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  1. Of course it’s not. As for the translator, I’m sure a lot depends on the translator, although I’m not sure they have unlimited control over the outcome of the book. I have no way of judging how much I would have liked the original, as I don’t speak Polish, thus my comparison ran between the translation to English, which I read and the translation to Hungarian, which I feel I should have opted for. Simply because I think that it would be far easier to capture the style of the original in Hungarian. We have similar proverbs, similar expressions, similar folklore, likely a more similar way of thinking due to the cultural and historical links. The language is similar in certain aspects, eg. we like sentences that go on and on and on and have twenty billion clauses too, which doesn’t work all that well in English . That, in my non professional opinion, is likely to make the Hungarian translation (for me, maybe for a French reader it would be all the same whether they read it in French or English, I have no idea, I don’t speak French) closer to the original. ETA: this is my perception, by the way, it’s entirely likely that a Polish person wouldn’t agree at all. As for the English translation on its own, I do agree that it was ghastly. The first novel and the first prequel book were actually translated by a Polish lady (who I’m sure is great at translating texts to Polish), however, as you said, did a very poor job of translating these books to English. Then a British gentlemen David French took over and the difference is striking. I posted about this back then, it was astounding how the linguistic quality of the books leveled up. But, one can still tell it’s a translation, one can still feel where he was struggling and one can still not enjoy the linguistic style I’m certain the original book possesses. Which is a shame. And here’s the point where I run out of understanding. Could it have been better if another British translator worked on it? Could it have been better if a bilingual Polish-British translator worked on it? Are there limits to what one can make of the source material? I don’t know. I have encountered translations that are superb and interpret the humor of a language so beautifully and seamlessly that the translation is sometimes better than the original pun/joke/one liner. I have encountered this a lot with Harry Potter, our translation of which is absolutely marvelous. And then there were those botched YA novel translations behind which I could hear the original English sentence in my mind and all I could do was scream as the atrocious translation (entirely void of understanding or effort) burned my eyes. So yes, I’m sure that effort and skill counts for a lot. Again, no idea if there’s a limit though.
  2. Likely though it’s frightening to think how much more contagious they are and how much more damage will be done . And yes people certainly got lazy and tired by the time it was only more important to be vigilant. Well, time will tell. at this point it feels a bit hopeless even though we have all the vaccine deals one could ever have. Because logistically it still takes time to vaccinate the masses. And we are just racing against time at this point. And as someone very insightfully put it, everybody who contracts the virus now are the soldiers who get shot before the ceasefire and their lives may depend on days. That’s sad and scary. Meh, I’m just in a bad mood.
  3. I finished the Witcher novels. It’s been a ride. Overall, I can’t say I particularly liked it. I liked having a fantastic book series that reach for and I liked certain aspects of the novels. But I certainly didn’t like it the way I loved other book series in the past, that I wanted to read over and over again because I couldn’t bear for the adventure to end. I’m certain it didn’t help that the Witcher was translated to English and it definitely was a poor decisions to read it in English. The structure of Polish language is far more similar to that of my own mother language. To the point that I recognized a lot of proverbs, phrases, expressions in my own language before my brain even finished reading or comprehended the English sentence. For this reason, my suspicion is that I would have enjoyed and appreciated the linguistic style of the novels if I read it in my language rather than English. Oh well. This is what Netflix and globalization will do to you. Everything in English, even what shouldn’t be. (Don’t get me wrong, I obsessively love English language and have done so for almost 20 years) I found the story itself terribly strange. The way it was told, the flow, the proportion of detail and generalization, the pacing. It was all incredibly peculiarly and nothing like I’ve ever read before. The plot was a train wreck and the storytelling that led me through this train wreck was equally wobbly. The world building felt like fanfiction. Very good fanfiction but fanfiction nonetheless. (I