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  1. Meera of Tarth

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Don't worry I also think I should finish them! Btw...I agree with the smile of young Leta.
  2. Meera of Tarth

    JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Oh no....just got spoiled about something without wanting it (I never finished HP books nor movies).(Not because I didn0't want, but I was pissed off whn some people spoiled the main points for me). Well to your points ones I agree with: -The brothers' credibility. -Newt as an interesting choice of a "hero". -The baby thing. (Although I think it was too rushed)- -Loved Ezra there as well. ... Other positive things: -Loved Zoe Kravitz there as well as Leta. I have some regrets with the movie. Love story regrets: Then, what I was commenting in the spiler tags. The story is complex enough, and I don't complain about that, I'd have done a 2h and 30 minutes movie. So as that some things should have been better developed and didn't feel that they were teleported sometimes, and we could have got to see more about the 4 main character's development.
  3. Meera of Tarth

    Bran could have been used a better way.

    Let's hope so. Because they are horrible writers. What they did with Bran is pure horseshit. Not to mention that this doesn't even make sense with how a 3ER should behave (oh wait! we saw an emotionally normal behaving 3ER before!!). Where is the drama if one of the main Starks has no emotions (or barely) anymore? Why should we care about him if something happens? So...most likely is that everything we saw was for shock. S8 shock if anything changes.
  4. Meera of Tarth

    [Book Spoilers] Jaime & Brienne- What's going on?

    JB is pure love, pure love guys: Gwen: And what’s recurrent in Brienne’s life is forming relationships with people that start with an opposing force, then a begrudging mutual respect and, out of that, a deep respect and pure love. That happens again this season. Brienne will realize a deep alliance.” Their resulting fealty—even tenderness—was undeniable, and so is the on-screen chemistry between Coster-Waldau and Christie. Any hope for them? Christie can’t say, but she also doesn’t laugh it off. “There’s a whole world there,” she says. “But I don’t think either of them has any idea of what’s going on or how to deal with it.” And of course, needless to say, but Tormund is not in the cards.... The heated online speculation is that the alliance will be with the mighty red-headed Wildling Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju). When I mention that, Christie releases a loud cackle. Viewers will remember an appreciative glance from Tormund toward Brienne last season. It was a throwaway moment in the script (“I think it read, ‘Tormund hasn’t seen a woman like her before,’” Christie says), but Hivju made the most of it. “I don’t often laugh during filming,” she says of the dinner table scene, in which Tormund sensuously attacks a chicken leg, his eyes locked on Brienne across the table. “That was really difficult. Because he is so intensely hilariou. But she answers my question of their future with a question of her own. “Do you think she actually likes him?” she asks. “No,” I say. “Well, there you go!” https://www.newsweek.com/2017/07/21/game-thrones-has-many-unforgettable-characters-gwendoline-christies-brienne-634270.html
  5. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Thanks! Oh yes I do...but mostly because in my case I'm even older than the rest and I can't help but compare....(I reached the "3" number...). Even if...well, for some reason I don't think my mental age matches my real one, I feel younger... Sometimes, some people say I don't look my age, and I like that... I did another degree than I didn't like before, but I finished it, and during this bachelor I also started working (not full time though but it's time) so it took me more time than usual. And yeah, now I'm doing the Master of the same degree (since old engineerings used to last 5 years but now after the European process that took place they are 4 courses -bachelor- and 2 more for Master). So a year more and more expensive...(Masters cost more, but in terms of professional atributions you reach the same as before, just more subjects). So I guess I'm an "eternal student" with an immense willpower to continue and curiosity for learning or something like that. But sometimes I just feel that degrees are too long. Ah cool, like what I thought then One of the good moments of the graduation was that I found my Informatics professor there, who helped me a lot extra hours going to ask doubts since last semester I was just basically doing this last subject (a subject from second year I had a lot of panic about and that I had failed before....it even provoked me to be blocked in the exams, and a certain anxiety) and she was very glad that I was graduating. The parleys of the guys were also quite interesting, with some witty -harsh-remarks around how much we all have struggled during the bach . Actually, a part of me would have liked more flexibility around the electives and so on. More an "Arts" thingie. I love numbers, but I also like art, creativity, and humanities/languages. I even took electives of History (around engineering and Maths though, these were the ones available) whenever I had the opportunity.
  6. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    No, I wanted to watch it thinking it would be aired on the cinemas, but then I realised it's a Netflix movie and I don't have Netflix now
  7. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    I can't say I'm very into sports, but I've never disliked doing exercise, and I particularly like some sports, such as swimming and paddle. Unfortunately for me, I never got the chance to skateboard nor surf, (and let's be frank here, I find them a little bit risky) but I do love watching people practising them. And....regardless of that I'm super fan of the "surfing" style in clothing. ...... Speaking of sports, today I returned to the gym, like last Friday. I managed to run for 30 minutes at a speed of 8km/h. I don't like running, I prefer walking, but with the help of music, maybe I'll achieve my goal of losing those extra kg...the trainer greeted me, I think he wants to weight me because it's been a long time, but I don't dare to do it, since last time I was more fit (in Spring). it was difficult, because this year in Sping when I started "running" I could not stay more than 10min on the treadmill. And now, with a lot of mental strength, I do manage a little more! Thanks!!yeshh Yeah, I guess BA stands for Bachelor of Arts? (Sorry for my ignorance here). Well, in theory it would be a Bachelor of Science, but in Spain there's no distinction between those two terms, anyway . (There are just Bachelors).
  8. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Nope at all. I love this kind of things actually!
  9. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    I did the quizz as well, xd Must say I picked some choices just for the pics I preferred, though. I got this one: You got: Nathaniel Plimpton Like Nathaniel, you're just a little bit misunderstood. He doesn't particularly love showing feelings, but you don't mind (too much). You two get along so well because you truly understand one another. ......... Those who know...Who is he? He looks handsome and kind of crazy??? Definitely......sounds good. No, sorry,....really good. Or maybe I say this because I like the surfing/skateboarding culture, so the entire sentence looks kind of attractive. ............. And today I attended my graduation ceremony!
  10. Meera of Tarth

