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    Would you rather?

    Where is your question?
  2. Annara Snow

    Cast the Actor!(v3)

    Jeor Mormont Adrian Pasdar
  3. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    Yes! I could have posted that myself, if I had thought about it. In fact, I don't think Casablanca is even that good. It has some charismatic actors, good cinematography and music and a certain atmosphere, and I think people love it so much because they love Humphrey Bogarte getting all emotional. But I remember cringing at s lot of the acting by supporting actors playing the Germans (moustache twirling is an understatement), and the script is pretty crap. The central love triangle is the stupidest love triangle ever, and the whole dilemma and ending makes no sense at all. Ingrid Bergman's character is in love with Rick, but she needs to be with her husband - because he's a Resistance leader? What, is she his life support system?! Is he going to die or become incapable of leading the Resistance if she doesn't keep having sex with him? I get that it was made in the 1940s and that old fictional works contain a lot of outdated and sexist ideas, but this is just plan stupid, whenever it was made. Star Trek: DS9 had an episode inspired by Casablanca, with Quark's former girlfriend who was a Cardassian professor, and that episode actually made a lot more sense than the actual Casablanca: the central 'duty vs love' dilemma worked, because there was no other guy, she was not married, she was a prominent Cardassian dissident herself and a role model for young Cardassian dissidents. That's all it would have taken to make sense of the plot of Casablanca! They simply should have made Ingrid Bergman's character herself a prominent figure in the Resistance, and said that she needed to go and fight for the liberation - rather than that she had to be with her husband!
  4. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    I still don't see how disinterest is an opinion, if you haven't seen any of it.
  5. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    That's the popular opinion. Everyone loved Hardy's Bane, even though opinions on the movie were divided.
  6. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    How is not having watched a show an "opinion"?
  7. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    Well, my opinion - which is that GoT seasons 5-7 are utter garbage witu writing that is at the level of awfulness that is rarey reached by scripted TV - is probably more unpopular in the general public (which doesn't read the books, thiugh). Also, for unpopular opinions in ASOIAF fandom: AFFC and ADWD are great, and AGOT, while I love it, is comparatively the weakest of the five books.
  8. Annara Snow

    Unpopular opinions

    Iron Man 3 is the best Iron Man film (and the Mandarin twist was brilliant). The first one is a bit overrated because it was the first MCU movie, and started off a lot of things that are now standard in MCU movies. Plus, I really dislike the sexism of Favreau's Iron Man movies (like the way the reporter is treated, and Pepper's cattiness to her). Thor: Ragnarok is very overrated. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is underrated and should be getting all of the praise that Thor: Ragnarok got.
  9. Annara Snow

    Jessica Jones Season 2: AKA This Thread Has Spoilers

    Ah yes, I remember. I don't think it erases it. Jessica still treated Karl as a bad guy. He wasn't entirely a bad guy, but he was clearly capable of doing very shady things or even bad things to protect Alisa. Most of the characters in S2 were like that, doing shady and bad things without being outright villainous.
  10. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    Update: The Good Place (S2) The Alienist Jessica Jones (S2) Agents of SHIELD (S5) - I really didn't like what they pulled in the finale - it is such a cheap cop-out. This season started so strong that it seemed like it may match even season 4 - the first half was probably the strongest first half of any AoS season, but from episode 15 things started to do downhill. At the time, I thought episode 14 was great, but then they really failed to properly follow up and address what happened. It's like they wanted to be edgy by having a character do something awful and have a mental health issue/identity crisis, and by having a lot of conflict within the team, but then they couldn't deal with it properly, so they flushed a lot of the development down the toilet with what they did in the finale. They also didn't really explain the mechanics of the main plot, though I guess they can now at least do it next season. Usually AoS seasons become stronger around episode 15 or 16 and have a strong finish - this was the only other than season 2 where the opposite happened. I thought about putting it below The Gifted, which had a more coherent storyline, but then again, it never made me that invested in characters and the story as AoS does and wasn't that entertaining, plus season 5 of AoS still had some really strong episodes that actually aired this year (episode 8 in particular - that one may be in my top 10 for the entire show). The Gifted Runaways Star Trek: Discovery The X-Files (S11) - oh god, that was so uninspired. Just dragging it out, because people still want to see Mulder and Scully, so anything X-Files is always going to be watched and make money. Carter once again proves he's terrible at writing continuing storylines. He's also terrible at writing romance. A couple of standalone episodes were decent, and the conversation at the end of episode 9 made it all not a total disaster (of course, it was an episode not written by Chris Carter). Discovery is bad, but at least it feels like it's trying and may get better in the future. I have a rule that I don't put shows whose season I haven't finished yet (or that haven't aired all their episodes this year) on the list, so The Americans season 6 is only going to be added after the finale, but I can already say it will be the firm #1 and tough to beat. I'm rewatching show (I'm halfway through season 2, so it will be a tough task to finish it all in 10 days - at least I want to finish the rewatch of the first 4 seasons before the finale), so I don't have the time for most of the other shows. I'm still watching The Expanse, because I'm caught up on it, but season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale, Legion and Westworld will have to wait until I finish The Americans. And since I've dropped The Walking Dead completely, I doubt that anything will be lower ranked than The X-Files. Maybe one of the Arrowverse shows, if/when I get caught up on them (I'm watching them as background noise and I'm still in the early last seasons of these shows).
  11. Annara Snow