do love and value a good fanfiction, there’s no negative judgement in this, what I’m trying to describe is the sensation that literally everything was tossed into this soup from real life European history, through the lord of the rings, Grimm fairy tales and Slavic folk tales, Eastern European cultural heritage, a song of ice and fire and who knows what else that I didn’t detect. It didn’t feel like its own world. It felt like a mix of a lot of fantastic worlds tossed together) As far as the characters go, they had very very very little room to shine among all the elements listed above that the author wished to write about (often for the only reason that he wanted to). They had little room to truly unfold and grow and many remained entirely one dimensional. And there were very few I found myself liking. A tad more though still few I found myself caring about. (For instance, I did keep pushing through the books because I wanted to find out what happens to Ciri, and I often felt for her trials, but there was hardly any time when I didn’t actively dislike her personality) This was likely fueled by the structure of the novels that was too fragmented between tiny moments and four tier character perspectives for anybody to really grow on me. Most of these supporting characters are also 100% plot devices with no real persona. That was one of the reasons I found them difficult to like or care about. Everything beyond, the themes, the morals the values, the references, the real history was beautiful. I have absolutely no clue what the author’s intention was or why he chose to say what he wished to say in this shape and form, as I said it’s certainly the strangest book series I’ve ever read. There were two particular parts that I actually truly enjoyed reading (and didn’t just want to get through in order to find out what happens), one was Ciri in the desert and the other was the post war segment of the last novel. One thing the author did much better than his inspirational works (which I pettily criticized for showing through too obviously) was showing the impact of war. That was always masterful, raw, and morbidly beautiful. Asoiaf is often praised for showing the true face of war and deromanticizing it. Nah. The Witcher does that. And so much better. Would I read this series again? No. Do I recommend it? Honestly, not sure. Certainly, if you’ve got nothing else to reach for and want a fantasy series. Do I regret that I spent months on reading 7 books in this series? No, though if I could do it again I would only read the five novels. The prequels add literally nothing to anything and they really are a waste of time. So if you’re curious about it, I’d say read the five novels and the decide about the rest after you finished. I do apologize if someone loved this series and I’ve been unkind to it. Needless to say I have only respect and admiration for the author, he created something big and influential. It just wasn’t particularly my cup of tea.
  4. I still have such weird symptoms even though I’ve been feeling all right for a couple days now. My feet get quite sweaty and my hands sometimes get very cold. Still no sense of smell or much sense of taste. And I do sometimes feel a bit unwell in the gut, which usually goes away quickly. Such a weird disease... And now my aunt isn’t well either, from what she said it’s likely covid and she’s getting tested tomorrow. I hope it’s not it though and she’ll be better soon. My father was a bit unwell after the vaccine for a couple days. Mostly tiredness and being slow, a bit of a headache and sore arm. He said it improved with rest. He’s supposed to get the second shot in three weeks. on the macro scale, the situation is awful. 7000+ new cases today, record number of hospital cases... I don’t know how this happened and so quickly. The restrictions we had since November weren’t lifted for a day. So how did it all get so bad so suddenly and quickly? I really hope that my mum gets any vaccine soon, I really do...
  5. This is what I’m trying to achieve, boundaries and space. Thanks for sharing your family’s story, I’m glad you managed to make it work and hats off for the time and effort it took. I really don’t believe in cutting immediate family off and keeping my family together (which often takes space and boundaries as I’m learning the hard way) is a priority I’m not going to compromise on. Yes, it’s difficult and trying but what’s worth it if not my family, what’s more important? Nothing to me. To me. To others, that may be different and that’s okay. If someone finds the solution to these challenges in cutting off their family and that’s what they choose, I salute them for their determination and success. It’s not what I choose and so I must find the determination to succeed in a different way.
  6. We are family you don’t just cut off family. You figure out things. Which is difficult and trying and takes a horrible amount of time and patience. I would never cut off anybody in my family.