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I agree with the intimacy issue all of you are commenting, and in all human-kind dimensions: workplace, friendship, romantic... About phone sin particular....I think the "problem" with the phones is quite generalised nowadays, unfortunately. Whenever I'm meeting anyone I try to pay attention to the person in particular I'm with and I try not to look at the phone at all (or barely) during those hours. The majority of cases they not look at theirs or they do just one or two times while not in the middle of the talk, which is quite fine. But I've been in situations (fortunately not many) in which the person could not resist the temptation to use it more....even when talking to them. And it was curious since the person in particular I was thinking about is a close friend. So if she was not that and I was getting to know her I'd automatically perceive her as rude. That's why I want to think that part of that behaviour is due to us being glued at them, and that this inevitably leads to people having more trouble giving genuine attention when in face to face interactions. And I've seen myself in this situation as well, although for some reason only with my parents, my mother happens to not have a phone at all defying all the physics' rules, or, in the case of my father not liking whatsapp/instagram and those things at all (just use the former for basic comunication, but then again I've seen him using "playful"/"war code" replies to his work collegues, to then end up ranting, "they can't live without a group of that or what?!"). For instance, they'd be talking to me about whatever and I'd be distracted looking at the internet, whatsapp and I would not know what they were talking about. Sometimes it's curious because they were actually talking about how people and friends they know around their age can be so stuck to the phones (and instagram!) and then they finally confirm that young generations are completely "lost" due to that, thinking I'm like this all the time. So, to expand this concept, these behaviours that all of us can relate with also lead to not necessarily good perceptions, and all becomes a vicious circle, because the more we see those patterns, the more we will feel less comfortable, more suspicious, and so on; which is not a good basis for genuine intercations. And that's bad, because maybe one is not like that rude at all, but that's the perception you'll give to the other/s. And that's why I try not look at the phone when I'm with others, and I've communicated this to some people. I think it's good they know. .............. And also about intimacy and relationships in general, I don't know if there is a trend in younger generations (it looks so and I think it is) but I think that ultimately it depends a lot on the person's personality and their good/bad experiences around that. Also, the use of alcohol in the cases of shy (and not so shy) people, which is a classic. Not only that, I think it also depends on the current cicumstances of the person. For instance, even if in general changes like that are quite extraordinary, I think that having a conservative/reserved attitude versus a "having sex with everyone" attitude can change in the same person. Probably not moving to the other extreme, though. Now I was remembering a "dating show" I was watching the other day, that I never watch but I did for the very first time. It was curious that the older couple that were paired (in their sixties and 70) were very clear about their intentions and even said that they didn't necessarily expect something romantic or sexual from that. That they'd like to know the person, emphasizing that they kind of wanted a friend first. There were two younger "couples". In one the guy was quite traditional and reserved and the girl extremely straighforward. In their comments off-camera she said that she'd likely dismiss him because he had not responsed positively to the "having sex in certain positions and/more people all at once" with the energy she expected. He said, off-camera, that he was not like that, and that he was surprised to some statements, but still tried to be diplomatic (because as a guy he is not supposed to be the other way around?) The other one, the guy's first stament off-camera was that he was looking for big boobs in a relationship and the girl that she had not had very luck in love and that he wanted a caring boyfriend...... I could not help but think, okay, knowing that, why did they pair them like this and not with the other? So from this weird example and the article I reckon that what maybe people don't see is that there is much more people than we thought of on the "reserved" attitude, just that is not something that is applauded by society and thus, people won't comment about that. ......... There were some parts of the article that really made me feel so bad. For instance, that girl who was saying that she had been finding some men choking her for pleasure or something along those lines, due to some porn they had been watching and that these young men had internalised. Also, about many women feeling pain and not being able to talk about it, or not doing anything against it, which only leads to more of the same absurd stuff going on. It's kind of sad, actually, for everyone.
  11. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    I hope it goes well then! Nerves nerves that is!!! At least I'll continue till I reach the point of getting enough information..after 3 attempts, yeah the 4th has to work out right?
  12. Meera of Tarth

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    I finallly finished reading it, I thought it was much shorter this evening and later I realised it had different parts! Interesting, I had read about that in another place not a long ago.
  13. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    congrats! lucky you! I still am trying to contact with that association. Somehow, the contact they gave me doesn't work there anymore, so I've just been given another...
  14. Meera of Tarth

    Pictionary 42 - Second Describing Round

    Oh I didn't receive mine! :O