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  1. I'm not sure, they were lively and slightly rude, I just enjoyed it That's good to hear. I've been out of the loop, what's the deal with Reno? Super nice that you're reading/listening a lot though! I've been wanting to pick up the pace as well. Oh you still have physical classes, that's nice! It's so hard to focus when I'm in my own room. They're great, they're pretty much my best friends. There's 14 of us living in a big shabby house and I've lived here for for just over two years now, so I've known most of them for a while now. Though of course being in quarantine with 14 twenty-somethings means a LOT of noise and irritation as well But I love it here, I have a ton of fun. And that's awesome! Congratulations.
  2. Hellooo. I am, and it's pretty hard for me to keep up with the pace, but it's going alright so far. Online classes mean I can listen in on some lessons while typing this I'm having a lot of fun with my roommates and I discovered an amazing second-hand bookstore run by cool old ladies pretty close to me, so life is pretty good. How is it going with you?
  3. Rewatching Dark And also Community. And four Harry Potter in two nights, that was fun.
  4. Dark is great, I've gotten three different people to try it this week because I can't shut up about it. Though I do think the final season was weaker than the first two.
  5. I'd take out Taylor and Kirk and replace them with Paris, I find that actress way funnier. But yeah, the Kims are great! Agreed, the character progression is super enjoyable, there's progress in their dreams and personal lives, but sometimes it's not what they hoped for and sometimes what they want changes over time. And the Lorelai/Richard/Emily dynamic is just delicious. That said, I don't think I'm gonna continue with the fourth season. These seasons take me a looong time to get through.
  6. Oh god, Gilmore Girls. I watched the first three seasons and I keep wanting to quit because I don't think I actually like it, but everytime the grandparents appear they just light up the entire screen.
  7. REALLY late reply again, but I'm digging Zelda, Pokémon and Mario right now, same as ten years ago. Hope you're all doing well!
  8. Late reply but it is! And yeah, the quarantine has me paying a lot of attention to minuscule problems as well
  9. Pretty good, I decided to buy a Switch to keep myself busy and now I'm finally playing Breath of the Wild. Other than that there's not much happening here :P What about you?
  10. I'm home safe It's very good to be in my own room again, I'd have loved to learn a new language but every soul I met spoke perfect English, and after the semester I would have practiced so little that I'd eventually forget most of it. I'd rather take other courses (finishing one on colonialism now, then it's on to creative writing). Looks intense!
  11. I haven't tried to learn it, seems a waste of time since everyone speaks English. And now I'm glad I didn't bother, because I'm most likely going home next week because of the Corona situation, which is pretty sad. My Erasmus was only halfway done and now I have to say goodbye to everyone already (more than half of the students are leaving next week).
  12. Certainly doing that And yeah, Sweden. And yeah, a day trip for a first date is unusual. Though it might also end up being a lot of fun.
  13. Congrats, Buck Erasmus is still very good, though I have more spare time than I know what to do with, which means I'm catching up on all the shows I've missed. Going to Lapland in a week and hoping to see the northern lights
  14. Congratulations to you and your family! A new apprentice in the world, wonderful news indeed
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