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  1. I remember watching it on TV as a child and really liking it, athough I've forgotten most of it. It was directed by Andrei Konchalovsky - not his first Hollywood film, he already did Maria's Lovers before that. (His brother is a probably even better known film director, Nikita Mikhalkov.) I was curious to see who wrote the screenplay, and it turns out that it was co-written by three men, one of whom was the late Edward Bunker - former convicted felon (bank robber and drug dealer) turned crime author, screenwriter and actor. He appeared in a minor role of Mr. Blue in Reservoir Dogs, and apparently a character coincidentally played by Jon Voight in Michael Mann's Heat was based on him.
  2. Sad Men - show about a forward thinking 1960s advertising agency that organizes therapy sessions for its employees, where they freely talk about their sad past and emotional issues in order to curtail toxic behavior and improve the atmosphere at the workplace.
  3. I don't know what you were quoting there so I have no idea what specific event you were referring to. But everything in Fire & Blood comes from biased maesters, biased septons, biased court jesters etc. and is filtered through the lens of another maester writing centuries later, so technically I guess we can't be sure of anything. As for maesters poisoning people in the main story, you will have to remind me, because I don't remember any maesters doing any poisonings (Pycelle did do a cover-up of one because he had the wrong idea about how the perpetrators was) but we did actually see multiple highborn ladies and highborn lords plan and perform poisonings, and some of them frame others fot it. Lysa and Littlefinger, Tyrion (non-fatally), Olenna presumably with some other Tyrells and Littlefinger again, Oberyn, Littlefinger again, whoever was iti n Meereen... and we've also seen a trader try to poison Dany. So by this token, nobles and traders are even less trustworthy than maesters.
  4. It's difficult to poison anyone of high station who's not an idiot and has drink and food tasters, as people of high station did. If poisonings were that easy you seem to think they are, the actual questions you should ask yourself are: 1) why didn't many more royals and nobles get poisoned? Why didn't anyone poison Maegor, Aegon the Unworthy, Harren the Black, Tywin for all those years, Aarys II, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, Balon Greyjoy (easier than to hire a Faceless Man, right?), Cersei (fatally, not like Tyrion did to just put her out of commission for a while, and that only worked because they had a rare moment where they got along and she wasn't on her guard), Renly (easier than a shadow baby for sure? Right?), Stannis, Euron, Robb (why bother doing the Red Wedding if you can just poison him, easiest thing in the world, right?) and so on... Why isn't everyone getting poisoned left and right?! and 2) how come with poisonings being so 'common', everyone is still so stupid that they aren't doing the necessary precautions and no one is, according to you it seems, using food and drink tasters? Oh and another question... Who the heck did Mysaria poison??? IIRC the only persons who got poisoned were Ulf (and that was definitely not her and was far away from where she even was) and Aegon II (after her death). Which important figures during the Dance died a seemingly natural death that could've been poison? You can't just say "Mysaria will be super powerful poisoners poisoning whoever she wants!" without giving any examples. She didn't even poison a 6 year old, she sent two assassins after him.
  5. If Viserys actually believed that, why did he keep Otto as Hand for so many years up to the point he got annoyed with him for spying on his daughter and reporting something about her that Viserys really didn't like to hear (but believed to be true, going by the fact he sent her moon tea), and re-installed him later again? It makes no sense. Unless Viserys was simply looking for an accusation to throw at Otto that would sound legitimate, maybe even trying to justify himself in his mind for sacking him for a pretty questionable and weak reason. Which is exactly how that scene came off.
  6. Breaking Dad - Malcolm progressively drives his father crazy, to the point he finally snaps and starts killing people and decides to start a drug empire.
  7. I thought this would a series of educational videos for children where Arnold explains how important it is to wash your hands properly.
  8. The power is definitely awful for her, once she realises she doesn't want to abuse if that way anymore - I think she says it's more of a curse. I agree about forgiveness, but the way their interaction was depicted, it didn't feel like the writers gave it that much weight. They make up by the end of the episode, when she decides she doesn't want to do it anymore because of how empty it feels and him saying she doesn't have to do it on him because he wants her by himself anyway. It was portrayed more like the equivalent of, say, not wanting to have one night stands but commit to a relationship instead, rather than something involving lack of consent. Aside from that, her power also in general feels like a way to stop a girl who previously enjoyed an active sex life with a lot of casual sex, from being able to have sex anymore, unless she's violating other people's consent (and when she isn't doing that but only inadvertently triggering other people's responses, she's in unpleasant situations where she's in danger of being raped herself because of how uncontrollable those triggered sometimes are)... And I don't know how I feel about that entire storyline, and what the show is trying to do with that.
  9. Season 1 was in 2009. It ended ten years ago.. Nazi Future Dystopia storyline? That sounds like it will be fun, though probably not very original. Jessica Jones season 1 came out 6 years later. Did TV writers before that not give any thought to what it means when characters use mind control to have sex with someone?
  10. Long time since I posted in one of these threads, and this year I've seen tons of films (because the biggest Belgrade film festival, FEST, was held earlier this month and ended up lasting 17 days instead of 10, because so many people came and so many screenings were sold out, so the "encore" that usually lasts one day ended up lasting a whole week. Very different from the last year, when the numbers were decent, but the pandemic still affected things. Some of the films I saw include Pearl, EO, Decision to Leave, Bones and All, Till, Women Talking, Tar, Living, Austrian drama The Fox which was one of my favorites, and the latest by both Cronenbergs. Brandon won this time- Infinity Pool was excellent, while Crimes of the Future had ab interesting premise but lacked tension and emotion. As for TV shows, I finished Breaking Bad (and will post impressions later) and randomly tarted 3 older/finished UK shows: Misfits, Downton Abbey and Harlots. I finished all of their respective seasons 1 as of yesterday. The former two are OK, but I have issues (in the case of Misfits, it's one particular storyline in season 1 where the writers clearly didn't realize they had written rape into the story). But Hulu's Harlots - which barely anyone ever mentions - turned out to be really great. If seasons 2 and 3, which I'm gonna watch soon, keep up this quality, it might end up being one of my all time favorites.