  7. There’s no such thing as a race anymore, so you aren’t missing out on anything it’s no coincidence the thread title says it might end
  8. Aaaaaw that sounds heavenly. One day I’ll see a hairdresser again as well. I hope nice to hear things are going well. Enjoy the normal-ish schooldays! Hiiiiiii! How are you doing?
  9. Daario Naharis (which may be spelt differently) Joey Batey
  10. More puppies. because it’d be just impossible to bear this life if it weren’t for puppies.
  11. Okay, as expected, the fact that sister and I physically don’t live together, did absolutely nothing for our relationship. Fights and conflicts are constant thanks to the telecommunication wonders of the 21st century. Today, after over an hour of texting frenzy, we ended things on the note that she wants no contact with me and she never did nor will she ever consider me her sister. Obviously we know each other well enough that she is perfectly aware of where to stab, so I find these conversations quite hurtful. What’s more pathological is that I always have a sense of guilt after them. Or maybe it’s totally understandable as I am in this shit neck deep as well and I 100% play along because I can’t step out of the toxicity of it all either. And I am obviously also the weaker of the two of us and I’m always the one to break first. She knows this as well. And now 2 hours of my evening were spent on spiraling into this conflict. Likely, it’ll blow over in a couple days at most, but the destruction we cause is always astounding. It’s so much time and energy and stress for everybody and I just don’t know the way out. I mean I do know, the way out is boundaries and effectively stepping away at the very beginning and applying indifference. I’m just incapable of performing it 9 out of 10 times. But I suppose nothing will ever change and we will literally drive each other to the psychiatric ward if I don’t find a way to force myself to put up boundaries and keep them and teach myself to shut these things down before they even begin. God my early twenties were so easy. There was no texting, no toxic codependency we just fought when I visited my family at weekends and my relationship with sister wasn’t the alpha and omega of my life. But now it’s a 24/7 thing. Especially with the bloody pandemic which forced us into an even smaller space and time bubble.
  12. Wow I missed a lot of hot topics. I won’t pretend I have any idea about US politics. Or eastern, for that matter. Vaccine distribution is the miniature version of all other resource distribution though. It’s filled with political and economic interest while waving flags of national, global, humanitarian agendas. It’s no surprise that it’s going as poorly as handling the rest of the pandemic has been. And it’s no surprise that it’s all about pointing the finger at others. From what I hear and see nobody’s better than the other. Or if anybody, it’s the UAE and Israel because they have majority of their citizens vaccinated (from what I’ve heard).
  13. Wow people are just soooo blind and inconsistent, aren’t they. We are overflowing with memes and hate comments about the lockdown and somehow people feel cheated that the polling about reopening ended with closing down. This is a rather childlike attitude since it disregards the radical change of the context - that is new cases per day are ten times higher than they were when the polling started. We literally have 6000+ new cases a day. We had 4000ish back in October when people were throwing tamper tantrums that the government is letting people die and restrictions needed to be put in place ASAP. Yet now, we are all out of our minds because we can’t go to the mall for two weeks (honestly it made no sense that we could before either). All the while our active case count is on the rise, the ICUs are filling up as do covid hospitals to the same numbers they had to tackle in November and December. And our number of deaths by population is 10th worst in Europe. Fun times. we are supposed to have some mass vaccination done this weekend, yet my mum didn’t receive a notification. This is very stressful, I really want her to be vaccinated because even though she’s careful and lives in the country and works from home, I’m the example that you can still totally catch it even if you think you’re careful. anyway, I’m kinda all right. Gastro-wise still not 100%, nose is mostly clear, appetite’s all right, and my sleep is stressed again (which is the usual thing as opposed to blacking out for 8 Hours like I did last weekend). I’m still not working today and I’ll take it easy over the weekend. And I hope there’ll be no relapse and everything progresses well.
  14. I understand you are worried. Hopefully, with all precautions applied and your dad having been vaccinated it’ll be all right. Keep us in the loop.
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