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  1. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    BoJack Horseman (season 4) The Leftovers (season 3) Black Sails (season 4) The Handmaid’s Tale (season 1) Big Little Lies (season 1) Agents of SHIELD (season 4+ season 5a) The Good Place (season 1 + season 2a) American Gods (season 1) The Americans (season 5) The Punisher (season 1) The 100 (season 4) Midnight, Texas (season 1 ) - what True Blood would have been like if it had actually been good. Now, on to season 2! The Expanse (season 2) The Last Kingdom (season 2) Broadchurch (season 3) Legion (season 1) Twin Peaks: The Return The Gifted (season 1) Outlander (season 3) South Park (season 21) Runaways (season 1) Absentia (season 1) Star Trek: Discovery (season 1a) Gunpowder The Defenders Taboo Iron Fist (season 1) The Walking Dead (season 7b + season 8a) Inhumans
  2. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    The Americans (S6) BoJack Horseman (S5) Sharp Objects The Good Place (S2/S3) The Alienist The Expanse (S3) Dietland The 100 (S5) Jessica Jones (S2) Black Lightning (S1) Agents of SHIELD (S5) Cloak and Dagger (S1) The Gifted (S1) Runaways (S1) Deception Star Trek: Discovery (S1) The X-Files (S11) How does BoJack Horseman manage to be better and better with each season? People say that about a lot of shows, but in this case, it's true. I didn't think it could top season 4, which was the best season of any show in 2017, but season 5 is even better. Although season 4 had a few more brilliant individual episodes, season 5 was more consistent and had a really strong overall narrative. And was amazingly meta and criticizing itself, while also poking fun and satirizing so many things in its hilarious and witty way, as it always does. I reshuffled the list slightly and put The 100 over Jessica Jones. Both season 2 of JJ and season 5 of The 100 have been criticized a lot, but I liked them both. In the end, I think I prefer The 100 season 5 because its highs were higher, though its lows were lower. Meanwhile, The Good Place continues to be amazing, and stays where it was with its first part of season 3 (the next episode is in 2019). Not all the episodes were as good, but it had a really strong mid-season finale. I'd say places 1-5 were all brilliant, 6-9 I really enjoyed though they had their issues, 10 (Black Lightning) was OK, and 11-17 were all various levels of disappointment. (Except for Deception, which was better than I expected, but I didn't expect it to be anything but an ABC procedural.) Note that the ranking of Black Lightning and The Gifted is based on their respective first seasons, since I haven't had the time to catch up on their seasons 2 yet.
  3. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    In this thread, we're supposed to be ranking all the 2018 shows we've seen, not just naming the best ones.
  4. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    The Americans (S6) Sharp Objects The Good Place (S2/S3) The Alienist The Expanse (S3) Dietland Jessica Jones (S2) The 100 (S5) Black Lightning Agents of SHIELD (S5) Cloak and Dagger The Gifted Runaways Deception Star Trek: Discovery The X-Files (S11) Yesterday I finished my binge of this show (which I started a couple of months ago). I wrote about the show overall in the 2017 thread and the Watch... thread after finishing S4. The show has its ups and downs. I was told that season 5 was as bad or maybe worse than season 3, which I hated and which was a huge mess, but that wasn't the case. However, it had some really annoying stuff: a return of a very annoying plot point from season 3, which got a lot of attention and screentime, and one of the worst 'romantic' relationships I've ever seen on screen - it has an awful, toxic setup, is 'developed' entirely off-screen and in a lazy way, and has no chemistry whatsoever (also, one half of it is an extremely annoying and badly written supporting character played by an awful actress who can't emote at all). But fortunately, it didn't take that much screentime, as it's really obvious to anyone paying attention that it's just there to create an obstacle, but every time it was on screen, I felt like I was watching a telenovela, and their sex scene felt like one of the sex scenes from The Room. And generally, the amount of stuff that was covered off-screen was this season's biggest problem. But a lot of other things were interesting and compelling - but it wasn't as good as seasons 2 or 4 or even season one. More than anything, it felt like a setup for season 6, which is going to air the next year. I would rank the seasons: season 2 > season 4 (they are pretty close and much better than the rest) >>> season 1 > season 5 > season 3.
  5. That's really not saying much.
  6. Annara Snow

