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  1. Yes, and while I totally understand why there’s no right answer (differences between people and countries and severity of the virus, like you said), I kinda wish there was. Oh well. My mum puts shopping in quarantine too. I don’t really do that, because I didn’t buy any items I couldn’t disinfect (she had bought rugs, outdoor furniture and quite a bit of home items during quarantine), it’s all packaged or metal/plastic/easily washable textile. I do let fruit and vegetables sit around for at least 24 hours before using them though. I met one friend two or three times. That was all the voluntarily socializing I did. All the rest of my outings were solitary or with family members who I have close contact with anyway. Oh and we visited extended family one time. Yes, I still don’t feel safe about traveling abroad and don’t like the idea of people vacationing at busy Italian holiday destinations and come home. Of course this is no different than going out anywhere in my own city as there are tourists here as well. (Though far far fewer than usual) The other week my father went on holiday abroad as well, which was likely safer than a regular week at home as they didn’t get off the boat the whole time and had zero contact with locals or other travelers. Who the heck knows anything anymore? As I said, a huge part of my coronavirus anxiety is not having one right answer. It is true for everything under the sun, but especially this weird unknown virus, that for every piece of information there’s the contradicting opinion out there (and I don’t mean Facebook users, but governments, experts, international associations, medical professionals). Well, I’ll continue to follow regulations and not travel and cut back on visiting shops and just hope for the best. It’s not like I can tell people what to do, especially that the entire point is my not knowing what’s the right thing to do either.
  2. See this is half of the anxiety. Just in a handful of responses you guys kindly provided opinions entirely clash. And there’s just no way of telling what’s the right approach and behavior. I can of course absolutely understand all opinions. I just have no idea what I should do. The majority wear and mask and wash their hands a bit more than they used to and just don’t think about the whole thing. And then there are those who never come out of self isolation even after restrictions were lifted, like you say. And there’s me in the middle doing the hand washing and mask wearing and trying to compensate for my general anxiety with disinfecting personal items. What you describe is what we did at the peak of the first wave here, between mid March and late May, when we have daily 100ish new cases in the country. Then restrictions were lifted, businesses reopened, citizens were allowed to move freely. At this point we have an average of 20-25 new cases per day in the country. The infection rate of my area is 0.1% . If we say it’s ten times more than that because of lack of testing, it’s still only 1%. I just cannot justify, to myself or to my environment remaining in that kind of strict self-isolation when there’s no regulation in action to obligate me or particularly steep statistics to scare me into it. Not while the entire country is back at work, on holiday, out partying, at the mall and throwing weddings. I don’t do any of that. I just buy a coffee and a custard bun to have on a park bench where I read and have existential crises and then pick up shampoo on the way back. (Yes I realize that’s an entirely twisted logic and selfish self-validation of whatever I chose to do based on wrong/little information, illogical instinct and emotion) As far as social distancing goes, my last understanding was that 15+ minutes indoors within 2 meters is what counts as close contact. I can count on one hand how many close contacts (aside from immediate family) I have in two weeks by this definition. I don’t know. Realistically I can be more calculated with shopping and reduce it to online orders and just one trip a week. I suppose I should do that. It will at least wean me back to not seeing the sun for the second wave. Generally I suppose the takeaway is that it all comes down to abiding regulations and doing whatever else is comfortable to the individual. People here are generally following rules, at least the vast majority, there are always exceptions. And the rules are more or less sensible to make sure people are safe while also trying to leave some wiggle room for the economy to recover. I do think we should have closed boarders when neighbors throughout Europe started to see a rise in new cases, but what do I know. This is a really shitty historic event to go through and I can only hope we will be rid of it in another year. The Spanish flu lasted only 2 years too. (Yes I do realize the two events bear no scientific resemblance whatsoever, it’s just an irrational comfort I tend to turn to) Okay then, I’ll pull myself out of this rut and do some doggy training. Way too much time spent thinking about coronavirus again.