    Jessica Jones Season 2: AKA This Thread Has Spoilers

    Refresh my memory - who did Dr Malus frame for murder?
  12. Annara Snow

    Jessica Jones Season 2: AKA This Thread Has Spoilers

    I loved this season, too. Yeah, it's not as good as season 1 - but few TV seasons are. Season 1 was the best thing the MCU has done, IMO, but I like the fact that this season was so different. Instead of having a powerful villain to beat, it didn't even have a real villain, everyone was in shades of grey (except that serial killer prison guard who was in a couple of episodes, who was a very minor character) and it was more about exploring the main characters, showing their flaws and dark sides, having them struggle with their identity - and sometimes pit them against each other, as the season ended with friendships between Jessica, Trish and Malcolm completely broken. It was a bold choice. It also in a way resonated with me personally more, because of the focus on the themes of mother/daughter relationship and the struggle with your own rage and violent impulses. It's tied with The Punisher for #3 in my rankings of Netflix Marvel seasons (with Jessica Jones season 1 and Daredevil season 1 firmly in place 1 and 2). Daredevil season 2 is #5 because it's such a mixed bag with the Hand already introduced, then Luke Cage, and then the disappointing Defenders and Iron Fist (everything to do with the Hand was just bad - I'm so glad they're gone).
  13. Please, no more time travel. Most shows don't do it well, and this season was no exception. I hope they reveal that the multiverse theory is true, because that is the only way it can make sense (and it would suck if none of the stuff from the future matters anymore - I guess, whatever Robin thought, Flint wasn't that important, after all..). But other than actually explaining it, they really shouldn't do any more time travel stories. The ideas above would really ruin the show. I don't want it to become another Flash. And it's also not Legends of Tomorrow to constantly do time travel shenaningans and "fixing' timelines, wtihout taking it seriously. The only reason why LoT kind of works is because it doesn't take itself seriously. That's not the case with AoS. The shows have very different tones. Once you start the 'let's go back in time to fix X'. the obvious question is: so why don't you do back to fix X, and A, and B, and to save all these other people? And you end up with a mess, or with your protagonists looking selfish and narrow-minded and only concerned with Coulson or another one of their friends but not with so many other people who have died on the show or in the MCU in general.
  14. Yes. Exactly. I realized that the moment I saw Fitz dying: "Are they really going to kill him off?...Ah, of course, they're going to retrieve Icicle Fitz.How convenient, kill off the one character you can easily replace with the version of the same character". It's going to be Fitz from 5.05 who hasn't been through, done or remembers any of the 5.06 - 5.22 events. Someone on Tumblr already said a couple of days ago that Iain's agency has confirmed he would be in season 6. Well, I guess I don't have to wait for that apology from him to Daisy anymore that never happened in 8 episodes. Unless it's of the kind that Framework Ward gave - the 'I'm sorry for the things another version of me did' kind. Though I guess Coulson is also supposed to be dying soon, but they have enough room to bring him back for season 6 and then only have him die in the actual series finale, if season 6 ends up being the last. I don't like that they didn't really explain the mechanics of time travel. It was just : the timeline is changed now, and that's it. Which was predictable. But the timeline is changed, does that mean that the multiverse theory is true? O are they keeping this for next season? We don't know what happened to Deke, since he had left already. Chloe Bennet said a while ago that she had filmed a super secret scene for the finale with someone. Clearly, whatever it is, it is something that they ended up not including. Maybe that was supposed to be the tag scene, and then they changed their mind. It could be something that they are keeping for season 6, now that they know there will be one - the way they decided in season 1 to hold off he resolution of Ian Quinn's storyline for later, and only included it in this season? Maybe it was Deke that we were supposed to see in the tag scene to know what happened to him, but now they'll going to resolve it next season.
  15. Annara Snow

    The Americans: The Final Season (Spoilers) pt. 4

    I think Martha's story is done. We know that she lives is USSR and has probably adopted that little girl. There's no particular need to revisit her, especially with so many other things that are actually unresolved.