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  1. I'm not very good at explaining it yet, but my job title is researcher, and I'll be doing random freelance stuff, like writing applications for grants and stuff. It's more interesting than it sounds fortunately, right now I'm writing part of a text about European cohesion policy that'll go to journalists all over the continent. It's a lot of sitting behind a screen compared to what I'm used to, but I'm learning a lot and several friends work in the same department. It's pretty cool to log back in and see TTTNE still existing at all, honestly. It's been a long time since the glory days. I hope you have a good time in Italy! What part are you visiting? Thanks Rhae
  2. Hey Buck. Well I started a new job, which allowed me to quit the job I didn't like, and I'm finally making enough to start saving some money instead of just spending. And it's at my old school (the journalism academy) so I'm working together with a lot of old classmates and teachers. And besides that, I'm rereading Robin Hobb right now (I'm on Fool's Fate) with warm coffee and warm bread, so life is pretty good I haven't kept up with the thread, how have you been doing?
  3. Hi everyone! I felt nostalgic and wanted to drop by. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm very good myself!
  4. Barbie is great, though I have to admit I may be enjoying all the reactions of triggered American politicians more than the movie itself. Also, reply 995, I almost forgot how long this thread has gotten. Almost there.
  5. I'm actually really enjoying HOTD so far, I think staying away from the discussion threads here and being less invested in the story and characters has done wonders for my viewing experience. And it's nice to see so many old faces! Thanks both
  6. Been reading back a bit, nice to hear some updates from everyone I'm doing well, I heard this week that I passed my thesis, so I'm going to officially graduate with a Bachelor's degree in a few weeks. Time to find a job
  7. I'm hoping to finally take courses in creative writing. If that doesn't work out, I wanna do something else that's creative rather than academic, cause I've had my fill of that So yeah, same, I'd love to do another BA, there's so many interesting fields that I'd love to dip my toes in.
  8. Yeah exactly. I'll enjoy it while it lasts Nope, this is the very final bit, which scares me to death as I don't have any plan beyond (maybe) hopefully doing the minor, and the chances of that are pretty low. I might do a post grad, but if I do I want it to be in another subject entirely.
  9. Helena! Good to see you're still around here too. And I'd never thought about Matilda that way, but yeah, that 's definitely applicable. I feel like a lot of the stories I enjoyed as a kid are about the hero finding their own kind of family, maybe that's why I like the subject so much. I actually don't really mind doing my thesis, it's been super beneficial for my productivity to just have one bigger task to focus on instead of having the juggle a bunch of courses that all come with their own deadlines. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, it's good to see you guys are still keeping the thread alive I'm hoping to study creative writing for a year after the summer, but arranging it is a major hassle (a long and very bureaucratic story). But I think it should work out. If not I'm hoping for a contract at the theater where I'm bartending so I'll at least have something to tide me over. Yeah, philosophy! My thesis is about whether it'd be better if we were to choose our family members based on desired qualities, rather than automatically living with your biological family. It's based on the 'chosen family' concept which appears in many queer communities. I should be done in about six weeks!
  11. Hey Rhae and Buck! Thought I'd drop by and check in for a bit. Hope you're both doing good! I'm well myself, on the verge of finishing my thesis and some pretty cool plans for next year are taking shape.
  12. Yeah, we've had to cancel or postpone a lot of things, so I hardly have any shifts atm. Fortunately I'm still a student and not completely dependent on that income. I'm on the other side of the screen/classroom, but yeah, I always feel bad for the teachers.
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