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  1. That's because Kelsey Grammar is one of those people who always looked middle aged even when they were young. Kind of like Angela Lansbury. I was surprised to learn his actual age in early seasons of Frasier.
  2. Ted Lasso is back...and that's sure not what I expected to happen in the first 5 minutes! I also did not expect Jamie to be back that way, but it makes sense. Will also watch Kingdom: Ashin of the North today. Last night I finished the Danish Netflix supernatural mystery drama Equinox... and while the show had a great dark atmosphere and kept me interested, in the end the plot managed to combine a mystery that telegraphed what it was about halfway through or even earlier, loose ends (including plot points introduced as important n- in the last two episodes - not to ever be addressed again), and a really bizarre ending that made me go "WTF did I just watch? And why was this made?" This show definitely wins this year's award for "Show Most Likely To Have Been Written by A Cult Member". (The final season of The 100 last year was obviously the first winner.)
  3. I saw Black Widow a few days ago. I know I'm not the first one to say this by any means, but it would have made more sense to release this movie after Civil War - except obviously for the post-credit scene. It was a fun movie though. I loved Florence Pugh as Yelena (who had the best lines). David Harbour was also great, loved the whole ‘family’ dynamic with all these characters. (And the opening scene made me think “oh, MCU does The Americans”.) But it is stilll a run of the mill MCU movie with a one-dimensional villain and half baked themes. (Just like, let’s be honest, the majority of MCU movies, with just a few exceptions.) But I’ll say this - with the post-credits scene, they’ve smartly found a way to get people interested in the Hawkeye series. I wouldn’t have cared, but now I’ll tune in for Yelena
  4. [Ted Lasso season 1 (2020) 1. The Expanse season 5 [I May Destroy You (2020)] [The Wilds season 1 (Dec, 2020)] 2. Made for Love season 1 3. The Nevers season 1a [The OA (2017-2019)] 4. It’s a Sin 5. We Are Lady Parts season 1 6. Love, Victor season 2 - I liked the way this season additionally fleshed out all the character and had a lot of realistc exploration of problems in relationships and various other issues the characters were facing. The storyline of a religious mother struggling to accept her son's sexuality and let go off her prejudices ingrained by her upbringing was particularly nuanced, realistic and well done. However, there was maybe a bit too much overall relationship drama and love triangles at the end of the season. 7. WandaVision 8. Mare of Easttown 9. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 10. Prodigal Son season 2 [Away season 1 (2020)] [Poldark (entire show season 1-5, ended in 2019)] 11 Loki season 1 - I didn't dislike it, but I was not that taken with this show. It didn't feel that new or exciting as I felt like more of the stuff seen on The Umbrella Academy/Dr Who/Legends of Tomorrow. I guess it didn't help that I'm not a comic book reader and that some moments, particularly the finale, seemed designed to ,make comic book readers excited for what 's to come in MCU, while I had to go and read articles and watch videos explaining what the deal is - but either way, it felt less like a satisfying narrative of its own and more like a setup for the next phase of the MCU. 12. Cruel Summer season 1 13. Shadow and Bone season 1 14. Tribes of Europa season 1 + at the bottom, shows I dropped after one episode: 15. Debris, 16. Rebel, 17. The Irregulars.
  5. You forgot "Immovable? No" Next question - bigger than a shoe box?
  6. I've finished season 1 of the Brazilian dystopian thriller/drama 3% - and it was excellent throughout. Interesting and original premise that reflects on many social issues, well-fleshed out and compelling characters, tension kept throughout, well done twists, and it ended with an interesting setup for season 2, which I'll start binging soon. I hope seasons 2-4 are a least nearly as good. Why isn't this show more popular and talked about? If it had been an English lajnguage US production, I bet it would be huge.
  7. [Ted Lasso season 1 (2020) 1. The Expanse season 5 [I May Destroy You (2020)] [The Wilds season 1 (Dec, 2020)] 2. Made for Love season 1 3. The Nevers season 1a [The OA (2017-2019)] 4. It’s a Sin 5. We Are Lady Parts season 1 6. WandaVision 7. Mare of Easttown 8. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 9. Prodigal Son season 2 [Away season 1 (2020)] [Poldark (entire show season 1-5, ended in 2019)] 10. Cruel Summer season 1 - For the first 9 episodes, I was sure this drama/thriller was very thoughtful and realistic and had something to say about pressures that the society puts on teenage girls through its two teen prttagonists. One of them did end up having great, complex and devastating arc about grooming and emotional abuse. I was convinced this will end up somwhere at the top of my rankings. But the finale turned out to be about sensationalism and "shocking twists" - one of which made no sense whatsoever (the most illogical thing I've seen on TV all year) and another that was actually predictable but really disappointing and reframed the whole story in a bad way. 11. Shadow and Bone season 1 12. Tribes of Europa season 1
  8. I finished The Expanse season 5 last night. I loved this season, it's one of my favorite seasons of the show (certainly way better than season 4). I was surprised to see that some people disliked it because "nothing happened" (?!) It had one of the biggest game-changers of the show, and then followed it up with actual consequences and people responding to it. The character work this season was so good. The ending was very WTF, but I had to look online to understand what was going on because I didn't immediately make the connection. I definitely need a rewatch of the entire show before the final season starts.
  9. It's been a while and I have a few shows to add. Shows not from 2021 added in brackets and not numbered. New shows in red. [Ted Lasso season 1 (2020) - The premise didn't look like something I'd watch, so I was surprised how much I loved it and just how good it is - both funny and full of heart and modern while unabashedly optimistic. It's basically saying F off to the idea that you need to be cynical to be clever. 1. The Expanse season 5 - one of my favorite seasons of the show. It had one of the biggest and most shocking and game-changing events of the show, but it also had a real follow-up with people responding to it, and great character stuff with emotional arcs and backstories. [I May Destroy You (2020)] [The Wilds season 1 (Dec, 2020)] 2. Made for Love season 1 3. The Nevers season 1a [The OA (2017-2019)] 4. It’s a Sin 5. We Are Lady Parts season 1 - this new UK comedy about a group of young Musli women in London and their punk band was a short (6 half hour epiodes), fun, easy and very enjoyablewatch, with a new perspective rarely if ever seen on TV. 6. WandaVision 7. Mare of Easttown - The plot wasn't always super tight, I'm unsure about some of the various plot points and how they all come together, but the resolution was very good and emotional, and Kate Winslet is great in the lead. 8. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 9. Prodigal Son season 2 [Away season 1 (2020)] - I quite enjoyed this show about a group of astronauts on a mission to be the first to step foot on Mars, made of people from various countries. The characters and their backstories were quite interesting (Hilary Swank is the best known star, but Mark Ivanir as a veteran Russian astronaut stole the show). I'm a bit sad it was cancelled after season 1, but on the other hand, it can stand on its own as it is as a limited series with a good ending. [Poldark (entire show season 1-5, ended in 2019)] 10. Shadow and Bone season 1 11. Tribes of Europa season 1 + shows I dropped after the first episode: Debris (not bad maybe but not very interesting and had very uncharismatic leads; Rebel (mediocre in spite of a great cast) and The Irregulars (really bad). Season 2 of Ted Lasso will be out this June, so we'll see if the show will go down or stay in the same place or be overtaken by another. I should be adding Cruel Summer after it airs its finale in a few days, plus someshows I need to finish or catch up on or that were recently released (The Underground Railroad, Solos, Love, Victot season 2, Equinox, New Amsterdam...).
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