    The Good Place S3 - heaven is a place on Earth (spoilers)

    Nah, Liam is still the worst Hemsworth brother. And BTW, Miley Cyrus certainly didn't write "Wrecking Ball" about him, because she did not write that song, period - but it was Jason who said that, which makes perfect sense. That episode was my least favorite of the season, but the one with Chidi going all nuts and nihilistic was great. I wonder how many more episodes they can devote to saving other people. Jason, Eleanor and Tahani have now all had resolutions with their family members and/or friends. I guess Chidi should be next. Then what?
  7. Annara Snow

    Cast-o-phobia: We have a winner!!

    Thank you, guys!
  8. That's season 4 of Arrow. It was one of the worst seasons any TV show I've ever seen.
  9. You mean season 2 of The Flash and season 5 of Arrow? I'm not a fan of the Arrowverse by any means, but I decided to binge watch all chronologically of it a while ago just out of curiosity and to know what everyone is talking about. The first 2 seasons of Arrow were surprisingly good (surprisingly because I had only seen some of Supergirl before, which is trash), but seasons 3 and 4 were some of the worst TV I've ever seen. The only reason I got through them was because I relegated Arrowverse shows to the "just watch it as background noise while working" status. Season 5 is better on comparison, that's not saying much. The show pretty much went downhill when they changed the showrunner and started pushing Olicity. Season 1 of The Flash was pretty good, sesson 2 so-so, but season 3 is so bad. I haven't finished either, though. I don't have a huge motivation to comtinue with Arrowverse.
  10. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    I was like that with The Walking Dead for a long time, even though I was getting weaned off during season 7 and season 8a, when I was mostly just watching it as background noise while working. But in the end, I finally dropped it, and haven't seen any episodes this year.
  11. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    Why don't you make it?
  12. Annara Snow

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B starting soon - SIGN UP

    Sorry, I had a good idea when I thought I could use additional prepositions and conjunctions, but with these rules, I have no idea how to make anything work.
  13. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2017 TV shows throughout the year

    As compared to what? But maybe this discussion is better not continued here, as experience has shown that starting to debate GoT is the fastest way to get these threads detailed for a long time.
  14. Annara Snow

    Cast-o-phobia: We have a winner!!