  3. We did these back in April and May when restrictions about leaving your home were in place. Restaurants weren’t even open then. We sanitized takeout and walked to the nearest grocery shop/pharmacy. then the government lifted the restrictions in mid May and around June we started leaving the house a bit more. I still walk a lot compared to before but there are some destinations I can’t reach without public transport - the other option is a full hour of Walking and 35C just doesn’t inspire me to do that. I live with sister and we visit immediate family/they visit us quite regularly. I don’t suppose you’d call that high traffic. Sister had friends over twice but she did clean after them and we weren’t even home for two days after so the virus had time to die on surfaces. Again, back in April I did clean after anybody we came in contact with, but that makes no realistic sense at this point. As for the phone, we are millennials (well I am, sister already counts as gen z) and are on phones all damn day (I know I know). So it makes sense to clean the thing you drag around on public transport before you drag it into your bed regardless of any virus actually. That’s actually something we agree on, she’s just inconsistent about it.
  4. How much is too much? Sister and I just had a huge fight about who’s under or overreacting the coronavirus situation. Obviously I don’t think I’m overdoing it and obviously she doesn’t think she’s underdoing it. Technically we are both following all guidelines and restrictions that are in place. We wear masks in shops and on public transport, we sanitize hands when signs so request, we aren’t traveling abroad and obviously aren’t attending events that are closed. I do sanitize groceries and essentially everything I buy, I regularly sanitize my hands throughout the day when I’m out and about, but I use a lot of public transport, even trains that are longer than 15-20 minutes. I also always sanitize my phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, glasses. handbag after I get home, I wash masks after each use and I frequently wash canvas shopping bags as well. I also wipe heavy traffic areas (kitchen counter, where we unload all our shit upon getting home) multiple times a day. I avoid crowds and feel anxious to go to grocery stores at peak time, though I do shop multiple times a week. I frequent cafes, restaurants multiple times a week as well and aim to sit outside even if I don’t always succeed. I only mop once a week, and I only remember to wipe down light switches, alarm panel, door handles about once a week too. I don’t wear rubber gloves anywhere. I wouldn’t go on holiday locally, or someone would have to pay me a hefty amount to make me go to a lakeside hotel and I would never ever for any amount of money take a trip abroad. Sister is a little unreliable with sanitizing her purchases, phone and bags, though sometimes I manage to guilt trip her into it and sometimes she just does it herself. She does wear masks but she doesn’t really wash them regularly and sometimes remembers to sanitize her hands throughout the day too. She does always wash them when she gets home. She has been using public transport and visiting cafes and restaurants as much as I do, and she also had a couple nights out with friends (this is miraculously, and to my narrow little mind inexplicably allowed, pubs and clubs are allowed to be stay open at their regular hours and people are allowed to visit under 500-person events , so it isn’t technically against any guidelines or restrictions). She’s also going on a 3 day trip with them to a friend’s vacation house at previously mentioned lakeside. But she doesn’t travel abroad nor would she if she had the chance. Having made a written assessment, the difference is mostly in the mindset. Sister’s always got to be on the move she can’t sit still on her arse, she’s highly social and rather scattered and absent minded. While I’ve been an introverted, control freak worry worm for as long as I’ve lived. And that’s just a fundamental difference we should handle and live with. Well 2020 has not been kind to my mental health anyway, and scary and traumatizing events, serious changes aside from or loosely related to coronavirus are in the baggage as well. So as an objective outside viewpoint, do you all think that either of us tends to over or underdo coronavirus precautions? context: we live in a city of 2 million people, which has 2050ish confirmed cases in total and 180ish active cases. (We do test rather little so it’s likely that these numbers are somewhat higher in reality) The virus situation wasn’t ever nearly as severe here as in Spain, Italy or the UK or even France and Germany as more heavily hit countries in Europe.
