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  1. happy to be of service oh right, that’s a possibility. Yep, at this point I think that’s the majority, I don’t see why anybody would visit because of the topic itself at this point. Uh, I should do online shopping, but I’m too exhausted of struggling with technology for today. I’ll at least place an order for my home hair dying supplies. Although I’m tired of receiving packages too and the getting shit for buying something and feeling like I need to justify myself and well overall I’m incredibly tired to this living arrangement that’ll never ever end.
  2. well, after the natural disaster we call season 8 and not having a new book in a decade (I can’t believe I still have strong feelings about that one after all this time), there’s not much to be around for was there even a secret Santa this year? Anyway, I can promise I’ll put a puppy under the tree and a bauble on it with a handsome actor’s picture.
  3. Oh thanks, I really Liked all the fun yo messages though, I can never deliver that snappy haiku humor Victarion, Aeron, Asha, Arianne, Aero, Bran, Brienne mainly. Sam, Jon and Davos are moderately boring, but at least they narrate important parts of the main plot. As time progressed, Theon, Tyrion, Sansa and Daenerys became increasingly boring too. I have no recollection of Jaime, but I remember that I found Cersei mildly entertaining and refreshing. In ADWD virtually everybody was unbearable without exception. Generally I just think the story should have been concluded in max 5 books.
  4. Huh. This thread is at 971 replies and nobody posted for 4 days. I do feel we have come to an end here.
  5. I agree with you. Generally my voting strategy is to vote first for the entry that feels most like the character and then for the ones I find most creative and this round mostly had creative and funky ones. And my “writing” strategy is to reflect the character as best as I can while attempting to make grammatical sense, and if the letters allow (this barely ever happens, especially that as a non native speaker I have a rather limited range of vocab) make the message sound and look at least remotely pleasant. Now this round I had no grasp of the character whatsoever as Victarion is so painfully bland and I barely skimmed through his chapters (this is true for the a lot of POV characters, I admit, but Vic lacks persona so much that I can’t even link a stereotype to him as I could with Euron or a random ass character like Ser Patrick of the mountain or whatshisname). Then reading all the entries, my impression had been that maybe everybody felt this way (even though I’m sure y’all are better at reading through boring chapters) and the character is just too nothing to really get inside his head.
  6. I opted out of it because it feels like a waste of product that just sits on my skin pretty much needlessly . The weather is dreary, the room I work in doesn’t get a huge amount of natural light, it gets dark at 4, so the only time I’m anywhere near the sun is at the weekend for two hours. For this reason, I do apply sunscreen on days I go out when it’s still light. Otherwise, no. I’m sure there’s research to counter this approach but I don’t see myself changing it.
  7. Well well well, a weekend in my family wouldn’t be a weekend if it were pleasant and relaxing right? /snip because this isn’t even about my mental health, it’s just bitching about other people and that’s unfair. Oh well, I’ll just make myself a whiskey tea and do some ironing. At least sister realized she was acting like a piece of shit because she put a load in the washing machine from the three feet pile of laundry she’s cultivating in the guest room.
  8. Masks apparently not only cause acne, they also melt away your mascara. Great. I guess the only thing that makes sense to apply at this point is a brow product. I’m moderately annoyed.
  9. My mum ordered me a filter coffee maker online(!) for my birthday and she’s getting it delivered here. This is so 21st century of her. And incredibly sweet, because I really wanted a filter coffee maker. Goodbye, awful capsule coffee I never drank anyway...!
  10. Being inside all day every day leaves my skin with zero oxygen. And let’s be honest, going outside in a face mask in a city that introduced free parking to reduce public transport crowds isn’t particularly good for the skin either. Will be traveling to the country in mid December to spend the holidays with my mum, that should help. Only change skincare wise is that I dropped spf. All it does is clog my pores at this point and I haven’t been in direct sunlight for weeks. Right? It’s such a useful feature (Thanks, Ran ) I am very much counting on dark hair making this easier. Also, my hair is pretty thick so it’s not very easily damaged. by all means, thanks for the advice and rooting for me
  11. Today is a good day because I have a meeting in English I can count the amount of meetings I had in English in the past three years on one hand. Ah this feels so good.
