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  1. All the ads I get on this page are for buckwheat grain. I think the advertisement algorithm is confused by a certain username
  2. That really sucks, pebble Especially since the world is so full of people taking less care.
  3. Yep, that's her, and I also I think she said something in that vein (rebuild maybe?). If Mandalore was truly gone I think some character would have brought that up at this point.
  4. Very excited to see Hayden again. I'm also fine with them meeting face-to-face, even it is a bit of a stretch. Obi-Wan leaving him on Mustafar is still one of the most emotional moments of the saga for me, and a reunion that's a little more emotionally charged than the one on the Death Star sounds great to me.
  5. My interpretation was that the actual planet is still there, unlike Alderaan, but that the Mandalorians have all been driven away in a sort of diaspora. There's some cool potential in having Din visit the world, and Bo-Katan's attempt to rebuild it, so I hope we'll see it in season 3 or 4. Seems like a waste to just have the planet destroyed.
  6. Well, at least your day was productive I hope next year will be more exciting. Thanks! It was my first choice of internship, so I'm pretty excited. Of december? Happy belated birthday then
  7. Ooh, happy birthday Buck! Do you have anything planned? (Probably inside and by yourself, like all of us) I switched to Philosophy two years ago, but ironically the internship is still sort of a journalism one, it's at a philosophy magazine, so I'm combining both studies.
  8. Slightly boring, but I'm good. I got an internship that I really wanted so that's nice. Other than that, not a whole lot is going on
  9. Congrats Pebble Hope everyone is doing okay! Yeah, it's not just TTTNE but all of Forum Games that's pretty dead, sadly But even if this thread is not what it used to be it's nice to see that so many people still check in every once in a while. I should check out GenChat more, I've hardly been on this forum in the past year and a half.
  10. Hm, yeah, that's difficult then. Annoying and tiring commute now or money for your own place later? Is reno renovation? Then sure, it'd be a nice gesture. (Though if she's been that rude then I don't think I would do it.) Ah yeah, I've hardly read any non-fiction in the last years.
  11. Oh yeah, for high schools it's the same here. The mask would be difficult though, it also creates a kind of mental barrier for me when I'm talking to someone with a mask on. It's a lot harder to focus on someone whose mouth you're not seeing. I hope your students will get used to it soon. It's not common here, but I've seen larger houses, with up to 30 students living together (though that's very rare). Do you mind commuting? I love taking the train but if it becomes a daily responsibility then it's bound to get annoying. It can't hurt to look for nice place closer to your work, maybe you see something you'd love to live in. I prefer to read and not do anything else, otherwise it's a lot harder for me to lose myself in a story. I can't focus on podcasts either. It's really handy if you can combine activities though.
  12. I'm not sure, they were lively and slightly rude, I just enjoyed it That's good to hear. I've been out of the loop, what's the deal with Reno? Super nice that you're reading/listening a lot though! I've been wanting to pick up the pace as well. Oh you still have physical classes, that's nice! It's so hard to focus when I'm in my own room. They're great, they're pretty much my best friends. There's 14 of us living in a big shabby house and I've lived here for for just over two years now, so I've known most of them for a while now. Though of course being in quarantine with 14 twenty-somethings means a LOT of noise and irritation as well But I love it here, I have a ton of fun. And that's awesome! Congratulations.
  13. Hellooo. I am, and it's pretty hard for me to keep up with the pace, but it's going alright so far. Online classes mean I can listen in on some lessons while typing this I'm having a lot of fun with my roommates and I discovered an amazing second-hand bookstore run by cool old ladies pretty close to me, so life is pretty good. How is it going with you?
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