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  1. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Can we exchange our weather forecasts? I'm kinda envious
  2. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Thanks guys...and Rhaenys take care!!
  3. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Thanks for your words. Yes, I spoke with some friends and family and these days I am feeling better, eventhough it has been quite stressful. Better not think much about it. Love lavender. I was about to buy a sweater on that color but it was too expensive. But yeah good choice the basics are always a win-win. snow...envy here...
  4. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    It's good that you got it all out, it's better this way. And I'm glad you feel better now. I've also been feeling quite down these past two weeks. Last week having episodes of anxiety due to a colleague who started insulting me a lot and steadily on whatsapp in the group. (Long story short, I spent all the holidays doing a gigantic project with some colleagues for a subject and we ended up failing the project and subsequently the subject due to him not doing his part or doing just some things in a non-serious manner (which was a non-written one), we all learnt about that the night before.... Thing is, after talking with the professor we had the opportunity to finish his part but with costs.....not knowing about the program (had to learn it from scratch) in three days, not being able to study, not sleeping...and in the middle of that there was a point in which I had to switch off my phone because I could not bear all those horrible messages). Well,due to that I spent nights without sleeping and finding myself crying, not being able to concentrate on anything, having breathing problems and palpitations...and...I didn't dare to switch the phone on but when I inevitably did was like a nightmare....and I feared what he'd say the next day. So... I feel you. I also feel better now, though. The story is complicated but I don't really have time to elaborate and I also don't feel up to. Just ....remembering it and writing it down kinda stresses me bc it's still too recent.... I also know that if I had not cried at all or not talked for emotional support it would have been worse, so crying it's good. Sometimes I'd like to be less sensitive, I don't like this part of me. .... As for the outfits topic.... I was looking for a colored shirt with diagonal lines (red, blue white...) on Sales and I could not get it. Too bad, they only have it on a store which is very far and I don't have time to go. I was thinking of ordering it online but I have no idea of the size. From the same brand, I sometimes use size S and others L.
  5. Meera of Tarth

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    I will start watching BLL ssoon.
  6. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Happy birthday to Mini Sith! Here in Spain those born this day are also born the night of the Magic Kings so the next day they have presents like Santa
  7. Meera of Tarth

    Video Games: In the Grim Darkness of licensed Games.

    Why did I read you....Ok, this is definitely more interesting than certain other "manly" games... "Flight simulators" in battles settled in WWII !!!!! MY GOD (I even looked at it up....) Aeroplanes! I could see myself playing that. Ah...when and only when I have time. Maybe.
  8. Meera of Tarth


    I googled it, but I tried not to look too much just in case, as Pliskin said!
  9. Meera of Tarth


    Thanks, yeah. I guess my choice of the word was not appropiate. I mean, if it waas the only one that is worth it, XD.
  10. Meera of Tarth

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Jon, Dan, Tyrion and Cersei have been the "main" characters these last seasons, sothat doesn't surprise me. If anything, it's very interesting that Arya is there as well.. Although, now I'm confused. Didn't Bran and Sansa also have their clips?
  11. Meera of Tarth


    thankss indeed haha.
  12. Meera of Tarth


    ok so from all of them fate zero then...? (did I understand it correctly? This is a prequel but it's the "compulsory" one? Or if not Maybe i need another coffee today to read the forum..)
  13. Meera of Tarth


    So if I watch Fate I should only watch the official one?
  14. Meera of Tarth

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    Happy New Year! It's never too old too party! I hope you'll enjoy mini Sith's birthday party! Must be very exciting being the first! so cute Recover soon! In my case I'm also experiencing certain problems related to eatign too much... My new year's mini party was cool as well. I made San Franciscos and I think I can consider myself a barman by now. They looked delicious annd tasted as such. But....oh my too much sugar....we made syrup bc we were following a youtube video that encouraged us to put the same proportion of liquid sugar than one of the juices....so I was awake and kind of with a lot of energy till very late. Or rather, very early. The neighbour was dancing alone in the balcony all night long, alone, not with their guests nor family even if they were also there invited. It was weird, but he was so nice. He said we could have drinks with him and that if the music was too loud he'd switch it off. We kindly refused, but now I think it would have been cool to be with him, after all.