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  1. Lyanna Stark is Jon's Mother Are you kidding me, generator? What's next - Jaime is Joffrey's father? Sansa Stark will make a shadowbaby Jon Connington is Aegon Targaryen The High Septon is a blackfyre - Why does it think a blackfyre is not a name? Does it think a blackfyre is a species, or what?
  2. It's not unusual for Straw Feminists to be displayed in negative light, that's happened in so many shows and movies. It's also not unusual for people to portray those who use feminism in a misguided way in a negative light. Anyone who is even marginally familiar with social media and today's discourse on social issues would know how many different ideas all get called "feminism", even those that are intrinsically contary to the basic ideas of feminism. For instance, it's quite astonishing to me that someone is spending time online and has never heard of the debates over TERFs. or White Feminism. Or, Like, I dunno, a woman with power deceiving and mistreating a bunch of girls in the name of some warped idea of 'ending patriarchy', which is the case in this show. But it's kind of fun to see a "I don't like this show, but I like that it has a feminist portrayed in a bad light, yay, because that's never ever ever happened" take in the year 2021. It feels like I've time travelled.
  3. Sword? Belonged to a character who appears in the five books?
  4. Upcoming Sky and Canal Plus TV show Django, described as " English-language reimagining of Sergio Corbucci’s classic 1966 Western", has been announced. Here's the Variety article and another article with a few more plot details. The creators have previously worked as writers and producers on Gomorrah, a show that's quite popular on this forum. It stars German actor Matthias Schoenaerts as Django, Lisa Vicari (Martha from Dark) as his long-lost daughter, Nicholas Finnock (Fortitude, Counterpart) and Noomi Rapace.
  5. I posted the teaser and some info in the Upcoming shows thread last week when the cast photo, teaser and interviews came out. What we do know so far, aside from plot synopsis, the cast, and the cast in-character photo (which offers a lot of interesting details to speculate about) is season 1 will have 8 episodes and came out in 2022 (they've just started shooting and are to finish it in November Ben Frost, who did the score for Dark, is again the composer; the show will be in multiple languages, and the actors/characters will be speaking in their languages and we will see characters struggle to understand each other (which makes sense, as it's 1899 and I wouldn't expect every character to speak English fluently back then) - which makes me very excited. You can also hear several different languages in the teaser. they are using a virtual production stage, similar to what The Mandalorian does. They were first planning to go on locations in various countries, but the pandemic makes that impossible, so they're using the virtual stage technique for that. Now, since the show takes place on a ship, this sounds to me like we're going to see flashbacks to get to know the characters' backtories. https://deadline.com/2021/05/1899-netflix-creators-dark-talk-europes-largest-virtual-production-stage-multilingual-series-1234747377/ A few other actors and writers have mentioned working on the show, and have also been interviews with several of the main cast where they have revealed some basic info about their characters. If you're interesting in more info, you can find egular updates on Twitter fan accounts 1899Netflix and Netflix1899.
  6. The characters were all throwing the Idiot Ball around so the plot could even happen.
  7. But Prometheus wins not only for being so bad, but also for being completely unnecessary.
  8. I couldn't disagree more. They got progressively better for me. Mockingjay was my favorite. The only issue I had was that I'd prefer the last chapter to be much longer and more detailed.. It felt a bit rushed, though I otherwise liked it. I thought the decision to split them was, for once, justtfied, as a proper adaptation would have been otherwise a 4-5 hours long film. I would have had the first one end at a different, somewhat later point. But I liked Mockingjay part 1. I was disappointed by Mockingjay part 2 as it not only missed the chance to expand on the ending, it rushed it even more, simplified it, and I don't think someone would have gotten an idea about the things Collins described in the last chapter, just from the movie. They should have shown on screen the things that Collins has Katniss describe/retell in the last chapter.
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