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  1. Watched the 4 seasons and really liked it, especially the first part (1 and 2) which felt so much in place in terms of arch and character building, and overall story in terms of consistenceness. As much as I like the Professor, his love story is quite rushed and difficult to buy. Ormaybe it's that I find Raquel a little bit...well, not concentrated given her two degrees and professional expertise. Seasons 3 and 4 have a much better inspector in charge though, cause Raquel was not very smart and I really enjoyed Alicia. The second part (3 and 4) is less engaging (and quite boring sometimes) but the last episodes started being good again aside from some issues, and especially due to the action, even if I didn't like the outcome of some events. I am not particularly fond of Berlin but I enjoyed seeing some of his recent backstory. It's difficult to pick up a favourite character and I like this. The Professor is great, Tokyo provides impulsiveness and drama, Nairobi is so relatable and fierce, and Moscú and Denver (at least him in seasons 1 or 2) were so loving. Helsinki rocks as well. Berlin yeah why not admitting he is interesting to see. Rio. Oh I'm sorry. I just wish him luck. He is a good boy.
  2. Oh this is so good! I love the evolution of my scalded cat! Especially Rhae's picture of my description and how The Blackbear and Castellan made him a scientist, so lovely pictures!!! Laughter's chain is amazing, @Yet another Arya ! 's picture is so beautiful!!! oh team you all did an amazing job everywhere.......
  3. Ae we still seeing proberbs? PS: Mine sent, sorry I've been very busy
  4. Just covid No summer plans Fake feeling of freedom but not being able to do anything in proper conditions. Restaurants? Going out? Walkimg with the mask on at 30 degrees... Governments saying new spikes are very likeky....in a month or two....but lockdowns won't happen. If it happen it would be partial ones and where I live I guess. Of course let's open borders for all the countries so as that the thing starts again! Economy is first I guess. Meanwhile this feeling of semi freedom being self-conscious all the time So fed up...
  5. Oh cool! Then I will be able to join!!
  6. I would like to, but I am busy till the 8th of July. I was just asking for a short thing just in case bc I have two free days
  7. Ok note to myself. Read the previous page before posting out of nowhere xd
  8. Is there a small pic to do or the game is over guys?
  9. Nah, I'm not gonna buy that sofa for dogs. The commercial doesn't convince me enough
  10. In my city I see it like 50% outdoors. In the bars outdoors virtually non existent. I don't normally stay indoors anywhere but in supermarkets people normally wear them.
  11. It's not about keeping them more closed or not, but deescalating now at a higher pace than they initially intended, and especially, that nobody is paying attention to how the measures are not being respected for multiple reasons, which is quite sad. Thanks, and I wish you the same!
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