  12. Yes, I’ve settled on potentially screwing up my own hair as well and assume that this makes a difference in the grand scheme of things. Honestly I still have no sense or grasp of the severity of the situation, I suppose history will tell us how bad it was in reality. I have always strictly followed regulations and applied safety measures, and I still believe that compared to most of my peers I do overplay covid safety. Which is better than underplaying it. Beyond that, there’s absolutely nothing I can do but hope for the best and trust statistics/science/authorities (in spite of being continuously confused by the media). I have come to terms with a lot over the past couple months and for now I’m in a good place mentally about the whole pandemic ordeal (and I pray it stays that way, even though I know the virus will only come closer and there’s little chance that my family will be left unaffected. When that time comes I do hope it’ll be me and not either of my parents as statistically I have much better chances). luckily I’m not in a situation that’d force me to travel by plane. If I were though, I would fly to visit family for the holidays, take the necessary precautions, get tested at both airports, self isolate in a hotel, whatever I needed to do to visit home safely. I’m obviously not going to fly for leisure purposes, it’s not even allowed at the moment. I’m really sorry and I wish a quick, whole and safe recovery to your family!
  13. I have come to the decision that now is the time to teach myself basic hairstyling so I could color and cut my own hair. This is a necessity right now and it may be useful later should my financial situation ever require that I don’t spend on seeing a hair dresser. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t think I can mess up too badly, and even if I do, who’s going to see? Heh heh. My motivation levels are quite okay at the moment. But I need learn to structure and channel my spurts of energy, otherwise it becomes too overwhelming and not utilizing it demotivates me terribly. Unfortunately I’m the kind of person who is good at making structured plans and better at throwing them out of the window on a whim. So now I’m trying to push the tsunami of ideas and wants into the back of my mind and just focus on one little project at the time - the completion of procuring all Christmas gifts. Then I’ll see what is a realistic next goal. Hopefully.
  14. [wow, this is magic, I didn’t think I could quote cross threads ]- sorry, I just didn’t want to go entirely off topic in the covid thread, plus I can absolutely see that someone might find my discussing haircare issues there insensitive I did find an independent webshop that sells the dye we use (along with a brush, clips, plastic bowl, etc) but I’m not sure what developer or other agent is mixed in and if I can get hold of that. Asking the salon if I can buy it from them is a great idea, will look into it, thanks! Right, no shirt, just an old bra and I do have a trashed towel already from the days I used bleach on my arms and shit lip balms I never used. In fact this project might turn out to be a great way to reuse stuff I would otherwise just throw out. Thanks so much for the tips!!! I’ll make sure to report on how it goes. Ah, sorry that you have such a long wait. At least the home based hair dresser sounds pretty safe. The salon I go to usually has at least 4, sometimes 6 stylists working on clients, unfortunately. And yeah, I’m not sure I want to do that anymore. Even if I did it now, the covid situation is only getting worse at this point and I would be facing the problem in another 6 weeks. and yeah, I do feel a bit silly making such a big deal out of this question, especially that I’m generally comfortable with DIY solutions. But we do need some first world problems in our lives, we can’t always fret about the approaching apocalypse, can we?
  15. Well sure, hence the crippling indecision and stress over such a banal issue. But you’ve been dying your own hair for twenty odd years, of course it’s easy I mean my hair dark brown and it’s dyed it’s natural color as the only reason I dye it is bad genetics and premature graying. So I can’t mess it up that badly right? I’m sure they are, I’m just conflicted because sitting for three hours at the hair dresser’s in the same enclosed space with at least 3-5 more people is really not the same as popping in to a grocery store for 5 minutes and buying bread in terms of risk and exposure. I would definitely order the exact same dye he uses on my hair and tools from a professional hair salon supplier, and probably phone to ask for advice. If I’m going to do it myself I should have a fighting chance at least, which I doubt I would with drugstore dyes I try to color match under neon store lights. I’ll lament on it for another day. thanks for the tips!
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