a war, or a Roose Bolton nearby, but at least I won't be forced to ;live and have kids with my rapist. Would you rather have Stannis as your PR guy or Balon as your military strategist?
  2. Annara Snow

    Would you rather?

    Fight a wight. They're not that dangerous if there's just one, I can take it. Would you rather watch a Benioff and Weiss Star Wars movie, or a two-hour long "Inside the Episode" with them talking about GoT?
  3. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2020 TV shows throughout the year

    1. BoJack Horseman (season 6b) - the show could have continued (it was Netfix's decision to end it with season 6, not the creative team's), but if it had to end, this was probably the best possible ending. Still, if they revived it, I'd be overjoyed. This is one of my all time favorite shows and certainly one of the best and most unique shows in recent years. I don't know where I'd rank season 6 - certainly above seasons 1 and 2 and below seasons 5 and 4. Probably about the same as season 3. 2. The Good Place (season 4b)- unlike BoJack, this show really needed to have a definite ending, and it was one planned by the creative team. Not all of season 4 was great, but the finale was amazing. 3. Evil - one of the best new shows this season. Big networks have surprised me by featuring some interesting and original shows like this. I already ranked it on the 2019 list, but the last few episodes aired this season and were all excellent, so the show will probably be even higher on the 2020 list. Unless they screw it up with season 2. 4. Emergence - another good new SciFi show on a network. Unfortunately, since it's on a big network (ABC), its chances of getting renewed are not great, based on that nonsense that are Nielsen ratings. Fingers crossed. If it doesn't get renewed, I guess we can ignore the cliffhanger from the last couple of minutes - and the rest of the finale would be a satisfying ending to the show. Ongoing shows I'm watching: Star Trek: Picard, Harley Quinn, Prodigal Son - which is getting better and better and will probably be placed higher than in 2019. The last episode was fantastic. I particularly like the humor that the show is unexpectedly full of, particularly lately. Also watching The Witcher - but I don't know if I'll put it on this list or the 2019 one. There are also other shows from 2019 that I need to finish. The only thing I've seen this year and disliked is See. Another show released in late 2019, I only saw the first episode and hated it, so I don't think I'm gonna continue. It's dull and based on a terrible premise that makes no sense, and there's really nothing in it that really draws me to the show.
  4. Annara Snow

    Would you rather?

    Is that a joke question? That would only be a dilemma if you asked "would you prefer it if Robb survived but Tywin got to live, or if everything stays the same?" Actually, no, that also wouldn't be a dilemma, I'd still want Tywin the m*therf*cker to die in a privy and s*it himself, even if Robb died. Would you rather live in Braavos or in Sunspear?
  5. I've never heard that anyone had any problems with Ehle as Catelyn.
  6. Annara Snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    I've started to watch it. It's great.
  7. Annara Snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    If anything, it's the opposite. Knives Out mostly focuses on (largely) negative/mocking portrayal of rich white Americans (even if the main character is an immigrant), and Rian Johnson admits it's the same class he belongs to, so it's very much a case of an insider looking in and showing what he knows. Parasite has both clueless rich yuppie South Koreans and impoverished South Koreans willing to go anything to get out of their situation,but it's the latter who are the protagonists and more focused on. I don't know if Bong Koon Ho has ever experienced poverty, but he certainly hasn't been experiencing it in a long time. The main differences between the two, however, is that the former is ultimately optimistic, while the latter is not and proves to be much darker; and that Parasite is more morally ambiguous in its class portrayal, because the poor people , well, aren't exactly nice (but the point is that they can't afford to). Their ultimate messages are quite different -
  8. Annara Snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    Knives Out was great. It reminds me of Parasite in a way - both movies are well structured and extremely entertaining, and use the black comedy/house invasion thriller and the who dun it story, respectively, to explore social and political issues in a fun way. The difference is that, while hilarious for most of its run, Parasite is ultimately dark and pessimistic, while Knives Out is optimistic and basically says a big F*uck you to the grimdark "kindness is stupid, only a-holes win" mentality. BTW, this is the first time this has occurred to me even though I've watched Anna de Armas in a long TV show (EL Internado) and Blade Runner 2049 - but does anyone else think she kind of looks like Eliza Dushku with lighter colored eyes?
  9. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2019 TV shows throughout the year

    I'm going to do what seems like the most logical thing - add Runaways to my 2019 list. For one thing, I think it would be weird to put 2019 shows on a 2020 list just because I finished them a week after the New Year. And secondly - there's no 2020 thread yet, anyway. 1. The 100 season 6 2. Dark season 2 3. Watchmen season 1 4. Chernobyl 5. Barry season 2 6. Fleabag season 2 7. Big Little Lies season 2 8. Good Omens 9. Cloak & Dagger season 2 10. BoJack Horseman season 6a 11. Russian Doll season 1 12. The Good Place season 3b/4a 13. The Expanse season 4 14. The Mandalorian season 1 15. His Dark Materials season 1 16. Santa Clarita Diet season 33 17. Runaways season 3 - the best season of this show. It was lots of fun, had interesting character arcs, and I liked the Cloak & Dagger crossover. It's only this low because I liked or loved a lot of 2019 shows. 18. Evil season 1 19. What We Do in the Shadows season 1 20. Dublin Murders season 1 21. The Boys season 1 22. The Passage season 1 23. Emergence season 1a 24. Roswell: New Mexico season 1 25. Prodigal Son season 1a 26. Agents of SHIELD season 6 27. World on Fire season 1 28. Black Lightning season 2 29. Veronica Mars season 4
  10. Annara Snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    You're right. Season 1 did have a shaky beginning. But the back part of it was so good, and the ending so strong, that I don't care much about it. But both season 1 and the prequel were great at making me angry at the Romans and root for the slaves when they decide to
  11. Annara Snow

    2019 Year In Review: Entertainment Edition

    Is The Wheel of Time being released this year, though?
  12. Annara Snow

    2019 Year In Review: Entertainment Edition

    It's the favorite out of those I went to. I live in Belgrade, so Zagreb is not far. The Hives, Garbage and Thievery Corporation were also there, but I missed The Hives because they played relatively early, I heard Garbage but didn't see them (!) because I was trying to get to the festival area (which is on a small river island that's difficult to approach, so sometimes you have to walk all around). And I did see TC, but they didn't impress me this time, their concert I attended a few years ago was better.
  13. Annara Snow

    A Look Back at the 10’s - Your Highlights of the Decade

    So, to sum up: - you hated everything - you mocked people who hated GoT for turning into a steaming pile of dung.
  14. Annara Snow

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Those aren't pillows!

    You must watch the prequel before season 2. It introduces Gannicus, who waa not in season 1, but comes back in season 2 and is one of the main characters in the show. There's a lot of backstory on him and Oenomeus, without which you can't really understand their later interactions and Ganmicus' character development. There's also a lot of Crixus in his early gladiator days, something like a villain origin story for Ashur, and a lot of more of John Hannah and Lucy Lawless as earlier and somewhat different versions of their characters, plus some background on their conflict with Solonius. And there are some great characters that are just in the prequel. It's just as good and dark and heartbreaking as season 1. Sadly, Andy Whitfield died. :'( Liam McIntyre was fine as an the rebel leader Spartacus, but Andy's Spartacus was muxh more emotional and interesting. It was funny though how Spartacus suddenly became so much taller LOL