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  1. After spending so much time indoors the past year I'm now waving hello to you guys from France! And heading to Stockholm as well on Sunday, so I'm living the life of luxury here. Hope everyone's well.
  2. Yeah so I've heard! I'm gonna do Noveria tonight. And yeah from what I remember of Horizon that mission scared the crap out of me lol, the Collectors creeped me out.
  3. I'm playing the remaster as well! It's been about five years since I played the originals and I am absolutely loving it, about halfway through the first one now. I've never played most of the DLCs so I'm very excited for those.
  4. Hope everyone is doing well! I'm in quarantine since my roommate tested positive, but hopefully I'll be allowed out tomorrow. For now I'm inside drinking wine and catching up on Attack on Titan and Drag Race. Good for you, I hope it stays that way! (Though giving in yo your negative feelings is a very Sith thing to do, but let's try to avoid it this time). Sweet of you, hope you're hanging in there as well!
  5. I like it! Might dye it a little more platinum/silver though, to get the yellow out. Yeah, that was my fear as well I'm glad I didn't end up looking like carrot. That really blows Quarantine here is two weeks at the most, how come it lasts so long?
  6. I've finally done something I've been considering since the beginning of the pandemic and bleached my hair It went pretty well but I do look a LOT like Draco Malfoy. (It was dark brown before).
  7. Hope you feel better soon Rhaenys! Yikes, that does sound crappy. Glad it's going to be lifted. Yeah, that's all very understandable. Good luck with the exam, I hope it goes well.
  8. A municipality is like a city's general area right? Do you mean you can't travel to other cities? That feels almost as strange as the curfew does. Thank you It's frustrating not being able to pursue most of life's interesting options for this long a time, but I wouldn't call your years wasted. At least for me the lockdown has still been full of lessons. Besides, pretty much everyone lost a year of their life, so you're not falling behind or anything. (And you're certainly not to blame for not doing much the past twelve months).
  9. I don't mind it that much, these days I'm usually home by 9 anyway. Stores being closed and how hard it is to meet up with friends is a bigger nuisance for me. I hope your parents get one soon. And yeah, for me it's the same. It's gonna be a looong time before I'm eligible for a shot. It's so weird. My year of being 22 was three months of complete craziness and then nine consecutive months of just messing around in my dorm room. I turned 23 three weeks ago but I fortunately managed to actually have a pretty good celebration, within covid-rules.
  10. It's incredible that we're still here, even if the spam is slow. I was 15 when I joined and I'm 23 now, it's crazy how much has changed. Half a million people have been vaccinated here in the Netherlands, which is a good start, but at the moment we're under a curfew, which we haven't had since WW2. Weird times.
  11. I just realized I've been on this forum for 8 years already. Feels absolutely crazy, that's a third of my life
  12. All the ads I get on this page are for buckwheat grain. I think the advertisement algorithm is confused by a certain username
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