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  1. It was a bit earlier today when I went up to my room. But mostly it’s just horrid embarrassing and humiliating and disappointing and heartbreaking. of course they will, but I have an emotional connection to this event. It was an honor and opportunity that I was given this responsibility and well… this is how it turned out. Everybody was super nice and super worried about me, but it still feels like shit to have to drop out on this. And I’m going home now because they ordered me a taxi. good luck with the grading!
  2. Well this was unwise. Lesson learned - you can’t organize and attend a full scale event 5 weeks post surgery. don’t even try. Don’t even think you can just be there as backup and hangout, there’s no such thing as backup. As I definitely missed the step of communicating that I cannot and will not be in charge of this. That was irresponsible and stupid. I vastly overestimated my physical capabilities and vastly underestimated the workload and my ability to set and respect my own boundaries. I will try to pull myself together by tomorrow morning just enough that I’m able to travel home ahead of time and not stay for the second day of the event. this is all super embarrassing and unprofessional and irresponsible. but at least I had it in me to recognize the last possible moment of stepping back and retreating to my room instead of passing out in front of the event guests and having to get an ambulance. There are those situations in life when sheer willpower just isn’t enough to overcome physical boundaries. And no matter how much you enjoy something or want to something, it can still hurt you and you need to learn to recognize that just because you want something and just because it would make you feel good, it doesn’t mean you should do it. Well, I’m sure most functioning adults know this already. But I will stop beating myself up over this and try to frame it as a life lesson learned the hard way.
  3. Hope everything’s okay And the family member is doing better. Very nice motivational package. I’ll see what I can do between 10pm and midnight
  4. Still Bones. I have opinions. a lot of teenage tv crush opinions. (I guess this may be interpreted as offensive or something, but come on, let’s be kind and liberal to the 13 year old in me) Other than that Brennan is still the most unlikable and unrelatable character and still unrealistically flawless. I like Cam a lot. And Boooooooooth. And Hodginnnnnns. Angela and Zack just complete the group dynamics, I appreciate them too though.
  5. I’m in. I have no idea when I’m gonna do it but I can’t lose, right? Like you don’t deduct points if I don’t send an entry, right? right?
  6. The trouble is I have no idea what Eminem raps about I’m trying to be careful with it, because a friend warned me that if you get on, getting off is a hell of a job. I also want to just entirely let go of it because it’s spring soon and I would rather have a glass of iced strawberry wine or a gin and tonic than anxiety pills. And I especially don’t like a constant encouragement from my family to take it. No it’s not something you should be encouraged it take. Oh well.
  7. From a strictly HR perspective, and not in any way political one: Anybody has any details about how the menstrual leave in Spain (or in other countries where it’s already a practice) works in practice? Is it paid or unpaid? Is it deducted from the general number of sick days an employee has or is it added to them? Is there a yearly cap? Is it in any way tracked who takes it and how many times? Is the employee required to make up for the time they spent on menstrual leave by doing extra time? How does the employer take care of substitution when someone takes menstrual leave? Does it require a doctor’s note? Do women going through menopause get the same opportunity? Do they get a similar but different in specifics arrangement? I have so many questions. Way more interesting than a 4 day work week.
  8. I have taken 16 pills of alprazolam since the gp prescrioption. I dropped/lost 4 pieces. Out of the 16 I did take, I think 6-7 had to do with breast cancer. I’m confident that 50%+ of the pills taken had been taken because of family drama. What does that tell you about me or my family, or even breast cancer? (this is a rhetorical question)
  9. This is really inappropriate of them. And super irritating for you. I’m sorry and I hope you will get to resolve the inheritance issues soon so there won’t be more discussions like this to have to participate in. :///
  10. Did I ever post about my worry that I might develop a pill habit if I listen to people telling me to take an anxiety pill every time I’m mildly upset? Maybe I posted that elsewhere or only intended to post it but decided to spare you all eventually. well fuck that worry. I can totally take .25 mg Xanax twice a day, right? Google says so
  11. Yep, on Valentine’s Day exactly. Not quite as freshly as you. Yep, and I’m ok, thank you! That was a whole ride indeed. Oh well, all’s good now.
  12. A minimalist witch then, quite contemporary! Nah, they keep you for 48 hours after surgery. Then I had a 10 day hiatus and I’ve been back to work since Monday. I get awfully tired by the end of the day still, but it’s a process I supposed. That sounds super proactive and committed. That school is lucky to have you. We never get snow but it was nasty over the weekend. Milder and sunnier again by now. oh my, whatever did those kids do? Kudos to you for handling them! I’m terrified of teenagers.
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