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  1. There’s a new season of Home Before Dark! I lasted 20 minutes, I think. You don’t fix the issues of season 1 by making a 180 degree turn and pretend it’s always been that way. I also watched Derry Girls, which was adorable once I got on this very specific wave length the show is. It took about 3-4 episodes but by the end I was like, I want mooooooore.
  2. Yes I remember those sweet last weeks of school when everybody was just having fun and preparing for the summer holiday. Aw. And that’s also positive because you’ll have some time off as well, right? Oh that’s rude. Sorry to hear that. Did you manage to settle the matter with them? it’s raining. got all my tests done, on Monday I have the consultations. Can’t wait to find out what terminal damage covid caused in my body… boy I hate doctor’s appointments.
  3. Yay for the positive turn. Today is definitely better than yesterday though we have shitty monsoon weather.
  4. Mutts and a Weimaraner. They all do catch everything - birds, frogs, the occasional mole or hedgehog, even a chicken/duck if it wanders over from one of the houses in the street. Still, this was a teeny weeny puppy dog :/
  5. I’m watching Crashing. It’s the British version of Insatiable. It’s ghastly. It’s crude and absolutely horrifying. I loath it on so many levels, and I can’t stop watching. Absolutely horrifying.
  6. A small puppy dog somehow found its way into my mother’s garden. Our dogs did it in in the span of minutes. Is this normal dog behavior? Did they aim to kill or did they just present standard aggression against an intruder and the puppy was too fragile and tiny? Such a weird and sad occurrence.
  7. This is a shit day. No time for details.
  8. thank you. I mostly picked up the coffee habit again because it’s substitute, albeit poor, for the experience of going out to a cafe and other leisurely rituals. Im sorry about the stress when does the school year end? Anyway, ice cream is always a great idea! I ordered some ice cream the other way, can’t wait to dive in, although I also crave an aperol spritz. My gluttony is out of control, it truly is, isn’t it?
  9. I’m going to a post-covid health screening on Thursday and then to the accompanying medical consultations on Monday. (It’s nothing complex, chest CT, some blood work and an ECG) And even though my covid was quite mild (no fever, no cough) and I feel healthier (both mentally and physically) than I have in over 1.5 years, I’m terrified and I think I need to acknowledge this feeling. This covid screening is company funded but I also applied for a dermatology checkup - you know, just in case, because it’s summer and the UV index is out of control and I saw Instagram posts about advising people to get regular mole checkups and I’m paranoid and all that. And then today I scrolled down a company news letter (which I never ever do) and I see this post about a woman battling melanoma and her manager letting people know where they can donate to the community funding of her treatment. My brain obviously knows that there’s zero correlation between this news post and my upcoming dermatology appointment, but my anxiety just shot through the roof. I’m not going to try to psychoanalyze myself and the origins of my general hypochondria, it’s implications and the rest of its festering into paranoid worry about my family’s health. I just wanted to get this off my chest, because saying (or at least writing down) what I feel makes it real and tangible and possibly easier to face it and put it aside than it’d be if I just left it it lurk in the back of my mind and kept trying to look the other way. What I usually ask myself is “what are the chances of...?” and “what could happen that I couldn’t figure out/cope with?” and “so what if it’s difficult, it’s still not impossible?” and “wouldn’t that still be better than...?” I’m sure at least half of these is unhealthy. But it tends to work. All right, I’ll get out my own head. I feel fine, I’m fine, the last time I had a full blood work was in November and I was perfectly fine then. It’s just the whole pandemic situation that magnifies one’s worry about health.
  10. it’s exactly what I’d expect, indeed. oh that sucks. Do you get higher pay for working saturdays or it’s something you just have to do as an exception this year? (Here people with regular Monday-Friday work schedules do get 150% pay when they need to work a Saturday, though I’m not sure this extends to an extra final exam day) yes I’m happy about it too, it was just a sudden change. But I’m certainly happy to be sitting in a park in a summer dress and drinking ice coffee. I haven’t had a takeaway coffee since February. Oh no, I did. One time sister brought a matcha latte to my door in April because she was in the vicinity.
  11. Yay! Hope you’re still doing great and didn’t experience side effects at all. sister’s struggling to reschedule her second shot which she ended up cancelling due to an exam. I can’t grasp the reason why the bureaucracy is so slow, 95% of people (who wanted a vaccine at least) are already vaccinated. How can you take a week to process this request? I’m scared of teenagers Oh it was a lovely surprise to see some old spammers check in! And I suppose the menacing thread title did the trick to the new fridge! This must have been an awfully long and vexing wait. I wouldn’t sell the mini, you never know when you might need it. Mum’s fridge is dying too, but she kinda abandoned getting a new one because the roof cost so much and she’s getting dental work done. I suppose she’ll have to give in a get a new one throughout the summer though. By the way, Europeans don’t grocery shop daily either my social circle grocery shops fortnightly, though it’s customary to pop into the grocery store and pick up a couple smaller items, if you run out of something in between larger shopping trips/orders. I’m sure some buy groceries weekly, but it’d be quite unreasonable and unnecessary to shop daily. Summer is here. It’s suffocatingly hot, which is ridiculous since we were still heating two weeks ago. Now it’s 28C outside.
  12. Overall it was a great Mini series with a mostly satisfying conclusion. The final solution of the murder was not out of the blue but still unexpected enough and it tied up loose ends not only related to the murder itself, but also to other smaller things one wrote off as weird/inconsistent. Was the story air tight? No. But was it together enough to be enjoyable? Absolutely.
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