    This was really difficult to choose... 1) Matthew Beard - I don't know him, but he looks close enough to book!Jon's description, and I've just watched one short YT video of him (see how dedicated I am to this game ) and he seems like a good actor, I guess... 2) Drew Fuller - I don't know him either, but he has a long face, at least. 3) Bradley James - I like him (especially on iZombie), but he doesn't seem right for Jon. However, the only other option is Liam Hemsworth, who, aside from looking completely wrong, is one of the few popular actors who are even more wooden than Kit Harington. And I guess I just revealed who my candidate is, but that doesn't matter anymore anyway, since 1) I think everyone has already voted, and 2) I'm pretty sure I've already won in any case.
  15. I wrote this already on the Rank Your Shows Throughout the Year thread (2017), but I'll just copy paste it here. A couple of months ago I pretty much accidentally started watching The 100 (because it happened to be on TV - Fox Serbia started airing it from the beginning), a show that I had heard a lot about, a lot of it very mixed - I knew it's a show with a very strong and passionate fandom (especially since I hang out on SpoilerTV, where it's one of the most popular shows), but also that it (and its showrunner) has been widely criticized for some storytelling choices (which are mostly due to season 3) on racial and LGBT issues (which was also why I had been spoiled on several plot developments since forever, way before I even started watching it). I was cautious, but curious. And then a weird thing happened - after just a few episodes, I got more emotionally involved in it than I've been in a new show (well, new for me - it's about to start its 6th season next year) in a long time. I started binging and finished season 4 yesterday (I saw the season 5 premiere today). The 100 is a weird, weird show in so many ways. It's kind of the opposite of The Expanse for me. The Expanse's biggest strength is great worldbuilding, but I've never had a strong emotional attachment to the characters, especially not the main duo of Holden and Naomi (which may be because of not being impressed by the actors). On the other hand, wordlbuilding on The 100 is utter crap and rarely makes any sense, but I'm insanely attached to its characters, and two of the leads have quickly become some of my all-time favorite characters. Going in, I expected a CW teen show version of a SciFi apocalyptic drama. My biggest surprises have been: it seems to start CW-ish, but after a first few episodes, it completely loses its CWness (the only similarity with other CW shows is that the cast is incredibly attractive) and gets incredibly dark. I've never seen a show push its protagonists into such morally compromised and uncomfortable situations (they're really trying to make everyone as morally grey as possible), and boy, does this show love mass murder as a plot device (more than GoT loves rape). I was also really surprised how strong the acting is - and I don't mean by the older actors like Henry Ian Cusick from Lost, though they are fine, but most of all by the young-ish actors that I've never seen in anything before (some of whom were apparently previously mostly in Aussie soaps). So, on one hand, great acting, also good cinematography, great choice of music, but on the other hand... incredibly inconsistent writing that can go from really good to downright awful in a heartbeat. Some of the problems are: the writers seem to confuse moral ambiguity with moral relativism. Sometimes they're also too in love with shock value and surprise revelations that haven't been set up. The worldbuidling makes no sense, and there are some really uncomfortable racial dynamics occasionally (mostly season 3, which was pretty awful), which is not a surprise since it's a show with an incredibly diverse cast, but a very white American writing staff and showrunner that seems pretty clueless on a bunch of things and how they would be perceived in the fandom (which, again, was especially obvious in the mess that was season 3). Around season 3, the show became really enamoured of the same kind of Strong Female Character (TM) that GoT loves (murderous violent asshole with unlikely fighting skills), though to be fair. unlike GoT, the show has other actually strong female main characters (including the lead) that don't fit that mold. It's also often awful or at least incredibly weird in how it does romance - but not in the CW way: fortunately, it doesn't have the annoying kind of overplayed love triangles that plague the Arrowverse shows. But on the other hand, the showrunner seems to belong to the school of thought that good relationships are boring, so those are only allowed to happen to side characters. Otherwise, it's either an endless Mulder/Scully type "will they, won't they" dynamic with characters getting always separated and kept apart in every way possible but with constant ship-baiting, so the audience will keep coming back (while anti-shippers can pretend it's totally a "platonic friendship" - even though it obviously isn't) - which somehow ended up being the one really compelling and well developed romance on the show, or the protagonists are, meanwhile, put in horrible, toxic, badly written unconvincing relationships that are romanticized and presented as good. There was one in season 3, which was over-hyped and promoted and oddly enough got celebrated in the public simply because it's a same sex relationship, so it's supposed to be progressive just on the basis of that (which I don't get - sure it's some kind of LGBT representation, but it's terrible LGBT representation), and there's another one in season 5 that's almost an exact copy of that one, only a hetero version and involving another lead character. So far, I really enjoyed season 1 except for the first few episodes. Season 2 was great, much better than I ever expected this show to be. But season 3, while it had some great moments, it was overall (especially the first half) one of the biggest piles of crap I've seen recently and could give later seasons of The Walking Dead and the last 3 seasons of GoT a run for their money in that regard. Its main storylines got me so angry that I was writing huge rants about it on the SpoilerTV daily comment board after seeing it. However, season 4 was mostly free of that and one of the better seasons of the show (not as good as season 2, but maybe just above season 1). But many people are saying season 5, which I've just started, is as bad as season 3, so I'm bracing myself.