  5. Hello all! How are we doing? My news: the Chancellor started doggy school. He is great at pretending to be a goodboi. The instructor is a friendly no-nonsense lady who would make a marvelous pre-school teacher if she weren’t a dog crazy entrepreneur. Anyway, moving around the chancellor (who weighs only 8-10 kGs less than I do) gave me the kind of hand and finger blisters I used to have 10-13 years ago as a beginner at horse back riding. They make me nostalgic. I really miss riding and horses in general... well, next time we are going to put a collar instead of a body harness on the Chancellor, which is supposed to make it easier to handle him. We finally ordered all electronics for sister’s flat. The purchase was nicely timed as we got everything for about €1300ish with all the summer/post-covid sales. We did have to give up on a stunning cream colored retro fridge, which was just too big to fit into the torn stamp sized kitchen of that flat in any way, place or angle. We did save a lot on a cheaper wireless vacuum cleaner but the flat is so tiny and sister is so reluctant to clean regularly that I’m not worried about how it’s going to hold up. The only thing we are missing at this point is a coffee machine and an electronic stove (of which we are going to get the most basic model as I doubt sister will cook more than once every two months). more good news for our overlong reno is that a wood working company I never heard of randomly added me on Instagram so we have a lead on a live edge bar counter. The built in plans are a struggle however. We will get there, we will.
  6. Phew, 33 new cases today. This means that the family reunion from the news, at which allegedly 36 people got infected over the weekend took seemingly 4 days to trickle through the system and make it into daily statistics. We are still the sixth worst testers in Europe according to worldometer. But that keeps the total case count positive, raises public morale and boosts the economy I guess? So there’s that. The reason why I’m not freaking out is that the areas where case counts seem to be rising are counties neighboring the Ukraine, Austria and Croatia, while here in the middle we seem to be doing all right. (Because we don’t seem to be testing enough.) But hey whose mind doesn’t love some cognitive dissonance?
  7. That sounds like a good start for a beautiful and full recovery. I’m glad to hear your are doing so much better. Do you let someone know when you leave or give yourself some other kind of safety net? As for the victory’s minority, my hands don’t shake and I can’t even throw a ball for the dog without landing it in a shrub. Celebrate those steady baseball skills!
  8. Yes, yes, you posted about the seizure and the weird meds. Are the side effects any better? And how’s your health overall at this point?
  9. Four Harry Potter in two nights? Nice, nice. Do all Harry Potter in a weekend
  10. What happened? My father (who hasn’t exactly been at our family home since last November and admitted to living somewhere else in March and to living with someone in mid June) lives with a healthcare worker. Now I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand I’m happy that someone’s there to keep a semi-professional eye on his health (of which he allegedly takes care of although I have a continuous impression that he doesn’t - this may stem from the time my then best friend’s father died of cancer since which time I’ve been rather obsessive about my parents’ health). On the other hand, for the above mentioned reason, I’m also not sure I like that he’s around someone who may (or may not, I know no details about this person’s place of employment) be exposed to infection during the current pandemic situation. Yes I realize this is completely selfish as in case the person does work in an institution where she may encounter coronavirus patients, she is one of those healthcare heroes we clapped for in April and I do respect that. I just don’t want my daddy near potential virus exposure. He’s had way too much on his plate this summer already. Since that traumatizing event/chain of events/process he and my mum have been interacting like two normal human beings, however, which is quite nice to see. Mum has been asking me and sister about my father whenever we visit her or talk on the phone. If he’s all right and how he’s doing. And since June, he has been asking about mum too, how she is and if she’s okay. The other week I went to see him at his office and he was on the phone with my mother(!) when they showed me in. And yesterday he told me on the phone to have a nice time in the country and to take care of my mum. That’s weird but nice. To see them actually care about the other in a way. I haven’t seen that since I was 12. By the way their secret separation is still terribly awkward as my grandmother doesn’t know and she keeps asking me and my mother about my father and we have lie around the whole business. And I get that my dad wants to protect his mum and spare her the pain/stress/disappointment. But this is hardly a long term solution. In fact the bells will ring in in exactly three months when we should all show up for All Saints Day for a family reunion. But say the quarantine will get us out of that. What about Christmas? Say the quarantine gets us out of that too. What about next Christmas? It also appears that my aunt doesn’t know about it either. (She would have no reason to lie to me about it since I know and if my father had told her - my aunt is his sister - he would also have told her that I know) What a mess. And the irony is that in spite of his mess, all anybody wants is for him to be finally okay and the weight of the current shit to be lifted off his shoulder. (Anybody being his immediate family and his friends, because my grandma and my aunt don’t know about that either. The first is only right, my grandma’s heart would give out on the spot, but it’s beyond me how my aunt doesn’t know, she has internet.) Well in five years we will all remember this with nostalgic smiles over an extended family dinner. I hope. That was all the emotional incontinence for today. For further comedy effect, I’ve got sunburnt, covered in dog salvia and my towel was stolen and chewed while I typed my heart out.
