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  1. Uk is the first... Not talking about quality or not. Just it doesnt seem real
  2. Wow couldnt access Discord... Anyway....is the world upside down? Spain is third right now...
  3. Oh I have read till the first half of it, also wondering if I fitted in the "label", and I am not quite sure. Anyhow, at least makes me understand people who feel this way, and I was surprised of learning so many things, bc it really goes deep for people who are highly sensitive. It isn't easy, you are right, for everything I read, I hope it helped you reading it. I recommend the book to anyone. Turns out in the test I was in the frontier, identified with many things, with the notable exception of the sentiment of being overwhelmed by senses (noise, lights) but it also said there was a subgroup that could fit there, as in an spectrum.
  4. I am sorry for you chair..... The whole story is just W O W. Omg.
  5. Oh! I thought I had the notifications on of this thread......but it looks like it didn't anyway! so cool! my two cents on it: Pebble Said A pink woman in a bikini stands under a giant dildo in a laurel wreath. Would be my description. I hope whoever is next has a more innocent mind This was so hilarious, the laurel! Bucky Said Two devils are confused by Aladdin's lamp, so they use their tablets to google about it. I like how this ended up being about tablets from puppy yoga Chain 5 as well with the cat being bought, sold, ransomed xd TitanCat and the peacock is so beautifully drawn And as for the bonus I did....I had a lot of trouble trying to find a way to depict the unsanitary uses, but it's so fun how Rhae described the situation. I had fun drawing the office xd.
  6. I can do a bonus if it's to describe within the 2 hours
  7. @Barbiesnur I think you had some kind of automatic Spanish translator in your browser activated. Anyway, the pic is so cool!
  8. Merry Xmas Buck and to you all! Sure, me too. My friend has been busy, but for all I know she wants to add something cool
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