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  1. I have a thing with healthy snacks. Not sure if it’s me or the recipe but these things turn out nasty. First the whole wheat scones rounds… tried three different whole wheat scones, thank goodness I only made half batches, absolutely vile all of them. Now Greek yoghurt cocoa banana muffins, like what could go wrong? Well I can’t tell but they taste like unflavored rubber. I’m done, I shopped for mince pie, fruit cake and coconut ball ingredients.
  2. Oh yeah, that. My stupid calcium supplement is supposed to be a half dose, basically you need two ginormous pills to get the amount in - this is in small letters on the back bottom of the box so of course I’m stupid enough to have been taking only one per day. Oh well. Trying to course correct now and count on my age that this isn’t going to be an issue. And yes I should talk to a personal trainer to put me on some targeted exercise plan, because walking a lot and stretching are nice and healthy but probably isn’t the absolutely most and best I could do in terms of exercise. I need to do better, I need to do better, I need to do better. Happy thanksgiving to you and thank you so much for the kind words and advice! <3
  3. I’m watching The Morning Show, because I had watched season one back in… when it came out and really enjoyed it and respected the series and the creators for the angles and nuance and self-reflection of the show. So I thought it would be a good idea to check out seasons two and three. Nah. Not. Nope. It wasn’t. season two still had some highlights hidden in between in the mounds of crap most of it was. It was repetitive, boring, lackluster, unfair, hypocritical and did I say repetitive and boring? On the first look it masqueraded as a Covid season, which is why I put of watching it for years. Turns out Covid was only a minor background story, and I had no reason to avoid it after all. Oh well, there were some quality bits Then season 3 came along and its u-n-h-i-n-g-e-d. So far I wanted to turn it off twice in three episodes, and the next time I feel that way, I will turn it off and walk away. It is at this point the equivalent of being on Twitter. It’s truly a shame because season 1 did have potential and was able to keep a fair and balanced scale. Not anymore.
  4. I hear you about not liking Texas, but the D&D group and the small house to decorate to your taste sound like a decent place to start and hope your feelings for Texas might improve in the future! Med access is super annoying however :// So what does that non beige home decor style look like? What decor are you enjoying? I still remember your gnome garden from a previous house, which was so impressive! And how is Alex doing? Is he in college? Or perhaps it’s been so long he already graduated
  5. I’m up for playing, thank you for offering to take over, Jez! And I really hope Castellan is okay and just got caught up in real life and forgot about the board.
  6. French onion soup because I accidentally ordered 3 times 500g of onions rather than 3 times a piece of onion.
  7. I had my half year mammo and ultrasound post op and radiation yesterday. All clear, I literally cried in the exam room and kept apologizing and everybody was so sweet. This is 10% of the way till fully healed but it’s a milestone and huge weight off my chest and I feel like I have reason to celebrate and tuck the anxiety away into the back of my mind. For the rest of the year I want to just focus on my birthday (because getting to age, as the past year has proved, is a big thing and worthy of celebration, and also, as the past year proved, I’m still so fucking young) and enjoying some peace for the end of the year. I cannot count my blessings enough and I cannot be thankful to the lord in heaven enough. We can do it.
  8. Well not relaxing but I did manage to get some serotonin in so that helped sounds like a nice weekend for you! Did you and the friend do anything special? Ahahahaha, I don’t think so, you’d be a dissatisfied customer I’m afraid I struggle a lot with ideas and I often misjudge how a gift will be received, or run out of time/money to bring the idea to life. But here’s my gift plan to see if it inspires you * I wanted to cross stitch custom book marks for friends and put together a little gift bag with a couple tea bags, the bookmark, mini candles, bookstore gift card - already running out of time to get started on the projects. *I want to get some office upgrade furniture/accessories for my mum, but will likely end up just getting the IKEA gift card. *my dad hunts (I know I know, poor Bambi, I feel the same, though it’s a super controlled and respectful tradition unlike what one would think) and when he hosts a hunt, it’s always duck. When I was a kid, we played duck hunting Nintendo game together too, it’s a whole thing, so I have a duck hunt stitching project that I want to frame and give him. In the likely event that this is only finished for his birthday, it’ll be a gazillionth antique book. *sister gets a magazine subscription *cousin gets a cake decoration course gift card *my grandma was gonna get a pop up Christmas card and photo family album with recent photos of us, but that’s not gonna happen anymore *aunt and uncle will get theatre tickets because I want them to get out more without my cousin Thank you! <3 Yep, full time jobs are a b*tch they leave you with no time to do anything interesting/important/useful. Good luck with the dissertation! Will you be traveling to Germany more to work on it? great to hear everything’s good with the gentleman and he’s keeping you happy!
  9. Aw that’s nice to hear! If you rest up at the weekend, I’m sure you’ll be at full energy by Monday too. I’m all right. Life is life. September to December is a rather crazy period at work. I had some time off recently, which felt great at the time, though it made going back to work twice as bad. I have all the Christmas gift ideas lined up in my head but no time to get started on them. I kinda miss summer and having 4 hours of consecutive free time instead of living on a to do list that lasts till next March. My grandma died last weekend, we are having the funeral tomorrow. What else? I’m making doggy advent calendars. And I have a couple home improvement projects in progress or pending as well. how are you? How’s the gentleman, how’s the dissertation?
  10. I pm’ed Castellan a couple of weeks ago to see if everything was okay, but haven’t heard back
  11. Ah no! Hope you are doing much better by now. Yay! How have you been?
  12. Thank you so much, I’ll check these titles out!
  13. Well then, perhaps there’s room for leftover pie. https://i.imgur.io/HSnpYPx_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium
  14. Ah I kept meaning to add something to this image but never got around to it. Oh well Halloween is over now. the end result is super cool, kudos to everybody! My favorite is the rip paid job and the skinny jeans with wings and halo. No worries, nothing ever really dies, there’ll always be a place for the ghost of skinny jeans in my wardrobe.
  15. I finished Doom. I recommend, it was an insightful and entertaining listen. But I do crave the magical lands of distant past and I wish there were more installments of the Persians book, or the Genghis Khan one. @Zorral if it’s not a bother, might you have a recommendation for me on the topic of Ancient Egypt? I really enjoyed the Mongol women perspective you recommended after I raved about Genghis Khan. Thank you thank you thank you in advance for any idea!
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