  11. Seasons 3-4 then. The most striking impression I had was that either two or more completely different people wrote the script without consulting one another or someone went over the completed script to cross out important bits and put twitter conversations in their place. Generally I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I’m watching a fanfiction based on the original La Casa de Papel (seasons 1-2) which features the same actors under the same character names while everything else is lost or replaced with loud yet shallow and ignorant representation of social issues. Even though the plot was entirely all over the place without rules, consistency, a general direction or any stakes at all, what bothered me even more was the characters who said and did things none of their season 1-2 selves would ever do. They were out of character, the relationships and conflicts between them were incredibly contrived, their roles hardly aligned with their strengths or weaknesses, they lacked any trace of knowledge or experience from the first heist and acted in a more amateur way than the first time around. Many of them were stand-in extras to complete the visual Designs of shots. Since LCDP is such a heavily character led series, this is really left a mark on the overall experience. Now onto the specifics. characters Storytelling Plot holes and lastly, social issues Pfff. It was bad.
  12. I finished season 4 yesterday. I apologize in advance to anybody who attempts to read my overly detailed ramble about this experience. Overall, it was quite a roller coaster. Sometimes exhilarating, fun, genius and clever, other times irritating, utterly dumb, cheap and self-serving. Season 1-2 are the kinda roller coaster I want to get back on again and again and enjoy the ride in spite of the ups and downs. Season 3-4 are the kinda roller coaster I was struggling to enjoy and mostly wanted the ride to be over. Now I’m merely an intuitive and flawed human who is lazy for proper research yet stained by prejudices being a consumer of the entertainment industry for some 15 years have left in me. So I’m neither stating this as a fact nor as an accusation, this just a (potentially entirely wrong) impression that I have: Netflix had a terrible influence on the series. While seasons 1-2 are hardly perfect, seasons 3-4 feel like Netflix took this decent enough painting, added blotches of it’s own trademark colors (sometimes pissed on the original to help the formulas mix) that are mandatory to match the Netflix Mall interior, stamped its logo in the corner and hanged it in a shop window. Seasons 1-2 I’ll come back with season 3-4 when I have another one hour waiting to do for something or someone.
  13. I suppose basic grammar in Slovene is not all that easy, is it? Basic anything in my language is said to be ridiculously random and Slovene isn’t any less complex of a language. Well good luck to them and lots of patience to you! thanks! And yay, that sounds great. My grandma called me three times yesterday and I was a jerk and didn’t pick up. Should call back now.
  14. Upon deciding that elevating my blood pressure with Money Heist Season 3 is not beneficial for my health on either the short Or the long them, I’ve started watching Never Have I Ever. My brain lasted a total of 19 minutes. Moving on to Cursed. I’m really starting to hate Netflix productions.
  15. Thanks for tagging me, Jez Y’all can count on me as a replacement should any chain need one, but I’ll be sitting out the main game this time.
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