  11. I thought Viserys' line was just out I thought Viserys' line was obviously just out of courtesy and obviously false, not something to be taken seriously I think Rhaenyra mentioned that Arryns are her cousins, which will have to come up again when Jace visits the Eyrie, probably in the season 2 premiere.
  12. This seems like another consequence of not paying attention, because I don't get how you could conclude from the show that Rhaenys is Viserys' sister. But come to think of it, it's also the consequence of one of the few times that the show has dumbed down the story - by framing the Rhaenys vs Viserys succession as Jaehaerys "oldest living descendant", as if this was why she was considered passed over for the throne, which makes it look like her and Rhaenyra's situations are the same and that older sisters inheriting over younger brothers is a thing they would normally consider doing in Westeros, and completely fails to get across the fact that Rhaenys' advantage was that she was the first one in the line of succession according to tradition as the only living descendant of the older brother.
  13. I never thought there would be young Rhaenyra and Alicent flashbacks in season 2 - we had the first 5 episodes of season 1 so we wouldn't need flashacks. The flashbacks I'm hoping to see and that I think would work well to give more context and background to the family's history and to the history of the Dance dragons in particular, are potential flashback to the time of Jaehaerys' reign - seeing the Old King, Good Queen Alysanne and/or Aemon and Baelon with their dragons, and maybe child versions of Rhaenys, Viserys and Daemon.
  14. The Last of Us audience is not much bigger that HotD audience was. It's funny that people now use 'HotD is now #2 biggest opening because TLoU overtook it" to trash HotD. I guess when if season 2 of HotD or something else overtakes The Last of Us, then those sae fans will decide The Last of Us is now trash or irrelevant or whatever. The supposed HotD vs ROP rivalry was dumb because those two are completely different. (Also, ROP is really bad, but that's not because it's different from HotD.)
  15. Lots of people are no doubt victims od attempted poisoning. That's why prominent figures such as royals presumably normally have people who taste their food and drijks first, as their official job, as it was the case in real kife, which would make said poisonings much less likely. And also reduce the likelihood of attempts, because why would you just poison a food taster and get your target alerted that someone wants to kill them? As for ;Balon, by that logic you could just decide that any death of a burst appendix and other similar completely natural health risks were actually secret poisonings...even though there's zero indication of that.
  16. If you really want to feel bad for a donkey, but as the protagonist, watch EO (which was nominated for the Best International Picture). It's a great movie, but there's nothing comedic about it. This was a year of donkeys in notable dramatic roles.
  17. Also Rhaenyra has zero interest in learning to fight with a sword or in fighting in general. And her "clear rejection" of her role only existed because of what happened to her mother, and she got over it pretty quickly during the time skip. Funny how Arya's friendship with Mycah gets dismissed as "of convenience" as if she didn't care about him, or as if anyone else of her station would want to hang out with a butcher's boy. If it was "of necessity", funny how quickly she made friends with Gendry and never had a problem with hanging out with lowborn kids. Now, something Arya actually did only out of necessity and never liked was dressing as a boy. She never wanted to be a boy- and got upset when someone would call her a boy. But she didn't enjoy being a lady.
  18. (Movies to be rented from video clubs back when they were stilo a thing) The Hose - porn. Due to its cover - a burly mam suggestively showing his garden hose to an attractive womam - gets mistaken for a video with gardening advice. Sleeping with the Enema - medical advice video on how enema can be performed in a way that's really comfortable. Due to its cover, gets mistaken for porn
  19. It's interesting to see EEAAO provoke such visceral reactions. I guess that makes me unusual, because really enjoyed it, but didn't love it However, its win makes me happy because it's one of the more original movies that have won Best Picture. It doesn't make me as happy as the Parasite or Moonlight win, because I really loved those, but it's a good sign. But it's sad that other movies didn't get anything. At least they could have given Original screenplay to Triangle of Sadness or one of the supporting acting awards to The Banshees of Inisherin, etc. It feels like the only reason any other movie got a major category award is because EEAAO couldn't be nominated in those categories to begin with (lead actor and, obviously, adapted screenplay). Even though I'm not the movie's #1 fan, I have to say: if complaining about the "Marvelization of movies" is what negative criticism of EEAAO is based on, it's very poor criticism that completely misses the mark. Whoever says that clearly doesn't understand why people have a problem with the dominance of Marvel movies. No, it's not because of people having superpowers, or SciFi themes like time travel and AUs. It's because Marvel movies are overall rather samey and unchallenging and limited by the studio demands and commercial concerns (even the more original of them have to stick to certain rules and demands). That's what the problem is, and that's why Scorsese said they were like theme parks more than films. But that's definitely not the case with EEAAO. No one can accuse it of lacking originality.
  20. Come on, Stellan SkarsgÄrd could be cast as so many characters!
  21. Marry Corlys Bang de-aged Olenna (who looks like Diana Rigg's character in The Avengers show) Kill Tywin, as always Next: people who exist in crackpot theories Mance who is Rhaegar Daario who is Benjen Daario who is Euron
  22. Duke - John Wayne biopic Tune - music talent competition show Lune - baking competition show where people compete in making croissants Dupe - reality show where the hosts prank people
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